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I Am Tom

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Russian Tucker Calls For Whack Job

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Tucker Carlson Defends Putin, Says US ‘Should Take The Side of Russia Over Ukraine’ | TrigTent
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“The Florida Democratic party would not exist if a new Senate bill is passed and signed into law.

There is a Florida Bill.that wants to disappear the Democrat Party.

“For years now, leftist activists have been trying to “cancel” people and companies for things they have said or done in the past. This includes the removal of statues and memorials, and the renaming of buildings. Using this standard, it would be hypocritical not to cancel the Democrat Party itself for the same reason,” explained Sen. Ingoglia.

For years now, I have been trying to get the Democrats to sue the Republicans for pirating the Republican Party co-founded by my kin, John Fremont. No one – responded! I complained about the removal of Senator Thomas Hart Benton’s name from a building at Oregon State. No one cares to listen. I am kin to Christopher, and Robert E. Lee. My Rosamond ancestors owned slaves in South Carolina and fought along side The Swamp Fox that Disney made into a series.

How stupid can you be, to render General Lee, your ignorant club, and fool yourself that you have smite your enemy. How arrogant are thou, to pass a law, that taints the Democratic name that is attached to ten millions Southern Genealogies! We are at war. Our enemies hate all Our Trees1 Most of our leaders are fiction writers – even bold-faced liars! Putin and Kirilll created a fantasy reason to invade the Ukraine. Doesn’t the Governor of Florida notice the Russian Wolf at out door? Nay, this trained warrior has his eyes on the the transsexual, the man dressed as a woman. Real Russian Spies – mock him!

Fox News is being sued – FOR LYING! DeSantis reaches out – and hurts Disney. Add up the millions. What about – the Homeless?

Tucker and his station – tell lies – that benefit our real enemies, because they can read the Power of our Disunity! Someone has to get in costume, or – out of one – so there will be a gallant warrior to lead ur troops. Lee was – and still is the great Southern General – who was with the troops from those red states, when we went over there to fight the Kaiser – then Hitler! How about those Chinese troops in Korea? No one likes to lose! Deal with it. Buck up!

I got out of bed in order to – lead the charge. But, so powerful are the Lies of Fools, that I went back to bed, and pulled the blankets over my head.

Hours later, I was awoken by The Grey Beast, my young cat I named ‘Classy’.. We have to move from our low-cost housing. Then there is the man next door making a lot of noise! I must protect my art and my stories. So, I am now for hire. I am….The Poet General who can bring The Three Poets together, make them one, so we can defeat our common enemy.

I am now, what Tom Bombadil was, A Poet-General, a keeper of a sword. And lover of a river and lake maiden. I have worn The Ring – and it had no affect. For I died on a great battlefield. I got a glimpse of The Kingdom, and thus Frodo was not invisible to me.


“You supply the courage, and, I will bring the sword!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press


A ndrea Phillips, a Florida teacher for more than a decade, started her day on Wednesday with an act that went against every instinct she has as an educator. Following orders issued by her school district, she removed dozens of non-curriculum books from her classroom, stripping the shelves bare.

The new guidelines, issued by Duval County Public Schools earlier that day, require teachers to remove all books that do not appear on the state-approved reading list pending a “review” by a “media specialist.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Mrs Phillips, who teaches third grade in the county, told The Independent by phone. “It feels cold without all my books. It doesn’t feel like the classroom and the environment that I built.”

He was, he knew not, though he knew perchance
That he was Launcelot, the bravest knight
Of all who since the world was, have borne lance,
Or swung their swords in wrong cause or in right.

Nay, he knew nothing now, except that where
The Glastonbury gilded towers shine,
A lady dwelt, whose name was Guenevere;
This he knew also; that some fingers twine,

Not only in a man’s hair, even his heart,
(Making him good or bad I mean,) but in his life,
Skies, earth, men’s looks and deeds, all that has part,
Not being ourselves, in that half-sleep, half-strife,

(Strange sleep, strange strife,) that men call living; so
Was Launcelot most glad when the moon rose,
Because it brought new memories of her. “Lo,
Between the trees a large moon, the wind lows

“Not loud, but as a cow begins to low,
Wishing for strength to make the herdsman hear:
The ripe corn gathereth dew; yea, long ago,
In the old garden life, my Guenevere

“Loved to sit still among the flowers, till night
Had quite come on, hair loosen’d, for she said,
Smiling like heaven, that its fairness might
Draw up the wind sooner to cool her head.

“Now while I ride how quick the moon gets small,
As it did then: I tell myself a tale
That will not last beyond the whitewashed wall,
Thoughts of some joust must help me through the vale,

“Keep this till after: How Sir Gareth ran
A good course that day under my Queen’s eyes,
And how she sway’d laughing at Dinadan.
No. Back again, the other thoughts will rise,

“And yet I think so fast ’twill end right soon:
Verily then I think, that Guenevere,
Made sad by dew and wind, and tree-barred moon,
Did love me more than ever, was more dear


Arion Victoria Rosamond Bond

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I just found a video that validates my book and movie, and severs me from those uncreative people who have not gone along with any of my creative visions. Indeed, they have done all they can – to trip me up! They are The Destrutive Ones. I am done living in their evil world.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

In Greek mythologyArion or Areion (Ancient Greek: ‘Ἀρίων, Ἀρείων, is a divinely-bred, fabulously fast, black-maned horse. He saved the life of Adrastus, king of Argos, during the war of the Seven against Thebes.[1]

Arion was (by most accounts) the offspring of Poseidon and Demeter.[2] When the goddess Demeter was searching for her daughter Persephone, she was pursued by Poseidon. To escape Poseidon, Demeter turned herself into a mare and hid among the mares of Oncius, king of Thelpusa in Arcadia. But Poseidon turned himself into a stallion and mated with Demeter, producing Arion.[3] Other accounts had Arion as the Offspring of Gaia (Earth),[4] or of Zephyrus and a Harpy.[5]

Rutger Hauer is Floris van Rosemondt (1969) – YouTube


In The Fellowship of the Ring, Tom Bombadil helps Frodo Baggins and his hobbit companions on their journey.[T 3][T 4][T 5] Tom and his wife Goldberry, the “Daughter of the River”, still live in their house by the source of the Withywindle, and some of the characters and situations from the original poem reappear.[6]

Tom first appears when Merry and Pippin are trapped in the Old Forest by Old Man Willow, and Frodo and Sam cry for help. Tom commands Old Man Willow to release them, singing him to sleep.[T 3]

Tolkien stated that he invented Tom Bombadil in memory of his children’s Dutch doll.[8][a][11] His Bombadil poems far pre-date the writing of The Lord of the Rings, into which Tolkien introduced Tom Bombadil from the earliest drafts.[T 7] In response to a letter, Tolkien described Tom in The Lord of the Rings as “just an invention” and “not an important person – to the narrative”, even if “he represents something that I feel important, though I would not be prepared to analyse the feeling precisely. I would not, however, have left him in, if he did not have some kind of function.” Specifically, Tolkien connected Tom in the letter to a renunciation of control, “a delight in things for themselves without reference to yourself,” “Botany and Zoology (as sciences) and Poetry”.[T 8] In another letter, Tolkien writes that he does not think Tom is improved by philosophizing; he included the character “because I had already ‘invented’ him independently” (in The Oxford Magazine) “and wanted an ‘adventure’ on the way”.[T 9]


New Steps In American Fascism: New bill would eliminate Florida Democratic Party


New bill would eliminate Florida Democratic Party Here is the text:

The Florida Democratic party would not exist if a new Senate bill is passed and signed into law.

