Rena Wins Range War

“These are the people the president cares about. And he wants them to enjoy the American Dream just like all the people in the cities.”

I suspected this is what Rena was trying to tell me in her letter, that she and her rancher husband was deprived of “enjoying the American Dream”.  Somehow, this is partially my fault, and, I got to pay. Did my muse think I was mocking her and her husband in my letter, and thus she tore it to shreds? It is not clear she is still married to Bruce, or, this is wishful thinking. Did he read my letter and fly into a rage, because, he is not a city-dweller, a eloquent man of words? Indeed, he is boring as all hell, as is most life outside the cities, out there on the vast plains. As to ownership, the white men killed all the buffalo and stole the land of ancient hunters who carved into hunks of meat twenty-thousand years ago. Being bored goes with the choices we make.

There is no place for grief in a house which serves the Muse.”
~ Sappho

I don’t think I heard Rena laugh. Nor did I see her smile that much. I think she thought these things ruined her good looks. She took herself very seriously. After reading about these Political Range Wars, I now understand that taking yourself seriously may be the only recreation and entertainment – for miles around! Then comes getting mean with outsiders who don’t take you seriously………and your American Dream.

Here is the ranch Rena lived on with her third husband. I think they may be divorced.  They lived in a three bedroom trailer that has just over a thousand square feet that overlooks a cattle ranch that is owned by Bruce, and possibly his father or brother. This dream is up for sale.

Jon Presco

Capturing Beauty

“My second husband was an alcoholic and the marriage ended after two painful years.”

“I walked with you tonight, my dear Rena, in the field of your forever fears, you fearing the wolves rather then the rapists. Is this you preparing me for the truth you are not that stunning beautiful for of perfection, anymore, and just a redneck meal on the way t the outhouse?

I heard you debate for the last six months, you wondering whether I would judge you because the man you love is a cowboy, and you his cowgirl. I heard you arguments, and you read mine? Have you been peeking at my Rosemond blog. Do you recall my plan to move to Lincoln and rent an old barn that would be my studio. I mean, I was willing to come on over, and buy me a chicken or two?

“You won’t like it here.” You said. “There’s nothing here!”

“You’re here!” Was my reply. And you could hear the sound of the tumbling tumble weeds way off in the distance.

“Here I am!” You could not have began you letter a better way. I guess you changed your mind? LOL!

I come from real Redneck stock, and of late I have admitted I always wanted to be a cowboy. And you were my land-loven archetype who feared the sea. That you lived on the Isle of Wight with a Sailor man – blows my mind. Did Ian get you in his boat – and out to sea!

For you, my dear, I will kiss the first redneck I see. For you, I will overcome my fear of them. If he don’t break my neck, I’ll let you know how it go.

In an e-mail to Radiant Engineering, Rena Easton, and Bruce Vesser, thanks the folks that fixed a heater in West Yellowstone where Rena used to live. Does she live there now? Who owns the house? Bruce lives on Vesser Road. He works a ranch/farm that got subsidized by Big Government. So much for his Redneck ways.

Jon Presco

Farmers are the president’s people,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in an interview with Morning Edition on Monday. “These are the people that elected the president. The president knows that. These are the people the president cares about. And he wants them to enjoy the American Dream just like all the people in the cities.”

“Beef is a big deal in China and I’m convinced that when the Chinese people get a taste of U.S. beef, they’re going to want more of it. These products coming into China are safe, wholesome, and very delicious. This is also a good harbinger of the kind of relationship that can be developed. We hope there are other things we can cooperate on and we’re going to use U.S. beef as the forerunner.”

Some Democratic House members are planning to invite victims of sexual assault to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address later this month to highlight the issue, according to an aide to a lawmaker who has been a prominent voice on sexual misconduct.

“Some members will be bringing survivors of sexual assault and advocates as their guests,” the aide to Rep. Lois Frankel, D-Fla., a leader of the Democratic Women’s Working Group in the House, told NBC News.

Party leaders generally don’t dictate who rank-and-file members can invite with the one guest ticket each lawmaker is given. And there’s still some uncertainty within Democratic ranks over where to draw the line between addressing sexual misconduct and turning the topic into a partisan political war.

