Greg and Marilyn – A Love Match!

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has been accused of exploiting children for political gain. This is a serious accusation.

I will be sending the Governor this post, and suggested he help champion my cause. Will he ban ‘Love March’ and ‘When You Close Your Eyes’. Both books involved a child and children. In Close Your Eyes there is a account of my sister Christine being sexually abused. I complained to Executor Sydney Morris when Sandra Faulkner was chosen to author my family biography because her book ‘Love Match’ was advertised on the Rosamond webpage. Pierrot pushes the lies involving children written by Julie Lynch – who has written a screenplay about us.

I will show him the input of Robert Buck whose law firm put together his family foundation in Marin California that is valued at two billion dollars. It might be the largest WOKE FACTORY in the world, designed to give poor minorities and immigrants financial and legal parity.

I have been a poor artist and writer all my life. I get SSI due to my PTSD that includes ‘Survivor’s Guilt.. I did not contribute to the suicides of my childhood friend, as Tom Snyder says in Close Your Eyes. This lie has caused almost insurmountable damage that put me in therapy for three years. Running for Republican President, is a way to assure me my voice will not be downed out by rich and powerful people .who use the spotlight of celebrities’ to get the power of the people behind them.

John Presco

Republican Presidential Candiate

THE BEGINNING: Oakland, California
If Christine’s parents had embraced her talent, there might be existing works from her childhood, but this was not to be. Fearing that Christine would steal her brother’s spotlight as the family artist, Christine’s mother, Rosemary, forbade Christine to draw at home. The only time she could express herself was at school or in her closet, by flashlight, when everyone else was asleep. Though we don’t have images to prove it, Christine’s kindergarten teacher has said that, by age five, Christine was already drawing with adult skill. She can remember Christine’s pictures of animals having near perfect detail and perspective.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested Wednesday that he might urge the state’s child protective services to investigate parents who take their children to drag shows.

When asked by reporters whether he would support proposed legislation from a Florida state representative that would punish parents who take their children to such performances, the governor said he has asked his staff to look into the idea.

“We have child protective statutes on the books,” the governor said. “We have laws against child endangerment.”

Disney announces huge LGBTQ+ conference just weeks after Ron DeSantis said he’s their “sheriff”

Story by LGBTQNation • Yesterday 12:25 PM

In what certainly seems like an intentional rebuke of anti-LGBTQ+ Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), The Walt Disney Company will host a massive LGBTQ+ rights conference in Central Florida this September.


“For grades 4 through 12, instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity is prohibited unless such instruction is either expressly required by state academic standards … or is part of a reproductive health course or health lesson for which a student’s parent has the option to have his or her student not attend,” according to the proposed rule.

What Is Survivor’s Guilt?

Survivors guilt is a particular kind of guilt that develops in people who have survived a life-threatening situation. Some survivors feel guilty that they survived when others died. Others believe they could have done more to save the lives of others. And then there are those who feel guilty that another person died saving them.

While survivor’s guilt was originally used to describe feelings that survivors of the Holocaust experienced, it has also been applied to a number of life-threatening situations, including car accidents, wars, and natural disasters.

Survivor’s guilt is also common in those who have survived medical traumas. For instance, those who lived through the AIDS epidemic have described feelings of guilt related to their own survival while others, including friends or family, died.1 Some cancer survivors also experience this guilt if they survive a diagnosis but others don’t.2

Blamed For Bill’s Suicide

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DeSantis quietly ends virtual learning program amid coronavirus surge | Lutz Magazine

Women Stalkers and Parasites

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In 1997,  Stacey Pierrot came out with her Rosamond webpage, that employed a minor as a smokescreen to conceal her criminal attempt at Art Forgery. Indeed, she employs a children’s hospital, and Christine Rosamond Benton’s eleven year old daughter and heir, to prepare Rosamond’s loyal fans for massive Art Fraud. How many contacted Ms. Pierrot and asked if they could contribute to this fake charity? How many designers called and asked if Rosamond’s Dunkin could be put on their “tote bag” or, designer dress? How would you like to awaken in a bed full of toads?

“A poster of Rosamond’s creation “Dunkin the Frog” will be distributed to children in hospitals.”

Sandra Faulkner painted ‘Dunkin The Frog’ and I can prove it. Is it included in Lynche’s book?  The image of a Art Imposter going around to hospitals in the Monterey area, and handing out fake Rosamond’s to injured and dying children, is the most diabolical scheme in the history of art. Are these scammers – INSANE?

I told my sixteen year old daughter there were women not related to us trying to rest Rosamond’s estate from my niece, the adult Heir. I told my daughter the lies these women are telling, are everywhere! The only chance our family has, in I authoring a integral biography of Christine, before they do. I did not know Heather’s aunt and her attorney husband were lurking in the background looking for weaknesses, for ways to the the millions of dollars they thought  was there, in my daughter’s pocket. She disappeared and went over to the Stalkers and Parasites. I would not need Lara as muse, if my daughter was – more than my muse!

Below is house that Christine stayed in, and the deep crevas below that house carved out by the waves that came in that narrow opening, hit a wall, and shot fifty feet in the air. No way would Christine bring her eight year old daughter down there. Drew Benton knows I speak the truth, but, lied in order to protect her father, Garth Benton.

I am not writing about this for money. I could have put a book out a long time ago. I write because I love art, truth, and beauty. I have loved beautiful women – with a passion! Christine was witness to the beautiful relationships a young artist had with women. When she rendered beautiful women, and became famous, many people assumed Rosamond was a man. She grew weary of being asked if she was a Lesbian. Why then would she be reading a Lesbian novel, and hire the author to author her biography?

