Employing Female Sex As Weapon

If I am elected Governor, I’m going to launch an investigation into women using sex as a weapon to destroy a man they see as an opponent, and, are seeking revenge.

In 2014, Mary Broadhurst, activist attorney for the homeless, responds to the evil blood sport Alley Valkyrie is enjoying on her Facebook – which would have got her account closed today. Is it still going? Mary correctly points out there is NO CONCERN for Belle’s safety. Kim Hafner exhibits the same evil glee at DESTROYING A MAN – and wants to be attacked so I will go to jail, get evicted, and lose everything! She could care less if I become enraged and go after Belle in order to exact revenge. I will investigate her work with the mentally ill at the Johnson Unit. She is a Gargantuan Gas-lighter! To claim she is in contact with my daughter she never met, and, she agrees I am a monster, is very provocative. My attorney will get my daughter’s testimony.

I will set up a panel to investigate how sex is used as a weapon by religions in order to oppress people. Newt Gingrich has employed religion as a weapon, and is threatening to jail investigators.

“but fear is what silences victims.”


John Presco

“Newt Gingrich, a former House speaker and candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, stoked outrage on Sunday by predicting members of the House committee investigating the Capitol attack will be imprisoned if Republicans retake the chamber this year.”

Mary Broadhurst pokin’ the beat sometimes not such a good thing. especially if you consider the bear to be unstable.

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Alley Valkyrie I hear that, but fear is what silences victims.

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Alley Valkyrie And I’m done with patriarchal abusive bullshit.

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Jasun Plaedo Wellman Well at least you won’t be bored!

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Ashley Hewes Alley keep me posted… I am willing to be a body guard and it would be legal [i have a DPSST cert] I am even willing to meet and hang out with ms Burch.

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Ashley Hewes I know the laws pretty well and I am more than protected by the people I keep around myself.

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Alley Valkyrie Thank you, Ashley. You rock. I’ll let you know if I need you.

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Ashley Hewes I’m not just talking about the street families in fact lol I am speaking of an entirely different group of people.

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Ashley Hewes Indeed

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Mary Broadhurst yeah well…I’m a bit concerned about labels being applied to this guy. obviously he has issues. but will calling him a psychopath push him over the edge. did anyone consult with Belle before coming to her rescue? perhaps she had a plan as to how to deal with this…

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Alley Valkyrie Yes, I talked to Belle.

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Rodolfo Palma We’re with you, Alley!

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Mary Broadhurst one can call someone out by noting observations without using labels. just sayin’ I would like to see compassion even for someone who is making some errors in how he connects with the world through the internet.

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Alley Valkyrie Is “making some errors”? Come on, Mary. Please. No. This is sick. What he’s doing is cyberstalking in the legal sense. My compassion ends when I feel threatened.

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Mary Broadhurst some people feel threatened by homeless people.

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Ashley Hewes I understand and respect your thoughts Mary but I also feel that he should not be allowed to feel comfortable in this community. He rates right up there with child molesters for me.

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Alley Valkyrie: Mary, this is legitimate. This isn’t based on prejudicial fear. Read his blog. This man is sick. Cyberstalking and defamation, not to mention DMCA violations for posting my copyrighted photos without permission. He’s already been reported for that.

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Mary Broadhurst and this is what I mean. now someone who writes disturbing thoughts and publishes them on the internet is now thrown into the same box as a child molester.

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Alley Valkyrie: Have you read his blog? I’m not comparing him to a child molester, but I can’t believe you’re defending him!

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Mary Broadhurst: I read his blog. It’s disturbing.

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Ashley Hewes: Mary how long will it be before he starts capturing people?

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Ashley Hewes: All of his writings remind me of the beginning of every sick serial killer movie I have ever seen

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Mary Broadhurst: I’m not defending him so much as defending all of us … it seems some kind of mental health issue is at play but I think we need to be cautious about pretending we understand mental illness enough to call someone dangerous or similar to a child molester.

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Sabra Marcroft: Unfortunately, when we lose compassion, we lose a large part of our ability to predictively model future behavior. When you can’t empathize with someone, you don’t have any idea where their next move will take them. The only other way to tune into predictive modeling is to become a stalker yourself. Compassion doesn’t mean going easy on someone, it means focusing on harm and threat reduction for ALL parties to a situation.

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Ashley Hewes Mary people like this hurt people who turn the other cheek. That is all I have to say, I will not stand idly by when there is something I can do to quell his obsessing. I would be willing to become the object of his obsession if I felt it would work. But that would be detrimental to his health.

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Sabra Marcroft: Confronting someone from a distance, with threat of local consequences is actually pretty compassionate. It gives him a chance to focus on someone he can’t actualy reach while creating real consequences for future unacceptable acts.

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Alley Valkyrie: I’d rather he focus on me than Belle, that I’ll absolutely say. I have 100 miles of distance from this fucker.

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Ashley Hewes Alley the next time you hear anything from her please refer her to my Facebook as it is the only way I have of contacting people right now… I will have a phone soon but if she wants I am totally willing to conveniently be wherever she is so I can start documenting his obsession.

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Ashley Hewes I want to get him on camera.

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Glenn Combs: John Presco(e) has a long history of harassing young women in this area. The police seem impotent to do anything about it, though. I believe he comes from money and could be lawyered up quite well if he needed it. Whatever, it is time to take this “man” down.

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Rynn Fox Just be careful…and fierce.

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Mark Thomas Shekoyan: You might want to seek legal council.

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Glenn Combs: There’s another point – When my friend went into Legal Aid to see about legal representation, she found that Mr. Presco has used the local Legal Aid office so much, it would be a conflict of interest for them do defend anyone against him. That’s kind of the definition of “screwed”, IMHO.

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Dave McArthur 5 feet of stout hemp rope and a 12 foot drop

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Glenn Combs: I’m thinkin’ concrete shoes. We got a river with deep spots… Hypothetically speaking, of course.

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Mark Thomas Shekoyan I’d be careful what is said here in public forums. If the law gets involved, all of this is public record submit-able to a court of law.

