Christine Had A Crush On Me

Attorney Sydney Morris was appoved as Special Executor, after Vicki Presco and Jacci Belford refused to serve. They forsake a sacred Trust, an nominated Garth Benton who had just finished a terrible divorce. Morris ordered a biography be written about Christine, and then a movie script. That was eighteen years ago. In our only conversation (1997?) Morris suggested I was trying to exploit the death of my famous sister by claiming she was murdered. Other than this, I didn’t have much to say. Meanwhile, Morris made Stacey Pierrot a member of my family. I wondered if they were having an affair. He gave her everything, treated her like a queen. He lay down a red carpet for her. The question I ask, this day, is where is Pierrot’s written words about Christine? Why don’t we have a first hand account? I ask this question of all the people on the list below, who have hindered me, hurt me, defamed me, and done everything to destroy me.

The biograph was a HUGE FLOP that destroyed the Rosamond Estate, and all but silence me, because, I dare not author any intimate details about the loving bond I had with my sister, lest my memories BE EXPLOITED! My many memories of Christine might fuel another movie script.  There already was an “interest in her work”. This is fraudulent statement, because there was talk about MAKING PROFIT from a book and movie – the day after Christine drowned! What Morris is saying, is, that the profits of the book and movie is going – to his beloved Stacey – and not my nieces. They will be overflowing with money from the $30,000,000 million dollars worth of prints stored in the garage – that couldn’t be SOLD. They were worthless. Pierrot and Belford had done their damndest to move them out, because they were on a commission!

Morris knew these prints were not making any money – and he says so! These words will be part of my complaint to the California Bar. Ten years Morris kept the nightmare open. Ten years that whore strutted about the Rosamond gallery playing the role of the be grieved Caretaker, the Blessed Sister of the Court!

“By September 2000, however, plans were underway for a biography of Decedent, which Petitioner hoped might create interest in her work. The book was published in 2002. Although the book did not spur the hoped-for interest in Decedent’s life and work, efforts continued to market the concept of a screenplay based upon Decedent’s life. Petitioner hoping that this might be brought to fruition, elected to keep the estate open. However, it is the Petitioner’s belief the likelihood of an increased interest in Decedents work is negligible, and the time has come to close the estate.”

Let me include what was done to Uriel da Mattos to give a clue as to how I feel about what was done to me. This paragraph will be included in every post on exerts from Tom Snyder’s evil biography that DEMONIZES Christine.

“As he describes it, for seven years he lived in virtual isolation, shunned by his family and embroiled in civil-financial disputes with them. In search for legal help, he decided to go back being “an ape amongst the apes”; he would follow the traditions and practices, but with little real conviction. He sought a way of reconciliation. As a punishment for his heretical views, Costa was publicly given 39 lashes at the Portuguese synagogue in Amsterdam. He was then forced to lie on the floor while the congregation trampled over him. This left him both demoralized and seeking revenge against the man (a cousin or nephew) who brought about his trial, seven years previously.”

Christine’s Crush

Everyone who knew Christine knew she had a huge crush on me. It perturbed them. They were confused. So was I. I have talked about this crush in therapy. We never touched each other in a improper sexual way.

One day Christine suggested we go rent a electric boat and cruise Lake Merritt. I was fourteen, and she was thirteen. Her friend, Linda, sat in the back seat of the boat with my friend, Steven Lewis, who tried to kiss Linda. This might have been their first kiss. I looked back at them, and, then looked at Christine.

And, that’s enough of that! Let’s make that list of people whp did not write anything about Christine, but, had much to say on the matter, none of it positive.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Heather and Pratrice Hanson

Linda Comstock

Bill Cornwell

Michael Harkins

Mark Presco

Vicki Presco

Mark Gall

Ed Corbin

Jacci Belford

Drew Benton

Shannon Rosamond

Shamus Dundon

Rosemary Miles

Lillian Molnar

Daryl Bulkley

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Tearing Down Caesars’ Eagle

How many eagles can you find in the pic above?

The men who tore down the eagle that hung over a gate to the temple were called “disciples” of Rabbis. Jesus is called Rabbi and master by his disciples. These young disciples were burned alive. Jesus was born the year Herod died, so he could not have called for the slaughter of – children!

King Herod ordered the finest Jewish citizens shut up in the hippodrome, and shot with arrows upon his death so the whole nation of Israel will grieve. Herod and Trump are alike in every way. To see his daughter and Jewish son, gloating as they dedicate OUR American embassy, gloating because they know The Trumpire base is well pleased with this, and, it will make the Democrats seemingly mad, was to be taken back to THE DEATH of Herod: for Trump will die, like all of us will die. We are the same age. Roy Moore was prevented from putting the Ten Commandments in a public place.