Spring Hill Republican Senator Blaise Ingoglia has filed SB 1248, which would be called “The Ultimate Cancel Act.”

While it does not mention the Democratic party’s name, it would direct the Florida Division of Elections to “immediately cancel the filings of a political party, to include its registration and approved status as a political party, if the party’s platform has previously advocated for, or been in support of, slavery or involuntary servitude.”

Southern Democrats advocated for slavery during the Civil War.

Under the Bill, registered Democrats would be automatically re-registered as having “no party affiliation.” The Democratic party officers could reorganize, but only under a substantially different name.

“For years now, leftist activists have been trying to “cancel” people and companies for things they have said or done in the past. This includes the removal of statues and memorials, and the renaming of buildings. Using this standard, it would be hypocritical not to cancel the Democrat Party itself for the same reason,” explained Sen. Ingoglia.

The Florida Democratic Party issued this statement response, “Presenting a bill that would disenfranchise 5 million voters is both unconstitutional and unserious. Under Ron DeSantis, Senator Ingoglia is using his office to push bills that are nothing more than publicity stunts instead of focusing on the issues that matter most to Floridians, such as reforming property insurance, addressing housing affordability, and combating climate change.

“The sooner DeSantis and his puppets in the legislature learn that Florida is a Democratic Republic and not a Banana Republic, the better it will be for all Floridians.”

Former Democratic State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith told WESH, “Republicans in Florida are so drunk with power that they are expanding their censorship agenda to even include abolishing the democratic party of Florida. If Floridians are not alarmed by what is coming out of Republican leadership in Tallahassee then they are not paying enough attention.”

The Green Whiteaker Hood


The Green Whiteaker Hood


Address to The City Club of Eugene

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Queen Elizabeth Going Aboard The Golden Hind

White found himself trapped in England by the invasion of the Spanish

Manchese and Manteo.

Wanchese, Manteo

To the City Club of Eugene

A Report on Joseph Lane and His Ancestors

by John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Today is the Day of Atonement. Six days after reading your discussion about changing the name of Lane County, I read that Sir Francis Drake offered Sir Ralph Lane one of his ships for further exploration of the Virginia Coast. If it were not for a hurricane, then the ancestors of Joeph Lane would be listed amongst the Explorers of the New World. Why doesn’t the State of Oregon own this history?

Joseph and Polly Lane are content to die in Roseburg – in obscurity! Did they hope the Lane Family history would die with them? Polly Lane married Nathaniel Hart after being rescued by the Thomas Hart family, who are my kin via Senator Thomas Hart Benton, who was the first proprietors of the Oregon Territory. His name was removed from a building on the campus of Oregon State – after a team of Historians ruled him a racist, a pro-slavery murderer of Native Americans – who invented Manifest Destiny. Wrong. Sir Ralph Lane sent a letter to Richard Hakluyt informing him of his written account of the Roanoke Colony. I suspect he bid Queen Elizabeth to establish a American Base for Pirates to deplete the Habsburg Empire of Incan and Aztec gold – that could have ended up buried on Oak Island. Drake gave Lane shallow draft boats after he returned from a raid.

Micky Mouse Land

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Taylor, Elizabeth

Here the email I just sent Governor Newsom.


Dear Governor Newsom. I am the president of Royal Rosamond Press a newspaper for the arts. I am kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and thus Ian Fleming. I am working on several Bond novels, one featuring two Lesbians. I am kin to John Fremont a co-founder of the Republican Party. I ran for Governor of Oregon in a primary. I was born in Oakland and recently discovered my family shares literary history with Jack London. I began a novel featuring Martin Eden. If still on the marker, I suggest you purchase the home that Netta Eames lived in. I suggest you contact Meg Whitman, who President Biden made an ambassador due to the large donation she made to his campaign. Did she switch parties. Meg founded Quibi, that failed. In a short while Micky Mouse will not be copyrighted. I suggest the State of California create Micky Mouse Land on the property Whitman owns in Dogpatch. I have been battling the extremists that took over my families party, and am a cultural expert. I overcame homelessness and have thirty-five years sobriety. 

John Ambrose <braskewitz@yahoo.com>


Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 2:12 PM

Dear Mayor Newsom:

I am trying to find out who owns the California Barrel Company LLC. Meg Whitman is investing money in the Potrero Plant Redevelopment in some manner. I would like to see the Deed. Shouldn’t it be on file? Public Opinion has been solicited and received.

My grandfather was a Director of the real California Barrel Company, and he sold barrels. The history of William F. Broderick is copyrighted, and will appear in my autobiography. My late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, married Garth Benton, who was a friend of Lawrence Chazen and Gordon Getty. Perhaps you saw the mural Gath rendered in the Getty Home? Garth did the murals at the Getty Villa.  I am kin to the Getty family via my second cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. Her son married Aileen Getty.

Another concern, is, Meg Whitman is working with Jeffrey Katzenberg on a plan to make mini-movies for cellphone users. Will mini-books and galley visits be next? How about mini-tours of France and Italy? Let’s not leave out the Smithsonian, that some say takes a week to take in. Will young people soon be able to say they quickly took in all these things, and claim they enjoyed – their experience – fully? This is like the ‘King’s Clothes’. It’s like selling…….Thin Air! Our Young will keep coming back for more Brain Booster hits. Who can eat just one Quickie Potato Chip?

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Amazon and Tolkein

Posted on April 6, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

I posted ‘Once Upon A Time’ at 10:25 P.M. on April 6th. Twenty minutes later I found this article about Amazon doing a Tolkien series.  This line caught my full attention.

Amazon said that the project will “explore new storylines preceding J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring,” in addition to a potential spinoff series.

I will be contacting Amazon, and hopefully I will not need an attorney. I have copyrighted much on Tolkien, and William Morris, whose Tale of The House of Wolfings inspired Tolkien’s trilogy. I have a deep seeded problem with promoting myself, and taking something for myself due to the abuse of my mother. But, this is the stuff fairytales are made of. Hopefully Jackson will hire me as a writer, and allow me to develop the characters. Has he come upon my blogs? I was about to post on the ‘Rose of the World’ a Russian prophecy that I wanted to revive, and use to push back on Putin, and, have the Russian People adopt a true Democracy – with Freedom of the Press! Amazon owns the Washington Post. They are keen on making sure Putin’s Trolls do not do more damage to this Democracy. I would like to see Lara Roozemond in a role.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Walt Disney’s Interest

Evan June Spring 3-Way Recliner Chair – Style 95V17


Lamps Plus

As time went on, Disney himself remained interested in adapting Tolkien’s work. Reportedly, he also tried to get a Disney-animated version of The Lord of the Rings off the ground after the books had been published in the 1950s. However, this idea was also abandoned because the material was thought to be too dark and adult for a Disney film. The company’s interest in adapting Tolkien did not end there, though. Even after Disney passed away in 1966, there would still be pitches to adapt both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit at Disney. While none of these adaptations ever made it far, one pitch for The Hobbit in particular, from Vance Gerry and Frank Thomas in the early ‘70s, did include some concept art and early story outlines that have since made their way online. So, while a Disney version of The Hobbit never did come to fruition, a glimpse of what one may have looked like does exist.