Here is Gang of Six in action. All of them agree they have a right to harass me because I am mentally ill. Beatdown Boy, Krista’s live in lover, says I should be locked up due to being severely mentally ill. He did not come up with this – on the spot.

The first sign I had that Kim was my Pretend Friend, was when she took Cheryl Walton’s side. Kim was witness to Cheryl’s freak-out at my door, and, how she fought the ambulance crew who took her to the Johnson Unit. Kim was compiling a case file on me while pretending to be my friend. She asked to be my facebook friend. I had her look at my daughter’s facebook as my spy, but, she betrayed me and ragged on me with my daughter.

I believe because Cheryl is a Christian, they believe their Rapture Jesus wants her to be healed, and I locked up in the Johnson Unit. These are religious fanatics playing God with tenants who signed a lease with Umbrella Properties. I heard there were three arrests here last night.

Kim says there was an article about me abusing women in the Eugene Weekly. She is a liar. Alley posted for Belle in a fake abuser site where one reads evil lies made against men, not unlike the lies Lance Jacob was subjected to?

In this video Cheryl approaches me and starts touching me. Her caregiver warned her a week ago about improper touching. Victims of incest do not like unwanted touching. Cheryl is identifying me as the Trouble Maker, who should try harder to get along with my neighbors, meaning – her! She has a giant crush on me.

I do suffer from PTSD and thus, I suffer from mental illness. Kim worked at the Johnson Unit. Where does Krista work? I spend most of my time writing. When my written words were made accessible to my neighbors, and my sister’s bio, they went – HOG WILD! This is what a real Witch Hunt looks and sounds like. This is not what our Mayor had in mind. After founding the Rose City Planners I have considered moving to Portland.

In the first video I see God’s Grunts coming for me with torches and pitchforks to drive out their first Coo-Coo Artist. Consider the Kesey Mural. Some folks can’t handle even a small dose of Art and Culture. They go berserk. There is no unwritten law in Springtucky law that says………..If any two women weigh 700 pounds in combined weight, they get to rule everyone’s life within a hundred yards, and gossip all they want.

And thus ends AAP Test No. X22387. As head of the Alien Art Police I declare Springfield Oregon a hostile environment for the Cosmic Creative Class.

John Presco 007

FAKE! Eugene Abuser Site

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Professional Victims?

Posted on December 3, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


Alley Valkyrie is an anarchist and advocate. She and Belle Burch got arrested for trespass four days before I met Belle in Ken Kezey Square. Her lover was a leader of SLEEPS and Whoville that just got closed down. I suspect they were looking for people to help with their legal costs. When Belle sent me a poem about her sleeping downtown in a tent, and bar-hopping, I said; “You better not be using monies given to you to help the homeless!”

I have thirty years sobriety, and helped my Veteran friend find a home. When I found him dead, I held a memorial. I showed this to Belle on my blog, and she had no reaction. She did not inform me she was an advocate. I became suspicious. I asked if SLEEPS had filed a non-profit. This is when Alley sent me these threats. I own a newspaper registered in Lane County, Royal Rosamond Press. Alley is the one who made the report below. She was supposed to have Belle’s permission. But, this is the same message she posted on Mayor Kitty Piercy’s facebook, that was taken down. They had political ambitions and did not want any bad press. They tried to censor me.

Above are Alley and Belle’s homeless friends, some who defend Jeffrey Walton who molested a sixteen year old girl. These are Tribal Drug and Alcohol Abusers. The abuse of heroin that renders many homeless is a real concern. Senior Abuse – is real! I am a senior!

Defending Ed Fadeley

Posted on December 17, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


In September of 2015, I defended Ed Fadeley, knowing it would weaken my case against Belle Burch and Alley Valkyrie, who accused me of stalking them. They promised to do everything possible to destroy my reputation and my newspaper/blog. They did much damage, but not as much damage as Trump is doing. He emerged ‘Born Again’ after he pretended he was ‘Saved’. The Christian-right did not care if Donald was faking it, as many wretches fake it, but, they knew this was great publicity and an endorsement of the major tenant of the Evangelical religion. Ed was not a Christian, he and his wife breathed new life into Landmark.

Ben Carson was present at this religious charade, and was rewarded for laying hands on the President Erect, and driving those grabby demons out of him. King Trump made Ben the head of HUD. Ben saw the ‘Reformed Pussy Grabber’ at work. The Clintons were never forgiven by Jesus. Putin is a ‘Born Again Big Boner Man’. Europeans don’t wage war on the Erection like they do in America. Secular Puritanism caused men to not vote for Hillary. One third of Republican voters – like Putin!

Trump appointed a Orthodox Zionist, David Friedman, and is now considering moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem, thus hinting he is going to help the Jews rebuild the temple, which is key to the Evangelical End Time prophecy.


Trump was down double digits. Then……. he was saved! Now he was only down only four points after the Evangelicals Zionists blessed him. Trump has loaded his cabinet with generals and oil tycoons. George Bush said he was “Bringing God’s Gift of Liberty to the Iraqi People’. We are back on the War Treadmill, folks – just like that! Trump is screeching at China on Twitter for the theft of a drone – and he is not sworn in! We all agreed there would never be another Bush. Now we got way worse than W. Thanks Jesus….. ‘Son of Peace’.

I saw Edward in action as he told my friend Virginia his favorite war story. She understood he was trying to be charming, trying to impress her. She could handle it.

“It was said about Fadeley that: “During a period when women went from being office toys and decoration to serious partners in the world of work, I think Ed was one of those people who never really understood the transition.” Mary Botkin, labor lobbyist”

I see Mary Botkin greeting her guests, they taking in her new decor, they not paying much attention to the election results as they admire her new granite tops in the kitchen; they fondling her expensive bottles of wine, she always going out of her way to impress her women friends, even make them envious of her. Then, Trump wins Florida. Mary ignores this set back, as she lays out how much power women are going to own after the Victory Party. Mary recites her infamous Fadeley Tale, how she helped bring the big braggart man to his knees, he begging for mercy. She makes sure she compliments all her women friends, on their hairdo, their new dress, their jewelry, their improved shape thanks to their studly trainer at the gym. Then, Wisconsin falls to the Pussy Grabber! Who knows. Maybe Ed would have made a run for the White House, because he HAD the right stuff!

