“Let her speak!”

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Tucker Carlson

Sunday night I watched 60 Minutes and saw Ray Epps egging on The Insurrectionists. He laid into Tucker Carlson, accused him of trying to destroy his life. I turned on Fox News afterwards, and there was Tucker talking this jive-ass bullshit with Musk. It was extremely hard to watch. I should have set the timer on my phone. Four minutes passed, and I turn it off. The Left has been accused of conducting a secret Artificial Intelligence operation to destroy the Far-Right. I am reminded of my book ‘The Gideon Computer. Last night I watch the news about Tucker being FIRED! MSNBC talks about who will replace Artificial Man. I have an idea.

“Let Her Speak!” Stars Rena Easton – just her silhouette, because she is….PAST HER PRIME, and only wants to be remembered as The Most Beautiful Woman In The World. Behind her silhouette is the image of her when she was Eighteen. If she has more old photos, they will be shown to the public as she gives discourses on what a Real Redneck Heterosexuals Middle American – THINKS! No beating about the bush. No middlemen – or middle women! What are her views on Drag Queens? At sixty-nine I’m sure she has honed her philosophy of life – to razor sharpness.

What does Ted Turner and Wife think about the firing of Don Lemon – which I think should have been broadcast – live! There IS TALK and rumors about how – it really went down! Don and Tucker have EXPOSED many people – and ruined their lives – like Rena tried to ruin my life? Consider the Rosebud scene from Citizen Kane. A Giant Newspaper Mogul – gets his!

Five years ago I had a go at writing a James Bond novel. My first chapter has Annie knocking Cian O’Shannity out of a boxing ring. How prophetic!

“I have Annie call Cian O’Shannity “The Catholic Starver”. Sean Hannity is worth $240 million. I got $1,300 dollars in the bank. O’Donnel titled Murdoch ‘Citizen Kane’. Yesterday I told my therapist I have identified ‘Rosebud of the World’ in a Tolkien Poem. I graduated from therapy after three years.”

I THINK Fox News should hire Zooey Zephyr for sixty million a year, and put her suspended over a dunking tank. Right-wing guests will toss pink balls at her. Artifical Intelligent Televions will allow the home viewer to throw what they will at Zooey- and win a BIG PRIZE!

Get ready………”Let her speak!”

I have been using Victor Hugo as a model for my Bond book ‘The Royal Janitor’. My bio is titled ‘Capturing Beauty’. Richard Murdoch made America – a extremely ugly place to live! Does he have a hidden motive? I work ten hours a day on my newspaper that I fill with beauty, along with the ugly news. I am a newspaper for the arts’. I am a Creative Prophet. I keep seeing The Future – and a showdown in Montana. We have – arrived!

Look! Up in the gallery! Is that Vincent Van Gough and Antonin Artaud?

Presdient Joe Biden went to Ireland to insure the Beautiful Peace is sustained.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

EXTRA! Rosamond Press just acquired a secret tape of Lemon being fired, or, is that Tucker? Its’ hard to tell. They both are so rich. They should buy me out, and air my EXPOSE on who murdered Jesus – and why? That’s the – REALLY BIG NEWS!

Montana Democratic Rep. Zooey Zephyr hoists a microphone into the air on Monday, April 24, 2023, as her supporters interrupt proceedings in the state House by chanting "Let Her Speak!" in Helena, Mont. Republican leaders in the Legislature didn't let Zephyr, who is transgender, speak on the floor for the third consecutive day because she refuses to apologize for calling GOP lawmakers out for supporting a ban on gender-affirming care. (AP Photo/Amy Beth Hanson)

Montana Democratic Rep. Zooey Zephyr hoists a microphone into the air on Monday, April 24, 2023, as her supporters interrupt proceedings in the state House by chanting “Let Her Speak!” in Helena, Mont. Republican leaders in the Legislature didn’t let Zephyr, who is transgender, speak on the floor for the third consecutive day because she refuses to apologize for calling GOP lawmakers out for supporting a ban on gender-affirming care. (AP Photo/Amy Beth Hanson)

When Rena Easton said I was “Left-leaning” in her letter, I took it to mean, she (and her husband) love America more than I do. This idea is a Theme to many white people who head North, or were born there. My grandfather, Royal Rosamond, says he was born in Helena. He wrote several stories about Montana.

“Everyone of his opinions, is a hateful one! Even Hitler had a nice opinion, or two. I wish I could get that ‘Catholic Starver’ in a ring with me! I don’t fight fair. I fight to win!”

From her tug, Annie Zola ran her radio talkshow that was now syndicated all over the world. Kin Kong Fu loved it, and invited Annie to North Korea. Cian was the King of American Plot Radio. Everything was a UGLY PLOT. The uglier – the better. When he called Annie, ugly, and compared her to Tugboat Annie, Annie became curious as to who Cian was talking about. Then, she found her, her Weir. It was love at first sight. Annie owns the whole collection of Annie movies.

Thinking she could now best Cian in there ongoing War of Words, she thanked him for introducing to her Marie Dressler. That’s when the Ugly Child Starver went after her Hero – and Wallace Beary. He called him a fag, and Annie a lesbian. His Goon Squad of UtterLosers loved every minute of it. They made Ugly Annie cut-out masks, and wore them in Confederate Flage Waving parades. That’s when the challenge was made – and accepted. Annie had her supporters who waved ‘Ugly Is Beautiful’ signs, which made her wonder if the world was coming to an end.