I read the Bible (all of Luke) when I was forty years of age. I was in the light. Jesus had come to me, or, was it God? I was not into owning a simple faith and ooy-gooy drug feelings. My minister threw me out of Bible study for asking a good question. Today, I ask;

Surely all the Jews were aware of the burning of their young disciples who claim they were steeped in the Torah and Laws of Moses. Surely they understood the alleged riddles that Jesus spoke that referred to passages in the Torah. Why would a Pagan know the answers? Did twenty thousand Jews RECOGNIZE Jesus – who was not God in the flesh? Jesus never say he is God in the NT.

Was Jesus one of the Rabbis who ordered the eagle torn down? Why wouldn’t THE GOD OF THE JEWS, send His Son to confront the Sinful Herod for defiling HIS HOUSE? Christians are being taught God wanted to do away with the temple sacrifice, and, having His Son be sacrificed as a lamb washed in blood, is about as insane as it gets. I am sure all the Orthodox Jews – loathe this idea! The Haredi consider Ivanka a – SLUT! God-Jesus goes after gay folks, and is against gun control. Madness! If God wanted His temple destroyed, why are the evangelicals wanting the Jews to rebuild it? Jesus wants it rebuilt!


When Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, He yielded up His spirit. 51At that moment the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth quaked and the rocks were split. 52The tombs broke open, and the bodies of many saints who had fallen asleep were raised.…

1. Now Herod’s distemper became more and more severe to him, and this because these his disorders fell upon him in his old age, and when he was in a melancholy condition; for he was already seventy years of age, and had been brought by the calamities that happened to him about his children, whereby he had no pleasure in life, even when he was in health; the grief also that Antipater was still alive aggravated his disease, whom he resolved to put to death now not at random, but as soon as he should be well again, and resolved to have him slain [in a public manner].

2. There also now happened to him, among his other calamities, a certain popular sedition. There were two men of learning in the city [Jerusalem,] who were thought the most skillful in the laws of their country, and were on that account had in very great esteem all over the nation; they were, the one Judas, the son of Sepphoris, and the other Matthias, the son of Margalus. There was a great concourse of the young men to these men when they expounded the laws, and there got together every day a kind of an army of such as were growing up to be men. Now when these men were informed that the king was wearing away with melancholy, and with a distemper, they dropped words to their acquaintance, how it was now a very proper time to defend the cause of God, and to pull down what had been erected contrary to the laws of their country; for it was unlawful there should be any such thing in the temple as images, or faces, or the like representation of any animal whatsoever. Now the king had put up a golden eagle over the great gate of the temple, which these learned men exhorted them to cut down; and told them, that if there should any danger arise, it was a glorious thing to die for the laws of their country; because that the soul was immortal, and that an eternal enjoyment of happiness did await such as died on that account; while the mean-spirited, and those that were not wise enough to show a right love of their souls, preferred a death by a disease, before that which is the result of a virtuous behavior.

3. At the same time that these men made this speech to their disciples, a rumor was spread abroad that the king was dying, which made the young men set about the work with greater boldness; they therefore let themselves down from the top of the temple with thick cords, and this at midday, and while a great number of people were in the temple, and cut down that golden eagle with axes. This was presently told to the king’s captain of the temple, who came running with a great body of soldiers, and caught about forty of the young men, and brought them to the king. And when he asked them, first of all, whether they had been so hardy as to cut down the golden eagle, they confessed they had done so; and when he asked them by whose command they had done it, they replied, at the command of the law of their country; and when he further asked them how they could be so joyful when they were to be put to death, they replied, because they should enjoy greater happiness after they were dead. [48]

4. At this the king was in such an extravagant passion, that he overcame his disease [for the time,] and went out, and spake to the people; wherein he made a terrible accusation against those men, as being guilty of sacrilege, and as making greater attempts under pretense of their law, and he thought they deserved to be punished as impious persons. Whereupon the people were afraid lest a great number should be found guilty and desired that when he had first punished those that put them upon this work, and then those that were caught in it, he would leave off his anger as to the rest. With this the king complied, though not without difficulty, and ordered those that had let themselves down, together with their Rabbins, to be burnt alive, but delivered the rest that were caught to the proper officers, to be put to death by them.

5. After this, the distemper seized upon his whole body, and greatly disordered all its parts with various symptoms; for there was a gentle fever upon him, and an intolerable itching over all the surface of his body, and continual pains in his colon, and dropsical turnouts about his feet, and an inflammation of the abdomen, and a putrefaction of his privy member, that produced worms. Besides which he had a difficulty of breathing upon him, and could not breathe but when he sat upright, and had a convulsion of all his members, insomuch that the diviners said those diseases were a punishment upon him for what he had done to the Rabbins. Yet did he struggle with his numerous disorders, and still had a desire to live, and hoped for recovery, and considered of several methods of cure. Accordingly, he went over Jordan, and made use of those hot baths at Callirrhoe, which ran into the lake Asphaltitis, but are themselves sweet enough to be drunk. And here the physicians thought proper to bathe his whole body in warm oil, by letting it down into a large vessel full of oil; whereupon his eyes failed him, and he came and went as if he was dying; and as a tumult was then made by his servants, at their voice he revived again. Yet did he after this despair of recovery, and gave orders that each soldier should have fifty drachmae a-piece, and that his commanders and friends should have great sums of money given them.