Lee was probably a Whig for most of his life. He most definitely was NOT a Republican. The Republican Party was not formed until 1854, and ran its first candidate for president in 1856 (he lost). When Lincoln became president in 1860 he got just under 40% of the popular vote, and carried none of the southern states. This was possible because he had three opponents, a northern Democrat, a southern Democrat, and a Constitutional Union candidate, splitting the Democratic vote three ways.

The very worst thing a southerner could do after the war was to become a Republican. Such a person would be ostracized, no matter how outstanding their war record might have been. An example is Lieutenant General James Longstreet, who commanded the First Corps of Lee’s Army throughout the war. Lee called Longstreet “my old war horse”. After the war Longstreet turned Republican, and accepted government jobs from his old friend, President Grant. For this apostasy he was reviled in newspapers, blamed in books for losing battles and the war, and to this day there is no statue of Longstreet anywhere in the south. Longstreet lived until 1904. For a century after the war the south remained completely Democratic, the “Solid South”, until the Civil Rights Movement and the success it obtained from the Democrats caused many white southerners to switch to the Republican Party.

The Whigs ran their last candidate for president in 1852. He was General in Chief (commander) of the US Army, Winfield Scott. Lee had served on Scott’s staff during the Mexican War, 1846-48. The Whig Party died out after losing the 1852 election, creating the void which allowed for the newly created Republican Party to rise so swiftly to national prominence.


Lee’s Excalibur of Lord of the Rings

Posted on May 6, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

John Boorman attempted a film adaption of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and settled for making the movie ‘Excalibur’. My kindred, Christopher Lee, played Saruman and Scaramanga in ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’.  Lee is the step-cousin of Ian Fleming, via Harcourt Rose. Lee and Ian played golf together. On October 1, 2019 I changed Victoria Bond’s ancestor chart to make her kin to Harcourt Rose. Christopher met Tolkien in a pub. Boorman made a anti-Bond movie starring Brosman.

On a James Bond facebook group I suggested we author a letter to Barbara Broccoli and bid her to join the search for drug that would decrease the danger of the coronavirus and allow movie theaters to open. This morning I found out my, Christopher’s and Fleming’s kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, smuggled drugs to victims of AIDS and helped come up with a HIV drug that looks promising to coronavirus patients.

I suggest the formation of ‘The Knights of the Rose Theatre’ a group of movie lovers who will help reopen theatres near them, and deliver in person pertinent information on the best ways to be safe.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

EXTRA! After posting the above I decided to add what I took out. This morning I discovered that Christopher Lee is kin to Fleming via Harcourt Rose. I was blown away because – for some reason I changed Victoria Bond’s genealogy to have her descend from Rose. I have found my own Rose Line and wanted Lara Roozemond to play Victoria. This name is thee Dutch spelling of Rosemond. Gottschalk Rosemond is a possible ancestor of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor whose husband, Sir Richard Burton, was Fleming’s choice to star in his first Bond movie. Richard and Liz have been knighted as has Lee who did not know of his link to Taylor that appeared when I tested my DNA.


In February 2023, Ingoglia filed SB 1248, titled the “Ultimate Cancel Act,”[9] that would cancel the filings of any political party that previously supported slavery or involuntary servitude, automatically changing the registration of affected voters to “no party affiliation.” The bill was created in an attempt to outlaw the Florida Democratic Party, which historically supported slavery before and during the American Civil War, as well as a criticism of cancel culture, stating that it would be “hypocritical not to cancel the Democrat Party itself.”[10][11]


After President Donald Trump described the famous Confederate general, Robert Edward Lee, as a “great general,” several Democrats, no doubt sensing the opportunity to score some political points because of the widespread ignorance of history in general, and of the Civil War and General Lee in particular, rushed to tar Trump as some sort of racist.

Of course, such attacks rest on certain premises, which are mostly wrong — that President Abraham Lincoln sent massive Union armies into the Confederate States to abolish slavery. But Lincoln himself said that his objective was to “save the Union,” and if he could do that without freeing any slaves, he would do it. Of course, Lincoln detested slavery, but the fact remains that the Civil War was not fought to end slavery.

But this is the mistaken belief upon which the House Majority Whip, James Clyburn (shown center), opted to rebuke Trump’s praise of Lee — that the Civil War was fought to end slavery, Lee was the chief Confederate general, therefore Lee was fighting to keep slavery legal.

“The fact of the matter is, Robert E. Lee was a great tactician,” Clyburn admitted, but he “was not a great person.” Clyburn, a congressman from South Carolina, made his remarks on ABC’s This Week.

“Robert E. Lee was a slave owner,” Clyburn said, “and a brutal slave master. Thankfully, he lost that war and I find it kind of interesting the president is now glorifying a loser. He always said he hated losers. Robert E. Lee was a loser.”


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that the Democrat party in his state “is basically a dead, rotten carcass on the side of the road,” in large part for following a woke agenda that has been rejected by voters.

“We’ve shown a knack for identifying the left when they’re totally off their rocker, isolating those examples and really protecting Floridians from the left’s worst pathologies. People don’t have to be Republicans to appreciate that,” DeSantis said.

Under the headline, “Ron DeSantis Would Kill Democracy Methodically and Slowly,” Jonathan Chait writes, “Trump poses a greater danger of triggering an immediate constitutional crisis, while DeSantis is more likely to methodically strangle democracy through a series of illiberal Orbanist steps like he has modeled in Florida.” The Florida of Chait’s imagination sounds like an authoritarian hell-hole. Here in the real world, the public can’t leave Democratic-run states to move to DeSantis-run Florida fast enough.


March 14th, 2022 Updated 12:41 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is exuding his kingmaker influence in his state’s Republican party by endorsing State Representative Blaise Ingoglia (R) for Florida Senate District 11, an embattled seat.

“Blaise Ingoglia (@GovGoneWild) is a strong conservative who fights to keep FL free and to deliver for his constituents,” DeSantis announced on Twitter Monday morning.

“I endorse Blaise for Senate District 11 — he will be a force in the FL Senate and will serve the people of Pasco, Citrus, Hernando and Sumter counties well,” he said.

DeSantis Endorses Blaise Ingoglia for FL Senate District 11 in Tense GOP Primary


By Eric Daugherty

Published Mar. 14, 2022, 12:41 p.m. ET | Updated Jan. 2, 2023


Senator Benton’s greatest concern, however, was the territorial expansion of the United States to meet its “manifest destiny” as a continental power. He originally considered the natural border of the U.S. to be the Rocky Mountains but expanded his view to encompass the Pacific coast. He considered unsettled land to be insecure and tirelessly worked for settlement. His efforts against soft money were mostly to discourage land speculation, and thus encourage settlement.

Benton was instrumental in the sole administration of the Oregon Territory. Since the Anglo-American Convention of 1818, Oregon had been jointly occupied by both the United States and the United Kingdom. Benton pushed for a settlement on Oregon and the Canada–US border favorable to the United States. The current border at the 49th parallel set by the Oregon Treaty in 1846 was his choice; he was opposed to the extremism of the “Fifty-four forty or fight” movement during the Oregon boundary dispute.



My Family History Employed by Radicals

Posted on June 7, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

I am under siege by people who are employing my family history for their own radical causes. The Bentons were not Confederates.

