Patrice, Randall, and Heather Delpiano

When I saw my sixteen year old daughter for the first time, I told her and her mother I wanted to get rid of the surname, Delpiano, attached to my daughter. Her fake father was a major parasite on thousands in the Bay Area. Patrice had to know about MORE crimes of theft he committed. I now suspect Randy and Patrice were conning men in bars to get sympathy and money. They were a team. I am going to get court records. Randy used the death of Brent to solicit sympathy and get entry to the lives of those who grieve. This is what the con-artist did to my later sister’s legacy.

Brent Mydland – Wikipedia

That my neighbors depict me as a pariah and parasite, knowing the plight I am suffering to get my daughter free of these con-artists, is vile and evil. These two sucked the life and energy out of me – like vampires! To know this career criminal knew an innocent child was used in a demonic way, is the epitome of evil. In this article Randy may have conned a boy under eighteen to get in his mother’s home to rob her. Patrice told me who could not conceive, and thus he watched my child grow in his wives womb – knowing it was my child! I suspect they both looked for dark way to exploit my unborn child who was five when her fake father got arrested. Was she told? He then went on the lamb, the Oakland police hot on his trail. Did he stay with Patrice in LA?How many bad checks did Randy write that his wife knew about? I can not find a marriage certificate. Did he ever kill anyone?

I was the real and sincere artist in my family. The rest is illusion.

John Presco

Sep 1, 1990 — ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) _ Miss America 1990 Debbye Turner says … Oakland police are looking for Randall Delpiano to arrest him on a …

California. Supreme Court. Records and Briefs: S024867, Petition for Review – California (State). – Google Books

The State

JAN. 16, 198912 AM

A man who looted $4,000 from a woman’s bank account while posing as Grateful Dead guitar player Bob Weir has been sentenced to two years in prison and fined $500. The sentence was imposed by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stanley Golde on Randall C. Delpiano, 33, described in a Probation Department report as having “achieved moderate fame by impersonating” Weir. Delpiano pleaded guilty in Oakland Municipal Court last month to one count of using a computer system to steal money. Other charges were dropped in a plea agreement. Authorities said Delpiano befriended the victim’s son and then moved into the family home. While the woman was out of town in October, they said, he took the money from her bank account using her automatic teller machine card.

When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim. I knew this baby
was meant to be, and be with me, and that was important. From there
moment she was born, I could see that she looked like John, but it
was the husband’s name that went on the birth certificate.”

Patrice Hanson falsified a birth certificate by putting Randall Delpiano’s name as the father, instead of me. Heather Hanson is MY daughter. Patrice admits she knew this in a letter she composed to send Oprah Winfrey. Randy is famous! He appears in two books as “Bogus Bobby”. Patrice says she was married to BB, but, I have my doubts. Patrice has never had a grasp on reality. She suffers from mental illness due to her severely mentally ill mother being violently beaten by Patrice’s father. This may have caused this poor mother of three to jump off a cliff, and kill herself. Patrice describes herself as being the surrogate mother to her siblings.

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Ginger and The Beard

I was talking to Casey Farrell about how hard it is to talk about my PTSD. My dear facebook friend, Ginger Kuth, has the same problem. She was had several near-death experiences, and was in a coma for six months. She makes memes to – cope! I titled her humor ‘Trench Humor’. She should receive a Presidential Citation for Valor in the War on COVID-19. That she can no longer attend a concert, and get lost in the crowd while high on LSD, is one of Ginger’s main topics. Her trench-fellows are there for her. Our quips are smashing. She wakes feeling lewd and naughty, then get’s to work sharpening our wit. She has a following. Some set their alarms and crawl out of their existentialist despair to their computers to get a ray of hope, another ass-crack that makes you chuckle.

Existentialism – Wikipedia

Gallows humour from the trenches of World War I (

Trench Magazine – Wikipedia

Casey and I have been talking about doing a radio show. I see a reunion of Monty Wooly and Alexander Woolcott at the Algonquin! Monty was called ‘The Beard’. I have his beard. MacClure did a play ‘The Beard’ that was busted for lewdness. Ginger was put in facebook jail for showing a hot male with his hand inside a handy lap-pyramid that he whips out and erects in public when he feels the urge to masturbate. Alas men have sanctioned privacy for their reproduction needs. Why should their great contribution be regulated to the bedroom, and forgotten about till next time. This is a pun on women who joyfully breastfeed in public, a topic Sheridan Whiteside would detest, and handle with his rapier wit. My reaction….

“Wait a minute! Don’t they teach kids in sex education class that erections and breast feeding children…go hand in hand?”

I consider some of Ginger’s memes Ready-made Art. I will reveal more about this amazing married woman – who may be the reincarnation of Bill Arnold. There is not a malicious bone in Ginger’s body. She is not one of those Pranksters who hang about the Kesey Gumball machine – and brag about how many colorful LSD gumballs she dropped in her day – because she is still dropping. She’s inside the machine – and has taken Further for a joyride!

Google ‘The Man Who Came To Supper’ and click on every name. Our grandparents were allowed to be as clever as can be. The ‘Vicious Circle’ included Harpo Marx who was sent to Russia on a goodwill tour. There was something about his name.

John Presco

(3) The Man Who Came To Dinner (1942) – Insults Compilation – YouTube

Monty Woolley – Wikipedia

The Man Who Came to Dinner – Wikipedia

Alexander Woollcott – Wikipedia

Monty Woolley / MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER 1942 – YouTube

The Beard by Michael McClure (

  1. Nero Wolfe Mysteries by Rex Stout – YouTube

Algonquin Round Table – Wikipedia

The Beard by Michael McClure (

Trench humour | Sir John Monash Centre (

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Marina Oswald – Double Agent?

The Royal Janitor foresaw Putin’s warship threatening the Cain.  Remmer was opening a big casino, Cal-Nevada that Frank Sinatra was going to head. The Mob never got over the loss of Cuba to Castro. They hate liberal-leftists and socialists. The Cuban vote in Florida is always interesting. I believe Kamala Harris is going to be another Bobby Kennedy.

Oswald Shoots Himself | Rosamond Press

In the 1940s, Remmer expanded his operations into Northern California, running the 21 Club in El Cerrito, the Oaks Club in Emeryville, the 110 Eddy and the Menlo clubs in San Francisco. He had numerous fronts for his gambling operations. You couldn’t get a cigar at Remmer’s B&R Smokeshop at 50 Mason St., but you could always make a bet on the horses.

An oversized man with a personality to match, Bones became a well-known San Francisco character. Legendary gamblers like Nick the Greek and Ty Thompson — the inspiration for Damon Runyon’s Sky Masterson — played for high stakes at the Menlo Club. Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassin, also worked at the club in the 1940s along with his sisters Eva and Ruby, who were card dealers.


Elmer ‘Bones’ Remmer: San Francisco’s gambling czar – The San Francisco Examiner (

Rosamond Press




lee3Today, Oswald is being compared to crazy Lone Gunman who acted on their own. But, Marina Oswald is right there by his side, she privy to almost everything her husband was doing for several months. She sees notebooks and photographs. She says Lee buried his rifle near General Walker’s house, and later went back and dug it up. This makes no sense. This would be a very risky thing to do. Did Oswald own two rifles?

Marina said George de Mohrenschildt came to their house and said “Lee, how is it possible that you missed?” Why didn’t the Warren Commission look at George and his statement, and wonder how Lee missed, too?

Marina said her husband was mentally ill. But, here is another guy that appears to be in on the attempt. Lee has done much to attract attention to himself. George is a White Russian. Why would George say…

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Rosemary’s Grandchildren

Bond’s With Angels


John Presco

Copyright 2020

There is one great truth about the written history of Rosamond and her family; Christine and her mother, Rosemary, would sue Stacey Pierrot ad Tom Snyder for DEFIMATION OF CHARACTER. Snyder titled the chapter about my sister Vicki….

‘Through Angel’s Eyes’

Tom was reading my blog and my claim I began my autobiography about two creative alcoholic siblings in 1992, titled ‘Bonds With Angels’. Snyder and his buddy, Scott are sniggering that the BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH thanks to Patrice and Heather going over to Vicki who had dropped out as first named executor – and nominated Garth Benton! If I got FIRST BOOK out -with the ending being my daughter coming into my life as a reward from God for being sober for many years – then we would not be reading how Evil Vicki cuts her mother and sister – to pieces! She has been the dullard in the shadow of these very interesting Rosamond Women – who descend from…


My grandmother raised six children on her own, and her daughter raised four children on her own. My daughter’s grandmother gave birth to three children, and abandoned them by jumping to her death off a cliff. She had been in and out of mental hospitals. Rosemary’s granddaughter was assigned the task of healing these menatally ill children of Betty, and thus, the Dead Betty Cult is born. Mother and Daughter are a team now in a Woman’s Empowerment group on facebook. Patrice writes most of the material that Heather claims she writes. These mothers pretend to be experts in the championing of women and their causes, yet thy dare not mention Mary Magdalene Rosamond and her daughter, Rosemary Rosamond who begat the world famous artist -Rosamond. Heather claims Betty is the Angel that is instructing her – from beyond the grave! Both these women work overtime to…..UNBORN ME….A MALE! But, I am coming in to the fold via my mother….ROSEMARY!

What the male ghostwriter neglects to write about, is the grief of my mother losing one of her four children. Instead, she is denigrated and depicted as a unfeeling DRUNK! The Fans of Rosamond – are appalled – in shock! They put themselves in Rosemary’s shoes. They wanted to read wondrous and beautiful things about the mother of a world famous artist, instead they get The Jealousy of Vicki. Who the fuck is Vicki?

What is truly shocking, and unbelievable, is Ugly Vicki saying she and Christine had many ongoing dreams “about tidal waves”. This is why the total stranger, Snyder tells lies about the wind and tidal conditions at Rocky Point that morning. There were large waves and whitecaps – to the horizon! Drew Benton was ten feet away from Angel Vicki when a large wave took her and her mother into the sea.

After Vicki’s death, Rosemary’s granddaughter went through her papers and found evidence her aunt and Stacey Pierrot CONSPIRED to put the ADULT HEIR in the dark, and take her legacy her mother gave – from her! Below are Shannon’s words. Did Shannon get any Woman’s Love Empowerment from the Sane Team of Heather?Patrice? When I sensed they were going over to Pierrot Cult, and told them Rosemary’s granddaughter had spent thousands on a attorney – who would have taken Rosemary’s and Christine’s case – too! Why not mine?

I keep seeing through the evil fog these women have created. When I met Patrice in a bar, we went to my place and made love. She had taken off her wedding ring. In the morning she tells me her two suns are being abused by her Sicilian husband, and, would I rescued them. Two months later Patrice tells me she is thinking of going back with Randy – and I threw her out! We did not know she was pregnant. Why didn’t Patrice get away from Randy while he served a year in San Quinten? Why didn’t she try to save her sons – then? Did they say they needed to be saved? Did Patrice see other men? Did they offer to help her? Did they donate money to her cause?

17 years ago, I was married to an abusive man who was a con
artist, psychopathic antisocial personality who spent one year in
prison while we were together. Later I realized that my response to
this husband was typical of “women who love too much” and I had to
work hard on myself to change my situation. 

When I was fifteen Rosemary gathered her three eldest, and in tears told us she was a prostitute who made porno movies for the Mafia in order to support her four children. She also held down a job. I did become the cook at twelve. Rosemary was a terrible cook. I went down to see her on Thanksgiving. She had cooked a turkey, but only I showed up. She had it wrapped in wash towels ad it sat outside the refrigerator.

“Are you sure this is safe to eat?” My angel told me not to listen to my mother. I spent two hours on the far side of the pool wretching my guts out in the middle of the night, lest I waken her. and, she is forced to tend to me – some more!

Mary Magdalene was a famous prostitute who bonded with The Son of God. John Steinbach wrote a fictional novel about two sons and their mother – the prostitute! Rosemary will lead off my autobiography. She is my Heavy Hitter – at the plate! I will have the ghost of Rosemary Rosamond come to the defense of her surviving child who has PTSD due to his encounters with killers and the Mafia. Jack Ruby worked for Remmer. One evening Rosemary said this as she and her four children were watching Gunsmoke:

“I know who killed Jack!”

Rosemary’s grandchildren are, Shannon, Cian, Shamus, and Heather.

Elmer ‘Big Bones’ Remmer | Rosamond Press

Elmer ‘Big Bones’ Remmer

Posted on June 7, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

 I met Elmer ‘Big Bones’ Remmer when I was fifteen. He and his wife (or girlfriend) looked like Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, they both having white hair. They walked into our home on San Sebastian Avenue, our benefactor wanting to meet the children of their employee. Rosemary ( a made woman?) was working for Rucker hydraulics in Emmeryville and met Remmer in the Oaks or Menlo Club located in mob-owned town. She started editing porno movies for Remmer, then starred in them. Many nights Rosemary did not get home till after her four children were asleep. We would find a doggy bag from a restaurant in the fridge. Vicki sees her three older siblings as her real parents.

Remmer was bigger then I thought. He is named along with Mickey Cohen and Frank Sinatra. He ran the Cal-Neva Lodge and took his case to the highest court in regards to his card rooms in Emmeryville and San Francisco. It looks like Remmer was trying to make gambling legal in all of California which would put the Mob out of business in Nevada. However, Remmer was the Mob.

There was a brawl and arrest in LA involving the actress, Vicki Raaf. Here, Hollywod make-believe, meets real reality!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

In December 1950, local cops swept up a rat king of drunken gamblers after an early morning brawl inside the Encore, resulting in the feds calling a pair of long-sought men to appear before the Kefauver Senate Crime Investigating Committee. Invited to Washington were Elmer “Bones” Remmer (San Francisco) and Thomas J. Whalen (East Saint Louis). With them in the Encore, and booked on charges of intoxication were Edmund M. Scribner (Bakersfield tavern keeper) and redheaded Miss Vici Raaf, actress.

Whalen was also charged with robbery and carrying a concealed weapon after a search turned up a .25-caliber automatic hidden in the padding of his car, and $4600 cash. The cops arrested the quartet after Andy McIntyre, proprietor, called for help with some brawling football fans. Whalen was passed out on the floor when deputy sheriffs and Highway Patrolmen arrived, Miss Raaf, Whalen’s housemate above the Sunset Strip, bending over him.

Remmer, who Miss Raaf identified as the operator of the Cal-Neva Lodge — which he was supposed to have sold under duress in 1948 — cursed at and threatened officers and reporters. Sheriffs interrogated the men about the recent Samuel Rummel gang slaying in Laurel Canyon, and told them all to stay out of Los Angeles.