Women are into sexual conquest, too. This teacher may have done some serious bragging – if she had not been caught in bed with a very horny teenager! Isn’t this what we are – primates with powerful sex drives that used to have to traverse an intricate labyrinth of social morals, but, after Trump, it’s permitted to go for the gusto, directly, because, it’s just Locker  Room Talk according to Melania Trump who poo-pooed her husband’s thrill at getting a married man to commit adultery – in his heart!

No wonder humans want to be born again, and again, and again! Locker Room Talk has never led to a sexual act, and, has never hurt anyone! Trump had Bill Clinton’s abused women sitting up in the balcony at his debate with Hillary Clinton. I look at all these little children fleeing the ruins of Aleppo. They were conceived in hell. I wonder if the were conceived with love as the bombs fell all around the fathers, and, the mothers.

Where is the love, the love of Jesus, the love of Allah? We are led to believe Love takes a holiday in every Locker Room, and thus….Men are allowed to be Men, without putting on any airs, or…..pretentions! Our First Lady to be understands this. She signed a Prenuptial Agreement written by David Friedman, the rabid Zionist Jew and Divorce Attorney! David is ‘A Fighter In Court’. Trump wants to be surrounded by Fighting Men, because he dodged the draft.

Ed served his country. And, he served the people of Oregon as a Supreme Court Judge. He has seen and heard it all – our fucking monkey business. Mary Botkin is the one who did not get it. Mary is the one who sees women as mere toys! The women who took Ed down, had no love in their heart. They did it – for the sport! I am a witness to this kind of Sport.


A Judge is going to have to hear this case – and keep a straight face! In the coming Trump Age, anything goes! You know this boy was going to do some serious locker room bragging! Boys will be boys!

“The father of the 16-year-old boy contacted the Lane County Sheriff’s Office at 11:30 a.m. on July 24 after he walked in on his son getting dressed while the woman, Jessica Jane Bennett, was allegedly naked in the teenager’s bed. The teen’s 14-year-old sister also witnessed Bennett in the bed, the father told deputies.

Bennett and the teenage boy ran from the house and the father noticed three unwrapped and used condoms scattered around the mattress, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in Lane County Circuit Court.”

In the good ol days of debauchery, if Trump had caught his teenage son filling up three condoms in one session of love-making, he would have put him in his chariot and rode him around the streets of Rome, shouting;

“My son will make Rome great again!”

The eve Trump got elected, the Justice of God, Jesus, and Allah…….took a holiday! Now, the world has hell to pay! Ms. Botkin owes us a public explanation why Trump got 53% of the Woman’s Vote. Does she have a clue? I do! Trump got 81% of the Evangelical vote – after they heard him confess he tried to fuck a married woman! Some female students who voted for Trump are calling for a “safe area”. Why would a woman evangelical voter vote for sex abuser. Perhaps it was not a matter of FOR, but AGAINST. It appears to me these Lady Lovers of Jesus, really wanted to sock it to their counterparts – but good! Strap on that Political Dildo, and………….OOMPH!

“Wasn’t it fun fighting Hillary?” Trump asks his ‘Ode to Joy Toys’ at his Victoria Secret Rally. And, you see the shrill looks of vicious glee on the faces of the Righteous Women, they in their glory for bringing that Democratic Bitch, down – with the help of their King Jesus!

Edward Fadeley, was a Good Speller!

Jon Presco

“No one deserves harassment. That said, it’s still ironic that Deletka, and others like her, now want safe spaces to express their opinions: the very thing that exemplifies the emotional “weakness” of the Left, according to many right-wingers. It doesn’t work that way. The reason Deletka feels “unsafe” is because she voted for a candidate who selected neo-Nazis for his cabinet; who bragged about sexual assault, telling survivors everywhere that powerful men don’t face consequences for their actions, but rather get rewarded in spite of them. This “unsafe” feeling she has is what happens when people realize that these values have no place in a civilized society, and rightly speak out against them.

The article does not mention Delekta’s religious views (or lack thereof), but I imagine that the Jesus who preached “love your neighbor as yourself” would have wept at her decision and that of the 81% of evangelicals who followed her lead.”

US President-elect Donald Trump got plenty of attention — but not the kind he was looking for — after a tweet Saturday calling out China for its seizure of an unmanned US naval probe.

“China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters — rips it out of water and takes it to China in unpresidented (sic) act,” the real estate magnate wrote on his favorite platform.

“Unpresidented” quickly became a top trending topic on Twitter in the United States, as online wags savaged the incoming president for the unfortunate misspelling.

“TrumpSpellCheck — Unpresidentedly effective,” tweeted “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling.

“Dear world, most Americans really wish we could be #unpresidented,” another Twitter user wrote.

Trump deleted the tweet after about an hour, replacing it with one correctly using the word “unprecedented.”




During his campaign in 1988 Fadeley violated the rules of judicial ethics by asking for campaign contributions.[4][6] This led to the first time in the history of the Oregon Supreme Court that the court censured one of its own members.[4][6] In 1996, the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability filed a complaint against justice Fadeley alleging sexual harassment, among other charges.[11] It was said about Fadeley that: “During a period when women went from being office toys and decoration to serious partners in the world of work, I think Ed was one of those people who never really understood the transition.” Mary Botkin, labor lobbyist.[4] Other comments about Fadeley included: “He thinks any woman wants to be told — even in a business setting — that they are good looking.” Betty Roberts former colleague in the Oregon State Senate, and former Oregon Supreme Court Justice.[11] The following year the Commission recommended Fadeley be suspended, but the Oregon Supreme Court dismissed all allegations after Fadeley resigned from the court.[

Edward Norman Fadeley (December 13, 1929 – August 30, 2015) was an American attorney and politician in the state of OregonUnited States. He was the 88th Associate Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court. Previously he served in both the Oregon House of Representatives and the Oregon State Senate, serving one session as President of the Oregon Senate. In later years he faced allegations of sexual harassment and was reprimanded for legal ethics violations.[2]

Ed Fadely Has Passed

Posted on September 20, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press


UPDATED: This story was updated with reaction from Fadeley’s family

Ed Fadeley, a longtime Oregon legislator and former state Supreme Court justice, died Sunday night after suffering a heart attack this month.

