Get Out of My Familie’s Party 1

From now until Christmas, and, perhaps until Doomsday, I will be ordering Evangelicals and Neo-Confederates out of the Republican Party co-founded by my kindred, John Fremont – who had nothing in common with evangelicals who put that liar in the White House. Jesus must want them to be honest, or, start being honest. They need to form a new party whose platform best describes who they are, and their agenda. Does that make sense to you!

John Presco

Christian evangelicals must not overlook Trump’s lies and bad behavior: Letter


The purpose of this letter is an appeal to paradoxical Christian evangelicals; those who believe that America is a majority Christian country; that the Gospel is uniquely powerful, offers a significant reference point in the area of right thinking; a Moral Law for love and truth. Therefore, its spiritual wheel guides our government in carving out hope for the poor and the powerless.

I speak as one who has been transformed by Jesus Christ; the living God. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He has been a light in me for over 16 years. His presence is the sole explanation for whatever is praiseworthy in my life: the only reason for my emphasizing this picture of my life is the darkness creeping over our government. It is an observation that may contradict your own.

In light of being a majority Christian nation, we are required to address the wrenching-immoral character of Donald Trump. Knowing about his character, 62 percent of profess Evangelicals (Barna Christian poll) voted for him. I’m asking Evangelicals to come in from the dessert – forget the political party’s label or its promises, speak to the dry bones that are piling up because you ignored his predispositions of lies and immoral acts; essentially turning your back to God’s word.

You know intuitively from the Gospel that lies and wrong behaviors will grow – becoming a franchise similar to Jim Crowism; one of the most devastating historical markers of contradictions to our constitution.

I remember when many of you called yourselves “value voters,” spoke out against the Obama administration regarding proclivities such as same sex marriages. You also went to the soul of President Clinton regarding his adultery practices; but now your critical voices have been silent about the Stormy Daniels Syndrome of three divorces

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    Here’s evidence I am a prophet – or a total lunatic! Vote – please!

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