Get Out Of My Republican Party

For ten years I have been ordering evangelicals out of the Republican Party founded by my kindred as a secular socialist abolitionist party – and not a party of King Jesus that follows Biblical laws only – as they want to practice in our Democracy! To see those trucks harassing Biden’s bus, reminded me of ISIS trucks flying across the desert mowing down the enemy of Allah-God with machine guns. If they could – these armed lunatics would take over both parties – and turn our nation into THE KINGDOM OF KING JESUS! They hate democracy. They don’t want to pay any taxes – or follow any secular laws. Wake up and – VOTE!

This is what drove my neighbor Krista ad her lover-boy crazy. She is furious I am kin to John Fremont and Jessie Benton. She wanted to be a God Squad Leader of the Evangelical Kingdom of King Jesus in Springfield. She heard of me – before she moved in – from friends of Jason. This is why she never said hello in a nice way. I think she has been talking to Junior. I declare myself a candidate for King of America just to screw with their minds – and thwart their covert, treacherous, plans from outer space.

John David ‘The King of America’

The U.S. Constitution does not mention the Bible, God, Jesus or Christianity, and the First Amendment clarifies that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Still, some scholars have argued that the Bible heavily influenced America’s founders.

Today, about half of Americans (49%) say the Bible should have at least “some” influence on U.S. laws, including nearly a quarter (23%) who say it should have “a great deal” of influence, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. Among U.S. Christians, two-thirds (68%) want the Bible to influence U.S. laws at least some, and among white evangelical Protestants, this figure rises to about nine-in-ten (89%).

Get Out Of My Republican Party – Now!

Posted on January 21, 2020by Royal Rosamond Press

Get out of my Republican Party my kindred founded – NOW! This is my campaign. As I type, FAKE REPUBLICANS open their gun ports and fire at the Democratic Party they wage war with – disguised as Christians! They use attorneys to take the High Ground – some more – claiming they own Legal Family Traditions, and Political Family Traditions. These Followers of The Grand Liar do not have a Traditional Republican Platform – as they try to sound LEGAL! Let the whole Lot of Parasitical Liars – FORM THEIR OWN PARTY! They are Thieves who invaded a home and taken the rightful residents hostage! Then they rain insults out the window! This is the Republican SLA!

Jesus is not on their side! Jesus is not God as Terry declares! What became of the God of the Jews! Many evangelical ministers are anti-Semitic! They were also Pro-Slavery! They gave sermons from down in the Red States that encouraged Slavery. They use abortion to counter the Civil Rights Movement! Most evangelical leaders are not FOR anything. They are AGAINST everything that does not support White Supremacy! Jesus was not a European!  Form ‘God’s Party’. Employ these words – TO ATTRACT the alleged Chosen Ones. These Neo-Confederate Devil’s are only interested – in winning elections!

GET OUT! Go to your own house – if you got one! I see a massive Prussian March on the White House. I see the President salivating, he not able to contain himself because he is banned from The Republican Parade!

“GET OUT!” they shout as they pass!

John Presco

GET OUT! – Of The Republican Party

Posted on March 23, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

“Baton Rouge – Rick Santorum has defended himself against critics who slated him for courting the Rev. Dennis Terry of Greenwell Springs Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, by insisting he didn’t clap when Terry said non-Christians should get out of the country.”

The Republican Party and the nation of Israel – where Abraham once dwell – was founded by Socialist Germans, and my kindred, Jessie and John Fremont. Abraham did not live in America. Reverend Terry claims Jesus is God, then changes his tune.

GET OUT of my people’s party you bigoted liar! And take your ilk with you! Form your own party! Say what you will – in your own party of God-Jesus. But, your kind won’t, because you are more interested in winning elections – at any cost – then serving your Lord by spreading His Word! A third religious party would lose elections for Republicans – everywhere!

Santorum claims he wasn’t listening, his mind on playing politics – in the name of Jesus!

Jon Presco

My Vigilant German Kindred

Posted on August 17, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

In the photograph of my German grandfathers taken in the Oakland Hills, we see a rifle hung in a tree. Carl Janke owned a German Theme park south of San Francisco where sharpshooter contests were held. I suspect my German People helped form the Vigilante Committees of California with the help of the Turnverein. I believe they helped found the Jewish Turnverein of Berlin, who were instrumental in founding the Nation of Israel.