He was 85.

The Lane County Democrat spent 26 years in the Oregon Legislature, serving as Senate president when he tried to amend the state’s constitution to ban a statewide sales tax. He went on to spend nearly a decade on the state Supreme Court before stepping down amid controversy in 1998.

“He had a real core sense of who he was and what service meant to him in the world,” Shira Fadeley, 52, said of her father.

Family and friends remember Fadeley as a generous, thoughtful and caring man with a booming voice and a love of cigars who only quit smoking once it became illegal in public buildings.

Former legislative and judicial colleagues remembered Fadeley as a bright man with a strong political acumen who fiercely defended his liberal ideals but occasionally lacked people skills.

Later years of his career were punctuated by troubles. Shortly after winning a seat on the court in 1988, Fadeley’s fellow justices formally reprimanded him for violating campaign fundraising rules. Years later, he was accused of workplace misconduct, including sexual harassment.

“Along with all of his warts, and Ed had plenty of them, he served long and honorably,” said Jan Wyers, a legislative colleague.

Wally Carson, a Salem Republican who served as chief justice of the Oregon Supreme Court from 1991 to 2005, spent time across the aisle from Fadeley in the Legislature. At the time, Carson didn’t think much of Fadeley or know him personally. They also had different political views.

But, Carson said, once Fadeley joined the court, they became close.

“I thought the world of him and his wife,” Darian, Carson said.

Fadeley was born in Missouri, and from the age of 14 planned on becoming an attorney.

He attended the University of Missouri, then headed west and graduated from the University of Oregon Law School in 1957. Fadeley finished atop his class.

Fadely was elected to the Oregon House in 1960, serving for a time alongside his first wife, Nancie, a representative from Lane County. Their marriage ended in divorce.

Shira and her brother Charles grew up in Eugene, and she recalled occasionally being dropped off at elementary school on a tandem bicycle when the Legislature wasn’t in session.

Ed Fadeley joined the Oregon Senate in 1963 and was named Senate president in 1983. He lost the seat to John Kitzhaber two years later.

In 1986, he ran for governor, losing in the Democratic primary to Neil Goldschmidt.

Shira served as her father’s campaign manager during the gubernatorial race, and she recalled her father landing support from loggers and environmentalists. “It was neat to see people that weren’t all that involved politically, because here is a regular guy they think they can trust,” she said.

In 1988, he was elected to the state Supreme Court.

The veteran attorney and lawmaker was perhaps best known for his staunch opposition to a state sales tax. He lost a 1983 effort to put a ban in the constitution but scuttled other sales tax efforts.

He exhibited a go-it-alone style, often keeping his votes close to the vest until the eve of a hot-button vote.

Grattan Kerans, a fellow Lane County Democrat and former longtime House speaker, said Fadeley was a “brainy and complex person.”

“When he got something he wanted to have happen, he kept at it, regardless of the cost,” Kerans said. Conversely, he added, “he used all of his brainpower to prevent things that he disagreed with.” Kerans said that included the sales tax fight.

Ted Kulongoski, who served with Fadeley in the Legislature and on the Supreme Court before becoming governor, described Fadeley in 1997 as a “great poker player who never lets you peek at this cards.”

“What I’ve learned about him in the almost 30 years that I’ve known him is that he always has a plan,” Kulongoski said.

Kerans said that as Senate president, Fadeley at times shut out the rest of Legislature, including his own party. “He was not available to anybody, unless you had an overwhelmingly correct, in his opinion, case to make for a position on his bill.”

In 1995, a judicial assistant accused Fadeley of sexual harassment. Fadeley stepped down from the court in 1998 to fight throat cancer, relieving justices of having to discipline him.

At the time, Fadeley told a reporter for The Oregonian that he faced weeks of radiation and was not stepping down to evade the court’s punishment.

”I know what’s true and what isn’t,” he said. ”I’m confident in myself about whether I’m giving good service to the people.”

Carson recalled those times as “awkward,” but said, “I don’t think it was as bad as people remember it, or as it was reported at the time.”

He described his former judicial colleague as a formidable orator and good writer who enjoyed television cameras and the limelight.

Controversy aside, Fadeley was long described as a progressive who looked out for the little guy.

“He was concerned about working people and concerned about people having a say in government,” Mary Ann Holser, vice chairwoman of the Lane County Democratic Committee, said in 1997. “By the same token, he knew how to exercise control and get his agenda through.”

Wyers said Fadeley fought with then-legislator and former Portland Mayor Vera Katz. “They just disagreed about everything.” He was “hard to get along with” Wyers said, but a true progressive of that era.

“In a way, he was a man ahead of his time,” Wyers said, citing Fadeley’s fierce opposition to what he described as a regressive sales tax.

Shira recalled her father opening his home to clients who needed a place to stay in a pinch. He also allowed friends to board their horses at the 84-acre Creswell farm where he and Darian lived for more than two decades.

Shira said her father’s health started to deteriorate in recent months after he couldn’t kick an infection.

But at a funeral this spring, he was well enough to use his booming voice to share memories of Laura Olson, another Lane County Democrat and longtime friend, without a microphone.

“She’d want us to go out there and do something that makes the world a better place,” Shira recalled her father saying.

The Fadeleys haven’t announced plans for a memorial service. Fadeley is survived by his wife, Darian, daughter Shira and son Charles, who goes by Chuck.

Samuel Sylvester Fadeley

Found 10 Records, 2 Photos and 3,523 Family Trees

Born in Harrison, Missouri, USA on 7 Sep 1873 to Jacob Fadely and Susanah Weimer. Samuel Sylvester married Elizabeth Van Hoosier and had 3 children. Samuel Sylvester married Agnes Cunningham Stone and had a child. He passed away on 15 Oct 1954 in St Joseph, Missouri, USA.

