Bill Arney, Hammett, Royal Rosamond

“I think it is good that Bill Arney, and others, step forth and
protect the era of Napoleon, but not from me, not at my expence, as I am beside myself to protect certain aspects of this era, one being the writing of my late sister’s biography, one of two in the works. Christine Rosamond Presco has sold more art then any artist alive or dead.”

Here is a paragraph from the e-mail I posted in Templar-yahoogroup in 2001. My seventeen year old daughter has been disappeared and is trying to get in the rival biography. I am defending myself from an attack by Bill Arney who came to San Francisco to “reinvent himself”. Ian Sinclair, and other Sinclairs were reinventing themselves and were employed by Dan Brown to reinvent Mary Magdalene whose scholarly tools were hidden at Rosslyn Chapel, the source of the “rose line” some say.

Da Vinci was a famous male artist. My late sister ‘Rosamond’ was a famous female artist. Bill, nor his crew of fake Franciskers, did not want to acknowledge Christine, or the fact Royal taught Erl Stanley Gardner to write. With the mysterious death of Tracy Twyman, I begin a new investigation into these mysteries that suggest Mary begat the Merovingians, one who is named ‘Rosamunde’. A ghost is summoned. Arney gets a lot of attention as a…..non-writer! He is a usurper. Some accuse Dan and his wife of eaves-dropping on our groups that I bothered to archive……some of it! What we said – is lost!

I was attacked by suggesting Napoleon was trying to reestablish the Merovingian line (rose line) with Josephine. The sec0nd War of the Roses was underway. Is Twyman a victim of this war? Was she following the descendants of Josephine like I have?

John Presco

Copyright 2020éphine

I think it is good that Bill Arney, and others, step forth and
protect the era of Napoleon, but not from me, not at my expence, as I am beside myself to protect certain aspects of this era, one being the writing of my late sister’s biography, one of two in the works. Christine Rosamond Presco has sold more art then any artist alive or dead. Considered a highly commercial artist, whose work appealed to women, I am in the process of changing that impressions, as there is something inately royal about her beautiful Rosamond women. Rosamond is found in the art collections amongst the truly great. If I can
prove my suspicions, then the Artworld will have in its midst a truly
historic woman artist, my late sister one of the few women to ascend
to such fame.

When the bed is lowered, it dominates the small room. It becomes easy to visualize Brigid O’Shaughnessy napping in Spade’s bed, with one hand – and a gun – under the pillow, as she was in chapter 10 of the novel.

To one side of the bed is a small desk that acts as a shrine of sorts to both Spade and Hammett. Belonging to Spade is his tinny alarm clock and his copy of Celebrated Criminal Cases of America, by Thomas S. Duke (both mentioned in chapter two), and the black bird itself. The typewriter, of course, represents the one on which Hammett wrote his most famous novel.

“We know that he left his typewriter behind,” Arney explains, referring to when the writer moved to New York in late 1929. “His papers show that everything Hammett wrote up until September of 1929 was written on one typewriter – the last item being a letter to his publisher sent from Post Street, where I now live. The next consecutive item is another letter, written in October of 1929. That is the first item written on another typewriter. Find that San Francisco typewriter and you will have something.”

The Ghosts in 401

Tracy R. Twyman was a producer of podcasts and an independent investigator into occult and esoteric history. She wrote at least one work of fiction and about 6 non-fiction books. In 2018??[citation needed] she began to research Isaac Kappy‘s claims about paedophilia in Hollywood[1] and was undeterred by his sudden death in May 2019. Two months later, she herself suddenly died. Someone posted a dead man’s switch video on YouTube in which she outlines some of what she uncovered, the FBI‘s pronounced lack on interest and the subsequent death threats made against her.

Like a lot of people, William Arney moved to San Francisco to reinvent himself. Before arriving here in 1981, he was a long-haired twentysomething from Peoria, Ill. Today, answering the door to his Tenderloin apartment, he’s a stout, tough-talking man of 45 in a dark shirt and a vintage tie. He’s quick with a laugh and smokes Camels. Any evidence of his Midwestern heritage has since sloughed off. His sentences slide often into hard, ironic wisecracks. So all those years of obsessing over Sam Spade have had an almost osmotic effect, it seems: Two decades after Arney bought his first fedora, the world of yeggs and hopheads and dicks and dames is now a part of his very bloodstream.

