“You sold your country out”

Look at Jean Stacey’s body language that screams;

“These are my Commie Monkeys on a stick!”

That she places herself just outside The Wiccan Circle, speaks volumes. She is admiring her creation. She is Big Mother who hatched a covert scheme. He monkeys are dancing to her tune. She is going into my James Bond book!

Last night, Lawrence O’Donnell, began his program with words taken from a Dirty Harry movie;

“Well, do you punk?”

I posted a scene from Sudden Impact, and said Jean Stacey might use it to further make me out to be dangerous and insane. I suspect Whoville was HER BABY. I got in her way. She looked at this blog for evidence I have to be deranged in order to defend Belle, and silence me. Mary Broadhurst was aware of this Gaslighting.

Several days ago I talked with M about Robert Anton Wilson, and his theory about the Net of Coincidence. There is now – better evidence I can see into the future!  Stacy is a Fake Hippie Mind Control Freak. She came from Florida to Eugene to create Her World of Perfect Reasoning Sluts. She thought Kesey and the Age of the Acid Heads, was over. Clean Jean wanted to be the Hidden Queen of Ken Kesey Square. Then, I came along, the Yellow Brick Road.

I can now go into more detail about how I do it, and, who I am. Sure this will be used against me, some more, by The Clean Jeans, those frumpy, squat squares with big brains, who went to college while the Berkeley Crazies threw tear gas back at the cops. Many Hippies were devout Patriots.

Demonstrators are shouting;

“Lock him up!”

Last night, we crossed the bar. We got the enemy on the run! I was a Hippie General. I was in the Hippie War Room.

John Presco


U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said he “can’t hide my disgust, my disdain” for this criminal offense. He said Flynn committed a “very serious offense” by lying to the FBI on the premises of the White House.

The judge asked Flynn if he wants to postpone his sentencing so that he can get full credit for his cooperation. He said he’ll take into account Flynn’s service to the country and his cooperation, but will also factor in aggravating factors in deciding his sentence.

Earlier, a prosecutor with special counsel Robert Mueller’s office said it’s possible that Flynn may continue to cooperate going forward.


Anti-Capalist Pagan Primer

emily15 emily11ALV


I just found the Maypole these Wiccans dance around. It is a Pagan Tree with clenched fist! BINGO! This is why these Pagans broke away from OCCUPY and founded SLEEPS , who (Whoville) will one day come to sleep under this Tree of Pagan Hope! This is why Belle did not ask me to be one with them at the Wandering Goat – after seeing we were on the same path! Well, not quite! These Wiccans read my Biblical stuff, and not understanding any of it, they were dismayed.

They concluded their job was to separate my Pagan stuff from my Biblical stuff – for the sake of the Pagan Word Economy – that does not exist! That imaginary world was just planted in the ground. Emily Semple is their Jeanette Appleseed who may become the Pagan Council-Fairy of the whole goddamn downtown! They wanted a ZINE.


What this proves, their need to found a Pagan World, came before their faux care for the homeless! They used the homeless, who know nothing about the hidden agenda ‘The Twelve’ are inflicting on the non-Pagan world they want to see fail, and thus, be destroyed! This is why they brought all those lawsuits, and cost Eugene hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Alley Valkyrie read this, and went on the attack the next day! I anoint Belle the Goddess of the Birch Tree and Labyrinth. I have wondered if Alley threatened Belle. Now, I am almost certain of it.



Why hasn’t the Nightingale Public Advocacy Coalition announced their mission? How long have they planned to put a Pro-Pagan Anti-Capitalist candidate in office? All candidates are obligated to say what their platform is. The only reason they have been so covert, is, they want funding, backers, and voters – and they know if We the People knew they were Wiccans and Pagans – they would not GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!

This is why they targeted my blog, and did everything to destroy my credibility and reputation. THE IS A CULT, that Eugene Weekly has been backing for years because Wiccans and Pagans take out ads in their paper, and pay their bills.

I admonished the Eugene Weekly for not following up on the leads I gave then, for not digging deep enpugh. I told them the publishing of this devious fabrication, put a target on my back, because I am a very visible, a known opponent to Gwendolyn’s Coven. To say an opponent holds a grudge, and thus set the Gwendolites up – IS OUTRAGIOUS REPORTING.

What it does is get the Weekly off the hook, while encouraging a witchhunt for a Scapegoat. What would cause me to have a “grudge”? How about being hounded, then banned from many podiums. How many “proponents” had the Weekly reporter heard from, or, read on a site, that is closed to me? I will make sure the Real World of News Reporting gets wind of this – turd! Did the EW fear a rock was going to be thrown through their window – next? Cowards!

