The Crotona Colony

I and my daughter are destined to build several Crotona Colonies. There are thirteen roses on my great grandmother’s tiffany glass window.

The Rose Master

The Creation of Beachwood Canyon’s Theosophist “Dreamland”

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Arthur Heineman’s tentative sketch of Krotona from the September 29, 1912, LA Times.

In 1918, LA Times reporter Grace Kingsley went to visit Krotona, the national headquarters of the Theosophical Society. This idealistic community of around 300 or so was nestled in the hills of Beachwood Canyon, above the expanding village of Hollywood. It featured stunning buildings by some of California’s most influential architects, including Mead & Requa and Arthur and Alfred Heinemen. Like most visitors, Kingsley was quickly enraptured with the mysterious commune’s architecture and beauty:

Away from the hum of the trolley, your climbing automobile will suddenly at a twist in the road, land you in a wonderful garden, facing a picturesque Moorish house which might have been transported from ancient India. Inside the house, instead of the turbaned, white-robed dreamers of India, whom you feel you have every right to expect, you come upon a group of gentle mannered women, all clad in very long dresses. [Outside] you won’t see nor hear any movement … except the birds in the trees, the humming insects in the lazy sunshine, and the daring goldfish in the splashy fountains, while the roses nod to you, and the little Moorish summer houses with their enveloping vines will make you sure you’ve discovered a bit of dreamland.

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[The Krotona Inn. Photo by Cat Vasko.]

The Theosophists were dreamers. “Theosophy, in its abstract meaning, is Divine Wisdom,” wrote movement founder Helena P. Blavatsky, who claimed to be a “missionary of ancient knowledge.” An esoteric school of thought that strives to foster universal brotherhood and believes in equality of the sexes, the basic truth of all religion, and “scientific” exploration of the unexplained, the modern Theosophical Society was formed in 1875. The Society soon became popular with educated, middle-to-upper class freethinkers in Europe, America, and India. International headquarters were established (and remain) in Adyar, India, on a campus featuring “Indian and British Colonial” architecture.

In 1906, a charismatic Theosophist from Virginia named Albert Powell Warrington, drawing inspiration from Crotona, the commune of the ancient mathematician Pythagoras, wrote a treaty titled “Prospectus of the Crotona Institute.” In it, he envisioned an idealized Theosophical community centered around an institute of higher learning. This community would be located in a place boasting “a temperate climate, seclusion, accessibility, virgin magnetic conditions, agricultural, forest, mineral and other resources.” Warrington expected the colony to be successful:

There are many people who are tired of the turmoil and bustle of cosmopolitan life, and who would be glad to seek a permanent home under serene conditions, where they would have the assurance of association with cultured people.

[The Krotona Inn. Photo by Cat Vasko.]

After receiving the approval of Blavatsky’s successor, Annie Besant—with the stipulation that the land must be located in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Mexico, or California—Warrington began looking for the perfect spot for Krotona, now spelled with a K. In 1912, he purchased 10 acres of the former Charles Hastings Ranch, complete with several Victorian-era buildings, in lower Beachwood Canyon. Warrington gushed about the acreage in a letter to Besant on March 21:

The trolley comes within one long block of our site … one can be in the business center of the city in 30 minutes. On the other hand, twenty minutes walk up the canyon will put one entirely outside all building improvements, and tucked in between charmingly wild canyons, one is as if in the wildest and most far-off mountain retreat. I have never known such an extraordinary combination of favorable conditions … We can make the spot a veritable Garden of Eden. Working out of bungalows on the property, the Theosophists quickly began planting “exotic” plants, including eucalyptus, pepper, citrus and olive trees, and date palms. The famously innovative and community-minded architect Arthur S. Heineman, who designed Pasadena’s Bowen Court bungalows and the country’s first motel, San Luis Obispo’s Motel Inn, was hired to draw the original plans for the Krotona Institute. The sketch is dominated by buildings “classical in detail and Romanesque in particular.” The plans were abandoned, and the community grew quickly along more haphazard lines, with architecture reflecting the Theosophist’s “Eastern” inclinations.

[Graphic by Amy Schellenbaum.]

