Daughter of The Big Lie

No member of my natal family loved my daughter and her family because the two families never met. Christine was dead for seven years when Heather came into my life. Her family did not love any member of my family. Because of the legal battle my niece Shannon was having over the creative legacy she inherited, I asked my daughter not to have anything to do with my family until things were resolved. There was no good reason for my daughter and her mother to try and get in the rival bio.

My daughter and her family knew Bill Cornwall and his father wanted me out of the picture, and wanted my grandson all to themselves – because Bill could not conceive a child. Either could Randall Delpiano whose name is on Heather’s birth certificate. Randy died childless. I told Patrice I wanted to have Delpiano removed from the name of my minor child who was sixteen when we first met. I did not know I concieved a child – with vivid blue eyes! Randy was a brown-eye Sicilian. I’m sure his mother and sister knew Randy did not sire Heather. That was the problem. His mother thought there was a curse on her son – from the Hanson family. Linda Comstock knew Randy could not sire a child – and thus Heather must be my child. Linda demanded I get a blood test – just incase I deny I sired Heather. Bill Comstock was a big shot attorney. Heather disappeared from my life when she was seventeen. She went and saw Shamus Dundon and his mother, Vicki Presco. Did Stacey Pierrot know this? Thanks to the law firm of Buck&Morris there appeared to be a Big Grab Bag going on, where outsiders held all the Family Power, and, thus could make you rich – somehow!

Bill Cornwall called me and said I was about to lose my daugher and six year old grandson. He called me a “parasite” a title members of the Tea Party love to use to divide our nation. Bill’s father was a higher up in the Tea Party – in Texas! I am positive the Cornwall family believes the Democrats stole the election and cheated their beloved Trump-David King our of his birthright. Let me say..

HA!HA!HA! Screw you Bill, you drunken lying dog parasite – LOSER! You and your father – LOST! You are friggen – BIG LOSERS! You two – LOST YOUR MIND!

Heather ceremoniously took my new grandchild from me, and made plans to have us never meet. Heather signed a legal document to be my Trustee when I got moneys from the Trust of my uncle, Vincent Rice. She refused to serve, and made outrageous conditions, being I sign a document saying I will not write about her and her family. In the history of literature, one would be hard pressed to find a more diabolical and uncaring attempt to get in the biography of a famous person as conducted by Heather and her family. Adults encourage a minor to betray her father and ignore the lies of strangers. Donald Trump had a T.V. show where he gave people a chance to be a Big Success. He fired – losers! American Voters – fired Trump! I dismissed Heather Delpiano as my Trustee.

There is no greater usurpation in literature conducted by a Minor Child, who was following the directions of devious adults who told my child it is just fine to hurt and destroy me – because I am mentally ill. So was my famous sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, who was seeing as many as three therapists.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Conservative attorney John Eastman said that the strategy outlined in a now-infamous memo about how to overturn President Joe Biden‘s Electoral College victory on January 6 was “crazy,” suggesting it was not a “viable” option.

Trump’s Big Lie is the new Lost Cause — and it may poison the country for decades (msn.com)

Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump chant slogans and hold signs outside of the Philadelphia Convention Center as the counting of ballots continues in the state on November 06, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Chris McGrath/Getty Imageshttps://www.dianomi.com/smartads.epl?id=3533

Perhaps the biggest of many imponderables about Donald Trump has always been the question of what playbook was he following? His 2016 campaign didn’t have a plan beyond questioning the manhood of his male primary rivals and ceaseless yapping about Hillary Clinton’s “emails.” His 2020 campaign never found a focus until October, when he seized upon his victory over his own case of COVID-19 as evidence of his manhood. Remember his return from Walter Reed Medical Center to the White House? Trump was ripping off his mask on the Truman balcony! That’ll show ’em!

In between campaigns, Trump’s presidency seemed aimless, stumbling vaguely forward from one indictment to another until the time came to issue pardons, which we soon learned was his “favorite” presidential power — not being commander in chief, not ordering up Air Force One to fly him off on his many golf weekends, not even being able to pick up his bedside phone in the middle of the night and order a Big Mac and a Diet Coke. The pardon power was it.

