Bill Arney, Hammett, Royal Rosamond

I am the King of the Bohemian writers.

Rosamond Press

“I think it is good that Bill Arney, and others, step forth and
protect the era of Napoleon, but not from me, not at my expence, as I am beside myself to protect certain aspects of this era, one being the writing of my late sister’s biography, one of two in the works. Christine Rosamond Presco has sold more art then any artist alive or dead.”

Here is a paragraph from the e-mail I posted in Templar-yahoogroup in 2001. My seventeen year old daughter has been disappeared and is trying to get in the rival biography. I am defending myself from an attack by Bill Arney who came to San Francisco to “reinvent himself”. Ian Sinclair, and other Sinclairs were reinventing themselves and were employed by Dan Brown to reinvent Mary Magdalene whose scholarly tools were hidden at Rosslyn Chapel, the source of the “rose line” some say.


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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