John Wayne – Down!

John Ford’s first sound western, “Stagecoach,” was also his first chance to offer a leading role to his friend John Wayne, who had started out with bit parts in Ford’s films and would go on to appear in 14 of his films afterwards. Here they both appear during production of the 1939 classic, which rides again Friday night at Oscars Outdoors.


John Wayne hated the Hippies, and we hated him. This is good -today! It was not so good back then when millions of American’s heard Wayne tear into us, especially after he made the movie ‘The Green Barrets’ . Today, John’s memory s being dragged down and evicted from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Did Reagan go there? He hated hippies too because they were against The War in Vietnam – which we hippies called a White Supremist War against the Asian Race. My kin, Senator Thomas Hart Benton called for Whites to marry the Chinese. He was defamed at the Oregon State University. The Benton brothers got into gun and pistol fight with Andrew Jackson and his bunch – in the streets! Wayne’ was a Draft Dodger!

This morning I googled to see if there was a Hippie Museum in California and Oregon. There is not. The only thing that looks like a Bohemian archive – is this blog. On this day I found THE PEACE PROMOTERS MUSEUM. On this day hippies will now be called Peace Promoters. We buried hippie in 1968.

Martin Luther King announced his stance against the war, but no black group but the Black Panthers came out against the White Supremacy War against people who were called sub-human names like “Gooks”. We Peace Promoters wondered why Native Americans didn’t join us in our marches against the Racist War. AIM took over Alcatraz. Slaves had to be for the Civil War, yet they do not honor white Union Soldiers.

Trump declared War on COVID-19 and it has mimicked the Peace Movement. where it has become a pollical cold war, where Trump is declaring he inherited this Killer Virus from the Democrats and Chinese. We Americans need PEACE more than ever. We do not need more propaganda – in the name of the Son of Peace. Jesus was on our side. He knows the Peace Promoter Museum will be about how the CIA, the FBI, and the Military waged war against PEACE.

I want to do a life-size statue of Rena Easton as ‘The Goddess of Peace’ to put in the our National People For Peace Museum. I call a truce in the cultural warfare we have been waging for six years. We met in 1970 when our Nation was torn in two over the Vietnam War. Huey offered the National Liberation Army of Vietnam, militant support which is prophetic of the worldwide appeal of the Black Lives matter movement.  Joseph Stalin put a hit on Wayne who some say worked as a spy. What he was was a CIA grown Icon For War who did have a cultural showdown in the streets with The Killer Duke.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Going against the grain of the anti-war movement, Wayne co-directed the picture (based on the book by Robin Moore) and worked alongside the White House in promoting a more patriotic message. “The Pentagon allowed Wayne lavish use of props and military bases for filming,” the Guardian wrote in 2014. The government “also retained script approval, and insisted on extensive and detailed changes to plot and dialogue.”

The Political Thought of Huey P. Newton

Asad Haider | Black Atlantis

In a 1970 letter to the National Liberation Front of Vietnam, founder of the Black Panther Party Huey P. Newton wrote, “we are interested in the people of any territory where the crack of the oppressor’s whip may be heard. We have the historical obligation to take the concept of internationalism to its final conclusion – the destruction of statehood itself.” Disney asks us which figure is worthy of the title of Black Panther: is it the poor African-American child from Oakland who dreams of international revolution, or the monarch who aims at defending the glory of his nation?

Newton developed his theory of intercommunalism in the fall of 1970, two months after his release from solitary confinement, penned in response to his deep disappointment with the backlash from the Black community following the BPP’s pledge to offer troops in support of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam. Many simply could not grasp what the liberation of Black people could possibly have to do with the Vietnamese Communists against whom the U.S. was waging war. The theory of intercommunalism was Newton’s attempt to lay out a political and economic account of how he understood the world to be structured at the time—under a new type of imperialism—but it was also his attempt at forming a political strategy for how the BPP could expect to move forward in the decades to come as the revolution advanced.

PRA Archive #:

This is a recording of speeches given at a rally held in support of the seven men indicted on conspiracy charges for the October anti-draft demonstrations in Oakland 1967, and also in support of Huey Newton. Speeches by Bobby Seale, Chairman of the Black Panther Party and Black Panther Party co-founder; Bettina Aptheker, Free Speech Leader; Robert Scheer, managing editor of Ramparts Magazine; Bob Avakian, Steering Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party; and John Kelly, professor of U.C. Berkeley Math Department, supporting the anti-draft activities of the Oakland Seven. Held on January 26, 1968 on Sproul Hall Steps at University of California, Berkeley. The Oakland Seven are Frank Bardacke, Terry Cannon, Reese Erlich, Steve Hamilton, Bob Mandel, Jeff Segal, and Mike Smith. Sound levels fluctuate throughout the recording.,_Iowa

An exhibition dedicated to classic film star John Wayne will be removed following student protests over the actor’s history of racist remarks.

