When Did Putin See Trump’s Taxes?

Last night on facebook I posted the idea that Putin got his agents to look at Trump’s taxes when he wanted to buy that Moscow Hotel – that the Russian Mafia was interested in. These thugs can get any information on you – by threatening people – that work for the IRS? Consider the threats from Alley Valkyrie that Kim Haffner recycled  to go on the attack after I ended our friendship when she returned my book – damaged! I am sure she s saying our fall out occurred when I attacked her religion – in her car! She is a liar. Most people avoid trouble – and comply to threats!

There is good chance the President is going to be impeached. His daughter is going to be called to testify. This is why Trump will do anything to stay in office. He is in love with Ivanka.

John Presco



Trump Tower Moscow, also known as the Moscow Project,[1] was a series of proposals by the Trump Organization to develop a Trump skyscraper in Moscow, Russia.[2] Michael Cohen testified in February 2019 Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump were regularly briefed about a proposed Trump Tower in Moscow.[3][4][5] Trump Jr. had told Congress he was only “peripherally aware of it”.[5]

No such project was ever built, but the idea continued to receive press coverage due to Donald Trump‘s election as president of the United States and the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election aimed at promoting Trump’s candidacy. In November 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow in a prosecution brought by the office of the special counsel.[2]


Trump Hotel Madness


Trump is still obsessed with his Hotels. Raddison Blu appears to be his main competition that has built a hotel in Russia. It appears Trump has been kissing Putin’s ass to get his hotels built in Russia. It looks like Putin wanted a photo op in the Oval Office in order to show proof to Russian Investors Trump is a team player.


It’s all here in this article. Trump and other hotel moguls are concerned about terrorists ruining their business via tourism. Did Trump assure the Rus that Israel is on top of it, and will change their fortunes? Trump was trying to cozy up to Putin via his beauty pageant. it appears Trump wants to be the richest man in the world, and, he and his family do not care if he uses the office of the Presidency. MOTIVE! MOTIVE!

I suspect Russian Mafia types may have threatened the entire Trump family because the Hotel Guys moved in on their turf. The Oval Office pic was staged for some group, who are getting nervous Comey’s investigation is going to expose them. They will kill everyone they have to. No one close to them, is safe! This is why Trump, or anyone around him, will say anything bad about – ANY RUSSIAN!

What is chilling, is, Comey says Flynn is a “good guy”. This suggests he is/was a double agent, and/or, he came clean. This suggests the Russian Mafia considered Trump – Their Man In The White House!

Mr. Trump told Mr. Comey that Mr. Flynn had done nothing wrong, according to the memo.

Mr. Comey did not say anything to Mr. Trump about curtailing the investigation, replying only: “I agree he is a good guy.”

We have not heard from Steve Bannon in over a month after his rift with Kurchner. I think Steve found out about the Russian Mafia connection, and wanted out, because conspiracy to commit murder and extortion, will put him in prison for the rest of his life. I suspect he was told if he leaves the compound, he is a dead man. The Trumps have gone to the mattresses. They may not come back from their trip in order to escape prosecution. There is no where to hide! He will have the Nuclear Football.


Jon Presco

In 1997, Trump had talked to the Moscow City Government, about leasing and redeveloping the vast, monstrous Rossiya hotel (the world’s biggest) right next to the Kremlin; the deal was estimated to be worth about $800 million. But the project died a quiet death in 1998 after the Rossiya’s general director Yevgeny Tsimbalistov died a considerably noisier one in a hail of mafia bullets.”


“Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow – if so, will he become my new best friend?”

And there are two reasons why there are no Trump projects in Russia: in the past, it was too risky, and now, as the country grinds through its third year of austerity, there is no demand for his brand of upmarket bling.

The hotel business back in the anarchic years after the collapse of the Soviet Union was–sometimes quite literally– murderously competitive. U.S. businessman Paul Tatum was gunned down not far from his Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel in 1996 after a highly public dispute with his local partner. In 2002, Konstantin Georgiev, who ran the grand 1950s Peking Hotel, suffered the same fatePolice suspected, but never proved, a falling out with organized criminals.


The Rossiya has long been a visitor’s nightmare. Exploding televisions were a long-standing hazard. In recent years the Rossiya’s ugliness has been matched by its seediness. The city authorities made an unsuccessful attempt to close it in 1994 on the ground that it was infested with rats and cockroaches. But those pests were, and are, among the least of its problems. Far more dangerously, the Rossiya has long been infested by criminal gangs controlling its sinister corridors and gloomy arcades. In January the hotel’s general director, Yevgeny Tsimbalistov, was shot dead, apparently for trying to reorganise things in a way that upset the balance of power between the gangs. It was the third contract killing of a Moscow hotel boss in 15 months.

In 1997, Trump had talked to the Moscow City Government, about leasing and redeveloping the vast, monstrous Rossiya hotel (the world’s biggest) right next to the Kremlin; the deal was estimated to be worth about $800 million. But the project died a quiet death in 1998 after the Rossiya’s general director Yevgeny Tsimbalistov died a considerably noisier one in a hail of mafia bullets.

Rezidor Skyline

The North Ring project is a mixed-used property owned and developed by Mafaz International Development Company with the association of Apex Investment Co as co-developer and Technical Manager of the projects.

“We are glad to further strengthen our presence in Saudi Arabia. This is already the second hotel we have signed in the Kingdom this year”, said Kurt Ritter, president and CEO of Rezidor.

Abdullah Al-Joaib



Radisson Blu, the iconic hotel brand driven by innovation and design, and AGROCOM GROUP LLC are delighted to announce the signing of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostov-on-Don, strengthening Rezidor’s footprint in Russia. Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is already represented by 6 properties in Sochi alone, and 37 hotels with 10,300+ rooms in operation and under development across Russia.
The Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostov-on-Don will have 81 spacious rooms showcasing the new dynamic BluPrint interior design. The hotel is scheduled for opening in early 2017. The hotel will also feature a lobby bar, restaurant and spa.

“We are delighted to bring a new Radisson Blu Hotel to Rostov-on-Don and introduce our first BluPrint design in Russia. This innovative and dynamic interior style is a new direction for the Radisson Blu brand globally and we are looking forward to opening this beautiful property next year. Rostov is southern Russia’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, as well as an important industrial center and thus a perfect destination for our award-winning, upper upscale brand.” said Elie Younes, Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer.

Speaker Pelosi says Trump’s taxes reveal ‘national security’ issue
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday called a report that President Donald Trump has more than $300 million in loans coming due within the next few years a “national security issue” and argued it raises questions about whether foreign nations or individuals could have “leverage” over the president.
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Open Letter To Woman’s Space

Dear Woman’s Space:

I looked for a e-mail for you so I could send you a private communication, but only found a e-mail for publicity. I have bonded with celebrities that were victims of violence. My late sister was a world famous artist who was a rape victim. She was drugged and raped by a couple who filmed the rape that they planned to sell. My kin stopped this. There was a gun. My three year old niece was upstairs when this happened in Rose Dundon’s appartment. When Michael came there he went looking for my sister and the rapists. When he opened the closet door, there was the woman rapist pointing a gun at him. He grabbed it. When her husband fled, Michael threw a garbage can at him.

During the smoke and ongoing stalking of Kim Haffner and other neighbors, Shannon offered to come and get me and take me to Arizona. Since her mother died in 1994 my niece has been my main concern. My father raped her in 1989. I tried to file a police report, but only the Victim could. She was afraid. She had no children which I believe is common with victims of incest.

Do you need me to head there. ? I’m on hold going on22 min , do give my doctor info to put lab requests for my blood work.”

“Wow she wasn’t a blonde? Well interesting how memories are formed from what we perceive as children , not so much the facts , cause when your a kid who cares. Lol”

In the photograph of four women you see my ex-brother-law with his head in Christine’s lap. His childhood friend was murdered by Phil Specter. My childhood friend on the left took out a restraining order against her live-in lover who was an artist. He cut the phone line, kicked down the door, and raped M. He burned my sister’s artwork and letters. He called me up after M managed to escape, and threatened my life. M was in Woman’s Space while this psycho was in her home. I called the police, and they said they could do nothing, because in the three days she was a prisoner, her beat her till she called the police and dropped the restraining order.

After I met Belle Burch in Ken Kesey Square, I called M and told her I met the younger her. She even had the same mole on her neck. When Belle asked for a get to know you meeting, she concealed who she was, and what her friends were. They were a Pagan Wiccan Cult that was misusing and abusing the homeless of downtown – as a human shield! I suggested this in my newspaper. Alley Valkyrie wrote me several threats that I showed the FBI. Alley said;

“I’m done with the patriarchy!”

I am reading this all over facebook as women are outraged about the appointment of Amy Cony Bennett who appears to belong to a Catholic cult. Alley had glanced at my blog that Belle showed her, read some Biblical words, and assumed I was a Christian fucking around with – ONE OF THEM! On her facebook she celebrates THE FIGHT she started with me. She put the start of this fight on a FAKE EUGENE ABUSER site. She knew she put a target on my back. She WEAPONIZED this site for women who claim they were abused by men. I am asking WS to put pressure on the owner of this site, to remove their WANTED poster of me.

Millions of women are lining up to conduct warfare over Abortion. Both sides accuse the other of violence. My wife’s best friend called me. Her live in Lesbian had severely beat her up. She wanted me to take her to emergency. Both eyes were swollen up. She had come home for thanksgiving to find most of her family shot-gunned to death by a black Mau Mau gang. She had become a severed alcoholic due to her PTSD. My best friend in High School was invited to have dinner by Sharron Tate the night she and her friends were slaughtered. M went to the Spawn Rach to buy drugs and Charlie invited her to stay.

The ex-lover who raped her appeared on America’s Most Wanted for beating a woman half to death – with his fists. Belle Burch became the facebook friend of this abused women after she contacted her to ask if I would hurt her. I wondered if Alley and her friends would do Belle harm.

Kim Haffner employed Belle’s plight to herself. She intercepted much attention I needed to apply to my ongoing family crisis. She says she is in touch with me daughter – which is a lie. I did tell Sue Haffner her daughter was smoking after she lied about reading my sister’s bio I suspect she tells people our falling out occurred after I kept attacking her faith – while in her car. In the video below she sees me using that bio to seduce other women.

