Evangelical Leader Begins New Cold War

I told you so! The Jesus Missiles are coming! The Jesus Missiles are coming!

Consider the first Cyber-attack from the Putin Trolls to control our elections. The Democrats are THE TARGET……….again! Moscow Mitch knows the language spoken in Jesus World. He is the Red State Cowboy! Mitch does not want to fund any Cyber Defence Bill, because his base will see him crossing the line and losing focus who the real enemy is.

Charlie Manson learned his Bible while in jail, and used it to form his cult, just like David Koresh. Christians and Pagans hate this blog, and me, because they can tell I am not on their side. This video shows why evangelicals want to lock Hillary up. She is a mass fetus killer. Trump says he will end AIDS that to evangelicals means he is going after gays like Putin is.

Most Americans do not realize there are two sets of reality in America. Every Sunday millions of evangelicals go to church – where their faith is tested! Have they stopped believing in the Rapture and Jesus raising the new temple into the sky full of the Chosen Ones? The Manson Cult murdered traitors to their cause.

I found Rena by writing her minister, who then tells her I am a Goddess Worshipper. I sent her my Birth of Venus tape and tell her to light candles while she listens to it. She tears my letter into tiny pieces. She may have burned that tape. Then, she rewrites the letter she sent me, and, my letter to her. She takes the tiny pieces into the Sherriff’s Office and tells Deputy Dan I am stalking her. He gives me a ring.

“Do you believe she has total recall and thus was able to duplicate our letters? If so, you want to launch a legal action of some kind upon – your strange belief that she owns superhuman abilities? If this harassment continues, I will contact my Congressman, Peter DeFazio!”

The Alleybelle and Kimite Gang have read this , and my daughter. This is evidence I am a “lunatic”. I told Deputy Dan I don’t know where Rena lives, or, have her phone number.

“How did you get my phone number?”

“She gave it to me!”

“I didn’t give her my phone number!”

It was then I knew she had Helpers! She and Belle Burch shared our personal matters with folks they believed would put a scare in me. Kim Haffner did the same thing. She employed – Helpers!

Here is a photo of Deputy Sherriff, Dan Mayland – bow hunting! He reminded me of the guy in the movie The Accountant who owned the same abilities Dan said Rena owned. I came up with an idea for a movie titled ‘The Janitor’ that morphed into Victoria Bond, and her sidekick, Miriam Starfish Christling! This enraged the Evangelicals because they get their Life Orders from – the very flawed Bible! I should know, I am a theologian who figured out what Jesus wrote in the dust and why he cursed the fig tree. Now they wanted to kill me – THE HELPERS! I am not supposed to READ their sacred stuff. Only the Antichrist would do such a thing. And, so it goes.

I believe Rena’s Helpers encourage Rena to go to the cops and have them get my number!

Dial 666-666-6666!

When I saw a young Christian Wolf pour out those puzzle pieces on the table, I was reminded of Deputy Dan told me.

“She came in around 11:30 P.M. She was carrying a paper bag. She dumped the tiny pieces of your letter on the counter.”

“Were you……….afraid?”

Quentin Tarantino – you need to make a movie from this blog, and the next one! You have to take on the Evangelical Cult – that are way bigger than Charlie Manson ever was!

Rena has three older sisters who were top models. One was the mistress of Robert Vesco. All three lived in Washington D.C. I suspect the got information from Foreign Attaches. I believe THE THREE SISTERS introduced their Beautiful young sister to Commodore Sir Ian Easton of the British Defense Staff. I suspect Rena’s father was a CIA agent who toughened up his daughters because they owned the same mental ability he did.  I suspect Royal Rosamond was recruited by a Spy Agency because he had psychic abilities. He too had four beautiful daughters. This is a genetic trait. If Rena and I had children, then there would have been no limit to OUR GIFT!

