My Beautiful International Range War

Keep in mind I am an artist. Rena Easton is my muse and Christine Rosamond’s muse. She is my model for Victoria Bond. We got into a spat over cattle ranchers and she had Deputy Sherriff Dan Mayland give me a jingle – a warning shot! I told Dan I don’t know where Rena lives, nor do I have her phone number. I got pissed!

“Aren’t you out of your jurisdiction? You told me you saw no threats in my letter, so, why are you calling me? You say Rena does not want YOUR call to affect my newspaper in any way, so why are you harassing this reporter? I am going to talk to my Congressman!”

Dan became more contrite. I suspected he knew about the Posse Comitatus. I suspect Dan hangs with some right-wing nationalists.

I am going to rework ‘The Royal Janitor’ make it even more real to life. Finding the right actress to play Victoria Bond – is crucial! Rena walked like a gunslinger. She was a femal Gary Cooper whose grew up in Montana. Britain has a stake in Trump’s Trade Wars. British agents are chagrined to learn they got no man in the field. If they can beat Trump in the culture war in Montana, then his base might crumble. We need a young Irene Victoria Easton. I am going to raise her daughter from the dead. I believe Katherine Easton came to me in a dream that I told Rena about in my letter.  I am Dreamer Jon who can dream into the future. And I understand Cyber-Warfare and Cyber-space.

Above is a photo of me in Brownsville Oregon having an epiphamy. When I discover this small town had no sheriff, and after spotting a tin star in a antique shop, I bought and pinned it on. I already has connected Gandalf the Grey to an American County Sheriff. This imagery includes Joaquin Miller. I wrote up a proposal to Amazon. I own The Greatest Saga the world has ever known. I got Bond and Aragorn – in my back pocket. If those movie people don’t get behind my visions, I will see if the Chinese Government wants to make a Great Western, where……….

“All’s well, that ends well!”

Hit it maestro!”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Posse comitatus is the common-law or statute law authority of a county sheriff, or other law officer, to conscript any able-bodied man to assist him in keeping the peace or to pursue and arrest a felon, similar to the concept of the “hue and cry.” Originally found in English common law,[2] it is generally obsolete; however, it survives in the United States, where it is the law enforcement equivalent of summoning the militia for military purposes

So when President Trump’s new Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue appears in front of an audience of hundreds of Montana farmers and ranchers, he knows he has to reassure them that things are going to be OK, even if his boss doesn’t like big international trade deals.

“Trade is vital to American agriculture,” says Perdue. “And that’s what we’re going to focus on. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m a you-grow-it-I-sell-it kind of guy, and that’s what we’re serious about.”

At a brief press conference after his speech, Secretary Perdue said farmers and ranchers should feel good knowing that an experienced businessman and negotiator like Donald Trump is now in charge of U.S. trade policy.

PINEDALE, Wyo. (Reuters) – The superintendent of Yellowstone National Park said on Thursday he was being forced from his post after disagreeing with the Trump administration over management of the park’s famed bison herd.

Every morning, JoHanna Symons quietly rides her sorrel Quarter Horse through dusty pens packed with young cattle at her ranch in Madras, Ore.

She’s looking for the ones that cough or are injured so she can doctor them.

But when it comes to international trade wars, Symons and her husband, Jeremy, are at the mercy of bigger forces.

“I feel like some of us little guys,” Symons says, “our hands are just tied.”

Just in time for that Fourth of July burger, tariffs are hitting U.S. beef exports this week. And tariffs mean lots of prime cuts could get dumped back on the domestic market, lowering prices. Symons, and other ranchers across the West, are bracing to lose money — but many still proudly support President Donald Trump.

Symons breeds cattle and raises them on a 4,500 feedlot. People call it “Gate-to-plate.” She and her husband also butcher the cattle and even deliver to restaurants.

As a Republican and a business owner, Symons likes Donald Trump and was happy he won. Then the trade wars heated up, and beef was one of the targets.

From China, a 25 percent tariff starts July 6; Canada slapped 10 percent on some beef products July 1.

Symons doesn’t regret her vote, but she has started to worry. “We’re at the mercy of overseas and at the mercy of the bigger players in the game,” she says.

Kent Bacus, who heads trade for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, says, “We’re hopeful that the administration is going to be successful, but we need them to be successful very soon.”

He says a year ago, China was a new and promising market for certain cuts of beef not popular in America.

But now he says the whole industry is discouraged. He calls some of the tariffs retaliatory. And he says it means governments are picking winners and losers.

“We need to solve these trade problems,” Bacus says. “But we don’t need to do it on the backs of America’s farmers and ranchers.”

Outside of remote Diamond, Ore., Buck Taylor runs around 1,000 Red Angus mother cows. He doesn’t blame Trump for the tariffs that might cost him.

“Any hit that we take now will be superseded by some accomplishments that he will probably make to make up for it,” Taylor says.

Taylor rests his hand on a metal field gate, smiling. It opens wide to an expansive hay field flanked by dramatic flat-top mesas. The day after the presidential election, he and his four grandchildren spray-painted it into an American flag — reflectors for stars.

“We’re proud of it,” he says softly chuckling.

And he’s proud of the Trump flag that flies at the head of his driveway.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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