My Letter to Ed Ray

To Ed Ray: President of Oregon State

Several months ago I began my response to you about giving a new name to Benton Hall that was named after my kin, Senator Thomas Hart Benton. My sister was a world famous artist that married Garth Benton. The artwork of Christine Rosamond Benton is found all over the world. As fate would have it, the beautiful images of Rosamond are very similar to the beautiful women Philip Boileau rendered. Philip is the son of Susan Benton, who held a salon in Paris, while her sister, Jessie, held one in San Francisco.  Jessie wrote the journals of her husband’s mapping of the Oregon Territory.

John Fremont ‘The Pathfinder’ was the first to emancipate slaves. Fremont and his father-in-law, Senator Benton, may have been behind the Bear Flag rebellion, because the British were prepared to deport tens of thousand of Catholics in Ireland to the San Juaquin Valley, where they would secure a new colony with the help of the Emperor of Mexico and his bride, Carlotta, who was a cousin of Queen Victoria. Then, there was the threat of an French invasion of California by the Emperor of France. There was a world war brewing for the Oregon Territory.

It had been a year since I took a DNA test. I am kin to Robert E. Lee, Robert and John Wilson, the founder of Harvard who was the Puritan Leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  John presided over the trial of Anne Hutchinson. My great-grandfather is found in Hawthorne’s ‘The Scarlet Letter’. My cousin is Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, whose son married a Getty, and thus is kin to the author, Ian Fleming.

Wow! Let me pause and take a deep breath! Did you ever wonder if Senator Benton had any relatives before you and your team of History Anarchists, dragged him out of Benton Hall, and put him in your flimsy pillory, that my Puritan ancestors would mock? There is a saying in AA……….”Half measures availed us not!”

Indeed, your contraption, your juggernaut is a balsawood affair, that now crumbles under the weight of – REAL HISTORY – that can not be, judged, nor deterred, down some dirty back alley near your campus in order to please the take-out orders of half-baked Anarchists, like the ones who came after me! See my letter to the Eugene City Council about the tyranny of the Anarchist Witches to silence me, and destroy the reputation of my newspaper. Royal Rosamond Press. I am crushing them with my juggernaut, my learned rhetoric that is in my DNA!

I assure you I am not a violent man. Senator Thomas Hart Benton was involved in several duels, one with Andrew Jackson. Benton wrote an essay ‘In Defense of Dueling. What you and your history panel do not mention, is, the white man has long made sure they are well armed, and own superior fire power so they can go conquer other peoples and other lands. Why didn’t you point this out in your revisionist history and come out in favor of gun control, which might have got you the applause of most of the student body? Do you think they care about that tinker-toy display you put in Benton Hall – that they will never read?

Putting an end to Gun Violence, and ending Homelessness, should be the united goal of every university. This is what the children of the future want. If you need a good reason to remove the Benton name, post some quotes from this manifesto. Perhaps white men were not driven by hatred of other races, but by – love of Violence!

As an original Hippie, I faced club wielding police on horseback charging into peaceful demonstrators. Why didn’t your crack team of experts give their judgement on the Vietnam War? Instead, you went after a man who you though, had no family. How cowardly. Being seen as a coward, is huge! I saw brave women take on the National Guard in Berkley, called in to protect a little patch of land called ‘People’s Park’.

Benton looked to a merger of the white and yellow race. My generation was never given a plan for being in Vietnam. Where were our college historians and presidents explaining it to us? Now we are in a trade war? Perhaps the problem is not that we have had enough of Benton, but, we have not had enough! Roll on Columbia! Of course he has to sell it to his people, who don’t want equals, nor do they want to be seen as inferiors. This is one of the greatest politicians in American History. Benton knew the people – had a choice! He knew there were really bad choices out there.

The sun of civilization must shine across the sea; socially and commercially the van of the Caucasians, and the rear of the Mongolians, must intermix. They must talk together, and trade together, and marry together. . . . Moral and intellectual superiority will do the rest; the White race will take the ascendant, elevating what is susceptible of improvement-wearing out what is not. . . . And thus the youngest people, and the newest land, will become the reviver and the regenerator of the oldest . . . .

It is in this point of view, and as acting upon the social, political, and religious condition of Asia, and giving a new point of departure to her ancient civilization, that I look upon the settlement of the Columbia river by the van of the Caucasian race as the most momentous human event in the history of man since his dispersion over the face of the earth.”