Marriages, divorces

  • By Chronicle Staff

The Gallatin County Court clerk recently issued the following marriage licenses:

d Boris David Scyphers, 29, and January Christine Bacon, 21, both of Bozeman.

d Greg Alan Boxwell, 27, and Crystal Mary Owen, 22, both of Bozeman.

d James Bower Maxwell, 25, and Heidi Kristen Schultes, 27, both of Bozeman.

d Matthew Lee Welch, 31, and Jodi Lynnette Holler, 24, both of Belgrade.

d Scott Robert Pierson, 26, and Melissa Jean Reed, 25, both of Bozeman.

d Bradley August Beck, 28, and Sara Katharin Kelker, 27, both of Bozeman.

d James Armond Cavanaugh, 46, and Kay Lee Paro, 42, both of Bozeman.

d Randel Page Lutes, 33, and Holly Christine Vaden, 28, both of Bozeman.

d Robert John Ament, 42, and Lynn Marie Bacon, 40, both of Bozeman.

d Thomas Lee Erickson, 53, and Kerry Kathleen Baker, 47, both of Bozeman.

d Craig Edward Espeland, 35, and Christina Grace Castle, 28, both of Three Forks.

d William Marshall Cook, 46, and Marcy Johnson, 36, both of Columbus.

d Thomas Stuart Starner, 26, and Kelly Ann Pershing, 22, both of Bozeman.

d Arthur Goldsmith Rosen, 37, and Jeanna Ruth Okley, 36, both of Toledo, Ohio.

d Chad Dale Sacry, 22, and Kimberly Marie Wood, 23, both of Belgrade.

d Jared Landresse Johnson, 27, and Katherine Porter Sands, 26, both of San Francisco.

d Aaron Joseph Funk, 24, and Emily Michele Cory, 21, both of Beaverton, Ore.

d Aaron William Morrow, 27, and Jayne Sue Billmayer, 24, both of Manchester, Conn.

d Bruce Henry Visser, 46, of Manhattan and Irene Victoria Easton, 47, of Bozeman.

Gallatin County Court recently granted the following divorces:

d Lyle David Ballenger and Leslie Rose Dykstra Ballenger.

d Chris H. Mikkelson and Karla Mikkelson.

d Paul James Johanson and Mary Emily Johanson.

d Hasari Tosun and Ardys Sixkiller Clarke.

d Guy Casey Dodge and Tara Ann Williamson-Dodge.

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue to visit Nebraska. (Pablo Castro/MGN)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) will welcome Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue to her family ranch in the Sandhills on Saturday.

Senator Fischer and Secretary Perdue will lead a roundtable discussion with Nebraska ranchers to discuss challenges they face as they work to feed the world.

The meeting will happen at Sunny Slope Ranch in Cherry County.

I Found Rena’s Third Husband




Rena sends Radiant Engineering a handwritten thank you, where she says;

“Troy was such a nice guy!”
“I truly appreciate your emergency service.

Dear Radiant Engineering,

Thank you so very much for your swift response to the boiler break-down in West.  I really appreciated all your help over the phone on that day, & for all the work you accomplished.

Thanks so much,
Rena Easton
Bruce Visser

Irene Easton was born in 1952. Irene currently lives in Bozeman, Montana. Before that, she lived in Manhattan, MT from 1999 to 2009. Before that, she lived in West Yellowstone, MT from 2010 to 2012.



Bruce Visser

Visser Farms
10700 Visser Road
Manhattan, MT 59741 – View Map
Phone: (406) 282-7624
Own this Business?
Livestock Equipment Industry Standard in Low Stress Livestock Handling Equipment
The ads are not affiliated with Bruce Visser
Bruce Visser
A privately held company in Manhattan, MT.  Is this your company? Claim This Profile
More Details for Bruce Visser
Categorized under Cattle Companies, our records show it was established in 1963 and incorporated in Montana, current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $100,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1.
Products or Services
Companies like Bruce Visser usually offer: Cattle Management, Cattle Information, Breeding Cattle, Glossary Of Cattle Health Terms and Moment Amongst Cattle Breeders.

Bruce Henry Visser, 46, of Manhattan and Irene Victoria Easton, 47, of Bozeman.

She was born to Thomas and Dena (Noteboom) Emmelkamp in Manhattan on Aug. 21, 1923. Her siblings were Betty Vander Ark, Andrew Emmelkamp, Edna DeGroot, and Florence Veltkamp (all deceased).

She married Henry J. Visser on March 26, 1944. They raised four children; Don (Lola) Visser of Manhattan, Sharon (Jim) Danhof of Tucson, Ariz., Bruce (Rene) Visser of Manhattan, and Sylvia (Jay) Kintzing of Billings.

Berniece was a loving wife, mother and homemaker. She lived in her home on the ranch on Visser Road with her husband, Henry, since 1952. Henry died in 1993, but she managed to continue to live on her own on the ranch until December 2010, when she moved into the Churchill Retirement Home.

Berniece spent most of her time caring for her family, cleaning, and cooking. She was a great cook. In her later years she enjoyed mowing the lawn on her riding mower and taking care of her many flowers – which she of course got from her son’s nursery.

The highlight of her afternoons was drinking coffee at the Kountry Korner Café. She often met with friends there and also enjoyed the company of the “regulars” and appreciated the friendships of the girls who worked there.

Berniece was quiet and shy, but she exuded and imparted love without using many words. She was full of compassion, humility and encouragement, and spoke through the example of how she lived her life.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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