6. He then returned back and came to Jericho, in such a melancholy state of body as almost threatened him with present death, when he proceeded to attempt a horrid wickedness; for he got together the most illustrious men of the whole Jewish nation, out of every village, into a place called the Hippodrome, and there shut them in. He then called for his sister Salome, and her husband Alexas, and made this speech to them: “I know well enough that the Jews will keep a festival upon my death however, it is in my power to be mourned for on other accounts, and to have a splendid funeral, if you will but be subservient to my commands. Do you but take care to send soldiers to encompass these men that are now in custody, and slay them immediately upon my death, and then all Judea, and every family of them, will weep at it, whether they will or no.”

7. These were the commands he gave them; when there came letters from his ambassadors at Rome, whereby information was given that Acme was put to death at Caesar’s command, and that Antipater was condemned to die; however, they wrote withal, that if Herod had a mind rather to banish him, Caesar permitted him so to do. So he for a little while revived, and had a desire to live; but presently after he was overborne by his pains, and was disordered by want of food, and by a convulsive cough, and endeavored to prevent a natural, death; so he took an apple, and asked for a knife for he used to pare apples and eat them; he then looked round about to see that there was nobody to hinder him, and lift up his right hand as if he would stab himself; but Achiabus, his first cousin, came running to him, and held his hand, and hindered him from so doing; on which occasion a very great lamentation was made in the palace, as if the king were expiring. As soon as ever Antipater heard that, he took courage, and with joy in his looks, besought his keepers, for a sum of money, to loose him and let him go; but the principal keeper of the prison did not only obstruct him in that his intention, but ran and told the king what his design was; hereupon the king cried out louder than his distemper would well bear, and immediately sent some of his guards and slew Antipater; he also gave order to have him buried at Hyrcanium, and altered his testament again, and therein made Archclaus, his eldest son, and the brother of Antipas, his successor, and made Antipas tetrarch.

8. So Herod, having survived the slaughter of his son five days, died, having reigned thirty-four years since he had caused Antigonus to be slain, and obtained his kingdom; but thirty-seven years since he had been made king by the Romans. Now as for his fortune, it was prosperous in all other respects, if ever any other man could be so, since, from a private man, he obtained the kingdom, and kept it so long, and left it to his own sons; but still in his domestic affairs he was a most unfortunate man. Now, before the soldiers knew of his death, Salome and her husband came out and dismissed those that were in bonds, whom the king had commanded to be slain, and told them that he had altered his mind, and would have every one of them sent to their own homes. When these men were gone, Salome, told the soldiers [the king was dead], and got them and the rest of the multitude together to an assembly, in the amphitheater at Jericho, where Ptolemy, who was intrusted by the king with his signet ring, came before them, and spake of the happiness the king had attained, and comforted the multitude, and read the epistle which had been left for the soldiers, wherein he earnestly exhorted them to bear good-will to his successor; and after he had read the epistle, he opened and read his testament, wherein Philip was to inherit Trachonitis, and the neighboring countries, and Antipas was to be tetrarch, as we said before, and Archelaus was made king. He had also been commanded to carry Herod’s ring to Caesar, and the settlements he had made, sealed up, because Caesar was to be lord of all the settlements he had made, and was to confirm his testament; and he ordered that the dispositions he had made were to be kept as they were in his former testament.

9. So there was an acclamation made to Archelaus, to congratulate him upon his advancement; and the soldiers, with the multitude, went round about in troops, and promised him their good-will, and besides, prayed God to bless his government. After this, they betook themselves to prepare for the king’s funeral; and Archelaus omitted nothing of magnificence therein, but brought out all the royal ornaments to augment the pomp of the deceased. There was a bier all of gold, embroidered with precious stones, and a purple bed of various contexture, with the dead body upon it, covered with purple; and a diadem was put upon his head, and a crown of gold above it, and a sceptre in his right hand; and near to the bier were Herod’s sons, and a multitude of his kindred; next to which came his guards, and the regiment of Thracians, the Germans also and Gauls, all accounted as if they were going to war; but the rest of the army went foremost, armed, and following their captains and officers in a regular manner; after whom five hundred of his domestic servants and freed-men followed, with sweet spices in their hands: and the body was carried two hundred furlongs, to Herodium, where he had given order to be buried. And this shall suffice for the conclusion of the life of Herod.

