Civil Liberties Defense Center – And Me!

I am an advocate for the mentally ill.

Rosamond Press

I just contacted the CLDC and then donated $20 bucks to their cause. Here is a video I made in 2016 when I went and heard Lauren Regan and a “demonstration expert” at the New World Bakery. Note the dude chuckling. This is the chuckle heard around the world because I just suggested, rather than put CRAZIES outside the Republican Convention, have a million leftist radical Democrats register as Republicans, and – DISRUPT from the inside. I say this about three quarters in. This is a historic suggestion coming from a person called a “lunatic”.

(30) Laura Regan – YouTube

If Belle and Alley had asked me to join the Whoville Family, things would not have gone so – NUTS? I used them – and the truth many homeless people are DISRUPTIVE CRAZIES – as my political model. It worked! The Republican Party was destroyed by Trump’s Beloved Crazy Folk…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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