Losing the election in November and having to move out of the White House has given him something to focus on, however. He never cared about governing and didn’t have much of an ideology to guide him, but he’s finally found something he can believe in and a playbook he can follow: his very own Lost Cause. Trump has embraced with gusto the South’s strategy after losing the Civil War: Tell your own people that you didn’t really lose, and double down on the nobility and honor of what they still believe in. In the case of the Civil War, it was slavery and the inherent superiority of whiteness and inferiority of blackness. The new Lost Cause is of course Trump himself, to whom his followers attach the same kind of gauzy metaphors that came into use after the Civil War: flags (Trump campaign flags, the Confederate flag and the “Don’t Tread on Me” banner are in heavy rotation) songs (“I’m Proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood and — perhaps not so ironically now — “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones are played at all his rallies) and symbols (Mar-a-Lago has become a kind of antebellum shrine to the garish excess Trump represents).

Patrice, Randall, and Heather Delpiano

Posted on November 26, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

When I saw my sixteen year old daughter for the first time, I told her and her mother I wanted to get rid of the surname, Delpiano, attached to my daughter. Her fake father was a major parasite on thousands in the Bay Area. Patrice had to know about MORE crimes of theft he committed. I now suspect Randy and Patrice were conning men in bars to get sympathy and money. They were a team. I am going to get court records. Randy used the death of Brent to solicit sympathy and get entry to the lives of those who grieve. This is what the con-artist did to my later sister’s legacy.

Brent Mydland – Wikipedia

That my neighbors depict me as a pariah and parasite, knowing the plight I am suffering to get my daughter free of these con-artists, is vile and evil. These two sucked the life and energy out of me – like vampires! To know this career criminal knew an innocent child was used in a demonic way, is the epitome of evil. In this article Randy may have conned a boy under eighteen to get in his mother’s home to rob her. Patrice told me who could not conceive, and thus he watched my child grow in his wives womb – knowing it was my child! I suspect they both looked for dark way to exploit my unborn child who was five when her fake father got arrested. Was she told? He then went on the lamb, the Oakland police hot on his trail. Did he stay with Patrice in LA?How many bad checks did Randy write that his wife knew about? I can not find a marriage certificate. Did he ever kill anyone?

I was the real and sincere artist in my family. The rest is illusion.

John Presco

Sep 1, 1990 — ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) _ Miss America 1990 Debbye Turner says … Oakland police are looking for Randall Delpiano to arrest him on a …

California. Supreme Court. Records and Briefs: S024867, Petition for Review – California (State). – Google Books

The State

JAN. 16, 198912 AM

A man who looted $4,000 from a woman’s bank account while posing as Grateful Dead guitar player Bob Weir has been sentenced to two years in prison and fined $500. The sentence was imposed by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stanley Golde on Randall C. Delpiano, 33, described in a Probation Department report as having “achieved moderate fame by impersonating” Weir. Delpiano pleaded guilty in Oakland Municipal Court last month to one count of using a computer system to steal money. Other charges were dropped in a plea agreement. Authorities said Delpiano befriended the victim’s son and then moved into the family home. While the woman was out of town in October, they said, he took the money from her bank account using her automatic teller machine card.

When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim. I knew this baby
was meant to be, and be with me, and that was important. From there
moment she was born, I could see that she looked like John, but it
was the husband’s name that went on the birth certificate.”

Patrice Hanson falsified a birth certificate by putting Randall Delpiano’s name as the father, instead of me. Heather Hanson is MY daughter. Patrice admits she knew this in a letter she composed to send Oprah Winfrey. Randy is famous! He appears in two books as “Bogus Bobby”. Patrice says she was married to BB, but, I have my doubts. Patrice has never had a grasp on reality. She suffers from mental illness due to her severely mentally ill mother being violently beaten by Patrice’s father. This may have caused this poor mother of three to jump off a cliff, and kill herself. Patrice describes herself as being the surrogate mother to her siblings.

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    On the day before Thanksgiving, our Nation lie in ruin thanks to the Evangelical Anarchists and Insurectionists that anointed Trum – a King! A year before my daughter came into my life, I sent Stacey Pierrot a letter that has proven prophetic. I predict the Christian-right would destroy our Democracy. I made this prediction on several Templar, Grail, and Mary Magdalene yahoogroups. I showed them that I have real Biblical knowledge which caused many to attack me.


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