Her most ferocious supporters were the Skinhead Nazis, and Racist Evangelicals who thought her play ‘White Woman’ was about the Rise of the Arian Race – again. Britain’s Black Panthers, who worshipped the infamous American movie, picketed ‘White Woman’ around the clock. There were violent clashes, of course. Annie showed up at the latest riot, and standing on the bed of an old truck with a megaphone, she shouted;


The incident occurred on March 25 when the 20-year-old suspect involved in the attack — Aimenn D. Penny of Alliance, Ohio — threw Molotov cocktails at the Community Church of Chesterland in Chesterland, Ohio, in an attempt to burn the church to the ground after learning the church was holding multiple drag show events the following weekend, according to a statement from the Department of Justice.


Fox News parted ways with prime-time host Tucker Carlson, a surprising move that comes after he made disparaging remarks about colleagues at the network that were disclosed during a legal battle with a voting-machine company.


Atrial is set to begin Tuesday on E. Jean Carroll’s civil claim that Donald Trump raped her in a New York City department store in the 1990s — but it’s unclear whether the former president will show up to testify in his defense.

“Northern Ireland will not go back, pray to God,” Biden said Wednesday during remarks at Ulster University in Belfast. “The lesson of the Good Friday Agreement is this: At times when things seem fragile, or easily broken, that is when hope and hard work is needed the most.”

In a 22-minute speech, Biden celebrated a Belfast “transformed by peace” that he said is “alive with commerce, art and, I’d argue, inspiration.”

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It’s a drastically different picture than the violence and barricades that dominated the city for three decades before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. 

“It’s up us to keep this going, keep doing the work that we’ve done every day for the last 25 years to sustain the peace and unleash this incredible economic opportunity that is just beginning.”



The Washington Post

The Washington Post

Seven arrested in Montana after protesting silencing of trans lawmaker

Story by María Paúl, Anumita Kaur • 3h ago

Law enforcement officials arrested seven people accused of interrupting proceedings in the Montana Capitol on Monday to protest the silencing of state Rep. Zooey Zephyr (D), a transgender lawmaker who has not been allowed to speak on the House floor since Thursday.

Chants of “Let her speak!” rang out inside the gallery as the Republican majority voted to block Zephyr from debating legislation. The moment marked an escalation in tensions that have been building since last week, when a group of GOP lawmakers demanded Zephyr’s censure following her impassioned plea to reject the governor’s amendments to a bill banning gender-affirming care for minors.

John Presco vs Rudolph Murdoch

Posted on February 28, 2023 by Royal Rosamond Press

One year after Roger Ailes' departure, Fox News thrives as an unabashed Trump booster - Jul. 21 ...
Pin on The Resistance

In my fictional novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ I have Annie the Antichrist knock Cian O’Shannity out of the ring. I saw the future -almost five years ago! I freed War Correspondent, Jack London, from the sticky amber of the WOKE FOLKS, thus I am King of the Hill when it comes to True&False WOKE NEWS. I have declared myself the embodiment of London.

I have Annie call Cian O’Shannity “The Catholic Starver”. Sean Hannity is worth $240 million. I got $1,300 dollars in the bank. O’Donnel titled Murdoch ‘Citizen Kane’. Yesterday I told my therapist I have identified ‘Rosebud of the World’ in a Tolkien Poem. I graduated from therapy after three years.

AMERICANS HAVE BEEN STARVED FOR THE NEWS – before The Signers applied their John Hancock. The Murdock Gang – denied us all – THE TRUTH! This led to an INSURRECTION – that Murdock said he could have STOPPED! This is the BIGGEST STORY – ever! Royal Rosemond Press – is on it – like a BIG BUD!

I took a cue from Alfred Hitchcock, and made the Eel my McGuffin.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Annie was Victoria’s GO TO. Whenever she was in trouble, or, needed a hand. The Right-wing Christians called her the Anti-Christ ever since she knocked Cian O’Hannesy out of the ring that was built for their wrestling match. They built it under near the giant Ferris wheel, and tripled the price to get on it and watch their Jacob wrestle with a demonic fallen angel. Cian was the only human being Annie hated.

“Everyone of his opinions, is a hateful one! Even Hitler had a nice opinion, or two. I wish I could get that ‘Catholic Starver’ in a ring with me! I don’t fight fair. I fight to win!”

Victoria’s Orange Parade

Posted on April 19, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Being  part Dutch, and able to trace her lineage to William The Silent, got Victoria Bond an invite to march in the Orange Parade. But, when she insisted she play her ‘Contraption’, some of the most diplomatic folks of the Isles slithered up to her, and, as calm as can be, tried to talk her out of it.

“There will be trouble!”

“What kind of trouble? There’s always trouble. I’m not giving up my pipes – mon! That would be like me, asking you, to give up your nuts. Coo’mon! Drop em!”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

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Come To Bozeman In The Winter

Posted on January 16, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

I lay down for an early old man nap thinking I got it suds. An hour later I am awake, and am working on Rena Christensen’s charater.

RENA: After her husband dies, she discovers the families lost mineral rights they thought they owned, was misfiled as a Deed to 131,444 acres of land outside Bozeman that everyone assumed was owned by the Feds. Selling off 100,000 acres made Rena a wealthy woman, and she built a fabulous log cabin on the remaining acres where she raises horses. She hired six young men who call themselves The Proud Brown Hat Boys’ who act as Rena’s bodyguards because she is afraid of just about everything, but horses. She can ride like the wind.