The exhibit, at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, featured photos and memorabilia from Wayne’s film career, but has been dogged by controversy since it was installed in 2012.

In a statement, the school’s assistant dean of diversity and inclusion Evan Hughes confirmed that the exhibit would be placed in the university’s archives.

“Conversations about systemic racism in our cultural institutions along with the recent global, civil uprising by the Black Lives Matter movement require that we consider the role our school can play as a change maker in promoting anti-racist cultural values and experiences,” Hughes said. “Therefore, it has been decided that the Wayne exhibit will be removed.”

Wayne, who attended the school in the 1920s and died in 1979, made racist remarks in an interview with Playboy Magazine in 1971. Quotes from the interview resurfaced in 2019, and led to a number of campus protests against the exhibit

The Playboy interview quoted Wayne as saying: “I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility.”

He also said that there was nothing wrong with settlers stealing Native American land, adding that “great numbers of people needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves”.

The Wayne exhibit will be replaced by a new one that incorporates “elements of Indigenous filmmaking, feminism and critical race theory through interactive displays,” said campus newspaper The Daily Trojan.

Arts and culture[edit]

Winterset is widely known for its covered bridges. A total of six covered bridges are located in Madison County, including one in Winterset City Park. The annual Covered Bridge Festival celebrates the bridges and local heritage every second full weekend in October.

The Winterset Stage is Madison County’s live theatre venue providing family friendly dinner theatre, including musicals and concerts while offering a variety of children’s theatre and educational programming. The Winterset Stage is a non-profit 501c3 organization located at 405 East Madison in Winterset, IA.

Another notable landmark is Clark Tower, located in Winterset City Park, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding Middle River Valley area.

The Madison County Courthouse, in the middle of the town square, was built in 1868, and rebuilt in 1876 after being partially destroyed by fire.


In 2015, the John Wayne Birthplace Museum opened kitty corner from Wayne’s birthplace home. The $2.5m, 6,000 sq. ft. facility houses scripts, costumes, set pieces, posters, personal correspondence, an original Andy Warhol painting and a custom-made 1972 Pontiac station wagon. The muesuem is divided into 3 exhibitions, “The Actor”, “The Family Man” and “The American”. The museum is located at 205 S. John Wayne Dr. in Winterset. [12]

The Iowa Quilt museum offers seasonal exhibits and regular workshops. The current president of the museum, Marianne Fons, is the founder of the well known quilting show Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting. The museum is located on the south side of the town square at 68 E. Court Ave.[13]

The Madison County Historical Society is an 18 acre complex on the south side of town featuring 14 restored and historical buildings. The focal point of the complex is the Victorian Bevington-Kaser manor. Built in 1856, the manor has been fully restored. The complex is open May through October and is located at 815 S. 2nd Ave.[14]

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Rosamond Clifford Dew

The Real Rose Line is born into my Rosy Family Tree.

Rosamond Press

What are the odd that I would find the name Rosamond in the genealogy of Robert Dew who is the father of my unborn granddaughter that I wanted to be named after My mother, Rosemary Rosamond, and aunt, Lillian Rosamond. This is pure prophecy! What more could a father-writer ask for! I m positive the Dews did not know they were kin to royalty.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Dew-Hatfield Benham-O’Sullivan Tree
Public Member Tree
5 attached records, 5 sources  

Rosamond Clifford Tomkyns Dew
Birth:  dd mm 1887 – city, London, England
Death:  date – Shropshire, England

F:Tomkyns Dew
M:Ada Isab

Tomkyns Dew

M, #648334
Last Edited=14 Oct 2018
     TomkynsDew is the son of TomkynsDew and AnneStyleman. He married Margaret BeatriceNapleton, daughter of ReverendTimothyNapleton and DecimaGreen.

Children of Tomkyns Dew and Margaret BeatriceNapleton

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I Predicted “holy war” Was Coming

John Wayne is going down! Who saw this coming?

Rosamond Press

Here is a video of Alley and Belle’s good buds going after a woman reporter – who I talked to! Angie is wearing a barrel. She loves to weaponize sex like Mathew Shea does – and most Christian leaders. Angie likes to get topless just before she is arrested so she can accuse the cops of copping a feel. Kim Haffner and Angie are made of the same stuff.