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Did Lazarus See God?

I may be the embodiment of Uriel da Mattos who came so close to the Truth. Paul said he was the Pharisee of Pharisees. There were two branches. One believed in an eternal life via the Resuscitation, which involved coming into a new body after death. Paul was of the branch that vehemently opposed this new idea that Josef Flavius writes about.

“Now the king had put up a golden eagle over the great gate of the temple, which these learned men exhorted them to cut down; and told them, that if there should any danger arise, it was a glorious thing to die for the laws of their country; because that the soul was immortal, and that an eternal enjoyment of happiness did await such as died on that account; while the mean-spirited, and those that were not wise enough to show a right love of their souls, preferred a death by a disease, before that which is the result of a virtuous behavior.”

Uriel was completely ostracized and isolated for his theory, just like I have been. He ended up killing himself with a gun.  I am providing him with THE MISSING LINK. Literally, as you read this first post on this subject, Christianity is – ON THE BRINK! What I am telling you, is that it appears Jesus was a Pharisee – and a Samaritan – who believed in an immortal soul. After destroying Jesus and his followers, Paul made this Jewish belief palatable to Pagans – for money! Everyone wants to live forever! Everyone wants money!

Look at the picture above. Why is Jesus bringing Lazarus back from the dead, when he is meant to be THE PRIME EXAMPLE of this? How many thousands of Jews believed in this thanks to the Pharisees? How many Pagans believe in the resuscitation? How many wanted to – after they witnessed this event? What need of Paul to spread The Word all over tarnation — when you got Lazarus? How many hundreds did Jesus raise? Read Matt 27.

Our President has his Jewish son-in-law and daughter lay the cornerstone for the U.S. embassy, so the Jews and Christians will title him “Messiah”. Millions of evangelicals see this as a sign their beloved END TIME is here. They want to got to heaven as immortals – before they die. And, this is wonderful? Why didn’t God have Lazarus die for our sins? Millions of Christians believe Jesus – is God! So, human beings killed a GOD? The Jews – killed their God? Mere humans can die and be restored to life?

Paul cut the Jewish competition out of the deal. Paul created TWO GODS, which is the sin of sins.

Ha! Ha! Lazarus THE JEW blocks – the way! He always has! Now you know it! Ha! Ha!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Luke 7:37-38 And behold, a woman of the city, who was a sinner, when she learned that he was reclining at table in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster flask of ointment….and kissed his feet and anointed them with the ointment.

Rosamond Press

When Moses took the elders up the mount to see God, they beheld Him, and said they would surely die. When Sampson’s in-named mother saw an ‘Angel of the Lord’ she said she would surely die. So, Jews believed you saw God after you died. I died, and saw God.

I believe Rena had a near-death experience when she was young.

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

The Lazarus Connection




lea2Pilate agrees with the bad Pharisees that we can’t have ‘The Christian Church’ raising dead people from their tombs because this will start a riot. However, no riot resulted when a Christian dude raised Lazarus from the dead! Surely Pilate knew about Lazarus.

“There’s no need for my seal. I met Lazarus myself. We shook hands. What a nice guy – even though he’s a Jewish trickster and magician. There’s no crime in that…

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Churchill and William of Orange

Here is an article about Churchill and his ancestor who had close dealings with William of Orange and his Glorious Revolution. Winston founded the British Defence Staff that Rena’s husband was the head of. Churchill wanted to make sure the world’s two greatest democracies STOOD by each other – forever!

When the black Gospel choir sang this song after an American and British subject got married, is at the core of the prophecy and argument I have had with my muse Rena, who inspired me to create a female Bond.

The Duke of Marlborough is related to Diana Spencer, and the Fair Rosamond legends. I am going back to using Rena Easton as my model and muse for Victoria Bond. This beautiful woman is thus named;


I believe she knows she made a mistake, and is, wrong. We need to start thinking how we deal with being WRONG – and RIGHT! Half of marriages end in divorce because partners can not handle this destructive duality that has put us in chain – from the beginning.

After I learned Rena had married a British Commodore, and was a widow living on the Isle of Wight, I played this song by Enya, closed my eyes, and made an image of us being married in The Cathedral of the Souls.

When I saw Meghan’s wedding dress lying like finely spun cobwebs on the checkerboard pattern of a great European Church, as an artist and writer, I knew what I was beholding. This scene took a thousand years to master. It has been reserved for members of the Caucasian race, because it was designed around a white woman about to be married. This long white trail cut a swath through Western History, by bidding us to ask

“Is she worthy?”

But, that questioned was answered by the man she loves, who lay a galaxy of love, a milky way of stars before her, as she came for her kiss – their kiss!

