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James H. Lane
Image courtesy of Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield; WICR 30806

On my local news, tonight, I watched Senator Tom Weyden give an obligatory fist pump that celebrated Jackson being seated on the Supreme Court. There were mostly white folk there who were spread out to make the crowd look larger. Two black people spoke. For over a decade I have been trying to get my black friends to look at the Radical Republicans and Forty-Eighters. Today I found…


James will be one of the people with the surname LANE in the book, movie, and series titled ‘Lane’. He was a Radical Republican who my kin, John Fremont, bid to conduct raids along the Kansas-Missouri border that inspired the movie ‘The Outlaw Josie Wales’ that is a pro-Confederate movie starring Clint Eastwood. This was not an official military order, or was Fremont’s emancipation of the slaves…

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