Judy Nelson was a Texas Beauty Queen, and is really into horses. Martina had to have her. She found an in via her daughter. Judy was happily married. I titled my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’ after Judy. If I had not written letters to the Judge and Executor, then my story, and Christine’s, would be shelved next to ‘Love Match’.

Then came Parasite, ‘July Lynch’ who wrote a movie script ‘Before the Wave’.  She worked a non-existence sibling rivalry employing a mythical kindergarten teacher. When I saw the movie ‘Big Eyes’ I saw there was a mutual agreement between the Keanes. The nightmare I have endured as the surviving family artist, was FORCED upon me by Executor, Sydney Morris, and Judge, Richard Silver. When I met with Belle Burch, I offered asked her if she would co-author ‘Capturing Beauty’ because I needed a woman’s point of view, because, I my portrait of some of the women around my late sister, are going to be real ugly. When I discovered she concealed who she was, I had to wonder about her motives. I had to write about her, and put her in the light. I was afraid she was trying to hijack my story. She offered her services as an editor. She was a English major.

“I’m very good with spelling and grammar!”

Her weak suit – is telling the truth!

Compare the two videos below. They reveal a predator in action.

Grantmaking Through BFF

There are many vulnerable people in our county who face pressing and complex challenges in their lives, including low income individuals and families, people of color, disconnected youth, older adults, and immigrants.

With initiatives developed under the themes of education, economic opportunity, health, and the environment, BFF grantmaking aims to create greater access to opportunities which will help them improve their lives.

MCF supports critical legal services provided by Marin’s core legal services providers in areas such as housing, immigration, family law, and employment/labor disputes that can prevent low-income people from falling into poverty. Positive resolution of legal matters can result in significant individual and community benefits, including higher incomes, better access to benefits, increased family stability, and homelessness prevention.

Pierrot’s Ghost Writer Invents Fake School Teacher

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Stacey Pierrot hired Julie Lynch to author another book about my late sister, Christine Rosamond. Pierrot employs most of the beautiful images Rosamond rendered in her lifetime that my nieces now have the copyright to. Pierrot captured these mages when she captured my nine year old niece, while at the same time rejecting my niece Shannon, who was a 28 year old ADULT when her mother drowned. Drew being a child was employed by Belford and Pierrot as the reason they had to intervene and become Drew’s CARETAKER, so she could realize monies from the sale of Rosamond prints. Shannon Rosamond tried to run the gallery, but Garth Benton’s attorney made Shannon’s attorney out to be dangerous and threatening. Robin Beare refused to meet with him lest Stimic attack her. Shannon told me to be careful.

“The first thing they are going to do is make you out to be insane!”

Pierrot is honored as a respectable servant of the arts in Carmel, she a gallery owner who works with the arts. I told Morris the gallery was precious to my family, our creative members – and the children we born in the future! This is our showplace, our limelight, that others are employing to LURE OUR CHILDREN over to the covert cause of outsiders so they can be empowered. Not one of the caretaker pretenders own a gift of any kind, but, the gift of gab. They are also excellent liars who applied their trade to my sixteen year old child, Heather Hanson. They pretended they had her best interests at heart as they turned her against her father who they were at war with.

What happened at Sandy Hook is a warning there is a war against our children. To invent a teacher in order to claim movie rights and other creative property that belongs to members of my family – IS PURE EVIL! To surround OUR children with FAKE REPORTS OF VIOLENCE is monstrous, because it bids our children to go running to them for safety – the FAKE INSANE CARETAKERS!

This is CHILD ABUSE! I have had it. You pretenders are going to know what Justice means – in a court of law! Only the truth will set my children free of you leaches!

Here is the fake kindergarten teacher that Lynch somehow located via information she was given. Who gave her this information? What is this teacher’s name, and, what city did she teach in? How old is this fake teacher? She must be ninety. How could she recall just one student after all these years, least remember what her works of art looked like. To make up such a lie in order to get near OUR CHILDREN – is insidious and dangerous! Pierrot wedged Drew and Shannon in the door of success so she can glom on to Rosamond’s success, like a PARASITE!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

THE BEGINNING: Oakland, California
If Christine’s parents had embraced her talent, there might be existing works from her childhood, but this was not to be. Fearing that Christine would steal her brother’s spotlight as the family artist, Christine’s mother, Rosemary, forbade Christine to draw at home. The only time she could express herself was at school or in her closet, by flashlight, when everyone else was asleep. Though we don’t have images to prove it, Christine’s kindergarten teacher has said that, by age five, Christine was already drawing with adult skill. She can remember Christine’s pictures of animals having near perfect detail and perspective.
In addition to oppressing Christine artistically, Rosemary also dominated Christine with physical violence. Trying to support four children with only a high school education and little help from her alcoholic husband, Rosemary was often enraged. She took this rage out on Christine and Christine’s earliest known works reflect it. In Teenage Drawing II, her subject is reticent and withdrawn. In Teenage Drawing III, the woman looks shocked and angry.

International School Art Program

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The Red Cross had a youth art program in the 50s and early 60s where a hundred works of American art were chosen to tour the world in a international show. I was chosen twice, when I was twelve, and when sixteen. The work I rendered at twelve can be seen in the photo above hanging on the wall. It is a watercolor of a sailboat.