Wow! Is Benton rooting for Oregon! He’s wearing all the colors; the green, the black, the yellow, and the orange! But, he’s terribly flawed! He is a racist by definition. Imagine if there were people who came to Oregon, saw the Native Americans, and, headed back to where they came from. Are these Ed’s people? No. Ed’s people would have gone South, kidnapped slaves, brought them to Oregon, and then committed Hari Kari because they didn’t trust their cruel instincts. To codify this Fantasy Trip, the name of Benton is removed from two college buildings.  This resembles a Star Trek episode.

I happen to know where Ray’s folks come from – Switzerland! They are kin to the Rougemonts who may be the source of the Rosamond name. Ed went on the attack! He aggressively attacked my dead kinfolk. Ed is white! Ed has gone to the top! He stuck a flag in the heart of Benton, which so far, is his claim to fame! You see, this is how white people are. Not being ambitions, is the unspoken white sin. Ed, tossed the agitators a bone. The Leg Bone of Benton………….that will got down in infamy!

“Go round, Lawrence!”

“Take no prisoners!”

Ed, all people want to feel safe walking on campus and in our downtowns. We are not looking for a duel, yet, the Wild West is much wilder, and more lives have been lost – than in a gunfight. Schoolchildren are taught to fight back – with bare fists! Where do we the people begin to look for solutions, if not in our hallowed halls of learning. Why did my ancestors found Harvard?

“With some 17,000 Puritans migrating to New England by 1636, Harvard was founded in anticipation of the need for training clergy for the new commonwealth, a “church in the wilderness”. Harvard was established in 1636 by vote of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.”

“Certainly it is deplorable to see a young man, the hope of his father and mother–a ripe man, the head of a family–an eminent man necessary to his country–struck down in a duel; and should be prevented if possible.  Still this deplorable practice is not so bad as the bowie knife and the revolver, and their pretext of self-defense–thirsting for blood”

Prepare to be boarded! I have recently found proof one of my great grandfather was Captain of the U.S.S. Constitution. Isaac Hull was not supposed to have have any children, but, my grandfather in one of his books, said there was a Rose. I am a descendant of the Webb family, the only family where through one can claim a blood tie to Shakespeare.

Now, I will let go a withering  salvo! What are you and your university doing about the homeless that were camped down by the river, like Native Americans, and runaway slaves? These people who are living in the present, and are disenfranchised, like the peoples you and your gaggle of historians – Championed! Your defacing of my family history did not come to the aid of the dead, because – they are dead! However, these poor homeless people wait patiently for someone of your caliber to come along and champion – their cause – and give them hope for a better life!


(Benton sent the Scotch-Irish people west to secure the Oregon Territory from the British who they had fought in Ireland. Benton’s wife was Scotch-Irish, and she was ‘The South’.)

I highly suggest you launch a study of the homeless. Awaken your sleeping puppies, that happy litter of historians, and get to work on searching the annals of history for a solution. The first thing I would do, is look for a way to give every homeless person in America, a Honorary Certificate of Citizenship. It is your claim that white men have something wicked in their DNA that bid them to conquer lands and people, not to make money, but, just because they are mean. Many of the homeless, are white. Why is that? Could it be white families are not as tribal, and thus, they throw away their kin who are not affluent, and as ambitious? Senator Benton is the author of Manifest Destiny.

There is much evidence black slaves and Native Americans are victims of a Manifest Colonial Economy, and, it has nothing to do with innately evil DNA. Therefore, you and your University, are in a position to solve the problems – of the living! Why not give it a try. The Historic Puppy Volley at the evils of the past, was like fleas jumping on a walking dog. They became part of the problem! They give the illusion they have solved the Benton Problem. Then, your historians went to lunch, ate at a banquet, while the hungry that gathered at your river, ate the grass, and dined on total despair!

“Please, Sir, can we have some of your sanctified and sterilized history?”

I have just begun to fight, sir. I challenge you and your puppies to an intellectual dual. Let me fire the first shot by informing you I put forth a proposal to rename one of our streets after Harry Lane, the son of Joseph Lane, the most hateful, racist, who murdered Native Americans – and betrayed his country! You and you bloodhounds – missed Joseph! Lane county is named after this Traitor…….who just so happens to be kin to Senator Benton.

