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Tiffany window in the Janke-Stuttmeister crypt in Colma

Yesterday, The Belmont Soda Works – rose from the ashes like a Phoenix Bird. That a Senator refers to Jason Bourne and “spy movies and books” is a REAL COUP for me, and a testimonial to my amazing research, and this blog. My Man In The Field, Spooky Noodles, suggested more than once, important people -must be reading Royal Rosamond Press! Four of my characters suffer from a Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Victoria Rosemond Bond, does sculptures to deal with her GAD at BAD. I wanted my spies to be VERY HUMAN, for in looking within for what makes us tick, they have boosted their powers of observation.


We own….”sticky thoughts”?

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press; Belmont Soda Works; California Barrel Company

The California Barrel Company – Site Title

Belmont Soda Works California – A School for Spies and Propaganda Making

Belmont School of Espionage – Belmont Soda Works California

Humans of CIA – YouTube

Propaganda – Wikipedia

When Thoughts are Sticky; Pure OCD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder – by Hannah R. Goodman (

Admiral, Sir Arthur Lancelot Nelson Swinburne

Art Lesson At Osborne House | Rosamond Press

The clip went viral on social media earlier this week, prompting conservatives to mock the ad.

“If you’re a Chinese communist, or an Iranian Mullah, or Kim Jong Un…would this scare you? We’ve come a long way from Jason Bourne,” Cruz tweeted late Monday, mentioning the protagonist of the “Bourne Identity” spy movies and books.

A CIA spokeswoman told Insider: “In 2019, we started our ongoing social media series, “Humans of CIA,” for real officers to share their firsthand experiences.”

Trump also tweeted, “China and Russia love this,” adding in a second tweet that the two countries were “laughing their asses off watching CIA go full woke. ‘Cisgender.’ ‘Intersectional.'”


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“I did not sneak into CIA,” she adds. “I earned my way in, and I earned my way up the ranks.”

Senator Ted Cruz made disparaging remarks about a CIA advertisement that featured a woman who labeled herself in a manner that offended Senator Cruz. Because the Central Intelligence Agency is a United States Government institution, paid for by Tax Payers, I believe it is wise to found a Private Company that has the best interests of the U.S. at heart, and owns Bad Intentions for our Enemies who threaten us. My company will be an overt enterprise, verses a covert company that disguises its true intentions. Because I rendered the protagonists of my Spy Novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ a bi-sexual, and other characters, homosexual, I have shown that I am All Inclusive. Cissgender works for me.

True Patriotism does not come with any other labels attached. If you love your country, you are qualified. There is no training for work at the CIA in the private sector. I will teach writers how to author a Spy and Detective novels, and do works of art with a powerful message. I am kin to Ian Fleming via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. My grandparents were friends of Black Mask authors. Royal Rosamond went camping with Dashiell Hammett. We are a Think Tank. Analyzing information is key to anticipating the next move of foes.

I am employing the name of a company owned and operated by one of my kin, William Janke, who lived in Belmont, and made a soda. I will use the Belmont Soda Works Ca. bottle as my logo. This will include a horseshoe in the cote of arms I will design.

John Presco

President: Belmont Soda Works

Copyright 2021

Why are Australian officials hinting at war with China? (

  • The CIA released a recruitment ad starring a Latina officer identifying as a “cisgender millennial.”
  • It’s part of the “Humans of CIA” series meant to attract a more diverse pool of candidates.
  • Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. mocked the CIA on Monday; Trump said it’d gone “full woke.”

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Donald Trump Jr. have derided the CIA for releasing a recruitment ad starring a female staffer who celebrated being a “cisgender millennial” with anxiety.

The video, released on YouTube by the CIA as part of its “Humans of CIA” series on March 25, sees a Latina woman talk candidly about identity and success.

“I am a woman of color. I am a mom. I am a cisgender millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I am intersectional, but my existence is not a box-checking exercise,” the woman says.

“I did not sneak into CIA,” she adds. “I earned my way in, and I earned my way up the ranks.”

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. mocked a new CIA recruitment ad in which a staffer identified as a millennial with anxiety (

Cisgender vs. Straight: What’s the Difference? And 9 Other FAQs (

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