The Treading Zone

At 11:00 A.M. PST, I placed a call to Seth Zachary in New York. If I heard his voice, the first thing I was going to tell him, was;

“Your’re a work of art. Your video on the ‘treading zone’ should be in MODA, a flat-screen hung on the wall with this title ‘The Treading Zone’.”

I left a message, and had a imaginary after-call conversation with my work of art. I asked Seth if he knew Lawrence Chazen, who worked with Newsom and Pelosi to find tax loopholes for the Gettys who collected much of the world’s art with money they got from Black Gold. I would then tell him about Haig and the Bohemian Club, whose statues graced the exterior of the Richfield Oil Tower, that was torn down. The Paul Hastings building was erected on the emptied land. I then googled this building for Haig’s last name, and entered ‘The God Zone’. This building was in the movie Zabriskie Point. I just posted photos from that movie! I was going to post again on this movie. I was going to ask Seth if he knew Robert Brevoort Buck. I am………………BLOWN AWAY!

11:38 A.M. I just got off the phone with Seth’s secretary, and, tried to tell her why I think her boss is a work of art. She could not comprehend a word I said. I said that is the point, business-attorneys speak their own language to one another, and, artists speak their special language to each other. She did acknowledge the Richfield building. I mention Haig being the president of the Bohemian Club, and, the President of the California Barrel Company. I told her I am putting a show together and I would like to see it installed at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, or, the Getty Museum!

Zabriskie Point is considered the worst movie ever made. I saw a 3D movie Andy Warhol made that shoves a cow heart at the audience. It was sooooooooooooo bad! Andy is dead, but David Lynch is alive – and treading! Would he make short movies for Quibi? He made a movie out near Zabriskie Point. I see Seth playing himself. My friend ran into Tom Waites in a downtown LA bar, and partied with him for two days.

“He was the worst piano player I ever heard. I almost walked out. I asked the bartender why he puts up with a bum, and he should throw him out!”

The bartender laughed.

“That guy, is famous. That’s Tom Waites!”

Seth Zachary walks into the downtown bar from the Paul Hastings building, and starts talking his bullshit no one understands. Tom always digs Zach, and suggests they go on a joy ride to Zabriskie Point. His grandfather willed him some property, and, he can’t drive because of too many DUIs. Tom always compares Seth to Rod Serling.

“Let’s you and I go get in the Treading Zone you are always talking about!”

The stars of Zabriskie Point were followers of Mel Lyman, who was married to my kin, Jessie Benton, whose father was the famous artist and muralist, Thomas Hart Benton, whose grandfather’s name was removed from a building on the ground of Oregon State, by Ed Ray. I’m still working on Ed’s letter.

When ever Tom visits Sach in his office, he sees the Ghost Building lurking outside, and goes off on a strange diatribe about…………..nothing it would seem. Sometimes his niece, Valkyrie Breevort, accompies Tom. She always recites a unbelievable legal litany that claims most of the land that Greenwich Village was built, belongs to her. No one, fully believes everyone is in touch with reality, and, is telling the truth. The truth is – they are telling the truth! They may never get out of the Treading Zone, and on to solid ground. Do they really want to?

Valkyrie is a disciple of Anna Halprin, and belongs to a very strange and radical dance group that are funded by the Beryl Buck Trust. She also has very dangerous second cousins living in a commune at Zabriskie Point. For a week I have been trying to get Anna’s group out at the Pot Power Plant, doing a circle dance as the moon rises and sits atop the smokestack. If you recall this is vital in preventing another great SF earthquake on the last night the SF Opera plays Carmen.

The reason no one will take Valkyrie’s case, is because she is so goddamn beautiful. Since the utter destruction of the Greek cosmology by advancing Christianity, there is a unspoken rule not to let gorgeous women have any money.

“I am the Helen of California!”

I believe a series of True Art Movies can be made by Quibi.

to be continued

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Play both videos at the same time.

He married Zayda Zabriskie (daughter of Christian Brevoort Zabriskie) in 1911 and they had four children, Frank Henry Buck III (1912-1993), Margaret Ann Buck(1913-), Christian Brevoort Zabriskie Buck (1914-1995) and Edward Zabriskie Elvis Buck (1917-1964). After they divorced, he married Eva Mathilde Benson in 1926,[2] and they had two children, William Benson Buck and Carol Franz Buck (1936-). He died on September 17, 1942, while still in office.[5]

He was interred in Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery, in Vacaville, California.[1][2] His wife, Eva Benson Buck, founded the Frank H. Buck Scholarship, which is awarded each year to eight to 16 high school seniors, who have to live in his former congressional district.[2] She was an active philanthropist until her death in 1990.[6]

“In several shots, focusing on the Rod Taylor character, we see through the windows details of the magnificent Richfield Tower, a lavish 1920s-era Art Deco skyscraper in downtown L.A. that was torn down even before the film came out. And, though I have no idea what he’s doing in the movie, I love Rod Taylor’s acting. This is a film where you can glimpse shadows of the wonderful and groundbreaking picture they wanted to make through the cloudy images of the terrible film they did make. In this sense it’s worth watching.

Some shots in Zabriskie Point show the fascinating exterior of the Richfield Tower, an Art Deco masterpiece that was demolished in 1968. I may feature the building on my “Lost America” series.

Zabriskie Point had some odd real-life drama surrounding it. Mark Frechette and Daria Halprin were romantically involved in real life shortly after the production finished. That didn’t last long; Halprin eventually married actor Dennis Hopper, another fixture of the counter-culture Hollywood scene of the late 1960s. Author Ruthanna Hopper is their daughter. Frechette, whose movie role of seeming bitterly alienated from all of society was evidently not an act, robbed a Boston bank in 1973, reportedly to get the money to make another counter-culture film damning American society. He went to prison and died in a weight room accident in 1975. His bizarre story has been mentioned on the movie history podcast You Must Remember This.

Return to Zabriskie Point












“Meanwhile Daria (Daria Halprin), “a sweet, pot-smoking post-teenybopper of decent inclinations,” is driving across the desert towards Phoenix in a 1950s era Buick automobile to meet her boss Lee, who may or may not also be her lover.”

When ‘Easy Rider’ came out, my kindred and friends said I look just like THE ACTOR, Dennis Hopper, who is some kind of hippie biker – only on film! Hopper marred THE ACTRESS, Daria Halprin, whose mother was a dancer and who runs a dance healing clinic called ‘Tamalpa Life/Art’ which may be near Mount Tamalpais where I camped with Rena – all alone. There was not one famous director to be seen. We took no direction. Rena’s beauty was not captured and put in a can. I got a real good close-up of her about sixteen hours a day. I can’t complain – really!

Daria starred in A MOVIE about radical hippies in revolt, called ‘Zabriskie Point’. It was an utter failure. I am an original hippie, who along with my hippie friends, did not go see this movie, because, it is a case of Art Imitating Life. We had no interest in paying money to go see FAKE PAID HIPSTERS imitating us, and, speak for us. We spent our extra money on drugs so we could alter our mind, get turned on – and have sex!

The other star of Zabriskie Point was a Mel Lyman devotee. Mark Frechette held up a bank with another Lyman Family member after he made his movie. He had real-life interests. Mel Lyman is my kindred who created a network of MUSicians, Actors, and Artists. He is in my family tree. He married Jessie Benton, a cousin of my ex-brother-in-law, Garth Benton who acted in movies, as did his first wife, Alli McBride.

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