The Grateful Dead Alive In Eugene

We are still kicking it!


Nancy’s Yogurt Saves the World

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Here is the story of  Nan Yogurtmundi who was worshipped by the Grateful Dead and the Kesey Family. Swami Yogurtmundi was the first girl I ever kissed. We were twelve and living in Oakland.

The Hog Rainbow Farm showed up at the Sunshine Dream concert. If this how Erin Sullivan came to paint the rainbow in the Creamery mural? Dudes delivering Crumb comics in San Francisco would come up and get a shit-load of Yogurtmundi take back to SF and sell it to Organic Food Stores. This is key because we see the first appearance of The Wholey Trinity of Alternative Capitalism….The Farm…..The Product…….The Arts! Now add the Sunshine Dream Grateful Dead Concert – and a scorching hot day – and we have a True transcendence that left Woodstock in its wake. No one thought to bring water. The main concern was to get some mind-altering LSD in ones system – and reach Nirvana!  Emerald Valley Nudity was born out of necessity.

With the coming of the hateful Trumpite Shout-downs, it is time to rekindle The Generation of Love.  “Get out!’ has replaced the ‘Human Be-in’ that Nan Yogurtmundi and I attended at the Polo Grounds in 1966. Let us put tiny cymbals on our fingers and imitate the naked Sadgurus.

I have come to Change The Name. We buried Hippie in 1966 and renamed him Freebie. That did not take. I told Belle of Rosamond, which is a spiritual movement in Russia. I hereby give us the name ROSMIRANS. ‘Wondrous Rose of Peace from the Sea’. And, why we are at it, let us change the name of Springfield to – Nancyland? How about Creamville  Nancy and I have roots in San Francisco and Oakland.

He is the real Sadhu, who can reveal the form of the Formless to the vision of these eyes;
Who teaches the simple way of attaining Him, that is other than rites or ceremonies;
Who does not make you close the doors, and hold the breath, and renounce the world;
Who makes you perceive the Supreme Spirit wherever the mind attaches itself;
Who teaches you to be still in the midst of all your activities.
Ever immersed in bliss, having no fear in his mind, he keeps the spirit of union in the midst of all enjoyments.
The infinite dwelling of the Infinite Being is everywhere: in earth, water, sky, and air;
Firm as the thunderbolt, the seat of the seeker is established above the void.
He who is within is without: I see Him and none else.[5]

Vasistha, Rama‘s guru, was the satguru in the Treta yuga. Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirtha quotes the Yoga Vasistha:

A real preceptor is one who can produce blissful sensation in the body of the disciple by their sight, touch, or instructions.[6]

Roza Mira (Full title in Russian: Роза Мира. Метафилософия истории, literally, The Rose of the World. The Metaphilosophy of History.) is the title of the main book by Russian mystic Daniil Andreev. It is also the name of the predicted new universal religion, to emerge and unite all people of the world before the advent of the Antichrist, described by Andreev in his book. This new interreligion, as he calls it, should unite the existing religions “like a flower unites its petals”, Andreev wrote.

According to Roza Mira, different religions do not contradict each other, because they tell about different aspects of spiritual reality, or about the same things in different words. Daniil Andreyev compares different major religions to different paths leading to one and the same mountain peak (which he uses as a metaphor for God). Andreyev names five world religions: Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. Andreyev believes in the Trinity of God, but regards the third hypostasis not as the Holy Spirit, but as the Eternal Feminine.

Mira is a feminine given name with varying meanings. In the Romance languages, it is related to the Latin words for “wonder” and “wonderful.”[1][2] In the various Slavic languages, it means “peace” and is often used as part of a longer name, such as Miroslava (masculine form: Miroslav) or Sławomira (masculine form: Sławomir). In Sanskrit, it means “ocean”, “sea”, “limit” or “boundary”[3] In Hebrew, it is a derivative of Miriam[4][5] or the female equivalent of Meir, meaning light.[6][7]

Roz, short for Rosalyn, Rosa, Rosalind, and many other forms, is a first name which can refer to


Sunshine Daydream is a music documentary film starring the rock band the Grateful Dead. It was shot at their August 27, 1972 concert at the Old Renaissance Faire Grounds in Veneta, Oregon.[1][2] Unreleased for many years, the movie was sometimes shown at small film festivals, and bootleg recordings of it circulated on VHS and DVD, and as digital downloads. A digitally remastered and reedited official version of the film was released on August 1, 2013, showing only one time in selected theaters.[3][4][5][6] It was screened with Grateful Days, a new documentary short that includes interviews with some of the concert attendees. Sunshine Daydream was released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 17, 2013.