The second work was a watercolor of Oakland’s Produce Market painted from memory.  My brother and I worked the summers at our father’s warehouse located at second and Market street near the train tracks in Jack London Square. Acme Produce was located in a Victorian warehouse with a façade like the one on the house I lived in with my wife, the artist, Mary Ann Tharaldsen.

In my painting was a red truck like the Ford the Presco males drove around in, delivering produce as far away as Crockette California. This painting is described in a letter sent to my mother by a official at University High School. After coming home from Europe, the Principle asked if he could hang it in his office for awhile.

I was given a brochure that had the artwork in it that got lose long with both paintings. My uncle Vinnie saved a panting I was honored for when I was in the seventh grade, he finding it on the garage floor. He got it framed and hung to with the seascape I gave him.

Jon Presco

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018


Bryan Loved and Trusted Me

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Bryan grew up in the Hollywood crowd. He was in a movie when he was ten. We met through a mutual friend whose father was going to marry my mother. This friend was Christine’s lover before Bryan. I owned all the good looks and talent one needed to hang with the In Crowd. I was a loner dedicated to my art. I never said anything to please of impress anyone. This is why Bryan trusted me to be his confident, even his elder and life guide. His father had pushed him away. We loved one another. We were the school artists. I was the best dancer. I pegged my pants in 1963. I danced the Bolero for Marilyn – with my shirt off. M hung with a bad-ass Greaser before she met me.

Marilyn started modeling when she was thirteen. We spoke the other day. Some people are the real deal, and, some people are Hollywood phonies!

I used t dance for 20 minutes in front a large mirror before I went to school, and when I cam home. I invented new moves. I practiced two days before I danced for M, who played her song she is writing, for me, the other day! My Bolero was not liken to the dancer below – but close! I danced for love of M.

Of course the un-creative ugly nobodies would want to destroy me – and this blog!

John Presco

Bryan and George McLean

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Christine 1975 1

Alas I found Bryan Maclean’s father, George. He was a premiere architect for Hollywood Stars. He built the home my kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, lived in, and was Godfather at the Christening of her son, Christopher Wilding. George MacClean was a good friend of Robert Stack, who dated Liz. Bryan said he learned to swim in Liz’s pool. Was this pool located at 1375 Beverly Hills Estate Drive?

George was the quintessential Hollywood-Los Angeles architect. He was Howard Roarke to the rich and famous. His house he built for the Trousdale Estates, is the Acme of Southern California success, that is enjoying a new Renaissance. Add to this the murals Garth Benton did for movie stars, and Christine Rosamond’s artwork, and the fact Bryan and Christine were lovers for two months when we were teenagers, then here is the lifestyle many can only dream of.

Bryan had seen the model I made for the house I designed when I was seventeen. He informed me his father was a famous architect. Bryan’s mother was an artist, as was one of her parents. I wish I knew her maiden name. Elizabeth, George, and Bryan were saved and became evangelicals.  George and Bryan removed themselves from the Success Gauntlet.

Christine was married to actor, Rick Partlow, and lived in one of Micky Rooney’s houses. Garth did some acting, and was married to actress Harlee McBride. Tim O’Connor was like a member of our family. His father was a famous actor of the same name.

Michael Wilding was an artist, and thus was the reason Liz married him, in my opinion. Her family were art collectors. She encouraged Michael Jackson to become an artist. Michael Jr. may come out with a Mommy Dearest-like book that inspired the Rosamond Fib that she hid in the closet to paint. Bryan drew Beach Bunnies in our art class. Christine did not show her forbidden artwork to her lover, because this work did not exist.

Liz Taylor championed Gays stricken with AIDS. Her daughter-in-law, Aileen Getty, came down with this fatal disease. The Getty family owns the largest art collection in the world.  We are talking about an Artistic Dynasty.

Sometimes I ask what the purpose of this blog is. The more I dig, the more I find. Wait till you see what I found out about Eric Nord.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016


A memorial celebration of the life of architect George MacLean is scheduled at noon Wednesday at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in West Los Angeles.

MacLean, who designed shopping centers for the public and mansions for film stars, was 68 when he died of cancer Dec. 1 at his ranch near Hemet. He most recently had pulled away from the Los Angeles social scene, said his longtime friend John Green, the composer and conductor.

At Work Developing Land

“George had been living as an evangelical Christian the past 10 years but he was developing estates on his Hemet property,” Green said.

MacLean was the chief architect for Westlake Village in Los Angeles, the Acapulco Princess Hotel and Estates in Mexico and the International Shopping Bazaar in Freeport,

Elizabeth quickly fell in love. What she didn’t know was that the home, which was made of glass and adobe, was designed by architect George MacLean with her in mind. In her book, An Informal Memoir, Elizabeth describes the unique interior: “One whole wall was built of bark with fern and orchids growing up the bark, and the bar was made of stone. And the fireplace had no chimney. There was a device making the smoke go down under the building and out through the barbecue pit.” Elizabeth also recalled that “You really couldn’t distinguish between the outside and inside. And all the colors I loved—off white, white, natural woods, stone, beigy marble. The pool was so beautiful. There were palm trees and rock formations—it looked like a natural pool, with trees growing out of it. It was the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen.” The state of the art home also featured an intercom, automated doors, light dimmers, automated curtains, and a movie screen. The architect later became godfather to Elizabeth’s son, Christopher.

After Elizabeth put the home on the market, Ingrid Berman toured the home as a potential buyer.

