Helter-Skelter Christian Nazis

The first indication that Kim Haffner was going after me, is when she declared I was not a prophet, and, I called all Christians – Nazis. I suspect my other huge neighbor was told this lie, and thus she was furious every time I saw her.

The other big lie is, Kim, nor any member of her family read my sister’s bio – after I told her and her mother Garth was a movie actor and has a big part in the story of our artistic family. The motive for me drifting away from our friendship over a period of two months ( in order to avoid trouble) is that I went AWOL and verbally attacked her – and others! The truth is, her parents were losing face – BIG TIME! Their High School Dreams were shattered because Garth went to their High School when they did! Garth Benton is at the end of the video – talking about mind games! I see a swastika tattoo between the eyes of the lunatics above. 

John Presco

“The militia’s 31-page handbook claims that the group is not a racist or right-wing organization but welcomes everyone “regardless of skin color”.
However, they emphasize “the Judeo-Christian influence that is rooted in our Founding Fathers”.




Who are the Wolverine Watchmen?

The group take their name from Michigan’s nickname – the Wolverine State.

Michigan has long been a hotbed of militia activity and they are fierce advocates of the Second Amendment – as well as the right to carry weapons in general.

The Wolverine Watchmen doesn’t have much of an online presence.

It is not listed among the anti-government groups followed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremist and hate groups. 

The Anti-Defamation League, which also monitors extremist groups, has no mention of the Wolverine Watchmen on its website.

Militias sprang up the aftermath of the Waco siege in 1993 when Federal agents were involved in a stand-off at a compound belonging to members of a millennial Christian sect.

The siege ended dramatically when fires consumed the compound, leaving some 75 people dead, including 25 children.

The authorities handling of the situation led to anti-government resentment and by spring 1995 almost every state had a militia group, says the ADL.

Many members of militia groups have been arrested since then, usually on weapons, explosives and conspiracy charges. 

In May, armed militiamen gathered outside Michigan’s Capitol to rally against Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s pandemic executive orders.

Michigan Militia
Michigan has long been a hotbed of the militia – an open carry state with a deep divide between Democratic cities and Republican rural areas.
The election of a Democratic governor, aged 40, in November 2018, Gretchen Whitmer, to succeed 62-year-old Republican Rick Snyder did more to join their ranks.
Their decision to impose a strict lockdown in the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic only attracted more “freedom-loving” residents to their cause.
On Thursday, charges were brought against seven members of one of Michigan’s most prominent militias, the Wolverine Watchmen, who were charged with plotting to kidnap Ms. Whitmer and violently overthrow the state government.
The Wolverine Watchmen are believed to be an offshoot of another Michigan militia known as the Wolverines.
Michigan is called the Wolverine State.
Founded in 1994 by Norm Olson, a former U.S. Air Force corporal, the group claims, according to The Irish Times, to have more than 80 brigades in nine divisions across the state.
Experts say membership tends to dwindle depending on the current political climate, but could reach several thousand at the same time. The current membership was unclear.
Training sessions with tactical and survival role-play and weapon use usually take place once a month.
The militia’s 31-page handbook claims that the group is not a racist or right-wing organization but welcomes everyone “regardless of skin color”.
However, they emphasize “the Judeo-Christian influence that is rooted in our Founding Fathers”.
The seven militia members charged on Thursday are charged with attempting to “start a civil war and kidnap officials, including the governor.”
On their website, the militia said: “A well-armed citizenship is the best form of internal security and can better deter crime, invasion, terrorism and tyranny.”
It adds, “If you are a US citizen (or have declared your intention to do so) who is capable of bearing arms, or has the right to do so, then YOU ARE THE MILITIA!”
The manual says they are “not racists who are” waging the great race war to destroy the Mudmen “.
Nor do they say they are “terrorists advocating violence or destroying buildings in Oklahoma full of men, women and children” – a reference to Timothy McVeigh, America’s worst domestic terrorist, who blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995 and 168 people killed and 680 injured.
“Only madmen do that,” they say.
The manifesto continues to rail against taxes, stating that they are taking up arms to protect the freedom of US citizens.
“We Americans have lost the concept of true freedom because we no longer know exactly what our rights are. In today’s United States, the word ‘rights’ has been so completely corrupted that few Americans know the difference between procedural rights and civil rights and our inalienable rights and freedoms, “they say.
Members take part in training courses that develop marksmanship and survival skills.
The militia issue has come to the fore in a heated legislature and with a president refusing to condemn the armed gangs who are generally ardent supporters of his campaign.
In at least 45 open-carry states, militiamen can walk armed and equipped in public as if they were legally waging war in Iraq or Afghanistan.
The consequences were fatal.
In Kenosha, Wisconsin, two Black Lives Matter protesters were shot dead by Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old self-appointed militia member, on August 25.
In Portland, Oregon, a member of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, which shows up at heavily armed rallies, was shot dead by a right-wing gunman.
And in other cities in the United States – Kentucky, Georgia, Texas, and elsewhere – ugly scenes of militia members confronting protesters were common this summer.
Many fear the tension will only increase as the elections approach and immediately afterwards if Mr Trump does not win.
The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump group of former Republicans, released a new campaign video this week highlighting Mr Trump’s wooing of militia and other far-right groups.
“This is not a dog whistle,” says the voice. “It’s a siren.”

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Capturing The Beautiful Governor

“Snatch and grab, man,” Adam Fox told an FBI informant in July. “Grab the fuckin’ governor. Just grab the bitch. Because at that point, we do that, dude – it’s over.”

Fox, from Michigan, is now facing a potential life sentence, along with five other men, for an elaborate plan to kidnap the state’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, and put her on trial for “treason”, according to the FBI.

The title of my autobiography is ‘Capturing Beauty’. For several years I have posted on the false accusation Rena Easton filed with Bozeman police department. Dan Mayland gave me a call and told me my ex-muse believes I mean to do her harm. I asked him if he read anything in my letter that would indicate this? He said he did not. There is evidence Rena has suffered from Paranoia Schizophrenia most of her life. I never got an address, just a P.O. Box. I never had her phone number. Our two letters to each other must contain the reasons she fears for her life.


I did have a dream that she was surrounded by right-wing militia men, and, blogged on this in 2014. How prophetic! Freedom of the press – works!


Three days ago my neighbor told me she heard all this ruckus outside her bedroom window. When she opened her curtains, she saw two men rolling around in the dirt fighting – but feet from her. She was horrified! This is the first time she was witness to violence after living here for twenty-five years. She feels less safe.

Two days ago I asked another neighbor what was going on. He said this crazy guy had pointed his gun at him and other neighbors, and said he was going to shoot them. One neighbor put her gun on her hip as she worked in her garden. I was told about twenty guys ganged up on this crazy guy and beat him up. A petition was signed by forty of my neighbors and handed to management. My neighbors want this guy out of here. He has been walking around with an axe. After two weeks – he’s still here!

Kim Haffner used the fake abuser report filed by Anarchist, Alley Valkyrie, to stir my neighbors up, and, turn them against me. Neighbors who I do not know, came over to my stairwell and said I needed to be locked up. I told them I called the police and they were on their way. Why didn’t they call the police if I was such a dangerous man? Did they go to the managers – with a petition? Did they see me carrying an axe, or threatening me with a gun? No. Several times Haffner ordered me back in my appartment when I emerged. She did this in front of her posse who asked me;

“Can I help you?”

This was said to give me the message they believe I should not live here, and, management was wrong to have rented to me. Threats were made to get rid of a friendly cat – that disappeared! These Goons wanted to alter how I behave, and force me to behave like a degenerate pariah. I talked to my doctor and a therapist how they are altering how I interact in this appartment complex I have lived in for over forteen years. I am afraid the lover of Krista is looking for a excuse to shoot me.

The question is, has the Goon Squad shown other people exerts from my blog or, any of my youtube videos – as proof I am capable of hurting my neighbors any second – for no reason at all? Harassing me does not count as a reason I would hurt them. There is no evidence or testimony from anyone I raged at them and told them I wanted to hurt them. Their harassment is not about MY BEHAVIOR, but about WHAT I PUBLISHED. For Haffner to tell me she is in contact with my daughter, and, she is in agreement that I am a very BAD MAN, is to further put a target on my back. This ex-nurse at the Johnson Unit, never called Cahoots, or, the police. I am convinced she wants to see me – beat up!

Three months before I was approached by anarchist, Belle Burch, in Kesey Square, I posted this very prophetic post. In her slanderous attack on my newspaper she bid her Goon Squad to look in this blog for evidence I am insane and dangerous. This is a que for Kim Haffner and others – to for after me as Alley suggests.


