Rosh Hoshana

Today is the Jewish New Year. My mother and daughter were born on the 26th.


One more for the trail. Today is Roh Hashanah. The Day of Atonement will fall on October 4th. Seven years ago I talked to a woman rabbi, the first to be appointed in Oregon. My ex-fiancé’s family – made France. They owned the Louisiana Territory that Thomas Jefferson regretted buying. He never meant for our Democracy to expand beyond the thirteen States. I don’t think he was happy about slaves not being freed, and women not getting the vote. My fiancés family were members of the Vichy Government. I asked the rabbi about the guilt this family carries. She asked me if Virginia was personally responsible for the death of Jews? She wasn’t born. “Then she is without sin and guilt.”. After Virginnia got down on one knee and proposed marriage, I took her back to the same restaurant, got down on my knees, and proposed marriage. I told her she had asked my hand. She suffers from a head injury, and forgot. As a proposal gift, I gave her the Louisiana Territory. She forgot she owned it – the next day! I told her we were engaged – again! She didn’t belive me. I placed her ring near the telephone. “Do you see a ring near your phone?” Yes! Where did it come from?” I suggest the City Club discuss healthy ways to own our history, not matter how grand, or, how worth forgetting it is!

Reclaiming Louisiana Territory For The Angvians

Posted on August 24, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Harry Lane Peace Center

Posted on February 13, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

Happy Birthday Oregon!

Thomas Jefferson hoped Astoria could one day be the seed of a separate West Coast democracy. He and industrialist Jacob Astor set forth an ambitious plan to make it a global trading hub.

I talked to my ex-fiancé two hours ago about my idea for the Harry Lane Peace Center in the Potato Chip Building. We have not conversed since I got my DNA results. I told her my Bohemian Royalty owned bigger castles than her family did.

“If we would have had a child, then that child would be the Star of Hope Child for the restoration of the monarchy of France and Czechoslovakia”

I told Vieginia about Harry Lane’s campaign to keep the United States out of Europe and World War One.

“That war was a Royal Family Feud between all our kinfolk! Harry got it right! Stay out of it – and mind your own business. He needs to be honored, his Peace Protest preserved – along with the Peace Sign of the Hippies! We need a Hippie Museum like the one they have in Vancouver Canada.

History is being made today, as it is, everyday. The Prime minister is stuck on how to exit the European Union that was formed to make sure there was not another World War. The Treaty of Versailles was signed to make sure there was not another World War One. Our President says it was a mistake to have launched the second Iraqi War, and is pulling our troops out = as a monument to his declaration. Is Trump moved by the Anti-War Movement that began in the sixties? Joe Romania had his futuristic building built in 1960. He wanted to create a monument, a better design going future.

Meanwhile, Ed Ray and his crack team of historians, are bent on De-naming historic figures, and, De-Histortorizing events that he and his A-Team deem un-worty. If Ed has his way, then, Columbus would have never discovered America. No black people would have been brought here. There would have been no Motown, or Black Gospel Music. No Chubby Checker, and The Twist, either. Black musicians had a huge influence on Rock and Roll. Native Americans took part in the Sixties Revolution. There would have been no Vietnam War – if we had our way! All there would be, is Tribal People living the lifestyle we hippies dreamed of living – in peace!

I see Old Hippies being lifted up in a cherry-picker so they can sign their names with a big brush, the brush of many colors. There will be giant heads of Joe and Harry on either side of the rainbow – giving the Peace Sign! Here are our modern business pioneers. End the De-naming Game – NOW! Stop wiping out the Hippies!

I see George Melvin Miller’s flying machine suspended from the ceiling. In this building, comes together the cities of Eugene, Fairmont, Springfield, and Glenwood. There will be peace in the valley! We can be united in a common cause!

Now, get up. Get up out of your easy chairs. Put down you smartphones – and do the twist, like we did last summer!

What I see is a permanent home for Ken’s bus ‘Further’. We have no guarantee Kesey’s offspring will – carry on! I would like to see the mural that graced the wall of the Springfield Creamery, replicated on that empty wall under the classic Coca-Cola sign that needs to be persevered – as is! There is an arch that awaits a rainbow, that will represent The Gateway to Peace.

Wait a minute! Wait a sec! I feel another vision coming on!

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