Is Michael Harkins Dead?

I believe Michael Harkins….is dead! I do not feel his presence on the planet. Was he another friend who became jealous of me, and my study? We had a falling out over the fight for his mother’s legacy. The last time we spoke he said I never met Bill Linhart. I reminded him of the time Bill took us to lunch at Wendy’s and showed us a un-cashed check for $5,000 dollars. We then too Linhart to Jack London Square where he was going to be interviewed on KTVU about being Caryl Chessman’s Private Investigator. We picked white cat hairs off his dark blue suit. Classic

I was living with Peter Shapiro of the Loading Zone when I began my first book….Golden Girls of the Corncob. It’s about a woman’s cult who take Rena into the sand dunes of Nebraska and worship her as The Goddess. This is 1974 – years before Holy Blood Holy Grail was written, and Margaret Starbird’s famous book that is said to have prepared the way for Dan Brown’s book. My Bond character, Miriam Starfish Christling is like…The Daughter of Starbird. When I wrote the chapter on Starfish and Victoria Bond coming to Eugene, I thought about Tracy Twyman.

Starbird came into our templar group and met Bill Arney and other Freemasons that back Bill. I did not buy into all the cult theories surround the Masons. I did not show – enough respect. When I posted on Colonel Thomas Hart Benton, the Grand Master of the Iowa Freemasons, who saved Albert Pike’s library THEY really got threatened. I had to go. I was…BANNED! Arney will pay! Here is the Grail Letter I sent the Judge overseeing Rosamond’s Artistic Legacy. Michael mocked me, launghed in my face, said I was coo-coo. When did Dan Brown’s book come out. He’s still laughing – all the way to th bank! Harkins helped me investigate the mysteiou death of Christine.

Writers have their dear make-believe families, people they collect along the way. Some go willingly, even your villains. Some fight you are the way. This dance is for you Dear Tracy. Bon Voyage. Owning Knowledge should never be ruled the cause of death. Knowledge…..resurrects you! You live!

John Presco

Fellow Voyager

The Royal Drum Circle

The Royal Janitor

Chapter Three

When Victoria told Starfish they were going to Eugene Oregon to track down what became of the Rose Division amongst the Habsburgs, she let out a spine-altering scrrrrrreeeee! She then shook all over, began to sweat profusely, and went into a trance. Victoria retreated, and Sharena got out from behind her desk, just in case she had to make a bee-line for the exit as Starfish made super rapid foot movements with quick turns in different directions. She would later tell the folks at BAD that this was the Lek black grouse dance she learned in South Africa where she and her father fled to get away from Vladimir Putin when he became Premiere of Russia.

“I’m going to bring my drum! This is a dream come true. My mother was born in Eugene. I’ve never been there! Screeeeeee!”

“You own a drum? Why isn’t this in the report? By any chance have you heard of John von Bond?”

“Nope! But, have you heard of the Oregon Country Fair! My Kabalak Klock is telling me this is a Kosmic Konnection made in another dimension. What great timing! We are going to enter the Royal Drum Vortex. I am forbidden to ever step foot in Eugene, but, I don’t give a shit! This is it! You’re going to see – the real me! I want you to promise you will get me back to BAD!”


The truth behind the fiction encountered in The DaVinci Code

Starbird’s “The Woman with the Alabaster Jar” is credited with having   launched Dan Brown on his quest for Mary Magdalene, the “Lost Bride.”

“Margaret Starbird’s work is of particular interest to me because it fuses the diverse fields of symbolism, mythology, art, heraldry, psychology, and gospel history. Her research opens doors for each of us to further explore the rich iconography of our own spiritual history.” 

Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code” and “The Lost Symbol

The Spy In Wanda’s Mystery Basement


Surveillance Photo of Richard Miller and Svetlana Ogorodnikov


bruc0002Above are photos of the famous Russian Spy, Svetlana Ogorodnikov with FBI Agent, Miller. Svetlana was also involved with another FBI agent, Chuck Latting. I took the photo of the photo of Bruce’s alleged wife hanging on the wall in Wanda’s basement where Bruce lived for around four months thanks to the generosity of Wanda Harkis who I considered my surrogate mother. For over twenty five years Wanda had me in her home to celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The last time I had a holiday dinner with a member of my family was 1969.