Which is fitting: Arney lives at 891 Post St., the same apartment building where Dashiell Hammett lived during the late ’20s and wrote the novels that define the American detective story — Red Harvest, The Dain Curse, and, most famously, The Maltese Falcon. Getting to Arney’s fourth-floor apartment requires entering an elevator much like the one we see at the end of John Huston’s film version of Falcon — the one Brigid O’Shaughnessy gets ushered into after Sam Spade refuses to play the sap for her. Yet unlike the modest but well-appointed place Humphrey Bogart’s Spade lived in, Arney’s home is a small studio with a wall bed, a 7-by-5-foot kitchen, a bathroom with cracking plaster, and windows that open to a noisy nearby fire station. But Arney has good reason to believe that his unit — Apartment 401 — is the same one where Hammett pounded greatness out of his Royal typewriter. A few years ago Arney invested in a Royal himself, and he prefers it over e-mail for writing letters. “People tell me, “You should use a computer,’” Arney says, “but I tell them, “Man, the ghosts like the sound of the clack-clack-clack.’”

Victor Hugo Presco lived at the Thomas Hotel, but was not there when a fire took many live.

Black Mask Authors



This extremely rare photo of the first west coast Black Mask get-together on January 11, 1936 captures possibly the only meeting of several of these authors.

Pictured in the back row, from left to right, are Raymond J. Moffatt, Raymond Chandler, Herbert Stinson, Dwight Babcock, Eric Taylor and Dashiell Hammett. In the front row, again from left to right, are Arthur Barnes (?), John K. Butler, W. T. Ballard, Horace McCoy and Norbert Davis.

Rosemary told me her father, Royal Rosamond, used to sail to the Channel Islands and camp with his friend, Dashiell Hammett who is seen standing on the right in the photo above.

Aunt Lillian told me she would fall asleep listening to Royal and Erle Stanley Gardner on the typewriter in the living room. Royal was Gardner’s teacher and a member of the Black Mask. I believe I can almost recoginize Black Mask authors under the tree on Santa Cruz Island sitting under a tree with my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, who does not look very happy as she embraces a black dog. Who is that woman? Is she a writer? She looks a bit crazed, as does the guy holding a gun. Is Mary hearing some far-out and weird ideas around the campfire?

When I was fifteen Rosemary showed me about six magazines wherein her father’s stories appeared. There were several mysteries. I am going to send the camping photo to some experts. That looks like Raymond Chandler in front of the tent. Is he the guy packing heat?

Hammett wrote the Maltese Falcon that begins with a story about the Knight Templars. Was this a tale passed around the campfire on Santa Cruz Island?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

Sinclairs Keep Attacking Me




clanss3“You have directly cut and pasted from my website – I’ve reported your website to Google and they’ve removed this page from their Google Search results under the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
I’m now reporting you to WordPress as you’re in open violation of all laws regarding copyright infringement.
Steve St. Clair
St. Clair Research”

Above are photos of Ian Sinclair who worked hard for his clan to get me and another skeptic evicted from a Knight Templar yahoogroup. He did not like my posts that showed a bevy of real Knight Templars with the name de Rougemont, the speculative source of my family name Rosamond. Other researchers have pointed out the Sinclair family has no connection to any Knight Templar, but for the fact they helped persecute them.

No one cared about the Sinclair, or their DNA, until the authors who sued Dan Brown, suggested the Sinclair family was a Rex Deus family, and thus their DNA contained the same DNA that course through the ‘Son of God’.

To prove their divine origins, they fabricated a slick silicone funnel that they hope will slide newcomers past the doubters and distracters, down, down, down, into Clan Headquarters, where you are bid to Adore Them, and enrich their coffers.

This is harassment! They sell tours! These are salesman. Buyer beware. The internet does not belong them. It is not infected with their alleged Holy Bloodline. These are British Bully Boys up in their tree house urinating on anyone who come hither without a worthy gift!

It looks like they manufactured a facsimile stone to the one that can not be read that proves William Saint Clair was a Knight Templar. This is fraud – that I will report, and continue to report on.

I suggest certain members of the Sinclair Clan hire a boat and get their bully-ass over to Syria and try to stop the atrocity. Be brave!

Real British Chivalry is dead in the water. These fleas on the rats, have had their day, and are going down with the ship. Bon voyage!

Because the French are backing up my President, I will put the De Rougemont Templars in President Obama’s field of honor!

I am one man with one vote. They hide behind a curtain in Oz.

“If you were really great and powerful, you would keep your promises.

Dorothy, who used to be Rena Christensen.

Jon Presco

The Sinclair DNA Fraud

I will be posting on the Sinclair DNA testing.


WOW …..Shawn Sinclair ( Martin Adoption ) and Steve StClair together on a radio show The Hidden History Hour lol .I found the show to be very uninformative other than the fact that Shawn admitted an adoption in his family line..teehe I tried to call in but of course he would not answer

Have a listen here
The truth about Sinclair DNA
This show will discuss the new results of Sinclair participants and will feature Steve St.Clair. Arch rivals come to a truce for the better of the Clan and our historical responsibility of

Before Langdon – I Am!