John Presco

A year ago Sunday, crowds of far-right and white supremacist protesters descended on Charlottesville, Virginia. They marched toward a statue of confederate General Robert E. Lee carrying tiki torches, swastikas and semi-automatic rifles and chanting slogans like “White lives matter” and “Jews will not replace us!” By the end of the day, Heather Heyer was dead, mowed down by a white supremacist who drove his car into a crowd of counterprotesters. When the nation turned to President Donald Trump, he provoked outrage by declaring that there are “very fine people on both sides.”

A year later, we’ve asked some of the most thoughtful people we know—from historians to a former CIA director to researchers of extremism—to put this shocking moment in context: What did Charlottesville change? Was it a moment of reckoning for our society? Did it fracture the movement known as the “alt-right,” or did it strengthen it? As new crowds of white supremacists descend on Washington and other U.S. cities this weekend, and as invigorated counterprotesters come to meet them, here’s what they had to say.


After Charlottesville, ‘the alt-right movement is at once lower-profile and more violent.’
Ryan Lenz is an investigative reporter covering the alt-right. He was formerly a senior investigative reporter at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The deadly “Unite the Right” rally one year ago in Charlottesville was supposed to be a coming-out party for the alt-right, a moment when disparate ideologies could openly unite and feel true grass-roots political power. Instead, the rally left one person dead and fissured a movement whose followers were, until then, certain the political age of Trump would resurrect ideas long thought to be fossilized—and not at underground metal shows or in street brawls like American History X-era nationalism, but in public squares and think tanks. “We definitely put ourselves off in this ghetto where we are now this thing, and we burned any bridges that we had to the wider right,” Mike Peinovich, a white supremacist blogger who uses the pseudonym Mike Enoch, said on his podcast in March.

The rally was a moment when the language of the alt-right changed, from demonstration to street violence, returning to the underground—but more brutal—realm that such strains of thought had in the 1990s and 2000s with skinheads and old-fashioned Nazis. The alt-right movement is at once lower-profile and more violent. Just last weekend in Portland, Oregon, groups led by the Proud Boys, a white nationalist fight club, came looking to brawl in the name of “free speech.” It was the second time they came to Portland, a city that knows well the presence of racist and far-right street violence, having earned the nickname “Skinhead City” in the 1980s and 1990s. Two months ago, in June, a similar rally led to violent clashes with anti-fascist protesters, and city officials declared a riot.

Welcome to the new alt-right, which might not be so new at all.


Degrading Rosamond Benton’s Story

Posted on June 7, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

Ed Ray and three historians connected with Oregon State University, have attacked and diminished my family history.

John Presco

Degrading the Rosamond Family Story

Posted on October 27, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

Florence Breckenridge of Belmont

Posted on March 30, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty


John (Jack) Presco

Copyright 2021

Florence Louise Breckenridge got married in Ralston Hall to Hesketh. Her parents lived in San Rafael in Marin County. John Witherspoon Breckenridge descends from Signer John Witherspoon as does Dottie Witherspoon who took the photograph of me in a tree with my cat in a Boston park where we lived together. We moved to Oakland and then Alameda. My niece, Drew Benton is kin to the Witherspoon-Breckinridge-Hesketh families. I posted this on the Belmont Historical Society facebook page, and it was removed. What I wondered, did they object to my post on the statue of John Castleman Breckenridge being defaced and taken down.. All members of my family are in the Witherspoon-Hart-Benton family tree, and this we are kin to Harry and Meghan Windsor. It was my intent to ground this fact in Belmont with my Janke-Stuttmeister family history.

John Witherspoon – Wikipedia

To discover that Jack London is being attacked, it suggested his statue be removed, and the name of a Oakland square, changed, goes with the fact Ed Ray the President of Oregon State, removed the name of Senator Thomas Hart Benton from a building on campus. Thomas is related to Florence Louise Breckenridge who got married in Ralston Hall, as did William Stuttmeister. He is also kin to Bunny Breckenridge, who is proof, a famous family can change it’s evil pro-slavery, ways. Hippies adored Bunny!

Bunny Breckinridge – Wikipedia

I stood before the Mayor of Springfield stating my cause to apply the name of Harry Lane to a street that was being remodeled. Harry was was the son of Joseph Lane who rand as Vice President with John Breckenridge on the Pro-Slavery ticket.

What I propose is that Belmont erect a statue of Bunny Breckenridge to show the LGBTQ people in San Francisco they are a inclusive city. Indeed, Club Ripples is for sale. I suggest Belmont purchase it and erect it one the end of Wharf Street. When my book ‘The Royal Janitor’ becomes a big hit, I will have my Lesbian Spies pay a visit.

Breckinridge was born in Paris, France to Adelaide Murphy and John Cabell Breckinridge Sr. (1879–1914), a wealthy Californian family.[1] He was the great-great-great-grandchild of U.S. Attorney General John Breckinridge (and the great-grandchild of both U.S. Vice President and Confederate general John C. Breckinridge and Wells Fargo Bank founder Lloyd Tevis). He spent time at Eton College and Oxford University in England.[cit

Club Ripples, Long Beach’s historic gay bar, to close (qvoicenews.com)

“Club Ripples, one of the first gay nightclubs in the city, made waves when it first opened more than four decades ago.

There were lines out the door every night despite a constant threat of danger from homophobes who were known to throw eggs, rocks or even shoot at the bullet-proof windows of the oceanfront property, said owners and longtime partners John Garcia and Larry Hebert.”

Florence Louise Breckinridge was born in November 1881 at California, U.S.A..3 She was the daughter of John Witherspoon Breckinridge and Florence Louise Tevis.1 She married Thomas Fermor-Hesketh, 1st Baron Hesketh, son of Sir Thomas George Fermor-Hesketh, 7th Bt. and Florence Emily Sharon, on 9 September 1909 at British Embassy Church, Paris, France.1 She died on 4 March 1956 at age 74 at Easton Neston, Towcester, Northamptonshire, England.4,5 She was buried at St. Mary’s Church, Easton Neston, Northamptonshire, England.5
      From 9 September 1909, her married name became Fermor-Hesketh.1 As a result of her marriage, Florence Louise Breckinridge was styled as Baroness Hesketh on 25 January 1935.

The Jealous Historical Society | Rosamond Press

Dear Mr. Mayor;

Someone on the Belmont Historical Society suggested I have violated their copyright, by posting an image of William Janke, who may be in a family photograph this is posted on their facebook page. About twelve of my posts have been removed, which alarms me, because I offer NEW family information – that could be used without my permission! Being related this famous family does not rate with this clic who are described as “we”. To be invited by an origination connected with the City of Belmont, to contribute your family history, then be treated like you are a outsider and parasite – is outrageous! This goes against the tradition of other Historical Societies – who encourage descendant of famous people to contribute – because there is no telling what they have, or, if they are going to put that Society in their will. I demand a full investigation. I would like to see your bi-laws.

The Jealous Historical Society | Rosamond Press

Belmont Historical Society, Belmont, CA Greg Presco Hi Greg , I have been enjoyed some of your posts and photos that are directly related to the Belmont area and you have provided some new photos and information that will be put in a file, but please try not to post anything that is off topic or is not Belmont Area related. Thank you ,Denny Lawhern Belmont Historian

The great grandmother of John Witherspoon Owen Breckenridge, is the Ann Witherspoon, the daughter of Signer, John Witherspoon. His great grandfather, was John Breckenridge, Attorney General of the United States in the Cabinet of President Thomas Jefferson. I lived with Dottie Witherspoon in Boston, and met many Witherspoons in South Carolina who are kin to the actress, Reese Witherspoon.