Sunshine Daydream is also a live album containing the complete August 27, 1972 Grateful Dead concert. Produced as a 3–disc CD and as a 4-disc LP, it was released by Rhino Records on September 17, 2013.[7]

The name Sunshine Daydream is taken from the coda section of the Dead song “Sugar Magnolia“.

The show was a benefit for the Springfield Creamery in nearby Springfield, Oregon.[9] Merry Pranksters Ken Kesey and Ken Babbs emceed the concert. The Dead played all afternoon and into the dark after an opening set by the New Riders of the Purple Sage. In 2004, the New Riders’ performance was released as an album called Veneta, Oregon, 8/27/72.

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Springfield Creamery got its start in 1960, when Chuck and Sue Kesey graduated from college and returned home to Springfield, Oregon. Chuck, brother of author Ken Kesey (“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”) and Sue, with support from Chuck’s father Fred Kesey (manager of Eugene Farmers Creamery in Eugene) supplied gallon glass returnable jugs of milk to other creameries. They also supplied the Springfield schools with milk each school day.

By 1969, things had changed. Chuck’s father had recently passed away, the dairy industry was in transition and the sixties natural foods movement was in full bloom. “We needed something to niche us, so we could remain independent, to create a brand of our own,” says Sue Kesey. “We knew that if we were going to survive, we were going to have to do something that was different from everyone else. We had to find something unique.”

What they found, in 1970, was yogurt. Nancy Hamren had moved to Oregon from San Francisco and was working at the creamery as a bookkeeper. Nancy had a strong dedication to doing things the natural way, and a love for yogurt that she’d inherited from her natural foods pioneering grandmother.

Chuck and Nancy started experimenting with making yogurt with acidophilus cultures. They sold it in glass canning jars and five-gallon buckets at Willamette People’s Coop and Porters Fine Foods in Eugene, Ore. and became the first creamery in the U.S. to sell acidophilus cultured yogurt. “We never used sugar,” says Nancy. “We cooked our own fruit and added vanilla and honey.”

One day the manager from Willamette People’s Coop called and said ‘give me some more of that Nancy’s Yogurt.’ Sue says, “We thought, well, that sounds better than ‘Chuck’s Yogurt.’” The Nancy’s brand was born.

Nancy’s Yogurt expanded to the Bay Area thanks to two young entrepreneurs — a University of Oregon graduate named Gilbert Rosborne and his partner, music legend Huey Lewis. “They had an underground comic book route, delivering the Fabulous Furry Brothers and R. Crumb comics to natural food stores in San Francisco,” says Nancy. “Once a week, they rented a U-haul and packed it up with ice and Nancy’s Yogurt and drove it down to the Bay Area. Somehow, people there connected Nancy’s Yogurt with Chuck’s brother, Ken Kesey. It took off.”

[edit] A Grateful Dead Solution

But 1972 was a hard year financially. In an imaginative move, Chuck Kesey went down to Marin County and talked the Grateful Dead into coming up to Eugene and doing a benefit concert for the creamery. It was an epic event. More than 20,000 people attended. The tickets were printed on Nancy’s Yogurt labels, and a movie was made of the concert entitled ‘Sunshine Daydream.’ Grateful Dead Concerts became a tradition after that, with 10 more concerts in the following years. “It always seemed like we had more awareness after those concerts,” Nancy says. “Not that we ever put up banners saying ‘brought to you by Nancy’s Yogurt,’ but concertgoers knew we were part of these events and we were part of this alternative culture that was music, natural foods and natural living.”

[edit] Nancy’s Expands

As demand for natural foods continued to grow, more natural foods stores opened and Nancy’s Yogurt expanded to store shelves in Portland and Seattle. But the natural foods industry was still very regional. As distribution became more dependable, Nancy’s Yogurt was one of the first natural food products to be distributed far from its production location.