I am a pioneer of social networking. President Trump is a presidential pioneer of social networking. I believe the rumors are correct – the Browns did eavesdropped on our eGroups and Yahoo.groups where we discussed the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, Mary Magdalene, and the Freemasons. I introduced the cryptic study of Robert Graves, and thus I was Langdon before there was a Langdon. 

I was posting back in 1997. There were many young women speaking their mind. I introduced Christine Rosamond to the them five years before Snyder’s ‘Guy Book’ was published. Tom and Scott were neighbors in Ventura, and lived next to Lillian. Tom depicts Scott as Rosamond’s Knight in Shining Armor – that she treated like shit! Shame on her! I bet that plummeted sales of prints! I place my late sister next to Washington Irving via the Buck Brevoort family link that I found. Below are posts from my Templar Art that I founded in 2001.

Above is a pic of me with my daughter and grandson who came back to me after the Snyder biography – bombed! If Bob Buck had suggested I apply for a grant at the Buck Foundation, then my daughter would have thought more of me. She is not a scholar. Nor does she read books. She loves to text!

Jon Presco

A social networking service (also social networking site, SNS or social media) is an online platform which people use to build social networks or social relations with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. The variety of stand-alone and built-in social networking services currently available online introduces challenges of definition; however, there are some common features:[1]

  1. social networking services are Internet-based applications[1][2]

In a 1982 review of the book for The Observer, novelist and literary critic Anthony Burgess wrote: “It is typical of my unregenerable soul that I can only see this as a marvellous theme for a novel.” Indeed, the theme was later used by Margaret Starbird in her 1993 book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, and by Dan Brown in his 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code.[19][20]

President Trump has repeatedly issued announcements and proposals over Twitter, during both the presidential election and the transition period, embracing the medium as a superior means of communicating with the American people compared to relying on traditional media organizations.!_Groups

Yahoo! Groups was launched in early 2001 as an integration of technology from and community groups from both and Yahoo! Clubs.


Yahoo! Clubs was launched in 1998 as a logical extension of services that had already been developed by Yahoo – message. Unlike previous Yahoo products, this product was designed to allow much deeper levels of user control over creation, membership and overall direction of communities. Development was led by Doug Hirsch[6] (product management) and Matt Jackson (lead engineer), both of whom have since left the company. Yahoo! Clubs quickly grew to be one of the largest traffic-generating products within the Yahoo! network of services. was an email list management web site. The site allowed users to create their own mailing lists and allowed others to sign up for membership on the list. The web site provided archives of the messages as well as list management functionality. Each group also had a shared calendar, file space, group chat, and a simple database. It was bought by Yahoo! and became part of Yahoo! Groups.


The service was started by Scott Hassan in 1997 as an email list archiving service called FindMail

I have never seen yet: I have heard the silence: it is I Cassandra,
Eight years the bitter watchdog of these doors,
Have watched a vision
And now approach to my end. Eight years I have seen the
Walk up and down this stair; and the rocks groan in the night,
the great stones move when no man sees them.
And I have forgotten the fine ashlar masonry of the courts of my
father. I am not Cassandra
But a counter of sunrises, permitted to live because I am crying
to die; three thousand,
Pale and red, have flowed over the towers in the wall since I was
here watching; the deep east widens,
The cold wind blows, the deep earth sighs, the dim gray finger
of light crooks at the morning star.

widowson1@… wrote:

> Best regards,
> Bill Arney

> I hate to agree with Paul Smith (I REALLY, really do) but he’s dead
on here. Paula, just look at what you wrote above. The only people
that had even the most obscure connection to the Templars in 1430
were the Knights of Christ in Portugal. And even they (obviously) no
longer had any former Templars in their ranks by 1430.

> Best regards,
> Bill Arney
Aug 15, 2001
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— In templars@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
Last year, around this time, a stone was placed on the grave of my
grandfather, Royal Reuben Rosamond, perhaps for the first time, as
after searching for his place of rest for over a year, there was no
marker to be found. As it turned out, his great grandson lived but a
quarter of a mile away from his lost kin, he stationed in the Air
Force in Oklahoma City. He was able to come and pay homage.

Royal Rosamond was estranged from his family, thus I have been
working hard to connect his talented and gifted genetic material in
someone’s rosy tree. Royal was a self-publisher who went back to the
Ozarks to write about his ancestors the “Arcadian Irish” as they were
called due to their simple and meagre lifestyle, the kind of
simplicity Virgil envisioned in his Arcadian Poetry, that we see
depicted in the good sheepherd, David, and his descendant born in a

While away, his wife wrote Royal a letter and told him not to come
home. She then went in the garage, pulled out boxes of his latest
book that was not selling, built a bonfire, and had her four beutiful
daughters fuel the flames with volume after volume of ‘The Copper

I think it is good that Bill Arney, and others, step forth and
protect the era of Napoleon, but not from me, not at my expence, as I
am beside myself to protect certain aspects of this era, one being
the writing of my late sister’s biography, one of two in the works.
Christine Rosamond Presco has sold more art then any artist alive or
dead. Considered a highly commercial artist, whose work appealed to
women, I am in the process of changing that impressions, as there is
something inately royal about her beautiful Rosamond women. Rosamond
is found in the art collections amongst the truly great. If I can
prove my suspicions, then the Artworld will have in its midst a truly
historic woman artist, my late sister one of the few women to ascend
to such fame.

