Muses Gone Hog Wild

Parker from central Idaho aims his weapon from a bridge as protesters gather by the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville





On the average, I have 360 readers a day of this blog. Most feedback is positive.
I am called a good writer. I start writing early, about 6 AM. I use my intuition in feeling out what matters. Most of the time, I latch on to an idea, a story, that makes me feel mentally ill as I write it.

“Where in the hell is this coming from?”

Never have I felt more insane and un-balanced then when it came to my muse turning on me, she sicking the Sheriff of Gallatin County on me. I just looked at google news and found out there is trouble there. Quite often I claim I am psychic, or a prophet. My readership does not care, because I am spot-on weeks, months before other news media. I think I might do a Stock Market report.

Jon Presco

LAURA LUNDQUIST, Chronicle Staff Writer

As part of a larger push to have states take control of federal public land, some Montanans support a Nevada rancher who has refused to pay federal grazing fees.

That led to a conflict that attracted national attention and the interest of Gallatin Valley state representative Kerry White, R-Bozeman

Rancher Cliven Bundy owes the Bureau of Land Management 20 years worth of fines, penalties and fees for grazing his cattle on public land near Bunkerville, Nevada.

Bundy owes more than $1 million and has been ordered to remove his cattle from an area that is home to a desert tortoise listed as a threatened species in 1989. He has ignored the order and refused to pay the government.

On April 5, government riders began impounding Bundy’s cattle. Within a week, armed Bundy sympathizers and militia members began collecting at the ranch.

Tensions increased at the ranch while, across the nation, some groups backed Bundy while others called him a lawbreaker.

Some Gallatin Valley residents cheered when White posted to his legislative Facebook page on April 12 that he would be traveling to Nevada to “stand with Mr. Bundy.”

“This is not about a turtle,” White wrote. “This is about property rights and our food supply. This is about State sovereignty.”

On the same day White posted his travel intentions, the BLM backed down, announcing it would not enforce the court order.

Bundy’s supporters celebrated, and some have vowed to use the same tactics in similar situations around the West.

White canceled his travel plans. He told the Chronicle that he thought the BLM overreacted, and once the BLM backed down, the danger passed. He’s keeping an eye on the situation.

“I was concerned about violence erupting. I had been in contact with some folks close to the Bundy Ranch and told them I’d be willing to go down there to calm the situation and show support,” White said. “As long as nothing escalates, I’ll hold off. But I’m fully prepared to go down if it’s something where I can possibly help.”

White is a member of the legislative Environmental Quality Council, which has met monthly as mandated by Senate Joint Resolution 15 to study the prospect of having Montana take over federal land in the state.

He said the events in Nevada are connected to things that are happening in Montana, since land management may be affected by sage grouse and grizzly bear initiatives.

“All of these things are federal actions that affect the lives of people and the disposition of land in Montana. So do the Bundys have any connection? It’s all coming from the federal government and there’s a lot of dissatisfaction with the federal government. So yeah, there is some connection,” White said. “But what occurs as we move forward remains to be seen.”

Many GOP state platforms strongly support states rights and local control of land management.

In a reprise of the Sagebrush Rebellion of the 1970s, one element of the party has taken that so far as to demand that all federal land be given to the states for the benefit of resource development.

Sen. Jennifer Fielder, R- Thompson Falls, also sits on the EQC and was the sponsor of SJ-15 in 2013.

Last week, Fielder traveled to Utah with state house speaker Mark Blasdel, R-Somers, to work with regional Republicans on strategies to take control of federal lands in the West.

Fielder and Utah Rep. Ken Ivory had organized the closed-door Legislative Summit on the Transfer of Public Lands before the Bundy incident, but Bundy ended up being a subject of discussion, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Fielder told the Tribune that federal land management is hamstrung by bad policies, politicized science and severe federal budget cuts.

White said he had planned on attending the summit but had other meetings to attend.

Montana Wildlife Federation spokesman Nick Gevock has testified against a federal-land takeover at almost every EQC meeting on SJ-15.

Gevock said that politicians who try to get rid of federal public land in Montana do so at their peril. A Colorado College poll shows 70 percent of Montanans oppose having the state take control of federal land.

“The polling data shows that this is broadly unpopular with Montanans. We all know that would lead to the land being sold to private interests because we don’t have the resources to manage it. All it would take is one big fire season and we’d be broke,” Gevock said. “Cliven Bundy doesn’t represent the vast majority of ranchers in the West, who pay their fees and play by the rules. There’s a reason that not one stockgrower’s group has supported Mr. Bundy.”

One can say our family Muse has taken us down the red brick road in Montana and introduced us to neo-Nazi supremacists who are hell-bent on destroying the political party our kindred worked so hard to found. What did we ever do to them? We have our children and grandchildren to protect. As the head of my family, now that my brother has advocated and disappeared, I intend to do just that. Any questions?

We all like to think we are individualist entitled to our unique opinions, but, when a family is under attack by organized forces bent on our destruction, one has to gather as a unit, and hope a courageous leader step forth.

Here is the name on my late sister’s death certificate.


We have real important American history to protect, and real family values to preserve and promote for generations to come. If members of the NPI are arming themselves getting ready to fight for what they don’t own, and what they can’t promote, then don’t you think we should show some unity here.

I call Rena our family Muse because the Presco and Benton family are still doing creative things. Drew Benton is rendering her art at aunt Vicki’s house, and, I can’t wait to stretch a tall canvas and do a full body portrait of Rena. And, then there is Garth, Thomas, and Jessie Benton, who married Mel Lyman who founded a racist leftist cult from outer space, that led to making of Zabriskie Point, a movie about left-leaning radicals.

So, let us stop our quibbling. There is enough crazy-ass white culture to go around for those who belong. Just like Phil Roberston of Duck Dynasty I am the head of my families creative dynasty. Since Rowdy Rosemary Rosamond died, we have not elected a head of the family. Rosemary was our fearless leader. There was nothing she wouldn’t try, or do, not like Ms. East, the scardy-cat.

We were sailing along in a favorable breeze, when Ms. Easton had a major freak-out right after she agreed to be instated in our Muses Hall of Fame. We have spent way too much time on Rena. It is traditional that the women of the Rosamond Cult freak out. It’s be a tag-team freak out since I can remember.

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