This is Celebrity Worship. Having read the family bio, Kim sees herself amongst the beautiful people – at last! But, she suffers from low self esteem. She passes the bio around when I asked her not to so she can be Info Central – not me! She is hoping we get in bed and make love so she can own a permanent place amongst artists and show bizz people. She prays I don’t bring up those dogeared pages again. I don’t. I become distant. She calls..

“Is anything wrong..between us?”

To be continued

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

“I ask for forgiveness for not being her mom! I promised the lord I would be.. I didnt protect her! I understand its not my faullt but its my balance I have to learn. That may sound drunk or babble but unfortunately my mother left me the burden of pain . You on the other hand have been blessed and freed by the joy of a new family and grandchildren without guilt . ! REmember to embrace every momement you can and not to burden them with fullishness like guilt. All that is , is like black paint on a white canvas… It never lets the beauty be seen, your beauty ,strenghths, and wisdoms of all you know. I begged my mother before I left to look to herself and have faith .”

Shannon Rosamond

Simple obsessional[edit]

Simple obsessional stalking constitutes a majority of all stalking cases, anywhere from 69–79%, and is dominated by males. This form of stalking is generally associated with individuals who have shared previous personal relationships with their victims. However, this is not necessarily the case between a common member of the public exhibiting celebrity worship syndrome and the famous person with whom they are obsessed. Individuals that meet the criteria of being labeled as a “simple obsessional stalker” tend to share a set of characteristics including an inability to have successful personal relationships in their own lives, social awkwardness, feelings of powerlessness, a sense of insecurity, and very low self-esteem. Of these characteristics, low self-esteem plays a large role in the obsession that these individuals develop with their victim, in this case, the famous person. If the individual is unable to have any sort of connection to the celebrity with which they are obsessed, their own sense of self-worth may decline.[1]




“This is a revealing moment for all of America and I think it will show what Democrats really think about women, and certainly what they really think about Christians, how they handle this nomination should it be Judge Barrett,” Sanders said on Tuesday responding to the attacks against the judge.



Manson, Black Panthers, Whites Slaughtered


In the top photo we see my childhood sweetheart, Marilyn Reed, and Joan Corbett, my ex-wife’s best friend who found members of her family – SLAUGHTERED! Joan flew down to L.A. with Mary Ann Tharaldson and I. Mary Ann lived with Thomas Pynchon who in his novel ‘Inherent Vice’ summons the evil spirit of Charlie Manson, as does Quentin Tarantino is his movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’.  There is very graphic fictional violence in that movie, that struck home!

My friend, Bryan MacLean, sang at my wedding to Mary Ann. He said he may come to my wedding reception at my brother’s house. He did not show up. He said he was invited to dinner by his friend Sharon Tate the night the Manson Crew showed up, but, honored a previous commitment, and thus – LIVED! The group Love that Bryan played in is at the epicenter of the Manson Murders. What was clear to me, the Manson Family was in BLACK FACE. There grizzly murders were a performance. They wanted everyone to believe Black Radical slaughtered white people. Hollywood was very traumatized. Rick’s childhood friend was murdered by Phil Specter.

Above is a black and white photo of Marilyn taken by her good friend, Maggie Thrett who appeared in a Star Wars episode. Next to Marilyn is Jane Mansfield’s daughter, who appeared in PLAYBOY magazine. In Christine’s lap, is the actor, Rick Partlow. I met his buddy who played in The Rookies.

Last night a neighbor called me and asked me if I heard anything about a stabbing. I told her I had witnessed the aftermath of a violence incident. The rescue people were taking photos of my neighbors bloody wounds. I was traumatized. I suffer from PTSD. I almost drank myself to death, but, thanks to Serenity Lane, I have 32 years of sobriety. My sobriety has been under severe attack. My neighbor invited me to the Whiteaker Block Party that we attended a year ago. I told her with all this violence around me, I am afraid I will run into the ANARCHIST COHARTS of Belle Burch and Alley Valkery.

“And, I do not trust that fat piece of shit that lives below me. She needs to be evicted!”

The women who opposed my writing and threatened me are listed below. They all will be associated with the Black Panthers, Charlie Manson, Quentin Tarantino’s moive about Manson, and my later sister, who was the world famous artist Christine Rosamond Benton. According to my niece, Shannon Rosamond, my sister, Vicki Presco, and, Stacey Pierrot, who was sold our literary and creative legacy – BRETRAYED ROSAOMD! My childhood sweetheart, Marilym Reed, has remained LOYAL to Christine and I. Her half sister co-authored the story of Fela, who was adopted by the BLACK PANTHERS. There is a off Broadway play about Fela that I told Belle Burch about. Tarantino did not offer any motive for the murder of Sharon Tate. Ebony magazine, and many other sources, claim the Manson Clan-Cult was trying to make it appear the Black Panthers, and Black Muslims commited these gruesome crimes. Any slander, threat, lie and attempt to besmirch my character, and make it out that I am a dangerous lunatic – IS NOT CREDIBLE!  My stock is – WAY UP! My newspaper, named after my Grandfather – IS CREDIBLE! My ideas for movies – ARE VALID! The Presdient of the United States is being accused of trying to start a RACE WAR. Evangelical Cults are behind him!

There is a photo of me and Gloria Ehlers. We lived together two years. On day she took me to meet The White Panthers. They were a brother and sister who did legal work for the Black Panthers. We are on the verge of total anarchy! Millions of Americans feel The Rule of Law, and the Rules of Voting, have been utterly – DESTROYED! The ENEMY is at the gate. Russian Cyber-bots went after Kamala Harris because she is a woman of color. Putin would love to see a RACE WAR in America.

John Presco

WASHINGTON—President Trump formally nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court on Saturday, kicking off what is expected to be a rapid confirmation process aimed at installing another conservative-leaning judge just weeks before Election Day.

Judge Barrett, 48 years old, is a member of the Chicago-based Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and a former law clerk for the late Justice Antonin Scalia. A finalist for a previous Supreme Court opening that went to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, she was seen as a likely choice given her conservative credentials, strong support among Republican senators and the president’s desire to nominate a woman to succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“Today it is my honor to nominate one of our nation’s most brilliant and gifted legal minds to the Supreme Court,” Mr. Trump said in the Rose Garden, with Judge Barrett at his side. “She is a woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect, sterling credentials and unyielding loyalty to the Constitution.”

Mr. Trump called the late Justice Ginsburg a “legal giant and a pioneer for women” and said that making his third nomination to the court was a “very proud moment.” Speaking directly to Judge Barrett, he said: “You are very eminently qualified for this job. You are going to be fantastic.”

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My Childhood Friends

I am composing a message to Woman’s Space that I will publish in increments because it activates my PTSD.

Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2020

The Writing Group of The Damned

Nancy van Brasch-Hamren, and Bill Arnold, were my best friends. I was working at May Company when my ex-girlfriend, Melinda dropped in and suggested I move back North were there was a revolution taking place. I had a appartment a half block from the beach in Santa Monica. I had a hawk that Nancy found a home for. I was working on large canvases. I tuned in, and dropped out. I drove my 1957 Ford Fairlane on Highway 1, to Oakland, with my paintings strapped on top.

In a couple of months, I am living with Nancy and Carrol on Pine Street. Two members of the Jefferson Airplane were hanging out of this window, claiming they caused an automobile with LSD energy. We listened to the Beatles on Nancy’s Teen Phonograph player. We were so lit, it…

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“I am Arion!”

With the help of my therapist Barbara, the field has been cleared of She-demons and witches. Now I can see her again. My beloved muse.

Rosamond Press

There is nothing that gives Cynthia Van Der Rose a bigger charge, then pushing the button on her remote, and down come the drawbridge to her families castle. Then, raising high a lantern, she shouts;

Ego Ariona tellus? Mea auferet somnum exterreri solebat? auferetur!”

(“I am Arion! Away my beloved Nightmare! Away!”)

And off she speed along the canal to her Latin Poerty Club where she will really lay it on them, another line about Cynthia, along with her interprutations of the poem of her favorite Latin Poet, Sextus Propertius, who caught her eyes when she spotted her horse, in one of his poems. Soon after, she grabbed Arion, the rock star who rides a seahorse, and then a dolphin that Cynthia turned into a Nightmare, because she wanted to crush her shy critiques who accused her of hogging the show, and getting away with it because she comes…

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Alley Valkyrie and Norte Dame

Found it! I will be sending the video of Alley encouraging demonstrations in France to the embassy. I posted this in April of 2019 and speak about the religious violence – that has arrived. https://rosamondpress.com/2018/12/07/alley-collected-money/


Rosamond Press

Kim Haffner denied me my Civil Liberties. She and her Cult impeded my coming and going to my residence. They attacked my newspaper and tried to impede my right to Freedom of the Press.

I suspect Alley Valkyrie is looking for a way to exploit the idea that the homeless believe the monies spent on reconstructing Notre Dame, should be spent on them. This is a theme members of SLEEPS put forth before the Eugene City Council, and the press.

Alley made the worst video I have ever seen. She says she wanted to make it at “the Nun’s graveyard” but, was impeded. Now she sets out to get to the river so she can film herself by the river, but, again she is impeded. Then she asks for suggestions on what to film. Perhaps her fan club in Springfield can come up with something, like, attack the ruins of…

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The Rose Horse

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2020

I discovered yesterday that my kin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, did all the riding in National Velvet….and Gene Tierney was the first choice for this movie. I have compared Rena Easton to her. Gene Tierney suffered from mental illness – as did Rena! I have concluded Rena has multiple personalities that were created in order to deal with the voilence and terror she suffered as a child. When I read that eighteen year old Gene was going to play Brown – it all came together! My books ‘Capturing Beauty’ and, The Royal Janitor’, are now set in Stone and Roses.

There is some evidence Liz and her family were spies employed by her godfather, Victor Cazalet, who may behind the Royal Defence College in Washington, as was Douglas Fairbanks Junior. Victor was for the formation of the State of Israel. Liz converted to Judaism.

I put Rena on Liz’s horse King Charles, totally naked. There is no beautiful image to compare. But, I think Rena is terrified of horses. I have compared her to Helen of Troy, and Lara Roozemond who rode Friesian horses in show. Everything has come together. No family member has come close to knowing this copyrighted information. Gainsborough did the portraits of Victor’s parents – with horse! Victor was a homosexuals that was the model for Commodore Swineburne. I want Lara Roozemond to play Victoria Rosamond Bond. I suspect she had a terrible spill on a Friesian horse her father bred, and never rode, or mentions this is what she looked like. This is Victoria Bond!

