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I felt like Ben Toney was my brother. Our mutual interest in genealogies that we shared on facebook, made us like family. Alas, after his death, I am able to go to Ben’s facebook, without smoke getting in my eyes. Being the ‘Family Genealogist’ can be the loneliest title known to man. In one post Ben says “I just can’t stop”. I concur. For this reason I am going to ask Raquel Toney if she will take a DNA test because I just discovered I descend from the de Toney and de Clifford family.

This page is under construction. Shakespear is in my family tree via the famous ministers John and William Wilson

John Presco


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Ben Toney

Ben Toney I’ve been into this for over 50 years, Karen, and I just can’t stop.

Ben Claud Toney passed away on May 10th 2018 at the age of 87. We will miss him dearly and nothing will be able to replace the man who, as well as becoming a pioneering radio pirate in the North Sea, was also the most loving father, grandfather, uncle and friend. “His girls” as he liked to call us, are going to especially miss his stories about the old days, his wealth of knowledge and his companionship. Right now there is a gap about the size of Texas in our hearts. Luckily, in his 80s he found the internet and his presence here allowed him to not only connect with his family in the UK but also with the wider community and through his conversations and collaborations he was able to leave an online legacy. The most significant contribution being his book of memoirs which is hosted here on the Radio London website. Ben was also a respected genealogist who not only put thousands of hours into researching several books on his own family tree but also helped countless other families research their own. He may not be with us any longer but he left us so many ways to remember him and for that we are truely grateful.

Here is a GoFundMe for Ben.

Ann Wilson (Webb)

Gender: Female
Birth: 1550
Death: November 13, 1612 (62)
Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom
Immediate Family: Daughter of Sir Henry Alexander Webb, I and Grace Webb
Wife of Rev. Dr. William Wilson
Sister of Humphrey Webb; Sir Alexander Alexander Webb, I; Agnes O’Dell / Hill / Arden; Henry Webb, Jr.; Mary Arden Webb and 8 others

Sir Henry Alexander Webb, I MP




May 11, 1510
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England


circa 1544 (29-37)
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England

Immediate Family:

Son of Sir John Alexander Webb, Jr. and Margaret Webb
Husband of Grace Webb
Father of Humphrey Webb; Sir Alexander Alexander Webb, I; Agnes O’Dell / Hill / Arden; Henry Webb, Jr.; Ann Wilson and 9 others
Brother of William Webb; Mary Arden; Abigail Shakespeare and Agnes Webb

Added by:

Paula Denice Webb on February 19, 2007

Managed by:

Jason Peter Herbert and 63 others

Curated by:

Jenna, Volunteer Curator

This is the Dorchester Abbey stained glass window that has contained the Toney coat-of-arms since 1340 or earlier(second down from the left)

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Ben Toney

Ben Toney These arms in the window are of English knights who fought at the Battle of Caerlaverock Castle, Scotland in the year 1300.



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Karen Plambeck
Karen Plambeck awsome !!:)) thanks for sharing.


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Ben Toney
Ben ToneyI’ve been into this for over 50 years, Karen, and I just can’t stop.

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