Over the next few years, there was a flurry of building activity at Krotona. Wealthy Theosophists supplied money for surrounding acreage and expensive, in-demand architects. The heart of the commune was the Krotona Inn (now Krotona Apartments), designed in 1912 by the highly influential San Diego firm of Mead and Requa. The firm designed many notable California landmarks, including much of downtown Ojai. Requa would also achieve fame for his buildings at San Diego’s Balboa Park. Both Requa’s Moorish proclivities and Mead’s interest in Native American pueblos can be seen in the completed Krotona Inn. Centered around a lush courtyard, the elegant, stucco complex included guest rooms, a dining room and kitchen, offices for the sect’s magazine staff and Krotona officials, a lecture room for many public classes, and a “magnetically charged” esoteric meditation room.

[The Grand Temple of the Rosy Cross. Photo by Cat Vasko.]

The utilitarian science building was where Dr. Strong, a scientist of questionable methods, conducted experiments which could “discern the aura of human bodies.” Not surprisingly, it could “only be seen on those who already study the occult.” Brothers Alfred and Arthur S. Heineman designed the 1914 Grand Temple of the Rosy Cross. This multi-purpose brick building with “Moorish” accents included a 350-seat auditorium and a basement with ample office space. The auditorium is where the “Krotona Service,” a religious exercise combining rituals from many faiths, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, was performed. It was also where lectures on topics like “After Death Experiences of Soldiers Killed in Battle” were open to the curious public.

The private residences of the Theosophists who lived at or adjacent to Krotona were no less impressive. Most of these non-drinking, non-smoking vegetarians lived in the Inn or in efficient Craftsman bungalows. Several of these bungalows were built by the architect Elmer C. Andrus. But many well-off Theosophists commissioned fantastical homes for themselves. There was the socialite Grace Shaw Duff’s famed Tenery—three Moorish houses probably designed by Arthur and Alfred Heinemen, featuring Batchelder tiles, surrounding an open courtyard. Next door was a fantastic Italian garden centered around a lotus pond and crowned with an Indian-style kiosk.

In 1918, this garden was temporarily converted into a 1,500-seat amphitheater by Mrs. Christine Stevenson, a Theosophist who would help found the Hollywood Bowl and the John Anson Ford theater. Stevenson’s production of The Light of Asia, a play recounting the life of Buddha (and featuring modern dances choreographed by the legendary Ruth St. Denis), played to rapt LA audiences for three weeks in the summer of 1918. The play’s massive success cemented the Theosophists’ increasingly warm relationship with the Los Angeles public, who appreciated their kooky neighbors’ artistic contributions and numerous adult education offerings.

[A house on Temple Hill Drive designed by Marie Russak Hotchener. Photo by Cat Vasko.]

No “kookier” buildings could be found in Krotona, or indeed in all of Beachwood Canyon, than the houses built by the fascinating Marie Russak Hotchener. A former New York opera singer turned world-traveling Theosophical lecturer and leader, Marie was also a self-taught amateur architect. Her most famous creation is Moorcrest (which was on the market for $9 million in 2006), the gargantuan, straight-out-of-The Arabian Nights mansion, inhabited at different times by Charlie Chaplin and Mary Astor. While Moorcrest is now almost completely hidden by landscaped foliage, her bizarre Indian-Islamic-Spanish-Modern style can be seen in all its glory at the smaller, but no less delightfully ridiculous house at 6101 Scenic Ave. Marie stayed in Hollywood after the Theosophists moved on, reading horoscopes for many members of the movie colony, including Mary Astor’s one-time fiancé, John Barrymore.

[Krotona 2 in Ojai. Photo by Cat Vasko.]

The city of celluloid dreams soon became too congested and corrupt for the Theosophists of Krotona. In 1924, they moved to a 115-acre estate on the outskirts of Ojai, which they believed was “impregnated with occult and psychic influences.” Here they hired the architect Robert Stacy-Judd, famed for later “Mayan”-style works like Monrovia’s Aztec Hotel, to build the new Krotona 2 in the Spanish-Mission style. Today Krotona 2 is a lovely, quiet Theosophical retreat, comprised of slightly run-down buildings, a trickle of elderly residents, and beautiful, serene gardens.

