Bought A (Rose) Bud and a Horse

In America, only a certain kind of man can buy a horse – and a Budweiser. How about – that certain kind of woman? Is she free to purchase and drink – what she please? Can she – ride like the wind?

On January 10, 2020, alas I came up with a core plot to my Bond book ‘The Royal Janitor’. Queen Victoria collected old Russian and German Fairytales because she believed they held the key to a Lost World. To turn on the news this morning and see Governor DeSantis’s PLEDGE to destroy Disneyworld – even erect his own version – tells me Things to Come in Tomorrowland, have arrived. I understand, that the feathers you put in your war bonnet – make up who you are! Ron is the Chief Messenger of Woke, who employed LGBT people to rise to the top, and not the Love and Magic the King of Christianity allegedly made, and put here on earth – and heaven too? Has Ron, found another way?

Show me, Ronny! Where’s the beef?

Miriam Starfish is a Christian who falls in love with her boss – a woman! I gave up the idea I would have a payday – at last! And thus – I do not sweat about getting my Genie – their Genie – back in the bottle. Che sera, sera!

John Presco

“Che sera, sera / What will be, shall be”.[14] Early in the 17th century the saying begins to appear in the speech and thoughts of fictional characters as a spontaneous expression of a fatalistic attitude. The phrase, in its English form, is used in the novel Hard Times by Charles Dickens, first published in 1854.[15] The saying is always in an English-speaking context, and it has no history in SpanishPortugueseItalian, or French; in fact, the saying is ungrammatical in all four of these Romance languages.[16] It is composed of Spanish or Italian words superimposed on English syntax. It was evidently formed by a word-for-word mistranslation of English “What will be will be”, merging the free relative pronounwhat (= “that which”) with the interrogative what?[7]

Rising gently, Miriam crept to the clock, opened the glass, and turned the bird’s tail. When it landed on 9:45 there was a click, and a wood panel opened up next to the clock. The first thing Starfish saw was a small stainedglass window with a Tudor Rose. Under it was Victoria’s great desk. Taking three giant steps, Miriam, stopped in her tracks. On the desk was a small portrait of Munshi, Victoria’s personal secretary.

Jeff Bezos owns a huge chunk of the money making James Bond Myth. But, I am kin to Ian Fleming via my cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. I have several Bond books in the works. I chose Lara Roozemond to be my star – and new muse! She inspires me. Who inspires Jeff – who can not get his super yacht past a drawbridge in Rotterdam.

Several years ago, I cast Lara as Helen – who launched a thousand ships. The Flemish People have a horse in the race. May I suggest Jeff make Cees Roozemond’s horse dream come to, and, make his daughter a star, or, a Princess Rose. Then he can take The Rose of Holland for a world cruise in order to let the Democracy Loving People know Holland will never forget, or, forgive!

Old Hollywood had a tradition of Courting Beautiful Starlets! Why should the Dutch People bow down as the Oceanco – passes! Go see Ceez, Jeff. And apologize to the people who mastered the sea – and the Friesian Horse!

Not a rose

Nor a horse

But a whisper

in the wind

Our Lady


John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

“It’s the only route to the sea,” a spokesperson for the mayor of Rotterdam told AFP, confirming the news of the bridge’s dismantling. According to Dutch news, ship builder Oceanco convinced the city to dismantle part of the bridge. The Rotterdam mayor’s spokesperson also confirmed that Bezos would pay for the dismantling and rebuilding of the bridge.

In November, Oceano’s chairman, Omani businessman Dr. Mohammed Al Barwani, spoke of the 127 meter (416 feet) sailing yacht the company was working on without mentioning Bezos. Later, Boat International identified the 127m yacht as the one commissioned by the Amazon founder.

During a press conference on Monday, DeSantis announced legislation that will use the regulatory powers of Florida government to exert unprecedented oversight on the park resort.

DeSantis’ news was the latest escalation in a feud the governor started in 2022 when Disney publicly opposed the state’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” legislation—this barred instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

In response, Florida lawmakers revoked Disney’s control of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. This had allowed the company to run as its own self-governing authority in the state for decades.

DeSantis, widely expected to announce a 2024 White House bid in the coming months, then appointed a five-person board to replace the one previously controlled by Disney. However, it emerged in March that the outgoing board signed an agreement that strips the new one of most of its powers.

Buy Me That Horse

Posted on September 18, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Copyright 2019

Victoria was in bed reading ‘1984’ for the umpteenth time, when she there came a quiet knock on her bedroom door.

