Witches Stealing Children and Attacking Art

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Heather, her mother, her aunt, have been attacking Christine and I since my daughter came into my life – and before! These three women have not published anything nice to say about Christine Rosamond Benton, or her brother, her teacher. After meeting the Cornwell Tea Party Grunts and Insurrectionists, my daughter declared war on her father, and did evil things to become the center of attention as she was told was her destiny by real witches who stole a mans child and conspired to make profit with this poor innocent. Patrice Hanson and Linda Cornwell vied to be the center of attention of THEIR family, but Christine and I were always there to fill them with self-doubt, and family dynamic doubt. The two artists in the Presco Family always appeared brighter and more gifted. Only when Christine was found would they be able to launch their family contender – HEATHER HANSON a.k.a HEATHER DELPIANO!

With the attack on Rosamond before she drowned by Robin Beare, Garth’s divorce attorney, to the attack on me as a five year old child by Julie Lynch, we behold a COVEN OF JEALOUS WITCHES swooping down upon the Creative Legacy two children began, we all but destroyed. With the taking away of my granddaughter in a vile public display of pure evil, we see my child as one of the most treacherous and destructive in history. She shrieked for glee in front of her woman’s group, nd employed real witch against me, so determined is she to end my Rose Grail Linage I found thanks to the search of John Steinbeck for King Arthur. It was at Jack London’s Wolf House that Patrice freaked out, suggesting I was saying OUR DAUGHTER got all her talent from me. I had compared the attack on London’s legacy to what was happening to Christine, Shannon, and myself. Put London and Steinbeck together, and see how as a fellow writer, I am anointed a New King Arthur to defend a Literary Lineage that descends from Royal Rosamond. Add to this the prophecy the Republican Party founded by my kindred – has been destroyed by traitors, then a Destiny lies before me that very few men are ELECTED for. I have been….ELECTED BY WITCHES who are hell bent on destroying me. I know the secret teaching of Jesus and King David – the greatest crown in the history of linages – and three religions!

William Ainsworth wrote a story about the Rougemont family being attacked by Vampires and Witches. My Rosamond family allegedly descend from Rougemont Switzerland. But with the appearance of the Bohemian Castles belonging to a leading Czech family, much more is at stake. Our President warns of shooting war. My women heroes in ‘The Royal Janitor’ are no long bi-curious. They are on the trail of the Elixir of Life.

Victor Emanuel “Felix” Stuttmeister (1860-1899) – Find A Grave Memorial

I am going to create a life-vision of Rena – THE GREAT MUSE – and I living together in Lincold where I can protect her from the Demons and Witches of Hell! I call upon the alumni of the Royal College to form a network of Brave Knights. I will bring……The Rose Sword!

Colleges and Schools | Royal College of Defence Studies | Defence Academy of the UK (mod.uk)

Biden warns cyberattacks may trigger ‘shooting war’ (msn.com)

Mordred – Wikipedia

The Grand Staircase At Seaford House | Rosamond Press

As Modredus, Mordred was depicted as Arthur’s traitorous nephew and a legitimate son of King Lot in Geoffrey of Monmouth‘s pseudo-historical work Historia Regum Britanniae which then served as the basis for the following evolution of the legend since the 12th century. Later variants most often characterised him as Arthur’s villainous bastard son, born of an incestuous relationship with his half-sister, the Queen of Orkney named either Anna, Orcades, or Morgause. The accounts presented in the Historia and most other versions include Mordred’s death at Camlann, typically in a final duel, during which he manages to mortally wound his slayer, Arthur.

My Daughter And Her Mother Are Witches

Posted on April 6, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Here is Patice saying if her husband knew Heather was my baby, he probably would have murdered her. He knew, because he could not conceive a child, and that’s why he abused Patrice’s sons by two different men. Here is Shamus, Vicki’s son, saying I am a danger to my unborn grandson because I am calling Heather names. This fucking evil shithead knew Vicki and Stacey were going to demonize Christine in Snyder’s Tales of Incest. That book is in print, and a outsider says more bad things about our family, then I do. Why isn’t my daughter and her mother going after BAD TOM SNYDER? Because they backed his book over mine, thus destroying the artistic legacy – that I seeded at the age of twelve. If Mark is dead, then I am the survivor of my natal family, and the head of my family. What family!

I forgave my pregnant daughter and came down see her and Tyler two days after he was born. I am not out to GET anyone. I just want – SOME TRUTH – so I can finish my autobiography. I will have thirty-four years of sobriety on April 7th. How I did not take another drink – is a fucking miracle! I was made out to be THE MONSTER because I prescribed to the idea families run better on truth.

Heather and her family, Ryan and his family, ended up EMPOWERING Dark Mark.


“When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim.”  Patrice Hanson

The family began to drift as well, though in separate directions. A vile darkness was falling on the Prescos, much of it still unmentioned today. Yet nothing seemed to be able to halt it’s course, except perhaps the resilience of the children themselves.”      Tom Snyder

shamusdundon@Y…> wrote:

“Mom called me last night after getting an email from Heather. Heather was very upset about the things you said to her. Mom was ticked off at me, accusing me of stirring things up by having Heather contact you, so she wanted me to write Heather to advise her what to do about it.

Mom also said she would call Heather in a day or two to add her 2 cents. I’ve already advised Heather in an email last night. I suggested she may want to wait until after the baby is born to contact you, considering she doesn’t need the extra stress while she’s pregnent.”

Mark does not give his opinion on how our sister died. It looks like she gave up and surrendered to her fate. They are talking about Trumps latest rant.


Rosamond Press

I was just attacked by my own offspring who is a dark witch.

My Daughter The NarcissisticWitch

Posted onNovember 25, 2020byRoyal Rosamond Press

Bonds With Angels


John Presco

Copyright 2020

“When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim.

Woman’s Magazine and Alcohol Justice | Rosamond Press

I went to the store after my last post, and coming back I sat on a bench and thought deeply about Bryan. He died alone in New York. His sister appears to still be pushing him away. I wondered if he tried to call Maria, and she did not pick up for him, or, she did and told him to stop calling…

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    My sixteen year old daughter and her mother did not tell me they went to the reopening of the Rosamond gallery – before they made contact with me for the first time. My brother, Mark Presco, was there. I asked him if he would pay for my airfare so I could be there. He refused – even though he is a millionaire. Why didn’t he and our sister, Vicki Presco, call me from the gallery and tell me – I HAVE A DAUGHTER. This is what you get after the law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck sells our family legacy to outsiders – with the objection of the adult heir and myself. With the amazing Detective History and connections you just read you understand why a family member keeps compiling family information – long after the Money Grabbers have left the scene. They killed off Bond – and failied to deal with Ian Fleming. I grabbed him, put a sack over his head, and whisked him away to Spy Island where a new Fellowship of The Ring has gathered, and, we own Excalibur! James Bond As King Arthur | Rosamond Press

    British Defence Staff USA | Rosamond Press

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