So, I got off my sofa and googled ‘large ranches Montana” and struck – GOLD! I discovered Ten Turner owns a large ranch outside of Bozeman. Then I google Jane Fonda – and she owns a ranch in New Mexico. Jane was involved with the Black Panthers and, she and Tom Hayden adopted a girl whose father was a Black Panther in Oakland…….WHAT? I founded the Marin Shipmates after the Black Panthers, and, my childhood sweetheart’s sister knew the Black Panthers. Shauna and Carlos Moore co-authored ‘Fela: This Bitch of a life’ that became a off Broadway musical! WHAT!!!!

The Black Doll | Rosamond Press

My La La Dance Movie 3 | Rosamond Press

What I would like to do is use Ted and Jane’s real names in my semi-fiction Bond novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ that is inspired by Rena Easton who I believe has a split personality. Don’t get on her dark side. She is both Victoria and Miriam. I am John von John who discovers he has a twin brother who works for BAD and is called ‘The Wizard’.

I have been following the High Noon and ZARDOZ theme in much of the fiction I am writing.

SYNOPSIS: Widow Easton funds the Bozeman Art and MADA Happening with her windfall. She loathes the Hillary Bunch, and considers Biden a lackey for a vast conspiracy disguised as a World Ecological movement. She wants to make sure Montana remains a Red State. Her neighbor, Ted Turner gets wind of her right-wing art show, and plans an entry into the opening Grand Parade. Jane Fonda hears about this showdown, and puts todether a leftists artsey-fartsey crew of Hollywood Liberal. There is a rumor the New Black Panther Party is making a float – with band!

Seeing her Right-wing Art Festival is turning into a Left-wing affair, Rena contacts Ted Cruz and gives him a invite. She had heard Ted had a French Horn Ensemble he put together called ‘The Texas Plowboys’. Most of the members are grandchildren of Cuban spies who took part in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Veteran, Jesus Gonzales was one of the first Cuban militiamen to hit the beach, and is the conductor. Here they are playing a tune from Beauty and the Beast.

(1) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – French Horn Ensemble – TEREMISKI HORN CAMP 2019 – YouTube

I am in negotiation with a couple who I saw singing in a bar in the little Oregon town of Scappoose that I saw on a Ken Babb’s facebook. Now they are playing hard to get. I thought I could drop $20 dollars in their fundme page, but, after saying I am making a James Bond movie – they probably want a cool million.

John Presco

Copyright 202i

FLASH! Starfish invite her father’s old friend, and Boris is coming to the festival. He is coming out of retirement! Yeehaaaaw!

(1) Boris Shtokolov. КЛУБИТСЯ ВОЛНОЮ. 1955г. – YouTube

David Loggins – Please Come To Boston 1974 – YouTube

Inside Jane Fonda’s Decades-Long Activism in the U.S. (prevention.com)

The group’s original goal was to protect African Americans from police brutality, but continued to evolve into a revolutionary movement that worked to change social and economic inequality that Black Americans continued to face following civil rights legislation.

In 1968, Fonda was pregnant and living in France with her then-husband Roger Vadim. She decided to return to the United States, leading civil rights protests with members of the Black Panther Party. She also contributed personal donations and solicited funds for the group.

Trump blows up the Arizona GOP on his way out – POLITICO

The Full English Breakfast | Rosamond Press

Get Out of My Familie’s Party 1 | Rosamond Press

Get out of California and the Republican Party! | Rosamond Press

Get Out Of My Republican Party | Rosamond Press

The Bum’s Rush | Rosamond Press

Turner’s penchant for controversial statements earned him the nicknames “The Mouth of the South” and “Captain Outrageous”.[4][5] Turner has also devoted his assets to environmental causes. He was the largest private landowner in the United States until John C. Malone surpassed him in 2011.[6][7] He uses much of his land for ranches to re-popularize bison meat (for his Ted’s Montana Grill chain), amassing the largest herd in the world. He also created the environmental-themed animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers.[8]

Ted Turner – Wikipedia

Come To Bozeman In The Winter

Rosey Montana Opens Fire!

Posted on April 20, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Rena is an Aries. All hell has broken out in Montana where she lives. Yesterday I joined the ‘Montana Liberty Rally’….and they opened fire – the women of Montana. They implied I was drunk and insane – off my meds! You know the drill….The American Woman is extremely ugly! and they don’t care, because they have bonded with ugly male Gun Grunts who pretend to be Loyal Cowboys for Jesus’.

I put a hypothetical question to the Protectors of Their Children;

“There is a scene in the movie ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ where Atticus shoots a rabid dog. What if you took your kids to the park and a drunk came at them shouting; “I got the flue and I’m going to cough in your face and give it to you!”. What would you do?”

Not being readers, these proud and ignorant women took vicious shots at me. Their Goo-goo brained male morons, joined in the shooting fest. One guy said this was the most fun he had since he was locked-up. Another dude suggested my input be a Netflix series – NOT!

I then posted on Artaud and ‘The Theatre as The Plaque’. I posted on my High Noon Art Festival in Bozeman. I the said;

“Mose cities in the world are concerned with protecting their artists, poets, writers. Didn’t Hemingway live in Montana? What is this obsession with saiving a bunch of nobodies just because they wave the American flag – and are white?”

