Red Dawn of the Novel Death Code

Montana keeps inviting Ammon Bundy to come act like he is the Messiah of the New Code of the West. When I beheld Rena Easton in the light, I thought;

“If Jesus had a daughter, she would look like this beautiful creature!”

With the political attack on Governor Whitmer by Bundy and the 3 Percenters, the main topic of this blog – has come to past! I am….REDEEMED! I can say and do almost anything! I own a Immunity Card. All my tormentors are gist for my novel and picture show. I am tempted to make a film where Jesus as an old man shows up in the streets of Bozeman Montana with his drop-dead gorgeous granddaughter.

When Deputy Dan Mayland and I had our chit-chat, he passed on a message from Rena.

“She wants you to know she does not want to affect the publication of your newspaper.”

This is what made me suspicious that her and Dan’s harassment of me was a group effort who believed in Constitutional Rights, something Belle Burch and Alley Valkyrie did not subscribe to – and Kim Hafner!

“I don’t care if you believe I am Jesus. You got to listen to my granddaughter! She delivers the best New Code of the West sermon you ever heard!”

The real movie these Faux Cowboys want to see is…Jesus of Montana. I will have Jesus walking about in Boho Cow-Bo clothes. Will he be wearing boots. I will have him spout my Biblical revelations as Faux Cowboys and Faux Cowgirls’ go crazy.

For two years Rena and Dan knew I hit their sweet spot with my Bundyish prophesy. Did they call me up and say;

“We’re sorry we made you out to be dangerous and insane. Just for the record, are you encouraging Oregonians to defy Governor Brown’s isolation order? Are you telling your Beatnik Cult followers not to wear masks so you can infect, and kill 0ff the Straight People? Just thinking aloud!”

John Presco

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has hit back at the thousands of protesters who defied her stay-at-home order on Wednesday, saying the rally was “political” and had endangered people’s lives.

Protesters took part in a drive-in rally, dubbed “Operation Gridlock,” on Wednesday to show their opposition to the stay-at-home order issued by Whitmer due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Operation Gridlock” was listed on Facebook as an event hosted by the Michigan Conservative Coalition and the Michigan Freedom Fund.

Many demonstrators got out of their vehicles by the state capitol building in Lansing and brandished signs bearing messages including “Michigan Against Gretchen’s Abuses” and “Stop The Fear, End The Lockdown.”

A Michigan State Police spokesperson told Newsweek the protest attracted an estimated 4,000 people and the demonstrators were “peaceful.” The spokesperson said the majority of demonstrators remained in their vehicles and those on foot were practicing social distancing.

No tickets were issued during the protest for violating Whitmer’s stay-at-home order, but the spokesperson said one arrest was made—a 45-year-old man for simple assault against another protester.!/94895/33056701-8f3a-4f21-ae7b-efa90974009a/en

HELENA – An Oct. 13 event in Whitefish that says it will highlight property and civil rights is coming under criticism from several groups, saying it will feature anti-government conspiracy theorists and is an affront to public land.

The organizer of the conference said the event is none of those things and criticized her critics.

Speakers at the “New Code of the West” event sponsored by This West is OUR West include Ammon Bundy, leader of the armed occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and a participant in a standoff against law enforcement officials at his father Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Nevada, critics said.

By inviting Ammon Bundy, organizers and participants of this event are attempting to normalize the seizure of public lands and to legitimize threats against federal and local law enforcement,” Bob Brown, a state legislator for 27 years, former Montana secretary of state and a Whitefish-area resident, said in a Sept. 27 news release opposing the conference.

Ammon Bundy is holding court in a chilly warehouse by the railroad tracks in rural Emmett, Idaho. Yes, that Ammon Bundy.

Four years after the standoff at Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Bundy remains a leading anti-government activist. On this March day he’s rallying people against the stay-at-home order Idaho issued to curb the spread of COVID-19. Among other things, Bundy is threatening to lead a march on the homes of Idaho Governor Brad Little and the director of the state’s Department of Health and Welfare. He also says he’d like to form a human cordon around businesses staying open in defiance of the order.

“A guideline would be great, but an order is inappropriate, and it’s absolutely unconstitutional and unauthorized,” he said about Idaho’s rules restricting travel and shutting down many businesses.

Ammon Bundy, right, rails against Idaho’s stay-at-home order to a crowd in Emmett, Idaho, on March 26, 2020.

Ammon Bundy, right, rails against Idaho’s stay-at-home order to a crowd in Emmett, Idaho, on March 26, 2020.

Heath Druzin/Boise State Public Radio

To battle the coronavirus pandemic, many state governments are ordering residents to shelter in place. That’s creating a rift in anti-government circles. In places like Idaho, some militia leaders are vowing to openly fight these orders. Others say obey for now, but watch for overreach.