Banned From The Mall

Posted on November 15, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

After blogging all morning I lay on my couch watching the first news. I hear that Roy Moore has been banned from the mall for harassing young girls, but, many women voters in Alabama will stick by him. I consider this title for tomorrow’s blog;


I now consider reposting ‘The Black Doll Revisited’ with news of the killing of drug dealers in the Philipines, but, I might get people in trouble. Then, on CBS News I see this black woman holding a black doll – of herself! WHAT THE?!!!! This headline comes to mind;



Next, I see the angry face of Ron Wyden, he demanding answers about a black basketball player who is being investigated for sexual assault. Here is what Alley’s lover said about me

“His desire to demonstrate his superior masculinity is linked to obvious male socialization patterns. Cf. Oregon Duck rape scandal(s).”

Tell it like it is, Monroe!


Next up to bat, is a scolding of elected officials for sexual harassment! Ed Fadely comes to mind!

“In 1995, a judicial assistant accused Fadeley of sexual harassment. Fadeley stepped down from the court in 1998 to fight throat cancer, relieving justices of having to discipline him.

At the time, Fadeley told a reporter for The Oregonian that he faced weeks of radiation and was not stepping down to evade the court’s punishment.

”I know what’s true and what isn’t,” he said. ”I’m confident in myself about whether I’m giving good service to the people.”

Carson recalled those times as “awkward,” but said, “I don’t think it was as bad as people remember it, or as it was reported at the time.”

All of a sudden I am back in Ken Kesey Square with Belle. Look at the goofy look on my face, the face of an Old Fool making a fool of himself as he is fooled by a young twenty-four year old. But, that is not the old face I am recalling. Over my soldier is Jean Stacey, and lawyer advocate for the homeless. She helped the residents of Whoville, and members of SLEEPS set up a Alternative Arts Program in Ken Kesey Square. She and Alley Valkyrie contend no citizen has anything to fear from the Homeless, because they are not all criminals. They claim folks who have homes commit just as many crimes. Is this true?

Stacey did not come up to me and warn me, tell me I was getting involved with a WOMAN, not a fourteen year old, who got arrested for trespass four days earlier, so……..


Indeed, below is a video of Alley and Stacey bidding people to get arrested. Belle is hiding herself nearby. She does not want exposure to jeopardize her career. This is why The Alley Gang came after me and terrorized me, because I posted my famous video, and lurking about are lawyers, and the future City Council person, Emily Semple. This is a POLITICAL GATHERING that I was not made aware of. Belle asked for my phone number, and called me ten days later to set up an appointment. We met for two hours, and she gave me her phone number. Did Stacey and Alley know Belle and I were going to meet?

Jean Stacey was a FB friend of Alley, and read about her campaign the CRIMINALIZE me. Why didn’t she stop her? I suggested that I was being hit on to pay attorney fees. I am going on the attack. I am going to get Stacey DISBARRED – for starters!

Belle did contact Marilyn Reed and became her daughter’s friend on FB. I was not told. I became suspicious. Marilyn offered Belle hid WHO she was because she was afraid I would misjudge her. WHAT was she trying to get out of me? At the time, an anonymous person wanted to give a homeless group $200, 000 dollars to buy land. Did Stacey fear my blogs and Belle and SLEEPS would put her activists out of the running? This is CONSPIRACY! I will go look at the court records of the SLEEPS arrest, and see what the Judge ordered.

Look at the video of Alley. See how her eyes become devilish black pits when she sences she has got over on THE MAN, and the establishment. She is a failed artist, thus she hated the Artists who made up the downtown art scene – long before I arrived! She wanted to compete with them, show them up, by bringing bums out of the gutter and giving them a box of Crayola’s. When did Belle show Alley my blog? She reads about my famous sister, a world famous artist, and Garth Benton. He eyes burn like black coals. She has spotted her Great Target. She and Belle………………STALK ME!

This is like the Wizard of Oz – with Voo-Doo!

“Look! Pretty Belle unmasked the Old Wizard. He likes to flirt with pretty women!”

“And Jail Bait!”

“Someone call the Whoville Home Guard!”

Stacey watched the ad hoc Whoville Police Department go after THEIR MAN, hell bent on making me THE CRIMINAL, instead of one of them! I can hear ‘The Witches of Whoville’ squealing with castrating glee!

P.S. I love how my glasses are eskew, and how Belle makes a deliberate ‘Ugly Face’. This is the stuff of Fairytales – and Nightmares!

Are those spike on Walton’s shoulders? Would you feel afraid to refuse sex to this Dirt Ball, the kind of scum Alley associates with – all the time! She and her Coven needed a scapegoat to show the politicians there are respectable dudes like me – who are just like Jeffrey! These Caretakers – are obsessed! Alley wanted me in a public pillory – and maced by Belle and her Whoville Who-Doo Dolls! Was Walton one of The Alley’s Six?

““Please, go ahead and blog my threat.
You have no fucking idea what you’re getting yourself into
You also have no idea how many people are already on to you, and how many people have my back. We also have six other mutual friends who are going to learn about your behavior ASAP
And just so you know as well: if you write anything about me that could be construed as defamatory, you will be hearing from my lawyers ASAP.”

Jean Stacey must have shit a brick as her beady eyes zeroed in on the Naughty Words…..

“my threat”.

Then she heaved her lunch when these words blew up in her legal brain…..

We also have six other mutual friends


You got to laugh! This is a moron, who does not understand the legal term Conspiracy! I will be jolly – all the way to the bank, when my book and movie are a BIG HIT!

Jon Presco


The scapegoat is never forgiven, never set free.


Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore appears to have kept much of his core support despite damaging allegations that he made sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl while he was a 32-year-old attorney.
One Moore supporter, an elderly Alabama woman named Dottie Finch, told CNN that she doesn’t believe the allegations are true. Even if the allegations are true, Finch said, she would be prepared to forgive Moore if he has repented.
“At first, you know, I really wasn’t sure how I felt about the situation, but then I look at it this way: I don’t have the best past,” said Finch, who works in the kitchen at a local barbecue restaurant.
“If he — he went to the Lord and asked for forgiveness for that and hasn’t done anything like that in — since then, I believe that if the good lord’s forgiven him, as a Christian I have to forgive him also,” she said.

