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I Artist – I Succubus

Part One of Capturing Beauty Trilogy


John Presco

Copyright 2021

“You are a sucubus and want to suck the light to grasp any light just like you just drained my heart and hurt my life . Now take your wealth and leave the fuck alone.”

Shannon Rosamond

I was chatting to my niece, Shannon, on facebook and wince when she informs me how responsible my brother felt as the eldest. Since her aunt Vicki got very ill, then died, I have been giving Shannon bits and pieces of our real family history. We had very little contact with each other. We didn’t know each other. All of a sudden with the death of both my sisters, we are sharing information. I suspect she knows Mark Presco is still alive. But, because he is a very covert man – guilty of tax evasion – he likes to CONTROL the family information – like a puppet master. He is the Anti-Artist – supreme! He should be banned from having any contact with artists, like a registered pedophile is banned from children’s playgrounds.

“Do the math!” I told my niece. I was both a parent, sibling, and inspiration to my sisters. Our parents had abandoned us. Rosemary got busted for making porno for the Mafia and fled to LA. She put us in care of a crazy old hag I title ‘Moma’ in my book. We were going to be put up for adoption. Two months after our mother decided to come get us, she drove Mark and I out of the house after we poured her gallon of Pisano down the sink. We fled back to Oakland where Mark finished his senior year. He was on the football team. I was left to take care of Christine and Vicki while Rosemary worked as a high class prostitute at the Beverly Hills Hotel. If we ever chat again I will tell her what my mommy told me;

“That crowd was too racy for me. They were into all kinds of kinky stuff.”

While wathcing T.V. and picking at her feet, Might Mo made this annoucdemt.

“I know who killed Jack Kennedy!”

“Who?” her children chimed.

“I’ll never tell!”

What I was trying to explain to Shannon……if Mark had been the original Family Artist – instead of me – then he would really be dealing with the crazy shit I’ve had to deal with. This is a family of artists and writers – not football players. I then made the mistake of showing her the painting I am working on. Here is her original reaction.

“ewhhh i like it!!!!!!i mean ahhh”

Suddenly, she had to go do something. When she came back – she had changed – into a succubus. Shannon claims she is an artist – and was like a mother to Rosamond! Indeed, she and Rick Partlow had this very special relationship that allowed her to take full responsibility for her mother’s success – when she was just eight years old! Wow! Nothing came down to Rosamond from her parents, or me, it flow uphill from a precocious child who liked to wrestle Rick on the floor. I told her Christine and I are the only ones who got sober and into therapy, thus, we admitted we had complex problems – even Mark couldn’t handle! I got all my master cynicism – from both parents!

BOOM! I blew up our facebook chit-chat.

Below is a pic of Bryan that appeared in the University High year book. Bryan got to know each other as we sat side by side in a art class. Michael Barry sat across from us. He told us stories about his father and his Hollywood friends. The Bat Masterson show was a big hit. The three of us comprised a real Beatnik Scene inside a high school. Michael made a movie ‘The Second Coming of Suzanne’ that I see as coming from our scene. It may be the best hippie-like movie ever made considering what you have to work with. Acid Freaks on acid are not reliable subject matter.

The Second Coming of Suzanne – Wikipedia

Bryan was attracted to me, and invited me several time to Vito’s orgies in hope that we would fuck each other. Raymond Burr wanted to fuck me, and invited me to a private dinner in his home – when I was seventeen. I wanted to fuck Marilyn Reed, but, she and her mother wanted me to be saved at the Billy Graham crusades I was forced to attend – first! I did not want to fuck Belle Burch – at first. I wanted to marry her – on sight! I fled from her – lest I want to fuck her. If I had invited her to go get something to eat, we would have ended up in bed. I still want to marry Belle, because she is – PART OF OUR SCENE! If you were a member of the L.A. Scene you got to fuck everyone – and they get to fuck you! We are/were….


Shannon got me wrong! I would be a Incubus.

The Jazz Drummer, Kenny Reed, has been dead for over a year. The story of his widow and I plotting to go stay in a hotel in the Sawtelle – without him knowing – is a tradtional Blues Story that needs to see the light of day!

I am going to contact Jonathan Richman who I am sure remembers me, because we talked for an hour after his first show – and he took my advice!

“Stay small. There is an innocence about you. They took our garage bands from us – and amplified the shit out of them. Sing about the experiences in your own city, not what you think went on in San Francisco.”

“For Christ’s sake! Your mother was seeing three psychiatrists when she died. Mark can’t handle any talk about mental illness in the family – because he is the most damaged! We all covered for him – and so are you! You inherited the cover-up!

This song reminds me of Christine – and Shannon!

the MODERN LOVERS “Hospital” 1972 – YouTube

Bryan wrote this song that was inspired by my advice when he was dating Christine. He told me he wanted to see other women, as well as my sister.

(4) Calexico – Alone Again Or (Live From Austin TX) – YouTube

Succubus – Wikipedia

Jonathan Richman – Wikipedia

Vitautus Alphonsus “Vito” Paulekas (20 May 1913 – 25 October 1992) was an American artist and bohemian, who was most notable for his leading role in the Southern California “freak scene” of the 1960s, and his influence on musicians including The ByrdsLove and Frank Zappa.


Paulekas was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, the son of Lithuanian immigrants. After some time spent in a reformatory as a teenager, he learned wood carving and won competitions as a marathon dancer in the 1930s. He was convicted of armed robbery in 1938, but was released in 1942 and joined the US Merchant Marine. Around 1946, he moved to Los Angeles where, by the early 1960s, he had set up home on Beverly Boulevard. There he established an art studio where he “made a living of sorts by giving clay modeling lessons to Beverly Hills matrons who found the atmosphere in his studio exciting,” and also ran dance classes. He married in 1961; his wife, Szou (b. Sueanne C. Shaffer, 1943) established a clothing boutique which was credited with being one of the first to introduce “hippie” fashions.[1][2][3]

Vito Paulekas – Wikipedia

(4) Jonathan Richman – I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar + Just Because I’m Irish [October 1993] – YouTube

And I tell you Mark feels much like you but held that he endured that curse and burden of being responsible. So jeez let it go and enlighten the word of that crap

You are showing me how much you are not about anyone else but you. I understand that you are incapable of giving much like Larry. Anything more than a few seconds of your life . Nothing more. Fuck off . Your the pit of the worst of rosemary and Vic together . And your the winner of dark

You are a sucubus and want to suck the light to grasp any light just like you just drained my heart and hurt my life . Now take your wealth and leave the fuck alone.

Vikki Dougan—with Peggy Lee and “Why Don’t You Do Right” – YouTube

All Winter Long by Rena Easton – YouTube

Kenny Reed – YouTube

(4) Whiteker Pioneers – YouTube

(4) Gamelan Niesha Calkins – YouTube

The Rebel Set

Posted on January 2, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


Yesterday I talked to Marilyn Reed about the Sawtelle, and her neighbor, John Lupton. Marilyn’s brother, Stanley, was married John’s wife’s sister, I believe. I was supposed to interview M at the Eugene Art Walk last night, but it was moved to next week due to New Years.  She is a gold mine and there is no end to the information I  capture, with patience, because Marilyn is a humble soul, and not a name dropper like me. I brought up John Lupton. She used to baby-sit his son, and I would come over to neck with my first girlfriend on the couch. I was impressed. M had already introduced me to Les McCann who played and sang a tune for us.

I asked M how this actor felt living in the Sawtelle, and how he got there. What I have been trying to do is establish the Sawtelle as a haven for the Beats, Folk Artists, and early Hippies. Our friend, Bryan MacLean played at a coffee house Marilyn and I found in 1962, when we were fifteen and sixteen. It was a tea house. After school we would sit by the fire and I would draw M. An hour ago I discovered John played a Beat Writer in the movie ‘The Rebel Set’. I struck the Mother Load, and arrived at the archetypal hub.



Here is the Beat Poet of 1959.


Here is my painting of Marilyn who looks like the waitress who strikes a pose. That’s John Lupton under the painting.

BIKR 010

I told Marilyn we have been having the same conversation for forty-five years, we very interested in Beats and Bohemians. To discover that John played a Beatnik writer is “far out and floating”. Gloria Moreland plays a Bali Dancer. M’s daughter, Nisha, lived in Bali and studied Gamalin music. Nisha read Rena’s poem while her step-father played drums at the Granary poetry reading. In this movie a guy checks out Gloria’s ass, which she was famous for. When M was babysitting for Kathy down the street, Arnold Palmer checked out M’s sixteen year old ass as she walked out of the room. I caught him and gave him a hard stare. Kathy was dating his good friend who MCed a golf show. This was the start of our break-up. Kathy was a jet-setter who knew everyone in LA. She lived in the Sawtelle. Marilyn was also a Whiteaker Pioneer.

As a profound coincidence I was telling M about my FB friend, Ben Toney, and the movie Expresso Bongo also made in 1959 at the height of the Beatnik Craze. I have found my alter-ego, King Invader, a poet who reads in The Rebel Set.

Marilyn is still a good friend of Jazz great, Les McCann. After we broke up she went with Jeff Pasternak to France on a ocean liner. Here she is having dinner with Jeff onboard. Jeff founded a rock group ‘The Mustard Greens’ that played at the Whiskey A Go-Go, where he met ‘The Doors’ that he tried to get in his father’s movie.

“Bryan started playing guitar in 1963/64. He got a job at the Balladeer before it changed its name to the Troubadour Club, playing back-up blues guitar. It was here he met the pre Byrds Jet Set while dating Jackie De Shannon and he became ‘fast friends’ with David Crosby. He moved away from home and by early 1965 he became road manager for the Byrds on their first Californian tour with the Rolling Stones.”

Bryan was a roadie for the Byrds when he was seventeen. We were both on the brink of dropping out of high school that we had outgrown. Bryan told me he was going to got on tour with the Byrds in Europe, but because he was underage, then did not take him. Bryan went to live with the Beat Artist, Vito Paulekas

In 1966 I went with my friend Nancy Van Brasch to see ‘Love’ at the Filmore. Nancy and I lived in a famous commune in SF, and she dated Stanley Augustus Owsely. Christine Rosamond came to live with us, and she went on a date with Nick Sands. I later got to know members of ‘The Brotherhood of Eternal Love’ who bought me art supplies. I was the Artist in Residence when I lived with ‘The Loading Zone’.

I had my first art show at the New Balladeer that is on the corner of Massachusetts and Sawtelle. Bryan’s Beatnik friend slept in a cot in the store room, and was later murdered by my second girlfriend’s father. Bryan was invited to Sharon Tate’s home the night she was murdered by the Manson family, but, he had a previous engagement. Consider Tyler Shields and the Eastwoods.

Why are Beatniks getting involved in a bank heist? The star of Zabriskie Point was a Mel Lyman devotee. Mark Frechette held up a bank with another Lyman Family member after he made his movie. He had real-life interests. Mel Lyman is my kindred who created a network of Miscans, Actors, and Artists. He is in my family tree. He married Jessie Benton, a cousin of my ex-brother-in-law, muralist Garth Benton, who starred in movies, as did his first wife, Alli McBride.

Ray Miller might be the first Beat Writer depicted in a film. What was Ken Kesey up to in 1959? Was Jack Kerouac ever in a movie? My fictional author Don The Juan’ Roscoe is on his way to becoming a Beat Writer after Ray ‘The Bank’ Miller.

Rena Easton, the dancer, is foreseen in the Bali Dancer, played by Moreland. This is the blueprint…..the far-out groovy blues-print that has been floating around in Bohemian Lore waiting to come home to………….The Sawtelle!


Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

The West End Hotel Reunion

Posted on March 9, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

After I wrote ‘The West End Beatnik Murder’ I found the West End Hotel and told Marilyn about it. She too went into  a trance. .

“Let’s go there and say hello to LA, and the young people we used to be. We will go to the Nuart and buy a bag of popcorn.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

The West End Beatnik Murder

Posted on November 8, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press


No sooner did the Prescos (minus Captain Vic) move down to West Los Angeles, then my aunt June has crept up on me while I was alone and whispered this warning in my ear.

“Don’t go to Sawtelle. Don’t go west of the Santa Monica Freeway.”

“Why I asked?”

“Because some bad man will put an ice pick in your ear and molest you.”

“Oh!” I said in complete innocence, it later sinking in that my prudish aunt was speaking of homo rape. Of course you could not keep me away from the Sawtelle, not that I was a latent homosexual at sixteen, but because there had to be some kind of real life going on in Los Angeles desert. I mean, they had movie of the week, where we Prescos watched ‘The High and the Mighty’ seven times, because that was all that was on. Being Oaklanders, we were hunkered down in our cube, our apartment on Midvale two blocks from Santa Monica Blvd.

When alas I made some friends (who my mother Rosemary met when she came home from work) no sooner were they out the door, then she is hissing this at me;

“I don’t want you hanging around boys like that?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked my not so innocent mother.

“Affeminent young men! (girly-boys)” she spat, adding to my growing fear of homos carrying icepicks.

“You got to be kidding me! Bryan’s not a fag!” I declared, as I defended my new friend Bryan McLean, and his friend, Greg.

“Listen to me. I know what I’m talking about.”

So, here it is, the Genesis of the Hippie Movement. My mother, the degenerate, knows one when she sees one, and, her four children best turn on the Movie of Week and not venture outside lest we become one of…..THEM!

* * *

Above is a photo of the West End Hotel where I think I’m going to spend Christmas Eve and Day. Around the corner is where the New Balladeer was located. Looking north, it was on the far right of a little shopping area. There used to be a tea house that I discovered in 1962 in my search for anything that was old and reminded me of Oakland where I was born. I brought my fifteen year old girlfriend, Marilyn Godfrey, here and did a drawing of her.

Marilyn had modeled when she was thirteen. She modeled for her good friend, the Jazz artist, Les McCann. Marilyn’s sister was married to Les’s drummer, and they walked through Watts to see him play at Jazz clubs in LA’s ghetto. Did I mention that Marilyn lived in the Sawtelle, west of the freeway?

The great Jazz trombonist, J.J. Johnson, invited Marilyn up to his pad, and made her dinner. He then made a move on my the love of my life, but, she stopped him cold when she told him she was only fifteen.