And what of Krotona 1? It quickly became the stuff of legend. In the summer of 1926, LA Times society columnist Peggy Nye and her best friend were beyond excited when they heard that a “darling café” had opened at the old Krotona Inn. “Of course, we wanted to see what the building looked like that had been the national headquarters of the Theosophists for so long,” Peggy effused. During the visit, they met boyish screen actor Gardner James, who was living in what had until recently been the esoteric meditation room. Peggy described the room that had been left by the Theosophists when they decamped for Ojai two years before.

There is a large dome in the ceiling of the room, with stars and things all lighted indirectly, and there is a Madonna standing on an altar with strange lights coming from the back of some place and making her look positively ethereal. There was a row of push-buttons on the altar, and when we asked Mr. James what they were for, he said that they used to manipulate the chimes. OOOO, can you imagine anything so spooky? Most of the buildings at Krotona 1 were quickly converted into apartments or continued on as private homes, and many still stand today, in various stages of repair. Crammed between the mish-mash of later Beachwood Canyon development, they still delight the eye and seem to be just a bit out of place.
· How America’s First Megachurch Changed LA’s Echo Park [Curbed LA]
· Curbed Features [Curbed LA]
· Krotona Colony [Curbed LA]

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Unborning Heather Hanson’s Father

I don’t know if unborning is a word. It is a accepted scientific fact that a human being has to have a father and a mother to – EXIST! If you took away one parent, would that person – EXIST? There EXIST only one case where only one parent was required, and that is the alleged IMMACULATE CONCEPTION of Jesus ‘The Christ. For over two thousand years this idea has been discussed and argued over. Many Father’s of the Catholic Church, who did not hold a job, and thus were “parasites” on society, have written a billion words on the subject of a child being born of a mother’s womb – and she was a VIRGIN! When my daughter called me a “parasite” long with her lover, Bill Cornwell, who could not get a woman pregnant, and thus he and his father wanted by grandson,

I started to explain to Heather Hasnon, that I am like a Monk in an Abbey devoted to studying the Word of God. But, I realized this was a long lesson my daughter did not want, because her mother brought her up as aimmaculate conception. Patrice Hanson has told OUR child that she is the embodiment of her mother, a scitozephren that jumped off a cliff and killed herself, leaving her three young children without a mother. Patrice claims she was the surrogate mother. My dauthers job was to heal these three children who suffered from mental illness because she is a very special child who got the bes genetics one can own, because they are divine genes passed down the Heather’s grandmother. Heather’s grandfather was a violent monster, so, it is doubtful he exists in the Hanson family tree. Heather’s aunt and uncle have no children, and this is proof that the Angelic Grandmother was only working her miracle though Patrice. This is why it was just fine for Patice t put her lover’s name on my Daughter’s Birth Cirtificate, knowing I was the father. Randolph Delpiano could not conceive a child, but, that’s just fine. He’s like Joseph. Heather’s first job at the age of ONE DAY is to give Randy the joy of being a father while I am living a hundred yards down the street not know – I AM A FATHER! My famous sister, my mother, my father, my brother, and my other sister, did not know I AM A FATHER and they are the aunts and uncle of MY CHILD, and Vic and Rosemary – ARE GRANDPARENTS!

When my extremely ugly neighbor attacked me – and my daughter –  she had been entertaining the fairytale of his having intercourse, getting married, and walking down the isle of her mother’s church. This would wash cline this sin of Kim Hafner married a dangerous illegal Mexican criminal – who may have murdered someone. When Sue and Ki saw my anti-evangelical posts, they got sick to their stomach. How dare I worm my way into the heart of this pure Christian family. I deserve to be destroy, with the help of my neighbors. The main attack would be the trouble my daughter and I are having. I was going to be Megan’s step-father, she the daughter of the evil dude that got deported. Not once did I come on the Kim Hafner – who did read my sister’s biography. This is when she nd her family plotted on how to be in the book I am writing – and in my family three! These are witches conjuring up evil magic.

It took me almost twenty years to figure out that my daughter did not want to be in my family tree, because, her mother was telling her SHE IS THE FEMALE JESUS. Her mother was laying this idea on me when she lived with me in 1984. She had taken LSD and believed she was equal to hippies who took LSD and have Jesus-Visions. OUR daughter is a product of this. When Patrice and I made love on my visit, and, became engaged to get married, Heather was IN CRISIS! It felt good to bean an immaculate conception born to save the world – starting with your mother’s sibling’s! Pure Patrice – is perfect! She is worthy of being Heather’s only parent.