“Victoria. Are you asleep?”

“No. Come in!”

Victoria gasped when she beheld Miriam completely naked. Her gold hair flowing over her beautiful body, completed the complete package that got the full attention of Man, since the dawn of creation. Victoria stared at Miriam’s mound of Venus and the V-shape of her pubic mat. For the first time she felt like a trespasser. This is – The Area of Man! Only a Man can gaze upon this! Miriam had never been in Victoria’s bedroom, and thus she too was a trespasser – because she was compleltely nude under the covers. So many things are wrong with this picture, yet everything was never so – right!

“I thought we were going to take a break from one another?”

How many lovers have heard these words, spoken these words, for the first time, only to be made a liar. The First Breaking, is a great erotic event, for one has to untangle the tenacles ‘The Love Aura’ has you wrapped you in. One cacoon fits all! The un-weaving of the afterglow, is like a re-run, but, it is another movie altogether. What is, and what ought to be do have their time and place. Sometimes we arrive at perfection – and completion!

It was just two hours ago, that Victoria walked her dear Miriam to her tree house, they both dressed in the long night gowns they found in Victoria and Prince Albert closet. They were over a hundred years old. They grabbed an old latern that guided their way to the great oak. It was a scene out of Peter Pan, and other such Fairytales.

“Do you want me to come up and tuck you in?”

“No! I’m not ready for you to come up here. Goodnight!”

“Good night!”

Victoria put her book down on the nightstand and watched Miriam take her first steps into her sanctuary. She was reminded of the Tiger at the London Zoo. She was, gracefully looking for something – to feed on! She went right to it.

“Oh! What is this?”

When Miriam pulled her lovers photo album off the shelf it sounded like a tomb door opening. Victoria did not answer.  Gliding to the bed, she threw the beefy book on the comforter, then dove on the bed herself. At the sight of her beautiful derrier and back, Victoria was ready for another Erotic Attack.

“You know. I really don’t know you. Do you think you know me?”

Here is another great line lovers mutter after the first ‘Fiery Glow of Pure Lust’ has subsided. Everything gets pushed to the side to get your lust next to the one – you have to have. This is why many men shove one-night-stands out of their bed, and abode, because they never did want to know the latest seducee. The Big Lie lies right at the very beginning!It takes too much effort to learn anything about who you ark fucking, and, it leads to other things. What things? Well, more fucking, but, not with the same person if you play your cards right.

“I was lying in my tree, and was almost asleep, when my eyes were wide open! You are good at keeping secrets, aren’t you?”

“Ah….it’s my proffesion.” Victoria said, and gave her lover her best coquettish smile.

“Oh, you are so cute. I could just eat you up!”

All of a sudeen, the gate to the tiger cage was open, and the tiger was lying next to Victoria sharing her lunch as they gazed into the empty tiger’s cage. This is why she loved George Orwell. His metaphors have a life of their own, that roam the landscape long after his book is done – and the movie! No telling where they will show up. For the first time Victoria felt like The Man, with his……..? Without the play of the elusive erection, there was no easy set goal – and completion! Do Lesbian wrestle with this dilemma, this, complaint?

All of a sudden, Victoria saw Miriam as Alice in Wonderand. Best let her do all the wondering and wandering about – lest they both get exhausted. Turning many pages, Miriam got extremely excited.

“I want this horse! Is this your horse?”

“Why do you want a horse?”

“So I can ride it to town, naked, and proclaim our love!”

“Of course. Why did I ask? It was my horse. They sold it when I lost interest in riding it. I wanted to be a champion Dresser, but, I didn’t have – it.”

On hearig this, Miriam slowy closed the album, and like a python slithered across the silk bedspread, pulled back the covers, and lay the entire length of her body atop Victoria, who tingled all over as she felt Miriam’s hair entwine with her hair. Venus took her glowing face in her hands, looked deeply into her lovers eyes, and said;

“You have – it – now! I want to sleep with you… this. I want to fall asleep on top of you, like this. I want to close my eyes, next to your eyes…………like this!”

And, just like that, Miriam fell into a deep sleep. Victoria listend to her shallow breathing. There came the cutest snoring then……..from her deep dream……..

“Buy me that horse!”

For half an hour Victoria let her tears roll down from the corner of her eyes. There was a rivlet of tears that ran past her ears to the lakes that formed at her neck. Only now did she realize how utterly alone she was after she lost her mother, like Miriam had lost hers.