Many do agree on one thing, though: don’t touch our guns.

Everything the CDC warned against

The scene at the warehouse in Emmett is like something from a pandemic safety nightmare. Dozens of people sit elbow to elbow, greeting each other with hugs, even posing for pictures with an arm around Bundy’s waist.

The small rally is also illegal, according to the emergency order issued by Idaho’s governor.

Bundy’s involvement raises eyebrows in part because he has led two armed standoffs with federal agents, including one at an Oregon wildlife refuge that ended with state troopers killing one of his followers. And Bundy wouldn’t rule out a similar scenario in response to coronavirus-related restrictions.

“I think we have to do whatever it takes,” he said. “I hope we don’t have to go to that extent.”

But some in what is also known as The Patriot Movement see it differently.

One of the men who took up arms to defend Bundy and his father against the federal government has broken with Bundy on the pandemic response. Eric Parker is the president of the militia group The Real 3%ers of Idaho. They are part of the national movement the Three Percent, with loosely affiliated statewide groups that focus on weapons training, disaster preparation and survival tactics.

Unlike Bundy and many of his followers, Parker is taking the pandemic threat seriously.

“We understand this is a health crisis,” Parker said. “We would expect everyone to act accordingly.”

He’s encouraging his fellow Three Percenters to follow the stay-at-home order.

But he also said his members are monitoring enforcement and documenting abuses by any authorities.

“We believe that that’s the possible flashpoint,” he said.

Firearms seen as ‘essential’

What does unite anti-government movements during the pandemic is the importance of firearms. On a recent online broadcast of the prepper-focused Radio Free Redoubt, host John Jacob Schmidt said he’s relieved to be surrounded by heavily armed preppers during a crisis.

“It feels so good to be living in the American Redoubt,” he said.

The American Redoubt is generally thought of by survivalists and militia groups as a region encompassing parts of Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana. It is seen by them as a kind of last refuge from societal collapse.

Todd Savage lives in North Idaho and runs Black Rifle Real Estate, which caters to preppers and followers of the Redoubt movement. He says his business is booming over the past month as concerns about COVID-19 have jumped to the fore.

Given that his company name is a nod to the AR-15 rifle, it’s unsurprising that he thinks guns are essential during a pandemic.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” he said. “When somebody is breaking down your door because they’re desperate for food, water, medicine for their family, what are you going to do?”

Studies suggest that gun use for self-defense is exceedingly rare. A 2015 study published in the journal Preventive Medicine found that self-defense gun use occurs in less than one percent of all crimes when the victim and perpetrator encounter each other. But many preppers and and anti-government groups urge their neighbors to stock up on guns and point to extraordinary crises, such as a deadly pandemic, as times when self-defense is most important.

Followers of the Redoubt movement were galvanized by the controversial memo issued by the Department of Homeland Security suggesting that gun stores be deemed essential services. It was the latest in a series of overtures to the far right from the Trump Administration.

Alexander Barron, who runs the Charles Carroll Society, a website focused on the American Redoubt, said he was encouraged by DHS’ move.

“I support President Trump wholly when he recommended to governors nationwide that things like firearms, gun stores and shooting ranges remain as essential services for the American people during these times of need,” he said.

Watching for a red line

David Gletty spent years infiltrating anti-government groups as a paid operative for the FBI. He said some anti-government groups may see the fear of COVID-19 as an opportunity.

“It’s a true crisis, but it’s a great recruitment tool for these militias,” he said.

Gletty said many who adhere to an anti-government mindset don’t recognize the authority of any government officials past their county sheriff. That could mean the potential for violence.

“They are prepared if the government does come with law enforcement and try to shut them down,” Gletty said. “That’s that’s where the red line will be.”

For now, at least, no one has crossed that line.

Bob Brown

Bob Brown (Photo: File photo)

He said the event  “flies in the face of the values Montanans of all political persuasions share” and has no place in Montana.

Others listed on the news release include the Montana Wilderness Association, some Whitefish city officials, the Montana Human Rights Network, Rep. Shane Morigeau, D-Missoula, a member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and former state lawmaker Carolyn Pease Lopez, a member of the Crow tribe.

“This event is targeting American Indian people across the state and the West,” Pease Lopez said. “We must stand together undivided against bigotry and any efforts to insert anti-Indian sentiment into the political mainstream.”

Laura Lee O’Neil, the main organizer of the event and founder of “This West is OUR West,” took issue with the allegations.

“While I respect their First Amendment right to speak, I most assuredly do not agree with the disparaging name-calling used in this ‘Press Release.'” she said in an email.  “Our event is in no way advocating nor supporting an extremist, violent, anti-government, anti-Indian agenda.”


“I personally have great respect for our country’s Constitution, and am simply exercising my First Amendment right in promoting a civil dialogue and discussion on issues important to us here in Montana and throughout the Western states,” she wrote.