Ms. Taylor’s connection to the fight against AIDS grew deeper stillwhen her daughter-in-law Aileen Getty revealed to the woman she called “Mom” that she had contracted HIV in 1984. Far from turning her back on Getty, Taylor grew even more committed to the cause and saving the life of the daughter-in-law she loved and the mother of two of her grandchildren.

“Without the love of Elizabeth Taylor in my life, I would probably be dead — if not physically, most certainly emotionally,” Getty told The Advocate in 2011. “Mom loved me through my shame and held me tight. This can be very difficult: If you do something wrong, sometimes you feel that you want to be scolded or punished for your actions, as opposed to being loved and supported. Mom just loved me.”

The Private Reasons for Elizabeth Taylor’s Public Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Born in Los Angeles in 1947, MacLean drifted towards the music scene and became a roadie for the Byrds. In the mid-Sixties, the tall blond musician would hang out at Ben Frank’s, a 24-hour diner on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. As he recalled on television, “Bobby Jameson, a friend of mine, told me about the audition for the Monkees. He said: `You ought to go down there, you’re what they’re looking for. You’ll make $750 a week.’ That was an enormous amount. But he didn’t tell me that it was comedy,” explained MacLean. “So I went down there being the hip, street- wise guy, gravelling my voice, and it was wrong. Thank God it was the wrong approach. They got the impression I was a seriously drugged- out guy. ” mckee

Bryan MacLean’s mother was an artist and a dancer, and his father was an architect for Hollywood celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Dean Martin.[1] Neighbor Frederick Loewe, of the songwriting team Lerner & Loewe, recognized him as a “melodic genius” at the age of three as he doodled on the piano. His early influences were Billie Holiday and George Gershwin, although he confessed to an obsession with Elvis Presley. During his childhood, he wore out show music records from Guys and DollsOklahomaSouth Pacific and West Side Story. His first girlfriend was Liza Minnelli and they would sit at the piano together singing songs from The Wizard of Oz. He learned to swim in Elizabeth Taylor‘s pool, and his father’s good friend was actor Robert Stack. Bryan appears in the 1957 Cary Grant film An Affair to Remember singing in the Deborah Kerr character’s music class. Maria McKee is his half sister.,_California

He created homes for such stars as Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Stack and Dean Martin, and he was affiliated for several years with Daniel K. Ludwig, the builder, shipping magnate and financier for whom he designed office buildings and hotels.

MacLean, who studied art and architecture at USC, is survived by his wife, Gene, sons Bryan and Joel, his mother, Lillie, and a brother, Charles.

The boldest-faced celebrities, industrialists and society names in town angled to get the best lots, and competed with each other to hire the most talented architects and in-demand ‘interior decorators’ money could buy. The design review board – headed by society architect Allen Siple – and original covenants dictating 3,000 square foot minimums ensured large, well-designed homes; single-story restrictions ensured they’d spread out forever, while protecting views.

Your neighbors were on TV last night; another one’s on the stereo now.

The Architects:

  • Wallace Neff
  • Paul R. Williams
  • William Sutherland Beckett
  • James Dolena
  • George MacLean
  • Cliff May
  • Lloyd Wright
  • Lundberg, Armet & Davis
  • Allen Siple

Notable Residents:

  • Groucho Marx
  • Dinah Shore
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Barbara Stanwyck
  • Sheldon Leonard (Producer/Actor)
  • Ralph Edwards (Game Show Producer)
  • Charles Skouras
  • Max Hoffman (Famed Automotive Importer)
  • Isadore Familian (Building Supply Mogul)

Trousdale, who sold gum and advertising before going into real estate, conceived of Trousdale Estates as an exclusive enclave offering residents “a life above it all.” He oversaw a monumental grading project that transformed the scrub-covered hills into 539 lots, precisely stepped to maximize their canyon, city and ocean views.

From the beginning, Trousdale courted the rich and famous. Dinah Shore and Richard Nixon were among the early buyers, both of them commissioning modern ranch houses from Allen Siple. “I’d rather have Nixon in that house than the other House,” Groucho Marx quipped of his Trousdale neighbor. Marx, who hired the society architect Wallace Neff to design a low, curvilinear home with an open carport to showcase his three DeSotos, was a common sight in the neighborhood, walking his black and white Scottish terriers, Scotch and Soda. Danny Thomas built a sprawling Levantine mansion he called Villa Rosa. Like Paul Trousdale, Dean Martin and Elvis Presley both chose houses in the theatrical Hollywood Regency style.

Originally built by architect George MacLean in 1963, the Meisel Residence is located in the Trousdale Estates area of Beverly Hills. The Hawaiian-style ranch house is staggered along the site in rectangular forms, with expansive views overlooking the city from the living areas of the home.

Mister Meisel’s house was featured in the October 2012 issue of Architectural Digest with lush photographs by Roger Davies and text by the always snappy Mayer Rus. The article reveals that the house was originally designed and built in 1963 by little lauded architect George MacLean for an unnamed race car driver and his model wife. Mister MacLean, in case any of y’all might care, also designed a low-slung home above Benedict Canyon on Beverly Estate Drive (in Bev Hills Post Office) that was owned for a brief spell in the mid-1950s by a young Elizabeth Taylor and her second husband, English actor Michael Wilding.

At the time Mister Meisel bought his spectacularly sited house in Trousdale Estates it was blessedly untouched but much in need of a re-fresh. He engaged the pricey and revered services of the Ron Radziner of the firm Marmol & Radziner who completely rebuilt and sensitively added 2,300 square feet to the existing city view mid-century modern residence then selected celebrated and much published decorator Brad Dunning to chic up the day-core but “maintain the integrity” and “ambiance” of the residence’s original 1960s swagginess.

