Yulia Rose

I spent six exhausting hours searching the internet for a younger version of Rena Easton. I looked at the Grizzly Cheerleaders for the University of Montana. I looked in several Montana modeling and acting agencies. I kept running in to what I believe is an acquired look that caught on and is being passed around – among women! They don’t care if males find it attraction, as long as they do. A study found out that women are sexually excited by studying other women’s tools of Allure. Most do not want to have sex with a woman. What they have come up with is a eight year old in a woman’s body. Men are not supposed to go after eight year old. I think this is an false empowering look that makes young women feel more secure in a world that is very jaded. Why is this my field of study? Why do I got to save the world from ROSATOM?

I am not attracted to women with big breasts. Many of the are fake. They are used as STOP signs. STOP and look at these. BBW work the internet for money. Yulia had the facial looks I wanted, and was about to flip the page, when I saw that she could become an actress. She was treating her breasts in a beautiful way. When I heard her voice on a video, I was sold! Perhaps I should found The Rosamond Model and Talent Agency? Perhaps I should become a Fashion Photographer? They kept walking Yulia around with her mouth open. Sure she has that perfect bee-stung lips, but she is more beautiful with them closed. Let the male beholder imagine what he is doing to get her mouth to open for him. I am talking about a kiss.

Lara Roozemond does not communicate with me, unless, she employs her poems? That she posts ‘Shit’ after I post my conversation between Victoria and Starfish, is uncanny. I composed a storyline – without Lara. However, I see the New Age Bond as being a woman who is a Team Player like the Lone Ranger and Tonto. I see a Russian cowgirl recluse, she stuck in small town in Montana being ostracized because she is different.

I believe if we artists and actors do not define the Cultural Revolution that Trump is empowering on the Right, then he and his ilk will define the American Woman – for starters! Then there is my story ‘Elfine’.

Jon Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    In my search for a young Rena, and Victoria Bond, I considered several redheads. I settled on Yulia Rose, a Russian Beauty, to be Victoria Bond’s bodyguard. Only a few had heard of Maria (Mirriam) Butina. This proves what I have saying for years, I can see into the future, but, need female models and energy to ground me. What’s her background?
    She entered the US in August 2016 on an F-1 student visa. According to her LinkedIn page, she recently completed a masters degree in international relations from American University in Washington DC.
    Those who encountered Ms Butina said she was a gregarious networker whose colourful life story appealed to conservatives she met at events around the US.
    In 2015 she told a US radio show that she grew up in the woods of Siberia, and was taught to hunt by her father.
    After a brief career as the owner of a chain of furniture stores, she said she moved to Moscow where she founded a group called the Right to Bear Arms, which advocated for private gun ownership in Russia.

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