I have been exchanging e-mails with a member of the Sharon family about revising the Sharon Family reunion at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. I was invited to go to Europe with a member of the Hesketh-Fermor family, who are kin to my niece, Drew Benton, and thus the Prescos. We are all kin to Lloyd Tevis the President of Welles Fargo Bank.

I have put on pause my homework of family relations. I do know some of the California Sharons and I am familiar with the reunion that use to take place in San Francisco, but I have been swamped. I would love to refresh the reunion for our family. I am not familiar with the names on your email yet. I don’t know if you sent email to Philip or had misplaced my name. I will start more family connections with the Sharon clan soon.

Patrick Sharon

Hi Jon- Get ready- much info coming now- please go ASAP to tatler.com- June issue page 102- big article on the new owner of Easton Neston- Leon Max- I’m headed there with James Baring and Bob and Joanne Fermor tomorrow.


Statue of John Breckenridge Castleman

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On March 19, 2014 I launched a campaign to get the name of Joseph Lane removed as the name of the county I live in when I sent an e-mail to Kitty Piercy who was the Mayor of Eugene at the time. Yesterday, Lane, and my relative, John Breckenridge Castleman, had his equestrian statue removed. Castleman and John share the same maternal grandmother. Joseph Lane and John Breckenridge were on the same ticket. A year ago I stood before the Mayor and Council of Springfield, and handed my city a more thorough proposal as a means to fight racism. Tomorrow, I will be contacting the local and national news to see if they want to cover my campaign.

Three hours ago, I saw Kim Haffner knock Clark off the hood of her car with a violent swing of her fat arm. Clark did not land on his feet. While on his side, this 400 pounder kicked at Clark. I could not see from my window if she made contact. I ran to the stairwell and shouted at her;

“Stop abusing that animal!”

Clark tried to run up the stairs, and she ran at him and tried to block him with her ugly fat leg. Again I shouted at her to leave this cat alone. Kim Haffner ran after him to hurt him, and he jumped on a wall and got away.

I am going to work hard to have this violence against an animal as a HATE CRIME! This monster launched a campaign of harassment with fellow neighbors and Christians who read this blog and hated the critical things I was saying about some evangelicals who wave Confederate Flags!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press


Controversial Castleman Statue Removed By City Crews Early Monday Morning


Witherspoon Owen Breckenridge married Louise Tevis Breckenridge Sharon, the daughter of Lloyd Tevis, president of Wells Fargo and one of the richest men in California. When he became president of Wells Fargo, it was an express coach company. When he retired, it was a bank as we know it today. Tevis was assessed by the state of California as having a fortune worth $1,590,000.00 in 1880
John Witherspoon Breckenridge, son of Congressman, Senator, Vice President, Presidential Candidate and Confederate General John C. Breckenridge, c. 1878 and lived in San Rafael, CA. Their marriage ended in divorce and she married secondly Frederick W. Sharon.

Frederick Sharon was the son of Senator William Sharon (right), one of California’s very richest men. Sharon arrived in San Francisco in 1849, first investing in real estate, then also in mining and banking. By 1880, the state of California assessed his personal fortune at $4,470,000.002 and he was the largest single taxpayer in the state. Louise and Frederick were married at Sharon’s 55,360 square foot palatial estate ‘Belmont’ in 1884 (below).

The information found here comes from The Prestons of Smithfield and Greenfield in Virginia by John Frederick Dorman who is one of the preeminent authorities of Virginia genealogy. The descendants of John Preston and Elizabeth Patton are remarkable for the number of outstanding individuals spread over several generations. There are literally dozens of politicians, military men (including generals on both sides of the Civil War), preachers, doctors and authors. This is only a sampling of people who caught my attention. I strongly recommend anyone interested in this family to find The Prestons of Smithfield and Greenfield in Virginia.

My Letter to Ed Ray

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To Ed Ray: President of Oregon State

Several months ago I began my response to you about giving a new name to Benton Hall that was named after my kin, Senator Thomas Hart Benton. My sister was a world famous artist that married Garth Benton. The artwork of Christine Rosamond Benton is found all over the world. As fate would have it, the beautiful images of Rosamond are very similar to the beautiful women Philip Boileau rendered. Philip is the son of Susan Benton, who held a salon in Paris, while her sister, Jessie, held one in San Francisco.  Jessie wrote the journals of her husband’s mapping of the Oregon Territory.

John Fremont ‘The Pathfinder’ was the first to emancipate slaves. Fremont and his father-in-law, Senator Benton, may have been behind the Bear Flag rebellion, because the British were prepared to deport tens of thousand of Catholics in Ireland to the San Juaquin Valley, where they would secure a new colony with the help of the Emperor of Mexico and his bride, Carlotta, who was a cousin of Queen Victoria. Then, there was the threat of an French invasion of California by the Emperor of France. There was a world war brewing for the Oregon Territory.

It had been a year since I took a DNA test. I am kin to Robert E. Lee, Robert and John Wilson, the founder of Harvard who was the Puritan Leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  John presided over the trial of Anne Hutchinson. My great-grandfather is found in Hawthorne’s ‘The Scarlet Letter’. My cousin is Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, whose son married a Getty, and thus is kin to the author, Ian Fleming.



Henry Clay (1777-1852)was an American statesman known as “The Great Compromiser.” Clay was a congressman, senator, speaker of the house, and secretary of state. He was a major promoter of the Missouri Compromise in 1820, the compromise tariff of 1833 that ended the Nullification crisis, and the Compromise of 1850, all efforts to balance the rights of free and slave states. He was twice the unsuccessful Whig candidate for president. His wife, Lucretia Hart Clay, was the daughter of Colonel Thomas Hart. They had eleven children — six daughters and five sons.

Lucretia Hart Clay was a daughter of Col. Thomas Hart and Susanna Gray. The Hart family was established in Hanover County, Virginia, in 1690. The only son of a pioneer was Thomas Hart, who married Susanna Rice, and their oldest son was Col. Thomas Hart, who was born in 1730 and accompanied his mother and the other children to North Carolina in 1760. He became prominent in the Colonial and Revolutionary history of North Carolina, being a member of the Provincial Congress at New Bern of August 25, 1774, also attended the Convention of April 4, 1775, and was a delegate to the Assembly at Hillsboro August 21, 1775. He was an officer in the Revolutionary army, and was a member of the famous Transylvania Company. His brother, Captain Nathaniel Hart, was killed by the Indians near Boonesboro, Kentucky in 1782, and it was Susanna, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel, who married Col. Isaac Shelby, first governor of Kentucky. Col. Thomas Hart reared in his home his orphan niece, Ann, who became the wife of Jesse Benton, and her oldest son was the famous Thomas Hart Benton, the distinguished United States senator from Missouri.


