I Am The Embodiment Of John Wilson

There is the claim that Evangelicals are being persecuted by secular society. Ministers tell their flocks this is true, come Sunday. But, is it true?

Here is proof that my Puritan ancestor oppressed the Quakers – to their death. John Wilson was born at Windsor Castle and lived near Frogmore Estate where the new infant born unto the House of Windsor, is being breast-fed by his mother.

John Presco

Rev John Wilson

Birthplace: Windsor, Berkshire, England
Death: August 07, 1667 (78)
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States
Place of Burial: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Immediate Family: Son of Rev. Dr. William Wilson and Isabell Woodhall Wilson
Husband of Elizabeth Wilson
Father of Dr. Edmond Wilson; Rev. John Wilson; Elizabeth Rogers; Deacon Edward Wilson and Mary Rock
Brother of Maria Sheaffe; NN Wilson; Isabel Gibbs; Elizabeth Wilson; Edmund Wilson and 3 others
Half brother of Robert Wilson


“The couple are now living in Windsor, at the house they have refurbished on the Frogmore Estate,” reports ITV. “The Sussexes wanted to be settled in their new home before their baby is born.”


Rosamond Clifford and Reverend William Wilson

Rosamond Clifford and Reverend William Wilson
Posted on July 10, 2018
by Royal Rosamond Press

When Princess Diana’s sons got married, the bones of my grandfather were not too far away, they buried in the floor of Saint George’s Cathedral. Sarah Wilson was the wife of John Roseman. Sarah is kin to Reverend William Wilson, who is Royal Rosamond’s 10th. grandfather. This line goes to Rosamond Clifford. Alas I have found her! We are in the same rosy family tree, and is the famous Puritan, John Wilson. I was destined for the church. It is in my blood. I have been saying this all along.

William, his son John, and I have the long faces with aquiline noses. This is the oldest image of a relative. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, should have played Fair Rosamond. The wife of Ralph de Toney was said to have had purple eyes.

Rosamond Press

A Rose Among The Woodwose


John Presco

Copyright 2019

Those who have known me well, know I have owned a religious calling most of my life. I was very ethereal as a child and young man. I wrote poetrty beyond my years, and developed my own brand of sprituality – but did not see myself as a Christian. I was raised Catholic.

John Wilson turned down many offers by artists to paint his portrait. He was too humble. The only image we have of him was taken from a sketch done at his funeral. He is an old man, and, he is dead. We share the same aquiline nose thanks to our DNA. John’s genetics came down to me via the Wilson family, and, Sarah Wilson, who married John Rosamond.

In the disappeared autobiography of my famous sister, the artist ‘Rosamond’ , she says I did not look like…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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