Daughter of The Big Lie

On the day before Thanksgiving, our Nation lie in ruin thanks to the Evangelical Anarchists and Insurectionists that anointed Trump – a King! A year before my daughter came into my life, I sent Stacey Pierrot a letter that has proven prophetic. I predict the Christian-right would destroy our Democracy. I made this prediction on several Templar, Grail, and Mary Magdalene yahoogroups. I showed them that I have real Biblical knowledge which caused many to attack me.

Vicki Presco told me that Sydney Morris combed through my letters looking for THREATS. I surmised he read this letter, and others, that I filed in the probate of the artist – ROSABELLE!

Vicki told me our Aunt Lillian regretted on her death bed the horrible and trite things she said about her sister ROSEMARY in Tom Snyder’s evil biography of – THE ROSE OF THE WORLD!

My angst towards Lesbians (at the time) was motivated by the choice of Rosamond’s biographers. Sandra Faulkner claimed she had interviewed Christine – before she died – and my sister chose her after reading Sandra’s ‘Love Match’ a lesbian novel. Since LGBTQ couples can not bare children, they can not create a Creative Dynasty with their offspring. I wondered is Pierrot was a Lesbian. This letter was ignored because I had no children – that we knew of! My mother died believing I was a failure as a heterosexual. My sixteen year old daughter appeared fifteen months later. This was a miracle in so many ways. I got engaged to Patrice Hanson, then she picked a fight with me over Family Tree and DNA.







Rosamond Press

No member of my natal family loved my daughter and her family because the two families never met. Christine was dead for seven years when Heather came into my life. Her family did not love any member of my family. Because of the legal battle my niece Shannon was having over the creative legacy she inherited, I asked my daughter not to have anything to do with my family until things were resolved. There was no good reason for my daughter and her mother to try and get in the rival bio.

My daughter and her family knew Bill Cornwall and his father wanted me out of the picture, and wanted my grandson all to themselves – because Bill could not conceive a child. Either could Randall Delpiano whose name is on Heather’s birth certificate. Randy died childless. I told Patrice I wanted to have Delpiano removed from the name…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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