Red Dawn of the Rouge Death

The Masque of the Red Death – Spencer Baum – Medium The Masque of the Red Death eBook: Edgar Allan Poe ... The Masque of the Red Death eBook: Edgar Allan Poe …
The Masque Of The Red Death" - Free stories online. Create books ...
The Masque Of The Red Death” – Free stories online. Create books …
Pin by Ashley Wood on tattoos | Edgar allen poe art, Poe tattoo ...
Pin by Ashley Wood on tattoos | Edgar allen poe art, Poe tattoo …
The Masque of the Red Death – Lucy A. Snyder
The Masque of the Red Death – Lucy A. Snyder
The masque of the red death
Let this be a game of beautiful landscapes! - Drawception
Let this be a game of beautiful landscapes! – Drawception The Masque of the Red Death eBook: Edgar Allan Poe ... The Masque of the Red Death eBook: Edgar Allan Poe …
Essay masque of the red death - Write my Paper on Masque of the ...
Essay masque of the red death – Write my Paper on Masque of the …
The Masque of the Red Death | The List
The Masque of the Red Death | The List
This Week's Theme Continued: Representing Illness | My Focus on ...

“Back in December, back before masks, and social distancing, and back before we all reeked of hand sanitizer and uncertainty, the Washington Post published a giant exclusive in which, through official government documents, the newspaper laid bare the lies and malfeasance behind America’s war in Afghanistan. At the time, it seemed as though this would be one of the biggest stories of the past five years. Instead, it disappeared from the national conversation even before the pandemic ate every news cycle. Meanwhile, the war ground on as American involvement gradually dissipated. So, while I hope that The New York Times’s massive “Red Dawn” reporting over this past weekend manages to have a shelf life beyond Monday’s Five O’Clock Follies, I’m not making book on that either way.

To recap, in what appears to be a general alarm within Camp Runamuck, the Times was gifted with a trove of e-mails that detailed extended e-conversations between infectious disease experts in and out of government that came to be called “Red Dawn” by the participants. Let us simply say that El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago and his administration* do not come out of these conversations at all well.”

Red Dawn of the Rouge Death

The Last Western Novel


John Presco

On April 15, 2020, I awoke with a very powerful and more direct message from my Angel. She allowed me to hear the Voice of God more directly. I was told to stop all people from taking my healing energy, gather all that energy, and apply it to the World Healing you have been doing most of your life.

In 1991 I began my novel about John the Baptist being the husband of Mary Magdalene, who inherited his teaching that is hidden from us. Jesus was a disciple of John who was turned into an inaccessible   sky-god by Saul-Paul who hated Mary and the church she founded. Paul hunted down Mary and her church. In ‘The Lion of God’  Paul peruses John and Mary to the island of Cypress. We have no birth and death day for Mary who is replaced by Jesus’s mother in a fictional and usurping way. Did Mary give birth to John’s child, or, children? This question is born to my door when my sixteen year old daughter was revealed to me in 2000. I was not completely aware I had a child. Her mother is one of the thieves of God’s Healing that His female angel gave to me when I came back to life on a beach in California.

Five years ago I had a dream. I was in Rena Easton’s home in Montana. there were men in her living room talking about me. I assumed they read my blog and were real angry. Rena met me in her backyard, said goodbye, and gave me a kiss. When I awoke, I wondered if they were members of a militia that had ties to the church Rena went to. This dream led me to author ‘The Royal Janitor’. Rena’s boss became her bodyguard, Miriam Starfish Christling, who locked my Muse in the Tower of Clean in the Siberian wasteland that is Montana.  I found a photo of the “House of Clean”.

I suspect our President is taking a clue, or, is working with his Gun Men Miltitias to depict the Democrats as Socialist saboteurs, who are hell-bent to keep American shutdown so they will win the White House. Here is the High Noon showdown I saw……in my dreams!

Did Rena’s Big Boss Poison Her Mind?


I suspect Rena brought my letter to work to show her boss after telling her about it. She asked to read it. Did she fear she would lose her employee/slave for fifteen years, and thus pointed out things in my letter that might suggest I am a sexual deviant – after Rena’s body? If so, it is her boss that is after Rena’s body, mind, and soul.