You see, we are a Biblical People, and in the stories of the tribal people therein, lie the opportunity for the Children of God, to repent, and change their evil ways! Harry Lane is just the opposite of his father. Did he make a real effort – not to resemble him?

You keep coming back to this post Mr. Ray, hear, for I will keep feeding it, fattening it up. One day, it will come walking onto your campus, looking just like the Stay-puff Marshmallow Man. You knew. You all knew, your were messen with something you shouldn’t be messen with. But, you went and messed with it anyway. You just couldn’t leave one well enough alone! How many white folks were on your history team that took over my family history, with no care if there was some real family tradition – attached! You, just, took! Took! Took!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Oregon’s Homeless Numbers Worsening


Last night I read the draft of the letter I am authoring to Ed Ray, President of Oregon State, to my good neighbor. I told her I am all alone with it, and am at the crossroads. Shall I give up, or, go forth.

“As I read, imagine you are on a train watching a man deep in thought as he writes. That man, is Abe Lincoln. This is a historic document.”

This letter leaves off with my mention of Columbia College. I went and did some more research and discovered it was burned down – twice!

John Presco

When I discovered I was kin to Senator Thomas Hart Benton, I exclaimed. this does not look good. Then I realized Benton shaped and dictated the course of American History. What would the United States look like if he did not exist, and thus there was room for benevolent and merciful outcomes.

My late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, married Garth Benton. They were both famous artists and friends of the Getty family who are my kin via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, whose son, Christopher Wilding, married Aileen Getty. This puts me in the family tree of the artist, Augustus John, and the writer, Ian Fleming. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is alleged my kin, Carrie Fisher, authored a screenplay about Christine, who drowned in 1994. There is another screenplay titled ‘Before The Wave’. There are two biographies about our star and her family. One of them is the worst biography ever written. Garth and Christine had a daughter, Drew Benton, who is also an artist. Garth is the cousin of the famous muralist, Thomas Hart Benton.

Your Gang of Six forgot to see if there was a living Benton Family Biographer – and genealogist! Genealogy is the number one hobby in the world. Did they hear from any members of the Benton family? Good history writing, looks at the outcome. You do not go into much detail how your anointed ones are going to benefit by crucifying Benton. Your study and report, is incomplete. Convicting anyone of crimes without the input of an advocate is a SIN! We are a Nation of Law, built by men who owned Law Degrees. Women did not own law degrees, or own the right to vote until 1920.

Thomas Hart Benton was John Astor’s attorney. His father was a partner of John Hart and Daniel Boone in the Transylvania Company. Astor was the riches man in the world. Money talks. Money conquered – all! Why don’t you hang all the Capitalist from your yardarm? Why don’t you hand out Free Land to Blacks, Native Americans – and Women!  Better late than never! Put your land where your mouth is.

Women didn’t get any free land. Why? You and your Tribunal make it out that men came to America to practice their innate racism, and psychotic feelings of being superior. The Sephardic Jews came to the Americas to make money in the Indigo trade. They owned slaves. Some can trace their lineage to King David. They would do almost anything to make sure their TRIBAL people survived – the Royal Papal Purge. Money was power. They made sure their black slaves in the Caribbean and South America, never got near a gun. Some, became pirates. I was given some “Jew’s Land” in South Carolina by a Sephardic Jew who came across my history on the web.

“You know more about my family, than I do. Yes. We were scoundrels!”

But for being terribly honest about his intentions, Thomas Hart Benton is the anti-thesis of my liberal Hippie ideals, and thus I was given a unique opportunity to do good works by dipping my brush in the Pallet of Hell, the bloody colors of racism, that I embraced when I was young due to how my parents raised me. The ideal belief that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, took on a very real earthly meaning. I was no longer on the sideline, but, in the parade. There exist a ticket to heaven, and a ticket to hell. We are given a choice, to go, and sin no more. Here is the root of Judaism. There was an Exodus, and, the Laws of Moses, which teaches how the Children of God can miss the mark. And, here come the solution

In your report that a gathering of scholars compiled, there is no mention of the influence of ‘The Church’ on our Founding Fathers and Trailblazers. It is alleged at the meeting of the second Congress, some suggested a Man of God be consulted. Signer John Witherspoon, was commisoned by mortal men to give his astute un-earthly opinion. John is the Founder of Princeton University and the Presbytuian Church in America. He owned slaves.  I was fell in love with, and lived with his direct descednat. I rescued her from witches in Boston where I, and a group of radical blacks, took the Mafia to court, and won. I survived an attempt to take my life. I was introduced to the Mayor. We shook hands.

