The High Noon Blood Train

Here is the opening of my Art Movie…..High Noon Blood Train

A giant floating head hovers over Bozeman Montana, and it looks like the President of the United States of America. Suddenly, masked cowboys wearing a white hat appear. Some are on horseback. They await their High Noon message. These are the White Chozen Ones who want to do more of the Good Cowboy Work so that Montana will stay white and pure.

There is much posturing done by the Nazi Cowboys who are hiding behind Wild Bill Jesus – THE JEW – while they make plans to purify THE WEST. Those who fear the God of the Jews are told to put on their yellow scarves and go hide in the church. Pastor Jess has been in the Holy Land, and has an inkling of what is coming. The Secular Cowboy Supremists go to meet the Blood Train that pulls into the station. The doors open and out pour 50,000 gallons of blood, along with the Jews that were taken slave, tortured, and executed.

I declare Kathy Griffin, and Tyler Shield’s bloody image, an Art Piece! The President is taking a ghoulish delight in making people afraid. Mexican Americans are packing their luggage as they head to other side of the The Wall.  Trump has not made one Russian feel afraid. Quite the contrary. He has put out the WELCOME mat for our enemies. Trump is a Sadist, not Kathy.

There are several images of Donald’s severed head. One is found on a float in a parade. I was no fan of Tyler until I saw his video on Historical Fiction, which his severed head now is. I will be depicting Rena Easton as Salome holding up my severed head.

There is a very good chance President Trump has watched old newsreels and believes the pact Hitler made with Stalin, was The Last Great Hope for the White Man.

Kathy just got fired from CNN. I object. My artist friend, Stefan Eins met Herman Nitsch.

Jon Presco


My ex-friend, Paul Drake played a real bad guy in Sudden Impact. He shared with me Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty.


Tyler Shield’s Bloody Narcissistic Supply

Mrs Eastwood and Company has just gotten real interesting because Tyler Shields suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder – and is out of control! My daughter’s loverboy, Bill Cornwell, suffers from the same disorder. Bill ran ahead of me so he could get to the Grand Canyon before I did, and be with my grandson without me there so this six year old boy would think even more highly of him. Later, he called me on the phone and said I ruined my grandson’s trip when I, a senior, lagged behind.“You ruined Tyler’s trip to the Canyon!” Big Bubba Billy Beer tells me on the phone.
“How did I do that?” I asked.
“You got tired.”

Bill is a hard-drinking race car driver, and sees himself as – dangerous! I titled him a ‘Trophy Drinker’ after he posted his drunks on Facebook – with my grandson! In his mind – he won! Bill Cornwell has to go for the winner’s circle – on all occasions. When he learned I had twenty four years sobriety, he became extrememly threatened.

Look at me, Tyler! Aren’t I grand! Don’t look at Papa, because, he’s a loser!

To do this to a six year old boy – is sick! I went into the same rage Dina goes into, she rightfully accusing Tyler Shields of being “a raging, psychopathic, pathological liar” when he said he was a medical doctor. No sooner is he in the Hawaiian home, then Tyler is climbing out on the dangerous rock in order to upstage the sunset Clint – The Real Winner – paid good money for.

“Don’t look at the beautiful sunset. Screw Clint. Look at me! Aren’t I grand!”

My friend, Paul Drake, got the part of Mick in Sudden Impact during a one on one interview with Clint. This method actor entered the office as a serial killer, and not once was he out of character. Clint was – shaken.

How did Tyler break his nose seventeen times? Was he bragging in biker bars that he was a Ninja? There must have been a lot of blood like the fake blood we see in his shoots. Or, is that real blood? Didn’t Susan Lockley have a bloody nose in Sudden Impact, where Mick takes his victim atop the roller coaster to show off.

Mr. Shields is using his camera to bring the focus on himself. He turns beautiful women into a ugly bloody mess so that people will ask what kind of beast would do such a thing. Francesca got wise to this in one episode where he puts her life at risk.

“You’re using me!” Francesca says in tears, she in fear of her life after he put her on the railing of a high bridge – like Mick did.

Tyler pulled the wool back over Francesca’s eyes. But, Dina is not fooled. I like her. She is for real, has seen actors like Tyler before. Only when Tyler realized he might get kicked off the show did he appologise to Dina. To take away the Narcissistic supply of a Narcissist, is extremely dangerous! I don’t need to tell Dina to be on her guard.

That is Bill in the photo above where he acts out his role as Alpha Male by giving the sign that says I he is the Bad Ass No.1 Dude. There was one thing lacking in Bill’s Ballsy Bravado. At forty, he failed to concieve a son, so, he went after my grandson – who WAS getting a lot of attention from his mother. Too much attention in Big Baby Billy’s opinion!

I saw Bill coming, before I met him, when my daughter told me this, this single mother only knowing him a month.

“Bill has put me in charge of finding sponsors for his race car.”

Heather Hanson was now promoting her new lover’s career. Bill put my beautiful daughter in the back seat. My grandson get’s to ride up front with his brave new pal. That’s Tyler Hunt in a bar drinking a Shirely Temple Heather bought him, because Bill never has any money. She buys Bill beer all the time with money she earns in a dental office.

Stay tuned, folks! Will the real Big Bad Daddy burst in the door, and say;

“That’s a wrap, punk! Every wanna-be bad dog has their day!”

Jon Presco

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    Here is my post that is very Bondish. This was posted before babies were snatched out of the arms of mothers. Trump called the press ‘The Enemy of the People’ and wants Putin to come to America sp they can play co-Emperor’s of the World because this KGB expert is playing his Chump. Chump needs someone that can give him a good game – of chess! When you are a powerful genius, you need someone to look at as your equal.

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