The Jewish Vote In Florida and NY

Christian nationalist Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is pulling out all the stops, sending his wife in to submit his closing argument for re-election: God endorses me. DeSantis is running to keep his seat from former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, a Democrat.

“Orthodox community shows its strength by toppling Democrats”

Donald Trump is fit to be bound in a straight jacket, he accusing DeSantis of stealing his fire – his Mission from God!

I suspect Orthodox Jews in Florida and New York – rolled the dice – and came up the BIG LOSERS of the Midterms – because they bought the BIG RED WAVE!

America, Putin, and the World, are awaiting the election result to see if the Democrats hold the House – and the Senate! If they do, then Orthodox Jews will be very upset if any reporter says anything negative about their political input.

I will be labeled ANTI-SEMITIC by writing what I wrote – so far! I have just begun to write on this topic, because it might be the greatest religious story since Salome allegedly danced for the head of John the Baptist. John was a Nazarite like Samson – THE FIGHTER God made to take on the Philistines! You can bet on Orthodox Jews praying Hershel Walker wins the runoff – for starters. The righteous ones are relieved DeSantis removed his CRAZY AD – that is blaspheme!

John ‘The Nazarite’

“And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, I need a protector. So God made him a fighter. God said, I need somebody willing to get up before dawn and kiss his family goodbye, travel thousands of miles for no other reason than to serve the people, to save their jobs, their livelihoods, their liberty, their happiness,” the narrator says in the ad.

“So God made a fighter,” the narrator continues as images of DeSantis flash on the screen.

“God said, I need someone to be strong, advocate truth in the midst of hysteria. Someone who challenges conventional wisdom and isn’t afraid to defend what he knows to be right. And just so God made a fighter,” the narrator continues, adding:

God said, I need somebody who will take the arrows, stand firm in the wake of unrelenting attacks. Look a mother in the eyes and tell her that her child will be in school. She can keep her job. Go to church. Eat dinner with friends.

The ad ends on a sentimental note, as the narrator concludes, “And hold the hand of an aging parent. Taking their breath for the last time. So God made a fighter. God said, I need a family man. A man who would laugh and then sigh and then reply with smiling eyes when his daughter says she wants to spend her life doing what dad does. So God made a fighter.”

(November 4, 2020 / JNS) U.S. President Donald Trump received the highest percent of the Jewish vote for a Republican in decades, while former Vice President Joe Biden hit a new low for a Democratic candidate in recent years, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

Trump received 30.5 percent of the Jewish vote, while Biden got 60.6 percent, according to a Republican Jewish Coalition survey conducted by Basswood Research and McLaughlin & Associates.

According to the RJC poll, Biden’s share of the Jewish vote was the lowest for any Democratic presidential candidate since 1988, while Trump is the highest since that same election. In that election, former Republican President George H.W. Bush won 35 percent of the Jewish vote, while the Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis won 64 percent.

In 2016, Trump received 24 percent of the Jewish vote—six percentage points lower than what presidential candidate Mitt Romney got in 2012.

Meanwhile, 78 percent of Republican Jews voted for Trump, 86 percent of Jewish Democrats voted for Biden and 41 percent of Jewish Independents voted for Biden, while 38 percent went for Trump.

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Some 70 percent and 19 percent of Orthodox Jews supported Trump and Biden, respectively; 57 percent and 36 percent of Conservative Jews supported Biden and Trump, respectively; 80 percent and 13 percent of Reform Jews voted for Biden and Trump, respectively; while those who are not affiliated with any movement voted 57 percent to 32 percent for Biden and Trump, respectively.

In the crucial state of Florida, Jewish voters appeared to be critical to Trump winning the state’s 29 electoral votes as, according to the Associated Press exit poll in the state, with 43 percent of Jews voting for Trump compared to 56 percent for Biden. The 43 percent mark represented the highest percentage of the Jewish vote in the Sunshine State for a Republican presidential candidate. The Republican Jewish Coalition spent more than $5 million targeting Jewish voters in Florida on Trump’s behalf.