Ninety percent of the Citizen of Eugene hate the downtown homeless, and their activists! They know it was a anti-development crazy who threw that rock. The Eugene Weekly AVOIDS that truth, their opinions. Outrageous!  The Nightingale Public Advocacy Coalition has practiced stealth in all their affairs. They are as sneaky as they come! They have multiple identities – all given credence by the Eugene Weekly!

Jon Presco

President:Royal Rosamond Press

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Assassin’s Lives Matter

Sometimes I go into trances when I compose fiction. I left my body twice in Wal-Mart working on my chapter about Serena Oswald, Lee Harvey Oswald’s granddaughter. I was looking at putting this blog into a fictional novel titled ‘Capturing Belle Brush’.

‘Assassin’s Lives Matter’


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Serena Oswald barely made it into ‘The Tater People Tribe’. She did not understand all the nuances of her prospective People. The bean rows she planted, were wavy. The ‘Give Me Your Old Treasure Hunt’ produced a wood pallet, some plastic paint buckets, and tangled chicken-coop wire. What saved her was the idea for kitchen composting that was supposed to her own, but, she lifted it from Olga Christianson of Norway. She farmed it out.

“You tried!”

Where she will rank in the pecking order of things, depended on her Keish and Wine party held at her first ‘My Abode Has Meaning’ presentation. Serena lived at the Stoneridge Apartments on 19th. Knowing she had to make a good impression, so she will own some tribal authority, she came up with a daring idea. She had been to the home of several tribal women and they all had two posters on their wall. One was of Audrey Hepburn, and the other was James Dean’s wrecked Porsche.

“Why these images?” Serena asked, and blushed when she was given – the look – with silent treatment. She had been demoted – already! Surmising that some images from the past were chic and acceptable, Serena came up with A UNIQUE IDEA. She knew she was taking a big chance. She had the photograph of Jack Ruby shooting her grandfather in the stomach, blown up, and hung in on the wall between the Porsche and Audrey.

When her Tribe entered, they seemed not to notice Lee’s pain staring them in the face. They were highly trained to filter real pain out of their being. Before you can say ‘Jack Ruby’ two Women Wiccans broke off the bunch and were standing before her DNA Seed, as Peter put it. There are supposed to be no leaders, but Serena corrected concluded she was looking at them. One of them turned, and with pouting Earth Mother lips, asked;

“Who are these people?”

“What’s going on?”

Serena approached with caution. Her hand was shaking. She put her wine glass in other hand, but that hand was trembling.

“This is my grandfather being shot by Jack Ruby who worked for Big Bone’s Remmer, the Mafia guy that owned Cal-Nevada, a gambling haven for the stars.”

Serena looked at The Covert Coven Leaders, who wanted more info. Serena had spoken some key words, that made their dicks hard.

“Uhh! The Texas cops brought my father out of the station – to be shot by Jack, right after he said he was innocent. “I’m just a patsy!”

“Oh my God. This is where it all began!”

“What began?”

“Black Lives Matter!”

“Except, Lee is a – White Man!”


In the next three days ‘The Tater People’ tribe changed American politics, and saved the candidacy of Donald Trump, that was in the shitter. The Tater Tribe had Lee’s image put on t-shirts, and there was a march to EMU on the University of Oregon campus. The Taters were wearing black. They were shouting;


They brought a speaker and mike. Serena spoke in front of a giant image of Lee.

“My grandfather was murdered in cold blood by the Mafia, with the help of the Texas cops. He had just declared he was a patsy. Lee Harvey Oswald was about to expose the Kennedy Family as members of the Illuminati, who invested bootleg money in a chain of hotels where only the very rich could stay. Jack was killed by members of his own family because he double-crossed the Irish Mafia. The Kennedys, also assassinated Martin Luther King!”

The shouts of outrage poured from the Liberal crowd. But, THE BIG LIE was out of the box. Fox News got a copy of the local broadcast, and invited Serna and the Two Leaders on the show. They brought out an old hippie liberal with white hair, who was beside himself with rage. Standing up, this old hippies rained verbal abuse down of Oswald’s granddaughter. Suddenly, his false teeth flew out of his mouth, and landed in Serena’s lap. She jumped up screaming;

“Get it off of me!”

The symbol of  abusive Liberal Free Speech, fell to the floor. The camera zoomed in. It looked like a piece of Kennedy’s brain. There was a show motion shot of these fake teeth. The leader of the NRA and the Rapture Ready Brigade, said this at the same time.

“Get rid of Pence!”

At the Kremlin, Putin reached for a Vodka cocktail, he not able to take his eyes of Serena, and those teeth.

“Who is she? This Liar will peel away enough votes to put my Donald back in the White House. We might even carry Oregon. Who do we got in Eugene?”

Putin’s King Troll got on his lap-top.


“Spit it out!”

“His name is Peter Potato Seed!”