ELIZABETH TAYLOR’s son is considering pals’ suggestions that he write a “Mommie Dearest” tell-all that promises to rip the lid off of the movie legend’s worst perfor­mance – as a mother!

A book penned by Liz’s 59-year-old son Michael Wilding Jr. would be in the tradition of the scathing Joan Crawford biography and explain why Taylor, a beloved Hollywood icon, was no saint to her kids, say pals.

 While Liz was known to be very generous with her time and money to charities, “she was never interested in her children,” a family insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Michael was overheard saying he would rather have grown up broke with a loving mother rather ‘than the way I was raised!’”

Wilding, a former soap opera actor, has been urged to write the explosive book with his wife Brooke Palance, daughter of the late movie star Jack Palance.

“It would portray Liz as an absentee mom, always away on movie sets, flying around the globe or in the arms of a man,” revealed a family friend.

Elizabeth’s four children were trotted out for photo opportunities to give the appearance of a loving, close-knit family, but the friend says: “That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Michael, Liz’s son with second husband Michael Wilding Sr., spent much of his life “in a desperate bid for her attention,” according to the insider. “The book would talk about how Michael rebelled against his mother, running away to join a rock band, hanging around the drug scene and bedding a lot of women.”

During the mid-’70s, Michael lived on a farm commune in Wales, playing sax with a five-mem­ber rock group. He was married at 17 and had a daughter, but the union blew apart after just two years. He had another daughter with a girlfriend at the commune in 1975 but didn’t settle down until tying the knot with Brooke in 1982, and they had a son seven years later.

Despite Michael’s differences with his mother, he was the one who oversaw her care leading up to her death last year at age 79.

But now, said the friend: “Michael could spill all the family secrets as a way of coming to terms with a mother who was never there.”

In retrospect, MacLean didn’t dwell too much on his failure to edge out Peter Tork or Mike Nesmith and take part in American television’s manufactured answer to the Fab Four. Disparagingly, he claimed: “The Monkees were extremely square. They just jumped on the bandwagon. It had nothing to do with what was really going on. It was the Keystone Cops of rock. I didn’t belong in the Monkees or, if I did, I’m still in denial about it.” He joked somewhat nervously: “If I ever find out that I belonged in the Monkees, then I will probably have a legitimate nervous breakdown,” and went on, “I think that I really belonged in something that involved pioneering music, something that wasn’t popular yet. My goal for my music was always timelessness.”

MacLean more than succeeded in this aim with Love, a band who rank alongside the Velvet Underground and the Ramones when it comes to influencing successive generations of musicians (REM, House of Love, the Stone Roses).

Again, MacLean met Arthur Lee at Ben Frank’s. The Memphis-born musician had already cut a single with the LAGs before moving on to the American Four with the guitarist Johnny Echols. The three joined forces and, adding the rhythm section of Johnny Fleckenstein and Don Conka (soon replaced by the bassist Ken Forssi and drummer Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer), became the Grass Roots.

Having made their live debut at Brave New World in LA in April 1965, the group changed its name to avoid confusion with another Grass Roots (of “Let’s Live For Today” fame). Given the flower-power movement emerging on the West Coast, the five musicians opted for Love and attracted the attention of Jac Holzman in early 1966. The entrepreneur had already established Elektra Records on the East Coast as the natural home of the folk scene with artists like Judy Collins but he wanted to move the label towards the rock underground. Love’s unique brand of folk and demented psychedelia more than fitted the bill. “Thirty seconds into their version of `Hey Joe’, I knew this was the group I was looking for,” claimed Holzman, who would later sign the Doors at Lee’s instigation.

Love became the first rock band on Elektra and released a stunning version of Burt Bacharah and Hal David’s “My Little Red Book” (from What’s New Pussycat?) in April 1966. Following their appearance on American Bandstand, the single and ensuing debut album (simply entitled Love) both made the US Top 60 and the following 45, the frantic “Seven and Seven Is”, did even better, reaching No 33 in September. “Love was what is lovingly referred to as an underground, a garage band. We had a following but it was underground. It wasn’t meant to appeal to as many people as the Monkees’ music was,” reflected MacLean, who wrote the lovely “Softly To Me” on the first album.

Wearing ribbons in his hair, the more introspective MacLean was the ideal foil to Arthur Lee’s frenzied genius and Love became darlings of the hippie scene. Living in their communal Los Angeles “Castle” (actually a decaying mansion previously used as a horror movie set), they recruited Tjay Cantrelli on flute and Michael Stuart on drums while “Snoopy” Pfisterer moved to keyboards to flesh out the group’s richer sound on Da Capo, their second album (February 1967). MacLean’s jazzy “Orange Skies” was the B-side of “She Comes in Colours” but neither this nor “Que Vida” could match their previous success, especially as the group hardly ever toured away from their California base.

Following Pfisterer and Cantrelli’s departure, Love set to work on the ambitious Forever Changes, their third album issued in November 1967, just as their cult status was reaching British shores. Hailed a masterpiece and still namechecked as one of the best-ever albums, Forever Changes reached the Top 30 album chart in the UK while “Alone Again Or”, the eerie, evanescent MacLean composition, entered the US Hot 100. Covered by the Damned in 1986, “Alone Again Or” proved the swansong of the original Love as the idiosyncratic Lee kept playing mind games with MacLean.