I am going to take Sue and Kim Haffner to small claims court because there is no way they did not read the biography of my late sister. Sue needs to testify before a judge that she had no interest in the most famous alumni of her High School. Sue’s whole life is built around Reseda High where she met her husband who fathered – a monster!


Stalkers and Predictors of women keep a very low profile, and do not publish blogs on their victims. Haffner and others know this. When I discovered Belle’s TRUE IDENTITY she concealed from me, she had just requested a time be set for her to model for me. I canceled it, and confronted her. I then had to weigh something extremely important. Why should I allow Violent Anarchists to prevent me from rendering works of art, and publishing what I want in my newspaper? What if I discovered who Belle was – just after I did her portrait? Would Alley demand I destroy MY painting? I chose – TO CREATE! I wrote a musical about Belle, and used Rena as my model for Victoria Bond.

I look foreward to having Sue Haffner be asked this question in a court of law:

“Did you read the threat Mr. Presco received from the self-proclaimed witch and shit-disturber, Alley Valkyrie?”

“I’m going to make this very simple for you. I don’t know if you know who I am, but I sure as hell know who you are, and when you fuck with my friends, you fuck with me. Stop writing about Belle or I am going to make your life very difficult. I mean it. If I see one more word about her on your blog, your FB, or anywhere else, I will make sure that you experience all the fear and discomfort that she is experiencing right now. And no, this isn’t a physical threat, so don’t try to play victim. Frankly, I encourage you to contact EPD, as they already know all about you. I will not do anything illegal, but mark my word you will regret it if you write one more word about her. I will make sure that the entire community knows exactly how much of a sick fuck you are. Your picture, your name, and “samples” of your writing will be posted on every bulletin board in town. There will not be a single person in the Eugene/Springfield area who won’t know that you’re a sick stalker who won’t leave a stalker who won’t leave a young girl alone. Cut it out. Now. This is your first, last, and only warning.”

I was puzzled as to why Haffner kept denying she read Christine’s bio. In a video she says I used that video to lure in my victims. Being a good Christian, she resisted temptation, and so did her mother. It is now clear Kim launched a campaign to depict me as a Dangerous Monster to our neighbors, because I dare suggest one of the Haffner women read my famous sister’s bio – and dogeared the pages! I told Kim not to pass this bio around until I went over the accounts of CHILD ABUSE with her, because, a hired ghost writer wrote un-proven accusations – for money! Self-help bios are written by victims. The police and the FBI need to ask all the Haffners and my neighbors if Kim ever suggested I might be a threat to harm myself, and thus Cahoots should be called to – stop me?

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press



“Snatch and grab, man,” Adam Fox told an FBI informant in July. “Grab the fuckin’ governor. Just grab the bitch. Because at that point, we do that, dude – it’s over.”

Fox, from Michigan, is now facing a potential life sentence, along with five other men, for an elaborate plan to kidnap the state’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, and put her on trial for “treason”, according to the FBI.

The chilling plot, revealed in an FBI affidavit released on Thursday, was a months-long effort that also saw members of a rightwing militia consider forgoing the kidnapping and instead executing Whitmer on her doorstep.




Six people charged in plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer

 Read more

The news sent shockwaves through the country, as the US faces one the most divisive and viciously fought elections in its history in less that four weeks. The vote has already been marred by accusations of voter suppression, civil unrest linked to police brutality and sometimes violent incidents by heavily armed rightwingers.

The FBI document showed just how far along the men got in their planning, and how credible the threat became against Whitmer, who had been considered for the role of Joe Biden’s running mate. In recent months, Whitmer has become a focal point of anti-government sentiment and anger over coronavirus lockdown measures.


Is Rena the Muse of White Power?

Posted on February 2, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


Right after Dan Mayland called me I had a sense that some white dudes were putting me in their cross-hairs. Does Rena Easton hang with White Supremacists? If so, the thing that could have ticked them off, was at the poetry reading, a black man invited me to come to the microphone with my image of Rena, and, Nisha reads Rena’s poem in front of a black man playing drums. Kenny Reed identifies Nisha as his daughter. This is because Kenny is married to a white woman, my childhood sweetheart, Marilyn.


“Can she be my must too!”

Everything fits, the trailer on the hill so you can see the enemy coming and be assured your neighbor – if they be black – are going to be a ways from you so you don’t have to LOOK AT THEM! That video is THE TARGET. That’s what they want off my blog, and will take down my whole blog to get it out of their lily white racist faces! This why Dan is relaying the message that Rena will not be sending me any more information because I misused the information she sent me. I defiled her, brought her down from her Tower of White Power.

This why Rena didn’t call me, send me a PERSONAL letter, because I had crossed the line of no return, and, these White Chicken-Shit Racists love to work in the dark, pretend they must conduct covert paramilitary operations in the name of White Folks – and their White Nazi Jesus.

Racist Bookburners for the White Killer Jesus are gathering in Montana for the fake End Time apocalypse invented by John Darby in 1840. Not once did Rena mention anything in this blog she has read. She says this;

“It amuses me a bit that I have become a SUCH a Red-neck woman.”

What Rena is saying, is, she used to a Liberal-Leftist, and the person she was beholds her now and see she IS SUCH a Red-neck Woman. I think my life is in danger. Has Dan Mayland heard things that might suggest I am, thus he felt he was doing me a favor in trying to get me away from Rena, and destroy all evidence I know her.

“He who accuses, excuses.”

If this is going on, then let me say this…Come get me you white Satanic deluded trailer trash!

Jon Presco


“For two years in the mid-1990s, Judge Greg Mohr carried a gun and wore a bulletproof vest while presiding over his tiny courtroom east of Kalispell. Members of the Montana Freemen, an armed group of racist extremists, were regularly appearing before him, and they didn’t mince words. Some of them later sentenced Mohr to death in their own pseudo-legal “common-law courts.”

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The California Barrel Company of San Francisco

From the get I predicted Quibi would be a huge failure due to NOT being in touch with the Wee People on Phones – and on Facebook! Quibi took the name of my grandfather’s barrel company. I sent e-mails to Meg Whitman’s attorney stating the Oak Barrel is the perfect BRAND.  Subordinates on the team – to keep Quibi from going off the cliff – complained from the get, that Qubi sounded like a brand of DOG FOOD. QUIBI stands for QUICK BITE!  My God! What have thou wrought? They knew they were selling CONSUMABLE BULLSHIT to people who knew they were being BULLSHITTED, thus the brand name…BUBU.


Whitman was the CEO of Walt Disney! She couldn’t have got on the phone with one of HER old Ad Men, and asked for a favor?

“Well..we got Papa Gepetto, the carpenter. You could make him a cooper. Apple has an APPLE, you can have a…BARREL…of fun! Quick Fun!



The Pope announced the trickle down economy was a total failure. How these two happenings are related will be The Talk and Art Institute Think Tank I am forming at Belmont Arts. I have put together a team of experts that is for hire. braskewitz@yahoo.com

“Quibi, the short-form mobile streaming service, may be a short-form company. Just five months since its launch, Quibi is exploring several “strategic options,” including a sale, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday.

Since its US debut in April, Quibi seemed destined for such an ending. It badly missed subscriber and viewership targets and in June was on pace to sign up only 2 million paying subscribers by the end of the year (its goal was over 7 million). It was forced to manage reports of mass layoffs and rumors that its founder, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and its CEO, Meg Whitman, were not seeing eye to eye. And now it’s fighting a lawsuit filed by a video company alleging Quibi infringed on its patented technology (Quibi denies this). https://qz.com/1907265/why-quibi-failed/

Rosamond Press

Bohemian Club

Bohemian Club Members of the Bohemian Club, including California Gov. Ronald Reagan (centre left) and U.S. Vice Pres. Richard Nixon (centre right), at Bohemian Grove, California, 1967.The California Barrell Company

The California Barrel Company


John Presco: President of Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2020

An idea for a book, movie, and cable series.

William Broderick supervised the loading of two hundred barrels onto the freight car in Dogpatch, and now accompanied them on the barge to the dock in Oakland. He could just make out Joaquin Miller’s white home in the hills that sat as a Bohemian Beacon above the Stuttemeister orchard. Bill had picked a fight with the old curmudgeon and fraud about having his brigades of artistic circus clowns marching up and down the road they shared that was in theory, the Stuttmeister Road, that was later changed to Berlin Way. Now there were Japanese poets coming…

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Wandering Star Studio of Belmont

I am going to try and contact Meg Whitman about acquiring the grounds upon which the College of Norte Dame de Namur is now occupying. I just got off the phone with Casey Farrell and we did another radio show that did not get broadcast. I’m going to contact Clint Eastwood that has Susan Locke as an artist in Pebble Beach. Our first show will be…The Many Portraits of Susan Locke.