A few days ago, thinking I was in a cricle of enobling people, if not
Knights, I gave a person I respected as a genealogist an opportuity
to help construct a genealogy for my sisters, my brother, my whole
family. What I got was an insult that in my mind was aimed at all
members of my family, who have suffered from mental illness, due to
the disease of alcholism. Christine was seeing three therapists when
she was swept off the rocks near Carmel, my niece, Drew, barely saved
from turbulant waters.

Drew’s father was the grandnephew of the famous artist Thomas Hart
Benton who painted the same Arcadian people that Royal did, both men
coming from Missouri, the “Show Me” State. Drew can be considered
Artistic Royalty – in an American sence – that is, my sister was on
welfare raising her first daughter, Shannon, when she first picked up
a brush and tried to better her and her daughter’s life. She entered
one of her first oil paintings in a art show, and Priscilla Presley
bouth it, this leading to a contract with a gallery. Elvis Presley
can be considered a Arcadian singer. Real History was made that day.

Here is the site where Jimmy Rosamond (whose daughter, Karen, is
Country Western Singer) post information on the Rosemond-Rosamond-
Rougemont ties to Basle Switzerland. Names like Ulrich de Rougemont,
and Fred/Frederick, suggest a Dutch-German ancestry.

That there is a Rosamond/Rougemont Coat of Arms registered in Basle,
suggests the descendents of Sargeant Rosamond were nobles, as not
everyone is allowed a Coat of Arms – correct? When I first pointed
out these royal people in the webpages I posted in this group, I
state that Jimmy Rosamond has made no cncrete connection to the
royalty other Rougemonts are connected to. It is not my fault if any
subscribers did not read my pages, thouroughly before they began to
insult me and my family. Due to the battle and war of words Mary and
Royal had, the history of Royal Rosamond’s family ties was almost
lost, there only a brief biography I found in the jacket of his small
book ‘At Martha Healy’s Grave’. Royal was born in a log cabin on the
Missouri River, the son of Thomas Rosamond, and, Ida Lousiana Rose.

Here is my brother’s homepage, as well as my onw and Christine’s. We
grew up in real poverty, raised by our single mother, Rosemary
Rosamond. My brother feels his efforts have protected this era from
America’s enemies, and kept men in space. I am the Bohemian in the
family, the fare-thee-well….’The Dreamer’. Dreams are allowed in
America. For this reason I founded a new Templar Group dedicated to
the memory of my Rosy people.

In IlluminAlch@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
Last night, my Pegasus friend told me I am a Raven, according to an
ancient astrology of 22 signs, the sign of the Raven becoming
extinct. I am connected to the tribe of Dan and Woden who hung
himself upside dwon in a ash tree, had his side pierced with a lance
so he could own a near-death expepriance, journey into the Afterlife.
I was born on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and Ghandi’s
birthday. I had my astrology done twelve years ago in which my
astologer said this;

“John, I have never seen a chart like yours. It begins on the exact
cusp of Aries and Pisces, at absolute 0, where in theory all charts
begin. In theory, you were not born. For the purous of giving you a
reading I had to move up the time of your birth, or in theory, you
were not born. As it is now, you barely escaped being a virtual
prisoner in this lifetime, that is, all the information you brought
to share.”

A year before, as a sceptic, I had a reading at the Berkely psychic
Institute who read you as a rose under a sun. The first thing that
was said by a young woman; “You own your own creation… died.”

The Guide to the Reading said; “Are we in heaven? Is this proof there
is a heaven?”

In the second hour of the reading I got to ask questions. I asked for
them to tell me where I was when I died. They said;

“You were on these beautiful rocks by the sea. You were carrying all
this guilt that was not your own. You were in much pain, carrying the
wieght of the world on your sholders. You just had to let it go.”

I had fallen on some very dramatic rocks at the tip of Point Rayes.
One of my friend took me waste deep in the water to wash the terrible
wound in the palm of my hand, there too much sand in the water near
the shore. We were hit by a large wave and I was soaked. It was in
Feburary and the sun was setting. Cold and wet, I went into shock.

I saw the Truth, all the captial T’s every monk had scrolled and
draped in green vine laying on the surface of the sea going over the
horizon into infinity. I saw the Lord of Truth. I saw, and
understood, many wonderous things.