Are starting to get the big picture? Marilyn took me to see the movie ‘Black Orpheus’ at the Nuart theatre. This was a preview of things to come when my second girlfriends father sent tow guys in trench coats to tell ‘Sky’ the Beatnik, to get out of town. Sky was Bryan’s good friend, and he refused to be intimidated. A week later they found him with his face blow-torched off. Sky was tortured to death months after he met sixteen year old, Melinda Frank, my late sister’s good friend.

Byran asked me not to date Melinda.

“Why?” I asked.

“She’s a Black Widow. She got Sky killed.

So, Bryan and I went West of the Santa Monica Freeway, into the Sawtelle, where we listened to this excellent musician play this ballad almost every night.

I want to spend Christmas alone. This old hippie is tired of being ripped-off because folks think I am fair game, my history and being available to anyone who wants it. A year ago aunt June and UncleVinnie left me some money. I wanted to go to Europe. Now I don’t want to anymore. I want togoback the hood where Marilyn and I dreamed of going to Paris one day. I want to recapture that dream. I want to check into my Victorian room at the West End Hotel, and begin my novel ‘The West End Beatnik Murder’. I want to eat Japanese food, then take in a movie at the Newart.

I got none of my people down here anymore. My brother was there, but, he’s disappeared without a trace. Maybe I will bring my old portable Royal and wake bored people with my pecking away. The bepop of J.J. would sound good in the old halls of the West End.

“Don’t go west into the Sawtelle young man!”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

This morning I discovered Frank Coakley prosecuted the Black Mutineers at Port Chicago when he was Judge Advocate Commander for the Navy. He would later prosecute Black Panthers – and Mario Savio! I and my family were very good friends with his daughter, Kay Coakley. Kay wanted to adopt my youngest sister. This goes with my discovery that Richard Rosenberg was a founder of Naval societies and interests. I am going to contact him about The Marin Shipmates. I would like him and the Marin-Buck Foundation to fund this museum and gallery.

I discovered this museum after posting.


The radical dynamics created back in the seventies is back for an encore, and is having a great affect on our American society and culture – and thus the World’s. I am sure more black radical art is being rendered as I type. I would like to see a college dedicated to this art. The Oakland Museum had a show on Black Power. This history can no longer be marginalized. It can be shown that Coakley launched a crusade against black people. The paranoia the Newton’s experienced was very deserved.

Kamala Harris was a District Attorney of Oakland before she went to San Francisco. If she is elected Vice President, then there will be a great interest n Oakland Culture and political history. Trump is going – The Law and Order approach to being elected. Black Lives Matter, and rioting in several cities, may bring about the defeat of Biden and Harris. This too will deserve a study.  Art and Literature has always played a huge role in how we record history. The BPMG will gather all pertinent images so they can be viewed on-line, or at the BP Gallery that will have a home in Marin County.

I am investigating who owns the Black Panther trademark. Any information will be appreciated. It looks like Fredricka Newton does.

Whenever Kay Coakley needed to go to the store, she called her father and he sent a squad car. Kay was the old crone up the street who had a bad car accident when she was young. Her father was the District Attorney. We were impressed.

John Presco

Love Hollywood Bollywood

Posted on April 22, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Here is where Love has its roots. The dancers at the Whisky-A-Go-Go! Hollywood stars on Hollywood Blvd. Then there was Meher Baba, Yogananda, and Ravi Shankar. For fifteen years I have been pushing for a Bollywood-like Love Dance that I saw on a train ride with earplugs. There exist a Best of Love cassette tape. I talked to a promoter of Bollywood dancing in the streets. So many missed the boat with this one. Vito had his dancers and his Boho Fashion. The Amtrak fashion show in LA. Consider a sequel to La La Land. Bollywood comes home to Hollywood, where it was born!

Turn down the sound on te second video. Full around with your own mix.


The Dharma Bum Fashion Dance

Posted on May 26, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press


Several years ago I approached Jeff Pasternak about producing Love Dance. Jeff, Bryan McLean, Marilyn Godfrey, and I attended University High School in West LA, in 1964. We considered ourselves Bohemians. After we broke up, Jeff took Marilyn to France where she lived with her sister, Shannah, who co-wrote ‘This Bitch of a Life’ with her husband, Carlos Moore. The life of Fela is now a hit on off-Broadway.

Marilyn reminded me that I danced the Balero for her. I loved to dance. Marilyn and I had our own Bohemian scene. I was an artist, and she was my model. Marilyn’s first modeling job came when she was thirteen.

Joe Pasternak produced the movie ‘Girl Happy’ starring Elvis Presley, whose ghost dances with Priyanka Chopra in the Bollywood movie ‘Fashion’ which is about beautiful sisters who become fashion models. Joe made ‘The Sweet Ride’ in 1968 a Hollywood film that attempted to exploit the Bohemians, Beatniks, and Hippies

Marilyn wanted to be a fashion designer. Rena considered modeling like her three older sisters. If Rena had entered the Miss Universe pageant in 1971, she would have won. Chopra became a Bollywood Star and a fantastic dancer. Rena Christiansen became a choreographer. I was a follower of Meher Baba, and Jeff a devotee of Yogananda whom Marilyn turned him onto. Bohemians may have come from India. There were important lessons from the East that I shared with my lovers.

Alas, when American Youth stops texting, they are going to want to dance again. Until then, my generation of beautiful Dharma Bums would like to behold the Dance of Dance, the Best of Love. Bryan was in love with Christine who used fashion models from magazines to render her beautiful Rosamond Women. Her great grandfather, Wensel Prescowitz, came from Bohemia.

Jeff lived here in Eugene for many years and along with his wife, Shannon, in 1987, we tried to turn the Whiteaker neighborhood into a Bohemian refuge.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Bohemian – a member of a people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortunetelling; they are believed to have originated in northern India but now are living on all continents (but mostly in Europe, North Africa, and North America)
Roma, Romani, Romany, Rommany, Gipsy, Gypsy
Indian – a native or inhabitant of India
gitana – a Spanish female Gypsy
gitano – a Spanish male Gypsy

Joseph Herman Pasternak (September 19, 1901 – September 13, 1991) was a Hungarian-born American film producer in Hollywood.
Born to a Jewish family in Szilágysomlyó, Austria-Hungary (now Șimleu Silvaniei, Sălaj County, Romania), Pasternak was a successful film producer in Germany and Austria by the time he was 28 years old.
Pasternak worked for Universal Pictures in Europe, where he made German-language musicals for the international market. He hit upon a successful formula, building light musical comedies around an adolescent soprano (Franciska Gaal). Following the establishment of the Nazi regime, Pasternak emigrated to Universal’s Hollywood studio in 1936. He adapted his usual format for English-speaking audiences, casting 14-year-old Canadian singer Deanna Durbin in Three Smart Girls (1936). The film became a huge hit and reputedly saved Universal from bankruptcy

Pasternak is the father of Michael Joseph Pasternak, the radio disk jockey known as Emperor Rosko; Jeff Pasternak, a playwright and songwriter; and Peter Pasternak, a music industry professional.

The Sweet Ride (1968) is an American counter-culture drama with a few surfer/biker exploitation film elements. It stars Anthony Franciosa, Michael Sarrazin and Jacqueline Bisset in an early starring role. The film also features Bob Denver in the role of Choo-Choo, a Beatnik piano-playing draft dodger. Sarrazin and Bisset were nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer, Male and Female respectively.

An Avant-Garde Psychedelic News-Artist

Posted on November 24, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

The damn is breaking.

For years I have been considering giving myself a Job Title in hope people will stop hurting me…stop trying to destroy me. I thought I had a pretty good idea who I was when I moved to Los Angeles with my family in 1961. I was fifteen. Right away I get it…..The Sun Is The Message In LA! Just before I left LA in 65, I did a painting – to try and put the fire out! I did a huge canvas of the mudflats off the Bay Bridge.

I am the first to recognize the mudflats as a work of art. This is my Back To Oakland Soul Painting. There are big rain drops falling. Got to put the fire out. Marilyn and I have broken up. Her mother made me go to Billy Graham crusades at the LA Coliseum. My soul wasn’t right. I needed more Jazz in my life – too! When I saw the movie La La Land I told Marilyn it’s about us. Not quite. If you throw in Kenny Reed, then you got the La La Trio. The Reeds knew a lot about Jazz.

I am four generations Oakland California. At fourteen, my favorite musicians are Bo Didley, and Bobby Blue Bland. A friend of mine, Bob Pratt, invited me to stay at his house, and after his parents went to sleep with listened to KDIA down in the basement. The Blues is a lament with a Soul Argument. You got to hear the man’s side of things. I did a painting titled ‘The Argument’. I depict two women and man on a zig-zag road that disappears into the nicotine-brown smog. I gave it to my father who told me his woman investor broke out in tears when she saw it.

“This is how I grew up!”

This painting got destroyed in a drunken argument between Dee-Dee and my Dad. Dirty Dee-Dee shot my father in the back. I am – honored!

After I saw Dodge 38, I beheld some chicken wire in the backyard at Glendon. No one would buy me canvas and paints. I framed a piece of plywood, tacked the chicken wire to it, took the ten pounds of clay I had, and made a relief of a Man. I threw in some leaves and dry grass, and painted everything a black-blue, the only color I had. I mixed some house paints.

When I took Melinda out back to see my art. She stops before my Chicken Wire Man. She starts to sob. She has the same beautiful small contained voice that Lara has. Melinda was written up in TIME magazine for speaking sentences when she was six months old.

“What’s wrong?” I ask her.

“Look! A spider has made a tunnel right between his eyes!”

Three weeks later, her father is trying to murder me. I had no girlfriends in Oakland. Three years in LA and I have bonded with two of the most dramatic women – anyone can meet! To capture myself in front of a defunct radio station closed off with chain link fence – is a work of my art!

When Marilyn was fourteen, Jazz trombonist, J.J. Johnson cooked dinner for her in his appartment in Watts. They kissed on the couch, but, told him her age. Her sister Shauna would make her us to look older. She was living with Jazz drummer, Ron Jefferson, who was a member of the Les McCann Trio.

I haven’t heard from M about her husband. Kenny Reed was a musical mainstay in Eugene. We three are the real deal.


The first time I met somebody who was somebody, was when Marilyn took me up to the Hollywood Hills to meet her good friend, Les McCann, a world famous Jazz Artist. While Les played for us, I looked at my fifteen year old girlfriend – my first lover – and out the window at the light of the city below. This is it, the life I wanted, the life of a Bohemian Artist.

Seeing that we were in love, when Les finished his composition, he looked sternly at me and said;

“You better take care of my little girl here!”

Les and his French wife had adopted Marilyn, her sister Shauna having married Les’s drummer, Ron Jefferson. Marilyn had lived with the McCann’s the previous summer. Marilyn was taking piano lessons in Brentwood, and I went with her to one lesson and sat in the entry of a beautiful home doing a sketch of a cat while my lover’s melodious notes filled my soul. This was the soulful and creative life I dreamed of.

When we broke up wo years later I did a haunting painting of Marilyn and her mother. These women had known poverty. Marie was taking clothes off a line as rain clouds advanced. Her five year old daughter is by her side, watching a man with a black umbrella walk away from them, down the road, into the storm. I knew I would find this little girl in the photos Marilyn handed me yesterday because Marilyn had described this image. That painting hung in my first art show at the New Balladeer, a coffe shop that was once a tea house Marioyn and I discovered. We went there after school. I drew my young lover as classical music played on hidden radio. My life’s course was set in stone. What could ever go wrong?

It was at the New Balladeer that sixteen year old Melinda Frank met Sky, her first lover. One day two men in trench coats came in and threw Sky up against the wall and told him to get out of town – or else! A week later he was found dead with is face burned off with a blowtorch. Sky looked just like Jesus. When Melinda saw
my death mask Bill had made, she had to have it. She kept it by her bed. She was in love with it. Bryan wanted me to break up with Melinda, he blaming her for his good friend’s death. He would go on the play with the famous rock group, Love, the first racially mixed rock and roll group.

A year later I and Christine are living in a famous San Francisco commune with Nancy Hamren and the Zorhtian sisters. Their father was a famous Beat Artist who was a good friend of Charlie Parker. I dropped acid and partied at the Zorthian Ranch in 1966.

In 1979 I married Marianne Thoraldson, who lived with the famous author, Thomas Pynchon, for several years. They went to Cornell, and were close with the famous musicians, Richard and Mimmi Farina, who my artistic wife did a portrait of. Pynchon was into Jazz, and refers to Charlie Parther in his novels. Marilyn made the dress Maryanne wore at our wedding. Bryan was in attendance, and sang several of his songs. Marilyn- cried.

These people are the peers of a beautiful brother and sister who everyone believed would love each other till the day they die. Then my sister became a world famous artist, and then – they came and attached themselves to Fame, and any fame would do, because these are not creative, musical, or artistic people. They drove wedges between my sister after they captured her – to this very day!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

Kenny Reed – Silent Sticks

Posted on November 23, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

A great Jazzman has finished his work.

Boston Art Colony

Posted on June 30, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press


When I die there will be no first-hand account of these times and events that changed the world. Bohemianism is here to stay and needs to be understood and defined.

Above is the shoe factory I and a hundred artists lived in just outside Boston that burned down. That is me up a tree with our cat in a Boston park. Above is me looking like Joaquin Miller trying to save Post Office buildings across America. The one here in Eugene has murals that were influenced by the work of my kindred, Thomas Hart Benton, whose grandfather sent John Fremont west to secure the Northwest for the United States of America.

Here is an old post:


“Jonathan is the anti-rock god. He’s just a man in a profession that has always been full of the bullshit of the idol, the elevation of the artist over the audience, most especially commercially.”

“His first place to stay in Manhattan was on the couch of the personal manager of this Velvet Underground.”

I lived in the penthouse offices of the Plant family shoe factory for four months with Tate Billings. There were about 120 artist’s lofts built on the two top floors. One artist rented a huge space and built a stage with the Velvet Underground and Warhol’s factory in mind. The Modern Lover played here on Halloween night. This place was so much fun, so damn interesting, that no one got any work done. We explored the labyrinth of endless creativity, weno knowing what lay around the next turn. It was the party the Haight used to be before we buried Hippie.