I never saw a man more in love, and more disbelieving of his good fortune. All the worry that lovers have, that they will awaken, and…………the other, will be gone.

“Here I am!”

Jon Presco

Henrietta, 2nd Duchess of Marlborough

During the war, the 1st Duke of Marlborough lost his beloved son and heir to smallpox. His wife was beside herself with grief. After Marlborough’s son had died, an Act of Parliament established that in the event of a lack of a male heir the title would go through the female line. Marlborough’s eldest daughter Henrietta therefore inherited the title on her father’s death. Henrietta died without a male heir so the title went to the family of her sister Anne. By the time Henrietta died Anne was also dead so the title went to Anne’s eldest remaining son Charles Spencer, who became the 3rd Duke in 1733. This meant that the Churchill name was now lost. It was brought back to the family by the 5th Duke who, by royal licence, was allowed to add Churchill to his name Spencer. Since then the family has been Spencer-Churchill. Charles Spencer had a younger brother John who remained at Althorp. From him the Earls of Spencer descend, and Lady Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales, was therefore a direct descendent of the 1st Duke of Marlborough.

“Fair Rosamund’s Well” in the park at Blenheim Palace, is named for a mistress of Henry II. The well is certainly in one of the classiest locations I’ve visited, being just down from the Grand Bridge across the lake from the house. You don’t need to pay for entrance to the house – “House and Gardens” means the formal gardens, and whilst the house is certainly worth a visit, just paying for the grounds is much cheaper.

British Defence Staff


Rena’s ex-husband was in charge of keeping Britian and the U.S. united. Trump has shattered this unity. Rena had a body like an Angel.


Irene (Rena) Victoria Easton

Posted on September 4, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press

Irene (Rena) Victoria Easton

Posted on September 4, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press

Rena’s late husband, Ian Easton, was the head of British Defense Staff in Washington that has been working behind the scenes, making sure British and American interests are aligned. Our President has to take in the anti-war movement in both nations as he prepares to battle a common enemy. Rena has a unique perspective in regards to the men she has bonded with. Her worldview is extremely important. But she is a recluse. I bid her to dig deep and bring forth her dream of a beautiful world, yet to be. If WE give up now, then all that is ugly in the world, has won the war before it has begun. We must seize the day, and make over the world in our best image, for it is on the brink of ruin. their town.

The British Defence Staff – US, which was previously known as British Defence Staff (Washington),[1] is the home of the Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom) in the United States of America and its purpose is to serve the interests of Her Majesty’s Government in the USA. The British Defence Staff – US is led by the Defence Attaché and has responsibility for military and civilian MOD personnel located both within the Embassy and in 34 states across the USA.


BERLIN — Since Jan. 20, 2017, European leaders have managed U.S. relations with one eye on the clock, anxiously counting down the hours until President Trump’s term is up and hoping the core of the Western alliance isn’t too badly damaged in the meantime.

But as Trump’s aggressive rhetoric toward America’s closest allies has evolved into hostile action this spring, a new fear has swept European capitals.

Trump may not be an aberration that can be waited out, with his successor likely to push reset after four or eight years of fraught ties. Instead, the blend of unilateralism, nationalism and protectionism Trump embodies may be the new American normal.

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“It is dawning on a number of European players that Trump may not be an outlier,” said Josef Janning, head of the Berlin office of the European Council on Foreign Relations. “More and more people are seeing it as a larger change in the United States.”

Even before Trump was elected, Europeans sensed that Washington’s traditional role as guarantor of the continent’s security and stability was slipping away, and that post-World War II ties were fading along with the generations that forged them.

But Trump’s seeming delight in smashing transatlantic bonds — and the lack of domestic constraints on his ability to do so — has signaled, Janning said, that the basis for Western strength and peace for 70-plus years “probably won’t come back.”

That carries serious implications for how Europe responds to Trump. Until now, key leaders have avoided open conflict with the U.S. president, trying instead to placate him or, at best, subtly persuade him. Above all, they have sought to preserve strong relationships at various levels within the U.S. government, if not with the man at the top of it, so there’s a foundation to build on after he is gone.

That is still the prevailing strategy. But a succession of adverse moves culminating in Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iranian nuclear deal has brought transatlantic relations to their lowest point since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, if not far longer.

If Trump is succeeded by a more traditional Democratic or Republican administration, the wounds could still heal. But, even then, it could take a long time, given the extent of the damage.

And close European observers of the United States are not optimistic about a reversion to the mean.

They study the increasing polarization of U.S. politics and see less enthusiasm for transatlantic ties at either end of the political spectrum. They have also been repeatedly disappointed as one supposed brake after another on Trump’s most extreme foreign policy impulses — Congress, the president’s own advisers and popular opinion — has fallen away. Trump, they note, is alienating America’s closest allies, and the American public doesn’t seem to mind.

