Hendricks – Banker & Friend of University

Big Bank news!

Rougemont Bankers vs. Christnik Army



“Kerry to visit Ukraine on Tuesday, threatens sanctions if Russia doesn’t pull forces back.”

Putin’s Christnik army does not wear any insignias, yet they are seen as being on a holy crusade. Let me put a number on all these uniforms…..666




The coat of arms of Llloyd’s of London contains the same Knight
Templar cross and sword that we see in the City of London coat of arms. The modern buildings of Lloyd’s of London, and Swiss Re,

Rosamond Press


Thomas G. Hendricks bought Eugene and paid for the University of Oregon. He served the little people by holding every office you can think of, and was a Regent. His royal court point to that clodhopper, Eugene Skinner, in order to give us yokels the impression we descend from wearers of Coonskin Caps, and not Capitalists that found sanctuary behind iron bars in a bank, guarded by Bank Dicks.

To link Tom to Banker, Georg Granitsch, is to get closer to the truth, get closer to the core of Labyrinth, when we just follow ‘The Money Trail’.  My exposure of the Habsburg painting that belongs to this royal family, or, the Austrian government, is the greatest scandal to ever hit the Emerald Valley. I have pulled back the curtain in ‘The Land of Oz’. I have contacted attorneys who represent the Habsburgs.

All I did…..was follow The Trail of the…

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