There was mutual Chortling.

“Does he have a real name?”

“Yes, but, there are instructions no to utter it.”


“Because it destroys his Good Earth DNA Seed Vibes!”

“What the fuck is going on in Eugene! I want my decoders on this! We might be looking at the most subversive language of all time. I wonder who invented it?”




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You must watch this!!!!!



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Belle’s “Family”

Belle and her extended families have been in the news a whole bunch of times. WHO is Belle, protecting?

Above are pics of Jean Stacey with Belle’s lover, Ambrose Holtham-Keathley. He is Jean Stacey’s Whoville Poster Boy. Belle links arms with Ambrose in the City Manager’s office where they were arrested for trespass. This makes Belle Burch very Newsworthy. If she doesn’t want to be in the news – stay home! Note, they got their own news team. That’s attorney, Mary Broadhurst, with Whoville and SLEEPS colors.

Alley admitted it was wrong to be Sub-rosa when we met. Why wouldn’t Ambrose and his attorneys be filled in about out meeting – and my negative report in Royal Rosamond Press? Who else knew, before their Omnipresent Hit Woman, Alley Valkyrie, was called in? How do we know no Russian agent had infiltrated SLEEPS? These are criminals! If they got something to hide, they can be compromised!

John Presco

Two new reports produced for Senate investigators say that Russian influence efforts infected every major social media platform, extensively targeted African-Americans and amounted to what researchers called a “propaganda war against American citizens.”

The reports, which were drawn up by private cybersecurity firms on behalf of the Senate intelligence committee, offer the most comprehensive look yet at Russia’s online influence operations.

They are based on information provided by the panel and the social media companies themselves.

The reports confirm the U.S. spy agencies’ overarching conclusions that Russia’s efforts ahead of the 2016 election aimed to sow discord, hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump.

They also echo a warning that U.S. officials have been giving for months: that Moscow’s nefarious online activity did not end on Election Day but rather continue to target Americans to this day.

The reports offer new details on the activities of the Internet Research Agency, the Kremlin-backed troll farm based in St. Petersburg, Russia, that drove Moscow’s online operations.

Rosamond Press


Above is the alpha male and female of SLEEPS. They are in love. Why then is Belle flirting with a total stranger? Could it be, this anarchist couple love to be filmed and on the news?
But, only carried by news sources that gets the approval of the “family”

At 9:41 I discovered Belle Burch and Ally Valkyrie go arrested together for criminal trespass. I conclude Belle knew of the attack Alley launched against me, and called me after this attack hoping I was afraid, and thus will do as she commands. Alley says she a abused woman on a mission, thus, her threats were extortion and blackmail. I will talk to the FBI about a conspiracy to deprive me of my Civil Rights, for Ambrose Holtham-Keathley, Stormrider was arrested with Belle and Alley. Ambrose was lurking in the background when I met with Belle at the Wandering Goat.


View original post 3,485 more words

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Fucking With Alley’s Friends

When I showed two Springfield cops Alley’s threat on my computer screen, they didn’t know what to make of it, or, know what to do. They never got a ‘Literary Trouble’ call before. They struggled with the idea I never met this woman, as I did. I pointed out the threat – that if I fuck with her friends, I am fucking with her.

“I don’t know who her friends are. Just the one, Belle! But, I didn’t know – at the time! I don’t think you cops want anyone to own such power.”

The Khashoggi beheading is four years off. How many Americans can grasp that?

I was trying to point out that Alley was acting like a omnipresence. You ought to have seen their faces as I disciphered her foul threats using her foul language. I felt I was in a Marvel comic book.

“I’m going to make this very simple for you. I don’t know if you know who I am, but I sure as hell know who you are, and when you fuck with my friends, you fuck with me. Stop writing about Belle or I am going to make your life very difficult. I mean it. If I see one more word about her on your blog, your FB, or anywhere else, I will make sure that you experience all the fear and discomfort that she is experiencing right now. “

I realized I was in a Raymond Chandler novel – with Belle! This is just what she wanted. The problem was, I am an old guy. After sicking the Spectre on me, she went to her lover, Ambrose Holtham-Keathley. She discovered he didn’t have a romantic bone in his body. Meanwhile I am out there in the cold, on the run, looking for people with an A sewn on their jacket. How about a tattoo – right between their eyes!

“A………..! What does that stand for?”

My friends didn’t get it. It sounded right to them. If you fuck with their friends, their family, their softball team, you fuck with them. I discovered people had gone tribal. No way was I going to let this story go, and just walk away. There had to be a Mr. Big.

I am all alone. I work alone. I cover the waterfront.