Europeans have begun to wonder aloud whether they need to respond accordingly.

One sign of the evolving stance toward the United States was the unusually biting commentary this past week from European Council President Donald Tusk, whose job in Brussels is to channel the ids of the 28 nations in the European Union. A mild-mannered former Polish prime minister, his statements are typically gentle efforts toward consensus, not international rallying cries.

Not this time.

“With friends like that, who needs enemies?” Tusk told reporters as he readied a summit of E.U. leaders largely focused on Trump-ignited brushfires. The faltering Iran nuclear agreement, the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip and the specter of a transatlantic trade war were all on the agenda.

Tusk denounced “the capricious assertiveness of the American administration,” using terms that just 16 months ago would more typically have been applied to international rogue nations such as North Korea and Russia.

His sharp tone matches the public mood. In Germany, a country that rebuilt itself after World War II in America’s image and with American money, polls show that Trump is seen as a bigger threat than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

More than two-thirds of Germans describe their country as moving away from the United States, and an equal number describe the relationship as “tense,” according to a survey released this past week by the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper.

After the U.S. pullout from the Iran deal, the influential weekly Der Spiegel called on Germany to become part of the “resistance against America” and pictured Trump on its cover as a yellow-haired middle finger to the continent.

Some of Europe’s anger reflects a long-standing current of anti-Americanism. But even fans of the United States say they are losing faith now that the country that built the liberal democratic order seems intent on dismantling it.

Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, who oversees the German Marshall Fund’s office in Berlin, said that up until recently, it was popular for defenders of close American ties to console themselves with the mantra “watch what they do, not what they say.”

But that was before Trump canceled U.S. participation in the Iran deal, threatened European businesses with sanctions and launched steel and aluminum tariffs that could hit Europe as soon as next month.

“Now the actions are piling up,” he said. “You keep thinking it doesn’t get any worse. But boy, we’re being educated.”

Kleine-Brockhoff, a former presidential adviser, still counts himself among the defenders of the transatlantic bond. But he said he — and Europe — will have to seriously reevaluate if Trump wins reelection.

Others in Europe aren’t waiting that long.

“The mood in the country is that we can’t let the U.S. run the world, especially if it’s run by someone like Trump,” said François Heisbourg, a former French presidential adviser on national security and defense. “When an ally treats its allies like enemies, you have a problem.”

Heisbourg said the current strain on the transatlantic relationship is greater than in previous periods of tension.

In the 1990s, there were disagreements over the U.S. and NATO bombardment of Kosovo. Western Europe bitterly opposed President George W. Bush’s war in Iraq in 2003. Even under President Barack Obama — who was extremely popular in Europe — European policymakers first complained about being ignored, then smarted when then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates slammed them in 2011 for not taking their own defense seriously enough.

But in part because of that evolving estrangement, Trump’s actions look all the more concerning.

“There are trends underway that began before Trump and will continue after Trump,” said Tomas Valasek, the head of the Carnegie Europe think tank and a former Slovak ambassador to NATO. Trump “believes this is a dog-eat-dog kind of world in which one country’s gain is another’s loss. And that applies to the allies as much to the Chinas and Russias of the world.”

For all the transatlantic tiffs in the first year of the Trump administration, the U.S. pullout from the Iran nuclear agreement and the tariff threats have the potential to be far more explosive, because they could lead to Europe and Washington actively trying to undermine each other.

In Brussels, some are trying to reframe the strained relations as an opportunity.

“We’re not going to live in a world of U.S. hegemony that we can all hide behind,” said Nathalie Tocci, director of the Rome-based Italian International Affairs Institute and a top adviser to E.U. diplomat-in-chief Federica Mogherini.

“We love the United States,” she said. “But when the United States takes a decision that is contrary to our interests, then we should be able to do our own thing and pursue our own policies. The relationship of dependence has to change.”

Still, there are skeptics of Europe’s ability to split from the United States. Europe remains deeply dependent on the U.S. security umbrella, with Germany’s military so rusty that its helicopter pilots are losing their certifications because they don’t have enough working aircraft to practice.

And despite Trump’s angry rhetoric that Europeans aren’t doing enough to defend themselves, he has poured money into U.S. military involvement on the continent, unveiling a budget proposal this year that would build on a previous increase to nearly double spending compared with Obama’s final year in office.

“Europeans are going to be unwilling to push things to a crisis point with Washington or to pick very serious fights,” said Adam Thomson, director of the European Leadership Network, a London-based think tank, and a former senior British diplomat.

But there are steps Europe can take. Thomson recently co-wrote a paper calling for Europe’s militaries to make themselves better able to operate independently from the United States — not out of spite, but because improved European defenses would serve both sides.

