Employing Female Sex As Weapon

Will Aunt Gooby be ignoring all this – stuff – after THE DAILY BEAST gave her so much political clout? Did the Daily Beast wait till there was a sure-winner before they got involved in complex Oregon Politics? If so – what cowards! All diverse minorities, deserve respect. Who defines the nature of that respect? I say THE FREE PRESS……do!…….THE HONEST FREE PRESS!

I just sent this to Ursula after reading her article on the Governor’s  race in Montana. I suspect Ursula was raised a Catholic, where within one is EIMIMINATED by the quantity of your sins. Have you – confessed – enough? Did you get marked on Ash Wednesday?


Dear Perno; I read you article on Betsy and posted my feeling on my blog. I am a candidate for Governor of Oregon. My kin, John Fremont, was the first Republican candidate for President. He is why I became a Republican so I can order FAKE rednecks – out of my traditional family party. I hate your article, because you seem to have no empathy for political people. You are very dry, and ignore the Minority Report. We formed a Democracy, not so the majority can rule, but serve those who lost – this time. Thanks to you, Betsy scares me. I call her Aunt Gooby.

John Presco

Dull Brown Bagging It | Rosamond Press


Rosamond Press

If I am elected Governor, I’m going to launch an investigation into women using sex as a weapon to destroy a man they see as an opponent, and, are seeking revenge.

In 2014, Mary Broadhurst, activist attorney for the homeless, responds to the evil blood sport Alley Valkyrie is enjoying on her Facebook – which would have got her account closed today. Is it still going? Mary correctly points out there is NO CONCERN for Belle’s safety. Kim Hafner exhibits the same evil glee at DESTROYING A MAN – and wants to be attacked so I will go to jail, get evicted, and lose everything! She could care less if I become enraged and go after Belle in order to exact revenge. I will investigate her work with the mentally ill at the Johnson Unit. She is a Gargantuan Gas-lighter! To claim she is in contact with my daughter she…

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