The European Union Kingdom of Heligoland

On this day, I found the European Union Kingdom of Helgoland. Elizabeth was once the Queen of the European Union. There were other nations that belonged to the EU that had royals who employed democratic nations in their title. China is celebrating the Death of the European Union, and is mocking Australia as being the symbol of the end of the British Commonwealth. At the same time, China eyes nations in Africa. Brexit, was the Beginning of the End. The Trumpites modeled their INSURECTION on Brexit.

I declare the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the titular King and Queen of the Island of Heligoland, and seek the backing of the German Government to make this Kingdom their new Hands Across the Water, in order to Unify Germany and Britain, so they can take on their mutual enemies that are making plans to do them harm. Let us found a bond with the State of California so it will represent the European Union of the West, looking East to where our common adversary threatens our common supremacy of….The Seas of Liberty! Let San Francisco Bay and Hawaii be the Common Port of a New United Nations Fleet. Let us erect a International Sister of Liberty on Treasure Island that will look forever out the Golden Gate. Let the Kingdom of Heligoland be a Kingdom of Refuge for all the royals of the world, and all journalists.

The people of Heligoland are hoping the European Union bases Frontex on their Small Rock, that can be the Gibraltar of the New Union and Kingdom. Illegal Immigration has toppled Britain and the United States, and made these once powerful nations vulnerable to TREACEROUS crack-pots and religious cult leaders, who pretend to protect us from the foreign enemy within – when they are THE ENEMY WITHIN! These are NOT PATRIOTS.

I suggest the building of Two Towers of Liberty, one on Heligoland, and the other on Treasure Island. After 911, the United States did not respond correctly. We tried to gain back our power and lost prestige by launching a a war in Afghanistan – that alas we pull out of. President Biden has bid his Vice President, Kamala Harris, to solve the illegal immigration across our border. The Trumpites spent billions on Their Wall of Fear, that was the biggest Billboard Campaign of Fear erected – since the Great Wall of China. Trump”s Wall is the greatest failure in American History. He failed to get reelected, and his cult followers FAIL see how they lost. They are sore losers, just like the Confederacy, who seceded from the Union – AND FAILED!

I challenge China to come up with THEIR SOLUTION to illegal immigration, or shut up! Their threats ARE VILE, and intellectually dishonest. We can do better. Let our Vice President meet with members of the European Union in order to form a better way, a sane approach to what the People of the World have long engaged in. Consider Exodus!

John Presco ‘Nazarite Judge’ President ‘Belmont Soda Works’

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