Yulia Rose

In my search for a young Rena, and Victoria Bond, I considered several redheads. I settled on Yulia Rose, a Russian Beauty, to be Victoria Bond’s bodyguard. Only a few had heard of Maria (Mirriam) Butina. This proves what I have saying for years, I can see into the future, but, need female models and energy to ground me. I know Yulia is not connected with Maria in any way, but for they being Russians.

What’s her background?
She entered the US in August 2016 on an F-1 student visa. According to her LinkedIn page, she recently completed a masters degree in international relations from American University in Washington DC.
Those who encountered Ms Butina said she was a gregarious networker whose colourful life story appealed to conservatives she met at events around the US.
In 2015 she told a US radio show that she grew up in the woods of Siberia, and was taught to hunt by her father.
After a brief career as the owner of a chain of furniture stores, she said she moved to Moscow where she founded a group called the Right to Bear Arms, which advocated for private gun ownership in Russia.

Rosamond Press

I spent six exhausting hours searching the internet for a younger version of Rena Easton. I looked at the Grizzly Cheerleaders for the University of Montana. I looked in several Montana modeling and acting agencies. I kept running in to what I believe is an acquired look that caught on and is being passed around – among women! They don’t care if males find it attraction, as long as they do. A study found out that women are sexually excited by studying other women’s tools of Allure. Most do not want to have sex with a woman. What they have come up with is a eight year old in a woman’s body. Men are not supposed to go after eight year old. I think this is an false empowering look that makes young women feel more secure in a world that is very jaded. Why is this my field of…

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