Discovering my grandfather ran on the Socialist ticket, answers my suspicion that my aunt was name after Lillian Hellman, who along with Dashiell Hammet, were bid to testify before the Committee on Un-American Activities. How many of the writers that camped on the Channel Islands, were Communists, or Socialists? We’re talking about the Black Mask group. I bid Quentin Tarantino to help me do a HBO series. Then, there is the Roza Mira……….’The Rose of the World’………………ROSAMOND………MUSMUNDI


As a child, Christian Wolff is diagnosed with a high-functioning form of autism at Harbor Neuroscience, where he meets the doctor’s daughter, Justine. Chris’s father declines the offer for his son to stay at a sensory friendly environment, believing that Chris must overcome the hardships of his condition, but Chris’s overwhelmed mother abandons their family. Afraid that others will exploit his son, Chris’s father—a US Army PSYOP officer—begins a brutal regimen of stoicism and martial arts training for both him and his brother, Braxton.

In the present, Chris works as a forensic accountant from a small strip mall office in Plainfield, Illinois. He unmasks insider financial deceptions, often for criminal and terrorist enterprises. Chris’s clients interact with Chris through the Voice, an unidentified woman who calls him “Dreamboat”. He exposes himself daily to loud music and flashing lights to inure himself to sensory overload.

Deputy Dan read this………….

“I still struggle with the severe psychological consequences of repeated episodes of violence and emotional cruelty from my childhood.”

“Greg, I want you to know & listen. I apologize for being an abusive girl when our paths crossed in 1970. I had come out of a dark and dangerous place, and you helped me. Please forgive me. No one deserves abuse. I have learned a lot now.”

“I have a million poems memorized. I can always gauge my highs and lows by my focus, and my desire and ability to recite them whilst vacuuming at work. My mind can roam free there, but I do get ever so tired, and bored, lonely as well.

I love my boss – Raelene. She is very professional, very tough, but ever so kind. I enjoy manual labor.”

John Presco

Copyright 2019







“President Clinton and his wife, Hillary, invited a group of popular self-help writers to Camp David to help them dissect what had happened in the first two years of the presidency and to search for a way back after the Democrat’s devastating loss to the Republicans in the 1994 congressional elections.  They met the weekend beginning Friday, Dec. 30, 1994.”

“Three of the attendees were well-known:  Anthony Robbins, author of ‘Awaken The Giant Within’; Marianne Williamson, author of ‘A Return To Love’; and Stephen R. Covey, author of ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Effective People’ .  Their names later leaked out publicly and all three declined to discuss the substance of the meeting.  The identities of the two others did not leak, and they were the ones who played a significant role over the weekend and the year that followed.”

“The first was Jean Houston, co-director of the Foundation for Mind Research, which studies psychic experience and altered and expanded consciousness.  Houston, then 55, the author of 14 books, was one of the most high-energy seminar leaders in the country.  She was a believer in spirits, mythic and other connections to history and to other worlds.  Houston believed that her personal archetypal predecessor was Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom.  She conducted extensive dialogues with Athena … Houston wore an ancient Hellenistic coin of Athena set in a medallion around her neck all the time.”  [Note the word, dialogues , in this sentence.  Carrying on an imaginary conversation with someone using vivid mental techniques still does not result in “dialogues”; only an actual seance would produce dialogue. The only way in which Jean Houston could have a dialogue with Athena is through a seance; however, because Houston and other New Agers know that the general public is not yet ready for seances, they disguise their activity as imagination.]





But the new missiles are unlikely to be deployed to counter the treaty’s other nuclear power, Russia, which the United States has said for years was in violation of the accord. Instead, the first deployments are likely to be intended to counter China, which has amassed an imposing missile arsenal and is now seen as a much more formidable long-term strategic rival than Russia.

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The moves by Washington have elicited concern that the United States may be on the precipice of a new arms race, especially because the one major remaining arms control treaty with Russia, a far larger one called New START, appears on life support, unlikely to be renewed when it expires in less than two years.

At a moment when the potential for nuclear confrontations with North Korea and Iran is rising, the American decision to abandon the 32-year-old treaty has prompted new worries in Europe and Asia, and warnings that echo an era that once seemed banished to the history books. The resurgence of nuclear geopolitics was evident in the Democratic debate on Tuesday night, when presidential hopefuls grappled with whether the United States should renounce “first use” of nuclear weapons in any future conflict.

