Tracy Twyman Is Dead

Last night on the phone, my friend Casey Farewell (Spooky Noodles) asked me how I got started in all my investigations. I did some googling, and discovered Tracy Twyman is dead. Some account she hung herself, other accounts say she was murdered. Tracy and I belonged to several yahoo.groups that discussed the Knights Templar, Rennes Chateau, Mary Magdalene, and the Merovingians. When she told me she had lived in Eugene Oregon for awhile, we conversed on a personal level. In 1999 she asked me if Froggy was still around. I said he was and invited Tracy to come run for Slug Queen. She said she would if I paid expenses.

I also found out our old buddy Bill Arney was doing a Hammet Tour and had lived in Sam Spades appartment. We belonged to templar-yahoogroup that I began to blog on in 1997. About ten of us were going to meet in San Francisco. I was going until Bill and I got into a fight over who Napoleon married, and, if Pontius Pilate was Master Augur. I posted a image of his coin. Bill got me kicked out of the group. I wondered why? I wondered if he was jealous of me, even threatened. I declare there was a Rose Line in my family headed by my grandmother,  Mary Magdalene Rosamond. Then I told the group Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is my kin it suggested that name stem from Rougemont. I found the Rougemonts that owned the Shroud of Turin. Arney as a Freemason-Templar and presented himself as a great detective – and movie buff! Yeah! He got rid of me because he had a nice niche in the city of my people. He was jealous, as were, and are, so many people who know me. Then Dan Brown came along and -stomped us out like bugs!

Then, my sixteen year old daughter came into my life, and the rival biographer helped my family lure her away from me in order to destroy me and my autobiography. I will be showing my therapist the videos I took of Kim Haffer mocking me, and using my daughter to make me feel suicidal, she trained to deal with suicidal people when she worked at the Johnson Unit.

In 1995, I was living with my kin, Michael Dundon and his second wife. I found the book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ and asked Diane what it was about. Her father was a Master Mason. I read this book, and was hooked. This is a deeply sad ending to a fellow detective’s life. Did Arney read I am kin to Ian Fleming? Did he see the photograph of my grandmother with members of the Black Mask?

Back Stabbers! The Game of Thrones came out of the folks we studied. Knives Out. I suffer from deep low self-esteem. People sense I own week boundaries. Of course Tracy strengthens my claims, my borders, and gives me credibility.

John Presco

Copyright 2020

Tracy Twyman Update [UPDATES]

Shot above from a few years ago, Mike Humbert, Don, Bill Arney standing in front of the folded-up Murphy bed in Sam Spade’s apartment, 891 Post Street. Mike maintains a Hammett website and Bill is famed as the one-time occupant of the Spade digs.

You might think that other than going under the knife on occasion, that nothing much happens to Hammett fans — certainly that they’re not involved in any exciting news.

Unfortunately, not so.

Bill reported a couple of days ago, “I just got off the phone with Mike Humbert, whose house, along with most of the town of Paradise, has burned to the ground in California’s latest brush/forest fire. Mike got out, literally with his hair on fire, as his roof was bursting into flames.

“His books, typewriter collection, hell, most of his clothes, are gone.”

Other than the singed hair, it sounds as if Mike survived. And he’s not the only guy who got whacked by the fire (now not even the latest, with two more popping up near LA), and he’s luckier than the people who didn’t even make it out.

I’ll report better news, if any drifts in.

Why would French Templars of the early 14th-century have anything to
do with the presence of modern-day Scottish Tartans? French Templars
did not wear Scottish Tartans, and as far as I am aware, Scots did
not wear the now popular family Tartans until the 19th century.
Further, Scots did not settle what they named “Nova Scotia” until the
British took it from the French settlers (who called in “Arcadia”) in
the mid 1700’s.


William P Arney

Sep 15, 2000


Dear Terry,

Plantard’s been up to…dying. He died this year, either in Feb. or June.

On Fri, 15 Sep 2000 20:30:03 -0000 “Terry Melanson”
<guitarconspiracy@…> writes:

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Group Description

This is a list for people interested in the crypto-historical reality of the movement known as the Priory of Sion. They are connected with the 19th century mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau. The group existed, of that small fact we can be sure; but whether it was a surrealist joke enacted by three Frenchmen in the 1950s or a 900 year old secret society pulling the strings of western civilisation is still open to debate. With renewed interest from the millions who have read Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’, along with the millions already familiar with the story through ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’ this forum exists to encourage rational and non-sensationalist debate.

Topics likely for discussion include, the Templars, the Holy Grail, The Merovingians, the catholic church and the literature surrounding this area of study. New directions welcome, naturally.

Our expectations:
There will be consideration for all members.

Flaming, personal insults, or profanity (of any nature) will not be tolerated

Group Information

  • Members :178
  • Category :Europe
  • Founded :Apr 19, 1999
  • Language :English

Friday, August 9, 2019

Tracy Twyman, Pizzagate researcher, murdered

Researcher Tracy Twyman sent me this video on May 24, 2019. She asked me not to share it publicly at the time because she was in fear for her life. She had been in communication with Isaac Kappy about threats she had received related to a campground near Williams, Arizona.

