Blamed For Bill’s Suicide

A week ago I read this passage from Tom Snyder’s biography of my late sister to my therapist in our last session. I wept. Yesterday I found out Bill’s sister is dead. She is the one who begged me to get sober. The four members of the Arnold family, are gone. I tried getting hold of Vicky Arnold to inform her I was going to publish this evil lie that my sixteen year old daughter was encouraged to get involved in – by several adults. She was innocent and completely clear of this. Heather Hanson’s claim that I suffer from some weird psychological disorder that does now allow me to get along with people – is another horrible lie she has to live with. When Heather’s peers read this filth they might say;

“Looks like your father killed his best friend out of jealousy!”

That I declared the Miracle Family to be my Literary Family two days ago, is profound. Vicky was very supportive of my writing knowing writing played a big role in my sobriety. Bill wrote two plays and sent them out. A editor made a special trip to see Bill when he saw his age. In a long letter we talk about my book ‘Elfin’ and ‘The Gideon Computer’. I found another letter to Nancy Hamren where I discuss some advice from Hillary Larson, the ex-head of Serenity Lane. Nancy considered herself the love of Bill’s life, as did Christine, but my sister and Bill were never lovers. Nancy became close the the Kesey family, and compared Bill to Ken. I do not include Christine Rosamond, in My Literary Family due to all the corrupting input. Her two daughters should have had more control and input. Vicky and Nancy were concerned that I might be a suicide. There was no such concern from the Hanson family who claim they are healers.

The law firm owned by Robert Brevoort Buck played God and created a alternative family, and alternative reality. As the surviving artist in my natal family, I was not provided normal use of a fame that creative people traditionally share with one another. My reputation was deliberately destroyed. My recovery was severely attacked by a The Hallucinators, Pierrot, Snyder, and Morris. I have published very little about Christine and my childhood lest more truths get plagiarized and turned into lies that are placed next to accounts of the alleged sex abused of children. Because my sister was a candidate to kill herself, some readers may wonder if I am responsible for Rosamond’s death. Bill and I were famous artists at a young age. Christine emulated us, and wanted the bond we had. It’s a miracle I have remained sober.

Self-Help books are written by authors that have overcome great obstacles. Snyder is a hired ghost writer that did not suffer from alcoholism – or incest. Next, I will post on all the horrible and evil things said about the artist ‘Rosamond’ who is kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Carrie Fisher. Fan’s of Rosamond were not pleased to learn she was a alleged victim of incest. Who wants to see those infamous Rosamond eyes staring at you on your wall, as you read a lot of testimony from the ex-husband who is very interested in giving evidence he is not responsible for the debts incurred. How many women get divorced in America, and are stuck with a large bill?

Once again, Sydney Morris gave his seal of approval to increase the sale of prints, and not make money off sensational books and movie scripts. Robert Brevoort Buck set up much of the Buck Foundation, which includes Alcohol Justice, that has prestigious people on the board. Why didn’t Robert make sure every care was taken to insure the Rosamond Estate – and our family artistic and literary legacy – was in the best of hands? Instead, we get Rape Artists, and a Suicide Cult. Outrageous!

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The Family of John Presco | Rosamond Press

Rosemary’s Fairytale Granddaughter | Rosamond Press

“It’s even more obvious in her work on ‘The Crossing’. She was very depressed, dealing with her unresolved feelings for her childhood sweetheart, Bill. He died before she could work it through with, or about him, and she resented Greg because she said he didn’t deliver on his promise to tell Bill how she felt. She really loved him, and maybe Greg saw that as a intrusion. Anyway, Christine told me he never delivered her message. Later. Bill pulled his car onto the tracks and died under the wheels of a train – a suicide according to Christine – and she never got over her failure to tell Bill her feelings for him. She felt very strongly she could have saved him, if he’d only known.”

There was no note or letter, thus, no promise by me. This was a quote from Garth Benton who had to have seen, or heard of, the 276 page autobiography his ex-wife was working on – that was disappeared. Were there any more thoughts about Bill, who never kissed Christine? This is another evil attempt to divorce me from Rosamond’s family. Shannon said she has not read Snyder’s bio. I told her not to, because it put me in therapy. My therapists was concerned I would take my life. I got to tell her how I felt, and she was shocked.

When I found my daughter after she was disappeared for two years, I asked her if she read Snyder’s bio that she and her mother wanted to be in. She said she had not. Her mother did. Did she care if I killed myself? How about her sister and brother? It no longer matters. My Literary Family and I have survived the most evil literary attempt to destroy members of – a natal family! Vicky and I thought I would not have a child. She died childless. I consider her a member of my Literary Family, for this beautiful sister, who loved her brother, dearly, saved the life of his best friend. Thank you Vicky. You will always be remembered….and loved!

I am indebted to Barbara, my therapist, for saving my sanity and my life.


Removing Rosamond’s Mother – Rosemary | Rosamond Press

My Kidnapped Family | Rosamond Press

Removing Rosamond’s Mother – Rosemary | Rosamond Press

My Kidnapped Family | Rosamond Press

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