EUGENE, Ore. – Sen. Ron Wyden sent University of Oregon Michael Schill a letter earlier this month requesting answers to questions raised by a Sports Illustrated article about a Duck basketball player who participated in the team’s Final Four run while under investigation for a possible sexual assault in Wyoming.

The story by Oregon senior Kenny Jacoby chronicled how Oregon handled inquiries from authorities in Wyoming into Oregon basketball player Kavell Bigby-Williams.

“Time and time again, colleges and universities demonstrate to policymakers, students, the general public, and especially to victims, that too often they are acting to protect their interest,” Wyden wrote.

Many downtown business interests blame the lack of pedestrian traffic in part on the homeless and transient population. There is ongoing pressure on the mayor and the Eugene Police Department to “clean up” downtown, which results in what many view as systematic harassment of the disenfranchised population.

Sitting on a planter, leaning against a building or even crossing the street at the wrong angle can result in a citation. Those cited for such offenses are almost exclusively the young, homeless and disenfranchised.

The doll is part of the Barbie “Shero” line that honours women who break boundaries.

Past dolls have included gymnast Gabby Douglas and Selma director Ava DuVernay.

Ibtihaj Muhammad posted on Twitter she was “proud” young people would be able to play with “a Barbie who chooses to wear hijab!”

Muhammad grew up in New Jersey, with African-American parents also born in the US, and who converted to Islam. She took up fencing at school, aged 13.


The Senate unanimously approved legislation late Thursday that institutes mandatory sexual harassment training for senators and aides — a potentially meaningful shift amid calls for overhauling Capitol Hill’s system for handling harassment complaints.

Clandestine Kesey Square Revival

Posted on May 19, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


“His desire to demonstrate his superior masculinity is linked to obvious male socialization patters. Cf. Oregon Duck rape scandal(s).”

The quote above was written by John Monroe a close friend of Alley Valkyrie, Belle Burch, Anbrose Heltham-Keatley, and other SLEEPS advocates. John was arrested with Belle. John and Alley were instrumental in the ‘Kesey Square Revival’ that Alley said was over, but, it looks like I innocently stumbled into a clandestine revival led by Belle Burch. This is why she tried to incorporate my blog and book in their hidden agenda. Note the chalk on the m ground, the woman hiding her face from me, and the woman wearing a OCCUPY slogan on her hat. It appears that after their arrest this revival was rehashed in order to keep these anarchists visible. How many knew Belle was going to give me a call and set up a meeting? This is why she kept her people a secret from me.

“We brought tables and chairs, played board games and read books, handed out organic produce and created murals throughout the square with sidewalk chalk.”

This is why Belle wanted this video removed, and her subversive clandestine gang. These slanderers and extortionists were not protecting Belle, they were protecting their covert agenda. They needed me to fear for my life, lest I continue my investigation into why they went after me when I discovered Belle Burch had been arrested with members of the Kesey Square Revival. It appears there was a new plan just underway. I did not know I was the monkey wrench in the works. Belle and her backers, did. This is why they tried to destroy my reputation. They went too far when they attacked my mother and my family, and lumped me in with the Duck football players who were accused of rape.


I was an innocent citien enjoying the square. I made a vieo that CAPTURED HELL. I will make sure the Kesey family is aware of these radicals who denied me freedom of the press. Note the woman who is hiding her face from my lens. Belle waves off her concern, but, comes over to check me out. When I tell her my blog if for the promoting and preserving the Bohemians and their lifestyle, she can’t believe what she heard and asks me for my number.

I will now be contacting several attorneys in order to restore my reputation and make sure my Civil Rights are not violated again.



“We wish to develop and retain positive relationships with those who work downtown, especially the food cart owners, and we don’t want to gather in Kesey Square if our presence directly interferes with their business. Additionally we refuse to allow the City to pit us against the food carts in a political fight, which would further distract us from our true goals. For this reason, the Kesey Square Revival will no longer take place until further notice.”

LaGarette Blount was my neighbor. When he saw me trying to carry a mattress off the top of my car, he came down and helped me. He lifted it with ease, carried it up a flight of stairs, and put it in my bedroom. When I recognized him, I told him I want to return the favor by making a poster of his famous jump. When I called the athletic department, I gave him praise for helping me. After the incident in Boise happened. I saw him talking with three other players, I went downstairs and asked him if their were racial slurs involved, he said yes. LaGarette is doing well as a pro.

Several months later, my direct neighbor, helped bring our neighbor Sandy up to her place after I picked her up from the hospital. I was so moved I called KVAL news. I wanted my fellow citizens to hear some good news about the Ducks because there was some arrests for drugs.

When was going to a away game, he would always knocked on my door and ask me to watch over things. This including his stunningly beautiful girlfriend who was born in Austria. She had pale blue eyes and blonde hair and was a student at the UofO. They were deeply in love.

One day I pulled into the complex and stopped to behold them embracing in the middle of the drive. I grew up in Oakland and had black friends. I missed the diversity. I felt homesick for a cosmopolitan city. My ancestors were San Francisco Pioneers.



This was posted by John Monroe.

HIs fear is dangerous, his illness is dangerous, his bigotry is dangerous. And I’m seeing just three people willing to put up a defense against that danger. And while obviously psychotic and seemingly paranoid as well, he is above all a threat to people in our community.

I’d like to point out the following two quotes from Presco:

“She’s the head of the dragon of fear! She should have not let me know that, because when I have to fight, I go for a head shot! Especially when the body is so co-denedant to Alley.
Yesterday at 12:33pm”

“Greg Presco She retreated in this chat. She bid you to protect her. How are you going to do that? She already lost. I am going to immortalize her along with Belle. No one can stop me. They will be famous.”

Anyone acquainted with the subtleties of violent communication can see that Presco entertains death-phantasies regarding Alley and Belle. Every psychotic lone shooter imagines themselves and their target as dual immortalities — here Presco sees Belle and Alley as potential victims that can turn him into an Eternal Name.