“It took guts to stand up to those people.” White said to me. I was transformed.

According to my grandfather, the writer, Royal Rosamond, I am a descdnant of Commador Isaac Hull, who captainted the U.S.S. Constitution and U.S.S. in Americas war with the Caliphate who took our Merchant Sailor in the Mediteriania, as his slaves. Your collection of scholars could help me prove Isaac had children. There are clues we are not looking at a family myth.

Captian Rosamond and his brother James fought the British alongside the Swamp Fox in South Caroalina. These Patriot owned slaves. They fought the Cherokees. A distant relative was taken by Indians. I have seen Wills that gave slaves to the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution. Marion County is named after Francis. He was a slave owner and a Indian Killer. He killed Redcoats. He helped take King Georges vast land away from him.

I am kin to the Wilsons who were Puritan reverends. They gave sermons about God giving them a new land. The Sephardic Jew, Francis Salvador, was also a Patriot who killed Cherokees. He is the Father of Reformed Judaism. He built the first synagogue in Charleston. He was elected to Congress. He was killed and scalped by the Cherokees.

My kindred, Brigadeie General Thomas Hart Benton, was the Grandmaster of Iowa. During the Civil War he saved Alber Pike’s Masonic library. I suspect there were many Freemasons in Benton County, and this is why they named it after Benton. I have yet to find proof he was a Mason. How about your team?

Oregon State University President Ed Ray announced Monday that he has decided to rename Avery Lodge and Benton Hall on the Corvallis campus on grounds that their namesakes had historical links to racist beliefs.

Ray also announced that he will not change the names of Arnold Dining Center or Gill Coliseum, two other buildings that were under consideration.

The announcements follow a months-long process by the university of gathering historical evidence about the four namesakes of the buildings and hundreds of public comments.

“The preponderance of evidence gathered by the scholars’ report and this naming review process — and shared by other historians in the past — indicates that Joseph C. Avery’s views and political engagement in the 1850s to advance slavery in Oregon are inconsistent with Oregon State’s values,” Ray wrote in a message to the OSU community announcing the change.

Ray also said in his message that Benton Hall and its annex should be renamed to make it more clear they are named for the community in Benton County, which funded the construction of the building, rather than the Missouri senator, Thomas Hart Benton, for whom the county is named. Benton advocated for the westward expansion of white people at the expense of Native Americans.

“The current name of the building does not make this distinction clear. It is my judgment that the name of Benton Hall should be changed to a name that honors the contributions of community and county residents who believed in and invested in higher education early on.”

Ray also said Benjamin Lee Arnold, the namesake of Arnold Dining Center, may have been raised in a slave-owning family and served in the Confederate army, but there was not sufficient evidence to rename the building.

“It is not clear whether Arnold privately or publicly held or espoused discriminatory views, however, his contributions to the institution are evident and notable. As president, the college grew and women students and faculty were welcomed, nearly a century before Ivy League schools enrolled women. The college admitted and graduated its first Native American students during this time, as well. … It is my judgment that the preponderance of evidence supports retaining the name of Arnold Dining Center.”

Ray also noted that despite allegations basketball coach Amory “Slats” Gill, Gill Coliseum’s namesake, refused to integrate his team, the historical reports actually found evidence he had tried to recruit black players.

“I find that the scholars’ report and naming review process offers no evidence that Gill deliberately sought to keep the Oregon State men’s basketball team from becoming integrated. I also find no evidence that he held or expressed discriminatory views about African-Americans.”

Ray wrote in his message that the next steps will be during winter term when the Architectural Naming Committee will begin working with the OSU community to generate potential names for Benton Hall, the Benton Annex, which currently houses the university’s Women’s Center, and Avery Lodge.

Reactions on social media included people supportive of the changes and those who accused OSU of trying to erase history.

Cindy Filonczuk, who said she graduated from OSU in 1973, told the Gazette-Times she had classes in Benton Hall and was upset to hear it would be renamed.

