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Ian Sinclair and I belonged to a Knights Templar yahoogroup where he worked hard to get me banned. He claimed a wheel had come off my cart. Above is a photo of Ian with Star Dove who drove around America blessing Masonic sites. Did this tiny woman bless Benton family? I do not see any copyrights on this material. Let me know if you object to me posting this Magical Mystery Tour.

Above is a photo of Ken Kesey and Izzy who Iread poetry with at the Granary. Izzy is an old Prankster who went with Ken on his Search For Merlin Tour in 1991. Do you see a patern here, and why Ian would want to silence me, make me invisible – just like the kindred of Jesus and the real Templars? Ian has elected me. Thanks!

Jon Presco

LONDON, Aug 6, 1999 — Ken Kesey and his psychedelic troupe of jesters, the Merry Prankster’s, took their historic intredpid journey to England today . Their magic bus “Further”, which had been shipped several weeks ago from San Francisco, safely navigated the Atlantic ocean and arrived for the first time on the European continent.
“The Search for Merlin Tour,” the Prankster’s official agenda while they will travel England and the British Isles for the next month, is a remarkable continuation of a legacy which began with the first bus trip in 1964 – a legendary journey that spawned the “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests” and was at the heart and soul of a psychedelic revolution.

The tour is being sponsored by Channel Four Films in London, which is producing a TV speries looking back on the Summer of Love. Two of the segments will focus exclusively on the Prankter’s travels in UK.

Knights of the Solar Cross

Unto Thee, great God,
belong mystic rites and sacred song;
lowly bending at thy shrine.
Hail, thou Majesty Divine.
Glorious Architect above
 source of light and source of love,
here thy light and love prevail:
Hail! Almighty Master, Hail!

Our Dearly Beloved Readers,
The following will give you just a taste of what we underwent while in Scotland during our near 55 days stay in bonnie Scotland! Nov 15, 2004 – Jan 5, 2005. We are very happy to see our report being released for the year of 2005 – the Chinese Year of the Bird (Rooster) – the year of Advanced Spiritual Teachings! Bless you 7×7,000 – Pleiadean Style.
Great changes are in store for the Earth and our Star Guides wish to keep our beloved mission members and readers as up-to-date as possible. So though the outer worldly political situations do indeed look glum, the inner is teeming with vast changes slated to bring glorious results! It is y|our destiny!

The Knightly Armor of the Templar should be complete in every respect, and should be fully explained to the novitiate as it is piece by piece buckled upon him. Sir Knight, thou art now in form and semblance, and by declaration of principle, and, we trust, in spirit, a true Knight Templar: as such, it is your sworn duty to aid us in endeavoring to make this world a Temple fit for the abiding place of the Great Architect of the Universe. Receive this sash; its color is an emblem of sorrow and mourning for the miseries and sufferings of humanity. Receive, also, and wear this Celtic cross of blue, the jewel of the Order; deserve it by the services you shall hereafter render to the good cause in which you now claim to be a chief and leader.

Ironically, the truly interesting part of the Knights Templars Saga began only after the order was liquidated. According to the generally accepted view, the order went underground, developing a deep animosity for monotheistic religions and the Church in particular and, in the long term, transmuted into the organization known today as Freemasonry. The Masons’ anti-fundamentalist plastic religious philosophy and involvement in revolutions and political movements against corrupt governments and royalty is a consequence of their Templars ancestry. In other words, the Knights Templars still survive in the present, under the name of Freemasonry. This is why the Catholic Church, Orthodox Christianity and Corrupt Governments spread false tales about them and otherwise persecute them today, attempting to fool the masses into thinking Freemasonry are Satin worshippers. Those who reach the highest degrees of Masonry are granted Templar inspired titles such as “Guardian of the Temple.”

The Aquarian Perspective is that the Templars and the Masons are the Earthly branch of the Knights of the Solar Cross which Champion TRUTH, rather then religions which are formed to bind men to dogma. In the United States, some lodges that convene under the name of the Knights Templar are affiliated with Masonry. Masonry, on the other hand, continues the Templars’ foremost tradition of opposing false religions and corrupt governments, as well as being actively avaricious. Advanced lodges rely on extra-terrestrial assistance. Many of the Grand Masters were also Ambassadors from the Interplanetary Confederation sent to keep an eye on this developing wayward planet.   There are, as is always the case in a dualistic world still caught in the good versus evil scenarios, evil men disguised as Masons and Templars, which in Truth they are not that at all!

Our deployment to Scotland for 2 full months just after the last U.S. Presidential implant to run America, was so we could delve more deeply into the beginning of American Politics and Government. This connection occured during our USA Blessing Expedition that carried the Mother Mission thru 26 U.S. states! Specifically the state where our Masonic connection was renewed was Georgia, in the fine city of Savannah.
Now we see why we were deployed to this unique power center destined to bring World Peace. Here, at Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh, Scotland. The herstory of Occultism in Scotland gives a complete picture of what we were doing there at this time of world herstory.
Near the end of our 3 month long, 26 State USA Blessing Expedition, we arrived in Denver, Colorado and were directed by the library angels in one of the largest Barnes and Nobel in the USA to a book by Mark Amaru Pinkham titled, “The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom.”
STARDOVES Pilgrimage to Savannah, Georgia
February 2004
During our 2004 USA Blessing Expedition

During our USA Blessing Expedition through 26 U.S. States! The state where our Masonic connection was renewed was Georgia, in the fine city of Savannah.

This image of the Savannah Masonic Bldg.
was made in the early 1800’s.

This image of the Savannah Masonic Bldg.
was taken by Merk  Feb. 2004

STARDOVES were given a special tour of the Masonic Temple. The first activities of the Masons in Savannah were traced to 1790.  According to George Koeln, 33°, Brother Jacobs arrived in Savannah in 1790 via shipwreck from Kingston Jamaica. He settled, became a teacher at a Hebrew School, and for a time earned an income by conferring ritualistic degrees. He was known to have conferred degrees in Augusta, Washington Co., and upon his return to Savannah, assisted in the constitution of the first Lodge of Sublime Masons in Georgia in 1802. This was the first officially recognized Scottish Rite body outside of the famous events in Charleston occurring the previous year.

For more Georgia Scottish Rite History, please refer to

You may also take a virtual tour via the computer by clicking here:

We drove our trusty Lincoln Continental Signature series from California to Florida.

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