Today is my birthday! I am 75 years of age. Three days I found this home while looking for a home to rent for my niece, Shannon Rosamond, who is going to come to Oregon in a couple of weeks. I am going to make her my Heir. This is when I looked at the College of Norte Dame de Namur. I am going to aske this college to purchase this home (that could be in Carmel) for my niece and I to live in. This will be the home of Royal Rosamond Press. We descend from the co-founder of Belmont, Carl Janke. We are National Treasures. This would also be the home of Wandering Star Studios, and Master Art Therapy of Belmont that will employ graduates of Art Therapy class of Namur which is a registered twin city of Belmont. In one year the campus will close and rent out their buildings. I am looking for backers in my enterprises. I want to do a radio show with my friend, Spooky Noodles.

Make my dreams come true. Give me a happy ending!


John Presco

President: Wandering Star Studios.


 Note Dame de Namur University is also planning a dramatic change in the use of its Belmont campus. The goal is to have many of the spaces traditionally used by undergraduate classmen instead be rented to new partners that could include local businesses or nonprofits to generate revenue for the school.




The Wandering Star Studio

Posted on July 6, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

On this day, July 6, 2018, I give new life to The Wandering Star Studio. I am now seeking backers for WSS in China, Japan, Canada, France, and England. I am going to ask David Lynch if he will represent my studio.

The United States of America, before it became a Nations, was made up of diverse peoples from all over the world. The Constitution does not describe a certain race of peoples as owners of this Freedom Land. It belongs to all citizens. The laws for being a citizen, and becoming a citizen have been established. However, there is always room for improvement.

It is becoming evident, that many people who voted for Donald Trump, did so believing he would grant them a special citizenship that is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. This idea is creating Disunity that grows each day, because it is being nurtured by propaganda. This propaganda is being spread to the rest of the world in Trump’s Trade Wars that no U.S. Citizen voted for, or, expected.

It is the mission of Wandering Star Studio to show how it took many diverse people to make up this great country of ours. Most of these people were not indigenous. they came here from all over the world, following a…………….Wandering Star!

Trade Wars are creating a very destruction Isolationtionism that will stifle our economy and our people. We will lose our creative edge that blossoms from open minds, verses closed minds. American and World Culture needs to explore new ways to work and create together so we may all own a Universal Culture that betters the lives of all people.

The Hollywood film industry has been a mecca for universal ideas that have made the world a better place to live. It survived the destructive wave of Nationalism in both World Wars. However, due to the need to show a profit with the high cost of movie making, our best ideas are being pushed to the wayside. We the People of the World are being deprived of the Wandering Star that has guided us. We can author better scripts to a better ending – and a better beginning to all our adventures and endeavors.

Conflict has never produced good results. A Universal Co-operation can create unapparelled change and prosperity. Let us open the great empty canvas that awaits our greater visions. We can see better through a universal lens, verses a lens that is dragged along the bitter feudal territory that never made anyone happy.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Presshttps://player.vimeo.com/video/135440369?app_id=122963


The American branch of the company was managed by Méliès’ older brother Gaston Méliès and produced films in New York CitySan AntonioTexas and Santa Paula, California. Its most significant film was The Immortal Alamo (1911).[4]


Georges Méliès had produced films in France, which had become popular around the world. Some distributors began infringing Méliès’ work, especially in the United States. Méliès asked his brother Gaston to go to the United States and guard Méliès copyrights.

The Star Film Company moved to California in April 1911. Gaston originally planned to relocate to Santa Barbara but chose Santa Paula instead, perhaps because the scenery was better, or perhaps because it was less expensive. In Santa Paula, he built stages across from a resort called Sulphur Mountain Springs, where the troupe rented rooms. Financially, things started going wrong for Gaston. His popular stars, Edith Storey and William Clifford moved to other companies. His California films were not as profitable as the Texas films had been. In November 1911, Gaston met with Vitagraph Studios in New York and sold fifty percent of his company, including his brothers negatives and distribution rights.[6]

Roy Rosamond and Gaston Melies

Posted on December 8, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press

RR Rosamond Letter 2

I found this letter two days ago on the Rosamond photo file I got several years ago. I could not make out the signature, and googled Sulphur Mountain and Santa Paula. This is a letter from the famous director, Gaston Melies, the brother of the even more famous director,  Georges Méliès.

I was in shock. I considered the thousands of hours of research I have done without receiving a dime, and now, at the bottom of the shaft of the mine I have dug for myself, I find a gem.  I now owned the engine that drove my grandfather, that kept him going forward, he never giving up. Did he tell everyone around him Gaston will make a movie from his story ‘The Finding of the Last Chance Mine’, one day? If not, there were plenty more stories where that came from – a veritable mother load!

Why wasn’t I told about this letter? Why didn’t my grandmother tell me she was Bohemian Grove Wood Nymph? The sad truth now hit home. Being a writer, a gambler, a poet, a drifter, a artist, and a free spirit, are not good things to be, especially when they are associated with ‘Being a Failure’. Royal Rosamond failed to strike it big, and take his Rosy family to Hollywood where they would be rolling in doe. Instead, Mary Magdalene Magdalene was forced to make hats in order to feed her four beautiful daughters – and her husband who took the pen name, Royal. This is why Mary told him not to come home when he failed to sign that book deal with Homer Croy who wrote ‘They Had to See Paris’ starring the most famous cowboy of the time, Will Rogers. Roy Reuben Rosamond, was all washed up. He was a has-been wannabe. This prospector never saw his beautiful wife, and his four daughters, again, but for my mother, Rosemary Rosamond, who went to Oklahoma City to see the abject failure, one last time. Roy had a newspaper stand and tutored young folk in the art of poetry.

If you are a creative person, you know for every star, there are a thousand souls who did not make to the Big Tent. In biographies of famous people you notice there is a creative group that surrounds them. If you are authoring a biography, you string connections together and hang them on a tree.

Francis Ford starred in Gaston’s movie ‘The Ghost of Sulphur Mountian’. Francis is the brother of the really famous director, John Ford, who is known for his Westerns. Roy Rosamond claimed he was a real Cowboy, so did Joaquin Miller who amused the Pre-Raphaelites and European Royalty with his Western garb.  This image was tailor-made for Miller by Ina Coolbrith the darling of the Bohemian Club. Then there is the Salon Jessie Fremont had in San Francisco that Mark Twain and Bret Harte attended. The Western Star is born. Now add to this the artwork of Thomas Hart Benton, and Christine Rosamond Benton, then you behold the core cultural movement in America, that left the East Coast, high and dry.

Last, but no least, is Jack London’s Last Chance Salon in Oakland, and Steinbecks ‘Grapes of Wrath’ that John Ford directed. Sprinkle in the Radical Republicans, who did battle with the folks that starred in ‘Birth of a Nation’ and what you get is gritty Westernized Socialism and a Commie Witchhunt.

I can now see my mother knew about this deal to secure her father’s story, and make sure Gaston owns the copyright. Rosemary flirted with the idea she would be a movie star, and once dated a B Actor named George. She used to show us his picture and ask;

“How would you kids have liked to have been George’s children and be born in Hollywood? He asked me to marry him. Instead, I married that SOB father of yours.”

Drats! Our story is tailor made for W.C. Fields who stepped on my aunts toes at a tennis match. This got the attention of Errol Flynn, who sent his friend over to give Lillian an invite, with phone number!

You see, it took over ten years to gather together my family history, because the women in the family had grown bitter – wrathful! Here is a video of the other man Rosemary should have married. His father owned a vast tract of Lima Bean fields in Camarillo, just east of the little town of Santa Paula where Gaston moved his movie company ‘Star Film Ranch’ in 1911. He was following a trend. Some say tis was the film capitol of California. The Rosamond household was not but twelve miles away at ‘Ventura by the Sea’. Did Gaston make a search of the local talent for his next movie?

Royal’s story appeared in West Coast Magazine. A similar story about a mine, along with ‘The Squaw Girl’, appeared in Out West magazine in 1911. There is mention of a “dramatic copyright’ which indicates Royal was writing with the movies in mind. This puts my grandfather at the epicenter of the first California Movie industry. Was he aware of the movie ‘The Squaw Man’ that Christine Rosamond’s first biographer mistakenly attributed to Roy? How much money did Tom Snyder receive for getting it wrong? That book did not sell, and was a abject failure. My daughter, her mother and aunt, and my surviving sister, backed this losing effort.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014


Rosamonds 1912 Frank Wedding 3
02.George Méliès - Le voyage a travers l'impossible (1904 colorizée) 001
Rosamonds 1943 Lilian 2
Rosamonds 1942 Lillian, Rosemary, June & Bonnie on Fence 2

Gaston Méliès (French: [meljɛs]; February 12, 1852 – April 9, 1915) was a French film director who worked primarily in the United States. He was the brother of the famous film director Georges Méliès.