The mayor of Boston tried to close us down, until someone invited him to come for a visit. He was blown away and got behind this rebirth of Art. Then, someone burned it down. Mayors across America are promoting the Bohemian Scene because it’s good for business. Over fours years ago I became the President of the Bohemian Bank. I wish my corporate offices were atop the old shoe factory.

For over forty years I have wondered if I am responsible for Jonathan Richman not becoming a Super Star and making a tone of doe. I talked to Jonathan after that show, where the freaks from the Roxbury commune sat up front, just ten feet from the Modern Lovers. On New Years we had gone downtown to see Linda Ronstadt and her new band ‘The Stone Ponys’ Us Roxy freaks sat ten feet from Linda. There were about ten people in the room. We talked to her between songs. Life is good!

I told Jonathan he was what Hippie Rock used to be, a garage band formed to accompany the greatest party the world has ever known. But, instead of getting ripped and blotto, we expanded our minds!

“I stopped listening to rock when it got too big, when you had to use binoculars to see Grace Slick. At the Filmore, Janis Joplin walked off the stage, and through the crowd to the cola machine. She looked me in the eye as she squeaked past.”

“The music got louder and louder! You couldn’t hear yourself – tripping! There was a mindless equation that emptied your wallet to feed the Super Star. Everything was designed to get more money out of you. Stay as you are. You are singing songs about your neighborhood, your experiences. Keep it on a human scale.”

I was drawing my from what I witnessed with The Loading Zone they Berkeley’s band who as The Marbles played at ‘The Tribute to Doctor Strange’ in 1965, and as the Zone, at the first Trips Festival in 1965. When the Zone signed a record contract they – were done. They didn’t know who they were anymore. I lived in a large Victorian with them. Peter Shapiro, and his then girlfriend, Chris, are my good friends this day. Peter told me the Zone picked up Neil Cassidy on one of these trips, who stayed with them for a week foaming at the mouth while on speed. They finally had to give him the boot.

We were the stars, the unknown faces, us guinae pigs, we tripsters and trailblazers, who gave up our places in normal society, many of us to never return. We were the rock and roll heros that danced to the lights fantastic! We were God – the collective! We could all be God, now safe, in the loving company of strangers.

Jon Presco

Dirty Dee-Dee Knocked My Eye Out

Posted on June 3, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

The biggest mistake I ever made, was to move back to California from Boston in 1971. I did this after my mother told me my father had a very rare eye disease and was going blind – in weeks! As an artist, and a romantic, I thought it best my father see his only loyal creative son, before darkness descended upon him – forever!

The Beatnik Murder Case

Posted on April 9, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

In 1964, my girfriend’s father, Donald Frank, called my home and threatened to kill me because I cut school with his daughter, Melinda, who my famous sister did a lithograph of in 1986.“When I find your son, brother – he’s a dead man!” Don shouted at whom ever answered the phone, he making his promise several times over the course of four hours. Melinda and I were holed up in a motel in back of the Glenwood house waiting for Melinda’s grandmother to wire my sweetheart some money so we could put her on the hound for Texas. Grandma was poised to turn us in. She too heard Don’s promise I would be dead before that day was done, which Melinda and I took seriously, because Don and his two brothers were members of the Purple Gang, owned half of New Mexico, and this gang murdered Melinda’s first lover, a Venic Beat named Sky. He was twenty four, and looked just like Jesus. Melinda was sixteen. She was the Beat Lolita of the New Balladeer Coffee shop where Bryan McClean played his guitar. When he heard I was dating Melinda, he told me drop her, because…..

“She’s a Black Widow. Her father had two of his goons blowtorch my friend’s face off! They jacked him up against the wall in the Balladeer and told him he had twenty four hours to get out town.”

Now, this is before I took drugs. What occurred to me the other day, is, that no one called the cops on Don. I mean, here is a homicidal maniac on the loose. I think I’m going to put this real life story in a book. ‘The Beatnik Murder Case’. I’m going to raise Sky from the dead! I will expose the New Zion the Jewish Bootleggers have had in the works since Prohibition! The Zionist Beat goes on!

Here is a scene from the movie ‘Bucket of Blood’. I’ve been telling my friend Casey up in San Francisco to get his ass to a new Beat Bar, and give his rants in public – to cool saxophone sounds!

There is an art show at the Oakland Museum titled 1968. I have been meaning to donate my Rosamond’s to this museum.



Ron Jefferson (February 13, 1926, in New York City[1] – May 7, 2007, in RichmondVirginia[2]) was a jazz drummer.

Considered a disciple of Max Roach, in the 1950s, he worked with Coleman HawkinsRoy EldridgeOscar Pettiford, and Lester Young, among others.[1]

A founding member of Les McCann‘s trio, with whom he played from 1960 to 1964, he also recorded with “Groove” Holmes,[2] as well as with Joe Pass for Pacific Jazz Records in 1963/1964.

After leaving the West Coast, he went to live in Paris, and from there to Barcelona, backing Ruth Brown as part of a trio with pianist Stuart de Silva.[3]

He led his own line-ups comprising Bobby Hutcherson, among others.

He was an uncle of drummer Al Foster.[1]


Rudy Giuliani, a focus of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s foreign policy dealings in Ukraine, suggested on Twitter that he has dirt on the Biden family that would be released were he to get into trouble.

Rudy Giuliani, a focus of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s foreign policy dealings in Ukraine, suggested on Twitter that he has dirt on the Biden family that would be released were he to get into trouble.


The emails indicate that Mr. Pompeo spoke at least twice by telephone with Mr. Giuliani in March as Mr. Giuliani was urging Ukraine to investigate Mr. Trump’s rivals, and trying to oust a respected American ambassador to Ukraine, Marie L. Yovanovitch, who had been promoting anticorruption efforts in the country. Mr. Pompeo ordered Ms. Yovanovitch’s removal the next month. The first call between Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Pompeo was arranged with guidance from Mr. Trump’s personal assistant, the documents suggest.


Trump Stiffs Andy – With Liz

Posted on January 28, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press


Trump stiffed Andy Warhol who did several famous images of my kin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. We share the same great grandfather, James Rosamond, who was the brother of Captain Samuel Rosamond, the Patriot. Liz would be happy to have known about her all American family who immigrated from Ireland. She did not know her cousin was the famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, who married into the Benton family of American artists. This history and genealogy was compiled by Jimmy (James) Rosamond, and myself after Christine and Liz, died.  Jimmy descends from James.

The New Balladeer

Posted on January 2, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

A few days ago, Marilyn Reed, the wife of Jazz Drummer, Kenny Reed, asked me if I have contributed any of our memories to the West Los Angeles Sawtelle Neighborhood Council. I told her it was close to three years since my last research. Today, I hit pay dirt when I googled the New Balladeer. Information is added all the time. I found a venue for the Balladeer, and a small posterette, which may constitute a first. There was a Jazz jam.



I went to the New Balladeer with Bryan Maclean, of the group, Love. I had my first art show here. I am pretty sure I heard John Fehey, and Ry Cooder, because I bought a guitar and played like them. Bryan taught me some chords, showed me how use a slide, and I did a lot of improvising. If not for my desire to be a famous artist, I might have ended up in a rock band. However, I am a terrible singer. That mattered, then.

Marilyn and I found a tea house here, before it became the Balladeer. We made it our Bohemian hideaway where we went after school. We attended University High School that was six blocks away. I did a drawing of my first flame sitting by the fire, sipping tea.

Morgan Cavett became the manager of the New Balladeer in April of 64. Bryan and I dropped out of High School and went here in 1963 when we were seventeen. I went to the Dwan gallery in Westwood, and was doing a lot of experimenting with styles. Two members of the Byrds played here. I believe they got started here, and not at the Troubadour, which was a Folk Club on Santa Monica. I doubt the Balladeer name was changed to Troubadour. That would have caused a problem.

Marilyn had introduced me to her good friend, Les McCann. Her sister lived with his drummer, Ron Jefferson. Shaunna co-wrote a biography about Fela that was sold to the producers that have a hit on off Broadway. Rising Sons, and Love, were interracial bands. Kenny Reed’s Jazz band, Stone Cold Jazz, is interracial, as is his marriage.

Marilyn fell in love with from afar. Later she saw the bust I was doing of Cindy, her muse since the second grade. Marilyn grew up in a interracial Filipino family in the Sawtelle. She has all the memories that are sorely needed in developing a cultural identity. My sister (who dated Bryan) followed in my footsteps, and became the world famous artist ‘Rosamond’. Bryan was an artist, and the three of us attended the LA Cienega Monday Art Walk. At sixteen and seventeen the world was our oyster. Bryan could not go with the Byrds to Europe because he was not an adult. A watercolor I did at sixteen toured the world.


What I suggest is UCLA turn its thrift store into a Folk Music School with Bohemian Boutique and coffee house. 1566 Sawtelle needs to be declared a Historic Monument. I see Massachusetts Avenue being closed off for a Folk, and Folk-Rock Festival. How about the ‘Eight Mile High Festival’. This may be where it all began. This is – Genesis! What song should lead off the festivities?

The Bohemian Balladeer and Boutique can raise funds for the charity now supported by the Thrift Store, that perhaps can be relocated near by? Can the UCLA School of Music help with the funding?

John Presco

Marilyn at Moonfire Ranch

Posted on July 28, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


When Marilyn told me her portfolia got burned up in a fire, I grieved, for she told me within were photographs of her friend, Maggie Thrett. She is posing in the dresses and outfits M made for this actress who was in ‘Mudd’s Women’ a Star Trek eposode.

M had gone to Paris when she was seventeen to study fashoin design. Like the Rosamond Women, she made her own clothes. M&M used to go to parties togethers, and the Reneisance Fair, with their mutual friend, Jane Marie Mandsfield, the daughter of the famous actress who was the other Blonde Hollywood Bobmshell. Mother and daughter both appeared in Playboy magazine that did a centerfold shoot at Moonfire last year.

When I reminded M she has one photo of just her and Jane in it, she asked me;

“Who do you think took the photo?”

I blushed!

When Maggie was invted to the Moonfire Ranch, she got M an invite. At this famous Bohemian house that overlooks the Paccific Ocean, M met McDonald who married Ertha Kitt. He took a liking to Marilyn who made it on the A list. Perhaps it was the modeling she did in this artist’s retreat that was in the movie Mondo Hollywood that starred Jane Mansfield. M said she posed against this mural an artist rendered in a out-of-this world home that Captain Kirk might dwell in on his days off.

Here again is that architectural theme that we find in the Big Sur, and the house designed by for Allan Fox. This is why I was shocked to learn Allan sold that home shortly after Christine drowned, it the kind of home you keep in the family for generations to come. Julie Lynch sold a movie script about Rosamond to the director who did ‘Scent of a Woman’. Will Hollywood be going out to Rocky Point?

At Mooonfire the rich and famous came to partake of the creative ambience and behold other beautiful people. George Harris and Andy Warhol have been guests. Manson and his women did a walk-on.

This Spot of Venus was the best America had to offer, at least on the West Coast. There was a need to say you were there. Here is The Supreme Stage where long white curtain like the hems of giant Greek Angels wave like flags in the ocean breeze. Here the Lost Angels are found keeping their secrets. Here, beautiful souls can have it all, all that was denied since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and unleashed a broadside on the naked native, a bombardment of prudishness, a hatred of pagans and heathens. From these heights, there came a grand

Oly! Oly Ocean. Free!”

Marilyn lived in Latico Canyon up the coast. She and her boyfriend were going to raise Russian Wolf Hounds on a ranch they rented. M would walk on Santa Monica and Venice Beach with her two hounds wearing the scarves and dresses she made. The famous fashion photographer, Steven Silverstein did a shoot of M on Malibu Beach. The movie ‘Harper’ was shot at Moonfire. Consider Pynchon’s book ‘Inherent Vice’ that is being made into a movie. The Manson Murders lurk in the background. Marilyn walks out of a Icart on to the sands of Venice with her hounds, she hot on the trail of the Great Mystery of Life.

When Mary Ann Tharaldsen and I flew down to LA to get married, we slept in Marilyn’s bed. Mary Ann had a aversion to motels and hotels that I assumed was a hangover from her marriage to Thomas Pynchon. M let M wear one of her Train Dresses that was inspired by a pattern that Maggie found, she wanting M to make her a house robe. We got married in Topanga Canyon by a minister who went to Hollywood Boulevard in order to convert lost Hippie street urchins. Bryan MacLean sang ‘Amazing Grace’ at our wedding. He was converted to Christianity by the same minister that converted Bob Dylan.

The biography ‘Forever Changes’ says my friend, Bryan McLean lived at Vito Paulekas’ warehouse and practiced with the band that was once called ‘The Grass Roots’. There is a Laurel Canyon connection. Vito was a sculpture who surrounded himself with wild chicks and nude dancers, some who became the GTOs. Vito is in Mondo Hollywood, as is Lewis Mark, the owner of Moonfire.

In Forever Changes, Arthur Lee talk about the first time they saw Bryan and the Whiskey a Go-Go. He was surrounded by beautiful young women, his followers. It is alleged Arthur invited Bryan to join his band because these girls were Groupies of the Bryds, whom Bryan was a roadie for. But, Bryan was a Chick magnet in High School. He would take me on his rounds, usually on Friday night. He made dates with three girls. When we came thru the door, it was as if he was celebrity. The mothers swooned, and did all they could to get my Bryan to stay. While Bryan is at Vito’s warehouse, Andy Walhol is doing a similar scene in New York.

Cue the Beautiful Gypsy Bandit who with her gang of Bohemian Ragamuffins, the next generation Hippie-chic that tried to hijack this blog, that may contain a Murder Mystery.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

The Hey Joe Dance Freak-out

Posted on November 5, 2013by Royal Rosamond Press


I just read parts of ‘Forever Changes’ that says my friend, Bryan McLean lived at Vito Paulekas’ warehouse and practiced with the band that was once called ‘The Grass Roots’. Vito was a sculpture who surrounded himself with wild chicks and nude dancers, some who became the GTOs. In Forever Changes, Arthur Lee talk about the first time they saw Bryan and the Whiskey a Go-Go. He was surrounded by beautiful young women, his followers. It is alleged Arthur invited Bryan to join his band because these girls were Groupies of the Bryds, whom Bryan was a roadie for. But, Bryan was a Chick magnet in High School. He would take me on his rounds, usually on Friday night. He made dates with three girls. When we came thru the door, it was as if he was celebrity. The mothers swooned, and did all they could to get my Bryan to stay. They took note that I was handsome, but, was not chatty.