Miriam was getting heavy. She had big Nordic bones. The Vikings made inroads into Russia. I wonder if she is kin to Harold Handradi, the Viking genius. Victoria rolled Victoria’s dead weight off her as gently as she could. Like a mother, she cradled the back of her head so there would be no neck injury. She lay the head of Venus on her satin pillow. and, Victoria’s mouth came open………..just so…….as if she wanted to be kissed, in her dream. But, that was apart of their agreement. They would never kiss. They would save their kiss for their husbands.

Victoria began to follow Miriam into a very deed sleep, but as usual she loaded up a profound question that was raised when her then, bodyguard, told her about the course her mother and father taught at the University of Oregon. They had rescued old Russian Fairytales from Russia and the Eastern Bloc, that were being discarded, used as fuel for stoves. They then compared them to Western Fairytales, and Russian tales brought over by immigrants. They said they were doing what should have been done in Queen Victoria’s time, and, when WW2 was over. But, Stalin purged these tales. Why? Why have I am Miriam been brought together in Queen Victoria’s house?

Victoria did not know it then. but she had asked the question that would soon save their lives. In her dream, she heard a very sad song, and it went on, and on, and on! When she went to turn out the light, she noted a tear forming at the corner of Miriam’s eyes. She bent over, and kissed it away. This was a tear shed – in the future!

Venus is the goddess of love. In the beginning she opened the future up to all lovers. But, there was a reason why the Doors of Love had to be closed…… by one! Miriam and Victoria cried, often because they felt a closure coming. Some things – are forbidden. Their collective tears kept the truth at bay.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

President: Royal Rosamond Press

An Ending

“I am going to kiss you now. Victoria opened her mouth just enough to match the beautiful open mouth of Miriam. She placed her lips upon her lips, as one would put a rose upon a freshly dug grave.

She was – right here, right there. And now she is somewhere else. But, not for me. My chance, our chance, is gone -so completely. How utterly unbearable, my being. So alone, all alone. Without her. I am left on the living side of death. Here, I must make my way.

I walk alone along the road. But I will never be alone. For thou art with me my love, on that road that runs on the dark side of the moon. You will go with me, her Lord, when I am in most need of her to be by my side. For she is with you, now. She knows the way.

John Presco

Copyright 2018

John Presco

I spent six exhausting hours searching the internet for a younger version of Rena Easton. I looked at the Grizzly Cheerleaders for the University of Montana. I looked in several Montana modeling and acting agencies. I kept running in to what I believe is an acquired look that caught on and is being passed around – among women! They don’t care if males find it attraction, as long as they do. A study found out that women are sexually excited by studying other women’s tools of Allure. Most do not want to have sex with a woman. What they have come up with is a eight year old in a woman’s body. Men are not supposed to go after eight year old. I think this is an false empowering look that makes young women feel more secure in a world that is very jaded. Why is this my field of study? Why do I got to save the world from ROSATOM?

I am not attracted to women with big breasts. Many of the are fake. They are used as STOP signs. STOP and look at these. BBW work the internet for money. Yulia had the facial looks I wanted, and was about to flip the page, when I saw that she could become an actress. She was treating her breasts in a beautiful way. When I heard her voice on a video, I was sold! Perhaps I should found The Rosamond Model and Talent Agency? Perhaps I should become a Fashion Photographer? They kept walking Yulia around with her mouth open. Sure she has that perfect bee-stung lips, but she is more beautiful with them closed. Let the male beholder imagine what he is doing to get her mouth to open for him. I am talking about a kiss.

Lara Roozemond does not communicate with me, unless, she employs her poems? That she posts ‘Shit’ after I post my conversation between Victoria and Starfish, is uncanny. I composed a storyline – without Lara. However, I see the New Age Bond as being a woman who is a Team Player like the Lone Ranger and Tonto. I see a Russian cowgirl recluse, she stuck in small town in Montana being ostracized because she is different.

I believe if we artists and actors do not define the Cultural Revolution that Trump is empowering on the Right, then he and his ilk will define the American Woman – for starters! Then there is my story ‘Elfine’.

Jon Presco

Lillian of the National Velvet

Posted on August 19, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney starred in “National Velvet” in 1944.

An 18-year-old Gene Tierney, who was then appearing on Broadway, was offered the role of Velvet Brown in 1939. Production was delayed, however, so Tierney returned to Broadway.[5] Much of the film was shot in Pebble Beach, California, with the most-scenic views on the Pebble Beach Golf Links[6] (with golf holes visible in the background).