Last night I had a dream about Wanda. Alas, I got to say goodbye. Due to the legal battle James and Michael Harkins began weeks after their mother’s death – that was wretched and disrespectful to her memory – there was no grieving period. It reminded me of what I first saw when I was in the Harkin’s house on Pinehaven. Wanda brought home bags of groceries her sons did not help her carry into the house, and no sooner did she get them in the kitchen, then down they swoop The Harkins Harpie, they tearing the bags to shreds looking for the choicest items to carry to their rooms that would later be used in the Trade Wars. Wanda’s food would be bartered and bickered over. Wanda retreated to her room.

In this dream I came upon Wanda’s YARD SALE. She was moving and selling everything she owned. To attract buyers to this event, she had baked cookies and cakes that were for free. I wondered why she wasn’t selling them.

Looking around for something I wanted, I opened a cupboard, and there was Jeffery fast asleep. I woke him. He was so glad to see me, and I him. We had forgotten about Jeffery, and I made the mistake of telling him his mother was moving. He went into a panic. Where was he going to live. In whose heart?

I was always welcome in Wanda’s home because I had formed a close bond with all three of her sons, something that is not easy to do. Two years ago Michael Harkins accused me of trying to incorporate his being and history into my blog. He was on death’s door. As his legal battle waged with his brother, Michael sucked my being into the blood-feud. Sensing I had enough, or, was not loyal enough, he promised me he would buy me a used Buick when he got his share. We had been talking about Jeffery’s car. I believe it was a Buick.

When I found Michael alive three days ago he said I never met Bill Lindhart and Michael McClure, and did not know Bruce Perlowin like he knew him. Micahel met Bruce through his ex-wife, or ex-girlfriend. Michael said I got it wrong, that Rebecca was not married to Bruce, but, the article above says otherwise. Again, my long time friend accused me of glomming on to the famous folks he knows, he being asked to contribute to Stone’s movie about Jim Morrison. He declined, saying this movie would not do Jim Justice. There is no movie in the works about McClure or Lindhart. However, there are to movie scripts about my late sister that are being hawked in Hollywood. A major motion picture is coming out about Bruce. No one wants Michael’s story, as yet. I wonder why? Will a movie be made from my autobiography? I wonder who will play Michael Harkins, who on the way to Rosamond’s funeral, told me to open the brown bag on the seat. Inside was a coloring book, with a box of crayons. As an unsilenced Private investigator, my good buddy told me he was on the case and yo keep me busy and out of his way, I was to color in a page in the book. In other words, I was bid to take a back seat at my families funeral.
My family grief was none of my business. This was a private affair that morons like me had no business attending. Michael once again said I was invading his privacy with my blog, and thus, it would make this fake PI happy if I quit writing altogether, and went back to drinking? What a pal!

Christine’s funeral fell on her first sober birthday. Our sobriety was ripped off by outsiders who published a terrible biography, wherein it is suggested Michael Harkins helped family members loot my dead sister’shome the day of the funeral. Surely this is a invasion of bout our privacy. But, Michales was not mentioned by name, so, no skin off his teath.

When I met Bruce I was authoring ‘Bond’s With Angels’ in hope all my siblings would get sober so we could get back together – and maybe spend a Christmas together. On Wanda’s front porch I talked to Bruce for about a half hour about my Twelve Step program, and if he was really interested in saving the world, then he might consider giving an anti-drug message, employing his fame to do so. In a week Michael and Bruce were in a school in the ghetto. The Messenger had arrived! I tried to object to El Friendo about Bruce being two-faced, but, my opinions were not welcome. Bruce and Michael were going places.

I called up Michael Macor of the Oakland Tribune and told him he had been used. Whe Macor told me he had eleven years sobriety, I was incredulous. Why? Macor told me he owed Bruce one because an article he wrote led to his arrest. HUH???????????? Bruce not only ses a grown man in recovery, this founder of Marijuana Inc. inlists seveth-grade CHILDREN in his promotion scam. Bruce took my words to him, and used my program to get a foot in the door. At the time, no one wanted his story as he shared it with anyone that would listen. Is this a new form of child and drug abuse?

Today, Bruce is the most Pro-Drug dude on the world wide web. Down in Wanda’s basement, on a huge blackboard Bruce drew up his master plan. There were submarines and trams bringing high tech computers into Russia past those who would prevent this plan to take over the world. Svetlana used Miller to get high tech information. Hmmmmm!

