Better Red Than Dead

FILMBILD / T: James Bond – 007 jagt Dr. No / Dr. No D: Sir Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Zena Marshall R: Terence Young P: GB J: 1962 PO: Plakatmotiv RU: Thriller DA: , – Nutzung von Filmszenebildern nur bei Filmtitelnennung und/oder in Zusammenhang mit Berichterstattung über den Film.

Stormy Daniels during a polygraph exam conducted in May 2011 at which she was asked about her relationship with Donald Trump.


The Whole world is now in a pulpy James Bond movie. In a spy movie we get to be a fly on the wall when the Bad Guy alas reveals – in secret – his true villainy! Because Trump has turned most of the known world into his movie – as planned – he fumes when he gets caught, when his true motives – are exposed. Trump got caught congratulating the Bad Guy – making him – THE REAL BAD GUY!

While this treachery is going down, there be his victim strapped to a chair. This is so weird – Weird Reality! If Warhol was alive he would do a sheet of images of Stormy Daniels taking a lie detector test. Again, pure Bond. So is Miriam Christmont.

Finally, an elected official goes off on Trump and Putin, and enhances the drama that is no longer confusing! Hurray for Grassley! Who handed him his lines? Great stuff.

Here are the two letters (and a Christmas card) Rena and I exchanged five years ago. We, and the world, were so innocent back then. Just one Deputy Sheriff was involved. Now, we  got the FBI, CIA, and The Brass, involved. Hence, we have become jaded – beyond belief! Did Rena vote for our LEFT-LEANING President? Did that question sound bitter and cynical?  Read your prophets! We are all that way!

It’s no longer about Collusion. It’s about winning an Oscar for best screenplay adaption. I want Grassley to deliver more lines.  Is he our modern day Will Rogers?

‘Better Red Than Dead’ will be my next Ian Flemming revival.

“I’m the guy that does all the revealing about me round these here parts! Too many claim jumpers spoil the broth!”

Jon Presco

  • The leak is said to have angered Trump, who believes some within his national security apparatus are secretly working to undermine his presidency.

President Donald Trump is apparently fuming over a leak to the media about how he ignored advice from his national security advisers warning him to avoiding congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his election victory during a phone call on Tuesday.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) says he wouldn’t have called Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on his reelection, referring to the Russian leader as a “criminal.”

Grassley’s comments to reporters on Wednesday were a pointed reproof in response to President Trump’s call to Putin the previous day, which sparked backlash after Trump declined to press Putin on the fairness of Russia’s election and the poisoning of a former Russian double agent living in England.

“I think Putin is a criminal. What he did in Georgia, what he did in Ukraine, what he did in Baltic, what he’s done in London poisoning people with active nerve gas, that’s a criminal act. I wouldn’t have a conversation with a criminal,” Grassley said when asked about Trump’s call.

Trump in his conversation with Putin also did not raise concerns about allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election but did congratulate Putin for winning another six-year term over the weekend.

Before the call, The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Trump’s national security advisers warned him in briefing materials in all-capital letters, “DO NOT CONGRATULATE.”

Trump has faced criticism for not addressing the nerve-gas poisoning of a former Russian spy living in England after British officials concluded last week that Russia was behind the attack.

Produced on a low budget, Dr. No was a financial success. While critical reaction was mixed upon release, over time the film has gained a reputation as one of the series’ best instalments. The film was the first of a successful series of 24 Bond films. Dr. No also launched a genre of “secret agent” films that flourished in the 1960s. The film also spawned a comic book adaptation and soundtrack album as part of its promotion and marketing.

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Hefner’s Heirs Can’t Become Drunks & Addicts

A Playmate is locked in a legal battle with a man who is on the biggest Dry Drunk ever known.

Rosamond Press

The Blast obtained a copy of the Playboy magnate’s trust. In it, there’s a section titled “Substance Abuse.” There, Hugh specifies that if any of his beneficiaries turn to the bottle or drugs, they are cut off.”