William Campbell Preston Breckinridge
Born August 28, 1837 in Baltimore, MD
Son of Robert Jefferson Breckinridge and Ann Sophonisba Preston
Brother of Louisiana Hart Breckinridge, John Breckinridge, Francis Preston Breckinridge, Mary Cabell Breckinridge, Sarah Campbell Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson Breckinridge, Marie Lettice Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell Breckinridge, Charles Henry Breckinridge, Virginia Hart Breckinridge, Nathaniel Hart Breckinridge and John Robert Breckinridge
Husband of Louise Rucks Scott — married 1893 [location unknown]
Husband of Issa Desha — married September 19, 1861 in Lexington, KY
Husband of Lucretia Hart Clay — married March 17, 1859 in “Mansfield”, Fayette Co., KY
Father of Curry Desha Breckinridge, Ella Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson Breckinridge, Lee Clay Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge and Desha Breckinridge

Jehan de Rougemont vs. Vampires

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Kergen looks very much like Rena’s boyfriend whom I met in the living room of the Harkin’s house. He had large intense eyes. I believe he was twenty six. I did not like his energy. He drove seventeen year old Rean to Los Angeles for a reason Rena was reluctant to talk about. If he had not called the Venice muscle men “fags” I would never have met Rena. When she came out of that dark doorway at 3:00 A.M. she can out as Le Princess de Nuit. If she had bit me in the neck, I would have loved it. Twenty four hours later, she gave me the second best kiss in the history of kisses.

The MacDowell-Stewart Knox-Witherspoon Line

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Everything has changed and is now making sense. Above is a photograph of Dorothea Witherspoon and myself taken in 1971. We have just flown from Columbia South Carolina to Los Angeles. I wanted Dottie to meet my mother. We talked about getting married. I had just met about twenty members of the Witherspoon family, down South, a place I swore I would never go. However, Meher Baba’s first home in America is in South Carolina, and I wanted to see where the Avatar walked the earth. I praise the vote in this state to remove the Confederate flag. For years I have called for this, followed by “Repent!”

As it turns out Dottie and I are kin to the Stewarts and thus the Windsors. When Christine Rosamond Benton married Garth Benton, and begat Drew Benton, we became kin to the MacDowell family. Uchtred MacDowall of Garthland married Margaret Stewart, Lady Ochiltree.

When we pulled up to the entrance of Baba’s home in Myrtle Beach, Kitty Davy came out to greet us. She asked Dottie’s name first, and beamed brightly as she said;

“You are related the Signer Witherspoon, and John Knox!”

These men are the Scot-Irish who helped form and promote the Calvinist Presbyterian Church in England and America. The Knox, MacDowell, and Rosamond family took part in the Battle of Boyne. Their New Religion was declared a heresy. These men helped found our Democracy. This is the most religious Family Tree in the history of the United States. The Witherspoons fought under Francis Marion ‘The Swamp Fox’ as did Samuel Rosamond. Both families named their children after Francis Marion.

Dottie became a Christian and lived on the Lighthouse Ranch. I continued my secret work that was introduced by Baba when he spoke out against the use of LSD. After I saved Rena Easton, I gave her lessons about Baba on our mountain. My spiritual work with women, has been arduous. That is Kitty with her master in Venice, and, she and another woman are carrying Baba, which denotes they are The Pillars of his work. No doubt Dottie was seen as the next generation of teachers.

Witherspoon Peerage

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breckr - Copy

Kate Middleton Windsor is due to have a child any day. Kate is my kindred several ways. Here is the Preston Witherspoon Breckenridge line. John Breckenridge was a Vice President and Confederate Leader. The battle for my heritage between Sweene and Doctor Anthoney Hodges has been won. Every Confederate Dog has their day.

Above are paintings of Louise and Flora Fermor-Hesketh by Leopoldo Galeota Russo. Flora was married in Belmont in one of the houses that my great grandfather brought around the Cape in 1848.

Demonstrators in Texas are protesting an abortion law signed by Rick Perry who is preparing to run for President on the neo-Confederate Culture ticket. The South has risen – again! Some historians believe Britain backed the South.

Dottie Witherspoon had Blondish red hair and many freckles. These are typical traits of the Scottish people. She descends from John Knox who married a Stuart, the kindred of Diana Spencer.
There is a Stewart link to the Preston family. Kate’s child will be carrying on the Spencer-Stewart line is linked to many famous American politicians who made this Democracy great.

Jon Presco

The Spencer family is one of Britain’s most illustrious and exalted aristocratic families. This noble family descended in the male line from Henry Spencer, claimed to be a descendant of the cadet branch of the ancient House Le Despencer (died c. 1478), male-line ancestor of the Earls of Sunderland, the Dukes of Marlborough, and the Earls Spencer. Two prominent members of the family were Winston Churchill and Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Spencers are direct descendants albeit illegitimate of the House of Stuart, with the family boasting at least five lines of direct descent from the Stuarts; and from them, the Spencers can trace their ancestry to other royal houses such as the Bourbons, the Medicis, the Wittelsbachs, the Hanovers, the Sforzas, and the Habsburgs. Moreover, the Spencers are one of the very few British noble families to be the heirs body of a once sovereign family, being the senior female-line descendants of John Churchill, the once sovereign Prince of Mindelheim.

Jon Witherspoon settled on Boggy Swamp in Williamsburg in 1734, and died in 1737. He was the first person buried at the Williamsburg Meeting House. He was born near Glasgow in 1670, moved to County Down, Ireland, in 1695, from whence he came to this country.

He was the great grandson of John Knox and his second wife, Margaret Stuart. From his Stuart great grandmother, he drew some of the blood of Robert Bruce as well as that of other Scotsmen of great strength and power-even from the Laird who became Shakespeare’s Banquo’s Ghost.

Letitia Preston1

F, #153131, b. July 1728, d. March 1797



Florence Louise Breckinridge was born in November 1881 at California, U.S.A..3 She was the daughter of John Witherspoon Breckinridge and Florence Louise Tevis.1 She married Thomas Fermor-Hesketh, 1st Baron Hesketh, son of Sir Thomas George Fermor-Hesketh, 7th Bt. and Florence Emily Sharon, on 9 September 1909 at British Embassy Church, Paris, France.1 She died on 4 March 1956 at age 74 at Easton Neston, Towcester, Northamptonshire, England.4,5 She was buried at St. Mary’s Church, Easton Neston, Northamptonshire, England.5
      From 9 September 1909, her married name became Fermor-Hesketh.1 As a result of her marriage, Florence Louise Breckinridge was styled as Baroness Hesketh on 25 January 1935.

Louise and Flora Fermor-Hesketh
by Leopoldo Galeota Russo 3



Mary Stanhope Clay Smith1
F, #6913, b. 30 August 1787
Last Edited=21 Aug 2005
     Mary Stanhope Clay Smith was born on 30 August 1787.2 She was the daughter of Reverend Samuel Stanhope Smith and Ann Witherspoon.1 She was also reported to have been born on 30 August 1790.2 She married Hon. Joseph Cabell Breckinridge, son of Hon. John Breckinridge and Mary Hopkins Cabell, on 11 May 1811.
      From 11 May 1811, her married name became Breckinridge.1
Child of Mary Stanhope Clay Smith and Hon. Joseph Cabell Breckinridge
General John Cabell Breckinridge+1 b. 16 Jan 1821, d. 17 May 1875


Last Edited=10 Feb 2008

Letitia Preston was born in July 1728 at Londonderry, County Londonderry, Ireland.1,2 She was the daughter of Colonel John Preston and Elizabeth Patton.1 She married Robert Breckenridge, son of Alexander Breckenridge and Jane Preston, on 6 July 1758 at Augusta County, Virginia, U.S.A.. She died in March 1797 at age 68 at Botetourt County, Virginia, U.S.A..1 She was buried at Cabell’s Dale, Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky, U.S.A..1 She was buried in 1884 at Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky, U.S.A..1
From 6 July 1758, her married name became Breckenridge.1