Kim Haffner, her family, and her fellow Evangelicals, launched a devious and slanderous campaign to have fellow neighbors see me as a threat. I can not tell you to what evil lengths these Lardos For Jesus have gone.  I have been given a Certificate of Sanity with the printing of this article by NPR. My credibility – SOARS! I am a Hero Journalist! I stood up to the Real Bad Guys like I did in Boston. The Mafia are anarchists and…

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Ida Rose-Rosamond

My Rose Line.

Rosamond Press


A half hour ago I talked to Deborah Cryder at the Forestvale Cemetary. She is going to send me information on Ida Rose who died when she was 28 years of age of dropsy. Twenty days later, Ida’s daughter, Dollie Rosamond, dies. She is less then one year old. Royal Rosamond lost his mother and baby sister in one fail swoop. He must have been traumatized. Then, his father gets remarried to a Mildred, who may not have wanted Frank around, and he is “bound” out to his uncle, James Taylor, who married Ida’s sister, Laura Rosamond. Frank will call William Scott Spaulding his father. Did William adopt Frank? If so, when? I believe there is a typo, in regards to the Reese name. John Wesley Rose buried here. Is this where Frank got his middle name? This would make three generations of the Rose Family…

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Fanny Corey

Fanny Corey and her brother encouraged my grandfather to write.

Rosamond Press

Fanny Corey could have worked for Walt Disney. Were they aware on one another? Fanny and her brother encouraged my grandfather to become a writer. Fanny’s magical illustrations were known all over the world. Her books came out about 1920. The Hobbit was published in 1937. The Chronicles of Nania were published around 1954. I will be putting Fanny in the Liz Taylor Society I am forming.

John Presco

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The Knight’s Tower of Tramelay

I have posted very good material.

Rosamond Press

The Five Towers


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Rena awoke from her nap realizing she had been daydreaming for way too long. Her late husband had buzzed her home in Montana with his Fairy Fulmer. Rena ran out into the field of golden grass so she could hear what Ian was shouting to her with the cockpit rolled back.

“He’s coming! Prepare yourself!”

“Who’s coming?” Rena shouted back.

“That old fellow with the Ford pickup! He’s about three miles down the road. Go put on your armor.”

“Oh my God! Greg is coming here. I best call deputy sherrif, Sam! Who’s that with you?”

“Bernard de Tramelay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar. It’s time to save the world again with chivalry, poetry, and a good fairytale. It’s the only way. The bombastic boastful one has clogged all the channels of human communication from his Tower of Babel.”

Rena ran…

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On Route 66 With Mafia Max

Playing chess with Death.

Rosamond Press

Prescos 1963 and Friends making Icecream BWmax22max25max28buick4max26

When Mafia Max opened the door I could see he was impressed that I had the guts to try to save my friend. He had heard from Neil, one of the owners of the Saint George Hotel I was a stand-up guy. Here was the proof. Anyone else would have slunk away.

The Saint George Hotel on 13th. near Broadway was my first home away from home. It was Max’s favorite hotel, a fact we did not know until we ran into him in the lobby. From here I went to work at Yale Trucking in Hell’s Kitchen where the Teamsters gave me the moniker ‘The California Kid’. Max took Tim O’Conner into a Irish Mafia bar here, and told him to stand behind him because there might be gun play. There was turf warfare going down at this time.

I looked like a tough guy out of central casting…

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Playing Chess With Death Again

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On the Warpath with Chief One Moccasin

Rosamond Press



winne5I met James Harkins a couple of hours after I arrived in Oakland. Keith helped me unload my paintings I had tied to my 1957 Fairlane which we spread around the Walker Avenue apartment for a quick viewing. Then we took off somewhere. When we got back, there is this strange looking guy waiting for us. He is not smiling. He is perturbed, for this is the first time this apartment was ever locked. It was Weedville U.S.A. You could always get a free hit on some weed. Folks smoked weed here. James came here to smoke some weed. See James smoke. Smoke, James, smoke!

Now, something drastic had happened. After trying the door, he peeked in and shall all these large canvases full of dark subject matter. Harkins must has seen my ‘Pulp Man’ running down the hill from this old car. When I first saw Karl Rove, I…

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Get Mr. Lefty

Posted four years ago.

Rosamond Press


I thought this blogger and this blog was finished, but, then I realized neither Trump or Hillary reached out and touched Mr. Lefty. No olive branch has the Left Male been offered before, or after the election. What will be the fate of Mr. Lefty Artist Man? Is the National Endowments of the Arts, alas – A GONER? And, what is this thing called WHITE TRIBALISM? I believe this Leftist Blogger tried to offer a better version of this by harping on the Socialist German Forty-Eighters.

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