Gaston and the third and elder Méliès brother, Henri, ran the family shoe factory in Paris. They landed a contract with the French War Ministry that looked to make them both wealthy. Unfortunately, the price of leather increased sharply, and they were unable to meet their costs. The factory shut down and the Méliès lost their business.[1]

Georges Méliès had produced films in France, which had become popular around the world. Some distributors began pirating Méliès work, especially in the United States. Georges Méliès asked his brother Gaston to go the United States and guard Georges’s copyrights.

Gaston Méliès arrived in New York City in 1902, formed the American branch of the Star Film Company, and began distributing his brother’s films. By 1903, Gaston began making films himself, mostly documentaries. The films were not successful. In the summer of 1907, Gaston Méliès returned to France take care of some business with Georges. On September 11, 1907, he married Hortense-Louise de Mirmont, an elder sister of Lucien Reulos’ wife, who was one of Georges Méliès’ first collaborators.[2] The new couple left Paris a few days after their marriage and travelled from Le Havre to New York on the ship La Savoie, where they arrived September 28, 1907.

In need of warmer winters to allow for year round film production, Méliès moved the Star Film Company to San AntonioTexas, and leased twenty acres including a two-story house and large barn that became the “Star Film Ranch” movie studio.[1] He acted in two of his movies playing a priest in The Immortal Alamo (1911) and The Kiss of Mary Jane (1911).

In April, 1911, Gaston moved the company to Santa Paula, California, following the trend of other movie studios to relocate in California.

In 1912 and 1913 Méliès travelled with his family and a film crew of over 20 people in the South PacificNew ZealandAustraliaTahitiSoutheast Asia and Japan in search of exotic subjects for his films.[3] For the summer of 1912 and well into 1913 Gaston sent footage back to his son in New York, but it was often damaged or unusable. Gaston was no longer able to fulfill Star Film’s obligation to Thomas Edison’s company. Gaston lost $50,000 and had to cease production. He went to California, sold the American branch of Star Films to Vitagraph Studios, and then returned to Europe. He and his brother Georges (who blamed Gaston for his own financial difficulties) never spoke to one another again.

Méliès and his wife moved to Corsica in the winter of 1913. He died in Corsica on April 9, 1915 of “shellfish poisoning.” He was buried on April 14, 1915 in Saint-Vincent Cemetery in MontmartreParis, in a tomb belonging to his second wife’s family, De Mirmont.[2]


Unless otherwise referenced, the following information is adapted from the research of Paul Hammond.[4] All films were released by the Star Film Company.



Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès, known as Georges Méliès (/mˈljɛs/;[1] French: [meljɛs]; 8 December 1861 – 21 January 1938) was a French illusionist and filmmaker famous for leading many technical and narrative developments in the earliest days of cinema. Méliès, a prolific innovator in the use of special effects, accidentally discovered the substitution stop trick in 1896, and was one of the first filmmakers to use multiple exposurestime-lapse photographydissolves, and hand-painted color in his work. Because of his ability to seemingly manipulate and transform reality through cinematography, Méliès is sometimes referred to as the first “Cinemagician”.[2] His films include A Trip to the Moon (1902) and The Impossible Voyage (1904), both involving strange, surreal journeys somewhat in the style of Jules Verne, and are considered among the most important early science fiction films, though their approach is closer to fantasy. Méliès was also an early pioneer of horror cinema, which can be traced back to his The Haunted Castle (1896).




The Star Film Company moved to California in April 1911. Gaston originally planned to relocate to Santa Barbara but chose Santa Paula instead, perhaps because the scenery was better, or perhaps because it was less expensive. In Santa Paula, he built stages across from a resort called Sulphur Mountain Springs, where the troupe rented rooms. Financially, things started going wrong for Gaston. His popular stars, Edith Storey and William Clifford moved to other companies. His California films were not as profitable as the Texas films had been. In November 1911, Gaston met with Vitagraph Studios in New York and sold fifty percent of his company, including his brothers negatives and distribution rights.[6]

In 1917 Ford founded a short-lived independent company, Fordart Films, which released the 1918 Berlin via America with Phil Kelly, and briefly opened his own studio at Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street. At the same time Ford mentored his younger brother, collaborating frequently as writers, directors, and actors in each other’s projects; but as early as 1917, it was clear that John’s star was on the rise. Frank’s directorial style remained suitable for serials, but failed to evolve.[3] Ford’s final known directoral credit is for the 1928 The Call of the Heart, a 50-minute vehicle for “Dynamite the Devil Dog”.

The Ford brothers were, at the best of times, critical of each other, and sometimes sharply antagonistic. Ford wrote an unpublished memoir in 1934 called “Up and Down the Ladder” which is “filled with bitter and sometimes heartrending complaints about how old-timers who had helped create the industry had been shunted aside by younger men.”[4]

From the late 1920s, and for the next two decades, Ford sustained a career as a grizzled character actor and bit player. He is often uncredited, as in his appearance in James Whale‘s 1931 Frankenstein. Among his most memorable roles was that of the demented old man in The Ox-Bow Incident (1943).

Directed by Oscar Apfel and Cecil B. DeMille and produced by DeMille and Jesse L. Lasky, the screenplay was adapted by Beulah Marie Dix from the 1905 stage play, of the same name, written by Edwin Milton Royle.

This first screen version of the story was the legendary DeMille’s first movie assignment. It also holds the distinction of being the first feature-length movie filmed specifically in Hollywood. It was not the first to be made in the Los Angeles area, and film historians agree that shorts had previously been filmed in Hollywood, with In Old California considered the earliest. Harbor scenes were shot in San Pedro, California and the western saloon set was built beside railroad tracks in the San Fernando Valley. Footage of cattle on the open range were shot at Keen Camp near Idyllwild, California, while snow scenes were shot at Mount Palomar.[2]

The Squaw Man went on to become the only movie successfully filmed three times by the same director/producer, DeMille. He did a silent remake in 1918, and a talkie version in 1931.

While Miller toured Europe and lived out their mutual dream of visiting Lord Byron’s tomb, Coolbrith was saddled with custody of his daughter, and the care of members of her own family, so she set up house in Oakland and accepted the position of city librarian. Her poetry suffered as a result of her long work hours, but she mentored a generation of young readers including Jack London and Isadora Duncan. After she served for 19 years, Oakland’s library patrons called for reorganization, and Coolbrith was fired. She moved back to San Francisco and was invited by members of the Bohemian Club to be their librarian.

Coolbrith began to write a history of California literature, including much autobiographical material, but the fire following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake consumed her work. Author Gertrude Atherton and Coolbrith’s Bohemian Club friends helped set her up again in a new house, and she resumed writing and holding literary salons. She traveled by train to New York City several times and, with fewer worldly cares, greatly increased her poetry output. On June 30, 1915, Coolbrith was named California’s poet laureate, and she continued to write poetry for eight more years.


Santa Paula was the early film capital of California. Gaston Méliès brought his Star Film Company to the city in 1911, filming movies such as The Ghost of Sulphur Mountain.

The city has been featured in Hollywood media on numerous occasions. Some examples include:

On the television drama The West Wing, Santa Paula is the hometown of fictional presidential candidate Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda). In early 2005, Santa Paula Mayor Mary Ann Krause began a lobbying campaign to have Santa Paula declared Vinick’s hometown. In a publicity move for the town, city officials officially “claim[ed] Senator Arnold Vinick as a resident of Santa Paula,” in April 2005, and opened an official campaign headquarters for the fictional Republican Senator in the town’s train depot. (Santa Paula for Vinick) On October 14, 2005, NBC released Vinick’s official biography and revealed Santa Paula as the town in which he was raised. [1]

The Santa Paula train depot has been a location for various productions. It was one of the locations for the miniseries The Thorn Birds (1983), starting Richard Chamberlain. Dennis DeYoung, former lead singer of the popular 1970s rock group Styx, filmed the music video for Desert Moon, also the title of his first solo album, at the depot in 1984. The depot was used in the season 3 finale of Glee (2012).

Parts of the movie Disorganized Crime (1989), starring Fred Gwynne of the Munsters, was filmed downtown on Main Street.