Be honest, and always seek the Truth….and thou shall find.

John Presco
— End forwarded messa

Oct 23, 2001

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— In magdalene-list@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
Princess Diana the ‘Rose of England’ is descended from the ROCHE
family, also the RHOS, ROOS, and ROS who are kin to the ROCHEFOUCAULD
family and DANGEROSE the grandmother of Queen Elanore of Aquataine
who is said to have forced Fair ROSAMOND to drink poison after
finding her way into her bower in the Labyrinth King Henry build
around her via the clue of a red thread. Prnicess Diana went to
finishing school in Rougemont Switzerland. Her quest to rid the world
of land mines should be carried on at RWF.

John Presco

— In RLCDG@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
I have come to the crossroads of my QUEST of ION (John) and now must
ask in all ernestness if the crosshairs have found me. I began to
research my family name Rosamond, after loosing my mother, Rosemary,
and my sister, Christine, the world famous artist who signed her work
with her middle name, my mother’s maiden name ‘Rosamond’. I had read
HBHG telve years ago, and had seen the name of the goddess,
Rothmirthe, and wondered if it was ‘Rosemerry’ as in merry-making and
making mirth. To discover the town of Rougemont is the source of my
family name, has brought me home to the family castle to reclaim my
lost family heritage.

I come from a “roseline” family. My grandfather, the writer and poet,
Royal Rosamond (who taught Earl Stanley Gardener to write) was the
son of Thomas Rosamond, and Ida Louisiana Rose. My grandfather, Hugo
Presco/Braskewitz had a son named, Victor, my father. Braskewitz is
Bohemian for Ambrosius, or Ambrose. Hugo had a brother named, Oscar,
as in Wilde. Their father, Wensel Anton, came from Bohemia, and was a
Freemason, he naming his sons after two said members of the Priory de
Sion, one coming from Besancon.

Frederick, the Bohemian ‘Winter King’ married Elizabeth Stewart the
daughter of King James, they living in Britain after the defeat at
White Mountain. Frederck was a Wittelsbach. Hugo, my father, and
myself have what is called a Habsburg lip, which is a genetic trait
of the Hapsburg, a protruding lower jaw and lip, that is found
between the sholder blades. The Bohemian Wenzel Anton Kaunitz was
chancellor to the Habsburgs, and personal confident of two GM of the
PoS, as well as Marie Antoinette. He married into the Orsini-
Rosenberg family.

The de Rougemonts married into the Ferretti, or, Ferri family who
used to own castle Rougemont. I have come to suspect this is the
Grail Castle. I think it was here that ancient augurs of Moses,
the ‘Rose of Sharon’ came to dwell. I am looking at this name coming
from Aaron, it possibly his place of origin, aaron once of the most
mysterious people in the Bible. I suspect he was a Celt who
worshipped Rothmirthe who is associated with the ‘Black Madonna’ who
may be Mose’s sister, Mirriam. How about his sister-in-law, she the
sister of Aaron?

Moses means “water-maker” as in the name RHADAEmaker! I suspect he is
of the ancient liniage of the Babylonian Magi whose augury kept
infiltrating the Judaic religion, later writers of the Torah going to
great lengths to dispell augury and all traces of the “roseline”
which was essential to these augur-astrologers who may have worhipped
the ‘Dog Star’. The cross of Lorraine was used to locate the
Merridean which I suspect is the cross found in the Rosamond family
crest, the top bar of this cross perhaps used to trace the arc of a
star, or, a COMET now and then, that appear near the horizon. I
suspect, the Mounts of Switzeland around Rougemont were used as
observatories, as well as ‘Templar Caeli’ the “temples of the sky”
which were used by augurs to sit within and meditate so they can
see ‘The Way’….the ‘Milky Way’? There is a site that gives account
of the well established Jews in Rougemont. It is with them that I
believe the ‘Comet Kings’ intermarried, they shown the secret of the
Sions in the Skys.

The Templars never attempted to build a Temple in Sion, because they
already knew where several Temples of the Sky exist! As to what went
wrong at the elm in Gisors, it appears the nine Templar augurs did
not augur well the marriage of Richard ‘The Lion-hearted’ and Alice,
the daughter of king Phillip. As to the Templars becoming bankers, in
Rome augurs were consulted before every major financial transaction.
If you would trust these augur-knights of Marc Antony to tell your
future, then why not put your monies in their hands so they can
invest it in ‘futures’? Augury was the said “witchcraft” the Templars

I read a small article about the ‘White Lady’ of Rougemont, and the
snake that went along with her folklore. Steve Mizrach and I had a
falling out a year and a half ago, he not being able to catch all the
roses I was throwing to him. He now has more then a clue. I have not
read his sites in over a year, and thus I am amazed to see we have
arrived in the same place, Mount Sion de Vaudemont in the Franche-
Compte near de Rougemont. We almost met in San Fransisco where a
group from the original PoS groups was meeting, I not able to attend.
I think it is time we true seekers form a united bond to keep
trespassers and disrupters from tearing these groups apart. They no
longer humor me! Humor does not work on them. I have no TRUST for
humorless people! NONE!

