Putin and Kirill Hate Hippies

Ed Meese designed the War on Hippies.

Rosamond Press

Putin and Kirill know it was the Beatles and Hippies who brought down the Soviet Union. Once again the Imperialists with a Fake Morality, title Hippies – Nazis! Ronald Reagan made the analogy.

The CIA helped Regan make a case that members of The Anti-War Movement were parasites looking for a free hand-out. A study needs to be make of the Republican Party pro-longing the War in Vietnam and voting billions to do so. How much did the last Cold War cost?


U.S. Military Founds ‘UnhappyLand’

Posted onJune 7, 2016byRoyal Rosamond Press







An hour ago I was unfriended by a Vietnam Vet who was glorifying his peers, wiping the slate clean, getting ready for Von Trump’s Round Up of illegal non-citizens, and herding them into Mexico so he can build The Great Wall of Trump. Below are the posts that got me banned.

Here is Governor…

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