Bryan believes he was put-down for his gift of gab, and puts himself down. This is because most musicians are screwed up and hide behind their instruments. Bryan was beyond being healthy. And he had a magnificent whit that he loved to show off! For exhibiting this gift, he was called “arrogant”. Bryan was in a league of his own. You can see this in the photo above. Bryan is making full eye contact with the lens. Bryan isn’t hiding a thing. Sure he was too honest, said things that proved he had a brain and was a great observer of life. He had to put the breaks on, wear a handicap, lest he make people jealous.

LA was a vast flat wasteland with beautiful maidens stuck in their parents little boxes in the middle of nowhere. Bryan understood they were suffering from an identity crisis. Bryan was a Pied Piper come to take their boredom away. He was a polished exhibitionist. Every male wanted what Bryan had, relief from our shyness with women, our awkwardness. Arthur wanted Bryan’s women, his groupies.

Bryan had dated Lisa Minelli in Junior High, and had just started singing folk songs at the New Balladeer located on West Sawtelle Blvd. where I had several paintings hanging on the wall.

Bryan’s mother says that before he took up guitar, Bryan aspired to be an artist. This is what we had in common. On Monday night we would go up to Lacienaga Boulevard where there was open night at about twenty galleries. There was a large crowd going from gallery to gallery. You saw movie stars here on occasion.

While Bryan is at Vito’s warehouse, Andy Walhol is doing a similar scene in New York. I would like to hear from folks who partipated in this art-rock scene, the Bohemian period before it became full rock and roll stars scene, and ‘The Masses’ took it over with the $5 Buck Power, the price of a rock album for many year. They could care less about the visual artist.

Jon Presco

Liz Taylor and Bryan and George MacLean

Posted on June 1, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Christine Rosamond Benton and Bryan Maclean were sweethearts in 1963. Bryan was my good friend who sang at my wedding. His father was a good friend of Elizabeth Taylor. These are the people the world famous artist, Rosamond, deserves to be associated with. That we overcame the disease of alcoholism is an important bond. Liz championed the fight against the disease of AIDES. That Liz lived in the home of Augustus John, and the home Maclean designed, is a missing link in art history. Bryan was an artist, as was his mother. Bryan and I worked on our art in the same class. With this new series about Liz, it looks like creative people are going to get serious about our National Icons. Here’s Bryan and ‘Love’ on the Dick Clark show.


1375 Beverly Estate Drive, Beverly Hills (July 1954-?)
Noticing a for sale sign at 1375 Beverly Estate Drive, Elizabeth and Michael Wilding hopped over the wall to get a better look at the property. Realizing that the sliding glass door was unlocked, the couple crept inside and began exploring the home. Elizabeth quickly fell in love. What she didn’t know was that the home, which was made of glass and adobe, was designed by architect George MacLean with her in mind. In her book, An Informal Memoir, Elizabeth describes the unique interior: “One whole wall was built of bark with fern and orchids growing up the bark, and the bar was made of stone. And the fireplace had no chimney. There was a device making the smoke go down under the building and out through the barbecue pit.” Elizabeth also recalled that “You really couldn’t distinguish between the outside and inside. And all the colors I loved—off white, white, natural woods, stone, beigy marble. The pool was so beautiful. There were palm trees and rock formations—it looked like a natural pool, with trees growing out of it. It was the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen.” The state of the art home also featured an intercom, automated doors, light dimmers, automated curtains, and a movie screen. The architect later became godfather to Elizabeth’s son, Christopher.

Rosamond Press

Christine 1975 1

Alas I found Bryan Maclean’s father, George. He was a premiere architect for Hollywood Stars. He built the home my kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, lived in, and was Godfather at the Christening of her son, Christopher Wilding. George MacClean was a good friend of Robert Stack, who dated Liz. Bryan said he learned to swim in Liz’s pool. Was this pool located at 1375 Beverly Hills Estate Drive?

George was the quintessential Hollywood-Los Angeles architect. He was Howard Roarke to the rich and famous. His house he built for the Trousdale Estates, is the Acme of Southern California success, that is enjoying a new Renaissance. Add to this the murals Garth Benton did for movie stars, and Christine Rosamond’s artwork, and the fact Bryan and Christine were lovers for two months when we were teenagers, then here is the lifestyle many can only dream of.

Rose – The Daughter of Belle Starr

Posted on February 7, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty – On Film


John Presco

Copyright 2020

More synchronicity. Belle Burch had starfish in her e-mail, that I give to Miriam Starfish Christling. I told Belle about the musical I started where she is the star. Enter Alley Valkyrie – the villain. I have a Art Movie in the can as you will see. Come back for more development. Isabel Jewell was in Gone With the Wind and Warhol’s movie with Edith Sedgwick.

I never saw Ciao! Manhattan. It begins with Edith Sedgwick speaking of the time she was given a date-rape drug by a photographer. I thought of Harvey Weinstein who is on trial for raping starlets. My late sister was given a drug and raped by the couple downstairs from Rose Dundon. Michael caught them filming my famous sister tow years before she took up art. My kin grabbed a gun from the wife who was hiding in the closet.

Andy Warhol spent some time at the Zorthian Ranch in Altadena. I was there in 1965. Nancy Hamrin took me up to Jeryl’s studio. We lived with Zorthian’s two daughters in a commune in San Francisco. Christine lived with us for about two months and went on a double date with Nick Sands, Nancy and Owsley. Nancy lived on the Keasy ranch with Mountain Girl’s brother.  Ken Keasy never met Andy Warhole. I am looking to see if Timothy Leary met Andy. Ginsberg hung around at The Factory, as did Johnathan Richman.

I had a falling out with Marilyn Reed who did not tell me Kenny was dead till the day after. She did not tell me about the tribute and the Jazz Station. I was telling her she should get Kathy Wilson interested in her story after her gospel choir played with Garth Brooks at Autzun Stadium. I grew suspicious when she said she did not go. She aced me out with Rick Cobian and Greg Black who filmed the Afirica Show at the Hult, but never handed Marilyn a finished product. Our mutual friend, Jeff Pasternak wanted to use Marilyn in some capacity in his book and possible movie. Stacey Pierrot looks like she is going for the brass ring – after my sister Vicki died. I am wondering if Mark Presco is still alive, and is trying to get his loan back? Did he invest in Pierrot? Is my Dark Brother – dead? I have a right to know! Shamus Dundon did not tell me Vicki was dead until ten days after the fact.

My poor niece Shannon Rosamond was going to come get me and take me to see Vicki in a rest home.  We exchanged long messages on facebook. She was compromised. She wanted to have a relationship with her half sister, Drew Benton, and Shamus – and me! But, so many family members – WERE/ARE IN IT FOR THE MONEY – and have worked in the dark with Stacey Pierrot – TO GET MONEY! Christine left everything in her Will to her daughters. Here is the latest message from Shannon. She is living in a three bedroom house by herself. She told me Drew was living there, too.

“i live alone with no neighbors for 1 to acres in all directions in the desert.”

Shannon is The Last Rowdy Cowgirl stuck in the desert near Bullhead City. My brother refused to contribute to Snyer and Pierrot’s evil bio, saying;

“I couldn’t think of anything mice to say about our sister.”

Mark Presco read the rough draft where Snyder denigrates our mother – and our sister. They are both made out to be insane – along with Shannon! This bio was Garth and Mark’s book. I suspect Mark talked with Sydney Morris and came off as The Sane One. I suspect Mark hung in the background because he is a Tax Evader! Does Stacey know this? Here is what Shannon said about Mark, her uncle who was not there for Vicki and her nieces. The IRS was investigating the Bentons when Christine – drowned.

mark is equally to blame and told me that if I didn’t take his advice. Nd follow his instructions about what to do about moms business when I came back from Mexico I’d regret it!” 

My cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor encouraged Michael Jackson to take up art. His collection – is out of this world. Liz was Warhol’s Muse. It is time to cut the non-artists and parasites out of the Art and Movie Deal. I already SHOT MY MOVIE. I just got to edit is and splice it together. My African friend suggested I try to make money from YouTube, after I told him I was poor.

On top of writing and publishing on this blog, I went out an SHOT A ART MOVIE – as well as a HISTORIC DOCUMENTARY that could be titled…

“The Last Bohemian’

I made my movie under duress, under terrible conditions. My life was threatened and my reputation attacked – and all but destroyed. You can’t get a more ACTION PACKED movie than the one I made – FOR NOTHING! All the other wanna-be movie-makers ARE FUCKING BULLSHIT ARTISTS!

I want to capture my niece on film – before it is too late! I need a real artist to step foreword and help me – and Shannon! I know her mother looks down from heaven and blesses me for have stood by Shannon’s side. Christine is well pleased with me putting her next to Liz and Andy Warhol. Royal Rosamond is proud of me that I put his name to all these people, especially Belle Star. Rosemary smiles down on me and my family, she approving of Rosie Starr, also known as ‘Pearl’.

John Presco









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Sawtelle Boulevard is a north/south street in Los Angeles, California, of important cultural significance. Sawtelle Boulevard’s northern end is at Ohio Avenue adjacent to the Veterans Administration, and its southern end is at Overland Avenue, a few blocks past Sepulveda Boulevard. Sawtelle Boulevard is the major thoroughfare for the West Los Angeles neighborhood of Sawtelle.
The portion of Sawtelle Boulevard from Santa Monica Boulevard to Olympic Boulevard is a trendy spot for the newer Japanese American community in Los Angeles,.[1] Often called simply “Sawtelle”, this neighborhood is occasionally called “Little Osaka” – not to be confused with downtown Los Angeles’ older Little Tokyo, or the larger Japantown, San Francisco, California (which has also been called Little Osaka).[2] Sawtelle is relatively near UCLA, Santa Monica, and Culver City. In 1992, Japanese immigrants operated botanical nurseries here. As of 2012, businesses found on this street include Japanese fast food (curry and ramen), two Japanese supermarkets, upscale sushi bars, a holistic and medical office, hair salons, neighborhood Japanese grocery stores, a Boba tea shop, anime shops, Japanese artisan stores, temples, and a few historic nurseries. One interesting site is the consulate of Saudi Arabia, located next to a ramen restaurant and an esoteric Japanese magazine store.

Saudi Arabia Los Angeles Consulate-General building
Homes south of this portion of Sawtelle Boulevard are inhabited by a large Japanese American population. Many of the homes exhibit gardens and landscapes true to Japanese tradition.
After passing Olympic Boulevard, Sawtelle Boulevard continues as a four-lane boulevard running parallel to the San Diego Freeway and Sepulveda Boulevard. After entering Culver City, Sawtelle Boulevard swerves east, crosses Sepulveda Boulevard and ends at Overland Avenue in Culver City.

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Stone Poneys

Shannon’s father, Larry Sidle, lived in this castle on the beach. Keith and I visited him there. Larry said he played with the Stone Poneys.

Rosamond Press


In 1971 I was living in a commune in Roxbury with several artists, when our friend Robert started raving about Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys who were going to play in Boston on New Years Eve. About five of us hippies showed up at this club, and found two people there. We sat in the front row and chit-chatted with Linda and her band as they set up, and thru the show. Last night, Larry tells me he played with the Stone Poneys, whose members lived in Play Del Rey in Mae Murray’s house – after it had been moved back from the sea. Keith and I went to visit my ex-brother-in-law at this Star’s home. There were oil wells in the backyard.

Trump has put together a Cabinet of Oil Execs and War Generals. Gordon Getty is a patron of the Arts, and was a friend of Christine and…

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Did Billy Graham Believe In The Rapture?

Now that the truth the Republican Party has been a Religious Cult for twenty years – is in the open – we do not have to put up with all their lies. This is why they loved Liar Trump. He was the perfect Smokescreen. I suggest the Democrats and the Press – just ignore them! They are are going to declare us ‘Fake News’ anyway. American Christianity is done with defending the faulty and conflicting history if their King Jesus, and are now a Secular Political Party. Christian leaders have abandoned the Church. To see their Horned Monster sitting in a secular seat of power, was a glimpse of what the Red State Baptists has been offering their followers – no taxes for white people! My newspaper for the arts has published my Religious Theories, and I am a Republican. I got a dog in this hunt, a horse in this race.

John Presco

Satan LaHaye Endorses Gingrich | Rosamond Press


Rapture Rats Say Trump Will End World


We don’t have to take this shit from a bunch of mentally ill followers of the Antichrist – who is their idea. He is part of their belief system. They want him to come and fuck up our shit – starting with our nation! These RR have no country! They are not Patriots. They surely do not believe we were created equal. THEIR LEADER makes this very clear!

Trump Will Start the End of the World, Claim Evangelicals Who Support Him

Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump because they believe he’ll cause the world to end.

Many have questioned why devout evangelicals support Trump, a man who has bragged about sexual assault, lies perpetually and once admitted he never asks God for forgiveness. Trump’s lack of knowledge of the Bible is also well-known.

Nevertheless, many evangelical Christians believe that Trump was chosen by God to usher in a new era, a part of history called the “end times.” Beliefs about this time period differ, but it is broadly considered the end of the world, the time when Jesus returns to Earth and judges all people.

Jerusalem has a central role as the city of prophecy and the place where the end of times plays out. According to the prophecy, a 1,000-year period of peace must be followed by seven years of tribulation, during which wars, disease, and natural disasters will lay waste to the earth. In the book of Revelation, Israel is described as a nation that exists during the time of tribulation, and Jerusalem’s Jewish temple is resurrected during this period. The last temple was destroyed around 70 A.D, and today there is a mosque on the Temple Mount where the previous two temples are believed to have stood. Evangelicals believe that a unified Israel with control over Jerusalem will facilitate the construction of a new Jewish temple, and set the groundwork for the end of times.

Rosamond Press

So far, I can’t find out of Billy Graham believed in the Rapture! This is very odd, because he is the King of Evangelicals, even though he is dead. Here is a video of Billy talking about being “caught up” and the resurrection of the dead. Does he say the living will be snatched up too? Why isn’t he more clear? If the Rapture has been around since the writing of Revelations, why does Billy not say the word RAPTURE, and quote Revelations like SOME ministers do today?


