Russian Crusade Washes Away Sins


Law enforcement officers escort an elderly artist and activist, Yelena Osipova, during an anti-war protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on March 2, 2022. REUTERS

I am a Seer.

Trump and Putin had billions and much property and prestige amongst fellow Billionaires. But what they lacked was a – Religious Title that made them Big Men in Church History. This has always been the Gold Ring that the rich and powerful – must go for! They are forced to ride the White Unicorn on the Holy Grand Merry-Go-Round and amass their Mighty Army of poor young men – so they can KILL other young men so the Victorious Leader can be enshrined.

There are anti-war demonstrations and mass flights of Holy Cannon Fodder – fleeing for all borders! Killer Kirill just promised Absolution of Sins – if young men die in battle! This comes with a severe damnation for those – who run away from their chance to see God.

I am going to ask this question of the four women who want to be the Governor of Oregon;

I am seventy-five years of age. I was in some famous anti-war demonstrations. Oregon is famous for it’s stance against the Vietnam war. Can you tell young voters – why?

John ‘The Nazarite’

In Sermon on Birth of the ‘Fatherland,’ Putin’s Patriarch Kirill Equates Invasion of Ukraine with Defense of Orthodox Faith | Religion Dispatches

Patriarch Kirill and Vladimir Putin embrace in 2018. Image: Patriarch Press Service/Priest Igor Palkin

If you’ve been educated in North America or Western Europe, you might be forgiven for having never heard of the Battle of Kulikovo, a battle between Russian forces and the Golden Horde, on September 8, 1380, in which the Russian forces emerged victorious. Though Mongol domination of what is today Russia didn’t end that day, the victory at Kulikovo is roughly regarded as the beginning of the end of the Mongol occupation and the birth of modern Russia. September 8th is also the date on which Orthodox Christians (along with Catholics and some Anglicans) commemorate the birth of the Virgin Mary. The coincidence of these two dates has been an important touchstone in Russian self-understanding.

The highest representative of the Orthodox Church in Russia, Patriarch Kirill, has maintained in a sermon this Sunday that the sacrifice “in the fulfillment of military duty” in the war against Ukraine “washes away all sins.”

Archive – Patriarch Kirill, leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, in Moscow. – -/Kremlin/dpa© Provided by News 360

“We know that today many people are dying in the war camps. The Church prays that this struggle ends as soon as possible, so that as few brothers as possible kill each other in this fratricidal war,” Kirill began, according to the Russian media Meduza.

“At the same time, the Church is aware that if someone, moved by a sense of duty, by the need to fulfill an oath, remains faithful to his vocation and dies in the fulfillment of military duty, then he undoubtedly commits an act that is equivalent to a sacrifice,” the patriarch assured.

Thus, he considered that such an individual “sacrifices himself for others”, in such a way that “this sacrifice washes away all the sins that a person has committed”, he reiterated.

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church compared the mobilized with Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself with his death in the war.

These statements come days after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “partial mobilization” of 300,000 Russian reservists to participate in the war in Ukraine.

Putin and Kirill Hate Hippies

Posted on July 14, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

Ed Meese designed the War on Hippies.

Rosamond Press

Putin and Kirill know it was the Beatles and Hippies who brought down the Soviet Union. Once again the Imperialists with a Fake Morality, title Hippies – Nazis! Ronald Reagan made the analogy.

The CIA helped Regan make a case that members of The Anti-War Movement were parasites looking for a free hand-out. A study needs to be make of the Republican Party pro-longing the War in Vietnam and voting billions to do so. How much did the last Cold War cost?


U.S. Military Founds ‘UnhappyLand’

Posted onJune 7, 2016byRoyal Rosamond Press


An hour ago I was unfriended by a Vietnam Vet who was glorifying his peers, wiping the slate clean, getting ready for Von Trump’s Round Up of illegal non-citizens, and herding them into Mexico so he can build The Great Wall of Trump. Below are the posts that got me banned.

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