My Christ Complex

I made notes for ‘My Christ Complex’ in 1986. It is the story of a boy born to hippies who become the richest man on earth. I was inspired by adoration Donald Trump was getting. As a man, the Yuppie Christ appears on the David Letterman show,and when he holds out his arms showing the thickness of his stock portfolio, the studio is fill with light!

Being a real hippie liberal leftist, I knew I was the enemy of the rich, and, they had declared war against me – just me! This allowed me to into the future and predict events. I am a profit. I own a real Christ Complex.

I was born in Mendocino, when a bright light appeared in the Eastern sky. It’s a bust! Joe’s Harvard friends are wise lawyers, and the get Joe off the hook. I was a talented child. I got carried away at my elementary school pageant. I amazed members of the Christian Coalition, on how much I knew about tax law. Seeing Joe’s burl business is a real bust, I help bankroll his Futon Warehouse that made him a millionaire.

When I was busted for stock trading fraud, I did community service, worked picking up trash along the highway with a guy that held up a seven-eleven, and a guy who claims he killed a man in Utah. Having worked on government road crews, he was a genius at leaning on your shovel, giving the appearence we were working. This is why the deputy titled us ‘The three crosses on the hill’.

Jon Presco

Copyright 1987

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    There are a million words and countless books that suggest artists are prophets, and their visions come true. I posted this in 2011

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