During a very strange interview in 1992, Lee told me: “We were competing a bit like Lennon and McCartney to see who would come up with the better song. It was part of our charm. Everybody had different behaviour patterns. Eventually, the others couldn’t cut it.” Lee sacked the rest of the band and assumed the Love mantle from mid-1968. He briefly worked with Jimi Hendrix and nearly died of a drug overdose in 1970.

MacLean also fell from grace. “I don’t think I could cope with even the minimal amount of fame that I experienced. It was difficult to stay balanced. To be honest, it almost killed me just to have the notoriety that I had. To have my face more well-known would have been pathogenic. I don’t know if I could have lived through it,” he later admitted.

“I’ve had a lot of experiences that would have killed most people: drug overdoses, felony arrests. I was invited to Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski’s house the night that the Mansons showed up. I had a penchant for putting myself 100 per cent in whatever I was doing, wrong or right. And there are consequences. If you have the greatest drug and what you feel is the most euphoric experience and it ends, then you’re in trouble. You think you’re getting on to the train and you’re gonna get off at the next stop. But before you realise it, you’re strapped to the front of a runaway train until it crashes. And when it crashes, you don’t even know if you’re gonna come out. I just simply didn’t have another runaway train experience left in me.”

A proposed solo deal fell through when Jac Holzman pronounced the MacLean demos “too fragmented”. MacLean bounced back for a while but, before completing an album for Capitol Records, he quit the business in 1970. Seven years later, his old nemesis Arthur Lee tempted him out of retirement for a Love tour with the future Knack drummer Bruce Gary. MacLean enlisted for a further Southern California reunion outing (immortalised on Rhino’s Love Live album) and got religion.

“I wasn’t doing well. My mother had been converted watching Bill Graham on television, she was praying for me. One night, in a hotel room in New York, I just prayed, cried out to the Lord and said: if you’re real, I’m gonna give my life to you because I’m afraid I’m gonna destroy myself. I ended up walking away from the business at that point,” confessed MacLean, who became a sepulchral presence, not unlike the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson.

By the Nineties, the erratic Arthur Lee was displaying paranoid tendencies and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In 1996, following several arrests and convictions, he was jailed for 12 years for threatening behaviour with a firearm.

Bryan MacLean crawled back from the wreckage. His half-sister, Maria McKee, made several records with Lone Justice, including a song by MacLean, “Don’t Toss Us Away”, in 1985, which three years later became a Top 10 country music hit for Patty Loveless. In 1997, the Sundazed label released IfYouBelieveIn, a collection of solo acoustic MacLean demos culled from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. His odd quavering vocals remained as compelling as ever and also came to the fore in his born-again incarnation.

“I started making music again when I felt comfortable to move back into writing without violating my stand for Christ,” Bryan MacLean told Ian MacMillan. “Love grows in me when I proclaim all that my Lord has done. I’m now writing worship music that’s presented in an ethereal genre. Celtic, spacy, no guitars. I call it spooky Christian music, spooky worship music.

“If a person is a Satanist or a Buddhist or a Hindu, they will be able to listen to this music and not be put off by it because it’s the universal longing to be in the spirit realm that’s being expressed.”

Bryan MacLean, guitarist, singer and songwriter: born Los Angeles 25 September 1946; died Los Angeles 25 December 1998.

Daughter of The Big Lie

Posted on November 24, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

On the day before Thanksgiving, our Nation lie in ruin thanks to the Evangelical Anarchists and Insurectionists that anointed Trump – a King! A year before my daughter came into my life, I sent Stacey Pierrot a letter that has proven prophetic. I predict the Christian-right would destroy our Democracy. I made this prediction on several Templar, Grail, and Mary Magdalene yahoogroups. I showed them that I have real Biblical knowledge which caused many to attack me.

Vicki Presco told me that Sydney Morris combed through my letters looking for THREATS. I surmised he read this letter, and others, that I filed in the probate of the artist – ROSABELLE!

Vicki told me our Aunt Lillian regretted on her death bed the horrible and trite things she said about her sister ROSEMARY in Tom Snyder’s evil biography of – THE ROSE OF THE WORLD!

My angst towards Lesbians (at the time) was motivated by the choice of Rosamond’s biographers. Sandra Faulkner claimed she had interviewed Christine – before she died – and my sister chose her after reading Sandra’s ‘Love Match’ a lesbian novel. Since LGBTQ couples can not bare children, they can not create a Creative Dynasty with their offspring. I wondered is Pierrot was a Lesbian. This letter was ignored because I had no children – that we knew of! My mother died believing I was a failure as a heterosexual. My sixteen year old daughter appeared fifteen months later. This was a miracle in so many ways. I got engaged to Patrice Hanson, then she picked a fight with me over Family Tree and DNA.


Rosamond Press

No member of my natal family loved my daughter and her family because the two families never met. Christine was dead for seven years when Heather came into my life. Her family did not love any member of my family. Because of the legal battle my niece Shannon was having over the creative legacy she inherited, I asked my daughter not to have anything to do with my family until things were resolved. There was no good reason for my daughter and her mother to try and get in the rival bio.