Most Protestant pastors believe Jesus will return in the future. But few agree about the details of the apocalypse.

A third of America’s Protestant pastors expect Christians to be raptured—or taken up in the sky to meet Jesus—as the end times begin. About half think a false messiah known as the Antichrist will appear sometime in the future.

A surprising…

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Love Hollywood Bollywood

The Republican Party decided not to change a thing, because, they morphed from a Abolitionists party co-founded by my kin, John Fremont, into a White Tribal Jesus Freak Party – in suits! These are no conservatives. History will say if only Melania had been more tribal and sexy, Biden and Kamala would have lost. She could have done Zza Zza Gabor, or, my kin, Liz Taylor, but, she knew not to capture any of her husband’s limelight. I an going to write a musical about how a New York Billionaire becomes the head of the largest Jesus Cult in Christian history. I see a Bollywood type of thing.

Rosamond Press

Here is where Love has its roots. The dancers at the Whisky-A-Go-Go! Hollywood stars on Hollywood Blvd. Then there was Meher Baba, Yogananda, and Ravi Shankar. For fifteen years I have been pushing for a Bollywood-like Love Dance that I saw on a train ride with earplugs. There exist a Best of Love cassette tape. I talked to a promoter of Bollywood dancing in the streets. So many missed the boat with this one. Vito had his dancers and his Boho Fashion. The Amtrak fashion show in LA. Consider a sequel to La La Land. Bollywood comes home to Hollywood, where it was born!

Turn down the sound on te second video. Full around with your own mix.


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First Black Secretary of Defense

I had a vision of a powerful army of black soldiers and naval officers and founded the Marin Sea Cadets. Lolyd Austin will run the Pentagon. When he gets situated I will write Lloyd a letter and ask him to give a public report of the British Defense Staff and suggest there be a civilian board and participation by True American Patriots of all colors. We need a Hands Across The Water program.

John Presco.

Rena as Britania and American Eagle | Rosamond Press

Helen of Britania | Rosamond Press

Austin confirmed as first Black defense secretary

The Senate on Friday confirmed Lloyd Austin to be the new Defense secretary, making the retired Army general the first Black person to run the Pentagon.

Austin’s nomination was approved despite concerns among Democrats and Republicans about appointing another recently retired general to lead the Defense Department.

The quick confirmation vote comes amid a push on Capitol Hill to get President Joe Biden’s national security team on the job as quickly as possible — Austin is the second member of Biden’s Cabinet to be confirmed.

The vote came just a day after the House and Senate approved a waiver to allow Austin to serve. Austin, who retired from the military in 2016, falls short of the legal requirement that military officers be out of uniform for seven years to serve as Defense secretary.

Marin City Sea Cadets

Posted on November 28, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

A week ago I talked with my friend, Ed Howard, about doing something in Marin City in regards of funding the history of Oakland and empowering black people. There was a protest against racism, and a call to support Black Lives Matter in Marin City where the majority of people were white. I suggested a New Black Panther Party form a all black Navy stationed in Marin. It looks like there would be much support for this. This would bring Black Pride to a city built on the lines of Southern Slavery. Black workers helped defeat Japan and keep a God-man Emperor from putting his legions on our shore. These workers were – thrown away after VICTORY! Families never came back together. To see white men flying a flag my Rosamond ancestors fought under in South Carolina – will not do! History is on the side of Black Patriots!

John Presco

Ed HowardGreg we thank you for your donation so much. You have been a supporter from the beginning. Bless you.

“Midshipman 1st Class Sydney Barber will become the first Black woman to serve as brigade commander at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.”

Ed Howard | Facebook

West Point Graduates Most Black Female Cadets Ever | PEOPLE.com

Sydney Barber Will Be Naval Academy’s 1st Black Female Brigade Commander : NPR

BLM Allies protest racism, police brutality in Marine City (thetimesherald.com)

The Marin Shipmates | Rosamond Press

Black Panther Party Gallery and Museum | Rosamond Press

This morning I discovered Frank Coakley prosecuted the Black Mutineers at Port Chicago when he was Judge Advocate Commander for the Navy. He would later prosecute Black Panthers – and Mario Savio! I and my family were very good friends with his daughter, Kay Coakley. Kay wanted to adopt my youngest sister. This goes with my discovery that Richard Rosenberg was a founder of Naval societies and interests. I am going to contact him about The Marin Shipmates. I would like him and the Marin-Buck Foundation to fund this museum and gallery.

I discovered this museum after posting.


The radical dynamics created back in the seventies is back for an encore, and is having a great affect on our American society and culture – and thus the World’s. I am sure more black radical art is being rendered as I type. I would like to see a college dedicated to this art. The Oakland Museum had a show on Black Power. This history can no longer be marginalized. It can be shown that Coakley launched a crusade against black people. The paranoia the Newton’s experienced was very deserved.

Kamala Harris was a District Attorney of Oakland before she went to San Francisco. If she is elected Vice President, then there will be a great interest n Oakland Culture and political history. Trump is going – The Law and Order approach to being elected. Black Lives Matter, and rioting in several cities, may bring about the defeat of Biden and Harris. This too will deserve a study.  Art and Literature has always played a huge role in how we record history. The BPMG will gather all pertinent images so they can be viewed on-line, or at the BP Gallery that will have a home in Marin County.

I am investigating who owns the Black Panther trademark. Any information will be appreciated. It looks like Fredricka Newton does.

Whenever Kay Coakley needed to go to the store, she called her father and he sent a squad car. Kay was the old crone up the street who had a bad car accident when she was young. Her father was the District Attorney. We were impressed.

John Presco

‘We see this as a starting point’: BLM Allies protest racism, police brutality in Marine City

Laura FitzgeraldPort Huron Times Herald

They gathered in the Marine City High School parking lot Saturday carrying signs that said “Black Lives Matter” and called for an end to racism. 

“I just feel we need to spread love and kindness, and not hate,” said Kelly Champion, a 21-year-old Marine City resident.

Saturday’s protest was organized by the St. Clair County Black Lives Matter Allies group. Champion said when she was in middle school in Marine City, she said she witnessed Black students experience bullying and racism, and she wanted to do something to challenge hate in Marine City. 

Gabby Familant, a college senior and one of the organizers of the protest, said the BLM Ally Facebook group was formed on June 12 after St. Clair County residents attended protests in Detroit and Port Huron and decided to create a local group to support and bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Midshipman 1st Class Sydney Barber will become the first Black woman to serve as brigade commander at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

It’s the top leadership post for midshipmen — in civilian terms, the equivalent of a student body president — and she is the 16th woman to serve in the position in the 44 years women have been allowed to attend the Naval Academy.

Poised to take over the role as leader of 4,400 midshipmen next semester, Barber told NPR’s All Things Considered that there was a time when she had no desire to attend the Naval Academy.

“I never wanted to join the Navy growing up,” she said, laughing.

Her father is a graduate of the Naval Academy, and Barber said, “Everything, everywhere, any time, was all about Navy this, Navy that.”

She wanted to “write her own path” but kept returning to her “drive for wanting to pursue a career of service, no matter what I did. I wanted to give back to the world.”

As she breaks barriers in pursuit of her goals, Barber is aware of what her achievements mean, not just in the context of history writ large but also for her personal, family history. Just a few generations ago, her great-grandparents were sharecroppers on a plantation in Mississippi, she said.



West Point celebrated a record-breaking milestone Saturday, graduating its largest-ever class of black women.

The U.S. Military Academy saw its most diverse class ever get their diplomas in 2019, with 34 black women graduating together, and 223 women in total.

The number is the largest since the first female cadets graduated in 1980, according to the Associated Press.

The AP reports that of the class of about 1,000, with 88 Latinos and 110 African-Americans – double the number that graduated just six years ago.

The history-making women posed together for a photo ahead of their ceremony in their uniforms with ceremonial sabers that has since gone viral.

“I just showed myself and those who thought I could do it initially that yes, I can,” senior cadet Stephanie Riley told the AP. “And not just, ‘yes, I can.’ I can show other little girls that, yes, you can come to West Point. Yes, you can do something that maybe the rest of your peers aren’t actually doing. And yes, you can be different from the rest of the group.”

RELATED VIDEO: West Point Announces Its First Female Commandant Of Cadets

She added that the milestone was extremely important to her considering she previously felt that she had to prove herself more than her West Point classmates.

“Even a classmate told me, I think our freshman year, that I only got in because I was a black female,” Riley recalled.



Fellow senior cadet Nikiay Comer, meanwhile, told CNN that the feeling of finally accomplishing her goals was “absolutely unbelievable.”

“Personally, I think [the photo] represents where the academy has come from and where they’re going,” she said. “I think that’s a testament to West Point as a whole and also the African-American women who have put themselves in a situation to succeed at West Point. I think that’s a good sign.”

According to the AP, the military academy was told to diversify by then-Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno in 2013.

RELATED: Morehouse College Will Admit Transgender Men Starting in 2020: This Was a ‘Genuine’ Process

The school’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity was established in May 2014.

The graduation ceremony’s commencement address was delivered by Vice President Mike Pence, who noted the day’s historical significance.

“I couldn’t be more proud to stand before the graduating class of 2019 that includes the highest number of African-American women cadets in the history of the United States Military Academy,” he said.

Last year’s graduating class had 27 black women, U.S. Military Academy spokesman Francis DeMaro told NBC News.

The Marin Shipmates

Posted on August 29, 2020by Royal Rosamond Press

Yesterday I am sitting on the bus bench looking at these two good ol boys come out of a black Japanese-built beater – with a Confederate flag on top. They had big guts and grey hair. They were letting it all hang out after Franklin Graham gave our President ABSOLUTION in the White House Rose Garden. They then went inside a phone store. I debated about crossing the street and yanking that flag from atop the car. These seniors were about my age. Were they looking to go down in a blaze of glory? I then thought about going over and talking to them, inform them I am about to form a branch of the Black Panther Party called…


I bought MARINSHIPMATES.COM  before I went to see my doctor. The night before, I watched a old movie about MARINSHIP. It was about the Government BUYING land in Marin County, and city named MARIN CITY to build Liberty Ships – and oil tankers. Then I see King Faidal and his bodyguards coming aboard the flag ship


These oil tankers are going to be carrying oil to Japan to help in the war effort – after Japan surrendered! WTF!? Where is this oil coming from? Did the United States just SUPPLY the King with a OIL FLEET built by black workers who were lured from the deep South to work in the shipyards scattered around the San Francisco Bay? I asked myself how many black men have made over a million dollars in the Oil Trade?

Here are aspects of the Buck Foundation that was legally established by the law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck. Robert mishandled the estate of my late sister, the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton. I am going to leave the amazing family history I have compiled in my newspaper-blog, to David Hunt, my daughter’s half brother. David father was a Black Panther. I see a all black San Francisco Bay Coast Guard stationed in a United States Reservation for Descendants of Native Africans. I believe the land the U.S. government purchased for Marinship – still belongs to the People of the United States – who were deceived into believing the Marinship ships would benefit the American Taxpayer. I will be applying for several grants from the Buck Institute.

In these historic photographs we are seeing the birth of ISIS and 911. Osama Bin Laden waged war against the corrupt Marriage Contract with Islam and Cooperate Christianity which was pushed by Franklin Graham, and the Red State Neo-Confederate President of One Party that was co-founded by my Abolitionist kinfolk, John Fremont.

As for enlightening Springfield’s branch of the Racist Red Right, they surely would have used weapons on me at the end of my short history lesson, they hearing enough in the first twenty seconds.

There is much controversy about the intentions of Beryl Buck when she willed her fortune to the poor people of Marin – which would be the poor backs living in Marin City who came to work on King Faisal oil tankers. Her kin, Frank Buck was a oil and lumber tycoon. He raped the woods around Springfield. She wanted a “religious” foundation of a unspecified nature. Alcohol Justice comes close because AA is a spiritual program. This is why I see Briarcliff College moving into the Buck Institute. Below are images of Ghana’s Navy after the display of what looks like a Black Muslin party in Marin.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

EXTRA! On August 30, 2020 while rereading this post, I found Richard Rosenberg. He was on the bard of directors of the Buck Institute and Commander of the Naval Reserves. I will be contacting him. In this video we see a Liberty Ship that Richard may have served on. In this video he talks about being poor during the Depression and not being esteemed like the boy in the photo above. Richard head the Naval War College.


The Foundation enriches and further enhances Naval War College programs as defense dollars diminish and the need for officers educated in international security affairs grows. The following are among the many important activities supported by the Foundation: Increasing public awareness of the Naval War College mission, capabilities and accomplishments. Providing financial support to many academic programs and activities at the College for which public funds are not available. These projects range from faculty research, curriculum development and endowed academic chairs to nationally recognized speakers for guest lectures, academic awards for student achievement, and historical document and artifact acquisition for the library and Naval War College Museum.

Philanthropist Dick Rosenberg isn’t resting on his laurels






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Mark Presco My Moriarty

My brother believes he owns a Big Brain. He knows, stuff, but is not original. He uses his mental gifts to depict himself as superior – even a god! He loathes the truth we shared the same womb, and came out of the same Mommy Uterus. Michael’ Dundon told me Mark had visions while on LSD. He asked me to include some of his racist rants in my autobiography. I refused. Several years later he read the rough draft of Tom Snyder’s evil biography of our sister. With the attack on our Capitol by Mark’s Orc Goons, the focus of my life story will fall upon these two brothers who are opposites.

John Presco

Professor Moriarty – Wikipedia

Holmes arrives at Dr. John Watson‘s residence one evening in a somewhat agitated state and with grazed and bleeding knuckles. Much to Watson’s surprise and horror, Holmes had apparently escaped three separate murder attempts that day after a visit from Professor Moriarty, who warned Holmes to withdraw from his pursuit of justice against him to avoid any regrettable outcome. First, just as Holmes was turning a street corner, a cab suddenly rushed toward him and he just managed to leap out of the way in time. Second, while Holmes was walking along the street, a brick fell from the roof of a house, just missing the detective. He then called the police to search the whole area but could not prove that it was anything other than an accident. Finally, on his way to Watson’s house, Holmes was attacked by a thug armed with a cosh. Holmes managed to overcome his assailant and handed him to the police but admitted that there was virtually no hope of proving that the man was in the employ of the criminal mastermind.