I was reading about the Priory de Sion when I met Bruce. I saw him as a player. When I discovered the Roza Mira prophecy, I had to wonder.

Bruce is very topical. I own a newspaper in Lane County Oregon. Michael Harkins has wanted many people to fail in their endeavors – including Bruce! I’m usre Perlowin does not want Macor’s article on any of his webpages that deict him as the Supreme Emperor and Inventorof the Hippie Counter Culture. The truth is, Bruce works both sides of the street, he appolgizing about taking LSD, then in another article he is glomming on the chemmists and dealers I knew.

Here Michael, this birds for you!

I cover the waterfront because some folks got something to hide, while at the same time, promoting their better side.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Capturing Belle



On Friday, I found her, at the Art Walk. I was filming a magical singer in Ken Keasy Square when I got a glimpse of her thru my lens. I come in for a close-up, and I gasp! Here she is, my model for Fair Rosamond that I have been searching for ever since I declared I was a Pre-Raphaelite in 1969. As an original hippie, I had always had long hair, but, now I was not holding back. I now carried a palette, my shield, and a brush, like a Knight’s Sword.

My hero, Dante Gabriel Rossetti had his Muse, Siddell, pose for his version of Fair Rosamond, but this image lacks refinement and good breeding. My Rosamond had to have a regal profile, a strong chin, and an angelic mouth. She would be more handson, than pretty. I did not want a poser, but a powerful personality that took risks. She had to be as radical as her paramour, King Henry FitzEmpress, the son of Geoffrey de Anjou. From Henry and Queen Eleanore were born the Plantagenets who would lauch the War of the Roses.

She must have felt my energy directed at her, for even though I used two singers as my human shield, a beautful women can feel the eyes of an admirer. She raises her lovely hand and waves me off. But I persist. And, now she makes her way to me. She has to know what I am up to. I pretend I do not see her coming my way. This is a musical, an ancient dance.

Please view the first two videos. Be patient before you behold her. At the corner of Floral Drive and Fairmount I have an epiphany. I knew I was weeks away from beholding her. She had to appear.

All of a sudden we are exchanging words, names, and ideas. I tell her about the family legend, and our friendship with Joaquin Miller who co-founded the Bohemian Club. She stops my narrative.

“The Bohemian Club? There is a Bohemian Club?”

I am aghast! No man has ever had such great fortune. I was convinced I would die before I met a woman who knew what a Bohemian was. Not only did she know the meaning, she wanted me to take her to this club – NOW!

I told this beautiful young woman Joaquin gathered artists, poets and writers at ‘The Abbey’ a salon in the Oakland Hills he also called the Hights.

“We should found a Bohemian Club here in Eugene!” I suggested and her eyes were twinkling with mischievousness. This is a young woman who loves thinking outside the box. Here is – Belle Companion!

“I am a radical!” She informs me. And I clutch my heart.

“Me too! Has anyone ever painted you? I would like to paint your portrait.”

“Someone did a drawing of me, but, I always wanted my portrait done.”

This conversation occurred after I turned my camera off because I did not want it to come between us. Her reaction to me telling her what my blog is about, is the end of my novel ‘Capturing Beauty’, for she captures me, takes my name and my number.

“We can talk!”

We speak the same timeless language.

I have already done one sketch of her looking down at her cellphone, her beauty fingers taking my name and capturing it. This is Fair Rosamond. At her spinning wheel, making flax threads for her embroidery. Here is the end of the clue of the Rouge Thread. Here is the splicing of the Rosy Quest to the thread that carry on the dream into the future.

My work is done. The Master has found his Apprentice – already doing the good work, and looking for a good and gallant deed to do! She knows who I am. She has been looking for me for a long time.

From Belmont, to Fairmount, my kindred have come to plant the kiss. Belle, my Beautiful Belle, is awake! And my heart, my mind, and my Bohemians Soul… soars! I am in love with my Muse. I always have been.

In the last video she is surrounded by beautiful old crones under the S of the Pepsi sign. How many, I dare not count lest I be whisked away the Land of the Living Grimm’s Fairytales. Then, the crone who has been concealing her, moves aside, and a curtain that has been closed, opens. I am on pins and needles to see her eyes. When I do, the sleeping kingdom is awoken. From a across the courtyard I give her a little kiss.