Jörg Lau, foreign editor of the German newspaper Die Zeit, said such steps are long overdue, and need to take account that the United States isn’t coming back as the steadfast protector it once appeared to be.

Whether it’s Trump in office or any other American president, he said, “U.S. priorities have changed, and why shouldn’t they? It’s not something we should complain about. It’s a fact we have to acknowledge.”

Europe is peaceful, it’s wealthy, and it’s time, he said, for the continent to take care of its own security.

“We can almost be thankful to Trump,” Lau said. “He’s made it clear to Europe that we need to wake up.”

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Victoria Bond – An Angry Valley Girl?

Please! Try to give me a good argument. You don’t have to be a moron – all your life!”

While looking at the video of the Haredi Jews, I realized that Ana Kasparian is the Bond Woman going off in my head for two months, or more. I was trying  to engage Lara Roozemond in a conversation, so I could hear Ana come out. She deletes the posts I put on her precious facebook. Ana, would have tore into me if I offended her. I am not sure I offended Lara! Is she trying to steal my Bond Woman?

Now, add the Dutchess of Sussex as……..THE BOND WOMAN MODEL! Wow! Do I got a hit on my hands with MY idea of a female Bond! I think Ana Kasparian could play Victoria Bond, who I see getting into Kick-ass arguments and angry world conflicts, she winning with her Mouth & Moxy – mixed with great bouts of cussing! Why leave any arrows in the quiver? The word is ending, thanks to the rise of morons. I see Victoria battling Ann Coulter, and after she is defeated, they become allies.


Tracy Bond has a illegitimate daughter she conceived before she married James Bond, a Love Child, if you will. Trisha moves to LA to get into the movies, and is seduced by a famous L.A. talk show host, like Joe Pine. Trisha has a another love child, Victoria, who flunks out as a Valley Girl. Her mother has moved back the England. She has married a Duke, who is childless. He wants Victoria to be his heir. The problem, is she is Super Disagreeable.

The next male Bond movie is in the mire. I need to get my script out.

Jon Presco

Copyrght 2018

“I can’t pretend I’m some robot that’s always neutral,” says Ana Kasparian. “I need to share my opinion – and sometimes aggressively so.”

Since Jan. 20, 2017, European leaders have managed U.S. relations with one eye on the clock, anxiously counting down the hours until President Trump’s term is up and hoping the core of the Western alliance isn’t too badly damaged in the meantime.

Daniel Craig is heading for the next Bond set sooner than we might have thought. On Tuesday, the British star confirmed to the Associated Press that the upcoming 007 movie—his fifth in the franchise—will be his next film. Break out out your martinis and Omega watches, because Bond 25 is upon us.

Though he confirmed the Bond film is his next project lined up, Craig stayed quiet about whether or not Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle would direct the film. “We’ll see. We’ll see,” he responded.


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The Rapture Is A Lie

The Evangelical Cult, that makes up Trump’s base, was born around 1840. It is not a orthodox Protestant religion, and all Zionist Jews know it. They pretend that it is America’s tradtional church in order to get to our tax money and put our armed forces in their radical religious camp. They want Americans to do thier fighting. We’re hosts to parasites. This is why Zionist Jews are behind the cult practice of denying food and medical treatment to those who they deem – not one of them! They have egregiously interfered with our Democratic Traditions, while they practice a ever more stringent Pure Blood Cult Orthodoxy. Did members of the super race not allow unclean women to ride on the bus with them? How about Jewish bus riders?

One reason for oppressing women, is, they are Good Arguers. Men are born with an extra penis I call ‘The Heritage Penis’. National flags stem from the Dumb Heritage Penis.

Orthodox Jews use the word HERITAGE like it is their God. The Nazis murdered millions of Jews in the name of protecting their HERITAGE. When I tell Zionist and their allied Republicans that I am protecting and promoting the TRADITIONAL Republican party that was founded by my kindred, and thus I am the caretaker of this HERITAGE, them become angry and insane.

Rosamond Press

As fate would have it, my ex-friend, Ed Corbin, is kin to one of the founders of the Evangelical Rapture LIE! Any Evangelical Leader who puts his hands on our President, and believes in the Rapture – IS A DEMON!

I posted this on 10-17-2017 when most American did not have a clue Trump was a Jesus-Freak. I have no followers or friends. I do not seek these things. Acting all alone, I have been persecuted and punished. I am just………..The Messenger!

And, now we got what they prayed for. It will be very hard getting rid of Satan. He will try to destroy the world rather than give up power.

Jon ‘The Nazarite Judge’

Trump Employs Evangelical Terrorism

The Rapture and End Time Terrorism of the Heretical Evangelical Cult, has declared Holy War on America. They employ the Republican Party…

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Joseph Teixeira de Mattos

There is evidence that Samuel Josefa de Mattos, died in 2012. I hereby absolve him of his promise made to me because I know this is important.