I then posted this video that has Atticus telling his children to stay away from the mad dog he just shot dead – because it is still dangerous! It was rabid. It had a disease that can be passed on to humans. I was out of there! I go banned, unfriended, and silenced!

John Presco

Here are my facebook groups that have videos of me speaking.


New York City is canceling concerts, festivals and parades, including the 2020 Pride march, through June as the city seeks to drive down its coronavirus infection rate, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday.

On Friday, De Blasio canceled nonessential events through May and a city-sponsored concert series that was scheduled start June 22. In extending the cancellations through June, de Blasio said it was a decision “we have to make.” Most of the events will be rescheduled, he said.

“That joy and that pride that all of these events bring, that celebration, will be back,” de Blasio said at a press conference, noting that the new cancellations include the 50th annual gay pride parade marking the 1969 uprising at the Stonewall Inn.



No More Waiting For Artaud

Posted on July 21, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

When Rena Easton said I was “Left-leaning” in her letter, I took it to mean, she (and her husband) love America more than I do. This idea is a Theme to many white people who head North, or were born there. My grandfather, Royal Rosamond, says he was born in Helena. He wrote several stories about Montana.

In her Proclamation Right-wing of the Aryan Rancher Flag of America, a hot cultural battle began. In 2014, I sent into battle two creative Frenchmen – foreigners! I wonder how Rena feels about a man accused of rape, suggesting women should apologize to the whole country (and Israel) ? What horrible things have THEY said about Israel? How many of  The Squad said horrible things about Israel? Evangelicals have a vested interest in seeing the Temple rebuilt – in Israel! This is why POTUS is titled ‘Messiah’ – in Israel! Is Trump defending America – or Israel? If so, is this part of his – other calling?

Friend and Foe alike have mocked me and called me insane for blogging on these issues for the last ten years. It’s like I was crossing a vast plane and alas caught up with the wagon train. I am a Psychic Trailblazer! Did I declare myself the King of Jerusalem in anticipation of the Christian-right anointing their False Political Messiah? This is the new ‘Gone With The Wind’. They found a cache of bones in the Teutonic Cemetery in Rome. I know why they are there. I will keep it a secret – for now!


 Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrumpFollow Follow @realDonaldTrumpMore

I don’t believe the four Congresswomen are capable of loving our Country. They should apologize to America (and Israel) for the horrible (hateful) things they have said. They are destroying the Democrat Party, but are weak & insecure people who can never destroy our great Nation!”

Here is when I began seeing the future – that was coming to Montana. To have  literary confrontation with a five hundred pound ignorant Grunt Woman about whether I own the Right To Write, is utterly profound. Kim Haffner and her Stupid Girl Gang, wanted me out of here. Their Dude said I should be “Locked up!”

The daughter of James Joyce was “locked up” in a sanitarium because she was mentally ill. Millions of Americans suffer from mental illness. Perhaps they should all go back from where they came?

“When I received a letter from my muse, I was in big-idea-war with the author Charles L. Shields who un-friended me on facebook. Charles wrote ‘And So It Goes’ the biography of Kurt Vonnegut, my only hero. Charle’s friend, Boris Kachka, wrote an article for the New York Magazine about my ex-wife who was married to the author Thomas Pynchon. Mary Ann Tharaldsen was the sister-in-law of Christine Rosamond Benton, whose muse was my muse.”

When Rena said; “I see you are quite left-leaning.” in her letter, I turned her into an Art Piece. It was my hope to go to Bozeman and watch her dance – as Lucia Joyce. She chose instead to play the terrorized Aryan Cow Woman on the Sacred Last Hill of White Power with her Beef Rancher Husband. This felt real good to her. She tells me after forty years alas she has friends. I put Antonin Artaud and Vincent Van Gough on the train to Bozeman to attend the Art Festival. These men are – Frenchman.

Below is the response of a group of Rabbis to the Devilish  and Dangerous Dribble of a dude born in fucking Van Nuys. My Rose kin are buried in Montana!

I can not believe the canned music attached to Lucia’s video.

John Presco

Collins, meanwhile, hopes that his unique profile can overcome a yawning partisan gap. Montana, while it has elected Democrat Jon Tester three times to the Senate and has a Democratic governor, is deep red in presidential years. When Collins arrived in Montana in 1994, he had spent two years and seven months navigating the United States asylum process. He’d fled Liberia’s civil war, which took two of his brothers and forced him to leave home for good. Twenty-three years later, he defeated 16-year incumbent Jim Smith to become Helena’s first black mayor — and the first black mayor in the state’s history. A Liberian refugee, elected mayor in the heart of Trump country.

Play at same time!


Yesterday, the Supreme Court did a batch of peyote and took our democracy on a vision quest. They declared a company has a mortal soul and thus a right to protect it’s religious freedoms. Artists make logos for companies and help brand them. I pointed this out with Target, a logo that Jaspar John’s made famous that is a new age cross. In HOBBY LOBBY I see HOLY LOBBY.

“The case that led to the 1993 act was a 1990 decision by the Supreme Court that upheld Oregon’s denial of unemployment claims by two men who were fired by the Native American Church for ingesting peyote. In ruling against the men, the high court tossed out previously used balancing test in First Amendment cases involving the free exercise of religion. The 1993 was overwhelmingly bipartisan.”

