Montana’s Giant Janitor

Here’s the truck that Rena Easton owns. It’s a 2009 GMC Sierra that she dives down the hill of the Vissar Ranch, a small spread that raises cattle with the help of a $100,000 Government subsidy.  I chatted with a man my age on a bench who raised Emu for their meat. His Emu ranch was too far off the beaten path so he sold it and moved to Coos Bay where he catches salmon like crazy. I love Oregon!

The Resident God in the White House threw another tantrum today, and the market lost 600 points. What has caused Messiah Trump to really lose it for the last several months, is, Montana threw in the towel. They want out of the tariff wars. The dream is – dead! Playing cowboy, and lying to your bank, are two different things. You can’t put a sail on these becalmed prairie schooners. The Visser ranch – is doomed! Trump tells these yokums he is going to let them get over on the liberal city hippies, and they fell for it, the oldest trick in the book! They are toast!

All I wanted to do was render you as a goddess, and you went to the Sheriff. How about Rhea to Trump’s Apollo – and Caligula! Big bruiser trucks and a perverted Emperor: and now Montana will not be planting soy beans this season? Can’t turn on your truck radio without hearing about the bright future in soybeans! I will author an ode to soybeans and have it published in a local paper.

I see Rena as The Giant American Midwest Woman, and she is the mate of Paul Bunyun. She is cleaning up after the mess Donald made of her beloved State. Now is the time to save her, my beloved blue muse!

I forgive you Rena!

The movie Giant was based upon the King Ranch. My kin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor starred as the wife of a ranch owner. I feel my well is going to come in, and, I might buy a ranch……….in Montana! I hear they will be dirt cheap – after Grabby Donald is done.

The movie/series I forever want to make is ‘Ballad of a Soldier’. I will have to have Rena and Starfish cross paths, perhaps at the new Russian gym in town, they coming to own everything after the Great National Wheat Bankruptcy.

“Hey! You’re pretty buff………..for an old lady!”

I’ll have Yulia running naked in a wheat field to complete a old fantasy of mine. Here are my grandfather’s Montana stories.


The Amazon forest

burns hot tonight

my love.


there will be no oxygen

in the air

To breath, my love

my love of air

is no equal

to my memory of you

In the last

of everything

in the consuming sparks

that dance around the moon

I save my last breath

for you

For you

my last sigh


John Presco

Montana could be caught in the spillover effects when China levies higher tariffs on U.S. products.

It’s another step in the ongoing trade war between China and the United States.

Last year, tariffs nearly knocked out Montana’s wheat exports to China.

The market has been less than stellar since, according to farmers in the state, which includes Lyle Benjamin, President of Montana Grain Growers Association.

“Naturally, that drop in sales has been tough,” said Benjamin. “It’s hit Montana hard in conjunction with the other trade uncertainties. It’s just an ugly time for Montana farmers and U.S. farmers in general.”

Montana State University economist Vincent Smith says the impact on Montana is both direct and indirect.

For example, farmers in the Midwest grow a lot of soybeans – more than farmers in Montana do, but tariffs on soybeans can end up affecting the wheat market.

“When corn prices fall, the prices for the lowest quality wheat in the United States tend to fall,” said Smith. “And that tends to have a ripple effect on all wheat prices, so wheat farmers in Montana do have a stake in the actions that China has taken to further restrict the export the agricultural commodities.”

Smith said beyond the net effect of the increased tariffs, the fact that the back-and-forth retaliatory tariffs continue without any kind of agreement is a significant problem.

“Like most economists, in fact all economists, I view trade wars as often unlikely to yield any long-run or even any short-run benefits,” said Smith.

Many farmers and agricultural groups want to see an end to the uncertainty.

This week, the Montana Farm Bureau sent a letter to the Trump Administration asking for as much. John Youngberg is executive vice president of Montana Farm Bureau.