Here is the story of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty in Siberia. I was prepared to change the dreary life of a sixty year old woman that became afraid of men. Her boss knew this. She was jealous, because no knight in shining armor is coming her way. It had to be too good to be true.

‘The House of Mean & Clean’ is where once left-leaning women go to be brainwashed. Disguised as a battered women’s shelter, the inmates are given a mop and a pamphlet on the right-leaning Dead End Jesus, then put to work. Any attempt to contact liberal people on the outside, will be punished. Your mail will be examined. Any encoded mail will be scoured by the Thought Police. I have been accused of Crimethink.

So, there is Clean& Mean Rena, working away and reciting poetry. She thought she had someone who cared, who would love to hear her poems, but, her boss convinced her I was a another monster, like her father, like her last husband. Rena has been taken hostage, and is the model prisoner. This is how ‘Capturing Beauty’….ends!

“I have a million poems memorized. I can always gauge my highs and lows by my focus, and my desire and ability to recite them whilst vacuuming at work. My mind can roam free there, but I do get ever so tired, and bored, lonely as well.

I love my boss – Raelene. She is very professional, very tough, but ever so kind. I enjoy manual labor.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

In Idaho, Far-Right Republicans Defy Coronavirus Health Restrictions

Libertarian activist Ammon Bundy (second from right) prays during an Easter Sunday church service he organized despite concerns over the coronavirus outbreak in Emmett, Idaho.

Jim Urquhart/Reuters

Ammon Bundy, who led an armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon in 2016, hadn’t been drawing much attention from news cameras or social media lately, until COVID-19.

In defiance of Idaho’s stay-at-home order, which he claims is an affront to personal liberties, the militia leader — who was acquitted by an Oregon jury in 2016 — has been regularly holding in-person meetings in the Idaho farming town of Emmett where he now lives.

Bundy, in a cowboy hat and jeans, usually addresses a couple dozen people while glancing at notes on his MacBook.

“If it gets bad enough and our rights are infringed upon enough, we’ll physically stand in defense in whatever way we need to,” he said recently.

Bundy often strikes a similar tone as his father Cliven Bundy did in the days leading up to an earlier standoff near the family’s Nevada ranch in 2014. The meetings are usually streamed on Facebook and garner several hundred followers and scores of passionate comments.

Ammon Bundy had pledged to hold a nondenominational Easter service in a venue holding up to 1,000 people. In reality on Sunday, a much smaller crowd would turn out at a warehouse he owns in a dusty lot near the Emmett railroad tracks.

“They’ll speak all matter of evil against you, they’ll say that you are just trying to bring attention to yourself, they’ll say that you are trying to destroy other people’s freedoms because if you go outside and you breathe somebody might die,” said Diego Rodriguez, a minister who spoke at the event.

The event appeared to draw about 60 people, about half of whom when asked by Rodriguez said they’d traveled from out of state. Some seemed to know each other and hugged and shook hands. No one wore masks or any other protective gear. Outside, American flags were mounted on pickup trucks with bumper stickers promoting the Three Percenters militia, as a man at the entrance blew on a shofar, an adopted symbol of the rebellious anti-federal Patriot Movement.

Even in one of the nation’s most conservative regions, all of this might have been dismissed as bluster were it not for the fact that several elected officials in the rural Northwest are making similar calls for defiance as Ammon Bundy.

“Quite frankly, I don’t know why Idaho is falling in line with some of the most liberal governors across the nation,” said Rep. Heather Scott, a state lawmaker from Blanchard, in northern Idaho.

On her YouTube channel and in her regular newsletter to constituents, Scott called COVID-19 the virus that threatened to kill the Constitution. She also routinely casts doubt on the severity of the pandemic.

“The lying, Trump-hating media who continues to push global and socialist agendas has told us that there is an emergency,” Scott said in her YouTube video.

Fellow local Republican and Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler also sent a letter to Gov. Brad Little (R-Idaho) asking him to call an emergency session of the legislature to rescind the stay-at-home order. It’s been in place since March 25 and is set to expire this week.

The governor and the state’s attorney general have maintained the order is constitutional and will be defended in court if a challenge comes.