Mark Presco

The Bill Cliven Mark Pile | Rosamond Press

Mark Presco

Monday, November 25, 2019

A Fabric of Fields

The Universe may be a fabric of fields as described in this document:

The following expands on this concept and tries to explain how these fields might work in a somewhat simplistic mechanical fashion.
The fabric of space has a null state, or flatness. In this null state, the Universe appears to be an empty void.
The “Big Bang” introduced energy into this void by some mechanism we still don’t understand. This energy is stored as resonances in the nodes of the fabric of Space/Time. These resonances displace the fabric from it’s null state and become visible to us. 
All that we experience is caused by the impetus of Space/Time to return it’s null state. Like a displaced rubber band, it is under tension and wants to become “flat”.

Quantum Field Theory is closest to this concept.

To reiterate, my hypothesis requires a resonance between two or more fields.
The Electric Field
Consider the electron, which displaces the electric field in the negative direction, and the positron in the positive direction. 

 How does Space/Time deal with this?

The electric field between two like charges returns to the null state by pushing the particles apart. Even though the displacements persist, the field between them flattens out
The opposite is easier to understand. Opposite charges are pushed together, cancel out, and the field returns to it’s null state by annihilation, commonly resulting in the creation of two photons.

Particles that resonate with the gravitational field give them “mass”.  This is incompletely described by the Higgs Field:

But no one has detected an anti-grav particle, so all massive particles displace the gravitational field in the same direction. If my hypothesis is consistent, gravity must also be a repelling force as depicted above.
This posits that the gravitational fields are returning to the null state by pushing massive particles into piles. This hypotheses is supported by the Dark Energy Theory which argues that the Universe is being pushed apart at an increasing rate. It also implies that Space/Time itself is not expanding, only the particles.

But how does the impetus for Space/Time to push matter into piles overcome the forces that want to push the piles apart. According to the inverse square law the closer, the stronger, geometrically.

One reason might be that there is a lot more space than matter, and the impetus to flatten out overwhelms the impetus of the piles to disperse
Another reason might be a second order effect such as the curvature of Space/Time caused by the accumulative displacement by the resonances in the gravitational field nodes. So Einstein and Newton may both be right. There is a gravitational field, but the curvature of Space/Time dominates.

There is also evidence in the math. The reason that the gravitational constant is so much less than the electric or magnetic constants in the field equations is that the sum of all forces just barely favors the concentration of matter. These equations are only mathematical models, not laws.

This may also provide a clue to the puzzle of Dark Matter. Galaxies do not not behave as theorized. There is not enough visible matter to account for the observed motion. Perhaps the reason is that galaxies are pushed together rather than pulled together.

The Strong and Weak Forces
I do not rule out the existence of the Strong and Weak forces, or even the concept that more than three dimensions of Space/Time may be required to accommodate them. My limited understanding of them is that they play no role in the practical Physics we use in our everyday lives, as do do the other three fields, so I invoke Occam’s Razor. They seem to be somewhat of a mathematical construct in order to make our current models work. 
I think that their functions are inherent in the simple model outlined above. In order to flatten itself out, Space/Time pushes massive particles into piles. This works well in the case of electric field displacement. The opposite charges of protons and electrons are sequestered inside the little pile that is the atom and the bulk of Space/Time becomes electrically neutral or flat.
The complexity of building atoms larger than hydrogen is beyond the scope of this paper. However, there is a parallel between the ability to get protons to overcome their tendency to repel one another and cuddle up inside the nucleus, and the ability to get the massive particles described above to concentrate into high densities. 

The Magnetic Field
I believe that the Magnetic Field exists because it does manifest itself in our everyday lives. However, not much is said about it other than it is so integrated into our existence that we refer to it as the “electromagnetic force” as described in Maxwell’s equations. It appears to exist as closed loops, so Space/Time is probably not a simple 3D Euclidean model as depicted above. I do not yet have any concepts as to the role this field plays in the shaping of Space/Time.

Quantum Entanglement.
In the above example of the annihilation of an electron and a positron, two photons are created. Energy is conserved by simply changing the resonance mode. There are other possible resonance modes.
Since the electron and positron were resonating in the same electric field it is probable that the photons are too; thus the photons may be entangled. Remember that this electric field is part of the fabric of Space/Time and extends to infinity. Photons are limited to the speed of light because they are resonances between the electric and magnetic fields as they jump from node to node in the fabric of Space/Time; but if Quantum Mechanics is correct, information can be exchanged between the photons instantaneously because they are connected by the fabric of Space/Time.
Here is a link that describes a method to achieve instant communication  using quantum entanglement.
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Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Lucky Planet Hypothesis

Why have we not detected any other intelligent life? Are we alone?
Perhaps we are among the first intelligent life forms to arise because we evolved on a lucky planet.
There are many reasons why earth can be considered a lucky planet. From it’s stability, because of it’s location in both the solar system and the galaxy, to the optimal conditions for life water provides. But I want to focus on a not so optimal condition that may define earth as the lucky planet.
Scientists have detected periodic mass extinctions in the fossil record.
Every 26 million years a mass extinction event weeds out the weaker life forms, making room for the hardier forms to thrive and evolve.

3,800,000,000 / 26,000,000 = 146 events in the 3.8 billion years life has been evolving on this planet.
1. Heads, we experience a mass extinction event that accelerates evolution.2. Tails, we experience a mass extinction event that sends us back to square one.
We have thrown 146 heads in a row. Very lucky indeed.
Of course, this assumes that a totally stable environment will actually impede evolution. at February 24, 2019No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest

Monday, December 31, 2018

An Argument for a Human Colony in Earth Orbit

The best insurance policy for the survival of the Human Race are permanent  off-world colonies. The first one should be in earth orbit. The following discusses the advantages and addresses the problems of this approach.
Immediate and cost effective solution.
All of the pieces  are now in place from the private sector. The International Space Station can be retasked to be the kernel of a modularly  expanding colony. Bigelow Aerospace has modules in production and is testing a module currently attached to the ISS. This colony can be easily supported from earth with private sector spacecraft currently in operation.
This colony could generate revenues by functioning as a tourist hotel and space port. Space shuttles can be assembled here for exploring the solar system, asteroid mining, establishing farther out colonies, etc. These shuttles can be as large as needed since they don’t land on planets. They can carry landers if required.
The biggest argument against such a colony is bone loss and other health problems due to zero-G. I discount this argument because life evolved in the oceans. Training in pools is the closest astronauts  can get to zero-G on earth. Whales may suffocate when beached, but in the ocean, their bones and organs are just fine. We should be able to adapt as well as they did.

However, permanent space colonists must commit to never living on a planet. They will never again have to plod around under the tyranny of gravity. In zero-G people can essentially fly. Unneeded feet can evolve into hands (What does God need with feet? Are we really made in His image?) Life could actually be better.

Yes, they will forever be dependent upon technology. But naturalists don’t understand how  dependant and vulnerable  we are on this one of a kind jewel of a planet. It can be gone in a heartbeat. We must expand our horizons as soon as possible.

If it turns out zero-G is not feasible, we should be able to figure it out long before these colonists are unable to re-adapt to a gravity well.
Self Sufficiency
A priority will be to become self-reliant as soon as possible. This will be the best insurance policy for the survival of the human race. It will be absolutely necessary for remote colonies and can be developed  at low risk here.
The advantage of a low earth orbit colony is that it gets sufficient shielding from earth’s magnetosphere.  However, the “day” is rather short with a sunrise every 90 minutes . A geosynchronous orbit, or spacecraft will require artificial shielding. I propose a magnet field generator at the center of the structure.
The Benefits of a Magnetic Field
 A strong magnetic field will require quite a bit of power, but can have benefits in addition to shielding. If it is AC or even pulsating DC,  it can be used to distribute power to devices throughout the habitat  without wiring. Pickup coils will transform an AC magnetic field into local current.

One device can be a motility belt that will works against the magnet field and propel the wearer throughput the structure, or enable station keeping. It may be possible to design the belt to use the field like an induction motor; requiring no local power source.

So the ideal habitat will have very large open spaces (simply bubbles) where the occupants can fly around in at will.  This is infinity cheaper  than O’Neill ships, that are massive and must withstand the enormous forces created by rotation in order to generate artificial gravity (no one living today will ever see one).
Generational StarshipsThese habitats can be used as starships . All that is required is a propulsion source. I propose the sun. We use a Dyson swarm to collimate a large light beam to Alpha Centauri, using reflectors, or lasers if necessary. It should have a solar flux density roughly equal to that which illuminates Earth. This will provide all of the energy required for the journey. The habitats will use this “light bridge” to sail to the next star. It may take 100,000 years, but stay at homes will simply orbit the sun for that same time period. This light bridge should be miles in diameter in order to support a flotilla of spacecraft and all of the asteroids and comets that will be sent along for raw materials. Only light sails are required to these masses.

The one problem with this is that local inhabitants must maintain the bridge for the required length of time or. at least, not interfere with the robots built to maintain it. Assuming, of course that no other energy source  is developed during that time.

Another argument is why try to colonize the next star with such low tech. In 1000 years we will develop warp drive and zoom past them. Maybe, but they can be picked up along the way. But then again what difference does it make whether you are spinning in circles around a star or on a linear  trajectory between them. The habitat is your home.

This journey can be shortened significantly if the habitats can be decelerated in order to achieve orbit around the star. There is a danger of traveling so fast that the habitats cannot be captured by the star. If robots can be sent to the destination star ahead of time, they can build a bridge that can decelerate the habitats. This will be a more reliable energy source since it can’t be interfered with by Terran politics. This opens the door for gravity lovers. A strong enough  solar flux density can accelerate the habitats at one-G and then at mid point decelerate them at one-G. Sorry, but I can’t do the math to come up with actual numbers for the journey to Alpha Centauri. However, since they will probably prefer to remain in their habitats while orbiting the star, they will be back to zero-G.

We colonized the Earth with sails. No one suggested to wait until we invent jets.

For those of you who can’t conceive of  a space habitat as comfortable as earth, you forget about the storms, hurricanes, tornadoes , fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. that we have had to deal with for the past 100,000 years.

Search for Intelligent Life

If some other intelligence in our galaxy is using light bridges for this purpose, we should be able to detect them. This will confirm both their presence and the viability of this approach. Start looking.

One reason we haven’t seen aliens yet may be that intelligence life simply colonizes space. Living in zero-G may have advantages which includes lots of room for expansion. They may have little interest in gravity wells. All you need is a star for energy… if that.

So why aren’t they orbiting our star and mining our asteroids? Perhaps there is no rush to spread your seed throughout the galaxy. Just doing it is sufficient.

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The Permanent Disposal Of High Level Nuclear Waste

This document outlines a technology that is intended to provide a permanent solution to the disposal of high-level nuclear waste. It has as a second objective a method to create revenues by generating electricity from this waste. The following topics are presented:
·         The permanent disposal of high-level nuclear waste.
·         Generating electricity from high-level nuclear waste.
·         Generating electricity from nuclear fusion.
·         The permanent disposal of low-level nuclear waste.
Several years ago Scientific America reported that Lawrence Livermore Laboratories proposed to develop a device that could be used to more accurately measure the yield of a thermonuclear warhead. This device is a vessel that can contain the detonation of an H-bomb. The detonation would heat the box and thus, the energy released could be measured. It is basically a giant calorimeter. If such a device could be built, then the objectives delineated above are feasible.
This document will propose how this devise, hereafter called the “Box”, can be used to economically solve the nuclear waste problem.
The Permanent disposal of High Level Nuclear Waste
The reason for proposing such a strong and massive device as the Box is, of course, for safety reasons. The Box must permanently and safely contain high-level nuclear waste for thousands of years. It must be able to withstand all possible scenarios for such high concentrations of waste, such as small explosions or meltdowns.  Although it may be possible to engineer a smaller and weaker version of the Box to achieve these goals, a Box that can safely contain the detonation of a full-scale thermonuclear warhead can expand the scope of the project. This will be discussed later.
The primary objectives for this approach are:
·         Permanent disposal of high-level nuclear waste.
·         Safety: No possible way for this waste to find it’s way into the environment. Whatever goes into the Box, stays in the Box.
·         Cost: Although this Box is expensive, billions of dollars have already been spent with no permanent solution in sight.

Generating electricity from high level nuclear waste
The problem (and advantage) with concentrating high-level nuclear waste is the heat that can build up in the Box. If enough heat is produced, then electricity can be generated from the Box. Coolant pipes can be placed in the walls of the Box to extract the heat. See figure 1. It may be possible to find the right ratio (mass of the Box) to (mass of the waste) to generate electricity for thousands of years. If this is true then the Box will pay for itself well before it’s lifetime.
For safety reasons it would be wise to design the Box to withstand this heat build up with no active cooling.
If enough heat cannot be produced from concentrated high-level nuclear waste to generate electricity, at least the disposal problem is solved. However, there is a solution for this situation.

Figure 1Electricity generated from concentrated high-level nuclear waste

Generating Electricity from nuclear fusion
The Box can be the first practical online fusion reactor if it is strong enough to safely contain a thermonuclear detonation. There is a large stockpile of warheads to be disposed of. Since tritium and deuterium have a limited shelf life, it may be more economical to extract the energy with the Box than any other method.
This can be used in conjunction with nuclear waste to periodically add energy to the Box if the waste does not produce enough energy of it’s own. The radioactive byproducts will remain in the Box and add to residual energy production.
Disposing of low-level nuclear waste.
The Box can be used for the disposal of low-level nuclear waste if a filter can be designed to extract the radioactive elements from the gases that must be vented from the Box. The radioactive material will be thrown back into the Box. This is high risk and requires advanced technology.

This document outlines a low-tech solution to many of the nuclear waste problems our country faces. The technical problems and considerations that arise to implement this technology are not discussed. It is the goal of this document to foment such a discussion.

