For The Love of Roses

Is it any wonder I would be interested in being romantic with beautiful women? I grew up around beautiful women! Why then have I been reviled, demonized, and made out to be insane? If these women had backed me, just a little, then I would have several books on the market. I would have a family. I would not be hounded and chased by usurpers and ignorant commoners. I would not have been betrayed by my own blood, my daughter and her drunken rascals, who thwarted all my plans. Is it any wonder there is so much war amongst these roses, these hideous fights for a royal crown? To hell with the pretenders! Be damned the fiction of thieves. There! There is your king, in his rose garden, with all those beautiful roses!

Rosemary told me her mother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, descends from a ancient family who owned four castles on the Hephoon Heil, a river in Germany. Does anyone know this place? I suspect Mary descends from Argotta Rosamunde. All the Rosamond sisters, are dead. Who do you believe they want as the ‘Caretaker’ of their history. Myself, or Alan Pierrot and his spoiled daughter?

Is it any wonder why millions of women, many of them beautiful, voted for brutish pig of the Trumpire, ignoring the bragging of The Beast, and the testimony of beautiful women who claimed the leader of America, groped them, grabbed them, defiled them. And now, there is a darkness over the land

Jon ‘King of Oregon and California’

Argotta Rosamunde, Queen Of The Franks Female

  • She was born in the year 376in Moselle, Lorraine, France.Source 1
  • Profession: in Queen Of The Franks/.
  • She died in the year 438in Westphalia, Sachsen, Germany, she was 62 years old.

    About Athildis verch Coilus

    Athildiis of Britain seems to be mythological — invented to give the Frankish kings a descent from the Caesars.

    born 115 or 125

    Coel (Old Welsh: Coil) or Coel Hen (“Coel the Old”) is a figure prominent in Welsh literature and legend since the Middle Ages. Early Welsh tradition knew of a Coel Hen (Coel the Old), a leader in Roman or Sub-Roman Britain and the progenitor of several kingly lines in the Hen Ogledd (“the Old North”), the Brittonic-speaking part of northern England and southern Scotland. Later medieval legend told of a Coel, apparently derived from Coel Hen, who was the father of Saint Helena and the grandfather of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. Other similarly named characters may be confused or conflated with the Welsh Coel. The legendary “King Coel” is sometimes supposed to be the historical basis for the popular nursery rhyme “Old King Cole“, but this is unlikely.[1]

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    I will not provide evidence the Rosamonds descend from the Salin Franks. This includes Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. John Presco Copyright 2018

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