The painting above is titled ‘Lady Lilith’ by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. A Lily, and a Rose.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2014

Rosemonde Clifford, dite la Belle Rosemonde (en anglais, Rosamund Clifford) (prob. avant 1140 – 1175/1176[1]), fut la maîtresse préférée du roi Henri II d’Angleterre.

Fair Rosamonde: la belle Rosamonde

La belle Rosamonde, fair Rosamonde

Translated from the German by Lucy Crane and done into pictures by Walter Crane. Household Stories: From the Collection of the Brothers Grimm. New York: R. Worthington, 1883.

“At last he came to the tower and opened the door of the little room where Rosamond lay.”


Saint Stephen with a rose
In and out of the garden he goes
Country garland in the wind and the rain (note 1)
Wherever he goes the people all complain
Stephen prosper in his time
Well he may, and he may decline
Did it matter, does it now?
Stephen would answer if he only knew how
Wishing well with a golden bell
Bucket hanging clear to hell
Hell half way twixt now and then
Stephen fill it up and lower down, and lower down again
Lady finger, dipped in moonlight
Writing “What for?” across the morning sky
Sunlight splatters dawn with answers
Darkness shrugs and bids the day goodbye
Speeding arrow, sharp and narrow
What a lot of fleeting matters you have spurned
Several seasons with their treasons
Wrap the babe in scarlet colours, call it your own
Did he doubt or did he try?
Answers a-plenty in the by and by
Talk about your plenty, talk about your ills
One man gathers what another man spills (note 2)
Saint Stephen will remain
All he’s lost he shall regain
Seashore washed by the suds and the foam
Been here so long he’s got to calling it home
Fortune comes a-crawling, Calliope woman
Spinning that curious sense of your own
Can you answer? Yes I can
But what would be the answer to the answer man?

A Little While


Dante Gabriel Rossetti

A little while a little love
The hour yet bears for thee and me
Who have not drawn the veil to see
If still our heaven be lit above.
Thou merely, at the day’s last sigh,
Hast felt thy soul prolong the tone;
And I have heard the night-wind cry
And deemed its speech mine own.

A little while a little love
The scattering autumn hoards for us
Whose bower is not yet ruinous
Nor quite unleaved our songless grove.
Only across the shaken boughs
We hear the flood-tides seek the sea,
And deep in both our hearts they rouse
One wail for thee and me.

A little while a little love
May yet be ours who have not said
The word it makes our eyes afraid
To know that each is thinking of.
Not yet the end: be our lips dumb
In smiles a little season yet:
I’ll tell thee, when the end is come,
How we may best forget.

Your Name

by my Grandfather

Royal Rosamond

The tide was low today, my love
A cadence of the sea was wrought
In melancholy strain, and low and fraught
With whisperings of your name above
The deep sea song!
A shell that lured along the shore
Whispered; “I love you evermore!”
I wrote your name upon the sands –
Would that I traced with gentle hands –
The minor chords were wont to spell
Each syllable!
The tide is high tonight, my dear.
The rock-bound shore loves the wave
But sends it dying to its grave.
The low base notes vie with the fear
The wind send on
The all-encircling gloom
Descended o’er old ocean’s tomb!
Your name is gone tonight, my love:
The angry surge rushed in above.
It cries aloud, with sea gull’s shrill
“I love you still!”

Golden Girls of the Corn Cob






chosen-one7“I know when I am really interested in someone or something, I like to get my hands on as
many resources as possible to get information from a variety of points of view. So I don¡¯t see that it needs to be an either/or situation.”

This is what Patrice Hanson said to me about Tom Snyder’s awful, lying biography that sunk the Rosamond legacy. Tom was a nobody. There were two Bob Weir’s of the Grateful Dead thanks to Patrice’s husband who was arrested twice for impersonating him. Heather had two Daddies, and only one mother, not counting her aunt Linda. My only child is a chameleon and goes with the flow.

Here is what you got when you want two authors:

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s
bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters
turned out, it did little good, for the funeral was not long over before family
members and others were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be
carted away. The artist’scloset, a veritable mother lode – took the worst
beating. World-class spender that Christine had been, much of the clothing had
never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was hauled off to be
exchanged for money. Jewelry disappeared, as well as other personal belongings.
Gallery employees and close friends of the family, along with Vicki, were doing
their best to staunch the flow – the estate had not yet been inventoried – but
to no avail.”