Lara may have given up her ambition to become an actress, thinking she is not good at it. I have detected mental illness. Many critics say Liz couldn’t act. But, she sure could ride! Lara and Victoria have to overcome their fear of taking another painful fall, and get back in the saddle. Overcoming ones fears, is what life’s about.

I have fallen in love with my star, because she is my ideal. She has stepped out of a Greek Tragedy where as a Mad Poet she rides the un-ridable horse. In horse there is a rose. Rosamond was spelled Hrosmund meaning “horse protection”. Roozemond is the Dutch spelling of Rosamond which is seen as ‘The Rose of the World’. I see her riding this way on…

The Horse of the World

And behind her ride…..The Nine Muses! This is the Acme of our History.

When all the young women and girls see Victoria ride on to the opening scene, they will say;

“I want to be – just like her! She’s my new hero! What a great actress! Who is she?”


Lara is the daughter of Cees Roozemond who is a larger than life male whose dream it is to build a giant horse that his daughter does not want anything to do with because, as a girl with pigtails she fell into the shadow of her magnificent father. In the video honoring Cees you can see the terror in her eyes. When I saw that, I wept. I went on line in search of a beauty who could replace Rena as my model for Bond. It was love at first sight – and I was in a another heaven when I beheld the family name, that Grimm applied to..

The Sleeping Beauty Princess

She will do it for charity. This is the kind of human being she is.

John Presco

“The relationship between King Charles, the horse’s real name, and me was so special,” Taylor told Cowboys & Indians through her spokesperson at The Elizabeth Taylor HIV/AIDS Foundation. “He was given to me on the last day of shooting and it is a memory that I cherish. There never was a sweeter, more noble animal, and caring for him was a great source of responsibility and happiness. We trusted each other. We loved each other. He lived at stables in Pacific Palisades, California, and I rode and visited him whenever I could. Every little girl deserves the kind of miracle experience that I enjoyed while doing National Velvet and bonding with that magnificent soul. My heart still swells whenever I think of him, and I still do — often.”

Cees Roozemond (1959)is a Dutch sports director.

Roozemond is active in equestrian sports. Since November 2014 he is chairman of the Stichting Het Paard van Fryslân, which is committed to the realization of a 25 meter high statue of a Frisian horse. In March 2018 Roozemond became president of the Royal Netherlands Equestrian Federation.

Roozemond also became managing director at sc Heerenveenin March 2019. Roozemond was chairman of the Foundation Board and would first hold the general directorship temporarily. Roozemond is the definitive successor to the resigned Luuc Eisenga.

Roozemond is a son of journalist and mayor Cees Roozemond.





Tierney consulted a psychiatrist and was admitted to Harkness Pavilion in New York. Later, she went to the Institute of Living in Hartford, Connecticut. After some 27 shock treatments, intended to alleviate severe depression, Tierney fled the facility, but was caught and returned. She later became an outspoken opponent of shock treatment therapy, claiming it had destroyed significant portions of her memory.[citation needed]


Godfather to Elizabeth Taylor[edit]

Cazalet, who had a passion for fine art, became a close friend of American art gallery owners Francis Taylor and his wife Sara, parents of Elizabeth, after they had moved from the U.S. to London in 1936.[1] Cazalet let the Taylor family, who were also Christian Scientists, spend their weekends in a separate 16th century cottage on his estate in Kent.[1] He wanted them to think of England as their new home.[22]:13

He gave 4-year-old Elizabeth a horse named Betty as a gift, which she would ride bareback throughout the property.[1] The Taylors asked him to be her godfather, after which he became an important influence during her early life.[1] At one time while Elizabeth suffered the first of many near-fatal illnesses, Elizabeth begged her mother to “please call Victor and ask him to come and sit with me.” Cazalet then drove ninety miles through thick fog to be at her side.[24] When he arrived, recalled her mother, “Victor sat on the bed and held Elizabeth in his arms and talked to her about God,” and soon after the fever had broken.[22]:14

At a lunch with Churchill in April 1939, Cazalet learned that a war was coming, and was permitted by Churchill to inform others.[22]:24 Cazalet, concerned for the Taylor family’s safety, urged Francis to close his art gallery as soon as possible and return with his family to America. Because of the time needed to vacate the gallery, he suggested that Sara and his children should be sent back alone where Francis could later join them. They took his advice and eventually ended up in Los Angeles where he established a new gallery.[1]

As Cazalet was an acquaintance of screen actor DeWolf Hopper and his former wife, Hollywood columnist Hedda Hopper, he sent a letter of introduction on behalf of Elizabeth to Ms. Hopper, to help 7-year-old Elizabeth become involved in acting.[1][24] Hopper met with Elizabeth and Sara and offered to help. Months later, Cazalet wrote in his diary for 16 April 1941, “Imagine excitement of Taylors. Elizabeth has a contract for seven years with a big cinema group.”[22]:33

I am looking for descendants of Philip Rosemond and Moses Morton Rosemond
who lived in Guernsey County, OH in the mid-1800s. This family descended
from a James Rosemond who lived in County Leitrim, Ireland in the early
1700s. Other members of this same family settled in Lanark, Ontario, Canada.
The southern Rosamond family is also said to be descended from this same
family, as are the Rosamond families in Australia and New Zealand. I am
trying to tie all the branches of the family together. The information on
the family in Guernsey County, OH is shown below. I’d appreciate hearing
from anyone who has any information regarding this family.

Elizabeth grew up with an understanding and appreciation for fine art. Her father, Francis Taylor, was an art dealer with a gallery located at 35 Old Bond Street in London. He learned the business under the tutelage of his uncle, Howard Young. After relocating with his family to sunny California during the war, Francis opened an art gallery at the Château Elysée, but quickly relocated it to the more impressive Beverly Hills Hotel. It was at that location that such celebrities as Howard Duff, Vincent Price, James Mason, Alan Ladd, Hedda Hopper, and Greta Garbo could be found selecting art for their own collections. Francis Taylor was also a trendsetter; responsible for the popularity of Augustus John in the United States. Francis, who had a keen eye, asked John if he could buy some of the paintings John had discarded. John felt they weren’t good enough to sell, and gave them to Francis free of charge. They were sold back at the art gallery in the States, where Augustus John paintings would be sold exclusively for many years. Francis would soon find an art connoisseur in his daughter, Elizabeth, who would amass one of the great private collections of Impressionist art in America.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor fell from the horse and broke her back during the filming of the racing scene. Although she recovered quickly, she suffered greatly later in life.

After production was completed, arrangements were made to allow Dame Elizabeth Taylor to keep the horse.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor fell in love with King Charles while visiting the Rivera Country Club. He was acquired by MGM for $800 to appear in this movie with her. Elizabeth spent time each day riding, caring, and bonding with him in order to prepare for her role in this movie. King Charles was reported to be aggressive to his handlers except for Taylor. She and King had a special bond that became evident throughout the movie. At the end of the movie, Elizabeth found out that she had been gifted with “The Pie” and she and King Charles remained together until his death.

King Charles, playing The Pie, was first-cousin of champion thoroughbred Seabiscuit, subject of two biopics. Both had Man o’ War as grand-sire.

Mickey Rooney had to film all of his scenes in one month before he had to report for basic training to serve in World War II.

The story that Mi Taylor (Mickey Rooney) tells Donald Brown (Jackie “Butch” Jenkins) about a shipwrecked horse was based on a true story about a New Zealand-bred thoroughbred named “Moiffa” who survived his ordeal and went on to win the Grand National the following year. Mickey Rooney starred in The Black Stallion (1979), which was about a shipwrecked horse that goes on to win a major race.

Twelve-year-old Dame Elizabeth Taylor underwent drastic measures to prove that she was right for the role. Velvet Brown was supposed to be a girl in her late teens, going through the natural changes into womanhood. Taylor was told by producer and director Clarence Brown that she couldn’t be Velvet, as she was rather “boyish”. This only provoked Elizabeth more; she ate steak everyday, doubled her portion of meals, and rode her horse constantly to train. In three months, Elizabeth grew three inches, and began to gain the natural curves of a woman. For her efforts alone, she won the role.

The racecourse map which Mi Taylor (Mickey Rooney) shows Velvet Brown (Dame Elizabeth Taylor) is an accurate portrayal of the real-life Grand National course at Aintree, near Liverpool, England. What’s more, like the movie, the course actually has a Becher’s Brook jump and a Canal Turn jump with its sharp left turn.

In 1941, MGM proposed filming this movie with Shirley Temple and Spencer Tracy, but Temple’s mother turned it down because she felt it did not showcase her daughter properly.



Howard Taylor and John Presco


Howard Taylor and I are cousins. He is kin to Ian Fleming, Thomas Pynchon, Christine Rosamond, and the Getty family.

John Presco 007


Taylor Camp was a small settlement established in the spring of 1969 on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. It covered an area of 7 acres (2.8 ha) and at its peak it had a population of 120.[1] It began with thirteen hippies seeking refuge from the ongoing campus riots and police brutality in the United States.[2] They were arrested for vagrancy but Howard Taylor, brother of movie star Elizabethbailed them out of jail and invited them to settle on a beachfront property he owned.[3]




Our Home On Miles










“Will Bohemia arise in Oakland,” was the question asked in an article in the Oakland Tribune on April 22, 1917. The reporter told of the formation of an artist’s club of the East Bay with a membership of more than 30 painters, sculptors and art students including Selden Gile, William H. Clapp and William A. Gaw (1891-1973).”

There is a chance the Victorian Mary Ann Tharaldsen and I lived in on Miles Avenue was brought around the Cape, and may be one of the portable houses my kindred brought to California in 1848. Two of these homes are the oldest in San Francisco and look very similar to the one that may have been moved to Miles, raised up, and a first floor apartment built beneath. Several of these homes were built in Belmont that the Jankes co-founded, one of them becoming the home of William Ralston ‘The Man who built San Francisco’ after it was remodeled by Count Leonetto.