Kappy died very close to the campground. Today I learned that Tracy passed away at the age of 41, after quitting social media and YouTube.

I do not know the circumstances of her death, but if someone says “I’m afraid for my life” and then suddenly dies, this warrants further investigation. The timing of this as Jeffrey Epstein is arrested is highly suspicious.

I note the mysterious disappearance of Robert the Deplorable, and also the sudden death of #Pizzagate researcher Jenny Moore in August 2018. I’ll explain the content of the video a bit. Tracy was a guest on The Higherside Chats podcast a few times. This video was released on the 10th, but she made it two months ago and gave it to a friend. She is now dead, and her friend posted this dead-man switch video she made.

This is the message she wanted to get out, but didn’t post because she feared for her life. She apparently discovered on youtube a vast trove of pedo videos where they were selling the videos or perhaps even the children themselves via the videos. She gathered binders of evidence, and took it to the FBI to report it. She was completely boxed out and they refused to take her report basically, even in the initial contact. She had located a specific school in England near Yorkshire where it appeared many of the children there were being prostituted out via Youtube. Some of the videos were also specifically designed as threats to the children. After reporting it to the FBI, her internet connection starting frequently malfunctioning, and her phone was acting very strangely. Then she was receiving many death threats with fears seemingly personally tailored to her, they apparently knew everything about her. Kyle is a friend of her and the host of the higherside chats, who had a mental breakdown after beginning to investigate this information.

Twyman and Valkyrie

It is no mistake that Tracy Twyman and Alley Valkyrie look alike, and are on the same path. Now Alley is in Rennes, the Land of Archetypes. Valkyries has trespassed onto something that was much greater than she. She has done much damage. I am descended from the Templar lineage that owned the Shroud of Turin.

In 1999 I invited Tracy to come to Eugene to try out for the Slug Queen. She said she’d love to come back, because she went to the UofO – if I paid her way! Here is one of her posts. We had plans or Belle and her Venus archetype. Alley got in the way. Bon voyage!

The trouble with spell-casting is, one has to know where the REFRESH key is. Most Wiccans and Warlocks avoid the idea of Eternal Life. Why? I have died, and, come back. I have seen the truth. I was one with The Truth.

You interfered with the struggle I am having getting my daughter out of the clutches of a evil witch. What should be your penalty? What if I did this to you? You will never have a child. You are too self-centered.

Jon Presco

Tracy R Twyman

Jul 10, 2000

I know it’s off topic, but it’s pretty serious, I thought.

Please read this and, if you feel strongly about it,
do the following…

We ask the Chinese government for compassion.

Today in China 10,000 (ten thousand) bears are kept
prisoner for extracting bile form their gall bladders.
The bears are kept in a horizontal position, in cages
that look rather like coffins . They wear a metal
collar and are held down by pressure bars. A catheter
is introduced into their body that continuously
absorbs the liquid from their gall bladders.. The
bears cannot change their position and remain in this
condition of permanent pain between 15 and 20 years!


The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau
By Tracy R. Twyman

Occult expert and historian Tracy R. Twyman has been investigating the enigma of the Holy Grail and Rennes-le-Chateau for more than seven years, and has written extensively about it in Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine, as well as other publications. Now at last she has fully disclosed the shocking conclusions of her exhaustive research.

Twyman has discovered that the bloodline of the Merovingians stems not only from Christ and Mary Magdalene, but in fact, goes back to the god-kings and queens of the antediluvian world. She has also determined the nature of the physical object called “the Holy Grail” – a magnificent structure hidden beneath Rennes-le-Chateau, France. And within this structure is perhaps the greatest treasure of human history: the grave of a sacred king named Cain, who brought kingship and the wisdom of the gods down from Heaven. Throughout history, the secret of the Grail, the tradition of the Grail, and the bloodline of the Grail have inspired the activities of secret societies, and guided the destiny of humanity. It has been at the center of a struggle both cosmic and terrestrial that has lasted for thousands of years.

In the pages of this volume, Twyman reveals the answers to dozens of questions that have remained unanswered for decades, centuries, and even millennia. She deciphers nearly all of the many clues pertaining to this mystery that have been left by the Priory of Sion, Berenger Sauniere, the Knights Templar, and the Freemasons. But more than that, she has decoded a tangled web of clues found in history, world mythology, Judeo-Christian scriptures, and the traditions of the occult, resulting in a bold reinterpretation of the story of human civilization. And the outcome is not what you would expect. The villains and protagonists are not who you might presume them to be. For the Holy Grail is a treasure both cursed and sacred, bestowing knowledge both of Good and of Evil.

After reading this book, you will never think of history, mythology, or the Bible the same way again.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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