What “family members” and “others”? All the looting took place the day before when I was kept away. As for other, my good friend, Micahel Harkins attended Christine’s funeral in an official capacity. He had done PI for the famous San Francisco Detective, Bill Lindhart. Michael was a god friend of Jim Morrison and his friend, the famous Beat Poet, Michael McClure seen walking before Jim and throwing the bird. Oliver Stone’s people asked Michael to give them some antidotes for that lousy film, and Michael gave them the bird.

In 1976 Michael and I came up with an idea for a film. We would drive his Bently to Nebraska and look for the Female Messiah – The Chosen One! We would be wearing white suits and Italian shades. We would drive up to Rena’s High School during a football game, and ask if anyone has seen her.

“The anointed one!”

As fate would have it, the minister’s wife did a Terot card reading for the Rose of the Word just before she was killed by that “rogue wave” and the Death Card came up. Khara Bromily wrote the screenplay ‘The Chosen One’. I am beginning to believe the Phantom of the Opera is for real.

I do not recall when I wrote most of my novelette ‘Golden Girls of the Corn Cob’ that has Michael and I going to Nebraska to save Rena from a cult following of women who believe she is the female messiah, just because she looks like Jesus’ daughter – if he had one. I had just read “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues’ by Tom Robbins.

Michael met McClure when he was going to the College of Arts and Crafts. Michael was an artist. So was his brother who went with Rena and I on a road trip in the Dodge I called ‘President Eisenhower. Tom Snyder wrote a book on Route 66. What did he know about art? Snyder did not know my family. He was an outsider, like Patrice and her family. I was appalled at how she and our daughter (too) played me like outsiders. My daughter was not an outsider in my mind, but the Skull-Witches bid Heather to play her cards that way, lest she be let into the inner Rosy Circle, and the door slammed after her.

Snyder was Patrice’s foot in the door, and I could not get her to remove it. Every time I tried, my attempts were turned into evil toads that were proof I was shutting my daughter out. Patrice low-balled everything. Feeling insecure she put me way beneath her! Heather came to believe I was the scum of the earth. Patrice had brought our daughter into many cults. I fought with a big head of Scientology over my – family? This is when Patrice disappeared my daughter.

In Rosamond’s painting above we may be seeing the blonde beauty that Michael spotted getting out of a Rolls Royce at the funeral. Who is she? Her husband flies his own jet all over the world.

It appears some people who were looking to promote their agenda were allowed to attache themselves to the death of the famous Rose of the World – like parasites!. My daughter demands I give her side of the family complete privacy. I posted this several years ago. Hence Rosamond’s cult has spread into Russia.

Tom Snyder and the Rowdy Girls

I just discovered that Khara Bromily, who gave Christine a Tarot Card reading,
co-authored two movie scripts ‘The Rowdy Girls’ and ‘The Chosen One: Legend of
the Raven’ starring Julie Strain who looks like Rena on steroids. Strain has
been titled “Queen of the B-movies” and “Queen of All Media “. One can say that
Julie Strain is the inner Rosamond. I hereby crown Christine Rosamond ‘Queen of
B Artists’. We lived in Concord where Strain was born.

Here is Khara Bromily telling Tom Snyder the Death card came up in Rosamond’s
Tarot card reading a week before she drowned.

“Was there any indication to Khara in her vision, or the cards themselves, of
death or impending doom? Did Christine have any concerns in that regard?
My work is about health and forgiveness and self-worth. A death pronouncement
can work against all that. But, if you are asking if a Death card came up, then
the answer is yes?”

Here is the Genesis of the Rosamond Cult. Tom Snyder is suggesting there were
supernatural forces at play in regards to the death of a World Famous B Artist.
Working in tandum, it is obvious Tom Snyder and Khara are interested in
immortalizing Christine so they can enhance their careers as authors. Hugh
Bromily conducted the funeral services. Is Christine ‘The One’ who would give
rise to a new generation of Super Women who would defeat the Poisoned Male
Pedigogy and restore Lillith to her rightful throne?