Bryan Maclean and a Generation of Love

Above is a photograph taken outside the Glen’s church in Topanga Canyon. I have just got married to Maryanne Thoraldson. Bryan Maclean, my best friend at University High School, sang during the ceremony. We are singing Amazing grace. Bryan and I have given up alcohol and drugs when this picture was taken. This is my first attempt at sobriety. I have twenty four years of being clean and sober.Bryan was the lead guitarist for the rock group Love that had a powerful influence on Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison. Thier first album that came out in 1965, was a stepping stone. Bryan had taught me how to play the guitar, and turned me on to marijuana atop a high and windy hill in L.A. We were the artists in residence at Uni High. Bryan drew sexy surfer girls that were the forerunner of the Rosamond Women my late sister would become famous for. Christine Rosamond, and Bryan Maclean, were lovers. Christine’s funeral fell on her first sober birthday. She died clean and sober and was just beginning to turn her life around.

Folk Festival at Zorthian Ranch

In 1965 I attended a party at the Zorthian Ranch with my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren (whose grandmother owned the recipe for Nancy’s Yogurt) and Barry and Seyburn Zorthian, the daughter’s of the artist, Jirayr H. Zorthian, who was influenced by Thomas Hart Benton. Thomas is the cousin of the muralist, Garth Benton who married my late sister, the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton. These four women and myself would live in a commune in San Fancisco, our rent paid by Betty Zorthian, the heiress of the William’s Shave fortune. Seyburn is an artist.Zorthian and I discussed art up in his studio while beautiful young L.A. Godesses soared on the trampoline to ‘Gloria’.

We also partied at Betty’s mansion in Pasadena where she kept horses. We dropped LSD that was legal at the time. I did a psychedelic cowboy shoot-out routine with Toby Zorthian’s gun he had for quick-draw lessons he was taking. I did the slow-mo-draw, where the bullet would come out of the barrel real slow, and do very curious things on the way to a cosmic target where it was swallowed up in a parallel universe. I had folks in stiches in my peace-time play on a deadly weapon turned into an instrument of Cosmic Love!

Nancy dated Stanely Augustus Owlsley, and with Christine, they went on a date with Nick Sands who was also a manufacturer of LSD.

Jirayr Zorthian was the Grand Marshall of the Doo Day Parade that may have inspired the Eugene Celebrations Parade. The New Los Angeles Folk Festival reminds me of the Eugene Folk Festival. Our Mayor should declare Altadena our Sister City and conduct a culture swap. Hip folks could stay in L.A. while those folks stay in Eugene.

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Scarlet Thread Rainbow

The Black Panthers in Chicago formed the Rainbow Coalition with the Rednecks. Some of the Panthers wore cowboy hats. I suspect James Rosamond was a leader of the Peep O Day Boys who came to Canada and formed their own Orange Lodge they were not allowed to join in the Isles. Canada was founded by the Orange Lodge. Who are The Proud Boys?

John Presco

“(Reuters) – Thousands of supporters of the right-wing Proud Boys group were expected in Portland, Oregon on Saturday as police prepared for clashes in a city that has become the epicenter of sometimes deadly political violence in the run up to the Nov. 3 election.

Governor Kate Brown on Friday declared a weekend state of emergency for Oregon’s biggest city, saying “white supremacist groups” were traveling from out of state to attend an event the Proud Boys say was organized to “end domestic terrorism.”

Local and state leaders said in a letter to the community that many participants have openly discussed tactical operations and military-style formations and planned to cause chaos and violence while claiming to be acting in support of police.

“The event poses a physical danger to Portland residents, as clearly shown by the organizers’ long track record of assaults, confrontations, and threats against elected officials and the citizenry of Portland,” the letter said.

“We clearly state, once again, that law enforcement do not want or need any help from paramilitaries or vigilante groups.”

The Proud Boys is a far-right[4][5][6][7][8] and neo-fascist[9][10][11][12] organization that admits only men as members and promotes and engages in political violence.[2][13][14][15] It is based in the United States and has a presence in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.[16][17] The group was started as a joke in the far-right Taki’s Magazine[18] in 2016 by Vice Media co-founder and former commentator Gavin McInnes, taking its name from the song “Proud of Your Boy” from the Disney film Aladdin.[19][20] The Proud Boys emerged as part of the alt-right, but McInnes began distancing himself from the alt-right in early 2017, saying the alt-right’s focus is race while his focus is what he defines as “Western values”. This re-branding effort intensified after the Unite the Right Rally.[21][22]

The group believes men—especially white men—and Western culture are under siege; their views have elements of the white genocide conspiracy theory.[23][24][25] Officially, the group rejects white supremacy, although members have participated in multiple racist events and events centered around anti-left violence, with a former member organizing the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.[26] The organization glorifies violence[27][28][29][30] and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has called it an “alt-right fight club”.[26][31][32]

In late November 2018, a news story which attracted national attention[33] reported that the FBI classified the Proud Boys as an extremist group with ties to white nationalism.[14] Two weeks later, an FBI official briefing Clark County, Washington, law enforcement officials on the group denied that it was their intent to classify the entire group in this manner and ascribed the mistake to a misunderstanding. During the briefing, FBI agents suggested the use of various websites for more information, including that of the SPLC.[33][34] The official said that their intent was to characterize the possible threat from certain members of the group.[35]

The Peep o’ Day Boys was an agrarian Protestant[1] association in 18th-century Ireland. Originally noted as being an agrarian society around 1779–80, from 1785 it became the Protestant component of the sectarian conflict that emerged in County Armagh, their rivals being the Catholic Defenders.[2][3] After the Battle of the Diamond in 1795, where an offshoot of the Peep o’ Day Boys known as the Orange Boys defeated a force of Defenders, the Orange Order was instituted, and whilst repudiating the activities of the Peep o’ Day Boys, they quickly superseded them.[3][4] The Orange Order would blame the Peep o’ Day Boys for “the Armagh outrages” that followed the battle.[5]

Origins and activities[edit]

Peep-of-Day Boys were active in Ballinlough, Co. Roscommon in 1777. They were led by a man called Keogh from Clonmell. They declared that they would proceed on the same principles as the White Boys swearing to pay no tythes etc. [6]

Orange Boys[edit]

In 1792 in Dyan, County Tyrone, just across the River Blackwater that separates it from County Armagh, James Wilson, Dan Winter James Sloan organised an offshoot of the Peep o’ Day Boys called the Orange Boys. They were so called after the Protestant King William of Orange, who had defeated his father in law James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. The News Letter in its 1 February 1793 edition reported that a meeting of the Orange Boys had been held on 22 January 1793 consisting of 138 members.

The Armagh outrages[edit]

The winter of 1795–6, immediately following the formation of the Orange Order, saw Protestants drive around 7,000 Catholics out of County Armagh.[5][7] In a sign that tension over the linen trade was still a burning issue, ‘Wreckers’ continued the Peep o’ Day Boys strategy of smashing looms and tearing webs in Catholic homes to eliminate competition.[5][7] This resulted in a reduction in the hotly competitive linen trade which had been in a brief slump.[7] A consequence of this scattering of highly-political Catholics, however, was a spread of Defenderism throughout Ireland.[7]

In the Irish House of Commons, 20 February 1796, Henry Grattan observed: “…that of these outrages he had received the most dreadful accounts. Their object was, the extermination of all the Catholics of that county”. He described it as “a persecution conceived in the bitterness of bigotry—carried on with the most ferocious barbarity by a banditti, who, being of the religion of the state, had committed, with greater audacity and confidence the most horrid murders, and had proceeded from robbery and massacre to extermination! They had repealed by their own authority all the laws lately passed in favour of the Catholics had established in the place of those laws the inquisition of a mob, resembling Lord George Gordon’s fanatics—equalling them in outrage, and surpassing them far in perseverance and success. These insurgents call themselves Orange Boys or Protestant Boys, that is, a banditti of murderers, committing massacre in the name of God, and exercising despotic power in the name of liberty.”[8]

The Orange Order repudiated the activities of the Peep o’ Day Boys,[3] and blamed them for what became known as “the Armagh outrages”.[5] Blacker, one of the very few landed gentry to join the farmer-weaver dominated Order at the onset, and later its first Grand Master of County Armagh, would suggest that no ‘wrecker’ or Peep o’ Day Boy was ever admitted into the Orange Institution.[9] R.H. Wallace states that the first Orangemen did not sympathise with the Peep-of-Day Boys or wreckers and never allowed them to join the Orange Institution.[10] Mervyn Jess, however, notes that some Peep o’ Day Boys might have “slipped through the net” but if so they found themselves in a vastly different organisation.[11] Some historians have attributed the outrages to the Order.[4][7]

It is possible that some members of the Orange Order were involved,[5] for in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of the Diamond, Blacker described his disapproval of the outcome of the battle: “Unhappily… A determination was expressed to driving from this quarter of the county the entire of its Roman Catholic population… A written notice was thrown into or posted upon the door of a house warning the inmates, in the words of Oliver Cromwell, to betake themselves ‘to Hell or Connaught'”.[5] [7]

Rosamond Press

On this day, September 24, 2020, I found the Religious Order of The Scarlet Thread Rainbow of The Holy Grail. I do so to bring under One Umbrella all which does not spring from St. Paul, the Catholic Church, the Evangelical Cult, and all Protestant and Presbyterians who want Donald Trump to be reelected.

Above are photographs of Real Rednecks who used guns on Catholics. My grandfather sits in his rocking chair reading from the Ozark Magazine he self published.  You don’t mess with the Rosamond Family. They like to win. One could say James Bond likes to win.


With the death of Justice Ginsberg’s all the alleged Christian religions are drawing a line in the dust, and aligning with a mortal man, the President of the United States. This makes Donald Trump THEIR CULT FIGURE who already is JUDGING who has God on their side, and who does…

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I Am Kin To Harper Lee

My Rose Kin came riding on the set of the greatest horse movie of all time. She rode all the way from England. This great entrance into the Thespian World by a good Equestrian – has been overlooked – till now.

Rosamond Press

I started working on my newspaper around twelve hours ago. Thinking I was done, I had a hunch and googled Harper Lee, wondering if we were kin. BINGO!

I am exhausted and will delve into this tomorrow.


Let me begin by saying I have not ingested drugs or alcohol in thirty-three years, nor do I promote taking drugs. I am a historian of people that have, and still do, take drugs. I am also a historian of people who practice racism, and bid others to do the same. I say this, because the conversation about Harper Lee’s hidden book ‘Go Set A Watchman’ – is like a bad acid trip for the fans of ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’ – and for Charles Shields. Let’s not leave out the Publishing Kingdom that I titled ‘The Bio Clinic’ in several PROPHETIC videos I made after Shield’s CENSORED me on facebook.