On December 29, 2013, I posted this on the Facebook of Charles J. Shield who wrote ‘And so it goes’ the biography of Kurk Vonnegut, my idol. I suggested Lucia Joyce take peyote with Antonin Artaud and go on a vision quest. Lucia is transported in time and finds herself dancing at the Fillmore to the Grateful Dead – who we see in Mary Ann’s art?

“If Lucia had her way, she would go with a Dance Drama, a tale of how a classic Anglo-Saxon novel is assimilated into the Hippie Dance Music Culture. The Grateful Dead will do Finnagan’s Wake, and, here come the Lucettes! Turn down volume on India dance and leave Love song.”

For four days I debated about doing a review of Mary Ann Tharaldsen’s Art Movie, but, I was being driven. I kept going into a creative trance. I am a Seer who did not want to interfere with a fellow artist’s vision. Let my ex do her thing. Don’t glom on to her history. Let her go her own way. But, then I awoke and beheld the fresh pine wood I have leaning against my wall that appears in several of my videos. In several of these videos I discuss Charles Shields and his biography of Kurt Vonnegut ‘And So It Goes’.

I became a FB friend of Charles when I saw he was a FB friend of Mary Ann. I assumed Charles read the article Boris Kachka wrote in the New York magazine. When Charles asked who was going to author Lucia Joyce’s biography, I suggested I would, with the help of the spirit of Antonin who came to America in the 50’s and took part in the Peyote rituals. I got ridiculed, was labeled mad, and Charles unfriended me when I proved this was not a fantastic idea.

(Deirdre Mulrooney’s article appeared in The Irish Times, 6/21.)

James Joyce’s daughter Lucia was a remarkable dancer – something that has been buried in her troubled historye

Lucia Joyce, born to James Joyce and Nora Barnacle in Trieste in 1907, has captured the imagination of many writers and artists as tragic muse. Film-makers, dramatists and novelists have projected everything from Mills & Boon-style narratives where the real protagonists are famous male writers – Samuel Beckett, one of Joyce’s many boyfriends; and her father – for whom she is just a bridge, to unfounded stories of incest and child abuse, to comic-strip extravaganzas.

How did Lucia get to be such a supine, empty space? Apart from Carol Loeb Shloss’s groundbreaking and controversial 2003, biography Lucia Joyce: To Dance in the Wake, you don’t hear much about the facts of Joyce the dancer, who once declared in exasperation, “C’est moi qui est l’artiste,” or “It’s me who’s the artist.” I’m most intrigued by Lucia Joyce the artist in her own right, of whom the Paris Times remarked, in 1928: “When she reaches her full capacity for rhythmic dancing, James Joyce may yet be known as his daughter’s father.”

With her impressive avant-garde dance training, Joyce would have had a lot to contribute to the Abbey Theatre Ballets








A group of rabbis in Montana sent an open letter to Republican U.S. Sen. Steve Daines this week following his recent Tweet in support of Pres. Donald Trump.

On Monday, Senator Steve Daines Tweeted, “Montanans are sick and tired of listening to anti-American, anti-Semite, radical Democrats trash our country and our ideals.”

It came following Tweets from Pres. Trump telling unnamed Democratic Congresswomen to go back and fix the places they came from.

Five people from the Montana Association of Rabbis, a coalition of Jewish leaders in the state, sent an open letter to multiple newspapers in Montana on Wednesday in response.

It says, “We do not feel safer or supported by Senator Daines’ comments, rather we fear the legitimization the president and the senator are giving to racism, xenophobia, misogyny and hatred.”

The letter denounces what the rabbis say is Daines’ alignment with recent Tweets by President Trump and a rhetoric of hate.

Student Rabbi Erik Uriarte, who serves a congregation in Billings and says he speaks only for himself, signed the letter.

He says he takes issue with Daines’ use of loaded terms like “anti-American,” especially as a Jew of Nicaraguan descent who is a U.S. citizen.

“I have been told by people who didn’t really know me, ‘go back to the country you came from.’ So, regardless of whether or not I agree or disagree with the target of Senator Daines’ Tweet, that type of language as a Jew, as a Latino, is just not acceptable or appropriate and needs to be called out,” says Uriarte.

He says he also finds Daines’ use of “anti-Semite” in this context problematic, especially when used by someone who does not identify as Jewish.

“Anybody who is a sincere ally, I welcome, but I also really hope that they come out and meet us in our communities and understand what anti-Semitism is,” he says.

Mark Kula, a post-denominational rabbi in Bozeman and Missoula, also signed off on the letter.

Kula says Trump’s original Tweets for the Congresswomen to go back where they came from brings back historical memories of what’s happened in the past to other populations and minorities in the country.

“Because once President Trump did his Tweets, to just join on board with just a few words, key phrases, to push buttons, was of concern to us, and that’s why felt we had to speak up,” says Kula.

Not all rabbis in the state reacted that way.

Chaim Bruk is an Orthodox Rabbi based in Bozeman and executive director of a Jewish outreach organization with three branches in the state. He says he’s been friends with Daines for years.

Bruk is not a member of the Montana Association of Rabbis and disagrees with the letter itself.

“I think it’s sort of insinuating that he is not a supporter or not an understander of the Jewish community or somehow he sympathizes with white supremacy or with anti-Semitism, which is ludicrous,” says Bruk.

Bruk says Daines has been vocal in his support of the Jewish community and says he feels supported by all of Montana’s officials.