Orthodox community shows its strength by toppling Democrats

By Bobby Cuza Brooklyn

PUBLISHED 8:55 PM ET Nov. 10, 2022

New York politicians have long courted the Orthodox Jewish vote in areas like Brooklyn and Orange and Rockland counties.

On Tuesday, the community proved its strength by helping Republican candidates pull off a series of stunning upsets.

The Orthodox Jewish community overwhelmingly supported Republican Lee Zeldin, who promised to protect private religious schools known as yeshivas from government intervention.

While they could not put Zeldin over the top in the race for governor, down-ballot candidates were able to ride his coattails.

“I think there were was a lot of that,” said David Lobl, a prominent political strategist who spent years as Governor Cuomo’s top Jewish affairs liaison. “People took their frustration out, and they went with Zeldin, and then they just went down the ballot.”

Jewish communities in the Hudson Valley may have been the difference in the shocking upset of Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, whose opponent, Mike Lawler, joined Zeldin in visits to the community.

The Jewish vote may have also helped topple Rockland County state Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick and longtime Brooklyn Assemblymembers Steven Cymbrowitz and Peter Abbate.

Abbate lost to Republican Lester Chang, who said of the Orthodox community: “They are angry, they are livid, how the state tried to run the yeshiva according to standards.”

Indeed, increased state regulation of yeshivas was the overriding concern for many in the community, though Lobl said Orthodox Jews also felt unfairly maligned by Democrats during outbreaks of measles and COVID in recent years.

“I think the Orthodox community showed that they’re a force to be reckoned with, but I think it’s a mistake to think that this is something that just happened with Lee Zeldin,” Lobl said. “This is something that’s been brewing for a while.”

The community turned out in droves Tuesday, with turnout topping 50% in some of the densest Orthodox areas of Borough Park.

“The turnout this cycle was insanely high in Orthodox Jewish communities,” Lobl said. “You saw lines that you never saw.”

The Republican party increased its share of the national Jewish vote to a new high not seen in a generation, according to results of a midterm election exit poll conducted Tuesday by Fox News

According to the data, 33% of Jewish voters polled voted Republican in the 2022 midterm election, up from 30% in 2020 and 24% in 2016. 

“[Republican] candidates are offering concrete solutions to the issues that matter to Jewish voters.”Sam Markstein, Republican Jewish Coalition 

Still, a majority of Jewish Americans gave their vote to other parties, with 65% of the Jewish electorate polled voting Democrat, and 2% identifying as “other.”  Top ArticlesRead More

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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Close massive $32 Million Dollar Deal in Miami CondoSponsored by Mansion Global

Republican Jewish Coalition national director Sam Markstein told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that more Jewish voters are moving toward the GOP because “candidates are offering concrete solutions to the issues that matter to Jewish voters.” 

Markstein noted that those issues include: “reducing the skyrocketing costs of living, combating rising hate crime, championing school choice, putting America first on the world stage again by supporting our allies in Israel, and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Jewish community in the fight against antisemitism.” 

 Supporters wait for results at the Republican Party of Arizona's 2022 US midterm elections night rally in Scottsdale, Arizona, US, November 8, 2022. (credit: BRIAN SNYDER / REUTERS)Supporters wait for results at the Republican Party of Arizona’s 2022 US midterm elections night rally in Scottsdale, Arizona, US, November 8, 2022. (credit: BRIAN SNYDER / REUTERS)

Where did Jews contribute to a ‘red wave’? 

Markstein said Tuesday’s election saw “a record-smashing level of support in Florida, at 45% of the Jewish vote.” 

In New York’s hotly contested gubernatorial race, Republican candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin won between 85-95% in Hasidic Brooklyn neighborhoods in Borough Park and Williamsburg where voter turnout averaged 50%, according to New York city polls, despite being ultimately defeated by Democratic incumbent challenger Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The majority of American Jews skew heavily Democratic and liberal, both in New York and nationwide.

“However, there are sometimes shifts in midterm or off-year elections, especially ones in which there is a red wave or movement towards Republicans. Chris Christie got 38% of the Jewish vote in his first run for governor, which helped lead him to victory.