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My Kinship With Liz, The Gettys, Ian Fleming

Yesterday I discovered my kin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, did much of the riding in the movie ‘National Velvet’ that was shot at Pebble Beach just a few miles from the home of my late sister, the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton. Liz learned to ride when she lived at the home of the world famous artist, Augustus John, who is kin to the author, Ian Fleming. Liz is kin to Augustus via the Getty family. This brings these three creative people to Carmel, where Rosamond had two galleries. I have my Bond character, Victoria Bond, come to Carmel. I am using Lara Roozemond for my literary model, and will soon do two portraits. She rose Friesian horses in show.

Rosamond Press

I am now going to concentrate on promoting myself in a professional manner. I taught my famous sister how to paint. She married into the famous Benton family of artists. I am kin to Augustus John.

John Presco


Marriage: Abt. 1895

3.i.FRANCES LYNN13 TAYLOR, b. 28 Dec 1897, Springfield, Sangamon
County, Illinois; d. 20 Nov 1968, Los Angeles County, California.


An appreciation of art ran in Taylor’s family: her father, Francis, and great-uncle Howard Young were dealers. Born in London, Francis moved to Hollywood during the second world war and set set up his own gallery in the Beverley Hills Hotel, where it attracted film star clients including Hedda Hopper and Greta Garbo.

Francis Taylor exclusively represented the Welsh painter Augustus John in America, a relationship that had developed when the Taylor…

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Scarlet Thread Rainbow

On this day, September 24, 2020, I found the Religious Order of The Scarlet Thread Rainbow of The Holy Grail. I do so to bring under One Umbrella all which does not spring from St. Paul, the Catholic Church, the Evangelical Cult, and all Protestant and Presbyterians who want Donald Trump to be reelected.

Above are photographs of Real Rednecks who used guns on Catholics. My grandfather sits in his rocking chair reading from the Ozark Magazine he self published.  You don’t mess with the Rosamond Family. They like to win. One could say James Bond likes to win.


With the death of Justice Ginsberg’s all the alleged Christian religions are drawing a line in the dust, and aligning with a mortal man, the President of the United States. This makes Donald Trump THEIR CULT FIGURE who already is JUDGING who has God on their side, and who does not.  As a Nazarite Judge, I bring good news to those who have been cast out of the Sheepscote of the Righteous. Jesus said I have come for the sinner not the righteous. What Jesus is saying, is, is the unbeliever, and those who were born with their afflictions, have a much better opportunity TO KNOW GOD then those who ELECTED THEMSELVE…God’s chosen ones.

If the United Cult Against Un-believers gets their religious choice on the Supreme Court, then there will be VAIN man made laws aimed at shoring up THEIR LIE. Alleged non-believers, and even anti-Christians will be made to suffer. Once again Jesus WILL BE WEAPONIZED!

My goal is to establish a Protective Umbrella for all those ruled – the Enemies of God. This umbrella will deserve LEGAL recognition under our Constitution in that our Founding Fathers took part in the conversion of Native Americans – often against their will. My 9th. grandfather, John Wilson, was the Puritan leader of this attempt. It was ruled God was already preparing these indigenous peoples for the coming of the Puritans. The Mormons believe Jesus came to America and converted these natives. Evangelical leaders have declared Mormonism A CULT – and well as Catholicism! The Papacy declared the followers of Martin Luther a heretical CULT. These accusations have been laid on the ground like swords so that these alleged Christians can HURT the alleged godless ones. Consider St. Paul’s voyages into the Pagan World.

Above is my kin, Bennett Rosamond and his son who owned The Rosamond Woolen Mill in Canada. His father, James Rosamond got into  gun battle with a Cathodic anti-Proestestant gang. He fled to Canada with his brother. they were members of the Orange Lodge (order) that are made up of Ulster-Scots who believe in the Red Hand – that leads to your Princess Tea Tephi who is connected to the Grail Legends. If the Christian Coalition takes complete control of the Superior Court, the Senate, the Congress, the White House, then THIS DEMORACY will see an attempt t give all Christiandom the credibility it has lacked – from the begging. They way this was attempted before, was to declare ALL ART AND LITERATURE not blessed by President Trump and His Nine – HERETICAL! As I type The United Christian Cult is deciding who owns America, and who does not.

Above is the fictional cote of arms of James Bond who was the invention of my kin (via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor) Ian flemming. It shows the Red Hand. My niece looked into the Rosamond linage in England and found a cote of arms that read;

“I will not let them win!”

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press




  In 1825, in the village of Fenagh in county Leitrim in Ireland, a gang of Catholic youths attacked the Rosamond home. The Rosamonds were staunch Protestants. James, aged 20 (born 1805) and his brother Edward, aged 15, attempted to protect their mother. A shot was fired by Edward and a youth was dead. The boys fled to Canada. James went to Merrickville where he worked for James Merrick as a weaver. Edward, still fearing arrest, worked his way eventually to Memphis, Tennessee.

James Rosamond worked for James Merrick for five years and he came to Carleton Place in 1825. We know that by 1830 he was operating a sawmill, an oat mill and a carding and a fulling mill in Carleton Place on one side of the Mississippi River and a lumber mill on the other side of the river.

In 1831 he married Margaret Wilson who was born in Scotland. James and Margaret were to have five children, all born in Carleton Place: Bennett, Mary Ann (known as Marion, who later married Andrew Bell, their son was James McIntosh Bell), Rosalind, William and James. [See more on Andrew Bell & Mary Ann in Carol Bennett McCuaig’s article A LOVE STORY].

Later in the same book, Jesus commands we do confront a fellow Christian caught in a sin (Matthew 18:15-17). This awkward obligation is supported elsewhere in the Bible (Galatians 6:1).

So, what did Jesus mean, then, when He said, “Judge not lest ye be judged”? The verse that follows explains—and often it isn’t quoted. Jesus tells us exactly what He meant:

Do not judge lest you be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. — Matthew 7:1-2

Sen. Mitt Romney said Tuesday he would support a floor vote to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, essentially clinching consideration of President Donald Trump’s nominee this year despite the impending election.

Just two Republican senators have asked for the party to put the brakes on the confirmation. And with a 53-seat majority, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) now has the votes he needs to move forward with a nominee.

Many Christians often refer to Mormonism as a cult. This may come from observing their exotic teachings or particular practices that are outside of the norm of Christianity. Cults are often associated with brainwashing, fraudulent claims, and isolationism, which are all real concerns that well-intentioned Christians may have for Mormons. However, the term cult often carries a negative connotation.

Among Catholic Republicans, efforts include direct mail “voter guides” featuring two contrasting images: one of Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan and St. John Paul II and the other of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.*

Other efforts have included “Theology sessions” aimed to help get out the vote led by former White House advisors.

Many of the most notable efforts to help reelect Trump are, in fact, led by individuals who once declared him unfit for office and questioned his pro-life credentials. Today, they’re fundraising and spending millions of dollars trying to ensure he’s reelected through a range of political action committees, super PACS and more. Many of them, in fact, were in the audience at the White House on the final night of the convention when the president formally accepted the Republican party’s nomination for reelection.

Now that Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has announced President Trump should get to nominate another Supreme Court justice, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) appears to have the votes to swiftly confirm whomever Trump appoints to fill the slot left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.





ben-orangeIn Rena Easton’s letter to me, where she come out of the darkness where she lu

“And it came to pass, when she travailed, that the one put our his hand: and the midwife took and bound upon his hand a scarlet thread, saying, This came out first…..and his name was called Zarah”
(Genesis 38:28&30)

In the course of time, the seed of the Judah-Zarah line reached Ireland and became the Royal ruling head in Ulster. The crest, herald or national emblem has been ever since, “THE RED HAND”.

From Judah’s other son Pharez, came King David, then King Zedekiah and his daughter Tea Tephi, who went to Ireland and married the Heremon of Ulster. From this marriage descended our present Royal Family.

There is an interesting link between Ulster and the United States—it is said that at least ten of the Presidents of that great land were of Ulster origin. At least 200,000 of the Scotch-Irish of Ulster sailed to American ports in the early 1700’s and by the time of the Declaration of Independence not less than one in ten of the population of the colonies was of Scotch-Irish stock.

The symbol of the SCARLET THREAD is again shown in the story of Joshua, chapter 2, verse 18, in which we read of Rahab letting down the SCARLET THREAD from the window of the spies of Israel. The SCARLET CORD, the “Thin Red Line” which has been so honoured among the British people of Israel descent, down through the ages, is still the official colour of the British Government.
This is one more close tie, uniting present day Anglo-Saxon people with Israel of old.


As both a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and nominee for vice president, Harris will likely be the most closely watched Democrat when the panel questions Trump’s choice to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The ensuing battle will offer her an opportunity to take on a more visible role and draw on her strengths during a campaign in which she has so far maintained a mostly low-key profile. Supreme Court nomination hearings typically draw a comparatively large viewing audience – more than 20 million people watched Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing on TV alone – giving voters a prime opportunity to see Harris in action after months of a campaign largely waylaid by the pandemic.

But it could also pose risks as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden seeks to win over more moderate voters in the final weeks leading up to Election Day.

The Loyal Orange Institution, commonly known as the Orange Order, is an international Protestant fraternal order based in Northern Ireland. It also has lodges in EnglandScotland and the Republic of Ireland, as well as throughout the British Commonwealth and the United States.[1][2][3] The Orange Order was founded in County Armagh in 1795, during a period of Protestant–Catholic sectarian conflict, as a Masonic-style fraternity sworn to maintain the Protestant Ascendancy. It is headed by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, which was established in 1798. Its name is a tribute to the Dutch-born Protestant king William of Orange, who defeated the army of Catholic king James II in the Williamite–Jacobite War (1688–1691). The order is best known for its yearly marches, the biggest of which is held on or around 12 July (The Twelfth).

The Orange Order is a conservative unionist organisation,[4][5] with links to Ulster loyalism. It campaigned against Scottish independence in 2014.[6] The Order sees itself as defending Protestant civil and religious liberties, whilst critics accuse the Order of being sectarian, triumphalist,[7][8][9][10] and supremacist.[10][11][12][13] As a strict Protestant society, it does not accept non-Protestants as members unless they convert and adhere to the principles of Orangeism, nor does it accept Protestants married to Catholics.[14][15][16] Although many Orange marches are without incident, marches through mainly Catholic and Irish nationalist neighbourhoods are controversial and have often led to violence.[17][18]





Did the Prophet Jeremiah ever visit Ireland?