So far their strategy also appears to be one of non-engagement. Both declined interview requests and have spoken very little about their party’s defiant group. There have been no reports of police responding to any of the recent militia gatherings. This region — from conservative eastern Oregon and Washington state to the remote forests of the Idaho panhandle — has had a long history of far-right extremism, both homegrown and imported.

Randy Blazak, chair of the Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crime, says the COVID-19 pandemic is fertile ground for these groups’ recruitment efforts. It’s a time of high anxiety when civil liberties are taking the back seat to public health restrictions.

“They’re really focusing on how this might be an opportunity to advance their very extremist views,” Blazak says.

While there have been hundreds of cases in Blaine County, Idaho, and on reservations in the West, as a whole Blazak says there haven’t been many reported infections yet in rural areas.

“The people in rural America don’t quite see the real body count,” he says. “So it’s very real for them to deny the severity of the virus.”

Health officials say it’s dangerous to cast doubt on stay-at-home orders, one of the only real tools to stop the spread of COVID-19 until a vaccine is available.

In Bonner County, where the sheriff has said businesses should reopen and people should be free to move about, Dr. Morgan Morton, the chief medical officer at Bonner General Hospital, calls it a small, vocal minority in her community that’s trying to drown out the urgent guidelines crafted by the experts, in this case the medical community and health care workers like her on the front lines.

“There are a lot of levelheaded people up here,” Morton says. “I just hope they’re listening to us and not them.”

Morton, who’s also an OB-GYN in the lakeside town of Sandpoint, worries that the county’s 25-bed hospital will be quickly overwhelmed if COVID-19 keeps spreading. They only have four ventilators and six emergency room doctors.

Doctors there have said recently that their community shouldn’t be taking medical advice from its sheriff.

“The most frustrating part is these are people who have clout with the community and are giving these recommendations when really it’s not their area of expertise,” Morton told NPR.

As of Monday, Idaho was reporting more than 1,400 coronavirus cases and more than two dozen deaths.

Miriam’s Menstrual Doomsdays

The Royal Janitor

Whenever Miriam – was that way – her receptionist made a sign on her desk to warn everyone. It was a little Japanese flag that she stuck in her pen and pencil holder she bought at Staples.

“Watch out! Bonsai!”

To take her mind off the severity of her menstrual cramps, Miriam would put on one Tribulation video after another, and criticize the very faulty math and scripture. These episodes left her in an acute state of heightened awareness. Wearing that look, she told you she was your divine superior, and, if she chose to, she could squash you like a bug. She would tilt her head back and let you see into her nostrils that would flare when you really pissed her off. Everyone in the office tried t avoid making eye contact with her. But, that filled her with more endless rage. Victoria would send her off to the firing rage, or, the marshal arts practice, but, she was soon back, standing on the other side of her desk.

“You think you are better than me. Don’t you?”

Victoria heard Miriam had mastered French kickboxing after hearing she was very good at it. she knew if they got started, they would not stop until the other was a bloody pulp. Looking up into the eyes of the Tiger, and seeing her nostrils flaring like the gills of a Great White. Victoria had enough!

“You’re on the rag, aren’t you?”

“What are you talking about (bitch?)”

Victoria whips out a calendar.

“We….I mean I have been keeping a record. Here are the moon days you go berserk,”

“No! Stop it! You’re hurting me!”

“I’m sending you to the doctor. Something is wrong…………..”

Miriam came around the desk and kicked away the chair that Victoria just vacated so she would have room to deliver a knock-out kick to her bodyguard’s jaw!

“Shut the fuck up you dirty evil bitch, or I will tear you heart out! I know what’s wrong me. It’s none of your fucking business why I wear that platinum wig!”

All of a sudden, Victoria had an epiphany. All the pieces of the puzzle – flew into place! All her talk about the men who got an erection at the Adamite Nudist Colony, how she had to be covered up. She felt like an outcast. She felt she was being punished. When she had her first menstrual cycles, she was made to stay home with an old hag that mentally tortured her. She knew all the dreadful Russian witch story aimed at terrorizing young pubescent maidens. She was told if she told her parents of their lessons they would born a Succubus, and monstrous child that would eat everyone in the middle of the night.

