I Found Rena’s Second Husband




I found Rena Easton’s ex-husband. He lives in a three bedroom trailer that has just over a thousand square feet that overlooks a cattle ranch that is owned by Bruce, and possibly his father or brother.

“Bruce Henry Visser, 46, of Manhattan and Irene Victoria Easton, 47, of Bozeman.”

Rena Easton divorced Bruce Visser thirteen years ago. This is Rena’s second husband, who was/is an alcoholic:

“My second husband was an alcoholic and the marriage ended after two painful years.”

Before I continue, Rena lied to me and invaded my privacy, employing Deputy Sheriff Dan Wayland to do so. Does Dan know Bruce Visser? If I did what Rena did to me to almost any male in Montana – they would be mighty pissed! And angry!

I am going to write a report to the Sheriff’s department to see if there was a conspiracy to frighten me. To fraudulently respond to this blog – that speaks of the real abuse my family suffered – is sick! Rena wanted me to include her lies in my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’. Do cowboys like to be lied to? I guess it is O.K. to lie to artists and left-leaning people – because they aren’t human!

In an e-mail to Radiant Engineering, Rena Easton, and Bruce Vesser, thanks the folks that fixed a heater in West Yellowstone where Rena used to live. Does she live there now? Who owns the house? Bruce lives on Vesser Road. He works a ranch/farm that got subsidized by Big Government. So much for his Redneck ways.

Rena sends Radiant Engineering a handwritten thank you, where she says;

“Troy was such a nice guy!”
“I truly appreciate your emergency service.”

Why didn’t Rena say “WE”?

I think Bruce owns the house that Rena lives in, that they used to live in. I suspect Rena is paying low rent. Is Bruce thinking of selling?

So much for her husband getting angry, and us having a affaire of the heart, and she not being my live-in muse, because, this sounds like a love letter to me, sent after the e-mail. Does Rena have the hots for studly Troy, the first young man she has been close to for quite awhile? Did she show him her photos of her when she was young vixen? Rena includes her address in this letter (blurred out) just incase Troy forgot where she lived? Why two thank yous? Did Rena bump me for Troy – a younger stud-muffin? Is Rena a sexist who was disgusted that an old man might still have the hots for her?

Damn! Showtime is going go with this ‘The Old Artist and His Old Muse’

“You stay away from my muse – boy!”

It looks to me Bruce Baby can’t shake his ex – who is a whole lot to handle. Who’s got the drinking problem, here? I see Bruce sitting in his big leather easy chair counting his cattle, when he sees a cloud of dust on Visser road, and Rena’s Silver Hornet, coming fast.

Bruce cringes, he wondering “What now?”
Rena burst in the door waving my letter, and screaming her fool head off;
“I got me a letter from the Anti-Christ! You got put me up for a year or two, cause, it’s just a matter of time before he discovers I lied to him.”

“Shit Rena! Now you’ve done it. What are we dealing with, that dude in ‘No Country For Old Men? And, what is this crap I’m hearing about Troy? What did you do to him? Did you recite your poems to him all night?”

I have a great idea for a movie, where Anton Chigurh meets the Woman With the Dragon Tattoo in a Dame Sans Merci showdown.

Now that I have proven Rena is a egregious liar, one has to wonder when she told the truth. This includes the reconstruction of our letters. Did she lie in those letters? If so, she filed a false police report. Did Dan Mayland know the truth about Rena not being married any longer to Bruce Vesser? I did post about Dan “better have proof I am stalking Rena.”

Is it any wonder why Rena took my letter and showed it to a friend in order see where I was lying – because Rena is a liar – and expects others to be also. That I call her an “honest woman” in my unsent second letter, is evidence to her cunning and guile – since we met! This is a two pretty-face – liar! Stalkers are liars! Preditors are liars! Con-artists – are liars! She could care less if my book went to prints – full of her lies!

This, witch, mailed me a poisoned apple! That she can begin her litany of lies with these words, is profound, in that she gauges her well being by how accurately she recites poems.

“How to begin? Facts are always helpful. ”

I have revealed more truths in Rena’s letter with my psychic search for the facts.
I nail Rena to the barn door in this psychic hit;


In my second letter I was going to send Rena my invention for heating a small room with candles. I made a video instead and was going to post it so Rena and her husband could stay warm. I suspect that heater was problematic at X-Mas.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014



Dear Radiant Engineering,

Thank you so very much for your swift response to the boiler break-down in West.  I really appreciated all your help over the phone on that day, & for all the work you accomplished.

Thanks so much,
Rena Easton
Bruce Visser


Irene Easton was born in 1952. Irene currently lives in Bozeman, Montana. Before that, she lived in Manhattan, MT from 1999 to 2009. Before that, she lived in West Yellowstone, MT from 2010 to 2012.








Bruce Visser

Visser Farms
10700 Visser Road
Manhattan, MT 59741 – View Map
Phone: (406) 282-7624
Own this Business?
Livestock Equipment Industry Standard in Low Stress Livestock Handling Equipment  http://www.molymfg.com
The ads are not affiliated with Bruce Visser
Bruce Visser
A privately held company in Manhattan, MT.  Is this your company? Claim This Profile
More Details for Bruce Visser
Categorized under Cattle Companies, our records show it was established in 1963 and incorporated in Montana, current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $100,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1.
Products or Services
Companies like Bruce Visser usually offer: Cattle Management, Cattle Information, Breeding Cattle, Glossary Of Cattle Health Terms and Moment Amongst Cattle Breeders.

Bruce Henry Visser, 46, of Manhattan and Irene Victoria Easton, 47, of Bozeman.

She was born to Thomas and Dena (Noteboom) Emmelkamp in Manhattan on Aug. 21, 1923. Her siblings were Betty Vander Ark, Andrew Emmelkamp, Edna DeGroot, and Florence Veltkamp (all deceased).

She married Henry J. Visser on March 26, 1944. They raised four children; Don (Lola) Visser of Manhattan, Sharon (Jim) Danhof of Tucson, Ariz., Bruce (Rene) Visser of Manhattan, and Sylvia (Jay) Kintzing of Billings.

Berniece was a loving wife, mother and homemaker. She lived in her home on the ranch on Visser Road with her husband, Henry, since 1952. Henry died in 1993, but she managed to continue to live on her own on the ranch until December 2010, when she moved into the Churchill Retirement Home.

Berniece spent most of her time caring for her family, cleaning, and cooking. She was a great cook. In her later years she enjoyed mowing the lawn on her riding mower and taking care of her many flowers – which she of course got from her son’s nursery.

The highlight of her afternoons was drinking coffee at the Kountry Korner Café. She often met with friends there and also enjoyed the company of the “regulars” and appreciated the friendships of the girls who worked there.

Berniece was quiet and shy, but she exuded and imparted love without using many words. She was full of compassion, humility and encouragement, and spoke through the example of how she lived her life.


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    My muse, Rena Easton, turned on me after her right-wing Christian friend read evil in my letter. Put Rena next to Belle who accused me of stalking her, too.

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