“The United States and Russia are now in a state of strategic instability,” Ernest J. Moniz, the former energy secretary, and Sam Nunn, the former Georgia senator who helped draft the legislation that funded the drastic reduction in former Soviet nuclear forces, write in a coming article in Foreign Affairs ominously titled “The Return to Doomsday.” “Not since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis has the risk of a U.S.-Russian confrontation involving the use of nuclear weapons been as high as it is today. Yet unlike during the Cold War, both sides seem willfully blind to the peril.”

he close relationship between American evangelicals and Russia has lately been discussed widely in the news media. In particular, the Justice Department unsealed a criminal complaint in July against a Russian woman, Maria Butina, for trying to use the National Prayer Breakfast, a star-studded affair, as a “back channel of communication” with prominent American religious and political leaders.

Among them is Franklin Graham, son of the well-known evangelist, Billy Graham, and head of the influential Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

In 2015, Graham famously visited Russia, where he had a warm meeting with President Vladimir Putin. On that trip, Putin reportedly explained that his mother had kept her Christian faith even under communist rule. Graham in turn praised Putin for his support of Orthodox Christianity, contrasting Russia’s “positive changes” with the rise of atheistic secularism in the U.S.

But it was not always so. Once upon a time, American evangelicals saw the Soviet Union and other communist countries as the world’s greatest threat to their faith.

They carried out dramatic and illegal activities, smuggling Bibles and other Christian literature across borders. And yet, today, Russia is their crucial ally.

Bible smuggling

Starting in the 1950s, but intensifying in the 1970s and 1980s, U.S. and European evangelicals presented themselves as intimately linked to the Christians who were suffering at the hands of communist governments.

Others are less concerned about the implications with Russia, noting that the treaty was limited, covering only a narrow class of missiles.

President Barack Obama considered terminating the treaty when Moscow was first accused of violating its terms. On Thursday, just as his aides were confirming the American withdrawal and blaming Russia for the breakdown, President Trump told reporters that Russia “would like to do something on a nuclear treaty” and added later, “So would I.” But he appeared to be discussing a broader treaty that would involve China — which has said it has no intention of negotiating a limit on its arsenal.

In fact, the administration has argued that China is one reason Mr. Trump decided to exit the I.N.F. treaty. Most experts now assess that China has the most advanced conventional missile arsenal in the world, based throughout the mainland. When the treaty went into effect in 1987, China’s missile fleet was judged so rudimentary that it was not even a consideration.

Today hundreds of missiles in southeast China are within range of Taiwan, the self-governing democratic island supported by the United States. Missiles at other sites can hit Japan and India, and there are Chinese missiles that can strike the United States territory of Guam and other potential targets in what American strategists call the second-island chain.

“Unilateral constraint was a losing proposition: China developed the world’s foremost force of missiles precisely within the ranges that I.N.F. would prohibit,” said Andrew Erickson, a professor of strategy at the United States Naval War College. “So this increasingly antiquated treaty had no future.”

Until now, the Trump administration has held off on testing new missiles that would violate the treaty; under its terms, even testing is prohibited. But that stricture lifts on Friday, and the first test of new American intermediate-range missiles is likely to begin within weeks, according to American officials familiar with the Pentagon’s plans.

The first, perhaps as early as this month, is expected to be a test of a version of a common, sea-launched cruise missile, the Tomahawk. It would be modified to be fired from the ground. (The treaty prohibited intermediate-range ground-launched missiles, but not missiles launched from ships or airplanes.) If successful, officials say, the first ground-launched cruise missiles could be deployed within 18 months or so — if the United States can find a country willing to house them.

Lillian Florence Hellman (June 20, 1905 – June 30, 1984) was an American dramatist and screenwriter known for her success as a playwright on Broadway, as well as her Communist sympathies and political activism. She was blacklisted after her appearance before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) at the height of the anti-communist campaigns of 1947–52. Although she continued to work on Broadway in the 1950s, her blacklisting by the American film industry caused a drop in her income. Many praised Hellman for refusing to answer questions by HUAC, but others believed, despite her denial, that she had belonged to the Communist Party.

As a playwright, Hellman had many successes on Broadway, including Watch on the Rhine, The Autumn Garden, Toys in the Attic, Another Part of the Forest, The Children’s Hour and The Little Foxes. She adapted her semi-autobiographical play The Little Foxes into a screenplay, which starred Bette Davis and received an Academy Award nomination in 1942.

Hellman was romantically involved with fellow writer and political activist Dashiell Hammett, author of the classic detective novels The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man, who also was blacklisted for 10 years until his death in 1961. The couple never married.