And in time they reached out to the mainstream markets. “We had a lot of conversations with our smaller natural food customers in the late 70’s, not wanting us to sell to mass market stores,” says Sue. “But our mission has always been to get the best food at the best price to the most people. When the Safeways and Fred Meyers of the world came knocking on our door and said we’d really like to stock your product, it completely blew us away. It was one of the first natural food breakthroughs into mainstream markets, and it’s been a wonderful relationship now for nearly 25 years.”[[1]]

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Apocalyptic End of Winery

I did see NO FUTURES….for us all!

Rosamond Press

Heather Hanson posted on her FB that she was safe in Lake Tahoe. I posted an invite on Patrice and Bobby Dew’s FB they were welcome to stay with me. I got no reply. Two hours ago I posted this on Alcoholic Justice FB.

“My unmarried daughter wrote an article for North Bay Woman magazine about her miscarriage. This magazine is full of articles about drinking wine. Drinking alone, as a reward, is suggested. Heather has posted pics of my six year old grandson being toasted in a bar by an ex-bartender who died of acute alcoholism. I sent the owner of this magazine an e-mail and informed her that she and other women are celebrating a mother getting pregnant out of wedlock. She has a child by another man she did not marry, who chose to do drugs and get drunk, rather than be at the hospital when my…

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The Seven Kings of Rome

Rosamond Press


I Wear The Purple

From: The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Copyright 2020

Alas Starfish allowed Victoria to come up into her tree house. Climbing the bamboo ladder was the easy part. Taking in her dear friend, was the hard part. Miriam was wrapped in a purple robe, and on her head was a crown of thorns. The first time she read Christling’s BAD report, the words “Christ Complex” jumped off the page at her.

“Are you going to fient, fall off the ladder, break your neck – and die, or, are you going to come sit next to me. I have something very important to tell you.”

Getting comfy, Victoria waited for the worse.

“Have you read the Bible?”

Yes. I know it well. Working in the College of Heraldry I had to identify the source of the mottos on the Coat of Arms. I had a lot…

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Rosatom Labyrinth

I had my Bond characters working on this.

Rosamond Press

Has Putin built a secret weapon that lie under the labyrinth at Zorro Ranch?


A writer, theologian, and artist has the ability, and power, to weave in and out of reality and fiction. I am kin to Ian Fleming via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. I began my Bond novel sixteen months ago?  Victoria Bond, and Miriam Starfish Christling are on the trail of Rosatom. They suspect it is a Time Transport device being built by the richest men on earth. The death of David Koch, the suicide of Epstein, and the declaration made by the eccentric President of the U.S. that he is “The Chosen One” suggests there is an Ark being built to save only a few. Starfish suspects earth is on a collision course with a giant astroid that came very close to earth when Jesus was alive. It…

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Gideon Prohecy Has Come True

With the announcement  from our President that Easter is a very special day for him, and he will reopen the nation while millions go back to church, my novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ has come true.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press.

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Reason To Ignore Me?

Will Futurertown be built?

Rosamond Press

I just sent this message to Potrero View. For fifty years Big Developers have sough out Poor Bohemian Enclaves where artists and writers dwell, then swoop down and buy it all up, our dwellings! This is called ‘Gentrification’. Richard Florida did a study about Bohemian Hotspots. John Koster was a member of the Bohemian Club founded by George Sterling who also co-founded the Carmel Bohemian enclave. Wealthy developers make money off poor Bohemians and artists. Everything they build must include promises to have Bohemian Stuff around. I have been trying to found a Bohemian Guild.

I believe these developers muffle us Bohemians, that they put in their back pocket. They create Fake Permission – and know it!

Ian Fleming is in my family tree. I am working on a Bond novel. My hero is Victoria Bond. People call me mad, saying my movie will never be made. Above is a…

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The Art Decco Tower of Richfield

Seer John has spoke about the doomsday clock,

Rosamond Press

I was just about to lie down and take my old man nap, when I picked up my cellphone. One more question, please! Who is Paul Hastings who is a partner of David Hamsher, who I just sent an insolent e-mail to?

(gulp!) Talk about David going up against Goliath! But, I am an old man now, an ancient Nazarite like Samuel, John, and Samson. What chance do I have? Who was behind the tearing down of the Richfield Tower? Since I have been looking at the defunct California Barrel Company, I have the impression these law firms exist to destroy the little people, the old man who wants the old stuff – preserved! There are guys like me all over the world – who dare stand in the way of progress! They battle windmills!

I am getting a vision of Paul and David raging around the office overlooking Los…

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