“I’m outraged as to why the president of the university has the right to change the names of the buildings on campus. When I walked into Benton Hall years ago I never was bothered by the name nor ever looked into the name and thought it racist! Are we going to change it again in 100 years because of something or someone else decides the name is wrong for whatever reason?”

Andrea Haverkamp, an OSU graduate student who participated in the meeting on potentially renaming Arnold, said she thought all of the buildings should have been renamed.

“The decision not to rename Arnold Dining Center is intellectually weak and entirely unacceptable. Arnold studied slave economics. Arnold fought for the despicable Confederate Army and was willing to die to defend the enslavement of black people. He moved to Oregon after the war ended, to the only state which did not allow black people to live (inside the state). Any person can connect the dots and see what this name and what this man represent,” Haverkamp said.

Haverkamp added that she didn’t think the decision should have been made by Ray alone.

The Weaponized Donation

Dear Mayor and members of the City Council of Eugene

I have made a call to the FBI three times in regards to the threats I received from Alley Valkyrie and John Monroe who made up the board of Nightingale who I discovered three days ago received $400,000 dollars from an anonymous donor. In an article in the Eugene Weekly, this donor weaponized his gift. It is a vile Trojan Horse that I believe is the source of threats I received after meeting a member of SLEEPS in Ken Kesey Square. Belle Burch was surrounded by ex-residents of Whoville, that Jon Ruiz just evicted, and whose office was raided by members of SLEEPS and OCCUPY – who morphed into Nightingale! Twelve people were arrested. Councilperson Emily Semple tried to get arrested, but there was not enough room at the jail. John Monroe, Belle Burch, and Ambrose Holthem-Keathly were arrested. Emily Semple was on the board of nightingale.

Several days ago I made a Hate Crime report to the Department of Justice. My neighbor shared Alley Valkyries hateful WANTED poster of me with several of my neighbors who gathered outside my door. One neighbor got on her cellphone and called her boyfriend up, saying he would come beat me up. He came over and said I was a lunatic and needed to be locked up. I didn’t even know his name. I told him and the others I called the police. Ten days ago I made a report to the FBI.

I am asking the City of Eugene to launch an investigation of these matters that has endangered my life, and infringed upon my Civil Rights and Liberties. I own a registered newspaper in Lane County. Several months ago I handed the Mayor of Springfield a proposal to change the name of Franklin Blvd. to Harry Lane, the son of Joseph Lane, who was on the Pro-Slavery ticket with John Breckenridge – who fought for the Confederacy. Harry is the opposite of his father.

Several months ago the Ed Ray, the President of Oregon State, gave a new name to a hall named after my kindred, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, after a group of histrorians held a tribunal that did not include any of Benton’s kindred. My sister was a world famous artist who married into the Benton family – who founded the State of Oregon. Harry Lane and the Bentons are kin to the famous Hart family.

Because Councilperson Emily is now a part of my families political history, I highly suggest she go to the FBI, and the Department of Justice, and tell them all she knows about how her compatriots violated my Civil Rights and conducted Hate Crimes against me. I suggest attorney Mary Broadhurst join this elected official because she was witness to the hateful cyber-bullying of me on Alley Valkyrie’s facebook.

I now suspect Belle Burch and members of SLEEPS suspected I was the “anonymous donor”. When they found out I was not, and after they read my questioning as to whether SLEEPS was collecting donation in a proper manner, Ms. Valkyrie and others came at me with a viciousness never seen in the annals of POLITICAL ATTACKS! I suspect SLEEPS and Nightingale was considering running a candidate for office after they invaded Jon Ruiz’s office. The IRS needs to look at these matters, because it is possible this anonymous donor contributed to Emily Semple’s campaign. Vickie Nelson should also be questioned.

After a thorough investigation is done, I suggest the City of Eugene adopt a measure that will allow them to oversee all donations made to the homeless. The citizens of Eugene should be told how to properly donate to these people who suffer. There should be a monthly televised news conference, because – WE CARE! We are a Christian Society. No contribution should hold more weight than another. We are members of a Democracy who agreed to pool our resources for the benefit of all. You are paid to be fair!