Jeremiah never visited Ireland as far as we know.
Claims that Jeremiah did make such a journey are based on the Legend of Tea Tephi.

Tea Tephi
Tea Tephi is a legendary princess found described in British Israelite literature from the 19th century….Revd F. R. A. Glover, M.A., of London in 1861 published England, the Remnant of Judah, and the Israel of Ephraim in which he claimed Tea Tephi was one of Zedekiah’s daughters. Since King Zedekiah of Judah had all his sons killed during the Babylonian Captivity no male successors could continue the throne of King David, but as Glover noted Zedekiah had daughters who escaped death (Jeremiah 43: 6). Glover believed that Tea Tephi was a surviving Judahite princess who had escaped and traveled to Ireland, and who married a local High King of Ireland in the 6th century BC who subsequently became blood linked to the British Monarchy….. Charles Fox Parham also authored an article tracing Queen Victoria’s linage back to King David (through Tea Tephi) entitled Queen Victoria: Heir to King David’s Royal Throne….. Tea Tephi however has never been traced to an extant Irish source before the 19th century and critics assert she was purely a British Israelite invention…. A collection of alleged bardic traditions and Irish manuscripts which detail Tea Tephi were published by J. A. Goodchild in 1897 as The Book of Tephi, the work is however considered pseudo-historical or a forgery….

See Also:
Baruch ben Neriah
Tea Tephi and a Royal Cup of Tea!

Jeremiah never traveled with Princess Tea Tephi to the Emerald Isle.
Nevertheless many people believe he did.
We believe Israelite Tribes did indeed reach Ireland and Britain and other parts of Western Europe.
I have researched it, written books about it, gathered evidence concerning it, and often speak of it.
I may at times present my views before an audience quoting from the Bible, Rabbinical sources, mythology, linguistics, archaeology, and other relevant fields.
The Tuatha de Danaan do have a name recalling the Tribe of Dan and some accounts trace them to Lebanon and Israel.
So too, the Milesians, who comprised the major section of the ancient Irish, said they came from the Middle East and had been with Moses in Egypt.
It can be shown that settlers from Israel and Syria reached the east coast of Spain after 700 BCE.
They were brought there by Phoenicians from Tyre and by Philistines in ships working for the Assyrians (see Amos chs. 1, and 4, and archaeological findings).
They moved to the northwest coast and then northward to Gaul and overseas to Britain and Ireland.
The Tuatha de Danaan were from Dan. The Milesians who may have come after the Danaans appear to have been from Joseph and the Tribe of Asher.
The Picts (who were in Ulster and Scoltand) were from Manasseh.
The only connection we found to Judah (the Tribe of the House of David) was from the Biblical Codes.
Ireland in Bible CodesÂ
The scenario may be accepted or it may not. A degree of skepticism will often remain.
If however someone else gives them the legend of Jeremiah and Tea Tephi they may be more open to accept it.
This story of Tea Tephi is palpably false or at least improbable.
It is based on sources that are not so reliable and at all events have been misquoted.
This is easily checked.
This tale is a modern form of Mythology.
Nevertheless, like some other Mythological sources, it may yet be found to encapsulate a deeper historical truth.

The following list of legendary kings of Britain derives predominantly from Geoffrey of Monmouth‘s circa 1136 work Historia Regum Britanniae (“the History of the Kings of Britain”). Geoffrey constructed a largely fictional history for the Britons (ancestors of the Welsh, the Cornish and the Bretons), partly based on the work of earlier medieval historians like GildasNennius and Bede, partly from Welsh genealogies and saints’ lives, partly from sources now lost and unidentifiable, and partly from his own imagination (see bibliography). Several of his kings are based on genuine historical figures, but appear in unhistorical narratives. A number of Middle Welsh versions of Geoffrey’s Historia exist. All post-date Geoffrey’s text, but may give us some insight into any native traditions Geoffrey may have drawn on.

Geoffrey’s narrative begins with the exiled Trojan prince Brutus, after whom Britain is supposedly named, a tradition previously recorded in less elaborate form in the 9th century Historia Brittonum. Brutus is a descendant of Aeneas, the legendary Trojan ancestor of the founders of Rome, and his story is evidently related to Roman foundation legends.

The kings before Brutus come from a document purporting to trace the travels of Noah and his offspring in Europe, and once attributed to the Chaldean historian Berossus, but now considered to have been a fabrication by the 15th-century Italian monk Annio da Viterbo, who first published it. Renaissance historians like John Bale and Raphael Holinshed took the list of kings of “Celtica” given by pseudo-Berossus and made them into kings of Britain as well as Gaul. John Milton records these traditions in his History of Britain, although he gives them little credence.

Des grantz geanz[edit]

Des grantz geanz (“Of the Great Giants”), a 14th-century Anglo-Norman poem, contains a variant story regarding Albion, the oldest recorded name for Britain, and also contains a slightly different list of kings.[1][2] The poem states that a colony of exiled Greek royals led by a Queen called Albina first founded Britain but before their settlement “no one dwelt there”.[3] Albina subsequently gave her name first to Britain, which was later renamed Britain after Brutus. The poem also attempts by euhemerism to rationalise the legends of giants; Albina is thus described as being “very tall”, but is presented as a human queen, a descendant of a Greek king, not a mythological creature.

The Albina myth is also found in some later manuscripts of Wace‘s Roman de Brut (1155), attached as a prologue.[4]


Scota, in Scottish mythology, and pseudohistory, is the name given to the mythological daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh to whom the Gaels and Scots traced their ancestry. Scota first appeared in literature from the 11th or 12th century and most modern scholars interpret the legends surrounding her to have emerged to rival Geoffrey of Monmouth‘s claims that the descendants of Brutus (through Albanactus) founded Scotland.[5][6] However some early Irish sources also refer to the Scota legends and not all scholars regard the legends as fabrications or as political constructions.[7] In the Scottish origin myths, Albanactus had little place and Scottish chroniclers (e.g., John of Fordun and Walter Bower) claimed that Scota was the eponymous founder of Scotland and the Scots long before Albanactus, during the time of Moses.

Kings derived from Geoffrey of Monmouth[edit]

Geoffrey synchronises some of his kings with figures and events from the Bible, Greek, Roman and Irish legends, and recorded history. These are given in the “Synchronisation” column of the table below. Geoffrey dated Brutus’ arrival in Britain (and subsequent founding of the Trojan-British monarchy) to 1115 BC.[8] Geoffrey’s book was later retold by Wace (in French) and Laȝamon (in Middle English); the final column represents Laȝamon’s version.







Red Thread Clue & Orange Lodge

$$$-SANDYS A185/7331T 300/A-0AAtrojan




AArenaAbove is painting of Queen Eleanore finding the core of a ball of scarlet yarn that will lead her to Fair Rosamond whom her husband, King Henry, has hidden in a labyrinth. In the queen’s other hand is a cup, or, graal, containing poison that the jealous queen will force Rosamond to drink.

When my surviving sister, Victoria Presco, heard my newfound daughter came into my life, she plotted on how to get her away from me and into her camp. Vicki would use all the dark cunning she learned from her parents in order to turn this sixteen year old beauty against her father who was asking good questions as to how his older sister, Rosamond, drowned.

Vicki was able to complete her evil deed with the help of Heather Hanson’s family who were beside themselves when they heard I was into genealogies that suggested the Family of Jesus had begat the Kings and Queens of Britain and France.

“Get near the money – and away from that drunken fool!”

Heather aspired to be a famous Country Western singer, and her kindred saw my sister’s fame as a leg up. They believed there was gobs of money in my family, and, Heather was due this money because I was her father who was not around when she grew up. Of course, this had to be my fault.

When folks line up for money, they are spotless – without sin! Today, Heather is an immaculate conception, which in a way – proves my case!

And I laugh at them, as they thrust a lance in my side; for I see from wence the Scarlet Threat came, and where it go, and for this – I will become a king!

Above is a photo of my Muse, Rena Christiansen. Today she is models as Tea Tephi, Princess of Judah, that my kindred, Bennette Rosamond, worshipped long before Dan Brown authored his “Rose Line” clue in 2002, two years after my daughter disappeared from my life. The pressure the Evil Ones put upon her to get next to my Rosy kindred, and away from the Mad Man, was too much!

And, again I laugh at them as a torrent gush from my side and maketh a moat around the Bower at Woodstock.

Here are the names of the women who lined up to get money generated by Rosamond’s fame – but did not contribute any words about Christine Rosamond Benton since she died in 1994, while I applied a hundred thousand!

Vicki Presco
Shannon Rosamond
Drew Benton
Heather Hanson

All the above own Rosamond prints, yet they have done nothing to promote her, make her a famous name in the Art World. Why is that?

It was Christine’s Dream to be known as a world famous artist – after her death! Rosamond wanted to be an Immortal. Thanks to me – she is! So are the villains in this a-MAZING story!

Anyone who would poison the heart of a child against her father, or, his grandfather, is a Villain’s Villain.

Here are more of my people, Alan Fox, who await my book that will trace the Scarlet Thread to the Stone of Scones, King Arthur, and the Holy Grail. I will reveal how the Stone was used in the Temple.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013


Above is a photograph of Bennett Rosamond the Grand Master of the Orange Order in Canada. Bennett is with members of Lodge 389 in Lanark, or, Almonte. The image on the banner is that of William of Orange who is carried in Orange Parades. That is Bennett on the far right, looking like Gandalf, or, a Levite Prophet.

According to the History of the Rosemond Family by Leland Rosemond, the Rosamond family were members of the Orange Order in Leitrim Ireland, and fled to Canada after a Rosamond son killed a Catholic lad who was invading the Rosamond home with a gang bent on doing my kindred harm.

Bennett may have been a Freemason as well – and an Oddfellow. There is a long history of the Rosamonds belonging to Guilds. They were members of the Swan Brethren.

My grandparents, Royal and Mary Magdalene Rosamond, begat my mother, Rosemary Rosamond, and her sisters, Lilian, Bonnie, and June Rice.