Above is a photograph of my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond. No one has ever owned this name. She wasa follower of the Theophists in Ojai.

EXTRA! I just found Krotona! I did not know it existed! For a year I have been looking for a home and place to spend my last days on earth. Last night I talked to Marilyn Reed, my first flame. I told her I was looking at homes in Carmel. I told her I deserve to live here, and family biography deserves to be published. I told her that my mother, Rosemary, played down the event at my birth. I suspected it was because her mother intervened and wanted me to be named after her cousin, a Priest. Now I see that Mary told Rosemary I might be ‘The One’.

I told M how Rosemary and everyone have been blocking me. Now I understand. I am a Master. Are Master’s allowed to have children? That is the question. If Heather’s grandmother has been hovering over her, giving Patrice a divine message, it is this….

“Let Heather be with her father and receive the lessons!”

I was born in Oakland California on October 8, 1946 at 6:02 P.M. The sun had just set, and a thousand shooting stars could be seen. The nurses bid my mother to come to the window and see the miracle. She told me she was too spent to go to the window. Yesterday, I concluded she lied. Why?

When I went to the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1987, the Seers had to put up barriers against my mother because she was attacking the female Seer who did not want me to be read, did not want the truth to be known.

“You own your own creation. You died!” was the first words she spoke. She would got on to say that people come into my being and take! Take! Take! This is because I do not want to be WHO I AM, just for this reason. Everything has been taken from me. This is what people do The Masters. My beloved cats, Brembe and Gravy gave me away. They were taken from me, by The Ugly One……….The Beast! Being jealous of your light; doing insane and insidious things to you, is the cross The Masters carry.

I just got my daughter back – and My Book! Now………I can teach the truth!

John Presco

Copyright 2019


A Geminids meteor falling earthwards.

Draconids (DRA)
Pronunciation /drəˈknɪdz/
Parent body 21P/Giacobini-Zinner[1]
Constellation Draco (constellation)
Right ascension  17.467h[1]
Declination +54°[1]
Occurs during October 6 – October 10
Date of peak October 8
Velocity 20[2] km/s
Zenithal hourly rate variable[1]
See also: List of meteor showers

The October Draconids, in the past also unofficially known as the Giacobinids, are a meteor shower whose parent body is the periodic comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. They are named after the constellation Draco, where they seemingly come from. Almost all meteors which fall towards Earth ablate long before reaching its surface. The Draconids are best viewed after sunset in an area with a clear dark sky.

The 1933[1][3][4] and 1946[1] Draconids had Zenithal Hourly Rates of thousands of meteors visible per hour, among the most impressive meteor storms of the 20th century. Rare outbursts in activity can occur when the Earth travels through a denser part of the cometary debris stream; for example,

Located just off of State Route 33, the Krotona Institute holds regular classes and workshops on Theosophy, maintains an extensive library on the occult, and has a small bookstore.

The Hollywood Krotona building located at Primrose and Vista Del Mar was erected in 1919.[3] Tenants have included Annie Sullivan Knudsen (sugar cane heiress), New Yorker Grace Shaw Duff, Henry Hotchener, Marie Russak, silver screen stars Mary Astor and Charlie Chaplin, and record producer Joshua Rumer of Invengo Records. When the Krotonians, spurred by Madame Blavatsky, found Hollywood suffocating their peace-filled theosophies, they decided to move to Ojai California and that is where they have been ever since.

The Masters[edit]

Hermann Schmiechen’s 1884 depiction of the two Masters whom Blavatsky claimed to be in contact with, Koot Humi (left) and Morya (right).

Central to Theosophical belief is the idea that a group of spiritual adepts known as the Masters not only exist but were responsible for the production of early Theosophical texts.[36] For most Theosophists, these Masters are deemed to be the real founders of the modern Theosophical movement.[37] In Theosophical literature, these Masters are also referred to as the Mahatmas, Adepts, Masters of Wisdom, Masters of Compassion, and Elder Brothers.[37] They are perceived to be a fraternity of human men who are highly evolved, both in terms of having an advanced moral development and intellectual attainment.[37] They are claimed to have achieved extra-long life spans,[37] and to have gained supernatural powers, including clairvoyance and the ability to instantly project their soul out of their body to any other location.[38] These are powers that they have allegedly attained through many years of training.[38] According to Blavatsky, by the late 19th century their chief residence was in the Himalayan kingdom of Tibet.[37] She also claimed that these Masters were the source of many of her published writings.[37]