The Text Content on Page 7 of Oakland Tribune , January 30, 1952 is:

Remmer Defense Tries To Trip Tax Agent By VICTOR STIER Tribune StaM Writer CARSON CITY Nev JanL 30 defense in the Bones Remmer income tax evasion casi battered again today at wary government witness Ray A Weaver special agent of the In ternal Revenue Bureau who headed the gation of the gambler’s tax Spurgeon Avakian Oakland tax defense spent a frustrating day yesterday in his tion of Weaver and finally pealed to Federal Judge Roger T Foley to instruct the witness to answer my questions The judge only scowled and courtly I don’t make Wholesale rulings More than once Weaver turned own questions back at him Avakian tried to trap Weaver into admitting that he had used improper accounting methods in his summary of the assets and liabilities of Menlo Club Remmer’s San Francisco Poker Palace He asked if he had omitted a liability to Gene Schreiber from whom Remmer purchased the Menlo Club Weaver said he didn’t put the liability in his would have reduced Remmer’s net it was mer’s personal liability and not the club’s He I did not consider it the Menlo Club a true partnership This was an out of the blue blow to the defense which has contended the Menlo and othe Remmer ventures were partnerships

All along the gov has tried to that these associations were phoney and set up only to en able Remmer to evade his taxes Again Avakian returned to subject and Weaver said the ne worth of the Menlo Club was Remmer’s net worth That is Remmer’s individual worth anc not the He you can’t avoid it At this Defense Atty John Golden moved the remark be stricken but was denied by Judge Prisoners Put Bones CARSON CITY Nev Jan 30 trial of Elmer F Remmer now ending its second month hasn’t only inconvenienced at- jurors and its principals has also caused a minor de- pression at the Washoe County jail in Reno The complex tax evasion case has dragged through eight weeks of testimony in the court of eral Judge Roger T Foley It has been delayed several times by holidays and severe storms

Today Remmer learned by letter that his case had another effect Friend the note said It looks like your trial and the weather will keep the rest of us Federals in jail all winter A couple of us have been here longer than three months now and no chance of getting into court in sight It’s rough So we are tap city Elmer and I mean but good Knowing you as I do from years ago I don’t hesitate to write and ask you you can see your way clear to put something on the sheriff’s books for this other chap and myself A small touch will keep us in cigarets razor blades and miscellaneous The note came from Harold Sylvada who identified trie other chap as Harry M Taylor

Remmer said today he had never heard of either felt sorry for them and sent them some money He wouldn’t say how much Both have been awaiting trial for Dyer Act charges since early November Man’s Body Found in Bay The body of a man tentatively identified as Andrew George Carthy 40 was recovered from the Bay today mile east of the Golden Gate Bridge Identification was made by police through papers which gave the address of Mrs A G Carthy 2460 Green Street Mrs McCarthy told police her son Andrew disappeared from her home four weeks ago and that she had not seen him since

McCarthy was married at one time to Dorothy Spreckels grand- daughter of sugar magnate Claus Spreckels Police said he recently had worked as an orderly at Laguna Honda home but disappeared from there January 4 after working only two weeks A check on other papers in the dead man’s pockets disclosed he had been eating at a merchant club at 9 Mission Street San Francisco and living in an Embarcadero hotel The manager of the club said he was last seen there January 4 also The body had been in the water about 10 days according to corner’s deputies and there were no marks of violence A notebook indicated the dead man had been treated at sity of California Hospital Foley Golden then I assign the ruling is error In another exchange Avakian asked he had testified on direct examination that determine the amount oJ cash Mr Remmer had in safer and safe deposit And Weaver said Xes because Mr Hemmer re fused to give us any tion whatsoever Avakian then drew out that this refusal came in a Reno attorney’s office one day in 1948 He shake Weaver’s sertion that Remmer had been present when his attorney at the time John P Thatcher of Reno refused to let him discuss the the government Weaver bulky bler was there and added I even remember that he was wearing cowboy boots Later on another matter to which Prosecutor Walter M lampbell Jr had objected cain asserted he would like to Remmer’s returns that are charged here as fraudulent were not even discussed with the ons in the case

Judge Foley however sustained the ion Weaver did say that Remmer’s employees and were co-operative at all times and hadn’t shown of 1945 Menl Club lOU’s as accounts receiv able Weaver Be cause the Menlo Club didn’t sell anything The defense did score in bnl aspect of the cross-examination In direct examination said the government had no been able to ascertain the amount of Remmer had a the beginning or the indictment period 1944 through 1946 On cross-examination he ad nutted that this information would necessary to adequately determine the taxpayer’s ne worth When objected to Avakian asking Weaver it he submitted his report on the Remmer investigation to Dell the defense attorney asked Judge Foley three times 36 heard on this your The judge I’ve told you three time no Avakian did gain more dence that Remmer a oan of on September 27 1946 from a friend of his the late Robert L Weaver he Jeffres introduced Through into prompt to comply with any of he government’s requests asked Weaver why he dence a photostatic copy of res bank account showing a withdrawal on that date

This is important to Remmer it subtracts that amount rom his net worth for that ear The loan was first brought to light when the defense a prosecution witness a month ago At that time Campbell tried to shake the witness Harold drell but failed Maundrell in- the loan had been made Redden on Stand Again Airs Protection Plot Oakland Tribune Wednesday 1952 E if 7 Thomas C of 127 Santa Clara Avenue Alameda who has pleaded guilty to a grand indictment charging of a bribe and book making cross examina tidn today by counsel Wayne on trial -in Superior Court on the same charges Redden who has Wayne of accepting payments from Joseph May to provide police protection for activities in Alameda in is awaiting sentence on the charge Wayne indicted in with the same is standing trial on the defense position that payments that came him through den from May were in ment of a loan he made to May and that he had no ion whatever with bookmaking activities ADMITS CONTACT Redden testified on direct ex- amination before a jury in Judge Charles Wade Snook’s Court erday that he had approached Wayne on behalf of May to see if police protection could be ar- Redden declared Wayne told im he had fixed things up with Alameda Police so that day could operate in that city on that all bets be taken y telephone that there be no operating in bars lat the bookmaking offices ut of the public view and there no syndicate f that May paid around protection money during the time May operated from September 25 to December 2 on Webster Street and during the time May operated at -2256 Pacific Avenue ALLEGED PAYOFF All the police of it to Ridden was a case or two of whiskey and a slot machine he said was split between himself and Wayne Chief Atty Richard H Chamberlain and Dep Dist Atty Raymond E Mellana ex- to complete the prosecution case late today Defense Andrew J Eyman expects to consume another three days with defense witnesses Prospects are case will go to the jury next Tuesday

Remmer v. Municipal Court [90 Cal.App.2d 854]
Remmer v. Municipal Court, 90 Cal.App.2d 854
v. No. 13926.
First Dist., Div. Two.

Mar. 29, 1949.]


MENLO SOCIAL CLUB, INC. (a Corporation), Appellant, v. EDMUND GERALD BROWN, as District Attorney, etc., et al., Respondents.


John R. Golden for Appellants.

Edmund G. Brown, District Attorney, in pro. per., and Norman Elkington, Assistant District Attorney, for Respondents.


In Remmer v. The Municipal Court et al., the petitioner sought a writ to prohibit the trials of appellant and others who had been arrested in raids of the Menlo Social Club for keeping and maintaining a place where draw poker and draw low ball poker were carried on and conducted in violation of section 288 of the Police Code of San Francisco. In Menlo Social Club, Inc. v. Brown, as District Attorney, et al., an injunction was sought to prevent further raids and arrests on similar charges. The court denied both the writ of prohibition and the injunction, and these two appeals were taken, and are presented on one record.

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My Daughter The Narcissistic Witch

Bonds With Angels


John Presco

Copyright 2020

“When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim.

Woman’s Magazine and Alcohol Justice | Rosamond Press

I went to the store after my last post, and coming back I sat on a bench and thought deeply about Bryan. He died alone in New York. His sister appears to still be pushing him away. I wondered if he tried to call Maria, and she did not pick up for him, or, she did and told him to stop calling her. If he got drunk after three or four years sober, he could have gone into toxic shock which puts a great strain on one’s heart. Bryan may have died of the disease of alcoholism that takes a million lives each year.

My sister – died sober! I told my sixteen year old daughter this was very important, and is the focal point of OUR STORY. What I did not understand, is, all of Patricia’s family hated the word alcoholism, and alcoholic, because this disease devastated the Hansons. This is why Patrice wanted Bob Weir to notice her – and marry her. Bob was the epitome of sanity and success. He had no problems, plenty of money, and thus Patrice would have no problems. She would be healed. When she heard about my famous sister…. Christine was now The Whole and Sane One. She wanted to meet her, get near her, have a close bond so she would BE ESTEEMED THE WAY SHE DESERVED since she was a little girl. To this end Rosamond’s Niece was employed. Heather is a Esteem Vacuum Cleaner who goes about and sucks up all the High Self-Esteem, and feeds it to Patrice from the imbiblical chord this mentally ill mother attached to MY DAUGHTER – who was raised to never esteem her father because I believe Patrice told MY daughter that I abandoned her in the womb after Randall Delpiano threated to beat me to death with a baseball bat. I had to be a thoughtless coward. Patrice told me they were Sicilian Mobsters. I had save who two children from a alleged mob family.

Here is a photograph of me taken three years after my daughter was kidnapped and disappeared. I am trying to forgive everyone so I can have a child – and grandchild. Here is a pic of a very crazy Boston Hit Man for the Mafia. Sitting on the bench I was trying to recall if Bryan saw the two goons that came into The New Balladeer, and threw Sky against the wall….or was he told about this incident. They told Sky to get out of town, or he would be murdered. He refused. They found him with his face and genitalia burned off with a blow torch. Bryan was deeply upset. Today, I wondered if he suffered from PTSD. I was utterly alarmed to see Melinda holding on the edge of the desk at the motel, while a river of blood poured into her eyes.

“I’m not going with you unless Greg goes with us!”

Melinda knew if we were separated, her father would tell his goons where I was. This motel was in back of my home. We had gone there to call her grandmother who said she would send money so Melinda could take the Greyhound to New Mexico. Sitting on that bench I got a very clear picture….I am a survivor. Bryan died twenty-five years ago, three years after Christine. I did not feel the presence of the family I sired…anywhere! I was looking at The Death that comes at the end of your life. If you played your cards right, one is surrounded by weeping kin, who can not bare the idea you are leaving.

Not once did Heather congratulate me for my years of sobriety, for saving my life. It never occurred to her to celebrate my sober birthday. Esteeming me in any fashion was out of the question, because……I got be with Rosamond, the object of her mother’s desire…to be like her. To even be in her place – was a crime. This is a Human History Their. Her husband went to prison for impersonating Bob Weir. Heather was raise to believe I got esteem that meant for her sick mother, so many years ago. Was Randy going to get some? This is….STALKING! Randall Delpiano stalked his victims – and Patrice knew it. Patrice is a Co-Criminal guilty of Conspiracy. The Sleeping Beauty Princess is named……….ROSAMOND!

Here is my Genesis for my Bond novel ‘The Royal Janitor’. Fleming wanted Sir Rischard Burton to star in the first Bond movie. I am connecting Bryan to Mel Lyman.  He will be an honorary member of my family – that I am the head of.

Mel | Rosamond Press 

John Presco

On March 22 this year, my 16 year old daughter and her
father met each other for the time. The story of their separation
and how they came to be united is truly a miracle of healing and a
story that is an inspiration to others. I’ve noticed that when I
share this story, people are so moved that they experience chills in
their bodies and often tears come to their eyes.

17 years ago, I was married to an abusive man who was a con
artist, psychopathic antisocial personality who spent one year in
prison while we were together. Later I realized that my response to
this husband was typical of “women who love too much” and I had to
work hard on myself to change my situation. That in itself is a long
story, but suffice it to say, it was very confusing and difficult
marriage that was damaging to myself and my two sons who were 10 and
17 at the time. During that time I met John who lived around the
corner and who showed me kindness and love. We were involved with
each other for about 2 months and I actually moved in with him
attempting to leave behind the craziness of life with my husband.
This was not a very good plan because the husband became even more
aggressive and angry waiting outside threatening John with a
baseball bat. Consequently, I returned home realizing that I had to
find a safer way to release myself from this relationship. I didn’t
see John again until recently, almost 17 years later.

When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim. I knew this baby
was meant to be, and be with me, and that was important. From there
moment she was born, I could see that she looked like John, but it
was the husband’s name that went on the birth certificate.”

(3) Disney’s Maleficent – Official Trailer 3 – YouTube 

Castel del Piano, Town in Tuscany, Italy (

“In the foothills below Mount Amiata, Castel del Piano rests above the plains in a hillside position. It is surrounded by wooded mountains that give way to fertile valleys, a setting so natural and undeveloped that it will leave you breathless. Here you’ll find olive groves, beech forests, staked-out vineyards, and fruit orchards. The stone town gleams golden in the sun, a well-kept historic center that beckons to be visited.”

Heather Is Your Daughter – Alone! | Rosamond Press


Woman’s Magazine and Alcohol Justice | Rosamond Press

Patriarca crime family – Wikipedia 

Rosamond Press

My daughter is now a witch. When I first met my sixteen year old daughter, she told me her ambition was to become a world famous Country Western Singer – and she had never performed professionally. She did play the guitar and sing for me within a half hour of us meeting for the first time. Her mother left us alone in the living room so I could get the big picture. Heather Hanson was a fair singer.

When I met Flip, he refused to shake my hand. I wondered why. Turns out Heather’s aunt, Linda Comstock, bought him some recording equipment so he can start a business recording musicians – like my daughter – who disappeared from my life for two years so she could get in Tom Snyder’s book ‘When You Close Your Eyes’. This did not happen – and it was my fault? I was now a…

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The Musical Jesus

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

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My family never invited me to Thanksgiving. I spent perhaps twenty Thanksgivings with the Harkins Family. Wanda Harkins was Mrs. Cleaver. She had three sons, James, Michael, and Jeffrey. In 1979, I took Jeffrey down to L.A. to see Doctor Gene Scott, and, get baptized at Reverend Glen’s church in Topanga Canyon. Bob Dylan may have been Baptized here. It is alleged Bob and Bryan got converted at The Vineyard, a Christian Coffee House. Bryan dated my sister Christine who lived next door to Dylan in Woodland Hills. They babysat each other’s child. Michael Harkins was a good friend of Jim Morrison and Michael McClure. Stone wanted his input. Perlowin lived in the Harkins home when he got out of Federal prison.

Bruce Perlowin and the Gentle Giant | Rosamond Press

This morning, I googled Pastor Glen and only found one photo of him. Did he lose his box of pics? I believe my mother took this pic of Glen leading us in the song Amazing Grace, on the doorstep of his church. The rip you see was made by a famous ex-prostitute who I lived with. She got jealous of all my pics and people, and put a rip in them all. This may be a famous Musical Jesus pic. Bryan Maclean is playing his guitar. Marilyn Reed is off to the left. She is a good friend of Les McCann. My wife, Mary Ann Tharaldsen-Presco was good friends of Richard and Mimi Farina, and lived with the beat author, Thomas Pynchon. Here is Bryan’s mother who was a Christian, as was her daughter, Maria McKee who founded Lone Justice. She did not want to include her brother’s song on her album, or play his music at concerts. She want to see if she would be accepted, see if she would be loved – for who she is – and not who her brother, was. Bryan’s fathers found Jesus. Elizabeth talks about the substance abuse of her son and Arthur Lee. Peter Shapiro, lead guitarist for The Loading Zone, and I lived together on three different occasions, and loved to get drunk together. I used to get shit-faced with Steve Kupka at The Hut.

When my sixteen year old daughter, and her family, came into my life in 2001, I told them there was a terrible scrum for Rosamond prints, that have little value. I told them I began a self-help book in 1992 called ‘Bond’s With Angels’. Christine and Vicki saw an angel at the foot of their bed with they were ten and five. I told them Christine died on her first sober birthday, thus my book is going to be about Sobriety. I did not know Heather’s aunt and uncle were suffering from the disease of alcoholism. Tom Snyder promised not to USE our recovery program, but when he read on this blog that Heather and Patrice were going to CODA meetings, he employed OUR FAMILY DISEASE t make money for – whom? My daughter disappeared in order to get with Vicki and the ART GRAB. She came away with 700 Rosamond prints – and not father. I told them there was a movie script. The Hansons thought it best to get away from The Big Loser who fathered a famous singer – to be!

The thought that Dark Mark won by helping lure my minor daughter from me, drove me half mad. My brother depicted me as The Family Parasite to make his Nazi Ideals work for him. Heather called me a parasite. Bryan was puzzled that I had a brother like Mark. Bryan was jealous of me, but handled it well. When he saw the architecture model I did, he was blown away. His father was a famous architect. Bryan’s need to succeed was accelerated. We both did not get the help we need – because it did not exist. Schools fought with gifted students. Bryan and I were driven out of Uni High.