Children of Letitia Preston and Robert Breckenridge
1.Robert Breckinridge1
2.Hon. John Breckinridge+1 b. 2 Dec 1760, d. 14 Dec 1806

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Colonel John Preston1

M, #153132, b. 1699, d. 1747

Last Edited=8 Aug 2008

Colonel John Preston was born in 1699 at Londonderry, County Londonderry, Ireland.2 He was the son of Phineas Preston and Hon. Mary Stewart.1,2 He married Elizabeth Patton circa 1723 at County Donegal, Ireland.2 He died in 1747 at Staunton, Virginia, U.S.A..2

Children of Colonel John Preston and Elizabeth Patton
1.Letitia Preston+1 b. Jul 1728, d. Mar 1797
2.Colonel William Preston2 b. 25 Dec 1729, d. 29 Jun 1783
3.Margaret Preston2 b. 1730, d. 1803
4.Mary Ann Preston2 b. c 1732, d. 1814
5.Ann Preston2 b. 1739, d. 1813
6.James Preston2 b. b 18 Oct 1742

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Elizabeth Patton1

F, #153133, b. 25 December 1700, d. 25 December 1776

Last Edited=10 Feb 2008

Elizabeth Patton was born on 25 December 1700 at Ireland.2 She married Colonel John Preston, son of Phineas Preston and Hon. Mary Stewart, circa 1723 at County Donegal, Ireland.2 She was also reported to have died on 25 December 1776 at Greenfield, Botetourt County, Virginia, U.S.A..2
From circa 1723, her married name became Preston.2

Children of Elizabeth Patton and Colonel John Preston
1.Letitia Preston+1 b. Jul 1728, d. Mar 1797
2.Colonel William Preston2 b. 25 Dec 1729, d. 29 Jun 1783
3.Margaret Preston2 b. 1730, d. 1803
4.Mary Ann Preston2 b. c 1732, d. 1814
5.Ann Preston2 b. 1739, d. 1813
6.James Preston2 b. b 18 Oct 1742

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Robert Breckinridge1

M, #153134

Last Edited=16 Aug 2005

Consanguinity Index=6.25%

Robert Breckinridge is the son of Robert Breckenridge and Letitia Preston.1
He gained the rank of subaltern officer in the service of the Revolutionary Army.1 He held the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives [U.S.] in 1792.1

1.[S1425] Gloria Hursey, “re: Breckinridge Family,” e-mail message to James Baring, 15 August 2005. Hereinafter cited as “re: Breckinridge Family.”

Mary Hopkins Cabell1

F, #153135, b. 22 February 1769, d. 26 March 1858

Last Edited=16 Aug 2005

Mary Hopkins Cabell was born on 22 February 1769 at Buckingham County, Virginia, U.S.A..1 She was the daughter of Colonel Joseph Cabell and Mary Hopkins.1 She married Hon. John Breckinridge, son of Robert Breckenridge and Letitia Preston, on 28 June 1784 at Buckingham County, Virginia, U.S.A.. She died on 26 March 1858 at age 89 at Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A..1 She was buried at Cabell’s Dale, Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky, U.S.A..1 She was buried in 1884 at Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky, U.S.A..1
Mary Hopkins Cabell also went by the nick-name of Polly.1 Mary Hopkins Cabell also went by the nick-name of ‘Grandma Black Cap’.1 From 1785, her married name became Breckinridge.1

Child of Mary Hopkins Cabell and Hon. John Breckinridge
1.Hon. Joseph Cabell Breckinridge+1 b. 24 Jul 1788, d. 1 Sep 1823

1.[S1425] Gloria Hursey, “re: Breckinridge Family,” e-mail message to James Baring, 15 August 2005. Hereinafter cited as “re: Breckinridge Family.”

Colonel Joseph Cabell1

M, #153136, b. 19 September 1732, d. 1 March 1798

Last Edited=16 Aug 2005

Colonel Joseph Cabell was born on 19 September 1732.1 He was the son of Dr. William Cabell.1 He married Mary Hopkins. He died on 1 March 1798 at age 65.1
He gained the rank of Colonel in the service of the Revolutionary Army.1

Child of Colonel Joseph Cabell and Mary Hopkins
1.Mary Hopkins Cabell+1 b. 22 Feb 1769, d. 26 Mar 1858

1.[S1425] Gloria Hursey, “re: Breckinridge Family,” e-mail message to James Baring, 15 August 2005. Hereinafter cited as “re: Breckinridge Family.”

Dr. William Cabell1

M, #153137

Last Edited=16 Aug 2005

Child of Dr. William Cabell
1.Colonel Joseph Cabell+1 b. 19 Sep 1732, d. 1 Mar 1798

1.[S1425] Gloria Hursey, “re: Breckinridge Family,” e-mail message to James Baring, 15 August 2005. Hereinafter cited as “re: Breckinridge Family.”

Mary Hopkins1

F, #153138, b. January 1735, d. 12 July 1811

Last Edited=16 Aug 2005

Mary Hopkins was born in January 1735.1 She married Colonel Joseph Cabell, son of Dr. William Cabell. She died on 12 July 1811 at age 76.1
Her married name became Cabell.1

Child of Mary Hopkins and Colonel Joseph Cabell
1.Mary Hopkins Cabell+1 b. 22 Feb 1769, d. 26 Mar 1858

1.[S1425] Gloria Hursey, “re: Breckinridge Family,” e-mail message to James Baring, 15 August 2005. Hereinafter cited as “re: Breckinridge Family.”

Reverend Samuel Stanhope Smith1

M, #153139

Last Edited=16 Aug 2005

Reverend Samuel Stanhope Smith married Ann Witherspoon, daughter of John Witherspoon.
He was President at Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A..1

Child of Reverend Samuel Stanhope Smith and Ann Witherspoon
1.Mary Stanhope Clay Smith+1 b. 30 Aug 1787

1.[S1425] Gloria Hursey, “re: Breckinridge Family,” e-mail message to James Baring, 15 August 2005. Hereinafter cited as “re: Breckinridge Family.”

Ann Witherspoon1

F, #153140, b. before 1771

Last Edited=27 Aug 2005

Ann Witherspoon was born before 1771. She was the daughter of John Witherspoon.1 She married Reverend Samuel Stanhope Smith.
Her married name became Smith.1

Child of Ann Witherspoon and Reverend Samuel Stanhope Smith
1.Mary Stanhope Clay Smith+1 b. 30 Aug 1787

History of Williamsburg


William Willis Bodie

p. 10-20 on Witherspoon Family

“In 1734, John Witherspoon and his seven children, six of whom were married and brought children of their own, came up Black River as far as Potato Ferry; and, from this point, settled in various parts of the Township. Robert Witherspoon, grandson of John, in 1780, wrote the following account of the Witherspoon Colony, the original manuscript, of which this is a true copy, is in the possession of the descendants of the late Dr. J. R. Witherspoon, of Alabama.

‘John Witherspoon and Janet Witherspoon were born in Scotland about the year 1670. They lived in their younger years near Glasgow, at a place called Begardie, and were married in 1693. In 1695, they left Scotland and settled at Knockbracken, in the Parish of Drumbo, County of Down, Ireland, where they lived in comfortable circumstances and good credit until the year 1734. He then removed with his family to South Carolina.