Deputy Dan and The Janitor

Deputy Dan……….Mayland, is a hunk. I’m sure Rena noticed.

I’m going to work more on my movie script ‘The Janitor’. It begins late one rainy and dark night. Deputy Sheriff Dan is working the swing shift when he jumps out of his skin. On a bench sits Rena Easton. Not able to speak, Rena breaks the ice,

“I wondered how long it would take you to notice me. I’ve been sitting here for exactly 22 minutes and sixteen seconds.”

“Why didn’t you approach the desk, say something to me!”

“I’m shy. I am the reclusive widow of Sir Ian Easton. Perhaps you have heard of me? I need your help. Someone I knew forty years ago got too close. I need you to back him off. No rough stuff. Just give him a scare. He owns a newspaper and is getting nosy. I hired some goon, who grabbed him by the neck and body-slammed him, but, that just roused his curiosity even more! He wants to see how I’ve aged. As you can see, I haven’t. He must not know. He painted my portrait. I was his muse. You know the drill.

Jon Presco


On January 27, 2014 I got a call from Deputy Sheriff, Dan Mayland, that my Muse, and old girlfriend, Rena Easton – who I had not seen since 1970 – had filed charges in Galliten County Montana – saying I was Stalking her. Rena had written me a four page letter on Christmas Day. She made references to this blog. I do not know how she got my address. I did not know whether she was dead or alive.

After receiving my letter I mailed on January 10th. Rena became alarmed at all or some of the content, and showed it to a un-named person. This person confirmed Rena’s paranoia was spot-on, and she angrily destroyed my letter. In order to own proof I was Stalking her, Rena wrote a copy of my letter, and a copy of the letter she wrote me, and showed it to Dan Mayland. Dan assured me that both letters were written by Rena, and were summoned up by an amazing photographic memory that Ms. Easton owns.


Detective Dan Mayland grew up in north central Wyoming on a ranch that hosted multiple family businesses including a bed and breakfast offering guided fishing trips, 4-wheeler trips, rock hunting, hiking expeditions, winter snowmobile rentals, and guided tours. Not surprisingly, Dan is a passionate outdoorsman and enjoy hunting, camping, boating, fishing and anything outdoors. His hobbies include photography, cooking, archery, mountain biking, reloading ammunition, shooting, and gunsmithing.

After graduating high school Dan attended the University of Wyoming and graduated with a double bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. He focused on criminal psychopathology, criminology, forensic psychopathology, and forensic psychology. While in college Dan worked at a local ski resort during the winter months and as an equipment operator for a local construction company in the summer months. After graduation, he took a position as the Director of Sales at the ski resort, overseeing ticket sales, retail, ski school, and food services.

In 2005 Dan moved to Gallatin County, sticking close to the mountains and outdoor recreation he loves. He started his law enforcement career in 2009, to make use of his degrees. He chose Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office after extensively researching many departments throughout Montana and discovering that GCSO was a coveted office because they hired and staffed great people with great equipment in a beautiful fast-growing area. He tested for the Detective division in spring 2014 and was successfully promoted to the Property Crimes position. In the fall of 2014, the Crimes against Women and Children position opened and he successfully tested for that position; he took over that position in May of 2015.

Since joining the Sheriff’s Office Dan has been trained in Crisis Intervention Training, FBI Hostage Negotiations, Basic Police Mountain Bike School, Interview and Interrogation Techniques, Death Investigations School, Forensic Experimental Trauma Interview School, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis School, and Missing and Endangered Children Response and Investigation Training, among others. He is currently a certified hostage negotiator for the Gallatin County Sheriff/Bozeman Police Special Response Team, a certified MPAT Proctor and physical fitness coach for the Sheriff’s Office, and bike patrol deputy.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Many Evangelical leaders understand their Lunatic at Large just ended a Christian presnce in the part of the world Armageddon WAS destined to take place. America’s role in the Tribulation no longer exsists. The Rapture is a heresy. The Crusader Cross has been snuffed out forever. I saw my unared Kurdish brothers gundowned in the street. I saw our General make a deal with a Russian general for safe pasagge for our onece proud troups. My KORE prophecy, has come true! Seer Jon

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