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My therapist and I traced my PTSD to the first threat by a member of the Purple Gang, who had Bryan’s good friend’s face removed by a blow torch. My second girlfriend was his lover.

Yesterday it occurred to me Vicki will not be having a Thanksgiving, nor will Mark? If he is dead, this is being withheld from me. Snyder gives Mark and Vicki credit for our sister’s success. My sibling both read the rough draft, and knew I would get no credit. Mark never invited me to any dinner. He never took me to lunch. Wanda Harkins invited me to Christmas and Easter dinner. I was like her fourth son. Thank you Wanda

I just read the second half of the Canadian article. It describes Bryan’s struggle – and his families struggle – to keep Bryan alive. He was in rehab. I have talked about suing the law firm of Buck and Morris for selling my families recovery to outsiders who were undermining my autobiography in order to get their book out first. Tom Snyder and his friend, Scott Dale, went after my daughter – and me! They used our family disease, and the abuse of children, to sell a movie script. This was their primary goal. If I had a book out then movie producers would have a comparison. Self-help books are written by those who suffer from addictions and abuse. Carrie Fisher is in my family tree via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. I was about to write about Christine and Bryan’s love for one another and how we used to go to the Art Walk on Lcienaga. When I heard Bryan had died I exclaimed;

“All the gifted souls that God gave me to accompany me in life, are gone!”

The Beatnik Murder Case | Rosamond Press

Bryan MacLean: Love before, after, and beyond (

How Bob Dylan embraced Jesus in a born-again period lasting three years | The Independent | The Independent

“By the early nineties, things had gone from bad to worse. “I was on staff at a church in Anaheim, California – one of the Vineyards. And I would drive up to see Bryan, and one day the landlady came up to me – she’s Italian – and she said “You need to come here. You son, he needs you.”’

She decided to get directly involved. “I went back down to the church, and I talked to the Pastor and he was very upset with me. He said ‘You know you can’t save your son.’

“But I came. I looked Bryan in the eyes and I said ‘I’m not leaving you. I love you.’ And so we had four years together. The last four years I was here with him. He lived in an apartment upstairs, and it was wonderful in some ways, hard in others. I got him into Victory Outreach, which was an offshoot of Teen Challenge. He was there 18 months.”

While her son was away in treatment, Elizabeth stumbled upon a treasure trove of tapes. “What happened was, I got Bryan into Victory Outreach, and he left his apartment. So I went to clean up his garage, and there was a box up high, and it was all his early music. That’s how I found them – because I had to clear everything out of his garage.”

There were demos for Love, material from his aborted solo albums, and more. She got in touch with Sundazed Records, a respected label based out of New York state that specializes in hi-quality reissues. “I called up, and they called back so fast; “Yes! We wanna do it! Send the masters!” And the masters,” she laughs, “were a pile of cassettes.”

After returning home, things improved markedly for Bryan. He rarely wavered from his daily routine. “We lived below Griffith Park. The observatory is at the top of the hill, and he ran up to the observatory every morning. He used to get up around 3:30, run up that hill just in time for the dawn, and sing to the Lord while it was still dark. He said that sometimes there were deer families that would come around him.

“Then he would come down, whistle at my window, we’d sit and talk. And I think we helped each other.”

During Bryan’s stay in rehab, Maria found support through a twelve-step program. “She went through the whole thing; she really believes in it. She sent me a book, and said ‘You need this, because you’re co-dependent with Bryan…”

Part of her recovery included severing ties with her brother. “It was the four years that she stayed away from us – the time he was here.” Elizabeth admits she’s still mystified by her daughter’s decision. “It was really ridiculous of her. She said ‘I can’t be around it. I’m working on my own issues…’ I think about it every day, and I think that she missed out.”

They saw each other one last time in the fall of ‘98. “I took her to his church one Sunday. It was his birthday, so it was just a couple of months before he passed away. I wonder if she ever thinks about the time she stayed away.”

Bryan was opposed to the entire twelve-step philosophy. “He said ‘I believe that you have what you say…life and death are in the power of the tongue. I’m not going to stand up and say ‘I’m an alcoholic and I have no control,’ or something about the higher power – that little speech you have to make.’ And he just wouldn’t do it. He tried it, but I think for him it was a type of panacea for the moment. He said everybody smoked and everybody had sugar, and everybody drank coffee.”

Maria McKee – Show me Heaven – Late Late Show 1990 – – YouTube

The West End Beatnik Murder

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No sooner did the Prescos (minus Captain Vic) move down to West Los Angeles, then my aunt June has crept up on me while I was alone and whispered this warning in my ear.

“Don’t go to Sawtelle. Don’t go west of the Santa Monica Freeway.”

“Why I asked?”

“Because some bad man will put an ice pick in your ear and molest you.”

“Oh!” I said in complete innocence, it later sinking in that my prudish aunt was speaking of homo rape. Of course you could not keep me away from the Sawtelle, not that I was a latent homosexual at sixteen, but because there had to be some kind of real life going on in Los Angeles desert. I mean, they had movie of the week, where we Prescos watched ‘The High and the Mighty’ seven times, because that was all that was on. Being Oaklanders, we were hunkered down in our cube, our apartment on Midvale two blocks from Santa Monica Blvd.

When alas I made some friends (who my mother Rosemary met when she came home from work) no sooner were they out the door, then she is hissing this at me;

“I don’t want you hanging around boys like that?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked my not so innocent mother.

“Affeminent young men! (girly-boys)” she spat, adding to my growing fear of homos carrying icepicks.

“You got to be kidding me! Bryan’s not a fag!” I declared, as I defended my new friend Bryan McLean, and his friend, Greg.

“Listen to me. I know what I’m talking about.”

So, here it is, the Genesis of the Hippie Movement. My mother, the degenerate, knows one when she sees one, and, her four children best turn on the Movie of Week and not venture outside lest we become one of…..THEM!

* * *

Above is a photo of the West End Hotel where I think I’m going to spend Christmas Eve and Day. Around the corner is where the New Balladeer was located. Looking north, it was on the far right of a little shopping area. There used to be a tea house that I discovered in 1962 in my search for anything that was old and reminded me of Oakland where I was born. I brought my fifteen year old girlfriend, Marilyn Godfrey, here and did a drawing of her.

Marilyn had modeled when she was thirteen. She modeled for her good friend, the Jazz artist, Les McCann. Marilyn’s sister was married to Les’s drummer, and they walked through Watts to see him play at Jazz clubs in LA’s ghetto. Did I mention that Marilyn lived in the Sawtelle, west of the freeway?

The great Jazz trombonist, J.J. Johnson, invited Marilyn up to his pad, and made her dinner. He then made a move on my the love of my life, but, she stopped him cold when she told him she was only fifteen.

Are starting to get the big picture? Marilyn took me to see the movie ‘Black Orpheus’ at the Nuart theatre. This was a preview of things to come when my second girlfriends father sent tow guys in trench coats to tell ‘Sky’ the Beatnik, to get out of town. Sky was Bryan’s good friend, and he refused to be intimidated. A week later they found him with his face blow-torched off. Sky was tortured to death months after he met sixteen year old, Melinda Frank, my late sister’s good friend.

Byran asked me not to date Melinda.

“Why?” I asked.

“She’s a Black Widow. She got Sky killed.

So, Bryan and I went West of the Santa Monica Freeway, into the Sawtelle, where we listened to this excellent musician play this ballad almost every night.

I want to spend Christmas alone. This old hippie is tired of being ripped-off because folks think I am fair game, my history and being available to anyone who wants it. A year ago aunt June and UncleVinnie left me some money. I wanted to go to Europe. Now I don’t want to anymore. I want togoback the hood where Marilyn and I dreamed of going to Paris one day. I want to recapture that dream. I want to check into my Victorian room at the West End Hotel, and begin my novel ‘The West End Beatnik Murder’. I want to eat Japanese food, then take in a movie at the Newart.

I got none of my people down here anymore. My brother was there, but, he’s disappeared without a trace. Maybe I will bring my old portable Royal and wake bored people with my pecking away. The bepop of J.J. would sound good in the old halls of the West End.

“Don’t go west into the Sawtelle young man!”

Jon Presco

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By John Cody

It’s a story of extremes; missed opportunities, addiction and family dysfunction alongside critical acclaim, reconciliation and redemption. Ten years after his death, Bryan MacLean is deeply missed by those who knew him, and those who only knew him through his music.

My initial conversation with MacLean’s mother, Elizabeth McKee, focused on her son, but quickly grew to include other family members; she and Bryan’s half-sister, singer Maria McKee, each played an integral role in his professional and personal life.
Belying her age – 82 years – Elizabeth was energetic, focused, and willing to talk for hours at a time, especially regarding her children, whom she clearly adores.

Family lineage practically guaranteed Bryan MacLean would possess an artistic disposition. “I’m an artist, my father was an artist, and my mother had been on the stage,” Elizabeth explains. She
made sure to nurture her son’s creative side; “Oh, there was always music; I always had opera going, and all kinds of classical music, from the time he was a toddler.”

She mentions Puccini’s La Bohème; “Bryan could hear when Mimi was going to make her aria before she died, and he’d come running in and say ‘Mama! Mimi!’ It really affected him.”

West Side Story topped his list of favorite musicals. “I think he was 12 when he saw it, and he adored that music – a lot of Broadway music – that’s why some of his songs had that quality.”
While the arts flourished, maintaining a stable home environment proved far more challenging. “I was just barely 17 when I ran off and married his father,” she recalls. “Then I had Bryan; I think I was 20 or 21.” The marriage ended two years later. “We broke up, and then I was alone with Bryan. He was two, two and a half. I went to my mother’s and stayed.”

Eventually, a new man came into her life. “I was alone with Bryan for a season, and then I met Jack, who is Maria’s father.” He had little interest in raising her son; “He was very jealous; he was jealous from the time Bryan was a little boy. They say that happens with stepfathers.”

Bryan’s own father – an architect popular with the Hollywood elite – was out of the picture more often than not. When they did see each other, it wasn’t always healthy. “Bryan’s father spoiled him, but he didn’t give him that ‘father’ thing that he needed. And without that, your life is not what it should be.

“He suffered a lot. He was always trying to make a Pastor or an older gentleman in our church be his father. Always looking for a father, and it never happened. It’s very, very sad.”

Growing up in Beverly Hills, Bryan regularly rubbed shoulders with showbiz families. One of his best friends was Dean Martin’s son, Dino, and his first girlfriend was Liza Minnelli. “He would bring her over to the house. Bryan always called me ‘Honey,’ so she thought that was my name. She was so polite, she would shake my hand, and say ‘Thank you so much Honey, for allowing me to come into your home.’ Isn’t that sweet?”

No less an authority than Jack Nicholson advised him to pursue a career in acting. As a pre-teen, he had appeared in the 1957 Cary Grant/Deborah Kerr film An Affair To Remember, but had little interest in taking it further; outside a halfheartedly audition for the Monkees, he stuck with music.

By the time he joined Love, he’d already had a taste of life in the fast lane thanks to his stint with the Byrds. “He was the roadie. I don’t know what happened, but they were invited to England, and they told him he wasn’t going. It broke his heart, he didn’t know why. I don’t know whether he stole everybody’s girlfriends, or what he did.”

Signing on with Love offered the fledgling band instant credibility via his Byrds connection. For a few years, they were among the hippest of L.A. bands, in large part due to Arthur Lee’s at times bizarre behavior and larger-than-life persona.

The dynamic between the two could be strained, bordering on abusive at times. In spite of a wealth of talent, MacLean allowed himself to be mistreated repeatedly, from the lack of his songs – no more than two per album – to the way he was treated onstage.

Elizabeth witnessed one of their earliest shows. “I had never seen them live, and I went to the Whiskey with some friends. I got right under Bryan’s nose, and Arthur kept saying to him; “Don’t play – you’re out of tune! Don’t play – you’re out of tune!” And Bryan just kept his eyes straight ahead and kept playing, and ignored him. But I was blown away when I heard the music.”

In Love Story, arranger David Angel recalls MacLean’s writing style; “What knocked me out in his songs was the unexpected; he could throw something at you. You didn’t expect it to be in that song, and yet it fit perfectly. This was a very fortunate combination, these two guys, I think. The difference was bigger than it appears on the records.”

In an interview with Richie Unterberger, former Love producer/engineer Bruce Botnick shared his perspective; “He was incredibly valuable…As deep as what Arthur was writing, I think Bryan was easily as deep, but coming from a different direction. I didn’t know it at the time, but a lot of things affected Bryan religiously, and caused him to go out and become a born-again Christian, and do that kind of thing for many yearsI really liked Bryan. I thought he was very sensitive. I really liked his music…”

Love drummer Michael Stuart-Ware’s 2003 autobiography, Behind the Scenes on the Pegasus Carousel, puts it succinctly; “Remove Bryan from the mix and it wouldn’t be Love anymore.”

Michael was happy to expound for this feature; “Bryan’s contributions to the first three Love albums spoke to his talent. My favorite of his compositions has always been ‘Softly To Me,’ but all of Bryan’s songs demonstrated a mystically unique lyrical and musical phrasing quality that defies category, but is at once, both emotional and powerful.”

A full decade after the band split up, the dynamic between Arthur and Bryan had not changed. In 1978 the two performed together at the Whisky A Go Go. “Arthur would try to seduce him into doing gigs,” Elizabeth recalls, “and he finally did one, because he needed to pay the rent, and Arthur said he would give him $500.”

Bryan and Arthur onstage at the Whiskey A Go Go 1978

With Bryan onboard, it quickly turned into an event; Rhino Records even released a live album. “After they did the show, Bryan said; ‘Okay, give me my money.’ And Arthur said ‘F— you!’”

There would be no more reunions. “Bryan tried to stay away from him. I think that it was just too hard.”

When Lee passed away in 2006, Elizabeth attended his memorial with Bryan’s former bandmate. “I went with Michael Stuart-Ware. We’ve become really close; he’s like a son to me.” She was introduced to Lee’s cousin. “He’s an older man, and I started to weep. I said; ‘I’m so worried – did Arthur know Jesus?’ and he said; ‘Oh, of course he knew Jesus!’” He shared with her how Arthur would sing hymns with the family while growing up. “And I was crying. I was so worried.” She was moved by scripture Lee had designed for the service; “Arthur had put down the Psalms that he liked on the program, and they were very powerful.”

She’s struck up a friendship with his widow, Diane. “I’ve become friends with Diane; she’s a real good egg. She knew Arthur in a way that other people didn’t know him…she was very loyal to him, and she hates it when all these awful stories come out. She won’t allow anything negative to be said about him. She’s very, very serious about that.”

Some of the stories are undoubtedly true. “Well, he cheated all his bandmates; they thought they were signing to Elektra, and they were signing to him. He had a lawyer and he received all the money. What they were signing to, was Arthur’s deal with some lawyer.”

Owing to Bryan’s underage status, Elizabeth was required to be present. “He would have been 19, so I had to go there when they were all to sign. I was supposed to read the contract, and Bryan was embarrassed. Under his breath, he was saying; ‘Don’t read it! Don’t read it!’ He was so embarrassed that I had to be there,” she laughs. “He wouldn’t let me read it or anything.” Not that she could have understood the legalese, anyhow. “I don’t know if I would have been aware enough to pick up what was going on.”

Love Story features Elektra Records owner Jac Holzman recounting Lee’s insisting on a cash advance for signing with the label, whereupon he immediately bought himself an expensive two-seat import sports car – ostensibly, to move gear – and gave each of the other members $100.

After Love disbanded in 1968, Bryan began working on a solo album – first for Elektra, then Capitol Records. Neither was completed.

“He was messed up,” recalls Elizabeth. “It was terrible. They hired some guy to try to keep him from drinking.” His life was quickly devolving into an extended lost weekend, replete with drug overdoses and felony arrests.