We went of board the ship called ‘The Good Intent’ on the 14th of September, and were detained by headwinds fourteen days in the Lough at Belfast. On the second day after we set sail, my grandmother, Janet, died and was interred in the boisterous ocean, which was affecting sight to her offspring.

We were sorely tossed at sea with storms, which caused our ship to spring a leak; our pumps were kept incessantly at work day and night for many days together and our mariners seemed many times at their wits’ end. But it please God to bring us all safe to land, except my grandmother, about the first of December.

But to return,–my grandfather and grandmother had seven children. Their names

were as follows, viz: Janet [or Jennet], David, James, Elizabeth, Robert, Mary, and Gavin. Their daughter Janet was born in Scotland and was married to John Fleming in Ireland. They had a large family of children born in Ireland and brought seven of them to this place, Williamsburg, viz: Isabella, John, Elizabeth, James, Janet, Penelope, and William. My uncle, Jon Fleming, died in 1750, in a good old age; my aunt Janet died in 1761 in the sixty-sixth year of her age. My uncle David was born in 1697, married to Ann Pressley and brought with him to this place two children, viz:

Sarah and Janet. He died in the year 1772 in the sixty-seventh year of his age.

In the fall of the year 1737, my grandfather, John Witherspoon, took a disease called Rose-in-the-leg, which occasioned a fever from which he died. He was the first person buried at the Williamsburg Meeting House, which he had assisted to erect. About the same time, 1737, my father had a daughter, Elizabeth that died, aged three years, born at the place called the Bluff, where we lived.

My grandfather was a man of middling or common stature, of a fine, healthy constitution, of fair complexion, and somewhat bow-legged. He was well acquainted with the Scriptures, had volubility in prayer, and was a zealous adherent to the principles of what was called in his day the Reformed Protestant Church of Scotland. He had also a great aversion to Episcopacy, and whoever will impartially read the history of the times of his younger years in Scotland will see that his prejudices were not without cause. It was his lot to live in a time of great distress to the persecuted Church, during the reign of James the Seventh of Scotland and Second of England. Being one who followed field-meetings, e and some others of his kindred were much harassed by the Papists. Yet, notwithstanding, if his younger years were attended with some trouble, he still enjoyed great peace and tranquility in his after life and had the comfort and happiness of living to see his seven children all creditably married and settled for themselves; and, except the death of my grandmother, his beloved wife, he never knew what it was to part by dealt with one of his own immediate family, a blessing which few persons have granted to them, especially at his advanced age.

My father’s name was James, the third child and second son of my grandparents. He was born at the beginning of the present century, lived with his parents at Drumbo, County of Down, until he was twenty-five years old, when he married my mother, whose name was Elizabeth McQuoid, in the twentieth year of her age.

p. 21

“From 1735 to 1737, a great many settlers came to the new township on Black River and practically every acre of land had been taken up by these settlers within a year after the township had been surveyed. Every man settling here was granted a half acre town lot and fifty acres of land in the township for himself, his wife, and each one of his children.”

p. 22

“These original settlers in Williamsburg Township came from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Holland, and from the New England States, Pennsylvania and Virginia. They were all about the same class of men. They were people who had been non-conformists as to State-Church religion, and nearly all of their families had lost their property in the religious conflicts of the seventeenth century. The greater number of them had lived in Ireland for many years before coming to America. They had migrated from England and from Scotland to Ireland on account of fair promises on the part of the English King. These failing them, they sought refuge in America.”

p. 30-31

“Jon Witherspoon settled on Boggy Swamp in Williamsburg in 1734, and died in 1737. He was the first person buried at the Williamsburg Meeting House. He was born near Glasgow in 1670, moved to County Down, Ireland, in 1695, from whence he came to this country.

He was the great grandson of John Knox and his second wife, Margaret Stuart. From his Stuart great grandmother, he drew some of the blood of Robert Bruce as well as that of other Scotsmen of great strength and power-even from the Laird who became Shakespeare’s Banquo’s Ghost.

Witherspoon is an old Scottish name and is frequently mentioned in accounts of ancient battles. A description of the coat of arms may be found in Burke’s Armory. The cross and crescents thereon indicate crusader ancestry and the engrailed cross denotes possession of landed estates.

Dr. John Witherspoon, President of Princeton, member of the Continental Congress, and signer of the Declaration of Independence, was a nephew of the John Witherspoon, original settler in Williamsburg.”

p. 44-47

“While the original settlers of Williamsburg came to the township on Black River primarily for economic reasons, yet the congregational religious principle, which had grown in the majority of them for centuries and which was largely responsible for their temporary impoverished condition, was, in fact, the cause of their migration into this wild country.”

“Practically all of the original settlers in Williamsburg Township were of the Congregational or Presbyterian faith and their exceeding enthusiasm was shown in the promotion of Presbyterian principles. Although many of them inclined to the Church of Scotland as ‘reformed’ by John Calvin and John Knox, yet in heart they were adherents of the untouched ancient doctrines.

On July 2, 1736, the following ‘indwellers in Williamsburg’ met and formed the Williamsburg Presbyterian Congregation, which congregation has maintained its organization continuously until the present day: John Witherspoon, John Fleming, William James, David Wilson, James Bradley, Robert Wilson, John Porter, David Pressley, Robert Ervin, William Pressley, John Henderson, William Frierson, Thomas Frierson, William Syms, David Allen, John James, James McClelland, and David Witherspoon.

This congregation petitioned for a grant of land for erecting thereon their Meeting House, but the Colonial Governor did not act promptly on their petition. Two years later, in 1738, they secured from Captain Roger Gordon two acres of land on the eastern boundary of the platted ‘Town of Williamsburg’, and there built the Williamsburg Meeting House. On this spot, the congregation worshipped continuously until 1890, when the church was moved to Academy Street in the town of Kingstree. The lot was then devoted exclusively to the use of the white people of the vicinity as a burying ground.

The first Williamsburg Meeting House was built of logs and was used until 1746, when the log structure was replaced by an excellent house of worship. William Swinton, a prominent member of Prince George’s Church, left a legacy of one hundred pounds in his will for aiding the erection of this second Meeting House.

This was the largest building in the township until the War of the Revolution. It faced the East and was located in the Western part of the present Williamsburg cemetery. As one entered he came first to the Deacons’ seats. Elevated about six inches above the floor of the aisle. Back of the Deacons’ seats, and elevated twelve inches higher, was the pew for the Ruling Elders, larger than that of the Deacons’, and about square. Back of the Elders’ pew and three feet higher and up against the wall was the pulpit. The pews were all high-backed. The head of each family owned a pew and the Church and the Minister were supported by a tax on these pews. Some of the pew owners were not members of the Church, yet each pew owner had an equal voice and vote in the congregational meetings. This rule resulted in serious conditions in later years.

In 1770, on account of the rapid growth of the colony, both by birth and by new immigrants from Ireland, this house of worship was doubled in size, which was done by extending the side opposite the pulpit.”

Hopewell: 250 tons. June 16 advertised arrival in England from South Carolina; a minister urgently needed. Advertised Master, J. Ash; agent, Wm. Beatty, merchant; sailed from Belfast, with Capt. Martin, Master, Oct. 19, 1772

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