Tom Snyder smears my family, tells the world that those in Rosamond’s home after
the funeral looted the place! Of course we looted the place, the Rosamond Women
are the original Rowdy Women, the daughters of a real cowboy and Ozark
Hillbilly. Consider ‘The Beverely Hillbillies’. Looting the home of your dead
kin is traditional in the Ozarks! What the fuck does that outsider know. He
should be horse-whipped! Tom Snyder doesn’t even cut it as a B Author! He is a D
Author who wrote a wimpy manual on how to avoid getting hooked up with a famous
manic depressive female artist. Ah! He’s no fun!

“Oh it was just awful.” Lillian recalls. ‘Rosemary was shouting that Shannon was
late, ‘and ought to have her butt kicked.’ I don’t know all what she said after
that but she had her silver flask with her and it was getting rough.”

Of course Rosemary had her silver flask, all the Rosamond Women carry a
silverflask containing a magic potion to ward off rival Succubuses.

Above we see a photo of Rosemary at the Rucker office party being led around the
room by her beads, she dressed like a Flapper, a Hooker for the Mob. If you put
Carmen Electra, and Julie Strain in a ring with seventy year old Rosemary in a
walker, it would be ruled a No Contest! Rosemary chased Vic out of our home
after stabbing him between the eyes with a knife. He never to returned. He would
accuse me of helping Rosemary bannish him, but, Rosemary didn’t need any help.
Vic was a fucking coward who mentally tortured children.

“I felt responsible to continue,” Saint Pierrot says.”She taught me everything,
and I loved her. Her family was understandably in chaos. I couldn’t let all she
worked for drift away”

Chaos: 1. confusion, or confused mass, of formless matter and infinite space,
supposed to have existed before the ordered universe.

“Hugh Bromily, Khara’s husband and Episcopal priest, conducted the service with
taste and dignity. Raphael spoke, along with Karin: two friends from childhood.
The rest was, given those involved, what one might expect. Vic was cornering
whatever woman he could; Rosemary came in drunk, lost in her story that she was
the only seventeen-year-old to turn down Errol Flynn’s advance.”Oh it was just
awful.” Lillian recalls. ‘Rosemary was shouting that Shannon was late, ‘and
ought to have her butt kicked.’ I don’t know all what she said after that but
she had her silver flask with her and it was getting rough.”

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s
bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters
turned out, it did little good, for the funeral was not long over before family
members and others were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be
carted away. The artist’scloset, a veritable mother lode – took the worst
beating. World-class spender that Christine had been, much of the clothing had
never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was hauled off to be
exchanged for money. Jewelry disappeared, as well as other personal belongings.
Gallery employees and close friends of the family, along with Vicki, were doing
their best to staunch the flow – the estate had not yet been inventoried – but
to no avail.”

Here are the Rowdy Women that were in Christine’s home after the funeral. Too
bad Christine was not alive to enjoy the Rosy Chaos!
Garth and Drew Benton did not attend the funeral or reception of Rowdy Rosamond,
Royal’s granddaughter. The vespian, Garth Benton could have sent in his ex-wife,
the actress Harlee McBride, or her daughters, to make sure Drew was left her
fair share of the Rosy Scrum. I believe there was talk of making a movie two
days before the funeral at the meeting I was kept away from. They needed all the
B (for Benton) Actors in on this as they could get. Tom Snyder tells the world
about the fist fight Christine had with Jessica Benton.

Father, with Harlee McBride, of Jessica Erin Benton and Shannon Bree Benton…
Down 4% in popularity this week. See why on IMDbPro.
IMDb Resume:

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page with IMDb Resume. Get a customized IMDb URL and more.

1. “O.K. Crackerby!” …. Sam’s Assistant (1 episode, 1965) – Ol’ Sam (1965) TV
episode …. Sam’s Assistant
2. Raiders from Beneath the Sea (1964) …. Clifford ‘Buddy’ Harper
3. 13 Frightened Girls! (1963) …. Peter Van Hagen
4. “Outlaws” (1 episode, 1961) – The Cutups (1961) TV episode

Hugh & Khara Bromiley have been active in the healing ministry since 1989. They
are featured speakers internationally on the healing power of Christ and the
vital connection of prayer and faith to healing. Reverend Hugh Bromiley is an
Anglican priest. They are known for combining humor and warmth with a clear and
powerful spiritual message.

