Putin and Kirill Hate Hippies

Putin and Kirill know it was the Beatles and Hippies who brought down the Soviet Union. Once again the Imperialists with a Fake Morality, title Hippies – Nazis! Ronald Reagan made the analogy.

The CIA helped Regan make a case that members of The Anti-War Movement were parasites looking for a free hand-out. A study needs to be make of the Republican Party pro-longing the War in Vietnam and voting billions to do so. How much did the last Cold War cost?


U.S. Military Founds ‘Unhappy Land’

Posted on June 7, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


An hour ago I was unfriended by a Vietnam Vet who was glorifying his peers, wiping the slate clean, getting ready for Von Trump’s Round Up of illegal non-citizens, and herding them into Mexico so he can build The Great Wall of Trump. Below are the posts that got me banned.

Here is Governor Reagan’s declaration of war on Happy Hippy Land, he declaring them filthy un-American Traitors because he and Sweet Nancy want to live in the White House. This is followed by amazing footage of the U.S. Military Invasion of California employing the California National Guard. Their orders are to create Un-Hippie Land. To see the Forum coffee shop behind military barbed wire, is shocking! This is what Trump Von Wall has in store for America in order to make us great again – NOT!

That might be Further under those Happy Hippies holding a sign that says “ORGGON” which might stand for Organic Oregon.

After Vietnam Patriots successfully repelled the illegal invasion of our Military Hard Hats For Jesus, and after our Military spent a trillion dollars forcing Happy Rock and Rollers to be Commie Killers – a United Vietnam built ‘Happy Land’!  Will Von Trump’s trillion dollar Wall be topped with good old fashioned barbed-wire?

Play second and third videos at same time.

Jon Presco

Miriam’s Wardrobe

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor

Serena watched Miriam walk towards her for their meeting. As far as she could tell, all her bodyguard wore was some kind of loin clothe – with sandals! Her long auburn hair covered her breasts.

“Please! Be seated. And stop staring down at me as if you are going to put me in a big pot and cook me! You’ve been given a nickname, you know……..Tarzarena! Some whisper this after you pass; “There goes Lady Greystoke” Have you seen a Tarzan movie?”

“No. I’ve only seen two movies, Ben Hur, and, PI.”

“Only two? PI? What is that about?”

“It’s about a Kabbalist mathematical genius who finds another dimension. My parents put it on our video machine every Saturday after firing up the generator. We watched Ben Hur every Easter. I can recite PI backwards. Want to hear?”

“No. Not right now. I am still in a daze. I think I spotted another Leprechaun at the frozen yogurt shop. Are they really National Treasures?”

“Yes! You can go to jail for ten years if you molest one.”

“Are there female Leprechauns?”


“Do you mind if I ask why you don’t wear a bra, or, a top of some kind? What is odd, you have never exposed a breast, or two. What is your secret?”

“You won’t freak out if I show you?”

“No! Lay it on me!”

Miriam leans forward in her chair, and tries to pull her hair away from her breast.

“Oh my God – What? What am I seeing! Holy fuck!”

“Isn’t that cool. My hair has a mind of its own and wraps around my breast to hold it firm. All women can do this if they grow their hair, and don’t wear a bra. My tits don’t sag a bit. Too bad you didn’t have the parents I had. We went back to Eden – almost. I own two dozen loincloths, because Jesus wore two styles. They are hung on hangers in my closet. I don’t have a panty and sock drawer. Which one do you like the best?”

“I’ve seen enough! No more. Don’t forget you have an appointment to see The Wizard tomorrow.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018


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 I saw the military in the streets of Berkeley thanks to the gipper who bid the regents to erect a wall around People’s Park in order to whoop the hippies, make them surrender, and go kill gooks for Jesus. Didn’t reaga say somthing about “tear down this wall?” Who is Von Trump going to get to herd 60 million Latinos across the border? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moOm7OdY6oc

 If there was any doubt who the Traitors were, the A-holes who declared war on America, Von Trump has out that argument to rest. Bring it on! We will whoop your ass again! We are THE PEOPLE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViYnKyt35yU

Winning over the Commies BY ATTRACTION – worked! The wall came down because Russian soldiers began to smoke pot and wanted more Beatle music.They had it with their Vietnam in Afghanistan. If foreigners are REJECTING your way of life – what business is it of armed men in uniform? We had the prettiest chicks, free love, half-naked babes on our beaches! Bin Ladin said he attacked on 911 in order to stop Madison Ave from tempting virgin Muslim teens from lusting after America babes and booze. Bush’s Christian handlers launched Shock and Awe to win the war in Vietnam – alas! Do it for the Gipper. WIN by making them want our way of life, was the Hippie Strategy – that worked!

 Now they have ‘Happy Land’. Back in the states we got ‘Unhappy Land’ Von Trump wants to build a New Giant Wall in order to keep out folks who are ATTRACTED t our way of life. If he is president, he will start many Vietnams in order to FORCE HIS way of life on people who hate HIM. Many Vietnam Vets will get hardons for hippies, they want Von Trump to crush them – alas! While he is at, why not make the Soutjh Rise Again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m49Wm-Dhz8o

The Amerian Military was never meant to be a separate entity. They were to do their job – and go home and be citizens! This was a vital goal of our Founding Fathers. If you found a soldier society, then you have duplicated the imperial armies of European Royalty. All memory of the Vietnam Vets should be erased and forgotten.  https://rosamondpress.com/…/20/patriot-samuel-rosamond-2/


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