Victoria realized that Miriam was sexually screwed up, and in need of a psychiatrist. But, there was something else.

“Oh my God, Miriam! You’re a……..”

“Virgin.” Miriam whispered. And her hard stare softened, replaced with tears.

“Menstrual cramps can range from mild to quite severe. Mild menstrual cramps may be barely noticeable and of short duration. They are sometimes felt as just a sense of heaviness in the abdomen. Severe menstrual cramps can be so painful that they interfere with a woman’s normal activities for several days.

Range Wars and Nazi Sympathisers

Being an American Nazi sympathizer and racist is THE TOPIC these days! I have longed suspected Christian Nazis in Bozeman Montana turned Rena against me. I had a dream, that is now linked with the dreams of Siener van Rensburg.

Trump ‘The Nightmare’ is down South waving around a rope and a lynching hoping to save a Republican seat. Get out! Get out of the Republican party founded by my kindred as an Abolitionist party and movement.

Seer Jon‘race-is-always-the-key’-trump-dives-into-cultural-firestorm-in-mississippi-senate-contest/ar-BBQ8jls?ocid=spartandhp

My Muses Gone Hog Wild

With Pussy Grabber’s attack on the Me Took movement in Montana, I am set free of the false charges Rena Easton filed against me. I ‘Dreamer Jon’ used Rena to see into the future that he warned was coming. We were destined to meet. We are a work of art.

Jon Presco

High Noon Covfefe

You do realize CEO Jeff Laszloffy needs sinners and the transgender folks to make his life work – and his Holy Foundation?

“Laszloffy is no good until he has his covfefe!”

What is COVFEFE? It is a wicked coffee bean being brought West on a train by Antonin Artaud, Gertrude Stein, Van Gough, and Hemingway. The Satanic Four have a wicked desire to convert Montana into a Pink FeFe State by having the Montanians drink The Devil’s Seed of Conversion. This BAD NEWS will perk Lazloffy up. No doubt he will pass out more yellow scarves to protect the delicate necks of his Dull Believers, who are not who they used to be. They were very dull to begin with. Then, they got bored out on that vast Bozeman plain that is turning out to be The Devil’s Stage’. Look out when White People get bored – in the name of  The End Time Jesus!

The two horseman under the two clocks accent my High Noon masterpiece I have been working on for three years. Jeff and Greg gather the Chozen Ones in the Montana State Capitol of The Holy Last Chance, and await the Christian Passover. Those wearing a yellow scarf will be spared. Those without the scarf, will be turned into French Speakers – for starters! Artaud is coming!

Cathy Griffith and Tyler Shields were going to get on board, but, they forgot to run their ghoulish act past the Art Augur, who would have applied his Art Seal  making it a real work of art along the lines of Hermann Nitsch.

“I caption this ‘there was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his … wherever,’” she wrote Tuesday.

Before we delve further into this Art Gone Wrong, let us work on our pronunciation of covfefe. Let us go to the source. In this video we hear Artaud under the influence. In these photographs we see Antonin before he had his first cup of covfefe.  He knows he must look calm and collected, or, his waiter will not serve him. Seconds after he has ingested covfefe, Antonin is in state of puffing enjoyment. Nicotine goes well with covfefe. Now that our President has abolished the International Bad Air Act – light em up – anywhere!

In the third photo, Artaud is already in need of a second cup. His eyes are rolling to the back of his skull, a dead give-away he is about to lose control. When he is refused service, Artaud grabs his waiter by the neck – and body-slams him to the floor!

Need I repeat the WARNING? Covfefe will severely wrinkle your skin and eventually turn you into a Cowering Covfefe Coward who must have some more Precious, as this brew is called. Talking to ones self, or Jesus, is a side effect. Need I point out the rumor, that our President has overdosed on covfefe, and is up all night tweaking and tweeting, he well on his way to becoming a Covfefe Creature of the Night. While most of us are asleep………he glowers over us all. Big Brother is twittering you!

Jon Presco

At 12:06 a.m. Wednesday, President Trump tweeted a strange sentence fragment.

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” the tweet read. That was it. It ended abruptly, as if someone stopped him, or he stopped himself, or perhaps he never meant to send it.