The Priory of God’s Daughter

Before my daughter came into my life I was working on several books. ‘The Lion of God’ has John the Baptist being the Messiah of the Jews, and not the Savior of the Gentiles. I am working on my Recovery biography ‘Bonds With Angel’ began two years before Christine drowned. It begins with the Angel my sisters saw when they were five and nine. I was about to publish a book on the Templars and the Priory de Sion. No family member supported my efforts. They were concerned about the holes I found in their tales about how Christine died. They told the executor, Sydney Morris that I was the family loser out to make money with a fake murder theory. They went after my daughter, my miracle of Recovery, and got her in their camp.

Rosamond Press

The Priory of God’s Daughter


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Here are my lost posts I found three hours ago. They were written just before my sixteen year old daughter, Heather Hanson, came into my life. Below are most of my posts on the Priory de Sion This is before Dan Drown published The Da Vinci Code.  After posting some brilliant post that were a sampling of my study, I was set upon my fellow members who I believe were Freemasons. They had taken control of other groups and I got evicted from several. I would be evicted from this one, because, their petty observations based upon a secret teaching they were privy to, was blown away by the light that they encountered on the road – and blinded them!

I was studying Robert Graves ‘The White Goddess’ that is Graves attempt to restore ancient worhip of the goddess…

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[ uhn-bawrn ]SHOW IPA


not yet born; yet to come; future: unborn generations.
not yet delivered; still existing in the mother’s womb: an unborn baby.
existing without birth or beginning.
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The Evil Stage Mother

The Fairytale where the Evil Witches take the newborn daughter away from The King and raise her as their own was born in Germany. I recently saw a video of MY DAUGHTER, and she looks like the German women in my family. She looks nothing like her mother, or, her mother.

Rosamond Press

My daughter is mentally ill. I saw a video of her doing a very good job on some singer’s song. The she ruined it by saying she wants to get a band together and become famous. When I went down to Sonoma to meet Heather for the first time, I was shown a stack of videos five feet tall, that Rex had shot of MY daughter growing up. Rex was Heather’s mentally ill surrogate father that was on meds, and was very dull and pliable. I watched MY daughter perform on many stage since she was young. She played flute, then danced, then acted, then sang. In almost all of them there was a shot of THE PAY OFF. Rex would capture to The Bliss of Patrice, the Stage Mother, he face all oohy and goohy with pride.

“She gets all her talent from me!”

When I suggested that MY…

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Hitler Cleared by Israeli Leader

Der Grossmufti von Palästina vom Führer empfangen.
Der Führer empfing in Gegenwart des Reichsministers des Auswärtigen von Ribbentrop den Grossmufti von Palästina, Sayid Amin al Husseini, zu einer herzlichen und für die Zukunft der arabischen Länder bedeutungsvollen Unterredung.
9.12.41 Presse Hoffmann

Hitler didn’t want the Jews exterminated?

I suspect after the international boycott that Jews all over the world, honored, Hitler was afraid of them having a homeland where they would launch more economic campaigns. Germany suffered greatly during the world depression, and was targeted by Europeans who were determined to keep Germany down – and barely surviving. They were a hungry nation. Of course Germans are going to feel threatened. Why wouldn’t the Palestinians feel threatened by Israel?


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sparked public uproar when on Tuesday he claimed that the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was the one who planted the idea of the extermination of European Jewry in Adolf Hitler’s mind. The Nazi ruler, Netanyahu said, had no intention of killing the Jews, but only to expel them.

In a speech before the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, Netanyahu described a meeting between Husseini and Hitler in November, 1941: “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jew. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here (to Palestine).’ According to Netanyahu, Hitler then asked: “What should I do with them?” and the mufti replied: “Burn them.”

Netanyahu’s remarks were quick to spark a social media storm, though Netanyahu made a similar claim during a Knesset speech in 2012, where he described the Husseini as “one of the leading architects” of the final solution.

The claim that Husseini was the one to initiate the extermination of European Jewry had been suggested by a number of historians at the fringes of Holocaust research, but was rejected by most accepted scholars.

skip –

The argument concerning Husseini’s role was recently mentioned in a book by Barry Rubin and Wolfgang G. Schwanitz, “Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East.” The authors, like Netanyahu, draw a straight line between the mufti’s support of Hitler and the policy of the Palestinian Liberation Organization under Yasser Arafat.