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Faster than Light Communication

If the following is true, then faster than light communication is feasible.
1. Quantum entangled photons are emitted pairs, or structures.
2. Any change in one will instantaneously affect the other, no matter what the distance between them. For this design, the change will be annihilation. One theory states that simply measuring one photon will collapse the wave front. Reflection or absorbsion should also work.
An emission source is required. It would be fortunate if a star would suffice. 
The transmitter can be any distance from the emitter, the receiver on the opposite side must be slightly farther away. Let’s say they are both 10 light years away from the emitter.
The receiver is measuring the photons issuing from the emitter. 10 years ago, two sets of entangled photons left the emitter. They arrive at the transmitter first, who then annihilates enough photons to be detected by the receiver. The receiver measures the change in flux density immediately after they were annihilated by the transmitter. 
Thusly, an instantaneous digital data stream can be established over a distance of 20 light years, delayed only by how much farther away from the emitter the receiver is than the transmitter.
The advantage of using a star is that they have been emitting photons for millions of years. All that is required is that the receiver be able measure the change in flux density created by the transmitter. Only annihilated entangled photons will be useful. They don’t have to be on opposite sides of the star, just preferably equidistant from it. 
SETI hunters might want to look to see if an alien intelligence is modulating a star in order to communicate. I would start with the hydrogen spectral line, but maybe a broad spectrum works better. 
If a star is impractical, then a laser emitter should work. If annihilation is impractical, any method that will allow a receiver to measure a statistical change  will do.at December 15, 2018No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Musings on The Fabric of the Universe

My weakness in mathematics prevents my being a physicist, but it interests me greatly. In trying to make sense of the current state of physics, I have come to view the Universe much differently than most. Allow me to present a hypothesis that the universe is composed of a fabric of fields. it further proposes that what we observe as particles, or “strings” are merely resonances in this fabric. What follows is a simple 3D model of how this universe might function.A particle
A particle can be defined as a point in free space. A point can be defined as the intersection of three orthogonal planes: electric field, magnetic field, and gravitational field. A particle is a resonance between these fields at this point or “node”, There must be a resonance mode to account for every unique particle in the Standard Model. In its null state, this node appears as empty space. A resonance at a node displaces one or more of the 3 fields from its null state and becomes “visible” to the universe. Since these fields extend to infinity, a displacement at a node pushes or pulls at every other node in the universe according to the inverse square law.
Below is a snapshot from Brian Greene’s The Fabric of the Cosmos. Envision an infinite number of parallel electric field planes, orthogonal to those an infinite number of parallel magnetic field planes and orthogonal to both an infinite number of parallel gravitational field planes. Particles can exist only where these planes intersect: the nodes illustrated by the intersection of three lines. It is not likely that space is organized in such a simple 3D pattern, but let’s keep it simple for now.

The 4 episodes of The Fabric of the Cosmos

Quantum Mechanics
Particles appear to be fairly stable once they come into existence (conservation of energy). This allows them to jump from one node to another in order to move about. This may account for the quantum effect that perplex so many physicists.
The PhotonThe Photon may be a simple example. It is a resonance mode primarily between the electric and magnetic field planes. First transferring its energy into the electric field plane and then the magnetic field plane 90 degrees out of phase as it jumps from node to node at the speed of light.

The ElectronThe electron appears to be a resonance between the electric and gravitational field planes. This gives it “mass”. The resonance seems to be DC, if such a thing is possible. The static displacement of these fields, described as a point source interact with all other particles similarly displacing these fields in accordance to the inverse square law.

This hypothesis is  not inconsistent with Einsteins General Theory of Relativity which asserts that particles with mass bend space. The difference with my hypothesis is that these particles are not independent of space, but simply resonances that displace the gravity field plain from it’s null state. This displacement falls off in accordance to inverse square law.

Field Equations
Newton’s Law of Gravity posited that it was a force field that pulled matter toward each other. Einstein’s theory of curved space is more robust and favored by physicists. But no one has come up with similar alternative explanations for the magnetic and electric force fields, so the concept of force fields are still with us. They are remarkably similar.

This is the “inverse square law” cited above. The force diminishes with the square of the distance between them.
But how does an electron generate an electric field that reaches to infinity and interacts with every other subatomic particle in the universe? One theory is that photons act as intermediaries. That’s a lot of photons. We don’t see them.
My hypothesis is that particles are connected by the fabric of space itself, it is not that different except for the concept that there are no independent particles at all.   
Dark Matter and Dark Energy
The Electron may give us a clue about Dark Energy. Particles that displace the electric field planes in like manner are pushed apart. The nodes of Space/Time don’t move, the resonances are moved to other nodes because they are connected by the fabric.Similarly, particles that displace the gravitational field planes in like manner are drawn together. We just don’t understand all of the possible resonance modes, or the mechanism by which particles influence each other.
Resonance is a common phenomena in our universe. It occurs in both mechanical and electrical systems, and is remarkably similar in both. An electronic tank circuit uses a capacitor and an inductor to store energy using magnetic and electric fields. Theoretically, it could continue forever if not for losses in this system at room temperature. All it needs is to be excited with energy.

It is easy for me to see how the fabric of the universe can act as a tank circuit. As in the photon, which is alternating current, or AC.
An electron appears to be direct current or DC. It doesn’t appear to oscillate. It stores it’s energy like a capacitor and statically displaces the electric and gravity field planes. However, it can move from node to node and when it does, it displaces the magnetic field plane, so I choose to call it a resonance mode as well.
This is consistent with String Theory which says that all particles are vibrating strings. Note the use of the word resonating. The quality of a musical instrument depends on resonance.

I believe that the strings are the fabric of the universe itself.

String Theory

For your convenience the three episodes of “The Elegant Universe” are linked below. I have never worked with String equations. The episodes don’t explain how vibrating strings generate the electric and magnetic fields that our technology is based on. However, I believe that integrating String Theory into the Fabric of space will bring us closer to the truth.

The laws of Physics.

We don’t have any true laws of physics because we really don’t know what the universe is. 
What we have are very powerful mathematical models that predict the behavior of the universe to some very high degree of accuracy. This is a very good thing because it gives us the power to predict the future, and it proves to me, at least, that these laws do exist.
However, I think we will be stuck with these models for a very long time because the true laws of physics work only at the subatomic level. To use them at the macro level, we must know the state of every subatomic particle in the universe at some particular instant in time and then calculate how they influence every other particle. This may never be possible.
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A Fabric of Fields

The Universe may be a fabric of fields as described in this document: https://markpresco.blogspot.com/2018/12/musings-on-fabric-of-univ…

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Dark Mark Is Defeated

In chatting with my niece Shannon, she gave me a hint that my brother Mark Presco is still alive – and is working behind the scenes to control my family. I have been explaining to Shannon that I was like a parent-nurturer to my sisters because we were abandoned by our parents. Rosemary made Mark her ‘Little Husband’ to cover up the horrible truth she had four children by an extremely abusive man – that was a failure and bad provider. If Mark did well, then he would be proof something good came from her genetic contribution. Our mother told us he did not have to do any housework, but, change a burned out lightbulb because he was going to be a electrician and support his mother in her old age.

When exhibited great gifts as an artist and poet, Rosemary claimed I got it from her. This made Mommies Little Man – very jealous – and he called me a parasite on the family because no one makes money off their art. Our sister proved him wrong, and he conspired to get us out of HIS family so he could have mommy all to himself.

Alas, the Democrats have removed All The Dark Racist Marks from the head of our Government and Culture. We saw his evil kind defacing statues in the Capitol. They wrote their names with their shit. They thought they were making their Mommy proud.

Also defeated is Bill Cornwell who I believe wanted to shove me into the Grand Canyon because he and his father wanted my grandson, Tyler Hunt. Bill and Mark are like brothers – OF THE WHITE HATE! Bill and Mark’s dark history must be expunged from the Creative Legacy I began as a boy of twelve.

I have posted on my plan to apply for grants in order to preserve the creative and historic legacy of my family that has been thwarted by people around me, including Casey Farrell, who is a racist. I am going to send a proposal to several grants offered by the Buck Foundation. To grow up with a neo-Nazi racist brother, was very trying. My experiences should be be studied and made part of a public record.

John Presco

Politically Incorrect Iconoclast (mbpresco.blogspot.com)

Trump’s ‘patriotic education’ report excuses Founding Fathers for owning slaves and likens progressives to Mussolini – The Washington Post

That didn’t take long: Biden removes Trump’s ‘1776 Report’ on U.S. history from White House website (msn.com)

Biden removes Trump’s ‘1776 Report’ on U.S. history from White House website

Well, that didn’t take long: A report on U.S. history published by the Trump administration on Monday was removed from the White House website by President Biden a few days later — and he disbanded the new commission that wrote it.

The 1776 Report” was released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and immediately lambasted by historians as racist and false for many of its statements, including its defense of slaveholding Founding Fathers and of the Three-Fifths Compromise, which at the 1787 Constitutional Convention allowed enslavers to count their enslaved people as three-fifths of a person for determining representation in the House of Representative as well as for taxation purposes.

It also likened American progressives to European fascists and contended that the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. had devolved into “identity politics.”

On Wednesday, Biden signed the “Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government,” which, among other things, disbanded the Advisory 1776 Commission. Trump had created it in November and ordered it to issue a report calling for “patriotic education.”Trump’s ‘patriotic education’ report excuses Founding Fathers for owning slaves and likens progressives to Mussolini

Section 10, Part C of Biden’s executive order says unceremoniously that the Nov. 2 executive order that Trump had signed establishing the commission “is hereby revoked.”

Not long after the new president signed the order, the report could no longer be found on the White House website where it had resided for a few days.

Trump created the 18-member 1776 Advisory Commission after months of nationwide Black Lives Matter protests against racial injustice and charged it with promoting a “pro-American curriculum” that celebrates “the miracle of American history.”

Right-wing conservatives have long contended, falsely, that teachers who fail to present U.S. history as heroic and who discuss the country’s racist past and present are intentionally indoctrinating students to hate the United States.

Not only was the commission’s report ridiculed by historians, but, according to the Associated Press, parts of it had been published earlier in writings by some members of the panel.

That was discovered, the AP said, when the report was put through software that can detect plagiarism, although Matthew Spalding, the panel’s executive director and a vice president at the conservative Hillsdale College, called it “a return to the unifying ideals stated in the Declaration of Independence.”

The Bill Cliven Mark Pile

Posted on April 26, 2014 by Royal Rosamond Press

Mark 1999

The racist opinions of Cliven Bundy, Bill Cornwell, and Mark Presco, are identical. Alas, my brother has the brother he always deserved – Brother Bundy!

After my sister Christine died, Mark and Vicki formed a secret alliance against Shannon and I. My niece Shannon was Christine Rosamond Benton’s adult Heir. She was thirty-two when her mother drowned. My niece, Drew Benton, was eight. Today, I am going to make Drew my Heir.

I am going to make two piles, the Drew pile, and the Bill Cliven Mark pile. I am going to cut the fat in regards to the contents of this blog, and the historic novel I have in the works – that deserves to published. I am going to throw this fat in the BCM pile so as to fuel the flames of hell these assholes deserve to burn in.

With less than a year sobriety, I went down to Los Angeles to visit Vicki Arnold and my family. Mark wanted me to stop by. When I did he put on a video from work. It was a mock battle of tanks conducting gas warfare. My brother told me he and his colleagues were making War Toys and would soon use them. In order to save OUR genetic material, my brother wanted me to find some land in Oregon where we would build the Presco End of the World Bunker where he and I would retreat to just before the shit hits the fan. When the radiation subsides, we emerge, kill off all the surviving males, and rape their women. The Bunker Brothers will keep these women in cages until they give birth. We then breed each others children in order to mix our genetic material. This would not work if Mark did this alone because acts of incest produces morons!

This is Mark’s Cain and Able plan to repopulate the earth with HIS SEED. It didn’t take me but three minutes to figure out that after I raped my faire share of women, and stuffed their bellies with my seed, Mark would sneak up behind me and hit me over the head with a big rock.

“Thanks – brother!”

Alas when I began to work on the creative family history that was produced by a brother and sister, Mark wrote his infamous essays and bid me to include some of his misogynist rant in this tale of a woman that made it big in the Art World. This suggestion took my breath away! Why on earth would the women who would purchase this book want to read about Mark’s opinions of women that he labels “Parasites”?

When we were teenagers my brother and I used to get into fist-fights after he tried to get me to admit that I was a “Parasite” on society because my ambition was to be an artist.

“Nobody makes money off their art! You’re a parasite. Admit it!” my brother screamed, and came over and threw my food on the floor.

Dark Mark Presco

Posted on February 10, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Shannon suggests Mark played a big role, he trying to control Rosamond’s success and failures – from the shadows. I suspect, incest. In this post of August of 2015, I compare him to Trump and Hitler – in another prophetic vision of bad things to come. Snyder puts Dark Mark at the kitchen table with us talking about art and other Bohemian matters. He went back to Oakland to finish he senior year. He abandoned his family. He was the eldest. Snyder calls me the eldest sibling several times. Why didn’t Mark correct Tom? This is more attempts to keep Dark Mark hidden. He ruses to pay taxes. When he came back to Glendon he got a job and went to Santa Monica City College. When he got married, he drover his wife’s best friend, Sue Lyon, to school.

I created a Beat Scene in West Los Angeles that Melinda was a part of before she got involved with Sky at the New Balladeer. This is 1963. Bryan McLean was over a lot and when Bryan and Christine were lovers, the three of us would go up to the Monday Night Lacienaga Art Walk. Not once did Rosamond say she was an artist. Snyder tries to create a female family linage. I could draw people – very well.

I was fifteen when we moved to L.A. I did a mural on my bedroom wall a month later. I had no money for canvas. I never realized a dime from Rosamond’s art. Can Dark Mark say the same? In this post I admonish him for not telling me our parents are dead – and dying! He did not contact me and let me know Vicki Presco was dead! He had better be dead!

I will be showing my new therapist pics of Vic Presco. I told her he looks, and acts, like Trump – who is destroying all I worked for – with Mark’s help.

John Presco

Copyright 2020

Page 45  ‘When You Close Your Eyes’

“We’d be over at Christine’s after school.” Raphael says, “and sit around te kitchen table drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and eating cinnamon toast. Because, you know, they never had any food in that house. So toast was about the best we could do. But at least we could hang out and smoke, and we sure couldn’t do that at my house. So Greg and Mark, and Chris and I hung out and talked about what seemed important to us.

“Greg had largely dropped out of school and had fashioned an outdoor studio in the backyard studio.” Raphael recalls. “He spent most of the time painting, working on these large somber things with a lot of texture and layers. But they didn’t have any people in them, just turmoil, like heavy dark seascapes – very dark and gloomy. Christine did a few drawings, probably more than we realized, but wasn’t doing any painting when I first knew her. Greg was the artist in the family, and had all his mom’s attention for that. Chris just tried to stay out of the way.”