Homestead Act and Bundy Claims

bentont2 Christine 1988 Garth 2benton-blackcreek bentonjbentontrainhome8

My kindred, Senator Thomas Hart Benton was the sole proprietor of the Oregon Territory, and helped the Homestead Act become the law of the land. Freed Slaves were encouraged to take part in this Government Giveaway Program. John Fremont and Jessie Benton were Abolitionists. John emancipated the slaves of Missouri, hoping they would come into the Oregon Territory and lay claim to the wilderness the British had lay claim to. The British retreated and gave up their rights to Oregon, thanks to my kindred.

Cliven Bundy, the father of Ammon Bundy, used the word “Negro” in making his bullshit claim that white rugged cowboy types should take what they want. This echoes ‘Manifest Destiny’ that Senator Benton promoted which had its drawbacks. The important aspect is, the Bundyites are basing their takeover of Oregon land upon real historic legislation my kindred made. Therefore, I have more right to said lands then the Bundy family according to their flawed logic. I am ordering the Bundyites off my land.

Get out! Now! You are trespassers, squatters, and parasites of my Family Legacy!

I will be making a replica of Fremont’s flag to take with me to Burns. I am the anointed Government Giver of the West. The Bundys speak with forked-tongue because they want the Federal Government to give them more land. Well, Cliven tore up his Homestead contract, and is a dirty racist pig – who suggested black people were better off as slaves!

Vacate my ancestral land – varmints!

Jon Presco

a.k.a Uncle Samaclaus

President: Royal Rosamond Press

goho6 postoff2

The leader of militants at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge gave two demands to FBI officials Friday for negotiations toward a resolution to continue. The exchange happened outside an FBI staging area near Burns, Oregon.

In a brief meeting with FBI officials, Ammon Bundy made it clear he will not talk about or negotiate a resolution to the three-week occupation of the refuge until his demands are met.

First, he required someone from the FBI meet him face-to-face for the discussions. A brief negotiation took place over the phone Thursday between Bundy and an FBI negotiator.

When the anti-government rancher Cliven Bundy stepped before the cameras to “tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” he also stepped into far-reaching and noxious American historical myths about self-sufficiency, race, and rugged individualism. Bundy’s actual words – delivered in a Western drawl by a man in cowboy hat and boots, against a backdrop of sagebrush and desert scenery – were mostly the same old “government makes people dependent” arguments that saturate the right-wing blogosphere and FOX News.

But there was something else embedded in Bundy’s observations about “the Negro” that bears mentioning.

Students of the history of the American West have long known that the strong, rugged individualists that populate our movies, TV shows, and myths always depended on government – to give them ownership of their farms and ranches, to subsidize private corporations like railroads for access to markets, for federal troops for protection from Indians, and federally funded dams and canals for irrigating their fields and sustaining their livestock and towns.

The idea that Bundy’s pioneer ancestors somehow made their fortunes (“built that”) without any help, before the invention of government assistance, the Bureau of Land Management or federal regulations, is preposterous.

Bundy’s claims also echoed Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” remarks to wealthy contributors during the 2012 campaign, when the Republican nominee intimated that nearly half of Americans believe they are victims and entitled to a range of government support to which they have become dependent. But Romney’s division of Americans into “makers” and “takers” gets a lot more complicated if you examine
our country’s complex history of clearing, settling and subduing the West.

Muses Gone Hog Wild


Rena and Kirstjen

I am one of the few people in the world who now own The Right Stuff to wage cyber warfare on the Cyber Bully, President Trump. Trough the risen spirit of Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, as Cleopatra Rosemond Bond, I can destroy the Trump-Putin machine. I summon the Daughter of Ra to dispatch the enemies of the Constitution!

I am offering to do painting from Rena Easton’s photographs when she was young. I am looking for a new Dutch Model to play Cleo.

Jon Presco

President Trump began berating Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the Oval Office earlier this spring, according to administration officials, griping about her performance and blaming her for a surge in illegal border crossings.

Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, who installed her in the job, jumped in to defend her.

The two men then sparred over Nielsen as she silently watched. At one point, Trump noted the border numbers were lower under Kelly and wondered aloud why Nielsen could not perform as well, according to these officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the private meeting.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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