But even these two researchers do not claim that the dialogue described by Netanyahu ever took place. They say Hitler reached the conclusion to exterminate the Jews because of his desire to nurture Husseini, who opposed the transfer of Jews to pre-state Israel.

On 20 November, al-Husseini met the German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop[179] and was officially received by Adolf Hitler on 28 November.[180] As war loomed the Germans had changed his earlier view that Arabs were ‘half-apes’, and Hitler, recalling Husseini, remarked that he ‘has more than one Aryan among his ancestors and one who may be descended from the best Roman stock.’[181] He asked Adolf Hitler for a public declaration that ‘recognized and sympathized with the Arab struggles for independence and liberation, and that would support the elimination of a national Jewish homeland’.[182] Hitler refused to make such a public announcement, saying that it would strengthen the Gaullists against the Vichy France,[183] but asked al-Husseini “to lock …deep in his heart” the following points, which Christopher Browning summarizes as follows, that

Germany has resolved, step by step, to ask one European nation after the other to solve its Jewish problem, and at the proper time, direct a similar appeal to non-European nations as well’. When Germany had defeated Russia and broken through the Caucasus into the Middle East, it would have no further imperial goals of its own and would support Arab liberation… But Hitler did have one goal. “Germany’s objective would then be solely the destruction of the Jewish element residing in the Arab sphere under the protection of British power”. (Das deutsche Ziel würde dann lediglich die Vernichtung des im arabischen Raum unter der Protektion der britischen Macht lebenden Judentums sein). In short, Jews were not simply to be driven out of the German sphere but would be hunted down and destroyed even beyond it.[184]

Al-Husseini meeting with Muslim volunteers, including the Azerbaijani Legion, at the opening of the Islamic Central Institute in Berlin on 18 December 1942, during the Muslim festival Eid al-Adha.

A separate record of the meeting was made by Fritz Grobba, who until recently had been the German ambassador to Iraq. His version of the crucial words reads “when the hour of Arab liberation comes, Germany has no interest there other than the destruction of the power protecting the Jews”.[185] Al-Husseini’s own account of this point, as recorded in his diary, is very similar to Grobba’s.[186] According to Amin’s account, however, when Hitler expounded his view that the Jews were responsible for World War I, Marxism and its revolutions, and this was why the task of Germans was to persevere in a battle without mercy against the Jews, he replied: “We Arabs think that Zionism, not the Jews, is the cause of all of these acts of sabotage.”[187]

The Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses (German: Judenboykott) in Germany began on April 1, 1933, and was claimed to be a defensive reaction to the Jewish boycott of German goods,[1][2] which had been initiated but quickly abandoned in March 1933.[3] It was largely unsuccessful, as the German population continued to use Jewish businesses, but revealed the intent of the Nazis to undermine the viability of Jews in Germany.[4]

It was an early governmental action against the Jews of Germany by the new National Socialist government, actions that culminated in the “Final Solution“. It was a state-managed campaign of ever-increasing harassment, arrests, systematic pillaging, forced transfer of ownership to Nazi Party activists (managed by the Chamber of Commerce), and ultimately murder of owners defined as “Jews”. In Berlin alone, there were 50,000 Jewish-owned businesses.[5]

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A Comet Is Coming

A comet is coming.

On Thursday night, comet 168P/Hergenrother is forecast to reach its brightest point. explained: “From London, it will be visible in the dawn sky, rising at 21:16 (BST) – 8 hours and 41 minutes before the Sun – and reaching an altitude of 53° above the eastern horizon before fading from view as dawn breaks around 04:25.”

However, speaking to Mirror Online, Robert Massey, Deputy Director of the Royal Astronomical Society, explained that the chances of seeing it are fairly low.

He said: “The problem is that no one has actually seen the comet this year, and in any case it would be pretty faint.”

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House Of Oldenburg

Here are the Royal People who used to own Greenland. Is Trump going for a crown after he gets Moscow Mitch’s approval? Putin wants to restore the Russian Monarchy. Perhaps he’s buying Greenland for his bosom buddy?