Main Street and other locations featured prominently in the 1990 Winona Ryder film Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael.

Chaplin (1992) filmed throughout the surrounding area and held a casting call in town for background actors.

Santa Paula also served as one of the locations for the motion picture Mr. Woodcock (2007), starring Billy Bob Thornton.

A good portion of Joe Dirt (2001) starring David Spade was filmed downtown as well as at the popular restaurant Mary B’s.

The Lindsay Lohan movie Georgia Rule (2007) was filmed in Santa Paula.

The majority of the 1997 film Leave It to Beaver was filmed in Santa Paula, with many Santa Paula residents being cast in minor character roles and as extras. The famous scene of Beaver trapped in the giant coffee cup had Main Street blocked off for almost a week while filming continued.

Parts of the Brian De Palma movie Carrie (1976), starring Sissy Spacek, were filmed in Santa Paula.

Other movies that were filmed partially in Santa Paula include The Philadelphia Experiment (1984), the Chinatown sequel The Two Jakes (1990), the Martin Short/Danny Glover buddy comedy Pure Luck (1991), For Love of the Game (1999), Bubble Boy (2001), starring Jake Gyllenhaal, and Bedtime Stories (2008) starring Adam Sandler .

After a 1994 fire destroyed their sets in nearby Fillmore, the TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles filmed in various locations including Santa Paula’s Ebell Mansion.

The James M. Sharp House is an historical Italian villa-style house built in 1890. It is located on West Telegraph Road, just outside of Santa Paula, and has been the setting for several movies including Amityville 4 (1989) and The Black Gate (1995), and How To Make An American Quilt (1995).

Various commercials, including a Super Bowl Budweiser commercial, have been filmed in downtown Santa Paula.

Parts of The Rockford Files episode “Coulter City Wildcat” were filmed in Santa Paula.

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The Rosamond Movie and Books

My niece, Shannon Rosamond, said she has a third biography written by Sandra Faulkner, who claimed she interviewed her mother – before her mother drowned mysteriously at Rocky Point. My daughter, Heather Hanson, and her family all but threw me into the Grand Canyon in order to apply my families artistic and literary legacy to a my child who pretended to be a country Western Star.  Our family story was the much needed publicity for a rising star – NOT!



Rosamond Press





sandrafaul“My biopic on the artist Rosamond was optioned by Oscar-winning producer Ronald Schwary and my courtroom drama placed second out of three thousand scripts in the 2007 IndieProducer Screenplay Contest.”

Vicki Presco told me she read the rough draft of Julie Lynches biography of our late sister, Christine Rosamond. Mark Presco told me he read the draft of Tom Snyder’s biography about this world-famous artist known as Rosamond ‘The Rose of the World’. Both books were failures. There are two screen plays out there. Sandra Faulkner claimed she interviewed Christine just before she died for her book that never saw the light of day – after I pointed out these notes belonged to my two nieces. My family did not want Shannon Rosamond in control of the autobiography because she would own a podium from where she could broadcast her claims of abuse, too!

In my biography I reveal my…

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The Black Mask – Writes Again!

Today is my birthday. I believe my un-neighborly tormenters subscribe to the Left Behind series written by Tim LaHaye. They have looked at my videos. I am their gift that keeps on giving. The Ugly Kimmites actually might be my fan club.

John ‘The Artful Stalker’






Rosamond Press

I want QUIBI to make a series about a time machine which allows an old writer to  huddle with the Black Mask writers so they can author books that would confound Fuzzy Bear Hackers that were launched by Putin who wants to be Tsar. While preparing to launch their first counter-attack, the grandparents of the old man appear in the secret warehouse they meet in in Ventura by the Sea. Jack London and George Sterling join this endeavor to save Western Civilization from the Tsarist Red State Menace. Putin has launched a superior rocket and evangelical rednecks down in the red states are celebrating. They have been brainwashed by the Trumpire. Bohemia has risen! Long live the King of the Bohemians!

As the Authors of the Quest raise their goblets at the great table, a man comes out of the shadow. It is Ian Fleming, who is kin to Elizabeth…

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Commissioning The Ghost Fleet

I am a prophet after John of Patmos. No prophet in recent times has had such a great insight into the future. I employed my muse, Rena Easton, as my Co-Seer…against her will; So much did I believe in my vision that also employed Lara Roozemond as the actress I want to play Victoria Bond.

Seer Jon






  • Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Tuesday that the US Navy needs more than 500 ships by 2045 to counter China.
  • The Pentagon envisions a force of 355 traditional warfighting vessels by 2035 and a larger force of over 500 manned and unmanned vessels by 2045.
  • The plan, known as Battle Force 2045, calls for more submarines and hundreds of unmanned or optionally-manned assets, among other changes. It would require a major funding boost similar to what the service saw in the Reagan-era build-up.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Tuesday afternoon that the US Navy needs more than 500 ships by 2045 to counter China.

Speaking at an online Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments event, Esper unveiled his plan for the future fleet: “Battle Force 2045.” The plan calls for a force of 355 traditional warfighting vessels by 2035 and a larger force consisting of over 500 manned and unmanned vessels by 2045.

While Esper made note of the threats and challenges posed by Russia, his focus was China, which plans to modernize its armed forces by 2035 and build a world-class military by 2049.

“At that time, Beijing wants to achieve parity with the United States Navy, if not exceed our capabilities in certain areas and to offset our overmatch in several others,” Esper said.

A recent Department of Defense report on China’s growing military might said that China has already achieved parity or outpaced the US in some areas, one of which is shipbuilding.

China “has the largest navy in the world, with an overall battle force of approximately 350 ships and submarines including over 130 major surface combatants,” the Pentagon assessed in its latest China Military Power report.

The Pentagon also reported that “China is the top ship-producing nation in the world by tonnage,” adding that the country is currently working hard to increase “its shipbuilding capacity and capability for all naval classes.”

The China Power project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies has estimated that China could have 425 battle force ships by 2030. The US Navy currently has a battle force of 296 vessels. 

“The United States must be ready to deter conflict, and if necessary, fight and win at sea,” Esper said in September. To maintain overmatch as China grows stronger, he said that the Navy needs a larger and more varied naval force. On Tuesday, he laid out some of the specifics details.

He said the service needs a “larger and more capable submarine force” of 70-80 submarines.

The secretary characterized attack submarines as “the most survivable strike platform in a future great power conflict” and stressed the need for the Navy to begin building three Virginia-class submarines a year as soon as possible.

The proposed future fleet would include eight to 11 nuclear-powered carriers — the fleet currently has 11 — supported by up to six light carriers. The light carriers could handle day-to-day missions, freeing up the larger flattops for higher-end fights.

Esper also called for extending the range and increasing the lethality of the carrier air wing, which he said will need to consist of both manned and unmanned aviation assets.

The future fleet would ideally include 140 to 240 unmanned or optionally-manned vessels, both surface ships and undersea assets, that could conduct resupply, surveillance, mine-laying, and missile-strike missions, among other operations.

“They will add significant offensive and defensive capabilities to the fleet at an affordable cost in terms of both sailors and dollars,” Esper said.

The defense secretary also called for filling the Navy’s ranks with as many as 60-70 smaller surface combatants, such as the new class of frigate currently in the works.

Esper said that the Navy needs at least 70-90 combat logistics ships, possibly more, which deliver the ammunition, food and fuel ships deployed overseas need to keep operating. The Pentagon is also looking at sealift capacity to make sure that ground combat forces can get into combat quickly and with sufficient combat power.

He also said that at least 50-60 amphibious warfare ships are necessary to support Marine operations.

Esper said that the goal of “Battle Force 2045,” which was derived from the not-yet-released Future Naval Force Study, is to build the US naval force into a “more lethal, survivable, adaptable, sustainable, modern, and larger force than we have seen in many years.”

To build this massive fleet, the secretary argued Tuesday in favor of increasing Navy shipbuilding funding to 13% within the service’s top line, matching that of the Reagan-era buildup.Read the original article on Business Insider

Victoria’s Dream of the Ghost Fleet

Posted on July 20, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

Irene Victoria Easton-Christensen……The Face that launched a thousand ships.




John Dee – Sea Lord of The Ghost Fleet

Posted on September 11, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

My psychic visions are coming true. Russia’s navy is back. Is America and NATO ready?
by Task and Purpose
The Navy says tackling this threat requires a shift in mentality across the force.
The Russian and Chinese navies have become increasingly active in the North Atlantic over the last five years, necessitating a return to a “competitive mindset” among U.S. Navy commanders, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson said Monday.