According to MacLean, on August 8, 1969, he was invited to director Roman Polanski and his wife, actress Sharon Tate’s house in Benedict Canyon (Polanski was out of town at the time). It was the night of the Manson Family murders, and all four occupants were horrifically slaughtered. Had he accepted, there’s little doubt he would died along with the rest of the victims.

Meanwhile, significant changes were taking place back home. It started with Maria.

“We put Maria in a little Baptist school. The kindergarten teacher and her husband had been evangelists – they were very strong. And one day, I picked Maria up from school and she said “Mama, I love Jesus.” And my heart was struck.

“At that time the New Age thing was starting, and I was very caught up in that.” She had been introduced to Transcendental Meditation by her ex-husband’s wife, and was an enthusiastic convert. “Basically, I was searching; I was really searching.”

The family were Catholics, “but we didn’t go to Mass, necessarily, and we weren’t practicing. I always talked to Bryan about God, and his stepfather was also brought up a Catholic, but, you know,” she laughs, “it’s too hard to be a Catholic.”

Billy Graham was in Los Angeles not long after Maria said what she said in the car, and I put the television on and watched him. It was the first time I had heard the gospel.”

It was a profound revelation. “So I received Jesus that night. And of course, I put every bit of that New Age teaching down immediately…because I thought, ‘Where’s Jesus?’”

She joined a Bible study group. “I would get up at 5:00 in the morning and go meet some people at this little Baptist church in Santa Monica. We prayed for Bryan, and within a year, he was saved.”

In a 1997 BBC documentary, Bryan described the experience; “I wasn’t doing well, my mother had been converted…and she was praying for me, and one night in a hotel room in New York I just prayed; cried out to the Lord and said ‘If you’re real, I’m going to give my life to you, because I’m afraid I’m going to destroy myself.’”

Elizabeth was unaware of her son’s conversion – or his return to the West Coast.

“I opened the door, and there was Bryan, with his guitar in one hand and a suitcase in another. He put them both down and kissed me,” she recalls, “then he opened his suitcase and showed me the Bible which stated ‘Bryan Andrew MacLean, on the event of his salvation, December 1970.’”

He was one of the very first from the L.A. music community to embrace Christianity. His new songs focused on faith; but he chose to avoid working in the then-emerging contemporary Christian music industry – which would have afforded instant popularity.

“You know what? That was suggested to him. A lot. But, I don’t know if you’ve been around the Christian music industry…” Elizabeth hesitates. Could it be its reputation as an inherently corrupt system? She laughs; “Okay, there you go. That’s why.

After his return, “he lived with us for three years. Maria was around six, and he used to sit and sing to her.” As time went on, her talent blossomed. “When she was fifteen, he realized that she was gifted, and he took her in the studio.”

In 1980 he started the Bryan MacLean Band, which lasted for just over a year. “He made a little band for her,” their mother recalls.

“He made a band for her before she got signed. He wanted to call it the Maria McKee Band, but she wouldn’t let him do it; she was too shy.”

The group – performing Bryan’s songs – only played a handful of shows. Those that caught them live were impressed. “There was one fellow who came from England. He wrote a review, and said it was one of the greatest thrills of his life.”

She has many fond memories of the period, including the shared sense of humor. “He and Maria and I – and this is when we’re all grown up – if we were out at a restaurant eating, they’d act up like kindergarteners. They would take the bread and mould it, do sculptures, dip it in the water, and I’d have to get up and leave. She had one girlfriend that started to cry, and had to leave; she couldn’t take it. They were like two little brats.”

In addition to mentoring Maria, Bryan was an early supporter of Leslie – later Sam – Philips. He discovered her at The Hiding Place, converted nightclub run by the church. “Bryan would sing and was worship leader there, and he discovered Lesley. She came and tried out, and he saw her talent.” On occasion, all three – Maria, Bryan and Leslie – would sing together.

In 1982, Maria formed Lone Justice. Their mix of roots rock and country immediately found favor with critics, and many saw them as the next big thing. One of the debut album’s most popular tracks was Bryan’s ‘Don’t Toss Us Away.’ It almost didn’t make it onto the album due to Maria’s insistence on not recording the song.

“A sister in the Lord and I got on our knees and prayed, because Maria didn’t want to do it,” says Elizabeth. “Everybody loved that song so much…I know her producer really got on her to do it”

She relented, but refused to even consider singing any more of her brother’s songs. The decision led to a deep rift within the family. “Maria was being successful, and of course, I had to be with her, because she was so very young. She wasn’t doing his songs, and he got very, very hurt, and kind of bitter, and he actually kept himself away from us. I was thinking about that this morning, and I thought, the poor guy; I don’t blame him. Here he is, this genius with all this music, and she’s not doing it, and she could do more.

“He was always sad, because he felt she was the perfect interpreter of his songs, and she just wouldn’t do them – she just wouldn’t record them. I don’t know if it was the advice of [record company head] David Geffen, or whether it was her.

“You know, they were funny with each other. I remember one time Maria said to me; ‘I can never live up to what he was.’ I said; ‘What are you talking about!? Aw, come off it!’”

The animosity ran both ways. “Not long before he died, Bryan said ‘You know, I love Maria, and I’d do anything for her, but I don’t like her.’” Elizabeth is clearly saddened by the statement. When I observe that Bryan’s remark could be perceived as healthy; that it takes a long time to realize you can love someone and not necessarily like them, she lets out a laugh; “That’s classic of you; you don’t know how good that makes me feel.”

Maria’s recent live Cd, Acoustic Tour 2006, includes three of Bryan’s songs. “I know! Isn’t that amazing? She did that on her own, because I never would have approached that. I never would have said ‘Oh, you should do some of Bryan’s songs.’ But I always tell her how happy it makes me when she does it.’

Lone Justice broke up without ever realizing their commercial potential. “She ruled the roost,” Elizabeth laughs. “They thought they were going to make billions on her. But the thing was, she never played their game. She was never sexual on the stage.

“She was adorable. She was just darling, and she was a Christian girl, you know. And then, through the years, she probably got into some of the bad stuff, but she got out of it. I mean, God sent this man who became her husband, who’s a mother’s dream.”

Elizabeth is particularly fond of her son-in-law, Jim Akin (“the most wonderful man, who’s a Christian, and a master musician as well”), and makes a point of mentioning his solo CD. “It’s called The Shootist, and I think it’s genius. I went crazy over it. I tried to get it to a guy who puts songs in films, and he didn’t get it…he said he didn’t think it had anything for him, which I just thought was crazy. I wish I had a movie – I’d put it in!”

With Bryan’s recent induction into the Grammy Hall of Fame (for his contribution to Forever Changes), she’s hopeful her daughter will someday be similarly honored. Since Lone Justice, Maria has recorded a number of well-received solo albums. 2005’s Peddlin’ Dreams is one of Elizabeth’s favorites. “I listened to the album, and I thought, ‘This is absolute genius.’ I was so emotionally caught up in it. One of the songs, ‘Appalachian Boy,’ is so poignant, I just cry every time I listen to it. I don’t know why she’s never gotten a Grammy. I mean, these songs are so unbelievable. But she never played the game; she was never a sexpot.”

Elizabeth is realistic regarding her son’s substance abuse, which he struggle with throughout his life. “Bryan is a product of the sixties. And Love, well, they all started drugging. There was everything in those days. Arthur always had a hash pipe lit, and that’s how it started. And he had a provider of his drugs that taught all the guys how to shoot up.”

Chances are Bryan was well along that path before joining Love; his work with the Byrds, and an even earlier friendship with David Crosby – whose excessive binges were legendary – surely presented numerous opportunities to indulge. “He probably was smoking. The drinking I’m not too sure, but everybody was smoking marijuana.”

He dabbled in everything, but alcohol eventually became his drug of choice. A bi-polar disorder only exacerbated matters.

In Pegasus Carousel, Stuart-Ware quotes Lee, indignant upon discovering MacLean drinking during a rehearsal; “What’s the matter with you, man? Why are you bringing that stuff around here?…We’re a drug band, fool, not a beer band. You trying to blow the image?”

At times, encouragement came from unlikely sources. “I remember Maria and I were invited to the first Farm Aid [1985] where she sang with Lone Justice.” Former Byrd Roger McGuinn – who had embraced Christianity in 1977 – was also on the bill. “Roger came up and talked to me about Bryan. He wanted to know how he was, and he said; ‘I want you to know that I pray for him.’ So sweet.”

At one point doctors prescribed medication as a preventative measure. “They gave him lithium, and it ruined him. It blew him up like a balloon. He said he was like an old man, he’d have to get up and pee all night. He finally took himself off of it, and of course he started self-medicating again.” For those who suffer from bipolar disorder, it’s quite a common reaction. “It’s very standard; they self-medicate. Both my children are bipolar, so that kind of goes with the territory.”

Maria has discussed her condition publically on occasion, but declined an interview request via Elizabeth for this story; “It’s still too hard for Maria. She is still sad.” She is the author of TV Teen, an autobiographical play about a young girl growing up while watching over her bi-polar older brother.

“Maria was mostly in the depressive side. Fortunately, she married Jim. The way they found out that Maria was bipolar was that she was in bed for three months, watching TV. And then at the end of three months she turned it off and turned her head to the wall. And so he finally said ‘That’s it, I’m taking you to the doctor.’

She’s convinced her daughter’s condition has impacted their own relationship. “Through the years I’ve gone through so much hurt, with some of the things she said to me, and the way she rejected me. But God’s helped me through this. I began praying for her, and stopped feeling sorry for myself.”

The decision brought about a radical change in perception. “It was prayer. And I understand her, you know, her good and her bad.”

The situation continues to improve. “She recently started thanking me for things. One day I was over there and she said ‘I want to thank you for always supporting my music.’ And she’s gone back to flamenco; I took her when she was a little girl. She’s been going to some classes again. She calls me up, and says; ‘I just want you to know how grateful I am that you gave me flamenco. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me.’

“But you know what’s funny? She was so in love with me when she was little. I made a whole book of love notes. It’s thick!”

In 1989, singer Patty Loveless recorded Bryan’s ‘Don’t Toss Us Away,’ taking it all the way to the top ten on the country music charts. “He loved her version,” Elizabeth recalls, “he liked it better than Maria’s.”

The windfall proved to be a mixed blessing. “He said it almost financed his death. Bryan was paid a half a million, and he wasn’t doing well. He was taking trips to Hawaii. I don’t think it was a very good time.”

By the early nineties, things had gone from bad to worse. “I was on staff at a church in Anaheim, California – one of the Vineyards. And I would drive up to see Bryan, and one day the landlady came up to me – she’s Italian – and she said “You need to come here. You son, he needa you.”’

She decided to get directly involved. “I went back down to the church, and I talked to the Pastor and he was very upset with me. He said ‘You know you can’t save your son.’

“But I came. I looked Bryan in the eyes and I said ‘I’m not leaving you. I love you.’ And so we had four years together. The last four years I was here with him. He lived in an apartment upstairs, and it was wonderful in some ways, hard in others. I got him into Victory Outreach, which was an offshoot of Teen Challenge. He was there 18 months.”

While her son was away in treatment, Elizabeth stumbled upon a treasure trove of tapes. “What happened was, I got Bryan into Victory Outreach, and he left his apartment. So I went to clean up his garage, and there was a box up high, and it was all his early music. That’s how I found them – because I had to clear everything out of his garage.”

There were demos for Love, material from his aborted solo albums, and more. She got in touch with Sundazed Records, a respected label based out of New York state that specializes in hi-quality reissues. “I called up, and they called back so fast; “Yes! We wanna do it! Send the masters!” And the masters,” she laughs, “were a pile of cassettes.”

After returning home, things improved markedly for Bryan. He rarely wavered from his daily routine. “We lived below Griffith Park. The observatory is at the top of the hill, and he ran up to the observatory every morning. He used to get up around 3:30, run up that hill just in time for the dawn, and sing to the Lord while it was still dark. He said that sometimes there were deer families that would come around him.

“Then he would come down, whistle at my window, we’d sit and talk. And I think we helped each other.”

During Bryan’s stay in rehab, Maria found support through a twelve-step program. “She went through the whole thing; she really believes in it. She sent me a book, and said ‘You need this, because you’re co-dependent with Bryan…”

Part of her recovery included severing ties with her brother. “It was the four years that she stayed away from us – the time he was here.” Elizabeth admits she’s still mystified by her daughter’s decision. “It was really ridiculous of her. She said ‘I can’t be around it. I’m working on my own issues…’ I think about it every day, and I think that she missed out.”

They saw each other one last time in the fall of ‘98. “I took her to his church one Sunday. It was his birthday, so it was just a couple of months before he passed away. I wonder if she ever thinks about the time she stayed away.”

Bryan was opposed to the entire twelve-step philosophy. “He said ‘I believe that you have what you say…life and death are in the power of the tongue. I’m not going to stand up and say ‘I’m an alcoholic and I have no control,’ or something about the higher power – that little speech you have to make.’ And he just wouldn’t do it. He tried it, but I think for him it was a type of panacea for the moment. He said everybody smoked and everybody had sugar, and everybody drank coffee.”

In 1997, Sundazed released ifyoubelievein. It was a tantalizing look of what could have been, with songs every bit the equal of the handful his reputation rested on, and was met with glowing reviews. “I’m so thankful that Bryan was able to see what happened with that first album,” Elizabeth admits. “He had been broken-hearted for so many years about his music, and he got to see that people cared. I mean, it wasn’t a smashing, smashing success, but it was so appreciated, and the reviews were good. He got a lot of hurrahs.”

The label was thrilled to be working with Bryan. “Bob Irwin, the President of Sundazed, is just a fiend on reissues. So he was in heaven. They had come out to L.A. three months before Bryan died and we had a meeting. Up to that point we hadn’t met with them face to face. At the meeting,Bob said ‘I want to take you to London and do one of the Royal Halls.’ [Arthur Lee would perform Forever Changes at the Royal Concert Hall in 2003]. And Bryan didn’t say anything. And I was sort of excited about it. That next morning, when Bryan came by – he used to finish his run about 6:15 – he said ‘Look; I want you to know that I’m not going to go to England, and I’m not going to do those songs. Intra Muros is what I care about. It’s who I am.’”

Intra Muros (the title translates as “Inside the Wall) was his ‘real’ solo album, a collection of 14 worship-oriented songs he had been working on for the previous two years. “And he said ‘My deepest longing is that Intra Muros touches lives and changes them.’ Isn’t that amazing? He didn’t want that old awful stuff.”
Not that he was dealing with shady characters. “I think if Bob did it, it wouldn’t be the nasty thing like Love was. It didn’t have to be that way. But Bryan still wasn’t interested. He only cared about Intra Murals.”

During the fall of 1998, she became troubled by her son’s appearance; “His face would be dark red, and I didn’t know what it was.” Despite her apprehension, he remained unphased; “He was one of those people that wouldn’t see a doctor because he believed that Jesus was his healer. Period. Bryan used to look at himself in the mirror and go; ‘Bryan, you have perfect health.’ That was his positive word from the Lord.”

He died on Christmas day. “The day that he died, he picked up a friend and they drove up the coast to see Bryan’s cousin. All the time they were driving, Bryan had his worship music on, and was singing at the top of his lungs. So God was drawing him.

“He called me from a restaurant where they were having Italian food. He says ‘Guess where I am?’ He and Maria and I used to eat there. He told me where he was, and asked if I was okay.”

She had expressed concern over his condition that morning, “because something was funny; he was running, and he didn’t look well at all – he didn’t look right. So, he calls me, and we chatted for a little while. He wanted to be sure I was okay. And then in about an hour, I got a phone call from the fellow that was with him, who said that he dropped dead in the Men’s Room.”

The fact that he was singing throughout the day, and spoke with her directly before his passing reinforces her belief that the events were preordained. “I totally believe that God just took him home – the Lord just called him. I mean, the way he went; he didn’t have a bad disease, he didn’t suffer in a hospital, he just went up.”