This rifle is the symbol of the Emancipation of the slaves. The treacherous Confederacy murdered thousands in order to keep Americans in chains. When the Germans lost their battle against the Papal forces of the Habsburgs, they came to America on many ships. When they came down the gangplank, waiting for them were countrymen, who gave them a rifle and a uniform. They were now Freedom Fighters in the Union Army – and they marched against Lee’s army of traitors. Eventually we defeated him. Lee is my kin. We look alike. There are 240,000 million Americans of German descent.

To the polls! Sweep this Champion Liar – and his Neo-Confederate Goon Squad – into the sea! Remember General Sherman! Write your Senator and demand Moscow Mitch stand before the American People once a week, and give a complete report of the united effort to put down Fuzzyball Putin, and his Demon Squad of Hackers, named in the Mueller report.

Neo-Confederate Traitors of our time, went to Bob Jones University in order to learn evangelical propaganda so they could counter the movement of Martin Luther King. These traitors now control our Senate, that is using the contrived abortion mission to divide our nation. As a Republican Candidate for the Office of the President of the United State of America, it is my objective to sweep the evangelical trailer-trash out of the Republican Party co-founded by my kindred, John Fremont, and his wife Jessie Benton Fremont.

On this day, I found the New Jessie Scouts, a vigilant squad of loyal women whose job it is to protect all women who are being harassed by Treacherous Patriot pretenders, and Trump’s Pussy Squad of Practiced Perverts and Liars. How dare Trump suggest his evangelical worshippers want their Messiah to hold office for a third term. This is treason, preached by fake men of god!

How long would the Black Holocaust have gone on if Lee and his Traitors won the Civil War? How many teenage slaves would have been backed against a wall and had their pussys grabbed, and then forced to bare the child of their owner so it could be sold? Thank God for these good Germans, these Saviors!

Lock him up!

John Presco

Presidential Republican Candidate


The Home Guard Willing to Shed Its Blood but Only at Los Angeles The contemplated home guard of sharpshooters connected with the Turnverein Germania Is making but slow progress In getting organized. A minority of intending members met last night but failed to do anything. A score or so were willing to sign the roll to be forwarded to the adjutant general, but several others held back, not from lack of patriotism or want of sympathy with the United States, but for fear that In the event of the state’s accepting their services as an Independent company they might be called upon to do duty or fight away from home. These men hay* ties here which preclude their leaving their families or interests and they are unwilling to sign any papers which might turn out to be no obligation to leave Los Angeles and march to the front. They want to be strictly what the name Implies—home guard. As one man put it tersely, “I am for this country, willing to defend It here and shed my blood right in Los Angeles for the Stars and Stripes, but I’ll be goll-darned if I want to have it run out of my body at Milpitas or Sausalito.” At the next meeting, however, it is expected that so many will sign the roll that the sharpshooters will be able to organize.

Los Angeles 1898

A popular Union commander and native German, Major General Franz Sigel was the highest ranking German-American officer in the Union Army, with many Germans enlisting to “fight mit Sigel.” Sigel was a political appointment of President Abraham Lincoln, who hoped that Sigel’s immense popularity would help deliver the votes of the increasingly important German segment of the population[citation needed]. He was a member of the Forty-Eighters, a political movement of the revolutions in German states that led to thousands of Germans emigrating to the United States. These included such future Civil War officers as Maj. Gen. Carl Schurz, Brig. Gen. August WillichLouis BlenkerMax Weber and Alexander Schimmelfennig.

Schurz was part of the socio-political movement in America known as the Turners, who contributed to getting Lincoln elected as President. The Turners provided the bodyguard at Lincoln’s inauguration on March 4, 1861, and also at Lincoln’s funeral in April 1865.


Yesterday I discovered one of my great grandfathers founded a Turnverein Hall on Bush Street in San Francisco. This hall was a place one could go hear music and practice gymnastics. The Seamens Friendly Union met here, and the Vigilance Committee.  Plays were performed, and debates held. This is the radical root of San Francisco that I have traced to the Longshoreman’s Hall and the first Acid Tests.  The Turner hall offered music and other entertainment as an alternative to gambling and prostitution. My father was a Merchant Marine and would be pleased to know the first institution for furthering sailor rights met in the Bush hall.

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