“We’re talking about more [activity] than we’ve seen in 25 years,” Richardson said of Russian naval movements in the North Atlantic in an interview with Voice of America, adding that the Chinese Navy “is certainly a pacing competition for us in terms of the naval threat.”

Vice Adm. Charles A. Richard, the new head of U.S. Submarine Forces and Allied Submarine Command, put it more bluntly when he assumed command on August 3: “Prepare for battle!”

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Falcon Art College Of Belmont

It is 4:38 A.M. in Springfield Oregon. I just woke from the most arduous dream of my life where I was REBORN, into the flesh, into the spirit, into the plan God made for me. On this day I found The Falcon Art College At Belmont. I will write a letter to Pope Saint Francis and asking him for his blessing and support in the fulfilment of a Prophecy.

Today is October 7, 2020. I believe it is God’s will that the Falcon Art College of Belmont be located inside Ralston Hall, that I believe is one of the portable buildings brought around the Cape on a Clipper Ship by my great grandfather, Carl Janke, the founder of a soda works in Belmont, and a German Theme park. The Ralston house was a portable house put together by 5,000 screws. I am now convinced that Gottschalk Rosemondt is my great ancestor, and appeared in a Bosch painting with his best friend, Pope Adrian. I believe it is the Fair Lady of the Swan Brethren who is my guardian angel and angelic guide.

John Gregory Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press and Falcon Art College at Belmont

Copyright 2020

Bosch’s Disciple

Posted on February 18, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

A time portal has opened. The Greek facade on the old grounds of the Bohemian Barrel Company, is a Gate to the Future. John Koster was a member of the Bohemian Club. Did he have this facade made, or, was it salvaged from the earthquake?

John Presco
Copyright 2019


Rosamond Press

Yesterday, I discovered a great candidate for ‘Bosch’s Disciple’ on the internet. Tommorow I am going to the University of Oregon library, and look at the papers of Damon Knight, a science fiction writer of note, who lived and died in Eugene Oregon. Damon wrote ‘Will The Real Hieronymus Bosch Please Stand Up?’ that was on the internet ten years ago, and has disappeared. Damon will love my raising of his work – from the dead! I will give him credit for my discovery in regards to the missing figures in ‘The Wedding Feast At Cana’.

I am grateful to the Muses for the inspiration of my new Muse, Lara Roozemond.

Lara: Kun je naar het Zwanebroedershuis gaan en op zoek gaan naar Roesmont-wappen? Maak een video, alsjeblieft.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018




In October 2015, the Bosch Research and Conservation Project,[10]which had been responsible…

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The Falcon College of Art

Posted on February 18, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

The California Barrel Company was a sacred name. It has been risen from the dead. My ancestor, Gottschalk Rosemondt was the mast of Louvain and the Falcon Art College. The Rosemondts commissioned Hiernymous Bosch – The Futurian! The Oddfellows allowed Ken Kesey’s giant image t be rendered on the wall of their hall.  The Bohemian Club was founded by writers and journalists. They invited The Builders of the City Beautiful to join them in shaping the future. That future………has arrived!

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Rosamond Press

I am almost certain The Falcon art college was named after Bavo. There is a real possibility the Rosemond-Roesmont family – are of Merovingian descent. Bavo and John of Patmos are rendered from the same subject, who could be my kin.

John Presco

College of the Falcon For Poor Students

Posted onMarch 1, 2018byRoyal Rosamond Press

Pope Adrien launched a Anti-Reformation, I suspect with help of his good friend, Gottschalk Rosemondt, the Master of Leuven, and the Falcon Art College. Adrien stipulated in his Will (that Rosemondt was the Executor of) that he wanted a residential college so poor students could come study Theology and the Arts. This was in answer to the Pope’s in Rome, and the Medici Bankers, who Adrien, and I assume, Rosemondt, saw as threat to the Papacy. I suspect Rosemondt is the founder of the Dutch Renaissance that produced Hieronymus Bosch, a member…

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Janke Park, Hall, And Stagecoach Line

Posted on November 27, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press

          Very few families can say their kindred owned a Stagecoach Line, Theme Park, and a Turnverein Hall, or two. Carl Janke was half owner of the Belmont Accommodation Company that ran between Belmont ‘Beautiful Mountain’, and Halfmoon Bay. Mrs. Walter E. Janke was the President of the Cap and Bells Club that employed the cap of the Jester in its emblem. Consider the Merry Pranksters. Musicals, plays, and  “Jinks” were performed. Consider the Hi-jinks of the all male Bohemian Club. Is this a feminists answer?  It appears the Cap and Bells founded an art gallery. Was this the formation of the Outdoor Art League?“CAP AND BELLS CLUB OPENS ART GALLERYAn event In the life of the Cap and Bells club took place yesterday afternoon with the opening of the permanent art gallery for women at the clubrooms 1509 Gough street. About 70 canvases are hung in the gallery at the rear of the building, which has a most excellent northern light. , The pictures shown are by women artists only. Paintings from this city, Piedmont and Monterey were shown. The president of the club, Mrs. F. H. Colburn. received the guests, assisted by several club presidents from around the bay. Mrs. Lyman Dickerson Foster was tea hostess and will continue to be at the receptions on the three opening days, with an able corps of assistants. Other club presidents will assist in receiving the guests today and tomorrow.

The Art League held a event in Mill Valley that looks like a Renaisance Fair.


Old Time Music and Costumes. Features of Jinks

Special Dispatch to The Call. MILL VALLEY. Jan. 9.— An old English yuletide festival was” given last night, with fifteenth century, music and costumes of the same period, by , the Outdoor Art. league. The jinks was under the direction of Mrs. F. ßostick and each member of the club brought one guest; so that there was a large” gathering of society folk.”

What we are beholding in the Genesis of the Hippie/Bohemian Movement. This is the heart and soul of San Francisco Culture. The Outdoor Art League played a big roll in rebuilding this world famous city after the Earthquake of 1907. This may be the first instance where a group of artists contribute to the redevelopment of a major city.

These are Magical Tree People. Janke built spiral stairs to take his guests into the embrace of the Giant California Oaks. Here are the Ents and the Hobbits celebrating life, art, poetry, dance, and music. I see young lovers in the tree tops beholding rainbow sunsets and the bright star in the West. This is the first Disneyland. Here come the Jester of the Jinks, with her Magic Wand. Do you hear the tinkling of the bells high in the tree amongst the stars of the Milky Way. Tinker Belle of Beautiful Mountain.

Disneyland is famous for its monorails.

“The same year the Belmont Soda Works opened, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) hired 75 Southern Pacific railroad cars to transport 7,000 of its members from San Francisco to Belmont Park. There, 1,000 other members met them there, making the largest picnic ever held at Belmont Park.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

The Cap and Bells Club was organized for the development of wit and humor, and for the study of the drama, music, languages and kindred subjects.

The pointed cap, wand and bells of the Jester form its emblem, and unusual dramatic and musical talent characterizes the membership list, so that the programs during the sixteen years of the club’s existence have been of great excellence.


Willis Po-lfc Tells Women His Idea of Reconstruction of San Francisco

The outdoor art section of the California club, of which Mrs. Lovell White Is president, entertained its friends and members yesterday afternoon with what proved to be one of the most interesting programs of the season. The feature of the day was a short talk upon the reconstruction of San Francisco by Willis Polk, who interested his audience -very much. ‘ Mr. Polk’s views/although more those of an artist and [ dreamer than of a – practical businessman, were helpful in that they advised one step at a time, much waiting, and the making of deliberate rather than brilliant progress. He dwelt on the fact that if only the main ideal were kept to in rebuilding and re-planning, the finished city could not be otherwise: than beautiful, however long it was in reaching even comparative completion.


Here is the obituary of William in the San Francisco Call.

JANKE – in this city, Nov. 22, 1902 at his residence 320 Haight St. William August Janke, beloved husband of Cornelia L. Janke, and beloved father of Mrs. W.O. Stuttmeister and Carl and W.E. Janke, a native of Hamburg Germany aged 59 years. Internment, Laurel Hill

“According to Belmont Historical Society records, Dorothea and Carl August Janke sailed around Cape Horn from Hamburg, Germany, in 1848. After landing in San Francisco, they settled in Belmont in 1860″

I found Carl and Dorothea (also and Doretta) are buried at the Union Cemetery in Redwood City.