John Presco

Copyright 2001

— In Rennes-le-Hoax@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
To pick up the Red Thread of Ariadne where we left off – arcing
across the sky with a “Long-haired” comet with the Star-son, into the
waiting arms of Ursula, the Great She-bear of Foundlings and
protector of Berserks, the Arthurs who have worn the bear-shirt, who
have the strength of a hundred men, but yet, are vulnerable to being
beguiled by a woman who give them gall to drink, their strength
sapped, and their protection of their Kingdom – dispersed. But, one
day their strength will…..return!

“Whom does the Grail serve?”

The Holy Grail serves the Comet Kings, who upon their heads rest the
Starry Crown of Helios. And behind these Golden Crowns trail the long
tail, the golden veil, the golden scotch-broom of the Sun-kings, who
became the Plantagenent Family. This is why they wore a sprig of
scotch-broom in their helmets, for they knew these Dragons were called
“brooms” in China, and they swept the stars out of the heavens as
told in Revelation 12. These are the ‘Dragon Born Kings’. The Holy
Grail is a Comet, the Chariot of Helios, that once stood outside the
Temple in Jerusalem. It is the Rainbow Bridge that ars across the
sky, taking Arthur to the Afterlife.

The Curetes wore their hair in seven locks, and sacraficed them to
the Rising Sun. The Samsonian and Heliaeans sects of the Essenes
stopped worhiping at the Temple when the bowing to the rising sun was
done away with. The Therapeute of On-Heliopolis also bowed to the
rising sun, as I am certain did the Nazarites who sacrifced the locks
of their long hair. I believe they represent the sun-rays around the
head of Helios, that are also shown around our Lady Liberty. The
crowns of the Comet Kings also represent the rays of Helios. Consider
the Star and Sun-kings who herald the birth of the ‘Savior’.

Your discovery, Karen, of an astrological Helios in a Synagogue, I
believe identifies the said ‘starry objects’ that King Hezikiah
evicted from the Temple, if it were not the Chariot of Helios itself.

Its time we made a study-chart, showing all the elements we are
looking for at the core of these mysteries, for I think we already
much of the solution. The Dark Ones percieve this. We must see is
this is so. “Let there be light.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2001

Oct 23, 2001

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— In magdalene-list@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
The Steady and Sure One, my Star, woke me early this morning and
suggested I suggest to this group that we work together to build a
Foundation dedicated to feminine energy in New York where once rose
two towers. Here can rise the Phoenix Bird from the ashes, and a new
hope for humankind that will honor and respect women, raise them up
from the shame-base dishonorable men have subjected them to. Here is
the ‘Rose of the World Foundation’.

This foundation was concieved six months ago as a means to empower
young homeless women who have been driven from their homes due to
extreme abuse. It is dedicated to my late sister, the world famous
artist ‘Rosamond’ who drowned on her first sober birthday in AA off
the coast of Carmel. Her natal birthday is tommorow. I am seeking
help in building this page and proposal. I need text and links to
appropriate sites.

Thank you

John Presco

Oct 23, 2001

Here is an excellent site on the Cross and Tree.


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— In magdalene-list@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
Thanks Chris. A well written site.
I have only glanced at ‘King Jesus’ so busy am I still in the Grove
of the ‘White Goddess’. I support your cause, to remove the shame-
based lessons that have removed all the human reproductive organs
from our Uninowlogy, or, Unicology? I awoke this morning looking for
a word that unites and empowers ecological issues with empowering the
Universal feminine energy – without shaming or castrating the
Unicorn, who appears as the ‘Son of Man’ in Revelations 1?…. not to
end the world, but to rekindle the BRANCH, the seven candles, the
starry objects (heavenly bodies) that hover around the Menorah? This
is the branch of the almond tree that represents Aaron’s rod in
bloom. I think Jesus touched a withered almond tree on his way down
from the Mount of Olives, and it took bloom. The sword in the mouth
of this angel may be the horn of the narwhale that became the horn of
the Scythian ass-unicorn. This ‘Son of Man’ appears to be an ‘Old
Goat’, thus he might be Melkarth, a demi-god whose once very popular
religion was erradicated? Hiram was a priest of Melkarth, the source
of Solomon’s wisdom. Jesus’s title ‘Son of Man’ has been amputated,