Daines was one of the representatives to sign a bi-partisan letter denouncing a planned neo-Nazi march in Whitefish in 2016, along with U.S. Senator Jon Tester, Governor Steve Bullock, Montana Attorney General Tim Fox and then-U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke.

In a statement to YPR News, Daines spokesperson Julia Doyle wrote, “Steve is a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. And as you saw in his recent tweet, he believes the anti-Semitic rhetoric from radical Democratic lawmakers is astounding.”

Doyle also wrote, “Steve would be happy to find a time to meet with Montana’s rabbis.”

As of Thursday afternoon, rabbis that signed the letter said they have not heard from Daines.

Rena Filed False Stalking Charge

Posted on June 13, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

My dear Muse has been telling Tall Tales. She did not write me her long letter from Bruce Vesser’s ranch, on Vesser Road. On December 25, 2013, she wrote me from her home on Grand. I discovered the truth when I read the death certificate of her daughter, Kate, who was living on Grand when she died.

Our Letters | Rosamond Press

Why did Rena lie? She did not want to tell me she was spending Christmas – alone. Her daughter has been dead fourteen years. Her son James is not there, or, she would have said so. She tells me her brother, James, disappeared long ago after showing signs of mental illness. I suspected Rena was mentally ill weeks after we met. When I told her I was tempted to come to the Bozeman ranch, and rescue her, after I perceived she was a prisoner of some kind, she freaked – even though I assured her if was just a thought – a hankering I had. She knew how crazy I was after seeing me freak-out in Winnemucca. Crazy hippies are prone to do shit without planning. So, one day I show up on Cowboy Mountain with a bouquets of roses, knock on the door, and Bruce shakes his head, and says;

“Not another one!! I divorced that crazy woman – fourteen years ago. She keeps telling her old flames we are still married -so they wont come round and pester her! Did she tell you she can’t embark on an affair of the heart – too? Or, I will – get angry?”


Come on in. Let me pour you a shot of whiskey – with beer chaser – then you got to be on your way. Leave her be. That woman is a natural born liar!”

My dear Rena, and Muse, I totally forgive you for lying to me!……..But – don’t we all!

Bellow are two tapes, on on Sean and Kate

John Presco

P.S. I still love you……you lying bitch!

Copyright 2021

Irene Easton Age 69 (Apr 1952)

Current & Past Addresses

Home address, apartment, business, and rental property addresses for Irene Easton

PO Box 3312 Bozeman, MT 59772 (Current Address)

711 S Grand Ave Bozeman, MT 59715 (Apr 2003 – Jan 2020)

10633 Visser Rd Manhattan, MT 59741 (Nov 1999)

711 S Grand Ave Bozeman, MT 59715 (Apr 2003 – Jan 2020)

10633 Visser Rd Manhattan, MT 59741 (Nov 1999)

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Rena Wins Range War

Posted on January 10, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

“These are the people the president cares about. And he wants them to enjoy the American Dream just like all the people in the cities.”

I suspected this is what Rena was trying to tell me in her letter, that she and her rancher husband was deprived of “enjoying the American Dream”.  Somehow, this is partially my fault, and, I got to pay. Did my muse think I was mocking her and her husband in my letter, and thus she tore it to shreds? It is not clear she is still married to Bruce, or, this is wishful thinking. Did he read my letter and fly into a rage, because, he is not a city-dweller, a eloquent man of words? Indeed, he is boring as all hell, as is most life outside the cities, out there on the vast plains. As to ownership, the white men killed all the buffalo and stole the land of ancient hunters who carved into hunks of meat twenty-thousand years ago. Being bored goes with the choices we make.

There is no place for grief in a house which serves the Muse.”
~ Sappho

I don’t think I heard Rena laugh. Nor did I see her smile that much. I think she thought these things ruined her good looks. She took herself very seriously. After reading about these Political Range Wars, I now understand that taking yourself seriously may be the only recreation and entertainment – for miles around! Then comes getting mean with outsiders who don’t take you seriously………and your American Dream.

Here is the ranch Rena lived on with her third husband. I think they may be divorced.  They lived in a three bedroom trailer that has just over a thousand square feet that overlooks a cattle ranch that is owned by Bruce, and possibly his father or brother. This dream is up for sale.


Jon Presco

Capturing Beauty

“My second husband was an alcoholic and the marriage ended after two painful years.”

“I walked with you tonight, my dear Rena, in the field of your forever fears, you fearing the wolves rather then the rapists. Is this you preparing me for the truth you are not that stunning beautiful for of perfection, anymore, and just a redneck meal on the way t the outhouse?

I heard you debate for the last six months, you wondering whether I would judge you because the man you love is a cowboy, and you his cowgirl. I heard you arguments, and you read mine? Have you been peeking at my Rosemond blog. Do you recall my plan to move to Lincoln and rent an old barn that would be my studio. I mean, I was willing to come on over, and buy me a chicken or two?

“You won’t like it here.” You said. “There’s nothing here!”

“You’re here!” Was my reply. And you could hear the sound of the tumbling tumble weeds way off in the distance.

“Here I am!” You could not have began you letter a better way. I guess you changed your mind? LOL!

I come from real Redneck stock, and of late I have admitted I always wanted to be a cowboy. And you were my land-loven archetype who feared the sea. That you lived on the Isle of Wight with a Sailor man – blows my mind. Did Ian get you in his boat – and out to sea!