He was sober when he died, but in far from ideal physical shape. “Well, what happened was he had hardening of the arteries, and he had cardiomyopathy. He had a weight problem from the time he was a little kid, and when we cleaned his apartment, everything he shouldn’t eat was in the refrigerator. Bacon, eggs, cheese, pop… “

Elizabeth has nothing but praise for her daughter, who, in the wake of the tragedy, offered unflagging support. “I called Maria. She was down south with her husband and his folks, and they came right up to see me, and I have to say that they were with me for one full year. They helped me through the first year of his passing. They would come and take me for dinner, and Maria took me for massages, I mean, it was just wonderful.”

More of Bryan’s music has become available since his death.

In 2000, Sundazedreleased Candy’s Waltz, a second collection of garage tapes every bit the equal of ifyoubelievein. ‘Husband and Father,’ from 1971, is reminiscent of Carousel’s ‘Soliloquy.’ Sung from an expectant father’s perspective, it reflected a dream he never realized.

The disc concludes with an interview
conducted in early 1998. With equal parts humor and humility, MacLean offers unflaggingly honest responses. Queried as to where he would like to be in ten years, he refers back to that longstanding ambition; “…even though I’m a half a century old, I don’t think that there’s any problem with thinking that I could meet somebody and start a family.”

Elizabeth has overseen the release of three Cds on her own.

She’s most excited by Intra Muros, which she refers to as ‘Bryan’s masterpiece.’ MacLean described the absolutely unique blend of gothic rock and jazz as “spooky worship music.”

Credited to both Bryan and Maria, No One Was Kinder features the two singing Bryan’s songs in the early 80’s. “It was a little cassette player. It’s amazing that it’s as good as it is – we got it not too bad, considering.”

Praise and Worship is a double disc of exactly what the title implies; some alone on guitar, others with full production. Even here, the Broadway influence that permeates his entire catalogue is obvious, with many of the songs sounding like show stoppers from another era.
Due to a lengthy history of relapsing, friendships were often tentative with members of the church, “He was very lonely, because a lot of his fellow Christian brothers didn’t have anything to do with him anymore. It was really sad.”

He never cut himself off of the outside world, and while he struggled with those who shared his beliefs, he was loved by many outside the church. “It’s clear that those who knew him – or knew him through his music – were deeply impacted.”

Michael Stuart-Ware remembers fondly their time together; “His profound intelligence lent itself to Bryan’s everyday life. I never once saw him lose his temper. No reason to get mad, no matter what happens. Anger is counterproductive. Life is to be enjoyed and people? Like he said; ‘…people are the greatest fun.’”

Through it all, he retained his faith. “He never stopped writing worship music. When he passed away, there were hundreds of cassettes – hundreds of cassettes. In his loneliness, he never stopped writing. I think Bryan’s comfort and relief was in writing worship music. There’s one song on the double album called ‘Is This The Thing They Call Glory?,’ and I think that is so poignant, because I think it’s his heart.”

In addition to recording Intra Muros, Bryan had been writing a book when he died. “He only got to a few pages of the third chapter. It’s pretty amazing; his views on things. He talks about self-forgiveness, and can you imagine the turmoil he must have been in? To be born-again, and have the Lord, and be a worship leader and then fall? And keep falling? Getting back up, and then falling again?”

Self-forgiveness was a tough concept. “It was a struggle for him. He said that one of the things God showed him when he started this process was that he has to realize that he’s forgiven, and he had to forgive himself.”

Elizabeth admits it’s only in the last decade that she has started to come to terms with some of her more questionable parenting decisions.

As an example, she brings up Bryan’s childhood weight issues; “I think a lot of kids eat because they’re starved for that thing that they need; their parents. And I was so scared of [second husband] Jack, that I had to stand with him against Bryan. It was the worst thing. That was the sadness of my life, to have to gang up on him.”

It was the opposite scenario with Maria. “I was in such La La Land. I thought; ‘Oh, the Lord gave me my little girl! I always wanted a little girl; I’m going to be the perfect mother of a perfect child.’ And then I just loved her. I took her everywhere, because Jack was never home, and she had no daddy, so I tried to be everything to her, and do everything. And a lot of it was good, but a lot of it was bad, because I was in another world. She was my life – I made her my life.”

“I think it’s been in the last few years, since Bryan died, that I’ve been able to be honest with myself, and who knows, maybe that whole attitude that I had towards her, of making her my little Princess and all that, is what screwed her up.”

She reflects on the entire family; “I think it’s amazing what we’ve come through, all of us. Everything seemed so terribly dramatic.” Alongside an abundance of talent, she laughs, “We got genetics that we didn’t want.”

She accepts responsibility, but doesn’t dwell on past mistakes. The concept her son struggled with – self-forgiveness – has enabled her to move on. “Well, I’m so into the blood of Jesus covering me… I get it and I’ve got it. He knows I can be naughty and he laughs at me and he says ‘Okay honey, it’s okay.’ Not,” she clarifies, “that he’s winking at my sins. It’s an intimate relationship that I have with him now.”

When I invited Michael Stuart Ware to share thoughts on his old bandmate, not surprisingly, he referenced the family; “Where did Bryan get what made him special? Heredity? Environment? Some of each, probably. His mom, Elizabeth is a professional flamenco dancer, accomplished artist, philosopher and scholar…a beautiful human being with an unequaled sense of humor. And just imagine, two children, and both achieved great success in the incredibly difficult arena of professional music. Not many mothers in that club.”

Her enthusiasm throughout our conversations is hard to square with the notion of an 82 year old. Elizabeth laughs; “Well, I’m still young. That’s what’s so crazy about it. And you don’t know what God has done for me. For the first time in my life, I have more than I need. My basic needs and my rent, food and whatever else you need to pay; now I have over. He just keeps pouring it back. It’s just more to give, and you can’t out give God.” Part one of this story
Official Bryan MacLean website

Rev. Glenn Dale Adkins: 1941 to 2012

December 13, 2012 – By Jim Greenway

PHOTO COURTESY OF STEPHANIE WITHERSPOONFrankie & Glenn Adkins 50th Wedding Anniversary on September 23, 2011.

Reverend Glenn or Pastor Glenn, as he was affectionately called, entered into the presence of the Lord on November 18 at his home in Big Bear Lake, with his wife and four of his children at his side.

Glenn was born on July 25, 1941 in Oklahoma City to Claude and Norma Adkins. Claude was an artist who traveled with his family across the country selling his landscape and seascape paintings beside the highways and byways of America.

He has three brothers and one sister. He and his siblings attended school all over the U.S. and started singing and preaching in churches at the age of seventeen. He majored in vocal music in high school and graduated in 1959 from Arvin High School.

Afterwards the family moved to San Diego for a year, then to Texas and to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Glenn stayed and the rest of the family moved back to California.

Glenn met his wife to be, Frances (a.k.a. Frankie), the very first night he visited Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Tulsa. They were married September 23, 1961 and have four daughters and one son. They moved to Oxnard, CA in 1964 where Glenn injured his back while working as a rubbish truck driver and swamper. In the years that followed, he became involved with street ministry all over California, including Haight-Ashbury and Berkeley. He also started and ran a Christian coffee house in Oxnard, CA.

The family moved to Topanga in 1972 where Glenn pastored the Topanga Community Church for fourteen years. While there he ministered to many actors and rock singers, as well as to those with broken dreams and devastated lives. He and his family worked with and sometimes housed at the church, some of the most spiritually and mentally destitute members of our society.

He began witnessing and singing in nightclubs and bars, reaching out to the stars of Hollywood and the street people, teaching many Christians how to do hands-on street ministry. He was Chaplain and soloist for several years for the Beverly Hills Full Gospel Businessmen’s Chapter Meetings.

Glenn also pastored the Fawnskin Community Church in Fawnskin, CA for nine years. He was also Hospital Chaplain for the Bear Valley Hospital for two years and Chaplain for six years for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept.

My uncle is the man the Pharisees would have criticized because of those with whom he kept company. My uncle spent a lifetime of ministry spreading the Good News to those who needed it most.

They include the junkie and the pusher, the prostitute and the pimp, the alcoholic, the gang member, the homeless, violent felons and hardened criminals and the rich and famous.

He was fearless in his outreach because he knew his Protector.

The Singing Evangelist’s “pulpit” was working the Night Shift on Hollywood Blvd, Skid Row, and the corners near nightclubs like The Viper Room and Whisky A-Go-Go.

With his smooth, smokey voice, he would sing Hymns and pass out Gospel tracts to anyone who would take them.

Sometimes he was cursed and threatened, and sometimes the tracts were thrown to the ground, but many times he was able to attract a crowd at 1 a.m., a crowd hungry for something “better.”

When he could no longer stand on the street corners, he secured a motorized scooter to continue the Father’s Business.

When he needed supplemental oxygen, he dragged the tank with him.

Though God seemed to always provide the finances to repair his older vehicles, He more often sent His angels to protect against any harm that could have been caused by balding tires or brakes that were metal-to-metal.

No matter what obstacle stood in the way of his Ministry, whether it was physical, mechanical or financial, Glenn always remained positive and steadfast.

My uncle is the one given two talents in the Parable of the Bags of Gold (Matthew 25:14-30) because he did so much with so little. Do they have You Tube in Heaven? Because if they do, I want to see the one where Jesus says to my uncle, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”

Glenn is survived by Frankie, his wife of 51 years and four daughters, Sherri Facer, Stephanie Witherspoon, Christine Adkins, Natalie Adkins and son, Steve Adkins, 12 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

There was a celebration of Glenn’s life on December 8 at Calvary Chapel 713 Stocker Rd. (corner of Stocker & Knickerbocker) in Big Bear Lake. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to The Lord’s Trumpet, P.O. Box 134113 Big Bear Lake, CA 92315.

Sawtelle Boulevard is a north/south street in Los Angeles, California, of important cultural significance. Sawtelle Boulevard’s northern end is at Ohio Avenue adjacent to the Veterans Administration, and its southern end is at Overland Avenue, a few blocks past Sepulveda Boulevard. Sawtelle Boulevard is the major thoroughfare for the West Los Angeles neighborhood of Sawtelle.
The portion of Sawtelle Boulevard from Santa Monica Boulevard to Olympic Boulevard is a trendy spot for the newer Japanese American community in Los Angeles,.[1] Often called simply “Sawtelle”, this neighborhood is occasionally called “Little Osaka” – not to be confused with downtown Los Angeles’ older Little Tokyo, or the larger Japantown, San Francisco, California (which has also been called Little Osaka).[2] Sawtelle is relatively near UCLA, Santa Monica, and Culver City. In 1992, Japanese immigrants operated botanical nurseries here. As of 2012, businesses found on this street include Japanese fast food (curry and ramen), two Japanese supermarkets, upscale sushi bars, a holistic and medical office, hair salons, neighborhood Japanese grocery stores, a Boba tea shop, anime shops, Japanese artisan stores, temples, and a few historic nurseries. One interesting site is the consulate of Saudi Arabia, located next to a ramen restaurant and an esoteric Japanese magazine store.

Saudi Arabia Los Angeles Consulate-General building
Homes south of this portion of Sawtelle Boulevard are inhabited by a large Japanese American population. Many of the homes exhibit gardens and landscapes true to Japanese tradition.
After passing Olympic Boulevard, Sawtelle Boulevard continues as a four-lane boulevard running parallel to the San Diego Freeway and Sepulveda Boulevard. After entering Culver City, Sawtelle Boulevard swerves east, crosses Sepulveda Boulevard and ends at Overland Avenue in Culver City.

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Killing The Artist Rosamond

Respecting the Last Wishes is vital in any Will and Legacy. Let me assure you, that my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, never dreamed this vile and evil paragraph would ever appear in a book about her life. I’ve read this killing of a artist a half-dozen times. It activates my PTSD like no other words in Tom Snyder’s slanderous book. Anyone who knows anything about ART, knows these words utterly destroys Rosamond’s reputation. It is alleged Ira Kaplan developed Christine’s style, and controlled the style of sixty other artists he was exploiting – FOR MONEY! The true name of the gallery owner is Ira Cohen. For several months I have been taking an inventory to see how many family members had anything nice to say about a world famous female artist. Her two daughters – are still mute – as is Mark Presco. Shamus Dundon said nothing. Vicki claims she is – LIKE THE HEIR! Let me begin with this. Come back as I EXPOSE these DARK MONSTERS who hate Art and Artists.

This is not a famous drunken artist or writer. This is a hack commercial artist with a drinking problem, being, she is not making enough money for her handler. This is not a self-help book. There is no remedy. This is proof as to why folks couldn’t make more money from a drunk. I blame my daughter and her sick family who line up for Death Rewards. Most believed because Rosamond was dead, her hack art would soar in value. Why then – this evil bullshit? What was the point?

Kim Haffner Reeled Them In | Rosamond Press

John Presco

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Message To Britt and Mary Ann

My ex-wife and I have made amends. I have been in therapy, and had a breakthrough in dealing with my PTSD.

Dear Britt and Mary Ann. I am deeply sorry I abandoned you. Last week I was able to return to Anderson Street where an attempt was made on my life. A female black lab was killed and its blood smeared on the wall. When Eric attacked his mother, I got a bad laceration on my hand when I seperated them. I was taken to emergency after Eric’s father picked him up. I had stiches. When this man said my wife had it coming, I was on my way to Boston. That he was a attorney, and he sent a attorney to question me about my intentions, I am back in court with a lawyer for the Mafia. They wanted us out of the building they just bought and turned off the heat in the January. Judge Boutillini ruled in my favor. When I saw him presiding over the Child Custody case, I went into shock. I believe he was relocated to Oakland due to death threats. He bumped our attorney who was in line for a Judgeship. The Feds must have gotten involved. What are the odds?

When I left my appartment I hung my star and crescent ring on a nail and drew a swastika on a Islamic drawing I was doing. My neighbors were Black Islamic radicalisms who defended a black squatter who raped my friend, a fifteen year old Roanoke Indian in the hall of the building I almost got murdered in. Only later did it occur to me these ex-allies thought the Mafia did away with me. Did they contact the police, and did the Judge hear of this?

Then there is Diva, my female black lab that you loved so much Britt.

I have to stop here and go back to bed. PTSD drains all your energy. This is why I had to go. I was not in my body. I could not express what I was going through. We were in such a crisis. I would only add to the chaos. I was afraid Mary Ann would lose custody.

John Presco


Judge B kept looking at me from the bench trying to make me. My hair was shorter. There you were Britt with your attorney. You were working hard to – get it right! I felt for you. You were thirteen, and the only innocent one in the courtroom. I took attorney M aside and told him I knew the judge and was involved in a horrible Mafia trial where an attempt was made on my life. He blew a gasket. He was having a huge side battle with Judge B and if this came out – during the trial – it would have made M look bad. He never talked to me. Now he wants to get rid of me. He tells me to keep quiet. When it came time for me to get in the witness chair, I asked M, if I got an annulment, would I have to testify? He produced the papers, and I signed.

I made a video yesterday where I talk about why I felt so ashamed of the death of that puppy. I blamed myself. When the Judge said he was going to issue a bench warrant, and after I testified, he ordered the bailiff to take me upstairs and handcuff me to his desk. A half hour later he comes upstairs and sits on his desk.

“Do we know each other?”

“I don’t think so.”

“You look familiar. Did you ever appear before me?”


Sometime after this I went and got drunk after being sober a year. When you dropped Diva off at my trailer in Oregon, we were so happy to see each other. I felt so bad that I seperated her from you Britt. You had become so close. You lost us both – after your told the Judge you preferred to be with me – rather than with your father. You got hammered. I have never stopped feeling for your plight.

I saw Diva as the puppy who was killed by the Mafia. They did not want any puppy to own that title. They gave up 40 Anderson Street. I will put that video on Youtube.

