Nike’s Turn On Ugly Street

Hey! Wasn’t I already on Phil Knight’s case a couple of months ago?

Seer John

The other shoe has dropped in the federal college basketball scandal. And it contains a swoosh.

Tweets from alleged felon Michael Avenatti, who is accused of extorting Nike, have rocked the sport for the past 36 hours. The accusations cast a shadow over Nike, two of its flagship basketball programs – Arizona and Oregon – and have left everyone wondering what else the high-profile attorney may say next.

The Age of Man Dies on Ugly Street

I am a sucker for brainstorming! So are others. The chance to do so drew a hundred citizens of Eugene together, and, one resident of Springfield, myself. I tried to get my camera to focus on the screen, but, it remained fuzzy. I took this as a – sign!

“Members of the public can help to brainstorm ideas for a redesign of Franklin Boulevard during an upcoming four day series of public meetings hosted by the City of Eugene. “

My chance to braintstorm, again, (I am a braintstorm addict) always begins with an imitation of Howard Beale. This time I chose the the scene where Howarard collapses after an intense brainstorm. I warned the folks at my table about Rezidor (now Raddison)  who wants Glenwood. Glenwood is the target. The problem, is, folks got to go thru Knight Land and the University of Oregon, to get to Glenwood. They don’t want to create Traffic Hell for the students. The Alumni won’t like that, nor their parents, if too many get runover by limos driving the Northwest Jet Setters from the airport.

So, now you know! Swells on their way to stay at The Raddison do not want to see an old muffler shop. They don’t want to see old beaters chugging down the road to get cheap tires. The City of Eugene is pulling a Bait&Switch. Franklin will be a ritzy driveway for filthy rich Hotel Moguls. Play both videos at same time.

Why are they flashing the word “RED”?

  1. 1.
    a spontaneous group discussion to produce ideas and ways of solving problems.
  2. 2.
    a moment in which one is suddenly unable to think clearly or act sensibly.
  1. 1.
    produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion.

After the obligatory slideshow, the first question slung at the PL (project leader) was;

“Why solicit our opinion if it is a done deal in two days?”

The second question;

“What about the established businesses that have been there for years?”

The answer the PL gave, was shocking. Being rude in there here parts is forbidden. The PL was sulking, acting offended.

“Why don’t you give us a chance. If you don’t like the results, then we will listen to you, take you seriously.”

I am paraphrasing because I was not filming and taking notes. I looked over the gentleman who asked the great question and he was glaring at baldy. I gave him a thumbs up. Five minutes later I go talk to him.  A gentleman named Steve joined us.

“That was rude!” I said, and we three agreed. A good question went unanswered. Baldy sniggered when he showed a photo of these old businesses. Why? I wanted to quote what I heard David Lynch say when he spoke at the UofO ten years ago.

“This is my kind of town. On the drive from the airport, we passed an old saw sharpening shack, then there is a Dairy Queen…….”

Baldy knew the old business question by heart. He showed us other Ugly Streets in other towns. They had the same problems we have. They got a transparencey app that is laid over this town, then that town. What do the people matter and their opinion. They just get in the way.

Take note of the small print the two feedbacks about  the Carson Saw Shop. Rezidor does not want anything that looks like this business next to their swank hotel. They don’t want their guests looking down from their balcony, and then down on the source of the loud clanking sound. Burt’s Junkyard will also sharpen saws and lawnmower blades.

At the end of the brainstorming I got the last word in by mentioning the wreck of John Belushi’s car he drove in Animal House that was just down the street. I suggested it be turned into a work of art, and a major tourist attraction.

“People will come from all over the world to have their pic taken next to it!”

Mr. Baldy, chortled, again, as if to say there is always a Class Clown in the bunch. Baldy was proud of the photographs of the old businesses that he took on his personal walk down Franklin. Baldy chuckled in order for The Citizens to take note. He took our large pieces of paper we made notes on. I bet they are looking for a couple of copycats, follow the leader types, who want that shit scraped off Franklin. These businesses were targeted. I am going before both City Councils, and the Business Association.

The movie Animal House has been a thorn in the side of the UofO since it was made. Here is Bluto bothering Raddison Hotel types, the types Baldy wants to come down Franklin in a stretch limo. These are the swells that were raised to go to Red World, even work there. Go look at that promo video again.

“Welcome to the gold!”


to be continued

John Presco

Play both videos at same time with Animal sound turned off.


Tweaker central, don’t know what the story is with the three guys that work here but word to the wise “don’t waste your time”. They ended up charging me more than what my mower was even worth with a bogus invoice. Horrible communication and experience. I had to call for them to even remember my mower and most of these guys that work here are incoherent and incapable of making professional business conversation. Something else is definitely going on behind the scenes besides this bogus repair shop front!

Ryan M

2 years ago
This is a saw and sharpening supply shop geared towards tradesmen not so much the home owner. Don’t expect great customer service, expect to pull someone away from their primary task (the lost art of tool sharpening) to help you. If you need a tool sharpened and you want it done right for a reasonable price go here. If what you crave is great customer service with your tool sharpening, then pay more, somewhere else.

Belushi’s Animal House Car

animal 023

animal 024

animal 025

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Lane County Historical Society & Museum, I found the car John Belishi drove at the end of the movie ‘Animal House’. It is located inside a vintage warehouse located on Franklin Street a hundred yards from where a convention center is to be built. This building and about twelve homes were under the wrecking ball ten years ago when a company owned by Dubai royalty tried to buy up this property in order to build a hotel apartment complex. Five years ago I was introduced to Jim who owned a home on Brooklyn Street that Dubai and Sid Leiken wanted to buy – and tear down. Jim is an old Bohemian who along with his neighbors, asked a million dollars for his land. This nixed the deal with Dubai.

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