Play both videos at the same time, turning down the music on Velvet video.

Almost all the information in this post and in this blog was not known to my family, or any of the ghost writers hired by Stacey Pierrot via Sydney Morris, a law partner of Robert Brevoort Buck, a big wheel of Carmel along with Lawrence Chazen, a Getty lawyer and partner in PlumpJack winery. Chazen was the No.1 creditor. I will be looking at the nature of his claim. He was a partner in the first Rosamond Gallery at the Crossroads. Did he proofread Tom Snyder’s evil book? Christine earned her money. Buck was born into it.

The Warlock of Windsor Castle

Posted on January 10, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Copyright 2020

Miriam Starfish was in ecstasy as she prowled about the Osborne house with no distractions. Her bare feet were measuring. She had become a Master Augur when she was thirteen. She believed Jesus was an augur who was put to an augur’s test by Pontius Pilate.

“I find no fault in this man!”

Miriam believed Jesus conducted an augur’s test when he was thirteen, as he walked about Herod’s temple pointing out the FAULTS. He said he could tear down this temple and lay out the augur templi lines in three days. His lineage despised Herod’s SINFUL temple. It missed THE AUGURS MARK. Everything that can go wrong – will got wrong! This temple was – doomed!

Starish was zeroing in on a perceived VOID, when the grandfather clock that Prince Albert order to be made, and shipped from Germany, sounded MIDNIGHT.  She was about to pass this carved masterpiece, when from her perficial vision she caught the minute hand moving backwards. It stopped at 7:45, then headed back to stop at 3:00. Then it went backwards, twice, to stop at 5:15.  Immediately Miriam conjured up the word COMBINATION, then……LOCK! She deduced she had missed the first number. Opening the glass case, she beheld a coo-coo bird surrounded by alternating moons and suns. There was a small brass key inserted into the body of the bird that allowed her to turn it and point the tail at corresponding ticks on the clock. Starfish ears strained to get a clue from the ratchet sound as she turned the bird in a simple combination lock manner.

“Drats!” Mirriam said, knowing she had twelve hours to kill before 12:00 Noon struck. Then, a large urn caught her eye. It was given to Victoria by the Tzar of Russia. It depicted Catherine the Great opening up Russia to foreigners, and the resettling of the Volga Germans who are said to be in her German Family Tree. This was a part of Catherine’s coup against the Romanovs. Her grand design was to make Russia a part of Germany.

The House of Saxe-Coburg played a huge role. This is why Queen Victoria married Albert after being courted by Romanov Princes. She was afraid of a vast German Empire that would swallow England like a small fish. Albert’s family feared his family would be consumed. Victoria and Albert played a incredible game of intrigue that gave birth to the British and German Empires that established colonies to pay for this Cold War. Miriam and Victoria had a theory that this Cold War was turned into Russian Fairytales so the players moves behind the scenes would remain invisible. There was a new formula.

Starfish was assigning numbers to the people on the vase. She did not own Victoria’s great talent with genealogies, thus, names and dates. She went searching for a pattern, when the clock struck HIGH NOON. Looking up she saw the minute hand go 9:45.

Rising gently, Miriam crept to the clock, opened the glass, and turned the bird’s tail. When it landed on 9:45 there was a click, and a wood panel opened up next to the clock. The first thing Starfish saw was a small stainedglass window with a Tudor Rose. Under it was Victoria’s great desk. Taking three giant steps, Miriam, stopped in her tracks. On the desk was a small portrait of Munshi, Victoria’s personal secretary.

“Oh my God! Miriam whispered as she opened the ledger next to the portrait. Munshi was a disciple of a sect of Indian Mathematicians that some say created a new math. But, Miriams parents believed they descended from Jewish Kabalists and Scribes that counted the numerology of The Creation.

Miram felt faint when she read the name of Ramchundra who was a “naked eye” astronomer.

“Baba! Rabbi!” Starfish said, and bowed her head. Starfish was trying to master this form of astronomy bcause she and her parents associated it with the Ephod warn by the High Preists. It was sat on a table in the Holy of Holies, with a light inside. The jewels cast colored lights on the wall, that are the “starry obkects” that were done away with by a wicked usurper king in his false reformation. The candidate King of the Jews was brought before these stars and put to a test that he had to pass before he was crowned King. But, he was more than a King. He was a Co-Creator…….The King of Heaven!