Names Listed on the Marker:
Janke, Carl August
Janke, Dorette Catherine
Janke, Mutter Heinrich
— From the 1937 headstone survey –
Carl August Janke, born in Dresden, Germany Oct. 1806, died Belmont, Calif. Sept. 2, 1881
Dorette Catherine, wife of Carl August Janke, born in Hamburg, Germany, July 21, 1813, died in Belmont, California, Feb 16, 1877
Mutter Heinrich, mother of Dorette Catherine Janke, born in Island of Heligoland, Germany, 1781 died in Belmont, California 1876
NOTE: In 1937 the Daughters of the American Revolution recorded all the headstones.

By: John G. Edmonds
Before Union Cemetery
The first entry that mentioned a cemetery in the Times and Gazette (which was the only newspaper in San Mateo County at that time) was in early January 1859. William Cary Jones had allowed 13 burials on his property, the site of today’s Sequoia High School. Now that Horace Hawes had taken over the property, he informed the county that he no longer wanted the dead to be buried on his property and he wanted all 13 bodies exhumed and moved elsewhere. This caused great anxiety in Redwood City.

1864-1910, page 133).
Records from Tombstones in Laurel Hill Cemetery, 1853-1927 – Janke
– Stuttmeister
Mina Maria Janke, daughter of William A, & Cornelia Janke, born
February 2, 1869, died March 1902.
William August Janke, native of Hamburg, Germany, born Dec. 25,
1842, died Nov. 22, 1902, son of Carl August & Dorette Catherine Janke. Frederick William R. Stuttmeister, native of Berlin, Germany, born
1812, died January 29, 1877.
Mrs. Matilda Stuttmeister, wife of Frederick W.R. Stuttmeister, born
1829, died March 17, 1875, native of New York.
Victor Rudolph Stuttmeister, son of Frederick W.R. & Matilda
Stuttmeister, born May 29, 1846, died Jan. 19, 1893, native of New


The most popular daytime excursion destination on the Peninsula during the late 19th century once occupied the area in Belmont now known as Twin Pines Park. The Belmont Picnic Grounds proved so popular, in fact, that scores of picnickers would travel regularly from San Jose and San Francisco for sun, fresh air and libations.
The size of the crowds and the fondness for libation, however, eventually led to the attraction’s demise.
According to Belmont Historical Society records, Dorothea and Carl August Janke sailed around Cape Horn from Hamburg, Germany, in 1848. After landing in San Francisco, they settled in Belmont in 1860. Industrious and entrepreneurial, Carl Janke purchased land in the vicinity of 6th and Ralston. Janke set out to create a site for leisure activities, modeled after the biergarten in his native Hamburg. His creation became Belmont Park.

Janke’s park offered all the necessary provisions for an outdoor holiday, which included a dance pavilion to accommodate 300 large glassless windows, a conical roof and a dance floor situated around a large spreading tree. The pavilion was also equipped with a bar, an ice cream parlor and a restaurant.
Outside the pavilion, the park provided a carousel for children, footpath bridges crossing the meandering of creeks, and a shooting gallery, with picnic benches and lathe houses situated about the shady grounds. Brass bands performing from bandstands could be heard all around the woodland.
In 1876, Janke opened Belmont Soda Works, located north of Ralston along Old County Road. Janke’s sons, Gus and Charlie, operated the soda works, which offered a variety of sarsaparillas. Within two years, the Soda Works produced more than 1,000 bottles a month — a large percentage of which would be sold at Belmont Park. Between the Soda Works and the several bars situated in and around the park, the liquid refreshment flowed abundantly.
Belmont Park became so popular that Southern Pacific Railroad began reserving exclusive trains for the sojourn to Belmont. Several local organizations and fraternities used the grounds for the celebrations, such as the Germania Rifles, the Apollo Verein, the Blue Bells, the Bunker Hill Association, the Ignatian Literary Society, the Hibernians and the Purple Violets. Races – foot, three-legged, and pony cart – as well as other amusements became commonplace at the gatherings.

The same year the Belmont Soda Works opened, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) hired 75 Southern Pacific railroad cars to transport 7,000 of its members from San Francisco to Belmont Park. There, 1,000 other members met them there, making the largest picnic ever held at Belmont Park.
With all the alcohol, dancing and overheated bodies gathered in a relatively small place, trouble seemed destined to follow.

In 1880, rival gangs started a small riot at Belmont Park, leaving one person dead and several injured. On another occasion, a young girl named Anne Mooney mysteriously disappeared. Authorities assumed she had been kidnaped, but a suspect was never identified. The fate of Anne Mooney remains a mystery.

By the turn of the century, the weekly treks to Belmont had become something of a nuisance. The drunken tussling would often begin at the on-board bars, continuing and intensifying by the time the passengers reached Belmont. The small communities through which the trains rumbled complained about the outsiders cavorting and otherwise disturbing their peaceful Peninsula neighborhoods. Southern Pacific, tired of the rowdies and the damage inflicted to the railroad cars, finally stopped operating the excursions in 1900.

In her book “Heritage of the Wooded Hills,” Ria Elena MacCrisken writes, “… if the railroad looked down its nose at the San Francisco picnickers, the little town of Belmont welcomed them with open arms. These early-day tourists brought lively times to Belmont and revenue to its stores…” Unfortunately for the Jankes , when the train stopped bringing carloads of revelers, much of Belmont Park’s clientele disappeared.

By 1910, the property had sold to George Center, the director of the Bank of California, who built a home on the property. Later Dr. Norbert Gottbrath opened a sanitarium called “Twin Pines,” which operated until March of 1972. The City of Belmont took over the property, dedicating Twin Pines Park in June of 1973.







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Master In Art Therapy

The Art Therapy Psychology Department at Notre Dame de Namur University is the only one of its kind in Northern California. It is unique because it provides a Master of Arts in Art Therapy, which qualifies a student to sit for the Licensed Professional Clinical License (LPCC), as well as a licensure course of study, leading to a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, while preparing the student for a Marriage and Family Therapy License (MFT). Both the MA in Art Therapy and the MA in Marriage and Family Therapy programs prepare students to become a Registered Art Therapist (ATR). The department also offers a Post Master’s/Advanced Standing Master of Arts in Art Therapy and a Ph.D. in Art Therapy.

Eureka! I have found my vocation. After entering into therapy with a Art Therapist in Eugene Oregon in 1972, I began my autobiography ‘Bonds With Angels’. I am going to write the heads of this department and tell them I exist. I am going to offer my family up as The Final Study. Harry Potter comes to mind. Perhaps a Netflix series? Kim Haffner will be flown to Belmont for the shoot. I see her coming down the stairs at the airport holding her dog. Cheryl will be in it. I have identified the Blue Angel as being my grandmother’s cousin who founded Briar Cliff College. That is her with light hovering over her.

Consider I declared myself the Master Augur in charge of the mural of Ken Kesey who wrote about crazy folks. I has all come together.

John Presco ‘Master Augur’







Master of Arts in Art Therapy

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy

NDNU is now accepting students for 2021.

Learn more about the partnership between Notre Dame de Namur University and Dominican University of California.

The Art Therapy Psychology Department draws applicants from around the world. Approximately 30% of Art Therapy Psychology students come from outside the state of California. NDNU’s Art Therapy Psychology graduates work with children, adolescents, adults, elders, couples, families, groups and communities. They bring art therapy into a wide variety of settings which include schools, mental health organizations, inpatient and outpatient programs, hospitals, community centers, nursing homes, assisted living centers, prisons, private practice and more.

Sr Françoise “Saint-Joseph” Blin de Bourdon
Picture of
Added by Eman Bonnici


Sr Françoise “Saint-Joseph” Blin de Bourdon

BIRTH8 Mar 1756Gezaincourt, Departement de la Somme, Picardie, France
DEATH9 Feb 1838 (aged 81)Namur, Arrondissement de Namur, Namur, Belgium
BURIALSoeurs de Notre-Dame de NamurNamur, Arrondissement de Namur, Namur, Belgium
MEMORIAL ID163803369 · View Source

Learn about the Mills-Peninsula scholarship.

See the NDNU General Catalog for program requirements and course descriptions:



Kesey Mural Passes Augur’s Test

Posted on August 25, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press


Work on the Ken Kesey mural in downtown Springfield came to a sudden halt while I registered the auspices of this grand undertaking. As Master Augur of the West Coast, I felt it was my civic duty to put Ken’s mural to the Augur’s Acid Test. I am happy to report this fine work of art passed with flying colors.

Jon ‘The Augur’

“Let the boundaries of my templa and the wild lands (tesca) be as I declare them with my words. That tree of whatever kind it is which I deem myself to have named, let it be the boundary of my templum and the wild land to the right. That tree, of whatever kind it is, insofar as I deem myself to have named it, let it be the boundary of my temple and the wild land on the left. Between these points I have established the templa and the wild lands by means of directing (conregione), viewing (conspicione), reflecting (cortumiones) as far as I have been most rightly aware of it within this limit.”