Jon Presco

British Israel students among my readers will know that the Red Hand
is the symbol of the Zarah line from Judah, reunited in the purpose
of God with the Pharez line of the Davidic monarchy through the
marriage of Milesius the Heremon, of the Zarah line, with David’s
descendant Tea Tephi, of the Pharez line, in Ireland. This Heremon
was a king of the Scarlet-thread branch of Judah and his genealogy
can easily be proved through study. The symbol of this branch of
Judah is the Red Hand, symbolising the scarlet thread placed round
the wrist of Zarah by the midwife (see Genesis 38).

Genesis 38:27-30 tells the story of Judah and Tamar’s birth of twins that would split the Judah tribe into two different Judah historical time lines.
In the story of Judah, Tamar bore twins for Judah. The first born, Zarah revealed his right hand, a scarlet thread or cord was tied around the wrist, but his brother Pharez would steal his brother’s birthright by coming out of the womb first. Pharez becomes the messianic bloodline, the golden lion nation of Judah and Zarah becomes the Gaelic Christian bloodline or scarlet (red) lion nations of Judah. This breach that took place within Judah wouldn’t be healed for 2500 years when these two blood lines of Judah would come together again in North Ireland in a planned marriage that would reunite the crown over one Judah and prepare for all the commonwealth nations to come.


Ancient Irish histories indicate there were two prominent eastern ladies—both of whom appear to have been daughters of Zedekiah—who were later connected with the people of Ireland: SCOTA and TAMAR TEPHI.

1) SCOTA was apparently the older of the two celebrated women, and some biblical scholars believe Scota was one of Zedekiah’s daughters. Scotch-Irish records explain that this eastern lady, Scota, had previously married Niul—one of Pharaoh Hophra’s mercenary soldiers—while she was living as a royal refugee (a “daughter”) under the adoptive protection of the Pharaoh Hophra, who had a royal “house” or palace at Tahpanhes, Egypt (see Jer. 33:9; 44:30). It was this Scota whose name the people of Ireland later adopted—as Ireland was subsequently called “Scotia” until the 10th century AD (Moore’s History of Ireland, vol. 1). Later that name, Scota, was applied to North Britain (i.e. Scotland) and still later Scota was applied to a province in Southeastern Canada called NOVA SCOTIA.

Notice the following account of what happened to “JACOB’S PILLOW STONE” in connection with King Zedekiah’s daughters: TEA TEPHI and SCOTA— “It [this “Pillow Stone” or “Stone of Destiny”] was saved from destruction with the Temple, was cherished as a palladium by the Jews; and, after the death of Zedekiah, was carried by a migrating colony, with ‘SCOTA the King’s daughter’ under the leadership of the Prophet Jeremiah…. It was taken to ‘The Isles of the Sea,’ and preserved as a Stone of Destiny, by the ‘People of Scota’…. Finally, it was ‘stolen’ by Edward, King of England, and placed in the Coronation Chair at Westminster Abbey where it still is” (THE STONE OF DESTINY, by F. Wallace Connon, p. 15).
The Voyage of Zarah is a historical research paper that re-examines the lost history and roots of western civilization. Zarah is a person and he is the father to the Gaelic tribes of Western Europe. Zarah’s voyage starts when he was born as a twin in 1883BC to the tribe of Judah. Genesis 38:27-30
Zarah was the first born son of Judah but his brother Pharez would breach his birthright and come out of the mother’s womb first. Pharez becomes the bloodlines of the Jews and kings over Judah and the other tribes of Israel. Zarah on the other hand was the first born but has a whole other history timeline, but remember Zarah is connected right back to this main bloodline with Judah and right back through to Jacob-Isaac – and Abraham.
Zarah are the tribes that make-up all the Gaelic – Celtic – Saxon – Norsemen tribe’s that cultivated Europe’s first civilized people and nations.
And the sons of Ju’dah; Er, and O’nan, and She’lah, and Pha’rez, and Za’rah: . Er and O’nan died in the land of Ca’naan. Genesis 46:12.
The tribe of Judah will come back into the story with the Zarah tribes starting in 583BC and different times with the connection with the Irish, Scot, Welsh and English Saxon. Also, the other tribes of Israel come into the confused story in the British Islands from about 400 BC onward in different times to our present day.
The story of the Voyage of Zarah is about the Zarah Hebrew tribes of Judah, and not about the Jews and the tribes of Israel before and after the great exodus out of Egypt. That is the history and journey of Zarah’s twin brother Pharez of Judah and the times of Moses, and onward down to David and Jesus and other 11 tribes of Israel.

TAMAR TEPHI was apparently the second of King Zedekiah’s “daughters.”
Tamar means Palm. When Tamar is combined with Tephi (Heb. “beautiful”) it means palm beautiful—that is, “Beautiful Palm.” In Irish history, Tamar Tephi was also known by the name Tea Tephi. When “Tea” (Heb. wanderer) is combined with “Tephi” (Heb. “beautiful”), we get Tea Tephi (Beautiful Wanderer). We shall soon see why this beautiful princess was called a “Beautiful Wanderer.”
Along with the Sinclairs, the Stewarts have been titled a Rex Deus family meaning they are kin to Jesus and a divine ruling lineage. In the Ulster Red Branch Knight legends, there is a lineage that descends from a Davidian King and a Egyptian princess. This legend existed hundreds of years before Dan Brown and others came along. With the revelation that the Preston family in America descends from the Stewart line that was involved in the plantations of Ulster, comes a true prophecy that brings together under one banner my fourteen year genealogical investigation that begins with these words.
“In 1825, in the village of Fenagh in county Leitrim in Ireland, a gang of Catholic youths attacked the Rosamond home. The Rosamonds were staunch Protestants. James, aged 20 (born 1805) and his brother Edward, aged 15, attempted to protect their mother. A shot was fired by Edward and a youth was dead. The boys fled to Canada. James went
to Merrickville where he worked for James Merrick as a weaver. Edward, still fearing arrest, worked his way eventually to Memphis, Tennessee.”

Almonte’s Oldest Citizen Goes To His Reward
From the Almonte Gazette
A week or two ago we announced the illness of James Rosamond, Sr., little expecting we would so soon be called upon to chronicle the news of his death which took place on Wednesday morning. The old gentleman attended the Orange gathering here on the 12th July and owing to the dampness of the day contracted a cold which was followed by an attack of bronchitis and other troubles and after the wear of so many years his constitution had not the vitality to withstand the attack of the disease and shortly after midnight the end came calmly and peacefully.

Mr. Rosamond was born near Ballinamore, County Leitrim, Ireland on the 14th Feb., 1805. His parents were Bennett and Fanny Rosamond and his father followed the three fold occupation of reed maker and linen weaver and farmer. The subject of this sketch came to Canada in 1827 with his brother. The latter died at Prescott seven or eight years ago. For about two years after coming to Canada, Mr. Rosamond lived at Ogdensburg, New York where he learned the distillery business. In 1830 he removed from New York to Carleton Place. In 1831 he was married to Margaret Wilson of Ramsay, a lady who although of naturally an amiable and retiring disposition, has proved a faithful wife and helpmate for one who has led such an active life as her husband. Some years ago Mrs. Rosamond met with an accident from which she suffered considerably for some time and which prevented her from going out much among her friends but she is still hale and hearty although beyond the allotted three score and ten years. Their marriage has been blessed with seven children, four of whom survive namely Bennett, Mary Ann (Mrs. A. Bell), William (of Cobourg), James and Rosaline (Mrs. De Hurd).

After coming to Carleton Place, Mr. Rosamond was engaged in the distilling business for about three years and then went into the sawmill and gristmill business in partnership with John McEwen. Their mill was the only one in this section of the country at that time. This partnership lasted for four years when it was dissolved and a new one formed with Messrs. R. Bell and Company. The new firm determined to extend their business and had a carding and cloth – dressmaking establishment also the only one in this part of the province. The firm rented the mills in Carleton Place from Mr. Bolton for 16 or 17 years and continued for that time in business in that village, which was then known as “Morphy’s Falls”. In the course of time Mr. Rosamond went into the spinning, weaving and manufacturing of such goods as satinettes, etoffes, etc. These enterprising early manufacturers kept constantly adding to their machinery and increasing their business and towards the close of their lease wanted to buy or rent the water power but the owner Mr. McLaren of Beckwith would do neither. Just then an employee of Mr. Rosamond came to Almonte—at that time called “Waterford”—and succeeded in forming a company known as the Ramsay Woolen Manufacturing Company. Among those who held stock in this company were John Scott and the late John Patterson who about the year 1853 or 1854 one year after the company was formed, went to California but before going, disposed of their shares in the company to Mr. Rosamond. The mill was burned shortly afterwards.

In 1856 Mr. Rosamond moved to Almonte and bought his present residence from Edward Mitcheson. After the mill was burned, a sale was called and the site—the one on which the #2 mill is built—was knocked down to the late Albert Tesky for about 90 pounds. Mr. Tesky afterwards repented of his bargain and sold the water power to Mr. Rosamond who built the #2 mill on it moving his machinery from Carleton Place to Almonte in 1857. The #2 mill was built in 1856 and additions were made to it afterwards by Messrs. Bennett and William Rosamond who put in more machinery and gradually increased its capacity. In 1861, too close applications to business beginning to tell on Mr. Rosamond’s health, he leased the business to his sons Bennett and William and afterwards sold to them. In 1860, Mr. Rosamond and his sons formed a joint stock company with capital of $100,000 to build a large mill which resulted in the erection of #3 mill. When Mr. Rosamond retired from active business he retained an interest in the #1 mill and at the time of his death was still a share holder in it. He was also fro some time in the tanning business his tannery being situated on the site of the present dye room of #1 mill. Although always widely and actively engaged in business, Mr. Rosamond did not forget his obligations as a citizen and was always ready to assume his share of public duties. He was a member of the Carleton Place School Board from 1833 until he removed to Almonte. He has been an active and useful member of the Almonte School Board for about 35 years and occupied a seat there ever since he came to town, with the exception of a year and a half (about the year 1869) when he moved to Vineland, New Jersey for the benefit of his health. He has filled the position of Justice of the Peace for the County of Lanark continuously for over a half century. He was also a life long member of the board of the Ottawa Protestant Hospital. Shortly after Mr. Rosamond took up residence in Almonte, he took an active interest in the union Sunday school which was attended by churches of all denominations. Later on he founded St. Paul’s Sunday school of which he was superintendent for over twenty years. He has always been a devoted member of the Anglican Church and was for many years church warden or lay representative to the Synod for St. Paul’s Church. He was an enthusiastic Orangeman, a strong Conservative in politics and a great admirer of the late Sir John MacDonald. Though Mr. Rosamond attained to a ripe old age he retained to a wonderful degree the use of his mental as well as physical faculties, his mind to the last being clear.