His desire to be an artist (fueled by his mother, who suppressed his sister’s talents so he could be the family star, see my post earlier in the thread for the links to demonstrate this) is his way of desperately seeking immortality as he gets closer to death. I imagine his belief that Alley wants Belle for herself has something to do with his own erotic phantasies, obviously still running just fine regardless of whether his genitals work. His desire to demonstrate his superior masculinity is linked to obvious male socialization patters. Cf. Oregon Duck rape scandal(s).

HIs fear is dangerous, his illness is dangerous, his bigotry is dangerous. And I’m seeing just three people willing to put up a defense against that danger.

And while obviously psychotic and seemingly paranoid as well, he is above all a threat to people in our community. None of the people coming forth to defend him or accuse Jeff, Puck and Rodolfo of bullying are offering any alternative. Little more than passive-aggressive PC victim blaming. Nothing Alley hasn’t been the target of before with regards to her homeless advocacy. And of course we’d all like for Presco to have a mental health options.

But he’s a menace first, and mentally ill second.

Presco, even if he is practically unlikely to do violence to Alley and Belle, clearly desires to do so. It is written all over the place. And obviously he is sick.

But what is even sicker are the tepid defenses of his behavior and the disgraceful attacks on those few people offering a defense of two women being targeted by a creepy, menacing white cis male who is homophobic, sexist, anti-homeless and a bourgeoise classist.

This is how rape culture is perpetuated day after day after day after…


Excluding some from downtown excludes us all Guest viewpoint

By Alley Valkyrie and John Monroe

Appeared in print: Friday, Feb. 24, 2012, page A9

Throughout downtown Eugene, there are signs of revitalization. From the new Lane Community College campus to the Centre Court building a few blocks away, the construction is a welcome sight after years of empty pits and neglected buildings.
However, it’s hard not to notice what downtown still lacks: Pedestrian traffic. Street artists. Somewhere to sit and eat lunch. Inviting common space to meet some friends.
Eugene’s downtown is a stark contrast to other college towns across the country. Where are the shoppers, sightseers, artists, performers, musicians, sidewalk vendors and others who are the core of a vibrant city center? With all the recent investments in downtown, the one that seems most overlooked is an investment in community and public space.

Common space is essential to a vibrant town center, and downtown Eugene lacks this crucial element. In the past, Kesey Square was one such common space. Now, it sits empty and neglected. Tables and chairs were removed from the square, and anti-loitering music blares from a tinny speaker 24 hours a day.

That policy is typical of Eugene’s city planning. There is nowhere to sit throughout downtown. The benches were ripped from the sidewalks long ago and replaced with planters. Sitting on, or even leaning against, a planter in downtown Eugene can result in a maximum fine of $500.

Many downtown business interests blame the lack of pedestrian traffic in part on the homeless and transient population. There is ongoing pressure on the mayor and the Eugene Police Department to “clean up” downtown, which results in what many view as systematic harassment of the disenfranchised population.

Sitting on a planter, leaning against a building or even crossing the street at the wrong angle can result in a citation. Those cited for such offenses are almost exclusively the young, homeless and disenfranchised.

Certain offenses, such as leaning on a building, can result in exclusion from the downtown core under the Downtown Public Safety Zone ordinance, which is scheduled to sunset this April unless the City Council decides to renew it.

The safety zone was intended to keep chronic, serious offenders from the downtown core. Yet police officers recently attempted to exclude transients for minor offenses such as leaning against a building and possessing a small amount of marijuana.
The ordinance creates a second penalty: The defendant is cited for a violation and also required to appear before a judge at a different time to challenge the exclusion, even before a conviction for the actual citation is reached in court.

Exclusions often are decided against the defendant based on a single officer’s testimony. And if an exclusion is granted, excluded persons face immediate arrest if they enter the zone without permission from the court.

For many who live and work downtown, the safety zone is emblematic of the types of attitudes and policies that are contributing to an unwelcoming and hostile atmosphere. A city center where some are made to feel persecuted and unwelcome inevitably feels unwelcome to all, and is detrimental to the intended goal of stimulating commerce and community downtown.

Earlier this month, a collective of like-minded people came together in Kesey Square on a Friday afternoon to create the downtown we wish to see — a downtown that is welcoming, inclusive, and that respects the rights of everyone to congregate in public space regardless of economic status. We brought tables and chairs, played board games and read books, handed out organic produce and created murals throughout the square with sidewalk chalk.

We created a welcoming space where everyone had somewhere to be and something to do, including some who have faced exclusion hearings as a result of the Downtown Public Safety Zone ordinance.

The mere presence of people congregating in the town square drew curiosity, attention and praise from all around, and it demonstrated why a vibrant community presence is essential to a healthy downtown.

We have gathered every Friday since, intentionally creating a space where anyone can come to read a book, play chess, eat lunch with friends, display and sell art, network with others, or rock out with a guitar.

The hope is that our example will stimulate further cultural activity, community events and pedestrian traffic throughout downtown, but neither these efforts or any attempt at downtown revitalization truly will succeed if city government and law enforcement continue to promote laws and policies that focus on exclusion, harassment and profiling.

Public safety is an obvious and legitimate concern. But it’s one that is best addressed through community involvement, responsible policing and personal accountability, not through excluding undesirables from the city center.
Unless we can create and maintain a vibrant atmosphere downtown where everyone feels welcome and everyone’s rights are respected equally, the current attempts at revitalization never will bear fruit.

Alley Valkyrie and John Monroe are organizers with Occupy Eugene and the Kesey Square Revival, a public space revitalization project focused on downtown Eugene.







Two days ago I told Stacey Pierrot to remove the essay on the Rosamond Gallery webpage, written by Julie Lynch because it is fictitious and harmful to my career as a truly creative human being. In several yahoogroups I identify the source of the story where my late sister was forced to draw in a closet with a flashlight because Rosemary only wanted me to become a famous artist. When I stopped in the Rosamond Gallery in 1982, I found a stack of papers on the coffee table and read one. Here is what I posted on.