Sep 4, 2001

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— In templars@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
John the Baptist is the second coming of Hercules, and lived in the
Franche-Comte. Jason and Hercules were taught the Ogham by Cheiron
the Centaur, who taught it to the infant Zeus. Hercules was with
Jason on the Argos, thus the seal of the Templars is depicting Argos
the ‘Ship of the Desert’ and the lion is the Davidian Branch of
Nazarenes. Hercules half-brother was Dionysus (Bacchus). Being born
of Zeus’s thigh is a “virgin birth”. As a Star-son Hercules entered
the Labyrinth of the Serpent de la Rouge, and faced the Minotaur.
Hercules was made a god, as was Jesus, the Superman invented by Saint
Paul in order to overcome the super-heros of the Greeks and Jews that
appear to be one and the same. That Paul’s heros have no contact with
women, and are childless, is very suspect, especially when he depicts
the women of the Mediteranean world as captured and desexed, rendered
harmless and thoroughly shamed as the Nuns who haunt this now DEAD
WORLD like phantoms, they put in a perpetual mourning for the gods
and heros of old – slain by the ‘Pharisee of Pharisees’ with is
mighty quill!

John Presco

Copyright 2001

Aug 15, 2001

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— In templars@y…, prosemont@y… wrote:
Here is the Rosamond family crest that was registered in Basle. The
one on my homepage may not be kosher as I got it from
that may not be an authentic source. How authentic our dreams are,
may not be able to be recorded by real historians. I am a authentic
Dreamer. *S*

Here’s a good point…..All six members of my family suffered from
the disease of alcoholism, a genticly transmitted disease. Christine
drowned on her first sober birthday in AA. Mark and Vicki, and I have
been sober for over ten years. Half of my natal family has died in
the last six years. Due to my program of Recovery I am being credited
with saving the life of my friend who wrote General Eisenhower’s
biography, he having three weeks sobriety. If members of my family
can overcome a life-taking disease, achieve so much inspite of the
abuse and mental illness we suffered….just think what you normal
folks can achieve, who came from good homes, good backgrounds, plenty
of money – and esteem!

Now watch, I will now be accused of having a genetic ADVANTAGE!



Jon Presco | 12 Oct 02:57 2005


Fwd: RE: Paula Stiles .- To The Moderator.

— In templars, John Ambrose <braskewitz y…>

Nutiness, Frank! Have you read my posts today? Where are your posts –
on topic? You don’t contribute to this group, You just complain
and whine about what others post. This is a kangaroo court convened
to protect the status quo – who can’t stand the questioning!

Paul Smith has debunked much of the nutiness you have subscribed to,
and now you call for him to be censored. Shame on you!

How is it you respond to posts before they put up on the group?


TSJ <tsj t…> wrote:
I agree – the stuff that isn’t plain nasty by one is pure nutiness
by the

Unless the moderators goal is to destroy the list the ‘problems’
should be


—–Original Message—–
From: templars [mailto:templars]On
Behalf Of ian sinclair
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 12:20 PM
To: templars
Subject: Re: Paula Stiles .- To The Moderator.

Paula makes some very valid observations, I believe that now is the
time to
put an end to this destruction, and only you can do this.
If the list continues in the same vane much longer there will be no
seriously interested people around to support the great work you
have done
in setting up this site. Like most people who have become sick and
fed up
with the constant insults to other researchers, I contact others
either by private email or telephone, therefore the list misses out
on some
interesting research and points of view, but at least there is no
Yours aye
Ian Sinclair of Noss Head

—– Original Message —–
From: “rpcv.geo” <thesnowleopard h…>
To: <templars>
Sent: Friday, October 07, 2005 5:45 AM
Subject: Re: Paula Stiles .- To The Moderator.

> Well, mainly, because the bald-faced lies and the slander get very
> tiresome. And they don’t stop regardless of whether I post or don’t
> post or reply or don’t reply. They just keep going, because
> I’ve hit a nerve. It’s mainly, I think, because I’m what these two
> bozos pretend to be–a genuine expert on the subject–and just by
> posting things, regardless of whether or not I engage them, I make
> them look bad. And since Andrew clearly can’t be bothered to do
> anything about them, I guess I have to just wade in there and
> their nonsense, point by point, until they shut up. They are too
> intimidating to the newbies to be allowed to continue unchallenged.
> I can tell you one thing–the only reason you have me here is
> because I’ve been on since ’98, I’ve got a very thick skin and I’m
> too stubborn to leave. Plus, there are people here, like you, with
> whom I’ve had some useful, pleasant discussions. Unfortunately, we
> are very unlikely to get any other academic experts besides the
> we have now. I’m not trying to read the minds of any of my
> colleagues. I just don’t see how I could possibly recommend this
> list to them. There is no way that they would put up with any of
> this and that’s a shame. Because they could be quite useful to this
> list and it could be useful to them.
> It is a great shame that we have two people here who make the list
> so hostile to anything remotely friendly or cooperative in the way
> of discussion. Unless the moderator boots them or unless they
> to leave (the latter option being unlikely, since they both thrive
> on instilling chaos and bullying others), we are stuck with this
> problem. Ignoring it won’t make it go away. That, unfortunately,
> become all too clear in the past few months.
> Paula
> — In templars, “Graham” <widowsson b…> wrote:
>> Paula,
>> I don’t know why you dignify Paul by actually replying to his
> insults, they
>> aren’t worth the bandwidth downloading.
>> Graham