Diva was aware when I left my body. I drank myself blotto to avoid arriving at where I go now. Coming home from the bar at the Log Cabin Inn I stumbled as I came through the forest. I lie there looking up at the brilliant stars. I wanted off the planet. I felt myself rising up. I did not hold on – but tried to help. Then, Diva came and put her front legs on me. She held me down. She did not want me to leave her.

I have thirty-three years of sobriety. If I had it to do over again I would have told Judge Boutilini the truth. I almost did in the elevator when he told me he had caught two prisoners scaling down from the jail on bed sheets. He told me he went out on the roof with his gun – and captured them! I was afraid he would freak and pull out his gun!

“I used to live at 40 Anderson Street in Boston. I appeared before you. My attorney introduced me to Mayor White who said this as he shook my hand; It took a lot of guts to stand up to those people!”

At this time I was convinced that life, God, and all of humanity was not going to cut me a break. But it did when I came to plant you a vegetable garden. I loved you two dearly, and still do. Perhaps the Judge would have shook my hand as we emerged from the elevator, and bid the court to help me – as a survivor! I wish I had gotten into therapy.

The Gideon Computer Atop Beacon Hill | Rosamond Press

Defying the Boston Mafia | Rosamond Press

Killing The Artist Rosamond | Rosamond Press

Paintings of Mary Ann Tharaldsen – YouTube

Defying the Boston Mafia

Posted on February 12, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


Above is me in 1971. I lived on Beacon Hill in this apartment building. I had unlimited guts. I took on the whole world.

In 1971 my attorney told those who refused to move out of our home on 40 Anderson Street, a four story building on Beacon Hill, to move to the top floor for our safety. I was in a legal battle with the brother-in-law of the head of Boston’s Mafia, and they were losing. This guy was a top-notch attorney. The owner of the grocery store down the street who liked me, said;

“They want their building back. They will hurt you.”

When I heard the door being kicked in on the main floor, I rushed downstairs to find the door to the old managers apartment knocked off its hinges. Then I heard the awful sound of the squatter’s three month old black lab having its throat cut. I shouted;

“Get out there!”

There was silence, and then this question;

“Are you the manager?”

“Yes! Get out!”

“You come in here!”
“We got something for you!” said the second voice.

My Beautiful Former Wife

Posted on August 13, 2013by Royal Rosamond Press


I found a recent photo of my former wife yesterday, and felt a stirring down below even though she in seventy-six. This is a beautiful and handsome woman, then and now. When you have made beautiful love to a woman, it stays with you – at least with me.

Mary Ann looks like she’s out of central casting. Here is the Celtic, or Nordic Grandmother of the Hero who has good intentions because he has formed a close bond with her after his mother was killed by the Bad Guy. If you did a DNA test of Mary Ann and Rena, you would find them kindred, because my ex descends from Eric the Red – and Oden! We are looking at the Daughters of Oden here, folks!

I have told several of my therapists;

“I have been in the middle of a lot of gun-play in my life.”
“Were any shots fired?”
“No! But, there was a lot of threats.”

One of these threats came from Robert Delano’s good buddy who went on a road trip in my Chrysler Newport, and flipped out. At my mother’s house he found a rifle in the closet, and ordered a young girl to get in my mother’s bedroom so he could rape her. Of course, I was elected by Robert and Keith to go save her.

“It’s your Mom’s house.”

I walked in and found this creep pointing a gun at the girl who was pulling off her jeans.

“You don’t want to do this.” I said calmly. And, he spotted a chess set – all ready to go.

“Do you play chess?” He asked.
“Sure. Do you want to play a game?”

He put the rifle down. The young girl pulled up her pants, and crept quietly into the living room. I had forty minutes to lose this chess game, before my mother came in the door from work to have her lunch – at high noon!

Robert was with us on the Road Trip to Winnemucca, where Rena, Robert, and James became afraid of me, I no longer being perceived as a Hero – as planned!

The strangest gun-play I was ever in, was when the judge in our child custody battle told me he jumped out on the roof of the courthouse to apprehend two criminals trying to escape by climbing down sheets. Boutillini got the drop on them with his revolver. He was my judge in my Mafia case in Boston. One could say I was, and still am ‘The Hippie James Bond’.

There are photos of my brother and I sitting on a horse with Tex Ritter who has his hands raised, because we are pointing a gun at him.

Jon Presco

“You’re just a victim of circumstances?” Judge Boutillini said to me as he looked into my eyes, trying to discover what I was concealing.

On the advice of my wife’s attorney, I did not tell the Judge who oversaw the child custody case of Britt Thoraldson that he presided over the case in Boston, when I took the Mafia to court – and won! They lost because they sent two goons to kill me, and – they failed. I was alive, and in a room on Beacon Hill with Mafia attorneys – negotiating a deal. They hated my long hair, and the truth I looked just like Jesus.

Boutillini unlocked the handcuffs that the bailiff had put on me when I was held in contempt of court for not showing up for our last court date. I was trying to conceal from the court I was on Social Security for being mentally unsound, I no table to function properly after I died on LSD, I one of the Guinea Pigs of LSD manufacturer whom I knew personally. I was afraid my wife would lose her thirteen year old daughter who I drove across country in a 1979 Ford Thunderbird. And now it is revealed I am mad, a killer on the road – or something like that! How could this “mother” expose her daughter to a Manson wanna-be? Rather then risk that I asked Maryanne for a divorce. We had known each for a two months before we got married, and after he son Eric attacked my wife in front of me, the six month child custody battle had taken its toll.

Going Into Shock & PTSD

Posted on August 12, 2013by Royal Rosamond Press


In 1987 I returned to McLure’s Beach and climbed the rock I fell on. I was utterly alone. There was no one in the parking lot, and thus no one for miles. I had gone thru the New Hope Program and had a year of sobriety. I had been in hypnotherapy. I had to do this.

I had not climbed but thirty feet, and was heading for the bridge, when I came upon a plaque nailed into the rock.


This plaque was not there in 1967, and the thought that six people who came after me, met their death, was otherworldly. I was entering The Land of the Known Dead. I thought about the collective grief of their families. Their tears had come here. I closed my eyes, took some deep breaths, told myself I can do this, and proceeded.

I do not think Keith and James knew I was going into shock, because they were in shock at seeing me wounded. The powerful dose was incapacitating. We could not walk. Like a heavy gravity we were pinned to the sand. We could only watch and wait until the inital impact subsided.

After James tried to wash my wound, and after I got soaking wet, I told him to leave me be. He went and sat with Keith about fifty feet away. I sat at the edge of the water listening to the strange sound that the gravel made as each wave receded. It sounded like many engines. All of a sudden landing craft were coming out of the ocean, and I was in the a middle of horrendous battle. A young man fell next to me, mortally wounded. When he died, and with his last breath, he uttered his last word;


I believe I was that soldier.

I watch that scene from Saving Private Ryan where the captain goes into a tunnel of silence. The engine of war is grating up and down my backbone. My teeth are chattering. I can not make it stop.


Acute stress reaction (also called acute stress disorder, psychological shock, mental shock, or simply shock) is a psychological condition arising in response to a terrifying or traumatic event. It should not be confused with the unrelated circulatory condition of shock, or the concept of shock value.

Circulatory shock, commonly known simply as shock, is a life-threatening medical condition that occurs due to inadequate substrate for aerobic cellular respiration.[1] In the early stages this is generally an inadequate tissue level of oxygen.[2]
The typical signs of shock are low blood pressure, a rapid heartbeat and signs of poor end-organ perfusion or “decompensation/peripheral shut down” (such as low urine output, confusion or loss of consciousness). There are times that a person’s blood pressure may remain stable, but may still be in circulatory shock, so it is not always a sign.[3]
Circulatory shock is not related to the emotional state of shock. Circulatory shock is a life-threatening medical emergency and one of the most common causes of death for critically ill people. Shock can have a variety of effects, all with similar outcomes, but all relate to a problem with the body’s circulatory system. For example, shock may lead to hypoxemia (a lack of oxygen in arterial blood) or cardiac arrest.[4]
One of the key dangers of shock is that it progresses by a positive feedback mechanism. Once shock begins, it tends to make itself worse, so immediate treatment of shock is critical to the survival of the sufferer.[3]

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Redbad ‘The Movie’

I may be kin to Redbad.

Rosamond Press

I got another Christmas Present. I found the Dutch movie ‘Redbad’ who may be my ancestor. I will keep this one a secret. Actually, I showed how to my daughter, Heather Hanson, and, the actress, Lara Roozemond. They were not paying attention. They do not read genealogies and history. I did not hear from Heather this Christmas. She is focusing on giving birth to my granddaughter. Lara has dropped out of sight, and I believe, acting school. She could have gotten a role in this movie, if she knew the right people. Young people need a pay day, not a intellectual study. Redbad is related the Merovingians.

There is talk about a third movie about William of Orange. I have Victoria Bond taking part in a Orange Parade. I doubt it will be made due to the tedious length and real history Redbad goes into. Christians found reasons to whine…

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Davinci and My Rose Line

I wrote letters to Judge Silver where I talk about the Templers and my Rose Line – in 1997. To find proof Prussian Royalty offered to buy California, and settle colonists there, that resemble the Templars Wilhelm settled in Palestine, renders my family history, a real royal blood Templar lineage – with Templar Author. This makes me the official history of the John Fremont and the Bentons. I have long puzzled over why John Fremont was brutal with the Native Americans after his first expedition. I believe the British were aware of the attempt by the Prussians to own California, and paid the natives to be hostile and conduct a guerilla operation, a tactic they used in the East. This may have caused the Prussians to pull out.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Robert Brevoort Buck and The Davinci Code

Posted on July 23, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

Frank Buck, and his brother, Leonard, were Knights Templar Masons, and members of the Bohemian Club.

In 2001 a John Brown asked to become a member of my group Rennes-le-Hoax. He never posted. There were rumors going round.

John Brown

Feb 22, 2001

I’d like to join the Rennes-le-hoax group.

John Brown, you are most welcome. You do not need my approval as I understand it. However, if you have trouble send another email. Jon …

Don’t miss my angry letter to Sydney Morris, who combed through my cryptic letters look for a death threat. I wrote cryptic messages in the Templar because there were about four published authors, and several wanna-be writers on the topic of the Rex Deus. I did not want them to steal my Rose Line. The Sinclairs were saying Rosslyn was “rose line”. I told them this name meant “horse-snake”. I was evicted. This Brown guy joined my new group several days later. I had been studying Robert Graves ‘The White Goddess’ for a year.

Morris wanted to believe I was sending him schizoid-maniac Zodiac-like messages. I am sure he showed them to his boss, Bob Buck. They had a good laugh, with their feet on the desk, asking Stacy to pour them a fresh cup. My book would have renewed waning interest in Rosamond’s work, and inspired a movie.

The Real Rose Line is filed a Superior Court. By following Bob Buck’s lineage, my long search came to an end. My first copyrighted autobiography ‘Bonds With Angels’ was ignored by Snyder and Pierrot. I began it in 1992, two years before Christine was “killed” by a rogue wave – or so they say. The sales of my published book will go to house the homeless in Springfield Oregon.

On March 5, 1998, I sent a letter to Judge Richard M. Silver who oversaw the probate of my late sister. I declare that I am acting head of my family. There is no need for a “caretaker”. I speak of the “The Rose Line”. I am authoring a book on this topic since 1997. It should have been published within a year. Then Judge Silver appointed Sydney Morris who belles Pierrot’s book that denigrates Rosemary Rosamond, Christine Rosamond, Shannon Rosamond. My Rose Line is utterly trashed! Garth Benton’s family are Masons.

Message 2 of 2 , Feb 22, 2001

Dagobert’s Revenge] Diana the Merovingian Princess

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Jon Presco

Feb 12, 2001

DANGEROSE, is Queen Eleanore of Aquitaine’s mother. Her great grandmother is
surnamed ROCHEFOUCAULD after FOUCAULD DE LA ROCHE (Sire De La Roche) also
spelled DE LA ROSA, as ROCH is ROZ and ROSE. Diana’s mother is FRANCIS
ROCHE, descended from SIR JOHN DE LA ROCHE. I suspect Queen Eleanore is the
mutliated statue of a Knight Templar at the family chapel built at ROSLYN.
This is WILLIAM DE ROS. A DE ROS married a SINCLAIR. Princess Isabel of
Scotland, and Queen of Jerusalem, married ROBERT DE ROS. Another Robert
marries another Isabela of ALBINI. ELIZABETH DE ROS married LEWIS CLIFFORD
(Sir Knight of the Garter. The ROSAMOND name and ancestry hover around this
ROCH and ROSE. Is it any wonder Princess Di was called DE LA ROSE DE ALBION
Many of the Queens of England adobted Rose badeges. The ROCHE family crest
consists of three fish, and represents a ROSE, ROCK, and RAVEN.


Has anyone posted anything on the Kingdom of GOTHA, a plan to Unite all of
Europe in the 1800’s? If Di’s lover was descended from the Ptolomy family,
then this would be a great threat, as the Windsors have no blood ties to
them as they claim – and this is so very key! Here are some links to these


From: Jon Presco <braskewitz <at>>
Subject: Rex Deus & House of David
Newsgroups: gmane.culture.templar.rosemont
Date: Friday 23rd September 2005 15:34:31 UTC (over 12 years ago)

There have been many books published suggesting the offspring of 
Jesus and King David have become powerful and secret rulers some 
have titled the Rex Deus, and the Black Nobility. Is there any 
evidence of this? If so, how could their agenda remain a secret? 
Perhaps it is more visible then these authors, and their readers, 
would like to admit. What would be their motives for keeping us in 
the dark? 

Prince Bernard of the Netherlands has been identified as a member of 
the Black Nobility and the Rex Deus. What has he done in the name of 
his illustrious ancestor, Jesus Christ, that would be seen as a 
continuing attempt to rule the world?

Prince Bernard, and his wife, was a close friend of Denis de 
Rougemont a co-founder of the European Union and the European 
Cultural Foundation of which Bernard was President, and most genrous 
contributor. Rougemont may be related to the Habsburgs, another Rex 
Deus family, and thus Bernard via the Chalon family. Both men were 
instrumental in the foundation of the Bilderburg meetings, and 
several other important European intstitutions that some say are 
trying to create a One World Global rule. Is this an agenda Jesus 
and King David would approve of? Evangelic Christians suggest this 
is the agenda of the Anti-Christ, thus, this agenda is the core 
focus of world domination, as well as taking control of all western 
culture, including the Arts.

"Masons, like Knights Templars believe they received this apostolic 
succession through James (the Just), the brother of Jesus. This 
succession is said to be through a group of people known as the "Rex 
Deus" families who are prominent throughout Europe; and that it 
rests with the Grand Master of the Knights Templar (now highest 
Mason).   Rex Deus is a group of people who are said to have been 
established by King Solomon - to be the Kings of God.  This could 
very well be another good reason, that Masons in 1717 "distanced 
themselves from the Knights Templars."

Jon Presco

"European Cultural Foundation 
[14. 2. 2005, Katerina Brezinova]

Active in culture and the arts as well as the media, and with an 
impressive track record in education since 1954, the European 
Cultural Foundation is Europe's only independent, non-national and 
pan-European cultural foundation. It runs its own programs and 
awards grants, which keeps it close to the grassroots cultural 
sector, and makes it a credible advocate of strong cultural policies 
for Europe. Its work is cross-border: directed across the borders 
that exist between people and between countries, throughout the 
European cultural space and across the Mediterranean. 

