The California Fusileers

My ancestors were wealthy Prussians. Were they investors in Prussia’s attempt to purchase California, that did not happen possibly due to the Revolutions of 1848? Did some Germans realize California could be had by a intensive migration? The six million dollars could be used to buy portable homes, and other necessities. The chances Count Cipriani purchased a portable home from Carl Janke, is high. Unless he brought one in his wagon train.

The Jankes were members of the California Fusiliers. Did they have any contact with my kin, John Fremont, who was talked out of founding a new nation in the West during the Civil War. Consider the Manifest Destiny propaganda of his father-in-law and John Astor, who paid Washington Irving to author a propaganda novel that clamed the right of Americans to take the Oregon Territory – from BRITISH ROYALS. Astor launched a financial conquest of China – that could be the model for China today! If they take over Central America, will they manufacture Chinese cocaine after exterminating the criminal cartel and all gangs south of the border? Texans would be – pleased as punch! As long as China does not take away their right not to wear masks – or their guns! What about – their God? China could get its powerful think tank to invent a Cocaine Jesus for anti-Democratic cult followers, who will honor the day the Democrats cheated them our of their birth right with fake elections. To the Chinese, we look like members of a superstitious Cargo Cult, we easy pickens when it comes to….Divide and Conquer. Our tribal system is open to covert bribes, pitting one tribe against another tribe.

John Presco ‘Author of The Royal Janitor’

California Fusileers (

On November 29, 1858, M.C. Blake, County Judge of San Francisco County, appointed Major Isaac Rowell to enroll members in a volunteer military company to be known as the California Fusileers. The name fusileer (or fusilier) originally applied to a soldier armed with a fusil. In the British Army the designation Fusiliers is still retained by ten regiments distinguished from the other regiments of the line only by wearing a kind of busby and other peculiarities in costume.

Accordingly on December 9, 1858, Major Rowell presided at the meeting and superintended the election of officers of this new organization. F. G. E. Tittel was elected Captain and Peter Lesser, First Lieutenant. The company was composed almost entirely of German citizens of San Francisco and was a well drilled unit.

Their first recorded appearance in public was in connection with the elaborate military reception tendered to General Winfield Scott on October 18, 1859. Governor Weller and other dignitaries attended the reception and tendered their respect to the famous hero of the Mexican Campaign. (1)

The path of the California Fusileers proved to be rough and rather stormy for in the latter part of 1863, a bitter feud between Captain Tittel and Colonel West, commanding the First Regiment of Infantry, culminated in the refusal of Colonel West to deliver uniforms to Company E, California Fusileers as long as Captain Tittel was in command. When Captain Tittel was promoted to Colonel of the Sixth Infantry Regiment, First Lieutenant John Obeneimer made a new demand to Colonel West for their uniforms.

The Colonel again refused to deliver the uniforms until the company should show that their bona fide active members were sufficient to comply with the law, and that the officers evinced a disposition to do their duty and obey proper orders and regulations. In reply to this letter, the Lieutenant urged the Colonel to prefer charges against him if he had been negligent in duty or disobeyed orders. The Lieutenant was a “fighter” evidently, for he not only contradicted the Colonel but he took the matter up with Brigadier-General Ellis, who then inspection of the company by Major Hill on December 10, 1863. The inspection showed their arms and equipirient in good and serviceable order, their books well kept but in German language, the discipline of the company good and their drill passable. Thirty-seven members were in old and badly worn uniforms, and seven without any uniforms. These uniforms belonged to the old company and were private property.

The records do not reveal the outcome of the strife, but it is assumed that the unit received their uniforms for soon after the passing of the Inspection, the California Fusileers were transferred to the Sixth Infantry Regiment, Second Brigade as Company A. The Colonel of this Regiment was the California Fusileers’ first Captain (F. C. E. Tittel) and no doubt the new assignment ended the ill-feeling between Colonel West and the California Fusileers.

With the conclusion of the Civil War the need for a large militia force was lessened and the Legislature passed a law reducing the number of the militia. This law provided for the organization of a Board of Organization and Location. The duty of this Board was to select companies that were to be mustered out, their selection being decided according to local requirements, concentrate on short notice, and the ability to meet the standards required regarding efficiency and enrollment of individual companies. It is assumed the California Fusileers was mustered out because of their location in relation to military need, since a large number of companies were mustered out in San Francisco for that reason. Their mustering out occurred on July 23, 1866.

The Armory Hall at Sacramento and Montgomery Streets, home of the California Fusiliers.

The Prussian Kingdom of Jerusalem and California

Posted on December 22, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Trump is talking about implementing Marshall Law. I believe he has been considering doing this in California for a couple of years. He has sent his idiotic advance guard in the form of The Newt and The Hucklehead.

FLASH! Trump’s ‘Patriot Prayer’ group attacked the Oregon State House and two reporters. This is coming from THE President. Never before in history have we had a leader who encourages civil disobedience – and attacks on the press! I am writing a James Bond novel to get my politics and message across – as well as weaken Putin.. A year ago I had Victoria Bond and Miriam Christling become lovers to counter the anti-gay bashing in Russia. San Francisco led the world in Gary Rights. Ian Fleming is kin to all the Gettys. Governor Newsom is being attacked by the religious-right. This is – REVENGE! Are the Trumpites reading my blog?

My grandfather the author was a friend of Dashiell Hammet and taught Erl Stanley Gardener to write. He camped on the Channel Islands with Black Mask writers. My spy novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ should be a SF landmark, a part of the Starter Sourdough.

I showed up dressed as the Anti-Christ at a armed 3% rally in Eugene Oregon that clashed with a Gay Rights rally. This militia promised Biblical stuff – too!

John ‘The Seer’

(1) Patriot Prayer Is Dragging Antifa Into An Unwinnable PR War (HBO) – YouTube

The Black Mask – Writes Again! | Rosamond Press

Two journalists, Brian Hayes of the Salem Statesman-Journal and Sergio Olmos of OPB, said they were assaulted by protesters Monday afternoon.

OSP has identified Jeremy Roberts, 40, as the man who attacked the reporters. Roberts has not been located by officers yet.

Covid US: Anti-lockdown protesters hit Oregon State Capitol building | Daily Mail Online

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The Royal Janitor


John G. Precsco

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While Starfish salivated over the target rifle that Admiral William Augustus Lee used when he won his first gold medal, Victoria took in the old map that was hung on the back of the display. She had seen it before. In her work at the Royal College of Arms, she had seen many old maps that were provided as evidence of a royal or Baronic lineage. Claims to land – played a huge role in owning a title and cote of arms!

Pressing her nose to the glass, Victoria was now nine years old. When she read the name Charles Preuss, she went into a deep trance. She had looked at a dozen copies of this map filed in the College to back up claims for large chunks of California. Taking out her cellphone, she googled John Fremont. Preuss went on…

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