The This West is OUR West website states the country is under threat of federal government overreach, the removal of state jurisdiction and protection and falling victim to international global agendas.


“We share common concerns, provide useful information and offer networking capabilities among the voices across the West,” the website states.

The website states the event will be 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. event at the Grouse Mountain Lodge and will look at “land, water, property and civil rights in the Western United States.”

Elaine Willman, which the critics of the event said is one of the most well-known anti-Indian activists in the country through her work with the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, will also speak.

Another person listed to speak is Rep. Kerry White, R-Bozeman.

White, according to his biography on the event website, introduced a bill that was signed into law in 2017 urging the U.S. Congress to  release certain wilderness study areas in Montana from consideration for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation system, calling for dropping nearly 1 million acres from possible federal wilderness consideration.

White said Monday he did not know the list of speakers when he was asked to discuss the health effects of wildfire smoke.

“I thought this was an educational event but it seems the press release has labeled this as an anti-government event,” White said via email. “Not what I had in mind when I accepted several months ago to show my presentation on the health effects of these wildfires. Anti government is not my position.”

He said he would contact the organizer to get more details on the purpose of the event.

He also defended a Facebook post when he was planning to go to Nevada during the standoff that involved the Bundy family.

“It was not to support Bundy and in fact my post explained clearly that several legislators were going to attempt to bring a peaceful end to the situation,” White said.

Another state official scheduled to speak is Rep. Matt Shea, R-Wash.

The Montana Human Rights Network has said This West is OUR West is rooted in the militia movement of the 1990s and “espouses an ideology at the nexus of the anti-government, anti-Indian, and anti-environmental movements.”

O’Neil disagreed.

“As is stated on our website, This West is OUR West promotes ‘Uniting Western States, Protecting Our Rights.’ And, since those God-given rights are clearly stated in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, under which our government is structured and regulated, we are in no way anti-government,” she said.

O’Neil said it was “shameful that some must resort to name calling and untruthful slander simply because others may have differing opinions.”

She said Montanans prefer unity over the division “and celebrate our right to peacefully assemble and speak freely and respectfully.”

Montana Wilderness Association, in partnership with Montana Wildlife Federation, Montana Human Rights Network, and Love Lives Here, will have an event on the same day as New Code of the West. It is called Montana Undivided: A Rally for Human Rights and Public Lands.

The event will be 10 a.m. Oct. 13 at Depot Park in Whitefish.

After the screening of a documentary about her husband, Finicum’s widow, Jeanette, gave a sometimes tearful speech. She also criticized the media, saying: “It’s not your responsibility to tell us how to think and believe.”

The slickly produced documentary was sponsored by the rightwing Center for Self Governance (CSG). Before the screening, speaking directly to reporters who had been placed at a table at the head of the room, the CSG president, Mark Herr, accused the media of “label-lynching” Finicum and other Malheur occupiers.

Alex Newman, foreign correspondent for the conspiracy-minded John Birch Society, led a prayer for the media before delivering a lecture connecting the so-called “deep state” to the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group.

Other speeches featured claims about conspiracies by communists, Muslims and the United Nations.

In a wide-ranging presentation, the Republican Washington state legislator Matt Shea connected the Council of American Islamic Relations to Hamas; said a mosque in Spokane was owned by the Muslim Brotherhood; characterized the grassroots progressive organization Indivisible as communist; and demanded the management of public lands be “transferred back to the states”.

Shea once said journalists were “dirty, godless, hateful people”.

Elaine Willman, a campaigner against Native American treaties and indigenous water rights whose work has been promoted by The West is Our West, claimed: “Federal Indian policy is unconstitutional.” She also said Paulette Jordan, an Idaho Democrat aiming to make history as the first Native American state governor, would be “serving two masters” if elected, due to previous service on the Coeur d’Alene tribal council.

A Montana state legislator, Kerry White, appeared on a panel featuring Dan Happel, who uses his radio show, Connecting the Dots, to promote the “Agenda 21” conspiracy theory, which holds that the United Nations environmental initiative is a tool to establish world government. White claimed increased wildfires in the west were caused by reduced forestry, not climate change.

The Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN) characterized the conference as a platform for “anti-government extremism and anti-Indian bigotry”. It helped organize a protest a mile from the conference venue, in a park in downtown Whitefish. Around 300 people attended.

A spokeswoman for MHRN, Cherliyn DeVries, said Bundy’s invitation to the New Code of the West event was “very disappointing” and did not reflect the views of the local community, which she said was “supported by public lands”.

“He’s proven himself to be a violent extremist,” she said. “Violent extremists divide communities … This is not who we are. The middle is broad and deep.”

Asked if the political movement served by the conference was growing, Ammon Bundy said: “If you call it a movement, it’s growing.”

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