Kenny Reed Was Offered Ed Fadeley’s Kidney


On September 26, 2015, Darian Fadeley offered Marilyn Reed, her dying husband’s kidney at the DAC during a Landmark Forum meeting. Ed was in the hospital, dying, and Darian came late to the meeting. There was one vacant seat, next to my childhood sweetheart. During an exchange, where one turns to the person next to you and tells them something meaningful, Marilyn tells Darian her husband needs a kidney transplant and in on dialysis. Darian is alarmed, and tells my dear friend she should not keep this to herself, and the more she talks about it, the chances there are for someone to come forward. Darian talks to the doctor at the hospital and orders a test to see if Ed and Kenny are compatible. She is told Ed’s kidney is toast. Kenny is a black Jazz Artist. Darian did not know who Marilyn’s husband was. She did not know he was a black man. She knew he had a medical emergency, and hoped he could be helped if Ed could not. She wanted a part of Ed to go on living. She wanted Hope to spring eternal.

October 7th. was Kenny Reed’s birthday. I read a comment about Kenny. Someone said he and Izzy are the two most important people in Eugene. He knew all the Jazz greats, and played with many of them, including Les McCann, Marilyn’s good friend. Her sister was married to Ron Jefferson, McCann’s drummer.

Last night, Marilyn took me out to dinner and told me Les wrote a song about a blue Volkswagen he loved. Here is the blue bicycle and chair. Kenny appears in front of Eugene’s oldest mural that contains a figure that Marilyn knew for a long time. The muralist saw Julio walking and asked if he could take his picture.

Ed’s kidney was gone, but Kenny is in need of a transplant in order to save his life. I beseech our community and our group of friends, to put away our distractions, our reasons we are in discord, and concentrate on saving our Jazz Icon. This is a peace offering. We are all close then we know. Only Marilyn knew the identity of the lone man in the mural. They go back aways.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

I got me a lady, she drives a blue volkswagen car


kennyreed2 DSC02469 DSC02453


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