Bennett Rosamond
Bennett Rosamond was born on May 10, 1833 at Carleton Place, Ontario. At the age of 26 he joined the family business, the Victoria Woolen Mills at Almonte and in 1862 he took over the business from his father. He served on the township council, served as Reeve and was elected mayor of Almonte. He was elected as the federal Conservative member of parliament for the riding of North Lanark in 1892 and sat in the House of Commons until 1904.
Rosamond was a major employer at Almonte and voting days saw his employees turn out en masse to vote for him. As a major benefactor of the town he donated the money to build a hospital in Almonte which was named after him. He died on May 18, 1910 in England while preparing to return to Canada. Rosamond was a member of L.O.L. No. 389, located at Almonte and had served as master of the lodge. He also served as County Master of Lanark for a number of years.
Rosamond Memorial Hospital, Almonte, Ontario c. 1910

The Perth Courier – October 18, 1962
Lanark Orangemen Heard Sir John A. Talk Confederation In District Lodges
Local Lodge One Of Oldest In Ontario East
Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister and “Father of Confederation” first campaigned for Confederation in the Orange lodges of Lanark and Leeds Counties. Confederation was the union of British colonies in North America as a buffer to U.S. expansionism or “manifest destiny”, which saw all North America as one great American country.
Sir John, a resident of Kingston, was an ardent Orangeman who saw the possibility of having one Federal Parliament and separate Provincial Legislatures modelled on the Orange Association, which eight years prior to Confederation had decided on such a constitution for itself.
What the Orangemen had been able to do inspired him to attempt, Sir John gladly admitted, “for the sake of the future of Canada.” Thus, Confederation was born when the Orange Order boasted 1,400 lodges and tens of thousands of members. The year was 1867.
Perth One of Oldest
Perth was there with one of the oldest Orange Lodges in Canada, L.O.L. No. 7, at Drummond Centre. Old records show how politicians stumped up-and-down the rural routes selling ideas in lodgeroom, on the street, over the fence, in parlor and country store. Only five [six] older lodges exist, LOL No. 1 at Brockville, LOL No. 2 at Pine Hill, North Leeds County, LOL No.3 at Foxboro in South Hastings, [LOL No. 4 at Toronto] LOL No. 5 in Peel County and LOL No. 6 at Kingston [the lodge Sir John joined in 1841].
Minutes of these lodges show that Canada’s first Prime Minister or his representative spoke in them all. The first Orange Grand Lodge in North America was founded in Brockville, just 40 miles from Perth, by an immigrant Irishman Ogle R. Gowan, who rose to become Member of Parliament and Colonel of Militia. He was also Grand Master of British America in 1830 – 1846, 1854 – 1855 and 1856.
Although Orange lodges existed in Canada from Wolfe’s conquest of Quebec in 1759, the first Grand Lodge warrant was only granted on April 23, 1832, signed by Field Marshal, Ernest Duke of Cumberland, Grand Master of the Empire. The warrant was brought home to Brockville and given great display about the countryside. The first Grand Secretary of the first Grand Lodge of British America was Alexander Matheson of Protestant Hill, Perth.
Thus almost 140 years after the founding of the Orange Confederacy in 1688, the Orange influence reached into the Perth area. This influence was strongest in the United Empire Loyalist, Army and Navy settlements throughout Canada, the Order having been founded on military lines to protect Protestant interests in troubled Ireland. Perth was a military settlement.
Ruling body for Lanark County Orangemen is the Imperial Grand Council of the World, with Captain Sir George A. Clark, Bart., DL, of Ireland, the Grand Master. Next comes the Grand Lodge of British America with eleven provincial bodies, of which the Grand Lodge of Ontario East is one with 25 county jurisdictions.
The Orange Association of the County of Lanark is part of Ontario East and boasts three districts with 13 primary lodges. The primary lodge is the basic unit of the Orange Order. The lodge in Perth is LOL 115 which meets at the Orange Hall on Gore Street East. Lodge Master is Herbert Campbell and secretary James Kirkham, both of Perth.
The Grand Lodge of Ontario East has met nine times in Lanark County since 1830, in Peth 1865, 1933, 1943, in Smiths Falls 1890, 1902, 1911, 1922, 1945, in Carleton Place in 1929. His Honor Judge J.A. Scott of Perth was Grand Master of British America in 1911 – 1914. Reverend Canon J. W. R. Meakin of Almonte, currently is Honorary Grand Chaplain of Ontario East, while Lieutenant Colonel Hon. T. Ashmore Kidd of Kingston, has been Imperial Grand Master of the World, and Grand Master of British America in 1930 – 1933 and 1940 – 1947.
County Master Roy Haveron, of Perth notes a trend to larger lodges in Lanark County which prove more efficient and active. Biggest problem today is lack of publicity and dedicated organizers with the time to devote to the demands of ritual and degree work.
LOL No. 90 of Lombardy won the Duncan Alexander MacLeod trophy for the largest increase in membership – 47 per cent this year. LOL No. 1 Brockville remains the largest lodge in Eastern Ontario with over 150 members. The Orange Order has exerted an influence in Lanark far in excess of its numbers, although its numbers have never been large. It’s a grass roots movement with “few aristocrats” or people with “aristocratic notions” included in its membership. The rural influence has a leveling effect, so it seems.
What do Orangemen do? First, they support the reformed faith. Next comes strong support of British democratic ideals and parliamentary government. The Bill of Rights of 1689 is the Order’s Bible. “Equal rights for all and special privileges for none,” has been the battlecry of the Order for ages. Prime Minister John Diefenbaker used an abbreviated form of this slogan in his 1957 general election campaign.
Orangemen support benevolent causes, including two Orange homes for children. There is an active insurance program and many bands. Perth, Smiths Falls and Carleton Place boast OYB [Orange Young Briton] bands.
District Masters and Officials
District Masters: Kenneth Leacock, Smiths Falls; Wm. Evans, Pakenham; W. H. Shaw, RR 2, Perth; Secretaries, Lyle Jordan, Smiths Falls; W. A. Fulton, Pakenham; Roy Haveron, Perth.
Primary Lodges: [master and secretary], LOL 7 Drummond Centre, Edward Wright, D. A. Devlin; LOL 88 Smiths Falls, Harvey Leacock, Ken Leacock, LOL 92 Innisville, George Gardiner, Gordon James. LOL 115 Perth, Herbert Campbell, James Kirkham. LOL 190 Montague Corners, John Kidd, Elmer Fox. LOL 202 Fallbrook, Cecil Ennis, Russell Fair. LOL 378 Almonte, Glen Ireton, M. Giles. LOL 381 Franktown, Glen Irvine, Milton McCaul. LOL 512 Montague, Russel Burchill, W. Rice. LOL 529 Rusenham, Forbes Evans, E. A. Connery. LOL 749 Wemyss, Carl Larmon, L. J. Patterson. LOL 788 2nd Line of Drummond, O. P. Dowdall, J. B. Hands.
Lanark is bordered by North Leeds with three districts and eleven lodges, Carleton with eight districts and 33 lodges, Lennox and Addington with two districts and 13 lodges, Renfrew with four districts and 21 lodges.

William Henry Boulton
William Henry Boulton was born on April 19, 1812 in York [Toronto], Upper Canada, the son of D’Arcy and Sarah Ann Boulton [nee Robinson, daughter of Sir John Beverley Robinson]. Boulton was born into one of the most prominent families of Upper Canada; his grandather, D’Arcy Boulton Sr. Was chief justice of Upper Canada and his uncles included John Beverley Robinson. Boulton studied to be a lawyer and was called to the bar of Upper Canada at the age of twenty-three.
Boulton was to become one of the social leaders of early Toronto, his estate “The Grange” being the setting for many of the young city’s most prominent social gatherings. As a member of parliament for Toronto from 1844 to 1853, Boulton supported conservatives William Henry Draper and Henry Sherwood. As a member of one of the old established families he was a strong defender of the privileged position of the Anglican Church with regards to the clergy reserves and education.
Aside from provincial politics Boulton was heavily involved with Toronto affairs. He served as an alderman for St Patrick’s Ward from 1838 until 1842 and after a two year absence from municipal politics he again served as alderman for the same ward from 1844 to 1847. During this time he was elected mayor of Toronto for three successive terms, from 1845 – 1847. After his terms as Mayor Boulton continued to sit on council as an alderman in 1852 and 1858, again being elected Mayor of the city in 1858.
During his term as mayor an agreement had been made between the province and the city over the distribution of judicial powers. The Mayor and aldermen had now ceased to act as magistrates and cases were heard by police magistrates. Boulton got into a fierce argument with the chief constable of Toronto, Samuel Sherwood, and resigned as mayor. He then ran again for Mayor in 1859 in the first election that was held by popular vote, but lost to Adam Wilson.
He then retired from politics and lived at the grange. After his death on February 15, 1874, his wife continued to live there and she later married author Goldwin Smith in 1875. Today “The Grange” is owned by the Art Gallery of Ontario. Boulton had served as the Master of Enniskillen L.O.L. 387 in 1858 and was the Deputy Grand Master of Canada in 1854.


It was in the fifties too that the first secret fraternity unfurled its Orange banner in this village. An elevated site was chosen for the Lodge room of the Loyal Orange Lodge, the exact spot being near where Mr. William Spalding’s storehouse now stands. The lodge succeeded in gathering beneath its colors a large and flourishing membership and it looked for a time at least that this was one of Lanark’s permanent institutions. But something happened one night that stopped a lodge career. From Buffam’s tavern to the lodge room the brethren cleaved the air with their discontent. An eye-witness says it was certainly a rough night and obviously he was not referring to the weather. When you hear a brother shout “Paice, bhoys, paice and brotherly love,” while he belabors you with a drum stick it is high time to call a halt and that is exactly what the Orangemen of Lanark did. They held no more meetings, the building fell into disuse and later was removed to its present stand where it serves the public faithfully day after day and is known as Darou’s bakery. The Buffam’s Tavern referred to stood where the residence of Mr. R.F. Robertson is now. At one time this building was occupied by the McLaren family as a store, the scene of many boyhood experiences of the Hon. Peter McLaren, of Perth, whose father was the merchant.

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