“The Jewish vote doesn’t usually show up clearly in preelection polling, because the population is so small; so it’s hard to know in advance how they will vote this year. We usually have to wait for the postelection exit polls to see what happened.”

What races are specifically important for Jewish voters?

“There is a lot of interest in the Jewish community on the Lee Zeldin-Kathy Hochul [gubernatorial] race in New York state. Zeldin is Jewish, and New York, of course, has the largest Jewish population in the nation. While it is a heavily Democratic state, Zeldin is making a strong run at Hochul, who has shown herself to be a weak candidate.”

He went on to say that the Jewish vote is always extremely important in New York, given how many Jews live there, but a number of key Senate races are also taking place in states with significant Jewish populations.

“The Jewish vote could have a real impact on the key Senate races in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The elections in states will determine who controls the Senate after this election,” said Troy.

If Republicans win, and we will have a Blue White House and a Red Congress, what does a divided government means for Jewish voters?

“I wouldn’t expect a lot of legislation to pass in the next two years, especially if we have a divided government. That said, Republican wins could help make sure that the US stays strongly allied with Israel, and that Democrats back off from the ‘soft on crime’ policies that make Jews in particular vulnerable to antisemitic attacks.”

What Jewish groups are doing

It was a rocky year for advocacy groups in Washington. Last December, AIPAC surprised many when it announced it would establish two new PACs that would allow the pro-Israel lobby to directly fund political campaigns.

That was a major shift after 70 years in which AIPAC avoided entering the campaign arena, which enabled it to balance relationships with both sides of the aisle.

The move sparked an immediate debate between those who said it was the only way for AIPAC to remain influential in a hyper-partisan Washington, and those who said it would force the group to choose sides in races between Republicans and Democrats, which would harm its bipartisan nature.

Thus, for the first time, AIPAC PAC and J Street PAC supported candidates who ran against each other in the Democratic primary. These were contentious races between the two groups, which traded barbs and condemned each other’s tactics. After a victory for AIPAC in Michigan’s 11th District, the group was quick to celebrate a “major victory for pro-Israel candidate,” while J Street decried AIPAC’s “overwhelming spending,” charging that the group “hopes to send an intimidating message to others – Cross our redlines, and you could be next.”

Other Jewish groups, such as the Jewish Democratic Council of America and the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), are also spending heavily in this cycle, including on TV ads in key battleground states, “get out the vote” efforts, phone banking and door knocking.

Halie Soifer, CEO of JDCA, said that according to recent polling, “the top two policy priorities for Jewish voters are the future of democracy and abortion access, and both issues have made a majority of Jewish voters more motivated to vote in the midterm elections.

“In addition, 92% of Jewish Americans are concerned about the rise of antisemitism, and a majority trust Democrats more than Republicans to combat it,” she said. “For these reasons and more, we have no doubt that Jewish voters will overwhelmingly support Democrats in the midterms, and their support in key states – such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada – will help Democrats maintain and possibly expand their Senate majority.

“In 2022, Jewish Americans see the GOP for what it is – a party dominated by right-wing extremists who threaten our democracy, values, security and rights,” Soifer said.

Sam Markstein, RJC national political director, said on the other hand that in this last week before Election Day, “RJC will continue working hard to turn out the Jewish vote in support of the GOP in key battleground states so we can get our country back on track and fight back against the disastrous Biden-Schumer-Pelosi agenda.

“RJC has spent months identifying and persuading Jewish voters in key battleground states, utilizing the most sophisticated and cutting-edge data operation in Jewish politics, to support GOP candidates that will determine the balance of power in the US Senate and House of Representatives,” he said.

“From Pennsylvania to Georgia, from Nevada to Florida, the trajectories in this election are absolutely clear: In the key races, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Herschel Walker, Adam Laxalt and Sen. Marco Rubio have all the momentum. That’s because they’re focused on the issues that matter to Jewish voters: reducing the skyrocketing costs of living, combating rising crime in our communities, securing the border, supporting school choice, strengthening the US-Israel relationship, and standing shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish community in the fight against antisemitism.”•

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