For you, my dear, I will kiss the first redneck I see. For you, I will overcome my fear of them. If he don’t break my neck, I’ll let you know how it go.

In an e-mail to Radiant Engineering, Rena Easton, and Bruce Vesser, thanks the folks that fixed a heater in West Yellowstone where Rena used to live. Does she live there now? Who owns the house? Bruce lives on Vesser Road. He works a ranch/farm that got subsidized by Big Government. So much for his Redneck ways.

Jon Presco

“Farmers are the president’s people,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in an interview with Morning Edition on Monday. “These are the people that elected the president. The president knows that. These are the people the president cares about. And he wants them to enjoy the American Dream just like all the people in the cities.”

“Beef is a big deal in China and I’m convinced that when the Chinese people get a taste of U.S. beef, they’re going to want more of it. These products coming into China are safe, wholesome, and very delicious. This is also a good harbinger of the kind of relationship that can be developed. We hope there are other things we can cooperate on and we’re going to use U.S. beef as the forerunner.”

Some Democratic House members are planning to invite victims of sexual assault to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address later this month to highlight the issue, according to an aide to a lawmaker who has been a prominent voice on sexual misconduct.

“Some members will be bringing survivors of sexual assault and advocates as their guests,” the aide to Rep. Lois Frankel, D-Fla., a leader of the Democratic Women’s Working Group in the House, told NBC News.

Party leaders generally don’t dictate who rank-and-file members can invite with the one guest ticket each lawmaker is given. And there’s still some uncertainty within Democratic ranks over where to draw the line between addressing sexual misconduct and turning the topic into a partisan political war.

Marriages, divorces

  • By Chronicle Staff
  • Jul 4, 1999

The Gallatin County Court clerk recently issued the following marriage licenses:

d Boris David Scyphers, 29, and January Christine Bacon, 21, both of Bozeman.

d Greg Alan Boxwell, 27, and Crystal Mary Owen, 22, both of Bozeman.

d James Bower Maxwell, 25, and Heidi Kristen Schultes, 27, both of Bozeman.

d Matthew Lee Welch, 31, and Jodi Lynnette Holler, 24, both of Belgrade.

d Scott Robert Pierson, 26, and Melissa Jean Reed, 25, both of Bozeman.

d Bradley August Beck, 28, and Sara Katharin Kelker, 27, both of Bozeman.

d James Armond Cavanaugh, 46, and Kay Lee Paro, 42, both of Bozeman.

d Randel Page Lutes, 33, and Holly Christine Vaden, 28, both of Bozeman.

d Robert John Ament, 42, and Lynn Marie Bacon, 40, both of Bozeman.

d Thomas Lee Erickson, 53, and Kerry Kathleen Baker, 47, both of Bozeman.

d Craig Edward Espeland, 35, and Christina Grace Castle, 28, both of Three Forks.

d William Marshall Cook, 46, and Marcy Johnson, 36, both of Columbus.

d Thomas Stuart Starner, 26, and Kelly Ann Pershing, 22, both of Bozeman.

d Arthur Goldsmith Rosen, 37, and Jeanna Ruth Okley, 36, both of Toledo, Ohio.

d Chad Dale Sacry, 22, and Kimberly Marie Wood, 23, both of Belgrade.

d Jared Landresse Johnson, 27, and Katherine Porter Sands, 26, both of San Francisco.

d Aaron Joseph Funk, 24, and Emily Michele Cory, 21, both of Beaverton, Ore.

d Aaron William Morrow, 27, and Jayne Sue Billmayer, 24, both of Manchester, Conn.

Bruce Henry Visser, 46, of Manhattan and Irene Victoria Easton, 47, of Bozeman.

Gallatin County Court recently granted the following divorces:

d Lyle David Ballenger and Leslie Rose Dykstra Ballenger.

d Chris H. Mikkelson and Karla Mikkelson.

d Paul James Johanson and Mary Emily Johanson.

d Hasari Tosun and Ardys Sixkiller Clarke.

d Guy Casey Dodge and Tara Ann Williamson-Dodge.

I Found Rena’s Second Husband

Posted on February 12, 2014 by Royal Rosamond Press


I found Rena Easton’s ex-husband. He lives in a three bedroom trailer that has just over a thousand square feet that overlooks a cattle ranch that is owned by Bruce, and possibly his father or brother.

“Bruce Henry Visser, 46, of Manhattan and Irene Victoria Easton, 47, of Bozeman.”

Rena Easton divorced Bruce Visser thirteen years ago. This is Rena’s second husband, who was/is an alcoholic:

“My second husband was an alcoholic and the marriage ended after two painful years.”

Before I continue, Rena lied to me and invaded my privacy, employing Deputy Sheriff Dan Wayland to do so. Does Dan know Bruce Visser? If I did what Rena did to me to almost any male in Montana – they would be mighty pissed! And angry!

I am going to write a report to the Sheriff’s department to see if there was a conspiracy to frighten me. To fraudulently respond to this blog – that speaks of the real abuse my family suffered – is sick! Rena wanted me to include her lies in my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’. Do cowboys like to be lied to? I guess it is O.K. to lie to artists and left-leaning people – because they aren’t human!

In an e-mail to Radiant Engineering, Rena Easton, and Bruce Vesser, thanks the folks that fixed a heater in West Yellowstone where Rena used to live. Does she live there now? Who owns the house? Bruce lives on Vesser Road. He works a ranch/farm that got subsidized by Big Government. So much for his Redneck ways.