My daughter and her family knew Bill Cornwall and his father wanted me out of the picture, and wanted my grandson all to themselves – because Bill could not conceive a child. Either could Randall Delpiano whose name is on Heather’s birth certificate. Randy died childless. I told Patrice I wanted to have Delpiano removed from the name…

Gaslighting The Rose of the World

Posted on February 19, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2020

My late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, is the victim of posthumous Gaslighting by Tom Snyder, the ghost writer hired by Stacey Pierrot. Bi these villains Gaslight Shannon and I. On page 162 and 163 we hear from Marian Sayler, who allegedly is Christine’s sponsor in A.A. She was a friend of the McCurdys who were in my sister’s AA group. Michael McCurdy was a manager in the Rosamond gallery where Marin caught Rosamond doing a whimsical painting of a frog. I saw this frog on the webpage of Rosamond’s first biographer, Sandra Faulkner. “Dunken The Frog” was a children’s book Sandra was trying to sell. When I pointed out this ART FRAUD, to Executor, Sydney Morris in a letter, Dunken disappeared. Snyer said he would not use my sister’s and my recovery. He lied! Three people in A.A. are employed to commit an act of fraud. This constitutes CONSPIRACY!

‘It was Christine’s sense of humor, I think, I enjoyed the most her. I went to the gallery on Doloress Street once, and Christine was working on a painting of  a frog for a children’s book, I believe. It was entitled “Splash” and I still have it over my bathtub at my home in Palm Springs.”

Marian describes the little frog, layered with Rosamond’s sense of the comedic. Ever the courtiere’, Christine had placed over the frog’s green skin, a little striped bathing suit.”

There is a story I enjoyed as a youth, The Princess and the Frog’. I will concentrate on Snyder’s transformation of a bathing frog, into a weapon to destroy me – with the help of my brother and sister in AA – who should never have contributed to Pierrot’s bio. She paid for it. Christine’s Anonymity was broken. There are thousands of Recovery Books on the market – written by people in Recovery! Tom and Stacey – along with Vicki and Mark Presco – knew I began my Recovery Book in 1992 – two years before Christine ended up making a SPLASH in the Pacific Ocean! Let’s ask some good questions:

  1. Why didn’t Splash make it into that children’s book? If it did, why didn’t Julie Lynch include images from this book in her book?
  2.  Why isn’t Mirian’s frog in Julie’s book?
  3.  Is there a record of this sale?
  4.  Is is signed by Rosamond?

Christine NEVER painted in her gallery! I have been searching for Sayler for years – and can’t find her. Is she a FICTIONAL person. If you know her, let me know! I called up Michael McCurdy last year, and he was anxious to hang up. I would love to have my attorney question him on the witness stand, along with his wife that told me to stay out of it when I asked good questions in 1994.

As a Biblical Scholar I notice timeline statements, like “I still have it over my bathtub.”. Take out the “still”. “I believe” is used to strengthen the claim, the entitlement. Pierrot allowed her Ghost Writer to tamper with evidence I submitted to the Superior Coust of Monterey. Will Sandra make a good witness for Dead Rosamond? Vicki told me Sandra absconded with a 5,000 dollar advance she got to author my family bio? I sent her an e-mail with a pic of Dunken, along with this question;

‘Did you paint this image?”

Why do these parasites believe this is what Sober Christine wanted?

I will be talking to my new therapist about the Gaslighting of Kim Haffner who made a living dealing with severely insane people. Kim denies reading Snyder’s book, because, she wanted to gather Gas Lighting Material. Did she contact Stacey Pierrot, or, Vicki Presco. She suggests she had been conversing with my daughter, and the AGREE that I am mentally ill, and tend to make crazy stuff up. With my posts on the authors I conversed with on yahoo.groups, who were Gaslighting me, comes evidence I had a valid book in the works. Does Dr. Haffner consider these authors insane because they published books about Mary Magdalene having Jesus’ baby?

Tom Snyder uses CHILDREN to hurt me. He weaponizes them. I am going to try to get a record of Haffner’s employment at the Johnson Unit where she may have abused adults who are acting like unmanageable children. Haffner riled up our neighbors to punish and control me. I believe she passed Christine’s biography around when I asked her not to. I want her on a witness stand, along with our neighbors. I told Kim about Love Match. Some Christians believe Gays should be executed.

The Haffners stalked me after I told them Garth Benton went to Sue Haffner’s high school. They wanted to control that information so it could be put in their pile after reducing me to a raving lunatic in a psycho ward. Garth Gaslights my sister – posthumously. So does Scott who was a friend of Snyder. What they did, and do to me, they did to Christine.

Theories on successful manipulationl

According to psychology author George K. Simon, successful psychological manipulation primarily involves the manipulator:[2]

  1. Concealing aggressive intentions and behaviors and being affable.
  2. Knowing the psychological vulnerabilities of the victim to determine which tactics are likely to be the most effective.
  3. Having a sufficient level of ruthlessness to have no qualms about causing harm to the victim if necessary.

Consequently, the manipulation is likely to be accomplished through covert aggressive means.[2]

In psychiatry[edit]

Gaslighting has been observed between patients and staff in inpatient psychiatric facilities.[20]

In a 1996 book, Dorpat claimed that “gaslighting and other methods of interpersonal control are widely used by mental health professionals as well as other people” because they are effective methods for shaping the behavior of other individuals.[1]:45 He noted that covert methods of interpersonal control such as gaslighting are used by clinicians with authoritarian attitudes,[1]:xiii–xxi and he recommended instead more non-directive and egalitarian attitudes and methods on the part of clinicians,[1]:225 “treating patients as active collaborators and equal partners”.[1]:246