The de Mattos family were artists, theologians, and tutors. Teixeira de Mattos imparted knowledge to Vincent van Gough. They were cultured and intelligent people who took part in the rise of Gentiles from the dark ages.

Jon Presco

How do your Jewish values affect you as a leader?

For me, the values of Judaism … the concept of tzedakah, the concept of lashon hara, the concept of repairing the world and of social justice serve me not only in my personal life and in my synagogue life, but also in building a community as a CEO in a major health-care association.

For the past many months, the country has been consumed by the Affordable Care Act. As president of HFAM, what do you think of Obamacare?

The Affordable Care Act  has tre-mendous potential for the better integration, education and focus of health care in the United States. The question mark is going to be what it does to … marketplace value relative to the cost of health care. I’m optimistic that with the better integration of health care, and with the better focus on outcome, that over time having more people getting care earlier will ultimately lead not only to better outcomes, but also to lower costs.

Joseph Teixeira de Mattos (1892–1971), was a Dutch watercolor painter and pastellist who made drawings wherever he went. A large collection of his drawings is in the Teylers Museum.


Teixeira was born in Amsterdam, where he became a member of Arti et Amicitiae in 1934 and began drawing animals at Artis.[1][2] In 1931 he moved to Paris, and for the war years he moved to Pornic in Brittany, where he remained until he died.[1] The Teylers museum had an exhibition of his work in 2004.[3]

Early career[edit]

Joseph Teixeira de Mattos shared his name with his uncle, who was a sculptor. He was the elder of the two sons of Jacob Teixeira de Mattos and Abigael Lopes Cardozo. Joseph showed promise as an artist while still at school. When he was only 13, he enrolled for a year-long class designed for children to train them to become art teachers. Graduation from an esteemed course did not, however, bring Joseph success as an artist, and he had to abandon the teaching career to pursue a career as an artist. During this problematic phase in his career, he was received financial support from Joseph Mendes da Costa and Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita.[4]

Teixeira de Mattos began working independently from 1916. His earliest works were mostly self-portraits made in and around Amsterdam. His family members became recurrent characters in his works. He also made several chalk drawings of the Waag on the Nieuwmarkt. Teixeira de Mattos first exhibited in 1917 at the Galerie Walrecht.[4]


Teixeira de Mattos frequently drew animals. Crocodile were particularly common in his works. He was known to very diligent and obsessed with technical mastery of drawing material

Vincent arrived in Amsterdam in May 1877, intending to prepare for theology studies at the university.

He had several contacts in the city: his uncle Johannes Paulus Stricker was a minister there, his uncle Cor van Gogh dealt in books and art, and his uncle Jan van Gogh was the director of the city’s naval dockyard. Jan van Gogh had set up a study bedroom for Vincent, and Vincent spent his days amid the inspiring liveliness of the dockyard.

His schedule consisted of Greek and Latin lessons with the classicist Maurits Benjamin Mendes da Costa, geometry and algebra lessons with a Mr Texeira de Mattos, and plenty of self-study. Vincent worked from early morning until late at night, but he found his studies difficult. Although he was making progress, he did not feel as if he was mastering the material. On Sundays he often attended multiple church services and also taught Sunday school.

Although his attention was necessarily focused on his studies, he visited museums such as the Trippenhuis and Museum van der Hoop whenever he could, and he enjoyed walking in the city, whose beauty he admired. He often managed to capture its atmosphere in letters by comparing it to various paintings. In the end, Vincent failed to successfully complete his studies and left Amsterdam in summer 1878 for his parents’ house in Etten. There, he began contemplating his future plans.

Vincent was to visit Amsterdam twice more in his life. In 1881, he went to the capital to see his cousin Kee Vos, with whom he had fallen powerfully in love; his feelings would remain painfully unrequited. In 1885, he returned to the city for the last time to visit the newly opened Rijksmuseum with his friend Anton Kerssemakers.


Joseph Teixeira de Mattos

Joseph Teixeira de Mattos

Birthdate: (46)
Birthplace: Amsterdam, Government of Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands
Death: March 30, 1858 (46)
Amsterdam, Government of Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Immediate Family: Son of Benjamin Teixeira de Mattos and Ester Mendes da Costa
Husband of Hana Rachel de la Mar and Hanna Teixeira de Mattos
Father of Esther Teixeira de Mattos; Benjamin Teixeira de Mattos; Isaac Teixeira de Mattos; Judith Teixeira de Mattos; Sara Teixeira de Mattos and 1 other; and Joseph Henri Teixeira de Mattos « less
Brother of Sara Teixeira de Mattos and Dr Isaac Teixeira de Mattos
Managed by: Bart van der Meijden
Last Updated:


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