Rena sends Radiant Engineering a handwritten thank you, where she says;

“Troy was such a nice guy!”
“I truly appreciate your emergency service.”

Why didn’t Rena say “WE”?

I think Bruce owns the house that Rena lives in, that they used to live in. I suspect Rena is paying low rent. Is Bruce thinking of selling?

So much for her husband getting angry, and us having a affaire of the heart, and she not being my live-in muse, because, this sounds like a love letter to me, sent after the e-mail. Does Rena have the hots for studly Troy, the first young man she has been close to for quite awhile? Did she show him her photos of her when she was young vixen? Rena includes her address in this letter (blurred out) just incase Troy forgot where she lived? Why two thank yous? Did Rena bump me for Troy – a younger stud-muffin? Is Rena a sexist who was disgusted that an old man might still have the hots for her?

Damn! Showtime is going go with this ‘The Old Artist and His Old Muse’

“You stay away from my muse – boy!”

It looks to me Bruce Baby can’t shake his ex – who is a whole lot to handle. Who’s got the drinking problem, here? I see Bruce sitting in his big leather easy chair counting his cattle, when he sees a cloud of dust on Visser road, and Rena’s Silver Hornet, coming fast.

Bruce cringes, he wondering “What now?”
Rena burst in the door waving my letter, and screaming her fool head off;
“I got me a letter from the Anti-Christ! You got put me up for a year or two, cause, it’s just a matter of time before he discovers I lied to him.”

“Shit Rena! Now you’ve done it. What are we dealing with, that dude in ‘No Country For Old Men? And, what is this crap I’m hearing about Troy? What did you do to him? Did you recite your poems to him all night?”

I have a great idea for a movie, where Anton Chigurh meets the Woman With the Dragon Tattoo in a Dame Sans Merci showdown.

Now that I have proven Rena is a egregious liar, one has to wonder when she told the truth. This includes the reconstruction of our letters. Did she lie in those letters? If so, she filed a false police report. Did Dan Mayland know the truth about Rena not being married any longer to Bruce Vesser? I did post about Dan “better have proof I am stalking Rena.”

Is it any wonder why Rena took my letter and showed it to a friend in order see where I was lying – because Rena is a liar – and expects others to be also. That I call her an “honest woman” in my unsent second letter, is evidence to her cunning and guile – since we met! This is a two pretty-face – liar! Stalkers are liars! Preditors are liars! Con-artists – are liars! She could care less if my book went to prints – full of her lies!

This, witch, mailed me a poisoned apple! That she can begin her litany of lies with these words, is profound, in that she gauges her well being by how accurately she recites poems.

“How to begin? Facts are always helpful. ”

I have revealed more truths in Rena’s letter with my psychic search for the facts.
I nail Rena to the barn door in this psychic hit;


In my second letter I was going to send Rena my invention for heating a small room with candles. I made a video instead and was going to post it so Rena and her husband could stay warm. I suspect that heater was problematic at X-Mas.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014



Dear Radiant Engineering,

Thank you so very much for your swift response to the boiler break-down in West.  I really appreciated all your help over the phone on that day, & for all the work you accomplished.

Thanks so much,
Rena Easton
Bruce Visser


Irene Easton was born in 1952. Irene currently lives in Bozeman, Montana. Before that, she lived in Manhattan, MT from 1999 to 2009. Before that, she lived in West Yellowstone, MT from 2010 to 2012.








Bruce Visser

Visser Farms
10700 Visser Road
Manhattan, MT 59741 – View Map
Phone: (406) 282-7624
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Livestock Equipment Industry Standard in Low Stress Livestock Handling Equipment  http://www.molymfg.com
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Bruce Visser
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Categorized under Cattle Companies, our records show it was established in 1963 and incorporated in Montana, current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $100,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1.
Products or Services
Companies like Bruce Visser usually offer: Cattle Management, Cattle Information, Breeding Cattle, Glossary Of Cattle Health Terms and Moment Amongst Cattle Breeders.

Bruce Henry Visser, 46, of Manhattan and Irene Victoria Easton, 47, of Bozeman.

She was born to Thomas and Dena (Noteboom) Emmelkamp in Manhattan on Aug. 21, 1923. Her siblings were Betty Vander Ark, Andrew Emmelkamp, Edna DeGroot, and Florence Veltkamp (all deceased).

She married Henry J. Visser on March 26, 1944. They raised four children; Don (Lola) Visser of Manhattan, Sharon (Jim) Danhof of Tucson, Ariz., Bruce (Rene) Visser of Manhattan, and Sylvia (Jay) Kintzing of Billings.

Berniece was a loving wife, mother and homemaker. She lived in her home on the ranch on Visser Road with her husband, Henry, since 1952. Henry died in 1993, but she managed to continue to live on her own on the ranch until December 2010, when she moved into the Churchill Retirement Home.

Berniece spent most of her time caring for her family, cleaning, and cooking. She was a great cook. In her later years she enjoyed mowing the lawn on her riding mower and taking care of her many flowers – which she of course got from her son’s nursery.

The highlight of her afternoons was drinking coffee at the Kountry Korner Café. She often met with friends there and also enjoyed the company of the “regulars” and appreciated the friendships of the girls who worked there.

Berniece was quiet and shy, but she exuded and imparted love without using many words. She was full of compassion, humility and encouragement, and spoke through the example of how she lived her life.

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