“As a coincidence, my father’s mother’s maiden name, BRODERICK, also mean AMBROSE, a name that is said to stem from RHYDDERICK and means “son of Rhydderick”. WITZ means “son of”. Rhydderick Hael is King Arthur’s sword – his RHODEMUND. My mother, ROSEMARY ROSAMOND, fell in love with a man born of TWO AMBROSES. Her grandfather, WILIAM ROSAMOND, married a woman surnamed ROSE. In theory, my father could have taken the name ROSEMOND, or ROSEMAN, denoting a man who married a woman named ROSE.

My mother was a double ROSE. A man can also be called ROSEMARY for the same reason. The name BROSEMAN is a form of AMBROSE, as is the name BRAOSE, also BRUS. Both spelling contain a rose. Robert Bruce of Brambler is the BRIAR ROSE. Fair Rosamond has been compared to `Sleeping Beauty’ and was titled a Magdalene. Royal’s wife was MARY MAGDALENE ROSAMOND. I have found a Welsh King named ROSE MARY. He is the father of the TUDOR ROSE. My great grandfather was WENSEL ANTON BRASKEWITZ, and married MARIE ROTH, another Rosemary, as Rothis a Rose name.
There is the name EVEREUX, also EVEROSE a named thatstems from the winged Goddess, Nike of EVROS. We might be looking atthe secret name of the Plantagenent family, and the origin of the surname PRESCOTE, as the first high king of England was AMBROSIUS AURELIUS, a Roman. My brother was named after Marcus. As a boy, MERLIN was name AMBROSIUS. This magician was a Foundling, meaning “unfathered birth” Dionysus, Llew Llew, Taliesin, and Moses `The Rose of Sharon’ were Foundlings and `Outcasts’. Both books of the Bible are based upon the story of `The Prodigal Son’ who, once lost, is now found – even AROSE from the dead.”

Where does the term “roseline” come from, as applied to the zero meridian, in the “peedox”? We are given one answer, in a kind of pun, in that St. Roseline of Villeneuve has her feast day on January 17th. Dan “Beige” (I kind of like that!) tells the world it comes from Rosslyn, except, no, it doesn’t, and Rosslyn (Roslin) Chapel isn’t on the French zero meridian in any case. However, there is an interesting town that is on the zero meridian, named Rodez. It has a cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of the Roses, and is built of pink (rose) sandstone

Now, the name of the town is interesting. It (first Segdonum, then Ruthenium) is supposedly named after the Celtic Rutheni/Rhedoni, whose name literally means “rose people”, after the reddish color of their hair. (“Ruthenian” is also originally the name of the Russian Slavic people, too, but in exploring this side tangent I’ve only encountered perplexities, so I haven’t pursued it.) But on a 15th century map I once was perusing over I saw something else weird: the name of the town written as “Rhodes”. Now, there is something else weird going on here. It seems that there were two Greek colonist populations that originally settled in Celtic Gaul: the Phocaians/Massalians (who gave their name to Massalia/Marseilles) and the Rhodians, from the isle of Rhodes. The island of Rhodes was named after the Greek rose-goddess, Rhoda, her name literally means “Rose” (she was a nymph-daughter of Poseidon). It also had its own zero meridian; the astronomer Hipparchus proposed one going through the island. We know for sure there is another colony of theirs in Spain (Catalonia), today known as Rosas, but once known as Rhode. And it is also said they had a colony named Rhodanousia in Gaul.…%20s-5571.htm

How interesting that the name of the Rhone originally was apparently Rhodanos. There are some who suggest this may be a hint of the Rhodian presence as well. What relation did the Greek Rhodian colonists have with the Celtic Gauls? Did interaction and intermarriage result in the “Rutheni” people? Could they have given their name to the “rose – line”? BTW, one final strange loop: Rhoda was supposed to be the bride of the sun-god Helios; St. Roseline’s brother Helion was the GM of the Knights Hospitaller.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement, confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), proprietary information agreement (PIA), or secrecy agreement, is a legal contract between at least two parties that outlines confidential material, knowledge, or information that the parties wish to share with one another for certain purposes, but wish to restrict access to by third parties. It is a contract through which the parties agree not to disclose information covered by the agreement. An NDA creates a confidential relationship between the parties to protect any type of confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets. As such, an NDA protects non-public business information.

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