Then Miram’s eyes fell on two books. Both of them were written by William Ainsworth. There was a box of letters containing correspondence between the Queen and this author of suspense/romance novels. Victoria read about the murder of Lord William Russel by his servant who had read Ainswroth’s, Jack Sheppard. William was called to Windsor Castle. The Queen and her guru were studying the dilemma that Kings and Rajas had suffered for a ten thousand years. No sooner do they die, their history is severely altered, and, the righful heir are usurped.

“What if royal history was presented in a fictional manner, that is, royal people do not take it seriously, and would not be caught reading a cheap romance novel? You would be seen as another Dickens catering the masses. Your work becomes king in the new magazine literature. The little people champion your work that is made into plays that will be memorized.

You mean….like Shakespeare?” Ainsworth asked, and Victoria’s and Munshi’s eye lit up – like crown jewels! “I’m in!”

“Not so fast. I reserve the right to construct these tales, and make changes. Is this fine with you?”

“As long as we are making money, we have a deal!”

Ten pages into the box, Miriam’s hands start to tremble. Munshi has written Ainsworth several letters saying these are the changes he and the Queen desire. It took a second to see the changes had a mathematical equation hidden in them. Starfish is reminded of Solomon’s Mines and the storage of his talons of gold.

“666!” The Number of the World Bank of God! Holy shit!”

At the bottom of the box, made in India, Starfish found correspondence between Lord Hesketh, William Sharon. John Fremont, and William Ralston about forming a World Bank with the gold and silver bonanza in California. There was mention of a fraudulent Default and Claim Jumping scheme that sat many investors outside the Greatest Poker Game of All Time. Cards – The Game of Kings………and Queens!

Five hours later, Miriam is hot on the money trail. Victoria’s friend, Lord Hesketh, has gotten ‘The Gold’ the old fashioned way by marrying Sharon’s daughter. Dick Durbin is a model for Stage Coach robbery. The daughter of Tevis gets married. Starfish wishes her lover was here to join in the genealogical bonanza and intrigue. Then she reads;

“I loaded a ton of gold on the Lancashire Witch, and pretended I am going on a cruise. In the middle of the night, I dropped my cargo off at our bank!”

I am kin to Ian Fleming and am authoring a James Bond novel called ‘The Royal Janitor’. I have brought Fleming to San Francisco to join the other literary greats, such as Dashiell Hammett who camped with my grandfather, Royal Rosamond, on the Channel Islands with other Black Mask authors.  You will find our Rose Line to Anne Boleyn, the subject of ‘Windsor Castle’.

Rosamond of Bayhall

Posted on July 15, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

After posting this, I spent all night tracing my ancestors. I found them, in Bohemia.

Yesterday I read a movie is coming out about Downton Abbey. Today, I discovered Bayhall, where my Culpeper ancestors lived. They had more manors than any other British family. Thomas Culpeper lost his head over a Queen. They made a movie about their love affair. I have yet to determine if Thomas was living at Bayhall when he gave it all up, for love. They say Bayhall is haunted. By……whom? Bayhall, burned down. We can restore it. We can go there – with love!

Today I read a post from my dear and late friend, Ben Toney, who is kin to Fair Rosamond Clifford, and the gentry that lived at Bayhall. He states how much he loves doing genealogies. The same can be said for Jimmy Rosamond and myself. We are in our seventies, and, we will leave our Rosamond Family Tree RESEARCH behind. There is no end to what can be discovered.

Two years ago, after watching most of the reruns of ‘Downton Abbey’ I began doing floorplans for my manor – as a hobby! I am a poor person, as are most people who are addicted to this series where we see a Rosamund. She has no children. We can come in with so many roles. You can be the Lord of a Manor, or, the forester who hauls wood to Bayhall. Does that young man train greyhounds? Who is milking those cows? Perhaps this would work as a facebook group?

What I am going to do is make another blog where WE can explore Bayhall, even go and live there in our wondrous imaginations. Let US create an archive, and invite some rich and famous people who are OUR kin, to feel right at home.

In the painting above, there are these brownish Hobbit-like dwellings that I believe is where the servants lived. On the right, we are looking at a formal garden with a fountain and – courting paths? You don’t want a handsome son of the gardener (Heathcliff) espying a fair maiden related to Lewis de Clifford. They must be kept apart.

Ben, Jimmy, and John are related to Shakespeare. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and the Getty family who lived in English estates. We do not have their money, nor do we own a golf course in Scotland. I look at that smoke coming out of that chimney, and I hear cultured people having clever conversations around the hearth.

John Gregory Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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