Fifteen years ago I wrote a long an eloquent letter to the ACLU asking them to stop the sale of my families’ Creative and Sober Legacy to outsiders because Christine and my Recovery Program will be needed to save the lives of our children and grandchildren – and their children. This letter was sent two years before my daughter, and her alcoholic kin, came into my life and destroyed our Recovery Story because they wanted to mate with, and get drunk with – drunks!

Christine and I were brother and sister in AA. Hugh’s Trust will be evidence in the lawsuits I will bring against the Destructive Addicts who sought to exploit us.

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Rena’s Bundy Boys

America used to own stop signs and red lights to put a halt to the real bad bullshit. But, here come the Trumpmeister in his Blunderbustmobile – crashing through all the check points!

Rosamond Press

In her letter Rena said I was “left-leaning” and bid me not to be hard on ranchers. The Pussy Grabbing Party’ was real nice to ranchers, and is treating them with kid gloves.

“The bill is very positive for agriculture,” Wolff said. “Farmers and ranchers were very vocal about telling their members of Congress what was important to them.”

How many farmers and ranchers are there in America?………….20,000!

Rena was going to play a big role in my Recovery Novel.


More than 63,600 lives were lost to drug overdose in 2016, the most lethal year yet of the drug overdose epidemic, according to a new report from the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most of those deaths involved opioids, a family of painkillers including illicit heroin and fentanyl as well as legally prescribed medications such as oxycodone and…

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Nothing Here – Here!

My search for ‘The American Girl’ has been an honest – and exhaustive search – because I sensed Her Myth, was coming to an end.

Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty

Last night I watched several episodes of ‘The West’ while I worked on a floor plan of a house I placed on this farm I googled. I had just finished a Cape Cod that I put in the Back Bay of Boston where in Fantasy World I lived with Rena Easton after I convinced her we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together. It was her eyes. I missed her look, her view of the world. Then there was her gate. She walked the earth like a great stalking cat. She had animal magnatism up the Yin Yang.  I assumed this was because there is nothing there – there! When I took the train across America I stopped to see her in Lincoln. I brought up the idea that I could move here, rent an old farm and have a studio.

“There’s nothing here. You…

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Fake Pulp News

I posted this two months ago. Things have gotten way more pulpy, hence. With the invention of Miriam Christmont, I have cobined sexy pulp, with religious pulp – and Christian comic books! What – genius!

Rosamond Press

It feels like war right now. If some radical young people (who are left-leaning) would build a street barricade, I would man it. But, then I might be heaved out due to my reputation with young women, who agreed to be my muse. How I saw myself, then, is topicle, because InTouch magazine just came out with the Stormy Trump Story, wherein Donald compares this Porn Star to his daughter. Where do you go from here? Do we stake the President of the United States on the nearest red ant hill?

I think I am still a newspaper man. But, I am tempted to drop out of society, change my name, and become a Pulp Fiction Writer along the lines of Kilgore Trout. Whatever went down between my muses, you will never find wrinkled old ladies on the cover of magazines. I am so in love with ‘The Wolf-girl of…

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The American Girl

Above is the artwork of Philip Boileau, the son of Susan Benton, the sister of Jessie Benton, who husband was the first Republican candidate for President. Philip and Christine Rosamond Benton are in the same family tree. Here are ‘The Rosamond Women’.

Here are ‘The Fisher Girls’ that I just discovered yesterday. The ‘Rosamond Caretaker’ missed Fisher and Boileau.

This is all that need have been said about the commercial artist, Christine Rosamond Benton. What a perfect name. You don’t need to hire an outsider to do this for you. Christine asked me to help her, saying she does not feel like an artist.

“Why don’t I write a paragraph about you saying ‘The World’s Greatest Artist’ then hire someone on the sly to help you bring more ‘American Girls’ into the world. You apply the Masterful Touch! Keep the other family members at a distance, and hire someone to do the books! Remain buoyant and in good health by never getting closer than a hundred yards of the ocean!”