When, at an early art opening, a patron enthuses, “Your husband’s quite a talent! Do you paint too?” Margaret seems to be racking her mind to remember, finally stuttering “I don’t know.” It’s especially painful to see how Walter’s gaslighting of Margaret’s extends to Jane, her longtime muse, whom Margaret literally shuts out of her studio to preserve Walter’s fiction. When he tells Margaret, in public, that he’ll “have [her] whacked” if she reveals the truth about the paintings, it’s able to be horribly comedic only because Waltz perfectly portrays the impotence underlying Walter’s rubbery-faced egomania. But it’s clear that the real-life threat was very plausible. In a recent profile in the San Francisco Chronicle, Margaret recalls:

“Back then, women kind of went along with their husbands, didn’t rock the boat. He finally wore me down,” Margaret says. “While we were fighting this out at home, the paintings were just flying off the walls. Posters were selling. It was unbelievable. It snowballed overnight. I kept getting in deeper and deeper. I didn’t know how I could get out of it. I lost all respect for him and myself, and lived in a nightmare.”

Robert Brevoort Buck vs. Shannon Rosamond

Posted on August 3, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

For fifty years Hollywood made movies about a poor damsel in distress being bullied and taken advantage of, by a Evil Rich Man. For coming to the defense of my niece, Shannon Rosamond, I was BLACKLISTED, thrown off the lot.

Shannon is the my late sister’s eldest daughter. She took on the powerful Buck Empire, and lost. There exist no written account of her relationship with her mother and her family. Christine’s 276 autobiography, has been disappeared. This is how it goes when THE POOR take on THE RICH. A month after Christine is – out of the way – Shannon says this to me;

“Be careful Greg. My friends think my life is in danger. The first thing they are going to do is make you out to be insane!”

Christine is made out to be insane in Sydney Morris’s evil book of lies. A world famous woman artist, is guilty of “erratic behavior” too!  Their book is a HUGE FAILURE! Stand up and take a bow – Bob Buck! Now, they want to use Hollywood, co-founded by Frank Buck, to depict the three artists in my family, as cuckoo!

I knew Ken Kesey. I was with him on Further in the Eugene Parade. Nancy and I were childhood friends. Christine lived with us in a famous commune. Ken’s fictional novels ‘Sometimes a Great Notion, and ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ has come true! I suggest Robert Brevoort Buck enter into arbitration with me – and my Mad&Merry Women&Men! All we want, is……….The Promised Land!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

“Because petitioner has a history of erratic behavior.” 

“and efforts continue to negotiate movie rights to the inventory”

Robert B. Buck, President and Principal Owner

Bob Buck is the President and principal owner of Del Monte Aviation. Mr. Buck acquired and redeveloped Monterey’s fifty year old Del Monte Aviation in early 1996, using his more than five thousand pilot hours as a guide. Mr. Buck’s development of Del Monte Aviation followed many years of activity in real estate development, agribusiness and oil production. He is a founding partner of the Carmel law firm of Heisinger, Buck and Morris. Mr. Buck is active in charitable endeavors, now serving as Vice Chairman of the Buck Institute in Marin County, California, a medical research facility specializing in the problems of aging. He was the founding president of the Frank and Eva Buck Foundation, which grants college scholarships in Northern California and has been on the Board of the Jeffers Tor House Foundation in Carmel for many years.

Buck of Anchor Beer

Posted on May 25, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Van Gogh – Art Detective


John Presco

6:03 A.M. 5/25/21…

I just read an episode of The Streets of San Francisco was filmed at the Anchor brewery that was owned by William Buck, who allegedly found rare books – in Carson City?!! I don’t buy it, nor does the author of an article on William – who claims he learned ancient Sanskrit – in Carson City!!! Was William a suicide that got caught up in a great deception? They say he went bankrupt. I wonder if he was funding other Beat Enterprises, and thus – the coverup!

Under the Crown | Pop Culture Facts on Anchor Bottle Steam Caps (

I began another novel where Irene (Rena) visits Anchor. It was going to be written in the Black Mask style. The statues of Ron Boise were put on the roof of Anchor. I found a photograph of The Thunder Machine taken inside Anchor in 1964 – while it was still owned by William Buck – who might have been Ron’s secret patron. There are no photographs of Buck, or, an account of how he died – so young! The law firm of Morris & Buck will forever be linked to Ken Kesey, Ron Boise, Christine Rosamond, Garth Benton, and the ex-governor of California. Did Garth know Ron? No longer will Robert Buck be able to hide behind the mental illness of my sister and I. With the appearance of Van Gogh’s sister’s letters, the joy of luring my daughter away from her mad father…is at an end!

This is the most amazing case of Art Synchronicity that I have ever been on. Van Gogh is my new Spirit Guide who is helping heal the hurt from my muse – and family. I will refrain from lengthy commentary so my readers can make their own connections – and assumptions – that I may save for my autobiography….’Capturing Beauty’.

Two days ago, Spooky Noodles came up with the name for the basement of the University of Oregon Library. My novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ is now writing itself. Or, is there a alien?

‘The Bridge’

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press


The Crouching Tiger of Synchronicity | Rosamond Press

(43) Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger in a 1977 TV role MURDER SCENE – YouTube

(43) Тhe Streets of San Francisco S05E20 “Dead Lift”(1977, Arnold Schwarzenegger) END CREDITS – YouTube

Fritz Maytag – Wikipedia

As the stars get to work solving the murder, Arnold heads off to his other gig, posing for an art class. One of the art students sketching Arnold, we fear, may become his next victim. The actress who plays her has the unique distinction of having played three different doctors on Star Trek.

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