“When I stopped by the Rosamond Gallery twenty years ago, I found a short bio on
the coffee table. My jaw dropped when I read how at three and half years of age,
Christine hid in the dark closet with a flashlight to do drawings. One evening I
caught her competing with me, Mommy’s designated Artist, and I ran and got my
Mommy dearest who dragged Christine from the closet and whipped her good with a
coat hanger – while I danced with glee!

Obviously Christine had recently seen the movie ‘Mommy Dearest’ and plagiarized
it in order to destroy me, lest I consider painting again, for I had given it
up! When I called her up and asked her why she put out such a lie, she said;

“Oh, that was just a gallery promotion thing. You shouldn’t take it seriously.
Besides, it was aimed at mother!”

“I see! So you blow a hole through me to hurt Rosemary?”

Christine had put our mother on the payroll, but had fallen out of her graces,
and was fired!”

“Christina questions her mother as to why she was adopted, and Joan mildly confesses that it was partially a publicity stunt. After Christina yells, “I am not one of your fans!,” Joan begins strangling her. Carol Ann and the reporter witness the attack and intervene. Joan sends Christina to Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy to punish her, under the strictest possible discipline.”


I Have No Family, Friends, Power

Posted on January 30, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

I had friends, but, they all stabbed me in the back. I had good neighbors, now I got real ugly – back stabbers! I had two cities, now I got no cities! What I do got, is BIG IDEAS, and a Newspaper that I spend fifteen hours a day working on. I don’t have time to make NEW BACK STABBERS!. As for my family – they are all dead! That’s a plus, because they never lifted a finger to help me. How about my National Government – and MUSE? How do I keep going? What empowers me. How can people get near me – and take away more power?

Cheryl came to my door yesterday – to take my power away! She reminded me of the time she fell on the steps and hurt her hand. I did not remind her of the time I drove her to the doctor and sat in as he significant other! She could not drive. I was being a nice guy like I was when we met. My friend Ed had two strokes. I tried to be at his house every day – AFTER WORK!

The son of our mutual friend, Mark, died of a rare disease. He graduated the top of his class at the UofO. I drove him to his doctor appointments in my Mustardmobile. I drove Hollis and our friends around in my Toyota. I took them to food kitchens and churches. I took my neighbors Sandra shopping in her car – till she died! Cheryl was letting me know what a terrible neighbor I have been, because she thought we should become lovers. So did Kim Haffner. They NEEDED a good man in their life, They ignored me when I told them I have not had an errection in ten years due to Prostate Cancer. I went to forty treatment in the Mustardmobile, then – it broke down. Did Cheryl check in on me. No! These women want my power – and all my focus – on them!

Kim demonized me, employing the DEMONS THAT DESTROYED DOWNTOWN EUGENE. I paid for Hollis’ funeral. THEN I went back to working on my newspaper – with no hope of making a dime – because the fucking anarchist freaks worked hard to DESTROY my reputation – with the help of my neighbors.

I had another good friend, Ed Fadely. He owned power and clout in the Democratic Party. But, a woman tried to destroy him. Women WANT a lot of attention. They work very hard at it. My daughter is a social butterfly, and thinks I am a loser and a loner. Now, she is writing up a storm – or is it her mother! Our Cities are all but dead. Trump is empowering himself over the homeless problem in SF.

Below is a pic of a saw shop that David Lynch talked about when he spoke at the UofO. He took HWY 99 from the airport.

“When I saw that, I thought….This is my kind of town!”

I have known for thirty-years you got to have TALKERS and CHARACTERS on your shiny computers, or, they are NO GOOD! Buy and old chain saw instead. Five hundred pound parasites, like Kim Haffner – feed off eccentric people. I called her “Nurse Ratched”. She’s not interested in beautifying our downtowns, because, she doesn’t look good there.  When Kim walks into her church, she knows she will get much attention, when the congregation comes and prays over her, that she lose three hundred pounds so she can – LIVE! Cheryl will NOT STOP acting Coo-Coo on the steps – because it’s her STAGE! I think I’m going to install some stage lights to turn on as I look in the peep-hole. Her biggest beef with me is – I videotape her performances!

John Presco


Nike’s Turn On Ugly Street

Posted on March 27, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

Hey! Wasn’t I already on Phil Knight’s case a couple of months ago?

Seer John


The other shoe has dropped in the federal college basketball scandal. And it contains a swoosh.

Tweets from alleged felon Michael Avenatti, who is accused of extorting Nike, have rocked the sport for the past 36 hours. The accusations cast a shadow over Nike, two of its flagship basketball programs – Arizona and Oregon – and have left everyone wondering what else the high-profile attorney may say next.

The Age of Man Dies on Ugly Street

Posted on January 30, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

I am a sucker for brainstorming! So are others. The chance to do so drew a hundred citizens of Eugene together, and, one resident of Springfield, myself. I tried to get my camera to focus on the screen, but, it remained fuzzy. I took this as a – sign!

“Members of the public can help to brainstorm ideas for a redesign of Franklin Boulevard during an upcoming four day series of public meetings hosted by the City of Eugene. “

My chance to braintstorm, again, (I am a braintstorm addict) always begins with an imitation of Howard Beale. This time I chose the the scene where Howarard collapses after an intense brainstorm. I warned the folks at my table about Rezidor (now Raddison)  who wants Glenwood. Glenwood is the target. The problem, is, folks got to go thru Knight Land and the University of Oregon, to get to Glenwood. They don’t want to create Traffic Hell for the students. The Alumni won’t like that, nor their parents, if too many get runover by limos driving the Northwest Jet Setters from the airport.

So, now you know! Swells on their way to stay at The Raddison do not want to see an old muffler shop. They don’t want to see old beaters chugging down the road to get cheap tires. The City of Eugene is pulling a Bait&Switch. Franklin will be a ritzy driveway for filthy rich Hotel Moguls. Play both videos at same time.

Why are they flashing the word “RED”?


  1. 1.a spontaneous group discussion to produce ideas and ways of solving problems.
    • informal•North Americana sudden clever idea.

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