Uh-oh! There were TEN CROWNS that made of the House Oldenburg!

John Presco

John saw it “rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.” (Revelation 13:1)

House of Oldenburg
Arms of the County of Oldenburg.svg
Country Russian Empire, Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Greece, Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, Duchy of Saxe-Lauenburg, Duchy of Schleswig, Duchy of Holstein
Founded 1101
Founder Elimar I, Count of Oldenburg
Current head Christoph, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein[1][2]
Final ruler

Nicholas II (1894–1917)


Charles XIII (1809–18)


Constantine II (1964–1973)


Friedrich August II (1900–18)


Christian II (1863–64)

Schleswig and Holstein:

Christian IX (1863–64)

Titles Current:



February Revolution, 1917


Greek military junta, 1973


German Revolution, 1918


Second Schleswig War, 1864

Schleswig and Holstein:

Second Schleswig War, 1864

Cadet branches

The House of Oldenburg is a European dynasty of North German origin. It is one of Europe’s most influential royal houses, with branches that rule or have ruled in Denmark, Iceland, Greece, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Schleswig, Holstein, and Oldenburg. The current Queen of Denmark and King of Norway, the former King of Greece, the consort of the monarch of the United Kingdom, as well as the first fourteen persons in the line of succession to the British throne, are all patrilineal members of the Glücksburg branch of this house.

The dynasty rose to prominence when Count Christian I of Oldenburg was elected as King of Denmark in 1448, of Norway in 1450 and of Sweden in 1457. The house has occupied the Danish throne ever since.


Marriages of medieval counts of Oldenburg had paved the way for their heirs to become kings of various Scandinavian kingdoms. Through marriage with a descendant of King Valdemar I of Sweden and of King Eric IV of Denmark, a claim to Sweden and Denmark was staked, since 1350.

At that time, its competitors were the successors of Margaret I of Denmark. In the 15th century, the Oldenburg heir of that claim married Hedwig of Schauenburg, a descendant of Euphemia of Sweden and Norway and also a descendant of Eric V of Denmark and Abel of Denmark. Since descendants better situated in genealogical charts died out, their son Christian (the abovementioned) became the king of all three kingdoms of the whole Kalmar Union. The House of Mecklenburg was its chief competitor regarding the Northern thrones, and other aspirants included the Duke of Lauenburg. Different Oldenburgine branches have reigned in several countries. The House of Oldenburg was briefly poised to claim the British thrones through the marriage of Queen Anne and Prince George of Denmark and Norway; however, due to the early deaths of all their children, the crown passed to the House of Hanover.

Main line[edit]

  • Kings of Denmark (1448–1863)
  • Kings of Norway (1450–1814)
  • Kings of Sweden (1457–64, 1497–1501 and 1520–21)
  • Counts of Oldenburg (1101–1773)
  • Dukes of Schleswig and Counts of Holstein (1460–1544)
  • Dukes of Schleswig and Holstein, ruling only part of the Duchies (1544–1721/1773)
  • Dukes of Schleswig (1721–1864, ruling the entire Duchy)
  • Dukes of Holstein (1773–1864, ruling the entire Duchy)



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King Solomon’s Mansion Found!

The entrance to King Solomon’s vast estate has been found in Greenland, as well as a tablet that says God brought Jonah to Greenland in a whale so he could found another Zionist State. King Solomon launched a massive colonization program, and made Jonah his High Priest. This kingdom thrived unto the volcanic eruption of Krakatoa.

John Presco

The Vikings called this fjord Hvalsey, which means “Whale Island” in Old Norse. It was here that Sigrid Bjornsdottir wed Thorstein Olafsson on Sunday, September 16, 1408. The couple had been sailing from Norway to Iceland when they were blown off course; they ended up settling in Greenland, which by then had been a Viking colony for some 400 years. Their marriage was mentioned in three letters written between 1409 and 1424, and was then recorded for posterity by medieval Icelandic scribes. Another record from the period noted that one person had been burned at the stake at Hvalsey for witchcraft.

But the documents are most remarkable—and baffling—for what they don’t contain: any hint of hardship or imminent catastrophe for the Viking settlers in Greenland, who’d been living at the very edge of the known world ever since a renegade Icelander named Erik the Red arrived in a fleet of 14 longships in 985. For those letters were the last anyone ever heard from the Norse

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