Christine also tried to stay out of the way in public, but around the kitchen table, she brought the controversial style of both her mother and maternal grandmother to any discussion.”








Trump – GET OUT!

Posted on August 20, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press


Dr. Albert Speer (left), Hitler's chief architect, presents his model of the German Pavilion, designed for the World's Fair in Paris in 1937. Date: 1937

Dr. Albert Speer (left), Hitler’s chief architect, presents his model of the German Pavilion, designed for the World’s Fair in Paris in 1937. Date: 1937

Mark 1979 on Grand Canyon Rim

Trump is doing Hitler. Trump is doing Mark Presco who did not inform me our father was dead, and our mother was dying, because he ruled I was a parasite on society. Here is Mark labeling many American ‘parasites’ including women. Jessie Benton Fremont was a pioneer in the Woman’s Movement. Mark asked me to include parts of his blog in my biography about a world famous female artist that is know for her images of beautiful women. Trump prides himself on the beautiful women he has bonded with that obviously do not care about equality.



Mark Presco conspired with Vicki Presco, Stacey Pierrot, and Jacci Belford, to steal the creative legacy that Christine Rosamond Benton left her two daughters, Shannon Rosamond, and, Drew Benton. Drew is related to the artist Thomas Hart Benton, who  is compared to Jack London. His grandfather was Senator Thomas Hart Benton, whose daughter, Jessie, married John Fremont, a co-founder of the Republican Party, and its first candidate for President of the United States. John also co-founded the Radical Democracy Party, and was its candidate for President, but he dropped out to keep the racist Democrats out of the White House. John was backed by radical Germans, Forty-Eighters, who complained about Lincoln’s tardiness in backing the Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Amendment.

None of this history got into the two lying biographies about Rosamond, that Mark read the rough draft of, and blessed. This neo-Nazi should never have been let near any artistic, or, literary endeavor. He and his ilk have altered real history, and brought the Republican Party to the brink of destruction.

Trump is doing Howard Roark, Ayn Rand’s Super Capitalist Hero that many evangelical Republicans put on their right-wing altar to reinforce their sick need to make Jesus the founder of this Democracy, and the Free Enterprise System. Roark and the Rich Jesus hate poor minorities, and anyone else that does not love Pure White Ambition. Their Jesus hates Welfare and Food Stamps and will take them away from hungry children. Jesus will build Trump’s Wall, and the Master Builder will stand upon it looking down on the parasites with an evil smirk on his face. The favorite pastime time of the rich and powerful is humiliating the meek and the poor. Consider the humiliation of the old fashioned Jesus.


Hitler said this to Himmler as they watched goose-stepping Nazis mark into Paris;

“If the Jews didn’t exist, we would have had to invent them!”

Hitler fashioned himself an architect. Trump looks like Mousillni. Megyn Kelly looks like Patricia Neal who played Dominique Francon who is raped by architect and builder, Howard Roark, who has her submit to his domineering need to erect towering skyscrapers. Donald made Megyn submit to him after humiliating her in public. Howard put a nude statue of Dominique in his building. He stripped her naked and is now a slave to his towering phallic symbol, his righteous dildo!

“Kelly! If you don’t give Trump  some loven – you’re fired!”

Mark claims women want to resist just making love, and want money for sex. Fox put their statue of Megyn out on the street, after Trump called her a bloody news whore. This is Fascism folks. I see Trump as America’s Caesar, he holding the annual Run for the Wall, where illegal aliens are rounded up, stripped naked, and forced to run for their life to THE WALL OF TRUMP FREEDOM! “MACH DAS FRYE!”


“The battle of the Sexes is a unilateral War. All Men want to do is make love. It’s Women who want to make a fight out of it, or charge a fortune for it.”


Mark’s hatred is shared my millions of angry white men who are fueling Donald Trumps pandering to Americans who hate all minorities. This is contrary to the TRADITIONS – the family traditions – of the Abolitionist Party that promoted Liberty and Civil Rights for all Americans. With devious, sniggering delight, Mark Presco worked in the dark to exclude me from the Artistic Legacy that I founded. He was unaware of the Creative Dynasty my research uncovered. Elizabeth Fremont burned much of her father’s papers, lest his enemies get hold of them, and use them in a devious manner. Mark is a weapons maker who had Top Secret clearance, the same as the President. He loves being covert. He loves owning power over others. Mark’s double may become President.

For over ten years I have claimed I am the rightful heir to the Republican Party. I have been called, mad. My daughter fell in love with a Tea Party fanatic, who called me a parasite, as did my daughter, who said I was insane and took my grandson out of my life. Not being told my parents are dead, not told the whereabouts of my daughter when she was a minor, not getting to see my grandson, are NOT what I deserve. No one deserves to be treated like a sub-human. To see Trump on television declaring Mexicans, sub-human, and not deserving of the Basic Rights my kindred gifted unto many foreigners, especially those who were brought here against their will – is an abomination! Therefor, I speak for my illustrious kindred, and the real Republicans, in saying……..


If Mark Presco is a Republican – GET OUT!

I am going to do my damnedest to make sure Trump and his neo-Confederate con-artists know they are building their new Roman Empire on quicksand. Cecil B. DeMille accused of Ayn Rand of plagiarism. Roark….is Keating! Consider Incan. Mayan, and Aztec architecture and the parasitical Habsburg King that ruled Spain. Fremont put together an army of Hungarians and German 48ers to crush the coming invasion of the Habsburg Emperor of Mexico, whose wife was the cousin of the British Queen. Did they want some California gold – without working for it?

“The British are coming!”

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Benton Family Historian

On May 31, 1864, feeling that President Lincoln had been too cautious with regard to abolishing slavery and too lenient with regard to bringing Southern states back into the Union, a group of white radical abolitionists who had formed the Radical Democracy Party met in Cleveland, Ohio and nominated former Union general and famous explorer John Charles Frémont as the party’s candidate for president.

Republicans were concerned that Frémont’s candidacy would siphon off support for President Lincoln and result in the election of the Democratic Party’s candidate, George B. McClellan.

Toohey sets out to destroy Roark through a smear campaign he spearheads. Toohey convinces a weak-minded businessman to hire Roark to design a temple dedicated to the human spirit. Given full freedom to design it as he sees fit, Roark includes a nude statue of Dominique, which creates a public outcry. Toohey manipulates the client into suing Roark. At the trial, prominent architects (including Keating) testify that Roark’s style is unorthodox and illegitimate. Dominique speaks in Roark’s defense, but he loses the case.

In 1928, Cecil B. DeMille charged Rand with writing a script for what would become the film Skyscraper. The original story, by Dudley Murphy, was about two construction workers involved in building a New York skyscraper who are rivals for a woman’s love. Rand rewrote the story, transforming the rivals into architects.


Adolf Hitler was an admirer of imperial Rome and believed that some ancient Germans had, over time, become part of its social fabric and exerted influence on it. He considered the Romans an early Aryan empire, and emulated their architecture in an original style inspired by both neoclassicism and art deco, sometimes known as “severe” deco, erecting edifices as cult sites for the Nazi Party. He also ordered construction of a type of Altar of Victory,

Before Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidates could deflect tough questions on immigration with vague promises to secure the border and oppose all “amnesty” for illegal immigrants.

Not anymore. Mr. Trump has offered a plan to “take back our country” from what he calls the rapist-murderer-job stealers being exported from Mexico. He is full of ideas. He would expel 11 million immigrants, and their families, and let only “the good ones” back in. He would restrict legal immigration, and impose a national job-verification system so that everyone, citizens too, would need federal permission to work. He would build a 2,000-mile border wall and force Mexicans to pay for it. He would replace the Constitution’s guarantee of citizenship by birth with citizenship by bloodline and pedigree, leaving it to politicians and bureaucrats to decide what to do with millions of stateless children. He would flood the country with immigration agents and — it almost goes without saying — dismantle the economy and shred America’s standing as an immigrant-welcoming nation.

You could say the front-running Mr. Trump has put his opponents in a bind. Or you could say he has given them a gift: the opportunity to be specific in return about what they would do to fix the immigration mess. And to be forthright in rejecting his despicable proposals. Because his plan is so naked — in its scapegoating of immigrants, its barely subtextual racism, its immense cruelty in seeking to reduce millions of people to poverty and hopelessness — it gives his opponents the chance for a very clear moral decision. They can stand up for better values, and against the collective punishment of millions of innocent Americans-in-waiting.

But as Mr. Trump swells in the polls, his diminished opponents are following in his wake, like remoras on a shark. Several have shuffled onto the anti-birthright-citizenship bus, including Rick Santorum, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ben Carson and Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. Even Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who once fought for smart bipartisan immigration reform, wants to repeal birthright citizenship. As does Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, a birthright citizen himself. As for Mr. Trump’s other restrictionist proposals, several are firmly lodged again in the playbook of a Republican Party that briefly tried to reform itself after the Mitt Romney debacle. Some candidates are even willing to try to trump Mr. Trump in xenophobia: Mr. Carson is talking about using armed military drones at the border. That’s right — bombing Arizona

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The Rise of The Two Witnesses

With the light apparition in my painting ‘The Guardians of The Voice’ I have been led to look at the Two Witnesses in Revelations who may have been the men in white at Jesus’ tomb. Owning a near-death experience, I will go into a realm few can follow.

Seer John

The Resurrection of the Two Witnesses

In the previous article we saw God’s two anointed witnesses: the Word of God and the Spirit of God, be totally disrespected by the spirit of hypocrisy. This type of total disrespect will kill the ability of any true conviction upon sinners. Consequently sinners will have no fear to become religious hypocrites who call themselves “Christian”.

But now we see that God ended this day of hypocritical darkness. Spiritually this period of time of disrespect towards the Word and the Spirit lasted three and a half days. But now the day of God’s wrath and judgement upon hypocrisy had come!

“And after three days and an half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.” ~ Revelation 11:11

This event parallels the opening of the sixth seal, shown earlier in Revelation 6:12-17 where the final part reads:

“For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?” ~ Revelation 6:17

So how did it happen that the two witnesses were brought to life in the hearts of people?

First a true ministry stood up and began to declare the full truth of the gospel: including the message that there is still only one church! Their message declared an end to hypocrisy and an end to man rule in the church. The spiritual New Jerusalem was preached with walls of salvation. And the gates of righteous judgement were established to keep hypocrisy out. Within this city is only sin-free holiness because of the very presence of Almighty God in their midst.

Heavenly Jerusalem

People began to repent of their separate Protestant and Catholic identities at the call:

“And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Revelation 18:2-4

As people came out, a spiritual cloud of witnesses was formed (see Hebrews 12:1) and the two anointed witnesses began to be highly honored and to rise above the confusion of spiritual Sodom and Egypt (see Revelation 11:8) where they had been left dead.

“And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.” ~ Revelation 11:12

Word & Spirit Resurrected to Heavenly Places

This is exactly what Jesus told the hypocritical Chief Priest (one of his enemies) before his crucifixion.

“…Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.” ~ Matthew 26:64

The cloud of witnesses is referred to in a number of places in scripture. Also in many places in scripture the witness of God’s mighty power is often shown within the context of powerful storm clouds.

It is all showing the difference it makes when God’s Word is fully respected and obeyed, and his Holy Spirit is powerfully working true righteousness among his people.

At this time many people got delivered from the bondage of false Christianity and “came out of Babylon” to stand separate and completely for the full gospel truth.

Consequently, at that time a significant part of false Christianity fell away from a false profession and fully died out to the self-life so that they could fully consecrate to the Lord.

“And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.” Revelation 11:13

The spiritual earthquakes God sends are not intended to physically kill anyone. They are intended to wake up people to their need to repent of all sin and to fully consecrate their lives to God. When people do this, they die to their own way, so that they might live a new resurrected life in Christ Jesus.

  • “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein? Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death? Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.” ~ Romans 6:1-4
  • “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

the-first-two-witnesses.pdf (shoplightspeed.com)

The Two Witnesses Killed (Revelation 11:7-14) (simplybible.com)

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Biden Goes After Russian Spies

I began my spy novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ to help America fight Putin, Fuzzy Bear, and his Knight Wolves.


WASHINGTON, January 22. /TASS/. US President Joe Biden has instructed the intelligence community to conduct a “full assessment” of Russia’s alleged interference into the 2020 elections, a large-scale cyber attack on US government agencies and the incident involving Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told a briefing Thursday.

“Even as we work with Russia to advance US interests, so do we work to hold Russia to account for its reckless and adversarial actions. And to this end, the president is also issuing a task to the Intelligence Community for its full assessment of the SolarWinds cyber breach, Russian interference in the 2020 election, its use of chemical weapons against opposition leader Alexey Navalny and the alleged bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan,” she noted.

Biden orders probe of Russia’s alleged election interference, cyber attacks, Navalny case – World – TASS

Images show huge trench being dug by Russian-backed mercenaries (msn.com)

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Red Soda Button

A object of art and tyranny has been removed from Oval Office.


Joe Biden Removing Trump’s ‘Diet Coke Button’ From the Oval Office Prompts Wave of Jokes (msn.com)

While in office, Trump had a red button on his desk that was said to alert a butler to bring him Diet Coke. Some Twitter users are shocked that Biden had the button removed, while others are shocked that the “Diet Coke button” may have even existed in the first place.

Trump’s love for Diet Coke has been well-documented, as is the rumor that he supposedly has 12 of the drinks a day. But the rumor that the button on his desk was used to summon the soda is news for some.

In an Associated Press report about memorable moments from Trump’s first year in office, reporter Julie Pace discussed how she saw the “Diet Coke button” in action. She described how when he pressed the button, a “White House butler walked in with a single glass of Diet Coke on a silver tray for the commander in chief.”

He helped Adam Schiff impeach Trump. Now he’s joining Biden’s NSC.Dr. Fauci Shares “Best Way” to Stay Safe From COVIDThat didn’t take long: Biden removes Trump’s ‘1776 Report’ on U.S. history from White House website

Well, that didn’t take long: A report on U.S. history published by the Trump administration on Monday was removed from the White House website by President Biden a few days later — and he disbanded the new commission that wrote it.

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