I was going to go over this WEAPONIZED DONATION and point out how the donor names targets, but this is your job. This is an enemies list. What is more vile, is he/she set up competition between homeless help groups who might believe – another $400,000 dollars might be given out!  So, they might be doing a special song and dance for BIG BROTHER who might have orchestrated the attacks on me, because, he/she wants to feel good about the HISTORY of his/her good work, and, even make his/her identity know, depending on the press he/she gets. This, invisible overseer has captured what belongs to all of us – CHARITY!

My newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press was named after my grandfather I am authoring my autobiography titled ‘Capturing Beauty’. The Eugene City Government get to author history. I will have the last word. I will never allow thugs to dictate to me about what I write and publish. Never!

John Presco

May 28, 2019

“The donor remains anonymous to keep the focus on the issue not the donor, and to avoid criticism from a business community where some might shame the donation: “Developers don’t want the parents of university students to see all these homeless people. It decreases the property value. They have a lot to gain from sweeping them under the rug.”

Oregon State University President Ed Ray announced Monday new names for three campus buildings after deciding the previous namesakes had racist legacies.

“The names of buildings and places play a very important role in our university.” Ray said. “They speak to the history of OSU, the university’s values and mission, and our efforts to create an inclusive community for all. Names also recognize and honor the positive contributions of those associated with the university.”émont

12 Cited for Criminal Trespass After Refusing to Leave City Manager’s Office After Hours
Cited and Released were:
1. Bollman, Aurthur Frank 12/31/63 Eugene Trespass II
2. Burch, Belle Erin 11/21/90 No Address Trespass II
3. Shepard, Helen Marie 07/12/85 Eugene Trespass II
4. Monroe, John Lee 11/06/85 Eugene Trespass II
5. Smith, Charles Anderson 11/08/50 Springfield Trespass II
6. Williams, Terra Renee 02/24/88 Eugene Trespass II
7. Marcroft, Sabra Marie 05/15/66 Eugene Trespass II
8. Stacey, Jean Anderson 08/23/45 No Address Trespass II
9. Valkrie, Alley NMI 12/20/81 Eugene Trespass II
10. Wales, Geran Straford 09/15/90 Eugene Trespass II
11. Holtham-Keathley, Ambrose Stormrider 02/06/92 Eugene Trespass II
12. Grotticelli, Peter David 07/16/88 Eugene Trespass II

Eugene Donor Commits $400,000 For New Shelter Site

Article | April 17, 2014 – 1:00am | By Adrian Black

As Eugene city leaders floundered last week in relocating the former residents of the Whoville homeless camp, an anonymous benefactor took up the issue, offering a $400,000 donation to establish a sanctuary on private property.

The pledge came as a direct response to, among general grievances, the unyielding position of City Manager Jon Ruiz and others willing to leave the destitute in limbo. “I wanted to step up,” the donor tells EW, “because I saw the city making an attempt to push these people out. They’re citizens, not strangers.”

A Eugene native with capital to spare from the success of a local family business, the donor says the wealth was a matter of pure chance, adding that a privileged position in society obligates one to prevent a human rights catastrophe when no one else will.

For the donation to be seen through, the money has to be channeled properly through the fiscal sponsorship of a nonprofit organization. This would be accomplished through an existing entity with 501(c)(3) status, such as Opportunity Village Eugene or Community Alliance of Lane County. An alternative could be for SLEEPS (Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep) or the Nightingale Public Advocacy Collective to attain such status — the latter is already pending.

It’s now up to Mary Broadhurst, an attorney and advocate for the unhoused, and others representing the advocacy group Homeless Health Sanctuary, to coordinate sponsorship and fulfill the multiple stipulations attached to this unforeseen act of philanthropy.

“We’re looking to buy private property — a single site for something that goes beyond a 30-person rest stop,” Broadhurst says. “Initially, it would be tents on platforms, but it would transition into micro-housing.”

Semi-permanent occupants would be expected to share the space with those seeking single use overnight stays. The site would also include a health stop, where twice a week residents and passers-through could be evaluated, presumably by Occupy Medical or like volunteers. An information station would be developed to point the weary toward free meals and other community resources. The donor put a specific focus on the site needing to be self-sustaining beyond land purchase and startup costs.

The donor remains anonymous to keep the focus on the issue not the donor, and to avoid criticism from a business community where some might shame the donation: “Developers don’t want the parents of university students to see all these homeless people. It decreases the property value. They have a lot to gain from sweeping them under the rug.”

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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