“You know, we have stood with the administration in hoping to get better deals, but the pain is becoming real for a lot of folks now, and if we don’t have some kind of resolution soon, it’ll be severe in the farm community, so we need to have some resolution of this,” said Youngberg.

Political leaders in Montana also hope to see an end to the conflict.

Turn down sound and play next two in succession with this.

“Who will buy my wheat?”

We begin in Montana, where the farmers are finding out how easy trade wars are to win. From the Great Falls Tribune:

A mile and a half away from his farm, Canadian farmers are benefiting from access to overseas markets through deals that Americans have lost as “collateral damage” in the recent trade wars. “What we’ve been asking for, what we’re trying to safeguard is what we already had,” Benjamin said. “We feel abused as other industries are asking for major concessions, and we’re collateral damage.”

Nearly half of the subsidies meant to offset trade war pains for American farmers and ranchers went to producers in five states. Illinois was the top recipient with $1.1 billion. That’s more than 1 of every 8 tariff relief dollars from the federal government. The program’s $8.2 billion was spread among 557,633 producers, an average of $14,678. The next top recipient states also were in the Midwest: Iowa ($968 million), Minnesota ($674.5 million), Nebraska ($563 million) and Indiana ($556 million), according to information the Tribune obtained from the U.S. Department of Agriculture through a Freedom of Information Act request. That’s because 84 percent of the federal payments — $6.8 billion — went to producers of soybeans.

Montana ranked 29th for tariff relief with producers receiving $28,454,590. The Montana Wheat and Barley committee found that farmers of those two crops have lost $150 million due to current trade policies, The AP reported. The tariff relief program focused on China. China buys a lot of soybeans, but China doesn’t buy a lot of wheat and corn. Wheat got 14 cents a bushel in relief. A penny for corn.

In Montana, China is an important market. It’s No. 6. However, Japan is No. 1, and Montana is in the process of losing that export destination to Canada and Australia, Benjamin said. “The lack of trade deals are affecting Montana pretty hard,” Benjamin said. “We’ve lost about 18 percent off the price of grain. It’s been pretty ugly.” The wheat that’s grown on the other side of the US-Canadian border is the same, but once it hits the Japanese market it’s suddenly a 42 cent a bushel difference because of tariffs.

Any Democratic presidential candidate who doesn’t see the obvious opening here should get out of the business. Rural states in the country are being hammered by the policies and incompetence of this administration*. (Do you think the president* actually thought through all the ramifications of his international tantrum? “Hey, guys, Montana, where I got 57 percent of the vote in 2016, is really going to suffer because Canada’s going to kill their wheat exports to Japan.” Please.) I can’t say whether the voters will buy what those candidates are selling but, if they don’t, I wish them luck.

He froze. It was a head-shot, a message that left the chamber……………………….so long ago.

“I heard you want to kill your father?” Miriam put to her new boss, a real zinger, then watched for her eyes to turn hot.

“I don’t think you have it in you!” Miriam added, then watched Victoria’s jaw muscles tighten as she tried to hide the fact she was gritting her teeth.

“Nope! You’re not a killer! That’s for sure!” Miriam delivered that line with a smirk.

“How do you know that? Victoria said defensively, and realized she was out of spittle and air. She suppressed her gulp.

“Because, if I was in your shoes, you would be dead right now!”

Victoria was afraid to make eye contact. She felt Miriam’s gaze fall on her paperweight that had her coat of arms, with her logo, on it.

“I bond with those who are about to die! Hey. I like this. Can I have it. I think this fits me, more than you.”

“Did you just call me a “bitch”? Lara said in a fit of controlled energy, and, was half out of her chair.

“Sit down – BITCH! You’re hallucinating! Don’t sweat it. With me around, you don’t have to kill anybody. Isn’t this why I got hired? I was just testing. Now I know you don’t have my back.”

‘Who Will Buy My Wheat?’ sung by Boris Shtokolov–Elizabeth-Taylor-Dwight-D-Eisenhowers-connections-to-the-Howard-Young-Medical-Center-382422051.html

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