(Varro: On the Latin Language, VII.8)

Karl Schwarzenberg and The Habsburg Audience

Posted on July 23, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

For several years I have been trying to bring to the attention of the Austrian Government the existence of the large canvas at the University of Oregon Museum titled ‘The Last Audience of the Habsburgs’ that was smuggled out of Austria. Alas, I have found just the right person. He is my kindred, Karl Schwarzenberg, who himself had to flee a oppressive regime. Karl opposes Putin, and backs Britain. I will contact him and see if he would like to come give a talk on this painting. His relative, Prince Felix Schwarzenberg, restored the Habsburg Empire.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press


Prince Felix of Schwarzenberg (GermanFelix Prinz zu Schwarzenberg; 2 October 1800 – 5 April 1852) was a Bohemian nobleman and an Austrian statesman who restored the Habsburg Empire as a European great power following the Revolutions of 1848. He served as Minister-President of the Austrian Empire and Foreign Minister of the Austrian Empire from 1848 to 1852.


Karel Schwarzenberg is the Prince of Schwarzenberg, Duke of Krumlov, former first Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and honorary Chairman of Top 09 party. Schwarzenberg was also a Member of the Senate of the Czech Parliament and a candidate for the President of the Czech Republic in the 2013 presidential election. He is noted as a pro-European member of the center-right governing coalition.

Schwarzenberg’s family, who once ranked among the oldest and wealthiest aristocrats in Central Europe, had to leave the Czechoslovakia after the Communist coup of 1948. He spent most of his adult life in Austria to plot against communism. He is a great proponent of human rights and has been for his entire life. In 1989, he was awarded, together with Lech Wałesa, the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Award. Lan Anh Vu sat down with Schwarzenberg to learn more about his political life, the challenges he faced and his advice for young people across the world when it comes to pursuing a career in politics.

As told to Lan Anh Vu

My Career in Politics

In my early childhood, I was an observer of politics. In 1948, when the Communists took over, I was ten years old when I had to leave the Czechoslovakia and move to Austria. When I went to the school in Vienna to study law, I engaged in some political activities and became active in promoting human rights. At Munich university where I studied Graz and forestry, I was elected to student government. Due to the early death of my adoptive father, Jindrich Schwarzenberg, I had to cut my studies short and start managing the family properties.

From 1984 to 1991, I became president of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. I pushed for human rights in Europe and was negotiating the question of human rights in the former USSR, Bulgaria, Kosovo and the Czech Republic.

When the Communist regime fell in 1989 , I returned to live in the Czechoslovakia and work for the late President Vaclav Havel. In 1990, I was appointed as the Chancellor of the Office of the President.

Some people told me I should become a senator. I first ran in the senate elections in 2002 and was unsuccessful, and in 2004 I ran again, succeeded and was elected a senator. Three years later, I became the foreign minister of the Czech Republic. Politics has been a constant part of my life ever since childhood.

My whole life I fought for liberty and democracy. I always thought that if you had opportunities ahead, you have responsibilities and should do something for your country.


When this unfinished canvas was first exhibited in Eugene fifty years ago, it was described as a “painting with a history as romantic as old Vienna.” Given that it was smuggled into the United States in a carpet roll by a political refugee, this claim is not unfounded.

The artist began the work in October of 1918 at Schönbrunn Palace, where the young Empress Zita (1892 – 1989) received an audience of war orphans and a group of wealthy noblewomen, the Organization of War Godmothers, who had “adopted” them. Within hours, Empress Zita (shown seated on her throne), her husband, and their own eight children were forced to flee across the Swiss border because of the contentious political climate. Despite several attempts, they were never able to reestablish themselves on their thrones; both the Emperor and Empress died in exile.

The unsettlingly incomplete canvas mirrors the frustrated desires of both the artist, who spent the rest of his life wandering the globe, and the people pictured in it, many of whom were displaced in the aftermath of the First World War. Yet the audience members wear placid, even bored expressions as the children present their flowers, betraying no portent that one of the oldest dynasties in Europe would crumble within a matter of days.

Susanne Renate Granitsch MP

Birth:May 21, 1869
Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Death:December 02, 1946 (77)
Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Immediate Family:Daughter of Georg Granitsch and Auguste Antonie Granitsch
Sister of Georg GranitschEditha Isabella v. SchickhMarzell Granitsch and Dr. Robert August Granitsch
Added by:Rafi Kornfeld (c) on May 19, 2014
Managed by:Rafi Kornfeld (c)

Die akademische Malerin Susanne Renate Granitsch wurde am 21. Mai 1869 in Wien geboren und verstarb am 2. Dezember 1946 in Wien. Ihre Großeltern waren Georg Ignaz Granitsch und Susanne Granitsch, geb. Schmidutz. Ihr Vater, Dr. Georg Granitsch (1833 – 1903), verheiratet mit Augusta Antonia Granitsch, geb. Panstingel, war in Wien als Advokat tätig. Neben Susanne Renate Granitsch, ihrer ältesten Tochter, hatte das Ehepaar Dr. Georg und Augusta Granitsch noch zwei weitere Kinder, Edith Granitsch, verh. von Schickh und Dr. Robert Granitsch, der bereits 1937 verstorben ist. Da Dr. Robert Granitsch nach der NS-Gesetzgebung mit einer „Halbjüdin” verheiratet war, wurden seine drei Kinder, Susanne, geb. 1899, Dora, geb. 1904 und Lorle, geb. 1912, nach der Machtergreifung der Nationalsozialisten in Österreich verfolgt, wobei Dr. Susanne(!) Konirsch, geb. Granitsch, und Lorle Kornfeld, geb. Granitsch, in die USA flüchten mussten. Dora Granitsch heiratete den Rechtsanwalt Dr. Franz Hiller und überlebte in Wien. Bei Susanne Renate Granitsch deutet hingegen aktenmäßig nichts darauf hin, dass sie während der NS-Zeit aus rassistischen oder politischen Gründen verfolgt worden wäre. Sämtliche Anfragen, sowohl beim Matrikenamt der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde, beim Bundesdenkmalamt, als auch im Österreichischen Staatsarchiv (Bestände der Vermögensverkehrsstelle, der Finanzlandesdirektion Wien, des „Hilfsfonds”, des „Abgeltungsfonds” und der „Sammelstellen”) verliefen negativ. Auch wurden von den Erben von Susanne Granitsch nach 1945 keine Rückstellungsverfahren angestrengt. Auch ihre 81jährige Großnichte, die einzige Verwandte, die Susanne Renate Granitsch noch zu Lebzeiten gekannt hatte, bestätigte, dass Susanne Renate Granitsch während der NS-Zeit weder als Jüdin noch aus politischen Gründen verfolgt worden ist. Im Februar 1938, knapp vor der Machtübernahme der Nationalsozialisten in Österreich, erwarben die Städtischen Sammlungen, die zu diesem Zeitpunkt schon einige Werke der renommierten Künstlerin Susanne Renate Granitsch besaßen, von dieser das Porträt eines Universitätsprofessors: Susanne Renate Granitsch verstarb am 2. Dezember 1946 in Wien. Mit Einantwortungsurkunde des Bezirksgerichtes Innere Stadt-Wien vom 27. März 1947 wurde Edith von Schickh aufgrund des Testamentes der ledigen und kinderlosen Susanne Renate Granitsch vom 30. August 1937, in dem diese ihre Schwester zu ihrer Universalerbin bestimmt hatte, in ihren Nachlass eingeantwortet Edith von Schickh hatte die Jahre 1938 bis 1945 in Wien verbracht.

An den Gemeinderatsausschuss für Kultur und Wissenschaft Stadtsenat Gemeinderat Vierter Bericht des amtsführenden Stadtrates für Kultur und Wissenschaft über die gemäß dem Gemeinderatsbeschluss vom 29. April 1999 erfolgte Übereignung von Kunst- und Kulturgegenständen aus den Sammlungen der Museen der Stadt 3.2.6. Zusammenfassende Darstellung betreffend den Erwerb von Kunstobjekten aus der Sammlung der akad. Malerin Susanne Renate Granitsch durch die Städtischen Sammlungen, 14 8 2003

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Bonds With Angels – The Blue Light

I have returned! I found where I belong!

Rosamond Press

I began Bonds With Angels in 1992. Vicki and Christine saw a blue angel come in their bedroom in 1959. The boys bedroom was in front of the house, and the girls bedroom in the back.

John Presco

Copyright 2019


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