An extensive network of 20 National Committees supports the European 
Cultural Foundation throughout Europe. Their very different national 
backgrounds and character reflect Europe's diversity. The 
Multicultural Center Prague serves as the Czech National Committee 
of the European Cultural Foundation. Since 2003, the Multicultural 
Center Prague has supported the efforts of the ECF as the Czech 
National Committee of the European Cultural Foundation.
The Swiss philosopher and European visionary, Denis de Rougemont, 
set up the European Cultural Foundation in 1954, appointing Robert 
Schuman as its first President. The Foundation moved from Geneva to 
Amsterdam in 1960, thanks to the generosity of the Foundation's 
President at that time, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.
It was founded to 'promote cultural and educational activities and 
research of a multinational nature and European character and to add 
a cultural and human dimension to the economic, technical and legal 
processes of European integration. 

The European Cultural Foundation is an independent, non-governmental 
organization. It stands for an open, democratic Europe which 
respects the basic human rights and cultural diversity of its 
people. It is committed to the importance of the cultural dimension 
within the process of wider European integration. The Foundation 
developed innovative programs to encourage respect for cultural 
diversity, such as ERASMUS and EURYDICE on behalf of the European 
Commission and closely cooperated with the Commission on the TEMPUS 

Bonds with Angels’ Message List
 Reply Message #120 of 7395


‘Bonds with Angels’ is the story of two creative siblings and their
quest for a spiritual and creative Sanctuary. Published in
installments under the banner of, Royal Rosamond Press, named in
honor of the author and poet, Royal Rosamond.

This biography of Christine Rosamond, and, John Presco, was began in
1989 when I had two years of Recovery in AA, CODA, and Adult Children
of Alcoholics. It was to be the biography of all four Presco
Children, it my hope we would all get into a Program, as all six
members of my family suffered from the disease of alcoholism, and all
the abuses that are associated with this life-threatening tragedy.

On the morning of March 26, 1994, my beloved sister, Christine, known
around the world as the artist, Rosamond, was swept off treacherous
rocks near Carmel by the Sea, and drowned. This day was her first
Sober Birthday in Alcoholics Anonymous, she due to recieve her One
Year Coin that had this message upon it; “Unto thy own self be true.”

This story is on the verge of not being told as it should be. It is a
tale of Insanity, Magic, and Wonder, almost beyond belief!

Two weeks ago an attempt was made to get me to sign a paper giving
exclusive rights to a writer hired by Stacey Pierrot the owner
of ‘Rosamond Publishing’ preventing me from telling the truth about
my late sister. There are members of my family, and others, who would
use my sister’s fame for only making a profit, and for hiding the
terrible wounds an incestuous family system does make, behind all
those Masks, the angelic faces of those beautiful ‘Rosamond Women’.
It is time to unmask this secret wounding of children so the true
story of the ‘Rose of the World’ can emerge.

Our bonds with angels began early one Saturday morning when Christine
and my younger sister, Vicki, came rushing into the Boys Room at the
first sign I was awake. I was ten years old at the time, Christine
nine, and Vicki, five. Getting them to calm down, their faces lit-up
with excitement, they told me one of the strangest things I have ever
heard in my life. They told me in the middle of the night they had
woken to behold a powerful blue light filling their room, and in the
middle of the light, was a beautiful woman standing at the foot of
Christine’s bed looking down on her. She was in a long flowing gown,
and if she had wings, my sisters did not say; but they reasured me,
begged me to believe; “She was an Angel!”

Some of us are never called upon to believe in anything so
extraordinary, and as the morning progressed I had trouble with, her,
I not being a witness – and if I had been? In studying my sisters, I
saw they did not quite know where to put it, her, and I felt sorry
for them.

I then got a call from Kay Coakly who lived just up the street, and
who had befriended all the Presco children. She was stricken with
Parkinson’s disease when she was young, brought on by a car accident
at her coming-out party, she the daughter of a famous Judge in
Oakland Claifornia. The Coakley family owned large tracks of property
down by Lake Merrit where Jack London used to sail. Kay was a real
life Crone, and she wanted me to come fix her radio, the atenae that
she attached to her bedsprings prone to come loose. After seeing it
was still attached, I saw her looking tentively out the window. I
asked her what was wrong. She told me she was awoken in the middle of
the night by a powerful blue light – so powerful it burned holes in
her lace curtain; “Come take a look. I think it was those bad-boys
across the canyon shining a spotlight in my window.”

With the hair on the back of my neck, up and alert, I went over to
the window and beheld a ring of tiny burn holes about the size of
one’s head, and no bigger then the tip of your baby-finger. I looked
out the window, stood on my tip-toes, and told Kay; “You can’t even
see the canyon from this window. It couldn’t have been the boys.”

Kay did not say anything, repute my innocent deduction, she already
figuring this out, and, somethings in life do not have an
explination, and defy all attempts to clarify and classify the truly
extraordinary. Such is the nature of this story, and my Family, no
one quite able to believe. But, they did, and they still do. This
story is for them.

Jon Presco
President: Royal Rosamond Press
Copyright 2001

Chapter One

“Don’t tell your mother you’re doing this.” Having given this gruff
command, our father, Victor William Presco, turned and walked out of
the huge factory, his heavy footsteps echoing as I studied my older
brother’s stoic grimace as we grabbed the ears of a hundred pound
sack of patatoes and lifted it up to the edge of the barrel-shaped
patatoe peeler, our traditonal two months of summer labour now under
way, we expected to do a man’s job, as we had long ago been
informed; ‘There’s no free lunch in this family!”


Here is an exert from the excellent Coakley/Colclough family
genealogy that says there is a family legend Fair Rosamond Clifford
raised her two sons disguised as shepherds so they could not meet any
harm. But, at least another Clifford ancestor did the same two
hundred years later. In studying the mystery of the Pirory de Sion, I
have come to believe the ‘Sheperdess’ is the Shekinah ‘The Light of
God’ also known as ‘Rosa Mundi’, and the Angel Christine Rosamond saw
was the ‘Rosa Mundi’, which is the White Rose seen of the black flag
Death is carrying in the terrot card “Death”. This card has its roots
in the plague that swept through Europe, which brought about the
appearance of the ‘Rosary’ which consisted of rose petals rolled in a
ball and strung on a rouge string. They were alternating red and
white petals signifying the Apothecary Rose that has been called
the ‘Rosa Mundi’ of ‘The Rose of Provins’. In the War of the Roses
the House of York was the White Rose. I am convinced the Sheperdess
is Rosa Mundi, and the Virgin Mary, who is more then a mother to
those who have found their way into the Labyrinth, but literally a
Spirit that will never die, and a guide to all who seek the Truth.

There is an epidemic of Child Incest in this country, if not the
world, much of this abuse feuled by the disease of Alcoholism. As a
Bishop in my Nazarite Church, I bid those who suffer to take the oath
of the Nazarite and never ingest alcohol again.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Founder: ‘Rose of the World Foundation’

From: Stacey Pierrot <staceyp@xxxx>
Reply-To: stacey@
To: Jon Presco <jonpresco8@ vpresco@
Subject: Re: Rosamond Biography
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 23:21:49 -0800

Dear John,

I am delighted to hear from you and to know that you are willing to
participate in this project! In response to your concern with the
1988 American Express editions that your dad and Vicki invested in,
please know that neither Rosamond Publishing nor I
have any legal interest in the ownership of those prints. I
acknowledge that your father willed some or all of his interest in
those editions to you.
Therefore, neither Christine’s estate nor Rosamond Publishing has
legal ownership to the prints owned by you.

Just so you know, Rosamond Publishing deals primarily with the
publishing, marketing and sale of new editions; new imagery. This
agreement between you, Vicki and Christine’s estate in no way
involves Rosamond Publishing.

If any part of this is unclear, please let me know. I would be very
happy to discuss anything you have questions or concerns with
anytime. We are
eager to move forward with the project and so happy you will be part
of it. Thanks again John, Stacey

Jon Presco wrote:

To: Stacey Pierrot
Rosamond Publishing

From: John Presco
Royal Rosamond Press

Re: Rosamond Biography

Dear Ms. Pierrot;

Mr. Tom Snyder contacted me today, and asked me to contribute to the
biography he is writing of my late sister. I agreed to be open and
positive about his endeavor as long as he was honest, and there
existed a
more open and honest approach to the artistic legacy my sister left
behind, the foremost being, the attention paid to my familie’s
Recovery. Mr.
Snyder and I talked about setting guidelines, he saying he is
to listen to what I want included in this biography. Tom talked
sending me a
release, and that you and he had talked about having discussed this
biography with attorneys at length, you both deciding on a less
stringent approach?

Before I agree to this biography, or sign anything, I want some
acknowlegement from you that you understand we are Partners in
regards to the prints my father gave me, my sister Vicki saying as
much when I
visited her, she having documents from Vic giving these prints to
Are you aware of these matters? If so, I need to see some legal
from you attesting to this before I sign any release.

The reason for this is, Vicki and my Aunt Lillian knew I was writing
a biography of Christine, and had copyrighted with the Office of
Patents and Copyrights a biography I had begun before Christine
this a
biography of all four Presco Children titled ‘Bonds With Angels’.
first chapters were written twelve years ago when only I had a
Program of
Sobriety, I hoping by the time this book was done we would all be in

I also Copyrighted all the letters I have written since Christine’s
death that may become chapters in a book of my letters. I have over
five hours of
recorded interviews with my Aunt for my biography. Also, I have a
portion my families biography on my Homepage

That my Aunt, and my sister did not tell me they had talked to Tom
Snyder months ago – he saying he interviewed them both together when
my sister visited Lillian – has already cast a shadow over this
Family matter, as not being told of other pertinent Family matters
the past has led to much angst between you and I, and a tragic split
in my family. I thought
this split had been mended, and that all concerned were going to act
in Good Faith – a term that you know is a legal one in regards to
real Partnerships.

II need to know from you, personally, if you believe there exists a
Partnership between you and I in regards to the Partnership prints.
do not think it wise that your defer this matter to Vicki as you
done in the past. You might consider having your attorney respond to
me, so that we can proceed, be sure Christine’s story is told
correctly, the right
author chosen for the task, for the fulfillment of
Christine’s ‘Dream’ – that Dream being, Family Unity. To divide my
Family once again, with our Family
Story, would be tragic. I will send a copy of this email to Mark,
and Lillian.


John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Before Langdon – I Am!

Posted on July 24, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

I am a pioneer of social networking. President Trump is a presidential pioneer of social networking. I believe the rumors are correct – the Browns did eavesdropped on our eGroups and Yahoo.groups where we discussed the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, Mary Magdalene, and the Freemasons. I introduced the cryptic study of Robert Graves, and thus I was Langdon before there was a Langdon. 

I was posting back in 1997. There were many young women speaking their mind. I introduced Christine Rosamond to the them five years before Snyder’s ‘Guy Book’ was published. Tom and Scott were neighbors in Ventura, and lived next to Lillian. Tom depicts Scott as Rosamond’s Knight in Shining Armor – that she treated like shit! Shame on her! I bet that plummeted sales of prints! I place my late sister next to Washington Irving via the Buck Brevoort family link that I found. Below are posts from my Templar Art that I founded in 2001.

Above is a pic of me with my daughter and grandson who came back to me after the Snyder biography – bombed! If Bob Buck had suggested I apply for a grant at the Buck Foundation, then my daughter would have thought more of me. She is not a scholar. Nor does she read books. She loves to text!

Jon Presco

social networking service (also social networking siteSNS or social media) is an online platform which people use to build social networks or social relations with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. The variety of stand-alone and built-in social networking services currently available online introduces challenges of definition; however, there are some common features:[1]

  1. social networking services are Internet-based applications[1][2]

In a 1982 review of the book for The Observer, novelist and literary critic Anthony Burgess wrote: “It is typical of my unregenerable soul that I can only see this as a marvellous theme for a novel.” Indeed, the theme was later used by Margaret Starbird in her 1993 book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, and by Dan Brown in his 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code.[19][20]

President Trump has repeatedly issued announcements and proposals over Twitter, during both the presidential election and the transition period, embracing the medium as a superior means of communicating with the American people compared to relying on traditional media organizations.!_Groups

Yahoo! Groups was launched in early 2001 as an integration of technology from and community groups from both and Yahoo! Clubs.


Yahoo! Clubs was launched in 1998 as a logical extension of services that had already been developed by Yahoo – message. Unlike previous Yahoo products, this product was designed to allow much deeper levels of user control over creation, membership and overall direction of communities. Development was led by Doug Hirsch[6] (product management) and Matt Jackson (lead engineer), both of whom have since left the company. Yahoo! Clubs quickly grew to be one of the largest traffic-generating products within the Yahoo! network of services. was an email list management web site. The site allowed users to create their own mailing lists and allowed others to sign up for membership on the list. The web site provided archives of the messages as well as list management functionality. Each group also had a shared calendar, file space, group chat, and a simple database. It was bought by Yahoo! and became part of Yahoo! Groups.


The service was started by Scott Hassan in 1997 as an email list archiving service called FindMail

I have never seen yet: I have heard the silence: it is I Cassandra,
Eight years the bitter watchdog of these doors,
Have watched a vision
And now approach to my end. Eight years I have seen the
Walk up and down this stair; and the rocks groan in the night,
the great stones move when no man sees them.
And I have forgotten the fine ashlar masonry of the courts of my
father. I am not Cassandra
But a counter of sunrises, permitted to live because I am crying
to die; three thousand,
Pale and red, have flowed over the towers in the wall since I was
here watching; the deep east widens,
The cold wind blows, the deep earth sighs, the dim gray finger
of light crooks at the morning star.

widowson1@… wrote:

Best regards,
Bill Arney

I hate to agree with Paul Smith (I REALLY, really do) but he’s dead
on here. Paula, just look at what you wrote above. The only people
that had even the most obscure connection to the Templars in 1430
were the Knights of Christ in Portugal. And even they (obviously) no
longer had any former Templars in their ranks by 1430.

Best regards,
Bill Arney

Seven Days in New Crete, also known as Watch the North Wind Rise, is a seminal future-utopian speculative fiction novel by Robert Graves, first published in 1949. It shares many themes and ideas with Graves’ The White Goddess, published a year earlier.

Graves described The White Goddess as “a historical grammar of the language of poetic myth.” The book draws from the mythology and poetry of Wales and Ireland especially, as well as that of most of Western Europe and the ancient Middle East. Relying on arguments from etymology and the use of forensic techniques to uncover what he calls ‘iconotropic’ redaction of original myths, Graves argues for the worship of a single goddess under many names, an idea that came to be known as “Matriarchal religion” in feminist theology of the 1970s.

King Jesus is a semi-historical novel by Robert Graves, first published in 1946. The novel treats Jesus not as the Son of God, but rather as a philosopher with a legitimate claim to the Judaean throne through Herod the Great,[1] as well as the Davidic monarchy; and treats numerous Biblical stories in an unorthodox manner. 15, 2001Hide message history

— In templars@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
Last year, around this time, a stone was placed on the grave of my
grandfather, Royal Reuben Rosamond, perhaps for the first time, as
after searching for his place of rest for over a year, there was no
marker to be found. As it turned out, his great grandson lived but a
quarter of a mile away from his lost kin, he stationed in the Air
Force in Oklahoma City. He was able to come and pay homage.

Royal Rosamond was estranged from his family, thus I have been
working hard to connect his talented and gifted genetic material in
someone’s rosy tree. Royal was a self-publisher who went back to the
Ozarks to write about his ancestors the “Arcadian Irish” as they were
called due to their simple and meagre lifestyle, the kind of
simplicity Virgil envisioned in his Arcadian Poetry, that we see
depicted in the good sheepherd, David, and his descendant born in a

While away, his wife wrote Royal a letter and told him not to come
home. She then went in the garage, pulled out boxes of his latest
book that was not selling, built a bonfire, and had her four beutiful
daughters fuel the flames with volume after volume of ‘The Copper

I think it is good that Bill Arney, and others, step forth and
protect the era of Napoleon, but not from me, not at my expence, as I
am beside myself to protect certain aspects of this era, one being
the writing of my late sister’s biography, one of two in the works.
Christine Rosamond Presco has sold more art then any artist alive or
dead. Considered a highly commercial artist, whose work appealed to
women, I am in the process of changing that impressions, as there is
something inately royal about her beautiful Rosamond women. Rosamond
is found in the art collections amongst the truly great. If I can
prove my suspicions, then the Artworld will have in its midst a truly
historic woman artist, my late sister one of the few women to ascend
to such fame.