The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven is a 1998 B-movie directed by Lawrence
Lanoff, co-written by Khara Bromiley and Sam Rappaport, and distributed by Troma
Films. It stars Carmen Electra and Lawrence Lanoff. When a serial killer
mysteriously and savagely murders a young native woman in rural Los Angeles
County, her sister McKenna (Carmen Electra) must replace her as the keeper of an
amulet, the sacred crescent. Reluctantly, McKenna accepts the role of chosen
one. With the amulet and after the rigors of the ritual, she takes on the spirit
and powers of the raven, the good forces in the battle against evil, the wolf.
McKenna’s powers include a thirst for milk and great sexual energy, which she
unleashes on her former boyfriend, Henry, a cop. The spirit of the wolf inhabits
Rose, Henry’s jilted lover. Rose wreaks havoc of her own before a final showdown
with the chosen one. Carmen Electra appears nude in this film although some have
suggested it is a body double.

1. The Rowdy Girls (2000) (writer)
2. The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven (1998) (V) (writer) … aka The Raven:
Chosen One (USA: closing credits title)

Not since Brandon Lee in The Crow has there been a movie hero like The Chosen
One: Legend Of The Raven. Sexy superstar Carmen Electra (star of TV’s Baywatch
and MTV’s Singled Out) explodes onto the screen in her feature film debut as
McKenna Ray, The Chosen One: the ultimate warrior in the battle between good and

When her sister Emma (Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand Lamas, star of TVs hit series
Renegade) is viciously murdered, McKenna, a cynical young lady, enters a world
which she left long ago. Guided by her shaman father and Emma’s spirit, McKenna
discovers that she holds the key within her to prevent the apocalypse.

Carmen Electra is The Chosen One, a powerful, beautiful avenging force of purity
who’s sole purpose is to defend the weak and destroy the wicked. Lavishly
produced by India Aleen (Playboy Playmate of the Year), The Chosen One: Legend
Of The Raven is a sexy, action-packed thrill-ride of non-stop unbelievable
special effects which has made the film one of the year’s surprise hits.

So here is our next B-Movie Babe, the self professed “Queen of All Media ” Julie
Strain. Now This 6’1 foot busty babe ( 40D-27-38 ) may look familiar to some
people, and that’s because she has been pretty sucessful as a “cult” type model.
She has been drawn and painted in Heavy Metal magazine and various pin-ups. She
has also served as the model for the heroine in the animated film “Heavy Metal:
F.A.K.K 2.A few interesting tidbits on this former Penthouse Pet of the Year (
93 ) is that she actually has suffered from amnesia. She was riding a horse (
and I’ve seen her movies..the girl dosen’t just ride horses ) and suffered a
nasty head injury which has left her with few memories of her life before the
accident. It’s almost a real-life scenario of most of these movies plots.Julie
is also married to Kevin Eastman. Comic book geeks know him best as one of the
creator’s of ” The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ” and owner of Heavy Metal
Now I have seen a bunch of Julie’s films in my time and she always looked like
that woman who could kick the sh!t out of you, and she probably could. Her
character was usually the bad ass chick who’d carry guns both in her hands and
in her shirt , and would blow up a ton of stuff, and then unwind usually by
skinny dipping in a hot tub, sometimes even with other gals.

Strain was born in Concord, California. A graduate of Diablo Valley College, she
had an extensive athletic background. Much of her youth was wiped from her
memory, however, when she was left with a case of retrograde amnesia due to a
severe head injury suffered in a fall from a horse.[1] She eventually made her
way to Las Vegas and later Hollywood, California and her career took off.
[edit] Career

Strain has come to be known as the “Queen of the B-movies”. She has over 100
films to her credit. In addition, she was Penthouse Pet of the Month for June
1991, and Penthouse Pet of the Year for 1993. She has also had her likeness
attached to numerous comic book characters and animation items. For example, she
did the voice acting for the main character in the animated movie Heavy Metal
2000 and was the basis for the third person shooter Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.².
Strain, who stands 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m), was married to Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles co-creator and Heavy Metal magazine Editor in Chief Kevin Eastman.
According to Eastman’s blog and Strain’s MySpace page, they separated several
years prior but maintained a relationship in public for undisclosed reasons.[2]
They have since undergone a “friendly divorce”. She met her new boyfriend,
Wayne, in a tattoo shop. She has also retired from show business.[3] Julie often
appears in the magazine in photos or pictures painted by her close friends
Olivia De Berardinis, Simon Bisley, and Luis Royo.

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