Did Rena’s Big Boss Poison Her Mind?


I suspect Rena brought my letter to work to show her boss after telling her about it. She asked to read it. Did she fear she would lose her employee/slave for fifteen years, and thus pointed out things in my letter that might suggest I am a sexual deviant – after Rena’s body? If so, it is her boss that is after Rena’s body, mind, and soul.

Here is the story of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty in Siberia. I was prepared to change the dreary life of a sixty year old woman that became afraid of men. Her boss knew this. She was jealous, because no knight in shining armor is coming her way. It had to be too good to be true.

‘The House of Mean & Clean’ is where once left-leaning women go to be brainwashed. Disguised as a battered women’s shelter, the inmates are given a mop and a pamphlet on the right-leaning Dead End Jesus, then put to work. Any attempt to contact liberal people on the outside, will be punished. Your mail will be examined. Any encoded mail will be scoured by the Thought Police. I have been accused of Crimethink.

So, there is Clean& Mean Rena, working away and reciting poetry. She thought she had someone who cared, who would love to hear her poems, but, her boss convinced her I was a another monster, like her father, like her last husband. Rena has been taken hostage, and is the model prisoner. This is how ‘Capturing Beauty’….ends!

“I have a million poems memorized. I can always gauge my highs and lows by my focus, and my desire and ability to recite them whilst vacuuming at work. My mind can roam free there, but I do get ever so tired, and bored, lonely as well.

I love my boss – Raelene. She is very professional, very tough, but ever so kind. I enjoy manual labor.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

Thought Police

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For the pre-war Japanese Special Higher Police, see Tokubetsu Kōtō Keisatsu.

The Thought Police (thinkpol in Newspeak) are the secret police of Oceania in George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

It is the job of the Thought Police to uncover and punish thoughtcrime and thought-criminals. They use psychology and omnipresent surveillance (such as telescreens) to search, find, monitor and arrest members of society who could potentially challenge authority and status quo, even only by thought, hence the name Thought Police.[1] They use terror and torture to achieve their ends.

It also had much to do with Orwell’s own “power of facing unpleasant facts,” as he called it, and his willingness to criticize prevailing ideas which brought him into conflict with others and their “smelly little orthodoxies.”[2]

The government (controlled entirely by the Inner Party) attempts to control not only the speech and actions, but also the thoughts of its subjects, labeling unapproved thoughts with the term thoughtcrime, or crimethink in Newspeak.
It was the Thought Police that had arrested Winston and Julia.
The Thought Police operate a false resistance movement in order to lure in disloyal Party members before arresting them. One of the Thought Police’s agents, O’Brien, is part of this false flag operation. It is not revealed however, if a genuine resistance movement actually exists, though the tactic of using a false resistance group to lure out dissidents was used by the State Political Directorate in the Soviet Union.
Every Party member has a telescreen in his or her home, which the Thought Police uses to observe their actions and take note of anything that resembles an unorthodox opinion or an inner struggle. When a Party member talks in their sleep, the words are carefully analyzed.
The Thought Police also target and eliminate highly intelligent people, since they may come to realize how the Party is exploiting them. An example of this was Syme, a developer of Newspeak, who, despite his fierce devotion to the Party, simply disappeared one day. Winston rebels against the Thought Police by writing “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” in his journal (which he is not even allowed to have) without knowing it. He attempts to cover up his own thoughts, but believes he will be caught quickly.
The Thought Police generally interfere very little with the Proles, although a few agents always move among them, spreading false rumours, identifying and eliminating any individual deemed capable of independent thought or rebellion against the Party.
All Party members live their lives under constant supervision of the Thought Police.
In order to remove any possibility of creating martyrs, whose memories could be used as a rallying cause against the Party, the Thought Police gradually wear down the will of political prisoners in the Ministry of Love through torture, conversations, degradation, and finally, Room 101. The methods are designed to eventually make the prisoner genuinely accept Party ideology, and come to love Big Brother, and not merely confess. After being released back into society for a short while, they are re-arrested, charged with new offences, and executed. All people who knew them forget them through crimestop, and all records are destroyed and replaced with falsified records by the Ministry of Truth. Their bodies are disposed of via cremation.

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    Rena lied about being married to a cowboy and, was writing me her long Christmas letter from their little home overlooking his cattle ranch. They habe been divorced for years. At work, she recites poem for eight hours. She is a janitor. https://rosamondpress.com/2014/02/12/i-found-renas-second-husband/

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