Harrison Fisher

At one time, Harrison Fisher’s ‘Fisher Girl’ was as well known as ‘The Gibson Girl’. Fisher made a name for himself in the history of American illustration due to his uncanny ability to paint beautiful women. His ‘Fisher Girl’ and, more importantly, his ‘American Girl’ were recognized as the epitome of feminine beauty in America during the first quarter of the 20th century. She was lithe, elegant and beautiful, but also athletic, independent, and intelligent. Cosmopolitan Magazine in the 1920’s called Harrison Fisher, “The World’s Greatest Artist” saying that “There is an underlying ideal that dominates his paintings. His ideal type has come to be regarded as the type of American beauty: girls, young with the youth of a new country, strong with the vitality of buoyant good health, fresh with clear-eyed brightness, athletic, cheerful, sympathetic, and beautiful.” They went on to say, “‘The American Girl’ is practical, adventuresome, active, and above all, attractive. No one can portray more of this attractiveness than Harrison Fisher.” Christine Rosamond Benton.

President Trump, the Republican Party, and the Evangelicals have destroyed the tried and true formula. They slimed the ‘American Girl’. Today, the world is desirous to get their hands on a ‘Ukraine Girl’. It looks like I might be the only one that goes to jail. Everyone else has lawyered up, now that you can’t trust the ‘Beautiful American Girl’ to keep her mouth shut.

“‘The American Artist’ is to blame from the downfall of ‘The American Girl’.

“Lock him up!”

“Get him!”

“Don’t let him get away!”

Jon Presco

“During one exchange about finding damaging information on political opponents, Nix suggested they could “send some girls around to the candidate’s house,” and said Ukrainian girls “are very beautiful. I find that works very well.”

Nix said he was providing examples of “what can be done and what has been done.”

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Lying Pulp Fiction

This image of Stormy Daniels taking a lie detector test, is going into our Presidential History Files for future patriots to see. File this one next to George Washington’s cherry tree.

“I can tweet a lie – any time I want to! And here’s the tweets to prove it!”

That no elected leader can easily connect the facebook propaganda, with trump and his lying tweets, is – the real disgrace! We have been taken back in time to the age of Naughty Men’s Torture Magazines. I would pass a law that allows Congress to purchase the National Inquirer, and gift it to Trump if he resigns from office. Trump is killing fictional writing, and authors!

Only John McCain is telling it like it is. He was captured and tortured – for real! Does it take a man on his death bed, to have the guts? I demand Pope Francis come on world T.V. and say;

“The President of the United States is a habitual liar, and can not be trusted! Resign! Now!”

I could think of a lot of women I would love to subject to a lie detector test, but then, I would have nothing to write about. Trump is spoiling it for women – too! Most writers are liars. I would write a movie script about about pulp fiction illustrators and writers, if I didn’t have so many projects. I see a sleazy loft in New York. Favorite fiendish models are yukking it up, making lewd jokes, with the pretty models.

“I bet you felt that one, June baby! If not, I can use the severed gorilla arm on ya. I bet that would turn you on! Hardy har-har-har!”

I suspect the guy with the hacksaw is – a hack writer! I believe some of the Nazis, are staff artists. Is this the birth of Fox News? A guy on their news staff just quit saying he was involved in Propaganda.

Jon Presco‘propaganda-machine’/ar-BBKuflm?ocid=spartandhp

A longtime Fox News commentator on Tuesday let the network have it in a scathing letter to colleagues announcing his departure.

In an email to Fox News staff, first obtained by BuzzFeed News, strategic analyst Ret. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters claimed he decided not to renew his contract earlier this month because of how “ashamed” he is of Fox.

Peters attributed his decision to Fox’s defense of President Trump amid alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election, declaring that the network was increasingly “wittingly harming our system of government for profit.”

“Fox News is assaulting our constitutional order and the rule of law, while fostering corrosive and unjustified paranoia among viewers,” he wrote in the email. “Over my decade with Fox, I long was proud of the association. Now I am ashamed.”

He continued: “Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration.”

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