A few days ago, thinking I was in a cricle of enobling people, if not
Knights, I gave a person I respected as a genealogist an opportuity
to help construct a genealogy for my sisters, my brother, my whole
family. What I got was an insult that in my mind was aimed at all
members of my family, who have suffered from mental illness, due to
the disease of alcholism. Christine was seeing three therapists when
she was swept off the rocks near Carmel, my niece, Drew, barely saved
from turbulant waters.

Drew’s father was the grandnephew of the famous artist Thomas Hart
Benton who painted the same Arcadian people that Royal did, both men
coming from Missouri, the “Show Me” State. Drew can be considered
Artistic Royalty – in an American sence – that is, my sister was on
welfare raising her first daughter, Shannon, when she first picked up
a brush and tried to better her and her daughter’s life. She entered
one of her first oil paintings in a art show, and Priscilla Presley
bouth it, this leading to a contract with a gallery. Elvis Presley
can be considered a Arcadian singer. Real History was made that day.

Here is the site where Jimmy Rosamond (whose daughter, Karen, is
Country Western Singer) post information on the Rosemond-Rosamond-
Rougemont ties to Basle Switzerland. Names like Ulrich de Rougemont,
and Fred/Frederick, suggest a Dutch-German ancestry.

That there is a Rosamond/Rougemont Coat of Arms registered in Basle,
suggests the descendents of Sargeant Rosamond were nobles, as not
everyone is allowed a Coat of Arms – correct? When I first pointed
out these royal people in the webpages I posted in this group, I
state that Jimmy Rosamond has made no cncrete connection to the
royalty other Rougemonts are connected to. It is not my fault if any
subscribers did not read my pages, thouroughly before they began to
insult me and my family. Due to the battle and war of words Mary and
Royal had, the history of Royal Rosamond’s family ties was almost
lost, there only a brief biography I found in the jacket of his small
book ‘At Martha Healy’s Grave’. Royal was born in a log cabin on the
Missouri River, the son of Thomas Rosamond, and, Ida Lousiana Rose.

Here is my brother’s homepage, as well as my onw and Christine’s. We
grew up in real poverty, raised by our single mother, Rosemary
Rosamond. My brother feels his efforts have protected this era from
America’s enemies, and kept men in space. I am the Bohemian in the
family, the fare-thee-well….’The Dreamer’. Dreams are allowed in
America. For this reason I founded a new Templar Group dedicated to
the memory of my Rosy people.

In IlluminAlch@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
Last night, my Pegasus friend told me I am a Raven, according to an
ancient astrology of 22 signs, the sign of the Raven becoming
extinct. I am connected to the tribe of Dan and Woden who hung
himself upside dwon in a ash tree, had his side pierced with a lance
so he could own a near-death expepriance, journey into the Afterlife.
I was born on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and Ghandi’s
birthday. I had my astrology done twelve years ago in which my
astologer said this;

“John, I have never seen a chart like yours. It begins on the exact
cusp of Aries and Pisces, at absolute 0, where in theory all charts
begin. In theory, you were not born. For the purous of giving you a
reading I had to move up the time of your birth, or in theory, you
were not born. As it is now, you barely escaped being a virtual
prisoner in this lifetime, that is, all the information you brought
to share.”

A year before, as a sceptic, I had a reading at the Berkely psychic
Institute who read you as a rose under a sun. The first thing that
was said by a young woman; “You own your own creation… died.”

The Guide to the Reading said; “Are we in heaven? Is this proof there
is a heaven?”

In the second hour of the reading I got to ask questions. I asked for
them to tell me where I was when I died. They said;

“You were on these beautiful rocks by the sea. You were carrying all
this guilt that was not your own. You were in much pain, carrying the
wieght of the world on your sholders. You just had to let it go.”

I had fallen on some very dramatic rocks at the tip of Point Rayes.
One of my friend took me waste deep in the water to wash the terrible
wound in the palm of my hand, there too much sand in the water near
the shore. We were hit by a large wave and I was soaked. It was in
Feburary and the sun was setting. Cold and wet, I went into shock.

I saw the Truth, all the captial T’s every monk had scrolled and
draped in green vine laying on the surface of the sea going over the
horizon into infinity. I saw the Lord of Truth. I saw, and
understood, many wonderous things.

Be honest, and always seek the Truth….and thou shall find.

John Presco
— End forwarded messa

Oct 23, 2001

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— In magdalene-list@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
Princess Diana the ‘Rose of England’ is descended from the ROCHE
family, also the RHOS, ROOS, and ROS who are kin to the ROCHEFOUCAULD
family and DANGEROSE the grandmother of Queen Elanore of Aquataine
who is said to have forced Fair ROSAMOND to drink poison after
finding her way into her bower in the Labyrinth King Henry build
around her via the clue of a red thread. Prnicess Diana went to
finishing school in Rougemont Switzerland. Her quest to rid the world
of land mines should be carried on at RWF.

John Presco

— In RLCDG@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
I have come to the crossroads of my QUEST of ION (John) and now must
ask in all ernestness if the crosshairs have found me. I began to
research my family name Rosamond, after loosing my mother, Rosemary,
and my sister, Christine, the world famous artist who signed her work
with her middle name, my mother’s maiden name ‘Rosamond’. I had read
HBHG telve years ago, and had seen the name of the goddess,
Rothmirthe, and wondered if it was ‘Rosemerry’ as in merry-making and
making mirth. To discover the town of Rougemont is the source of my
family name, has brought me home to the family castle to reclaim my
lost family heritage.

I come from a “roseline” family. My grandfather, the writer and poet,
Royal Rosamond (who taught Earl Stanley Gardener to write) was the
son of Thomas Rosamond, and Ida Louisiana Rose. My grandfather, Hugo
Presco/Braskewitz had a son named, Victor, my father. Braskewitz is
Bohemian for Ambrosius, or Ambrose. Hugo had a brother named, Oscar,
as in Wilde. Their father, Wensel Anton, came from Bohemia, and was a
Freemason, he naming his sons after two said members of the Priory de
Sion, one coming from Besancon.

Frederick, the Bohemian ‘Winter King’ married Elizabeth Stewart the
daughter of King James, they living in Britain after the defeat at
White Mountain. Frederck was a Wittelsbach. Hugo, my father, and
myself have what is called a Habsburg lip, which is a genetic trait
of the Hapsburg, a protruding lower jaw and lip, that is found
between the sholder blades. The Bohemian Wenzel Anton Kaunitz was
chancellor to the Habsburgs, and personal confident of two GM of the
PoS, as well as Marie Antoinette. He married into the Orsini-
Rosenberg family.

The de Rougemonts married into the Ferretti, or, Ferri family who
used to own castle Rougemont. I have come to suspect this is the
Grail Castle. I think it was here that ancient augurs of Moses,
the ‘Rose of Sharon’ came to dwell. I am looking at this name coming
from Aaron, it possibly his place of origin, aaron once of the most
mysterious people in the Bible. I suspect he was a Celt who
worshipped Rothmirthe who is associated with the ‘Black Madonna’ who
may be Mose’s sister, Mirriam. How about his sister-in-law, she the
sister of Aaron?

Moses means “water-maker” as in the name RHADAEmaker! I suspect he is
of the ancient liniage of the Babylonian Magi whose augury kept
infiltrating the Judaic religion, later writers of the Torah going to
great lengths to dispell augury and all traces of the “roseline”
which was essential to these augur-astrologers who may have worhipped
the ‘Dog Star’. The cross of Lorraine was used to locate the
Merridean which I suspect is the cross found in the Rosamond family
crest, the top bar of this cross perhaps used to trace the arc of a
star, or, a COMET now and then, that appear near the horizon. I
suspect, the Mounts of Switzeland around Rougemont were used as
observatories, as well as ‘Templar Caeli’ the “temples of the sky”
which were used by augurs to sit within and meditate so they can
see ‘The Way’….the ‘Milky Way’? There is a site that gives account
of the well established Jews in Rougemont. It is with them that I
believe the ‘Comet Kings’ intermarried, they shown the secret of the
Sions in the Skys.

The Templars never attempted to build a Temple in Sion, because they
already knew where several Temples of the Sky exist! As to what went
wrong at the elm in Gisors, it appears the nine Templar augurs did
not augur well the marriage of Richard ‘The Lion-hearted’ and Alice,
the daughter of king Phillip. As to the Templars becoming bankers, in
Rome augurs were consulted before every major financial transaction.
If you would trust these augur-knights of Marc Antony to tell your
future, then why not put your monies in their hands so they can
invest it in ‘futures’? Augury was the said “witchcraft” the Templars

I read a small article about the ‘White Lady’ of Rougemont, and the
snake that went along with her folklore. Steve Mizrach and I had a
falling out a year and a half ago, he not being able to catch all the
roses I was throwing to him. He now has more then a clue. I have not
read his sites in over a year, and thus I am amazed to see we have
arrived in the same place, Mount Sion de Vaudemont in the Franche-
Compte near de Rougemont. We almost met in San Fransisco where a
group from the original PoS groups was meeting, I not able to attend.
I think it is time we true seekers form a united bond to keep
trespassers and disrupters from tearing these groups apart. They no
longer humor me! Humor does not work on them. I have no TRUST for
humorless people! NONE!

John Presco

Copyright 2001

— In Rennes-le-Hoax@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
To pick up the Red Thread of Ariadne where we left off – arcing
across the sky with a “Long-haired” comet with the Star-son, into the
waiting arms of Ursula, the Great She-bear of Foundlings and
protector of Berserks, the Arthurs who have worn the bear-shirt, who
have the strength of a hundred men, but yet, are vulnerable to being
beguiled by a woman who give them gall to drink, their strength
sapped, and their protection of their Kingdom – dispersed. But, one
day their strength will…..return!

“Whom does the Grail serve?”

The Holy Grail serves the Comet Kings, who upon their heads rest the
Starry Crown of Helios. And behind these Golden Crowns trail the long
tail, the golden veil, the golden scotch-broom of the Sun-kings, who
became the Plantagenent Family. This is why they wore a sprig of
scotch-broom in their helmets, for they knew these Dragons were called
“brooms” in China, and they swept the stars out of the heavens as
told in Revelation 12. These are the ‘Dragon Born Kings’. The Holy
Grail is a Comet, the Chariot of Helios, that once stood outside the
Temple in Jerusalem. It is the Rainbow Bridge that ars across the
sky, taking Arthur to the Afterlife.

The Curetes wore their hair in seven locks, and sacraficed them to
the Rising Sun. The Samsonian and Heliaeans sects of the Essenes
stopped worhiping at the Temple when the bowing to the rising sun was
done away with. The Therapeute of On-Heliopolis also bowed to the
rising sun, as I am certain did the Nazarites who sacrifced the locks
of their long hair. I believe they represent the sun-rays around the
head of Helios, that are also shown around our Lady Liberty. The
crowns of the Comet Kings also represent the rays of Helios. Consider
the Star and Sun-kings who herald the birth of the ‘Savior’.

Your discovery, Karen, of an astrological Helios in a Synagogue, I
believe identifies the said ‘starry objects’ that King Hezikiah
evicted from the Temple, if it were not the Chariot of Helios itself.

Its time we made a study-chart, showing all the elements we are
looking for at the core of these mysteries, for I think we already
much of the solution. The Dark Ones percieve this. We must see is
this is so. “Let there be light.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2001

Oct 23, 2001

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— In magdalene-list@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
The Steady and Sure One, my Star, woke me early this morning and
suggested I suggest to this group that we work together to build a
Foundation dedicated to feminine energy in New York where once rose
two towers. Here can rise the Phoenix Bird from the ashes, and a new
hope for humankind that will honor and respect women, raise them up
from the shame-base dishonorable men have subjected them to. Here is
the ‘Rose of the World Foundation’.

This foundation was concieved six months ago as a means to empower
young homeless women who have been driven from their homes due to
extreme abuse. It is dedicated to my late sister, the world famous
artist ‘Rosamond’ who drowned on her first sober birthday in AA off
the coast of Carmel. Her natal birthday is tommorow. I am seeking
help in building this page and proposal. I need text and links to
appropriate sites.

Thank you

John Presco

Oct 23, 2001

Here is an excellent site on the Cross and Tree.


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— In magdalene-list@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
Thanks Chris. A well written site.
I have only glanced at ‘King Jesus’ so busy am I still in the Grove
of the ‘White Goddess’. I support your cause, to remove the shame-
based lessons that have removed all the human reproductive organs
from our Uninowlogy, or, Unicology? I awoke this morning looking for
a word that unites and empowers ecological issues with empowering the
Universal feminine energy – without shaming or castrating the
Unicorn, who appears as the ‘Son of Man’ in Revelations 1?…. not to
end the world, but to rekindle the BRANCH, the seven candles, the
starry objects (heavenly bodies) that hover around the Menorah? This
is the branch of the almond tree that represents Aaron’s rod in
bloom. I think Jesus touched a withered almond tree on his way down
from the Mount of Olives, and it took bloom. The sword in the mouth
of this angel may be the horn of the narwhale that became the horn of
the Scythian ass-unicorn. This ‘Son of Man’ appears to be an ‘Old
Goat’, thus he might be Melkarth, a demi-god whose once very popular
religion was erradicated? Hiram was a priest of Melkarth, the source
of Solomon’s wisdom. Jesus’s title ‘Son of Man’ has been amputated,

Sep 4, 2001

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— In templars@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
John the Baptist is the second coming of Hercules, and lived in the
Franche-Comte. Jason and Hercules were taught the Ogham by Cheiron
the Centaur, who taught it to the infant Zeus. Hercules was with
Jason on the Argos, thus the seal of the Templars is depicting Argos
the ‘Ship of the Desert’ and the lion is the Davidian Branch of
Nazarenes. Hercules half-brother was Dionysus (Bacchus). Being born
of Zeus’s thigh is a “virgin birth”. As a Star-son Hercules entered
the Labyrinth of the Serpent de la Rouge, and faced the Minotaur.
Hercules was made a god, as was Jesus, the Superman invented by Saint
Paul in order to overcome the super-heros of the Greeks and Jews that
appear to be one and the same. That Paul’s heros have no contact with
women, and are childless, is very suspect, especially when he depicts
the women of the Mediteranean world as captured and desexed, rendered
harmless and thoroughly shamed as the Nuns who haunt this now DEAD
WORLD like phantoms, they put in a perpetual mourning for the gods
and heros of old – slain by the ‘Pharisee of Pharisees’ with is
mighty quill!

John Presco

Copyright 2001

Aug 15, 2001

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— In templars@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
Here is the Rosamond family crest that was registered in Basle. The
one on my homepage may not be kosher as I got it from
that may not be an authentic source. How authentic our dreams are,
may not be able to be recorded by real historians. I am a authentic
Dreamer. *S*

Here’s a good point…..All six members of my family suffered from
the disease of alcoholism, a genticly transmitted disease. Christine
drowned on her first sober birthday in AA. Mark and Vicki, and I have
been sober for over ten years. Half of my natal family has died in
the last six years. Due to my program of Recovery I am being credited
with saving the life of my friend who wrote General Eisenhower’s
biography, he having three weeks sobriety. If members of my family
can overcome a life-taking disease, achieve so much inspite of the
abuse and mental illness we suffered….just think what you normal
folks can achieve, who came from good homes, good backgrounds, plenty
of money – and esteem!

Now watch, I will now be accused of having a genetic ADVANTAGE!


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