John Presco

Omnipresence or ubiquity is the property of being present everywhere. The term omnipresence is most often used in a religious context as an attribute of a deity or supreme being, while the term ubiquity is generally used to describe something “existing or being everywhere at the same time, constantly encountered, widespread, common.” Ubiquitous can also be used as a synonym for words like worldwide, universal, global, pervasive, all over the place.




Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is pushing back against President Trump’s suggestion that media coverage and programs like “Saturday Night Live” be challenged in court, calling the First Amendment “the backbone of American exceptionalism.”

Crenshaw late Sunday responded to Trump’s tweet by agreeing with the president that the media “deliberately misleads and spins.”

“It’s legal, and it needs to remain legal,” he added, however. “The 1st Amendment is the backbone of American exceptionalism.”

San Diego Standard reporter H. Joseph Miller (Ben Lyon) has been covering the city’s waterfront for the past five years and is fed up with the work. He longs to escape the waterfront life and land a newspaper job back East so he can marry his Vermont sweetheart. Miller is frustrated by the lack of progress of his current assignment investigating the smuggling of Chinese people into the country by a fisherman named Eli Kirk (Ernest Torrence). One morning after wasting a night tracking down bad leads, his editor at the Standard orders him to investigate a report of a girl swimming naked at the beach. There he meets Julie Kirk (Claudette Colbert), the daughter of the man he’s been investigating.

Meanwhile, Eli Kirk and his crew are returning to San Diego with a Chinese passenger when the Coast Guard approaches. Not wanting to be caught with evidence of his smuggling operation, Kirk orders his men to weigh down the Chinaman and lower him overboard to his death. The Coast Guard, accompanied by Miller, board the boat but find nothing. The next day, Miller discovers the Chinaman’s body which was carried in with the tide, and takes it as evidence to his editor, who still remains skeptical of Kirk’s guilt. To get conclusive evidence, Miller tells him he plans to romance Kirk’s daughter Julie in order to break the smuggling operation.

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Get Out of My Familie’s Party 1

From now until Christmas, and, perhaps until Doomsday, I will be ordering Evangelicals and Neo-Confederates out of the Republican Party co-founded by my kindred, John Fremont – who had nothing in common with evangelicals who put that liar in the White House. Jesus must want them to be honest, or, start being honest. They need to form a new party whose platform best describes who they are, and their agenda. Does that make sense to you!

John Presco

Christian evangelicals must not overlook Trump’s lies and bad behavior: Letter


The purpose of this letter is an appeal to paradoxical Christian evangelicals; those who believe that America is a majority Christian country; that the Gospel is uniquely powerful, offers a significant reference point in the area of right thinking; a Moral Law for love and truth. Therefore, its spiritual wheel guides our government in carving out hope for the poor and the powerless.

I speak as one who has been transformed by Jesus Christ; the living God. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He has been a light in me for over 16 years. His presence is the sole explanation for whatever is praiseworthy in my life: the only reason for my emphasizing this picture of my life is the darkness creeping over our government. It is an observation that may contradict your own.

In light of being a majority Christian nation, we are required to address the wrenching-immoral character of Donald Trump. Knowing about his character, 62 percent of profess Evangelicals (Barna Christian poll) voted for him. I’m asking Evangelicals to come in from the dessert – forget the political party’s label or its promises, speak to the dry bones that are piling up because you ignored his predispositions of lies and immoral acts; essentially turning your back to God’s word.

You know intuitively from the Gospel that lies and wrong behaviors will grow – becoming a franchise similar to Jim Crowism; one of the most devastating historical markers of contradictions to our constitution.

I remember when many of you called yourselves “value voters,” spoke out against the Obama administration regarding proclivities such as same sex marriages. You also went to the soul of President Clinton regarding his adultery practices; but now your critical voices have been silent about the Stormy Daniels Syndrome of three divorces

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Russian Trolls Target Blacks

I told you so!

Seer John

The Russian influence campaign on social media in the 2016 election made an extraordinary effort to target African-Americans, used an array of tactics to try to suppress turnout among Democratic voters and unleashed a blizzard of posts on Instagram that rivaled or exceeded its Facebook operations, according to a report produced for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The report adds new details to the portrait that has emerged over the last two years of the energy and imagination of the Russian effort to sway American opinion and divide the country, which the authors said continues to this day.

“Active and ongoing interference operations remain on several platforms,” says the report, produced by New Knowledge, a cybersecurity company based in Austin, Texas, along with researchers at Columbia University and Canfield Research LLC. One continuing Russian campaign, for instance, seeks to influence opinion on Syria by promoting Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president and a Russian ally in the brutal conflict there.

The New Knowledge report, which was obtained by The New York Times in advance of its scheduled release on Monday, is one of two commissioned by the Senate committee on a bipartisan basis. They are based largely on data about the Russian operations provided to the Senate by Facebook, Twitter and the other companies whose platforms were used.

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